Decoding The Spiritual Meaning Of 7777 – 777 – 77 & 7

In this article we are going to decode spiritual meaning of the number 7 and it’s sequences 77, 777 and 7777. In previous article we decoded number 6, if you haven’t we invite you to read it (read article about number 6)


Solitude and Contemplation 7


The number 7 in numerology indicates a period of solitude for spiritual growth. This is the number of discovery through inward contemplation.

When this number is appearing for you, it is time to become quiet so you can hear the voice of your soul. By disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of life, your inner wisdom can be heard more clearly.

Your intuition can be quiet and subtle, and it is not always easy to discern the messages in the busyness of daily life. The Universe is calling you to take the time for personal reflection. Remove distractions and step away from the hustle and bustle of life.


7 is a number of retreat and you will instantly feel a profound sense of peace when you do as your soul is seeking. Contentment and calmness allow you to engage in activities that help to draw out the voice of your intuition, such as painting, gardening, journaling, and taking long walks in nature.

Seeing this number means it is time for you to take a hiatus. Your spiritual path requires time spent alone in order to recharge. Creating this quiet time for yourself helps you to reconnect to the deepest levels of our soul. When you take your sacred pause, the Universe will bless you with clarity and peace.


Meditative Transformation 77


The number 77 is one of meditative transformation. When this number appears you are meant to put yourself in a cocoon in order to dissolve and blossom into something new.

77 is a significant number because it signals you are having your own personal revelations that will alter the course of your life. At this time, the Universe is guiding you to keep what you are discovering private, until you are ready to share.

Through your meditative and spiritual practices, your psychic senses are rapidly expanding. As these shifts in consciousness grow, it is important to take the time and space to integrate them.

While it can be exciting to be gaining these new perspectives, the number 77 urges you to continue on your path of solitude for the time being. You are in a very sensitive stage, noticing subtle energy patterns and seeing the greater picture. Sharing your insights with someone who mocks or judges you has the ability to shut down these developments.


When noticing the number 77 on your spiritual path, it is best for you to enjoy the secrets of the Universe, the mysteries of nature, and the blissful feelings of interconnection alone for now.

Big changes are on the horizon and you will be grateful for having created the space to truly feel the depths of your soul before moving forward. This resting period allows for the reflection you need to do in order to make changes with spiritual assurance of your path.


Sacred Wisdom Keeper 777


777 is a sign of secret wisdom. You are the keeper of sacred spiritual knowledge. This has been revealed to you because of your dedication to your spiritual path and the Universe’s trust that your soul will share it with others as needed for their personal evolutionary journey.

If you are seeing the number 777, it means that you are a great spiritual teacher. Through your introspection, you’ve come to see how the spiritual and material worlds are perfectly intertwined.

You’ve studied the spiritual principles that underlie the material world, and discovered that spiritual transformation leads to transformation in the material world. 777 is a sign that you understanding the true alchemy of the soul. You’ve learned how to transform lead into gold, spiritually speaking.

The Universe is signaling that you are guide for other spiritual seekers who long to refine their spiritual nature the way you have done. By discerning the voice of your intuition, contemplating the unknown questions of life, and applying what you discover, you’ve truly made noteworthy spiritual developments.


Now, it is time for you to be a sacred wisdom keeper and teacher for others who wish to follow the path you have taken. You will be noticing more people are coming to you for spiritual advice, and being receptive to the insight you have to share.

Seeing 777 on your spiritual path indicates you’ve ascended from student to teacher. You have been divinely given hidden knowledge that is only accessible through meaningful spiritual contemplation. The Universe trusts you will use this knowledge for the highest good and continue to share it for the betterment of humanity.


Life of Mystic 7777


The number 7777 is a very sacred number, which is a sign of mysticism. Seeing this number indicates that you are meant to live the life of a mystic.

The Universe is guiding you to this path by showing you the number 7777. While it might be something your ego doubts, your soul intuitively understands this to be true. You’ve always felt a little bit different than others, which lead you to exploring your spiritual nature.

Seeing the number 7777 means you inherently understand there is something more to life. You are a spiritual seeker that was born to question the big questions of human existence. You don’t accept superficial answers, and the only real truth you’ve found has been in the substance of your soul.

You prefer the company of others who share your affinity for exploring the fathomless depths of spirituality. The energy of 7777 often means you’d rather be alone with the freedom to let your spirit roam than be constricted by meaningless social engagements.


On your spiritual path, the number 7777 is a sign that you are at home in the inner realms of soul. Introspection is a part of your nature, and you seek tranquility to have the space to explore within. It is in these times spiritual moments of joy, creativity, and a true understanding of Universal truth overtake you.

Channel the sublime energy of 7777  into creative work, allow it to heal you from within, and cherish your sacred time of heightened spiritual connection. Sense the energy flowing through you and all living things. The web of connection is a reminder that you are never alone, even in solitude.

Leave a comment below with what resonated with you the most and share this article with others. Sending love & blessings your way!

In the next article of number series we are going to decode spiritual meaning of number 8.

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5 Signs You Are An Old Soul

If you have always felt that you are older than you really are or have been told that you are wise beyond your years, then you may just be an Old Soul.

Around 10% of the population is an Old Soul. Old Souls emanate warmth and enlightenment and use the wisdom they have attained throughout their lifetimes to help teach those around them lessons that have been passed down through generations.

They are a special type of being who possess the gifts of empathy, intuition, intelligence, and keen insights into what it truly means to be human. These souls long for a sense of true purpose, meaning, and fulfillment and know that these things can’t be achieved with things like power, money, or success.

There are two types of Old Souls – those who grew up knowing that they were different and those who became Old Souls through their spiritual awakening. Old Souls have a different and more mature outlook on life as they see things through ancient eyes and feel through an ancient heart. They are old and wise in heart, mind, and soul and have experienced lifetime after lifetime that has helped to refine their wisdom and tap into the collective consciousness. They are here to follow a solitary path while also helping to illuminate a path for those around them. 


If you’re not sure whether you are an Old Soul, here are 5 signs to look out for:


  1. You are a lone wolf

    Old Souls are guided by their thirst for wisdom, knowledge, and truth and travel an independent path. They are disinterested in the interests of others that are in their age groups so find it dissatisfying to be around those they find it difficult to relate to. They can sometimes feel a sense of alienation since their struggle at times to connect with others leaves them with a lot of time to themselves. Old Souls gravitate towards the intellectual side of things and believe that with wisdom comes happiness, with knowledge comes power, and with truth comes freedom. Their desire for these qualities may leave them on a lone wolf path at times, but they are perfectly happy with this.

  2. You are spiritually inclined

    Old Souls are sensitive and spiritual by nature. They have become attuned to their intuition and to the Universe’s guidance and as a result have realized their place in life. They are on a grand quest towards spiritual awakening, enlightenment, self-realization, restoring peace and harmony, and overcoming the confines of their own egos. They act as a voice for humankind and find fulfillment in self-expression. They know that the spiritual work they are doing will impact everyone around them and will energetically ripple through the Universe.

  3. You see the bigger picture

    Old Souls are thoughtful, introspective, and reflect on their innermost thoughts and feelings. They tend to overthink about everything in their lives. They don’t get lost in the superficial details of everyday life but rather look at life from a birds-eye view, analyzing everything as a whole. Many Old Souls have a natural inclination for shadow work, meaning they are constantly reflecting on how they can prevent issues from expanding, how they could do and be better, and how they can create more harmony both in their internal lives as well as in the world. Old Souls need enough time and space for introspection and reflection so that they can truly get in tune with their awareness.

  4. You didn’t fit in growing up

    Many Old Souls exhibit strange signs of maturity from a young age. These children are labelled as introverted, rebellious, or precocious because they do not fit into what is considered the “norm” of mainstream behavior. However, Old Souls as children are extremely intelligent and inquisitive. Very early on they saw the purposelessness of certain things that their peers, teachers, or parents told them and would, as a result, try to resist. Since they didn’t share the interests of others their age, Old Souls growing up found it more challenging to make friends. If when you were a child, you got along well with adults or were spoken to like you were an adult, then you have always been an Old Soul.

  5. You just feel old

    Above all else, you just feel old. Consider this – How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? Deep down, you know in your heart that you are wise beyond your years and have a soul that has lived many lifetimes. You know that your soul has already experienced a lot and as such you aren’t easily excited by the trivial things in life. You constantly experience feelings of mental tiredness and world wariness. You possess incredible inquisitiveness and watchful patience as you observe all those that are around you. At the end of the day, your soul has already lived so much life that you have learned to truly appreciate relaxation.


Please give this blog a heart if you enjoyed reading it and comment below what part/s resonated with you the most 🙂

Love & Blessings,

The Moon Omens Team

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End of Mercury Retrograde – Beginning of Mercury Retroshade

As Mercury goes direct in Scorpio, we enter into a new and powerful energy portal of total transformation and rebirth.

Starting November 20th and going through December 7th we will experience the celestial remnants of Mercury Retrograde through cosmic storms that will have us revisit old wounds. This period is known as Mercury Retroshade. As we are released from the energy of the Retrograde, we must do so through a slow transition.

We are now entering a time for revelations, answers, and conclusions. The story that has taken place over the past few weeks saw our past trauma brought to the surface as we were brought face-to-face with our past and were forced to address things we may have buried. The Universe exposed us to our true selves and really made us consider who we are at our most raw and honest state. This celestial transit helped us to unearth the truth, and sometimes the truth may have felt overwhelming and stirred up anxiety.

Fear not however, as while this Mercury Retrograde may have felt heavy, it is the exact cosmic shift that we needed in order to emerge stronger than ever before. This Retrograde was one of healing. We spent the past few weeks rethinking things that we may have taken for granted or putting thought into things that we may have consciously or subconsciously forgotten.

Now is a time for forward motion. As we emerge from this tumultuous period of brutal honesty with ourselves, we have the tools that we need to move forward. Over the next few weeks, we may have to retrace some of the steps we have taken during this Retrograde, but we do so to help clean up anything that has been left unresolved.

Mercury teaches us the importance of paying attention to our patterns. The things that we pay no mind to or take for granted, we are forced to put thought towards. We are taught what needs clearing and healing and if we are willing to do the work required, we move forward with less chaos, challenges, and conflicts.

This Mercury Retrograde forced us to release that which no longer serves us. However, for every single thing that we released from our lives, the Universe blesses us tenfold. We are able to go into these next few weeks of Mercury Retroshade with more peace and tranquility and we will feel all of the blessings from the Universe shower us in their radiance.

We move forward with newfound ambition and determination and as Mars moves direct in Scorpio we are also blessed with the assertiveness that we need to set our intentions into motion. As we end three weeks of rethinking and overthinking, revisiting old traumas, and analyzing that which we take for granted, we emerge with newfound clarity and focus on our goals. We see ourselves better aligned with our true selves as we begin to feel our own heightened vibration. We are more in tune with not only those around us but also with ourselves, seeing a heightened awareness of our own intuition.

Mercury serves as a reminder to us that all of the wisdom and energy of the Universe flows through every vein, every cell, and every breath in our bodies. When we breathe in, we breathe in abundance and prosperity. When we breath out, we have the power to release that which no longer serves us and that which weighs us down. As we overcame conflicts and obstacles during this Retrograde, we came face-to-face with ourselves in total vulnerability and honesty. We were forced to shift, re-emerge, and rise to new heights. We enter this new energy portal with more love, clarity, and prosperity than ever before. As we have harmonized with the rhythm and energy of the Universe, we are more ready than ever to receive blessings and manifest our deepest desires.

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