Venus opposite Mars: The Cosmic Dance

On November 9, 11:08 AM ET, Venus in Libra is exactly opposite retrograde Mars in Aries. Our unresolved relationship issues are likely to come to the surface during these days, as reflected by the dynamic tension between these two celestial bodies. We now have the chance to gain clarity on something previously unclear or unconscious.

Venus and Mars are both transiting the signs they rule: this is emphasizing the archetypal conflict between Self and Other, associated with the Aries-Libra axis. While Aries is about Me, Libra is about You. These signs can be considered both complementary energies and polar opposites.

The current opposition between Venus in Libra and retrograde Mars in Aries is highlighting the need to find balance between our values, needs, and desires and other people’s values, needs, and desires. 


Venus: Love, Money, and Self-Worth


Venus can be defined as the planet of love, money, and self-worth. It is considered an expression of feminine energy, and it is associated with qualities like receptivity, beauty, and grace. In Astrology, Venus correlates to both how we relate with others and how we relate to ourselves. This planet is associated with our financial resources and our material possessions, with our values, and with our sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Venus also correlates to listening, which includes both how we listen to ourselves and how we listen to others.

Venus in Libra is a transit that tends to reflect ongoing adjustments, and a constant dance between giving too much and giving too little after realizing we have given too much. The fear and the desire of losing ourselves in the other can generate a back and forth dynamic between opposite extremes. With this aspect, we may shift from people-pleasing and self-sacrificing to total avoidance of relationships, isolation, and withdrawal from social situations.


Mars: Passion, Instinct, and Assertion


If Venus is how we receive, Mars can be considered how we give: for this reason, it is associated with the masculine principle. Mars represents our need for freedom, the way we assert ourselves, how we take initiative and go after what we want. Mars correlates to passion, to our instinct, and our sexual drive. Mars is about taking immediate action without forethought, cutting cords, and moving forward without looking back.

Mars in Aries is emphasizing our need for total independence: during this transit, we want to be able to follow each impulse emanating from our Soul without any restriction or limitation. Yet, Mars is still in retrograde motion. On one hand, Mars being retrograde reflects the frustration and inner tension we are experiencing, due to being unable to take action as we would like to.

On the other hand, the retrograde cycle has the purpose to help us find our unique way to express Mars related functions. Mars retrograde is supporting our deconditioning process from all those societal expectations around how we, regardless of our gender, should express masculine energy.


The Cosmic Dance between Venus and Mars


Oppositions are angles of 180°: according to our perspective on Earth, the planets involved are the furthest away from each other. These aspects very often show up in our interactions with others: in this case, it is even more likely to happen, as both Mars and Venus correlate to how we experience relationships.

The goal of an opposition is to encourage the two planets to learn from each other and to find common ground. The risk is that we keep alternating between extremes, creating a deeper state of polarization, or that we project on another person qualities and flaws that we are unable to see in ourselves.

To fully understand what a specific opposition is about, it is useful to go back to when the two planets involved met in conjunction for the last time. In this case, the last time Venus and Mars met was on August 24, 2019, at 4° Virgo. Think about what you were experiencing back then, especially in your love and social life. Some of the themes that emerged at that time can show up again to be integrated and fully understood.

The current cycle between Venus and Mars started with their conjunction in Virgo, and now, with their opposition, we witness its maturation and peak, which could be compared to the energy we experience on a Full Moon. Something previously unclear can come to a head, underlying dynamics can emerge to the surface, and we can become aware of repetitive patterns in our relationships. 

On November 9, 11:08 AM ET, Venus in Libra is exactly opposite retrograde Mars in Aries. Our unresolved relationship issues are likely to come to the surface during these days, as reflected by the dynamic tension between these two celestial bodies

This is a great time to go back to our 2019 journal and review the dreams we had and the intentions we set in August, paying particular attention to how much we have grown and what we have manifested, especially in our love life.


Venus opposite Mars: Dynamic Tension


Venus opposite Mars is a powerful and magnetic aspect: these two energies are complementary, the attraction between them is strong, yet they want different things. The purpose of the dynamic tension generated by this alignment is to help us balance our needs with other people’s needs.

We are learning to generate harmony and to relate to other people on an equal basis. The fact that the current Venus-Mars cycle started in Virgo emphasizes the need to overcome any unconscious feeling of inferiority and let go of any sensation of being ‘less than’ someone else.

At the same time, the Mars-Venus opposition represents an invitation to let go of attitudes of superiority, arrogance, and entitlement, that can emerge as a compensatory trait to cover up underlying feelings of self-hatred and worthlessness.

We are at a critical developmental stage: we have the opportunity to radically transform the way we show up in relationships. The opposition between Venus and Mars is inviting each and every one of us to find ways to balance our need for independence and freedom with our need for love and connection.

When finding compromises that make everyone happy and satisfied is absolutely not possible, the invitation is to allow the relationship to change accordingly. If needed, cut cords with grace and lovingly let go of those connections that are not meant to continue to make space for new ones.

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November 2020 Astrology Update – The Shift

In this article we are going to dive deeper into November 2020 astrology update that we call “metamorphosis and transmutation”. While we are still integrating the shifts brought by the Taurus Full Moon conjunct Uranus, we begin the new month and prepare for more powerful cosmic alignments. October has been intense, and November won’t be less intense: the keywords for the upcoming month are metamorphosis and transmutation.

Throughout the following weeks, the celestial bodies are supporting our movement towards the future by helping us get rid of what fulfilled its purpose, of what lost its meaning and significance.

During November, Mercury, Mars, and Neptune station direct. For several months, the abundant retrograde energy has been inviting introspection and reflection, and we now witness a pivotal turning point. We already noticed a shift at the beginning of October, after Saturn and Pluto stationed direct. However, Mars, the planet ruling unpremeditated action and forward movement, still in retrograde motion, has been holding us back from making major moves.

Mars stationing direct is going to increase our stamina and energy levels. Taking action will be easier: we are likely to feel clearer around the way we want to move forward, more secure regarding the direction to take, and what to focus our energy on.

November 2020 Astrology Update

Another major transit coming up is the last of a series of three conjunctions between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter is finally passing over the Lord of the Underworld and beginning a new cycle between the two planets that will meet again only in 2033, this time in the sign of Aquarius. This Jupiter-Pluto conjunction begins a whole new chapter for us.

By bringing to surface something previously repressed or hidden, this transit accelerates the transformation of our belief system, encouraging us to find new ways to attribute meaning and purpose to our life.

If this was not enough, Eclipse Season is starting at the end of the month: the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini opens the portal of radical transformation and change, propelling us towards the future in unexpected ways.

We invite you to to dive deeper reading below and if you are interested even one more layer deeper by accessing your personalized November Horoscope here.


Mercury stations Direct

November 2020 Astrology Update

After three weeks of apparent backward motion, Mercury in Libra stations direct. Mercury stationing direct will help us gain a clearer understanding of the deeper significance and the evolutionary purpose of what happened during the retrograde phase, both in the external reality and in our inner world.

While transiting Libra, Mercury has been in an ongoing square to Saturn in Capricorn: the last exact square on November 6 is bringing to culmination themes that first emerged when the first square between them took place at the end of September. The invitation of this configuration is to take responsibility for what we say, think, and perceive, and for how we communicate it to others.


Venus opposite Mars

Venus in Libra opposes retrograde Mars in Aries, emphasizing the contrast between self and others, between our needs and desires and other people’s needs and desires. Our need for freedom and independence is challenging our necessity to form equal and balanced relationships. We witness a dynamic state of stress between these two forces that can reflect the culmination of all our unresolved and underlying relationship issues.

The fear of losing our sense of self in the other can trigger the opposite reaction of self-isolation and withdrawal from all social interactions. The polarization we may experience during these days has the function of helping us find common ground. By listening to others and acknowledging their needs without sacrificing ours we can establish healthy compromises that are life-enhancing for everyone.


Mercury enters Scorpio, Sun trines Neptune

As Mercury enters Scorpio for the second time this year, we will likely witness some sort of disclosure of something previously hidden. Mercury direct in Scorpio is a transit that reflects a high potential for a deeper psychological understanding of ourselves, others, and the overall reality.

The insights and the wisdom gained can help us heal and resolve old wounds and trauma and, in turn, allow us to achieve greater intimacy, trust, and emotional connection with those we love. Meanwhile, on the same day, the Sun in Scorpio trines retrograde Neptune in Pisces: this aspect is maximizing our intuitive and empathic abilities, reminding us of our connection to the greater whole, and encouraging us to cultivate our relationship with Spirit.


Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

November 2020 Astrology Update

The conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto will happen at 22° Capricorn, the same degree where the last exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction took place back in January. There are no coincidences, only synchronicities: themes that first emerged during January are likely to come to the surface again. The influence of Jupiter will magnify and expand these issues and increase the pressure for a radical reconfiguration of the whole societal structure and of the structure of our consciousness.

This transit will affect each one of us in different and unique ways. Jupiter conjunct Pluto brings global transformation: while we may witness drama and tension during these days, we also have the opportunity of using this tension as a motivator to build new and lasting systems that hold authentic meaning.


Mars stations Direct in Aries

While Mars was retrograde, we learned a few lessons around the importance of patience and time. It is now time to take action according to what we discovered, envisioned, reflected upon since September 9. Mars in Aries is very strong, it is pure Cardinal Fire: this is an energy of assertion and initiation that has the function to open new paths, previously unknown.

Mars direct offers us new opportunities to make progress in our self-discovery journey. This transit will help us reinvent ourselves, face our fears and insecurities, and develop more strength and willpower.


Super New Moon in Scorpio, Venus trine North Node

November 2020 Astrology Update

The New Supermoon in Scorpio is changing the game and helping us reshape our visions for the future. This is the very first New Moon after Jupiter and Pluto have met for the last time and begun their new 12 years cycle.

For this reason, it is more significant than other New Moons: both events represent a fresh start, and Pluto is the planetary ruler of the Moon. Scorpio always invites us to transform and overcome our limitations. During this lunar cycle, we are encouraged to embrace the metamorphosis without being afraid of letting go of our old sense of self.

On the same day, Venus in Libra trines the North Node, emphasizing the importance of the way we show up in relationships at this particular time, reminding us that radical honesty and holding each other accountable are prerequisites for growing together.


Venus enters Scorpio

Venus enters Scorpio and immediately invites us to fearlessly dive into the depths of our Soul: Venus in Scorpio will promote an intense self-analysis of our inner life and the structure of our psyche. With the shift from Libra to Scorpio, our orientation shifts from people around us to our inner world and the way we function.

Our focus becomes internalized: we want to achieve absolute self-knowledge and a complete understanding of our limitations and the underlying emotional and psychological dynamics at play in any situation. Profound fears of betrayal, abandonment, and loss can emerge during this transit in order to be fully integrated and understood.


Sun enters Sagittarius

The Sun enters Sagittarius just a few hours after Venus enters Scorpio. During Sagittarius season, our conscious awareness shifts on the big picture, on issues of faith and meaning. We naturally feel the need to explore the world, different cultures and belief systems: we ask ourselves and others deep philosophical questions about the meaning of life and the nature of reality.

The purpose of the yearly transit of the Sun through Sagittarius is to encourage us to expand our knowledge and seek our personal truth. The invitation for us is to open our minds, trust our intuition, and reconnect with the wisdom and the teachings of Nature.


Neptune stations Direct in Pisces

November 2020 Astrology Update

Neptune stations direct in its own sign of Pisces after being in apparent backward motion since June 23. During the retrograde phase, we had the chance to gain more knowledge and wisdom, we could understand what has been holding us back, the illusions and delusions we need to overcome. Neptune stationing direct represents an opportunity to integrate all that we learn and move forward in new ways.

This transit can help us see beyond the illusion of separation and create a sense of happiness and peace in our lives that is not dependent on external conditions. Neptune invites us to remember our connection with the totality of existence, to transcend the stories we tell ourselves, our expectations, and our perceived limitations.


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Eclipse season is officially starting: the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will take place with the opposition between Sun in Sagittarius on the South Node and the Moon in Gemini on the North Node. Eclipses highlight the dynamic tension between past and future by bringing into the present issues that need to be solved in order to be able to leave the past behind.

Everything happens faster than usual, change can be radical and sudden: the evolutionary pressure we all experience is magnified. The invitation of the Gemini Eclipse is to be curious and to remember that we can learn something from everyone. The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini will put our attention on the importance of reclaiming our voice and encourage us to share our message with the world from a place of humility and authenticity.


November 2020 Astrology Update: Our Invitation


During this transformative time, we need to keep our minds, hearts, and eyes open. The month of November invites us to see life as a process of ongoing learning, to feel free to experiment and make mistakes without being afraid to ask questions. There is a higher reason for whatever happens throughout the upcoming weeks: it is never just about random pain and suffering, we can learn something from every situation.

It can be easy to get lost in the drama, the unrest, and everything going on in the 3D world. Nonetheless, we need to remember that in every crisis and every challenge lies an opportunity to empower ourselves, to radically transform, to align with our true purpose, and inspire others to do the same.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and please tap on the heart if you enjoyed this article. Happy new month of November!

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