Venus enters Virgo: Self-Honoring and Self-Containment

On September 5, 12:05 AM ET, Venus leaves Leo and enters Virgo, where she will remain until September 29. This transit reminds us of the importance of self-honoring and self-containment. It invites us to make the conscious decisions of keeping our energetic field clear, be selective about how we invest our focus and time, and choose carefully the people we share energy with and invite into our lives.

Virgo has to do with purification, not intended as striving to meet an unnatural concept of ‘purity’ created by patriarchal and religious conditioning, but rather as processes of digestion, cleansing, and discernment linked to a deepening of our awareness and our connection to our body. This transit could inspire us to value our health more than we usually do, to let go of habits that aren’t serving us, and to dedicate more time and energy to pursuits, activities, and people that support our well-being, our healing journey, and our self-improvement efforts. 


Venus in Virgo: Acts of Service & Expressions of Devotion


In Astrology, Venus has to do with how we relate to both ourselves and others, to our value systems, our relationship with money, abundance, and wealth, to our capacity to receive love and attention, and to how we create feelings of peace and harmony. Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign, ruled by Mercury and associated with, among other themes, self-improvement, health and healing, habits and routines, optimization and organization of our lives.

Venus in Virgo brings our focus to the value of practicality, organization, and discernment. This shift inspires us to adopt a pragmatic, analytical approach toward relationships and financial matters.

venus enters virgo

The Goddess of Love and Beauty is not much interested in luxury or excessive romantic displays when she is transiting through Virgo. During this transit, our love language is all about acts of service, expressions of devotion, and practical support. Venus in Virgo can reflect a tendency to prefer to plan in advance and avoid spending impulsively. This shift inspires us to invest in something valuable, tangible, and useful in the medium and long term.


Venus square Mars & Venus trine Uranus


On September 16, Venus perfects a square to Mars in Gemini. This aspect can indicate some tension in relationship matters, particularly in intimate connections. Around this time, we may feel a degree of friction between contrasting values, urges, and desires, and we could also experience a clash between our desires and will and other people’s needs and values. We may struggle to find compromises and not want to give something up. Nonetheless, the Venus-Mars alignment will inspire and motivate us to find creative solutions and agreements that enhance everyone’s experience.

On September 20, the trine between Venus in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus catalyzes a desire to integrate more excitement, stimulation, and change in our routines, daily work, and relationships. This aspect will increase our open-mindedness, facilitate our detachment from structures, connections, and ways of being that feel restrictive or obsolete. It will inspire us to explore more authentic ones, get out of our comfort zone, and experiment without fear of making mistakes.


Venus opposite Neptune, Venus trine Pluto, Venus conjunct Mercury


Venus in Virgo is going to oppose Neptune in Pisces on September 24, increasing our tendency to daydream, fantasize, and idealize other people and relationships. These days, we may fall in love with potential and lack realism and rationality, which can increase the risk of feelings of disappointment and disillusionment. Nonetheless, this aspect maximizes our creativity, our imagination, our desire to beautify our reality, and our capacity to open our hearts to others.

On September 26, Venus aligns with Pluto in Capricorn in a harmonious trine. The Venus-Pluto trine suggests a desire to deepen our connections and establish more profound and passionate bonds: these days, superficiality is not going to feel appealing. This aspect will inspire us to strive to understand our and others’ psychological patterns playing out in relationships and to reflect on how to find solutions that are aligned with both our values and other people’s values.

venus enters virgo

On the same day of the Venus-Pluto trine, Venus and retrograde Mercury are going to align in a conjunction in Virgo. The Venus-Mercury alignment is favorable for communications, diplomacy, and negotiation. It will support our capacity to express our feelings and share our values, desires, and needs.


Venus enters Virgo: Sincere Desire for Self-Improvement


Due to Virgo’s attunement to what can be improved, refined, and optimized, a tendency towards perfectionism is often present when this archetype is emphasized: criticism, both constructive and non, can emerge more frequently as a consequence.

Venus’ transit through the sign could intensify critical tendencies towards both ourselves and others and indicate an inclination to focus on what does not work rather than on what does. It could also correspond to a feeling of attracting people who we perceive as excessively perfectionists or critical towards us. This is, nonetheless, an opportunity to observe objectively disempowering self-talk and thinking patterns if they arise, without engaging in them or believing them.

Venus’ transit through Virgo is likely to fuel a sincere desire to improve ourselves, our self-awareness, how we show up in our relationships with others, and how we manage money and other resources. This transit is an opportunity to contemplate what service means to us, reflect on what we are in service to, and make the conscious choice of organizing our life in a way that reflects and honors that.

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Venus enters Virgo: Devotion to Love

On July 21, 8:37 PM ET, Venus leaves Leo and enters Virgo. The Goddess of Love and Beauty will be here until August 16, inviting us to be discerning and devoted to our personal growth.

Transits of Venus give us information on how we seek to generate more balance and harmony in our lives, how to manage money, what we find attractive and pleasant. These transits can correspond to shifts in our finances, values, and needs, in our orientation towards relationships and our artistic expression.

Venus in Leo is flamboyant and dramatic, she is naturally playful and enjoys receiving attention. During this transit, we are highly creative, more willing to be seen and to let our light shine through. As Venus enters Virgo, we will notice an energy shift: this transit corresponds to a more discrete and reserved attitude. 


Venus enters Virgo: the Power of Discernment


Virgo is sometimes associated with the archetype of the High Priestess: Venus transiting through this sign inspires us to be devoted to our values and deeply committed to our ongoing self-improvement journey. The journey of Venus through Virgo invites us to keep our standards high and be very discerning, to choose carefully who we allow into our life, where we invest our time, energy, and focus.

While Venus is in Virgo, we will adopt an organized and thoughtful outlook on financial matters: we will prioritize investing in material assets or in our education rather than spending money on our free time and hobbies. We will value reliability and practicality in relationships, and we will strive to be helpful and of service to others.

venus enters virgo

During this transit, we aim to refine our skills and we are willing to work on our weaknesses. We value improvement, we want to get better at what we do, we want to get better at relationships: we desire to understand the dynamics at play in all our interactions and exchanges.


Venus enters Virgo: Beyond Criticism


In the sign of the High Priestess, Venus is exceptionally aware of dysfunctions, of what doesn’t function as well as it could, of what can be fixed, and of how it can be improved. Venus in Virgo transit shows us what doesn’t work optimally in our lives, in our relationships, and our finances. It may inspire us to make different choices and use crises and challenges as an opportunity for improvement and transformation.

Venus in Virgo is often perceived as critical, picky, and demanding, too concerned with what’s lacking rather than what’s available. During this transit, it can be easy to fall into the trap of negative self-talk and excessive criticism towards ourselves and others. We will see clearly what doesn’t work in other people’s lives, and it can be tempting to give unsolicited advice or feedback.

Feelings of self-doubt may arise, and we may have the sensation that we are not good enough or competent enough to do what we want to do, that maybe we are dreaming too big. While perfectionism may hold us back from making progress and gaining experience, the awareness of what can be improved can help us grow tremendously in various areas of our lives. This transit is an invitation to embrace humility yet without making ourselves smaller or shrinking due to feeling inadequate.


Venus trine Uranus, opposite Neptune, trine Pluto


Venus in Virgo will trine Uranus in Taurus on August 3, promoting a liberal and more open-minded approach to relationships, increasing the possibility of unusual and unexpected encounters or job offers, maybe inspiring us to invest our money differently. We are likely to seek novelty and excitement in our love and social life: this is a good time to meet someone new or to introduce novelty in our current relationship.

On August 10, Venus will oppose Neptune in Pisces. With this aspect, we seek the perfect love story and we can manifest strong idealism. We may be longing and yearning for someone to save us or make our life better. We may have trouble seeing others clearly, get lost in our fantasies, and get disappointed from reality later on. Positively, this alignment promotes creativity and imagination and inspires us to be more devoted to our spiritual and artistic practices.

venus enters virgo

Almost simultaneously, on August 11, Venus will trine Pluto in Capricorn, increasing the emotional intensity and inviting us to move towards more depth in all our relationships. Our love nature will be more passionate and fated encounters catalyzing deep transformation are a possibility. The simultaneous influence of Neptune and Pluto facilitates emotional catharsis and healing through artistic expression, while hypnotic attractions may generate obsessive desires.


Venus enters Virgo: Devotion to Love


While Venus is in Virgo, we don’t waste our time on something that isn’t substantial: we are not interested in shallow interactions and prefer to cultivate a few trusted connections. We value self-understanding, we desire to analyze our relationships to know what does not work at its best, what can be better. We tend to adopt an introspective focus aimed at deepening our self-analysis and promoting self-improvement and self-knowledge.

During this transit, our love language will be practical and down-to-earth, we will express affection through acts of service. Venus in Virgo reflects an organized, practical, and thoughtful approach to relationships as well as to spending and investing our resources, such as money, energy, and focus.

The medicine of the High Priestess is humility rooted in self-knowledge, discernment, and ongoing dedication to the path of self-improvement. The highest expression of Venus in Virgo is utmost devotion to love, and a commitment to honor the beauty within ourselves and all around us.

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Venus in Virgo: We Are Enough – October 2 – 27

On October 2, at 4:48 PM ET Venus leaves fiery Leo and enters earthy Virgo, grounding the intense emotional energy of the Full Moon in Aries we experienced on October 1. During these stressful times, the influence of Venus in Virgo is going to help us control our reactions and be mindful of the way we respond to triggers, while reminding us that we are enough.

During Libra season, the role of Venus becomes emphasized, because Venus is the planetary ruler of Libra, where the Sun is currently transiting. For this reason, we have the opportunity to gain more clarity and awareness of our relating patterns and of any repetitive dynamic that emerges at this time.

Venus will be in Virgo until October 27, inviting us to cultivate humility, discernment, and common sense in all our social interactions.


Venus in Virgo: on the Path to Perfection


Venus represents the relating function, the relationship we have with ourselves, and the way we relate to others. It is also the planet linked to what we value in life, to our self-worth and self-esteem.

Virgo always reflects a strong desire for personal improvement: this archetype aims to be efficient, useful, and of service to others. When Venus transits through this sign, we witness a continual state of adjustment of how we relate to ourselves and to the people in our lives.

During this transit, we will feel ready to help and serve others. We will naturally support their journey and feel drawn to give them advice. Nonetheless, we need to be mindful of not sacrificing our needs for theirs and beware of accepting compromises that don’t feel completely right because we believe that it’s the only way of maintaining peace in the relationship.

Venus in Virgo is highly analytical and organized: this is an energy that aims to perfection, that strives to do everything most efficiently and effectively without ever making mistakes.

Self-defeating dynamics can emerge at this time: if we don’t work with this influence consciously, we may feel frustrated if we are not progressing as fast as we would like to. Yet, Venus in Virgo is here to remind us that the path to perfection is an ongoing series of adjustments and a never-ending work in progress.


Venus trine Uranus: Embracing our Uniqueness


Venus in Virgo will form a beautiful Earth trine to retrograde Uranus in Taurus on October 10, but we are going to feel its influence for a few days before and after the exact aspect. This alignment encourages us to embrace our uniqueness and to cultivate our individuality, without being afraid to be eccentric and original.

venus in virgo

During these days, we may feel the urge to try something new, to experiment and explore. We may feel more prone to distractions and more restless than normal, especially if we don’t find constructive outlets for this dynamic energy.

The Venus-Uranus trine is going to infuse our love life with a sense of excitement: many of us will feel the need to go out of our comfort zone and seek unusual adventures. This aspect might also bring sudden and unexpected financial gains and opportunities: some may have fresh business ideas, start a side hustle, or find a new form of income that is unconventional and uncommon.


Venus trine Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn; Venus square Lunar Nodes 


During her transit through Virgo, the Goddess of Love will also trine Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn. The exact aspects are taking place on October 19, October 21, and October 24, but we will feel their influence for the entire second half of the month.

The Venus-Jupiter trine inspires us to be natural, spontaneous, and authentic in our interactions with others: this aspect supports optimism and genuineness. The Venus-Pluto trine intensifies our feelings and facilitates our understanding of unconscious dynamics that may be undermining our relationships. The Venus-Saturn trine invites us to keep our word and honor our commitments, to devote ourselves to what we take on. All these alignments are going to facilitate the structural and social transformation that is taking place, and they will help us to adapt to changes smoothly.

During the same days, Venus will also form a square aspect to the Lunar Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius: its influence will be active for the last ten days of October. This configuration emphasizes the role of Venus in our personal and collective evolution. It enhances the need for positive expressions of the Venusian functions of self-love, healthy relating, implementation of balance and harmony, and invites us to know ourselves and our needs, values, and desires.


Venus in Virgo: We Are Enough


The highest purpose of Venus in Virgo is to teach us discernment and help us cultivate common sense in order to be able to make conscious decisions in our relationships. The opposition to Neptune, exact on October 18, is another aspect that will put the emphasis on these themes.

The sense of existential crisis that this transit could promote leads to self-analysis, which in turn generates self-knowledge. Yet, we need to be very mindful of not succumbing to sensations of inner emptiness and meaninglessness: we need to avoid dwelling in negative feelings about ourselves or harshly judge where we are at in life.

Venus in Virgo is an energy that can easily become too critical, too focused on what is lacking, even pessimistic if it is not expressed healthily. The ongoing and excessive self-analysis can generate a sense of never being good enough, and it may block our ability to take action, especially now that Mars, the planet that rules decision making and taking initiative, is in retrograde motion.

Deep inner guilt, negative self-talk, and extreme self-doubt can manifest at this time: as we are too busy seeking perfection, we may forget that it can always be found in the present moment. We have the right to be a work in progress in any phase of our lives without feeling that there is something wrong with us.

venus in virgo

The transit of Venus through Virgo, in its highest expression, reminds us that we are enough. When we surrender to life and trust the Universe, we naturally remember that everything we are going through has a higher purpose, we accept our present reality, we embrace our flaws and where we are at, and connect with a sense of inner peace.

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