Venus enters Gemini: Celebrating Love

On May 8, 10:02 PM ET, Venus enters Gemini, where Mercury and the North Node of the Moon are already transiting. Venus will be in Gemini until June 2, inviting us to celebrate all the possible expressions of love and beauty. During this time, we learn by cultivating a variety of relationships and we get to know more about reality by engaging in different social situations.

Last year, around this time, Venus spent more time than usual in Gemini due to her retrograde cycle. Themes and issues that first came up back then could come to light again. We may discover deeper truths or become aware of something we didn’t fully understand yet.


Venus enters Gemini: the Joy of Learning


In Astrology, Venus rules our values, what we love, what we find beautiful, how we relate with others, and how we relate to ourselves. Venus is associated with our self-worth and self-esteem, with our finances, with how we earn and spend money, and with our concept of abundance and pleasure. Through Gemini, the third sign of the Zodiac, we learn to logically understand our environment by gathering data and we refine our use of language to be able to effectively communicate what we think, see, and know.

With Venus in Gemini, we value learning: we find great pleasure in accumulating information and sharing facts. Becoming aware of new data through interesting conversations motivates and inspires us. We don’t have a good tolerance for possessiveness or clinginess. We desire to be free to move, meet new people, and explore different social settings as we please. During this transit, we value communication and wit: gossip may be more appealing than usual, as we enjoy lightheartedness, curiosity, and critical thinking. Our spending habits may change: while on the one hand, we still desire to save money, on the other we want to experience everything that life can offer.

With both Venus and Mercury in the sign of the Twins, relationships tend to happen on an intellectual rather than emotional level. Being Gemini a Mutable Air sign, we seek to establish a wide variety of interactions that tend to be quick and short-lived. Negatively, they could turn out to be superficial, inconsistent, or shallow. In this phase, we want to be aware of the different options available to us. We want to get to know different people, subjects, and fields of study, before deepening a particular relationship or beginning a specific cycle of learning.


Venus in Aspect: Karmic Encounters & Growth through Relationships


During her transit through Gemini, the Goddess of Love and Beauty will sextile Chiron, form a conjunction with the North Node of the Moon, trine Saturn in Aquarius, square Neptune in Pisces, and conjunct Mercury.

Venus will meet the North Node of the Moon on May 17. Their conjunction highlights the importance of relationships and our need to form social connections that support our growth journey, increase our understanding of life, and our appreciation of diversity. Encounters we make at this time are likely to be karmic: the people we meet may have an important role in our spiritual development.

Venus sextile Chiron, exact on May 18, may bring up triggers relative to feeling unworthy of being loved or not smart enough, giving us chances to reframe our perception of ourselves and change our mindset relative to relationships. Old wounds may resurface to be seen under a new light and integrated. On May 19, Venus trine Saturn is likely to inspire us to gravitate towards consistency and reliability in all our interactions. During these days, our conversations and intellectual exchanges may become more serious. Some of us may be inspired to make important financial decisions, maybe thinking about establishing new business partnerships or long-term investment plans.

Venus square Neptune is another interesting aspect, happening almost simultaneously with the Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, on May 27. This alignment highlights tendencies towards excessive idealism and difficulties with discrimination. Confusion may be a common experience, and so may be the feeling of not knowing what is really going on, as fake news and data are likely to spread. On a positive note, our fantasy and creative life will be highly supported. As our inspiration flourishes, we have a chance to channel our imagination into constructive outlets rather than letting it degenerate into paranoia.


Venus enters Gemini: Embracing Diversity & Celebrating Love


Venus in Gemini is the ultimate social butterfly. During this transit, all relationships become learning experiences and our communication skills are refined and harmonized. We strive for variety and intellectual stimulation: we naturally desire to expand our social circle, maybe getting to know people very different from those we habitually hang around with.

Venus in Gemini values wit and intelligence and enjoys exploring different ways of thinking and perceiving reality. During the upcoming weeks, we will feel drawn to seek debates and exchanges of opinion. We will be more interested in what others are thinking and feeling and more willing to participate in long talks that allow us to understand them better.

This transit has the potential to help us open our minds and our hearts to a variety of stimulating and enriching experiences. To align with the energy of Venus in Gemini, dare to leave behind your assumptions, embrace diversity, and celebrate love in all of its manifestations.

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May 2021 Astrology Update: Knowledge is Power

May 2021 Astrology Update: May 2021 will be a month of mental expansion, intellectual exchanges, and learning experiences that will remind us that knowledge is power. After a few weeks of intense Fixed Earth energy, we witness a gradual elemental shift to Mutable Air. During May 2021, both Venus and Mercury will enter Gemini, Gemini Season will start on May 20, and Jupiter will enter its traditional home sign of Pisces.

All planets transiting Gemini will join the North Node of the Moon, positively supporting our growth journey and our movement towards the future. Moreover, both Saturn and Mercury will station retrograde, joining Pluto and inviting us to turn inwards, reconsider our choices, our opinions, and the way we have structured our lives.

At the end of the month, Eclipse season starts with a Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius, which will happen on the South Node of the Moon. This Eclipse is a potent purging experience: it will invite us to release past beliefs and attachments that are holding us back from being fully authentic, and encourage us to be true to the person we have become.


Mercury enters Gemini

May 3, 2021, 10:49 PM ET 

Mercury enters Gemini, one of the signs where the planet of logic and communication is at home and where it will remain longer than usual due to its upcoming retrograde cycle. During this transit, our mental energy greatly increases. We feel drawn to pursue a variety of interests, hobbies, experiences, while we naturally seek intellectual stimulation, communication, and exchange with others.

Mercury in Gemini represents a beneficial influence for all learning processes, as it increases our capacity to elaborate and gather a variety of information coming from different sources. During the upcoming weeks, Mercury will support our efforts relative to communication, writing, talking, networking, and sharing information.


Venus enters Gemini

May 8, 2021, 10:02 PM ET

Shortly after, the Goddess of Love joins the Messenger in the sign of the Twins. During the upcoming weeks, our love and social life are likely to get more interesting, as we will feel drawn to meet a variety of new people and engage in different activities. While Venus is in Gemini, we highly value learning and we desire to increase our knowledge about life in all ways available. We aim to learn from others and to explore a variety of experiences.

Venus in Gemini may bring us back to dynamics and events that emerged last year while Venus was retrograde through the sign of the Twins. Venus joining the North Node of the Moon on May 17 will emphasize the importance of cultivating relationships in order to advance in our personal development journey.


New Moon in Taurus, Mercury conjunct North Node

May 11, 2021, 2:59 PM ET

The New Moon in Taurus begins a lunar cycle focused on our connection to ourselves, our sexuality, and our instinct, that will culminate with a Super Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. The New Moon will trine Pluto, and their harmonic aspect will support all transformational processes we will go through during Eclipse season.

The New Moon will happen in a conjunction with True Black Moon Lilith, a point in space symbolizing the wild, untamed, sexual and creative energy that has been suppressed and distorted for millennia yet still exists within each of us. The Cosmos is encouraging us to deepen our embodiment and trust our instincts. The invitation is to connect with our innate resilience and self-worth as a foundation for navigating intense changes.

Meanwhile, Mercury conjunct the North Node of the Moon emphasizes the role of honest communication during the upcoming lunar cycle and highlights the importance of intellectual exchanges and open-mindedness to progress in our personal and collective evolution.


Jupiter enters Pisces

May 13, 2021, 6:36 PM ET

Jupiter entering its nocturnal domicile generates an interesting energy shift, enhances our intuition and inspires us to dream big. Jupiter in Pisces, will support our spiritual and personal expansion. Jupiter will retrograde back into Aquarius in July to enter Pisces again at the end of the year. During the upcoming two months, we are likely to witness anticipations of the themes that will unfold throughout 2022.

While Jupiter in Aquarius increases our intellectual and mental energy, expanding technological progress and advancement, Jupiter in Pisces softens our attitude and shifts our focus inward, bringing us closer to our heart and our emotional body. This transit increases our compassion, our creativity, our desire to help one another, and inspires us to cultivate heart-based connections as a foundation for our spiritual and personal evolution.


Sun enters Gemini

May 20, 2021, 3:37 PM ET

On May 20, Gemini season begins with the ingress of the Sun in the sign of the Twins. Gemini season is a time of learning, variety, and mental expansion. The journey of the Sun shines a light on our intellectual efforts and increases our curiosity and desire to know more about life and ourselves. Gemini season is a time of sharing, making new connections, networking, and gathering information and data.

This time of the year invites us to open our minds and remain available to embrace different perspectives and points of view before making decisions. Gemini season promotes a lighthearted sense of humor, invites us not to take things too seriously, and increases our appreciation for what our everyday life has to offer.


Saturn stations Retrograde in Aquarius

May 23, 2021, 05:19 AM ET

Saturn stationing retrograde invites redefinition and restructuring of our lives and of how we relate with the material 3D reality. Saturn rules everything tangible and crystallized: its yearly retrograde is a time to turn inwards and change how we relate with the more mundane aspects of life.

Saturn retrograde is a time to find our unique way to be part of society and offer long-lasting value to the collective, yet without conforming to how it’s always been done. The Lord of Time will be retrograde until October, and in June will square Uranus in Taurus for the second time out of three, emphasizing the conflict between old and new, past and future, that represents the ongoing theme of the current year.


Full Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, Venus square Neptune

May 26, 2021, 07:13 AM ET

The first Eclipse of 2021 is the third Supermoon in a row and will be a Total Lunar Eclipse on the South Node of the Moon in Sagittarius. All Eclipses happening on the lunar South Node bring up karmic material from the past: they invite purging and purification from the old as it is a necessary step we need to go through to be able to move forward.

Themes and dynamics that first manifested six months ago may culminate, find resolution, and become clearer. This may be a time to reconsider our beliefs and what we consider to be the truth. Sagittarius encourages us to be true to ourselves and reminds us of the importance of authenticity.

Meanwhile, Venus in Gemini will square Neptune in Pisces, emphasizing the need to verify our source of information and to avoid believing everything we read or listen to. Venus square Neptune can be a confusing transit: fake news may spread at this time, and we may feel we lack clarity. It is not a great moment to make important decisions around our finances or our relationships. Tendencies to overidealize our partners or potential partners are common: experiences of disillusionment have the purpose of bringing us back to reality.


Mercury stations Retrograde in Gemini

May 29, 2021, 6:34 PM ET

At the end of the month and in the midst of Eclipse season, Mercury stations retrograde and will remain in apparent backward motion until June 22. Mercury’s role is particularly important during the Eclipses as Mercury is the ruler of the North Node in Gemini, the point in space symbolizing our collective and individual evolutionary direction.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini is an invitation to practice critical thinking and discrimination. We may change our opinion on something or open our minds to different perspectives. This transit will highlight the need to review, reassess and reflect upon the information and data we take in as well as the information and data we share.


May 2021 Astrology Update: Our Invitation


May 2021 is likely to be a month of intellectual restlessness, heightened stimulation, and quick change: it has the potential to be an interesting chapter of our learning journey. During the first half of the month, before Eclipse Season starts, we have an opportunity to ground in our body and establish a strong connection with our foundation, which will help us handle any changes and volatility from a self-secure place. Jupiter in Pisces will support our capacity to tap into our imagination, creativity, and connect with a strong sense of faith.

Eclipses open a portal of change, they are gateways of transformation, they bring us opportunities and revelations and allow us to quantum leap into the future. May 2021 has the potential to represent an exciting time for many of us: the invitation is to stay open to the unfamiliar and trust ourselves enough to join the shift without fear.

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April Astrology Update – Revolutionary Shifts Continues

April’s astrology continues to usher in the revolutionary shifts of 2020. It’s a month to remember the power of our choices, actions and decisions. We are invited to learn not everything that is real is physical; embracing out multidimensionality will change the world. This month takes courage but we are all here for a reason. We were all born for these times. We are each capable and powerful.


Venus enters Gemini

venus gemini

April’s astrology updates kick off with Venus making moves. Venus, the planet of relationships, harmony and pleasure will receive some uplighting energy as she enters Gemini. However, she is due to retrograde in May. This retrograde will also be occurring in Gemini. Which means that there is much to learn and many ways to grow when it comes to our relationships. This includes our relationships to ourselves, our minds, communication and each other.

The best place to start is our relationships to what’s in the ethers and not always seen. This includes everything from wifi, to our ideas, to our hearts.


Jupiter Conjunct Pluto

jupiter conjunct pluto

April’s astrology is a continuation of the intensity. We’ve been feeling a build up and while this is a climax, the energetic effects will ripple out into the rest of the year. This energy began in January 2020. Take a moment to think back upon everything that has transpired since then. What have we learned? Where have we shifted?

With Mars and Saturn nearby these shifts are sure to be felt. Thankfully the benevolence of Jupiter’s participation is opening the world to unimaginable potential.

We are rebuilding the systems that were established the last time Pluto was in Capricorn which was the in the late 1700s. There is a resurgence of power coming to the masses and this alignment supports the people.


Full Moon in Libra

full moon in libra

April’s astrology is inviting us to look up at the Full Moon in all her glory and see ourselves as a reflection of her perfection.

This full moon is one of independence. We will see the roles we each play while also intimately understanding our connections to all things. Black Moon Lilith and Juno are squaring off. This opposition is inviting us to embrace many sides of ourselves.

We’re asked to realize the varying roles we each play.

The lover, the partner, the badass, the parent, the child, the renegade, the creative, the employee… the list goes on and on.


Mercury in Aries

mercury in aries

April’s astrology includes a shift regarding the energy of Mercury. This is a time of being hyperaware of our communication habits and tendencies. Even though thoughts and words are non physical, they carry immense power. We are invited to harness our full potential by commandeering our minds and journeying along the cutting edge of space and time.


Taurus Season (Sun Enters Taurus)

taurus season sun in taurustaurus season sun in taurus

April’s astrology brings a welcomed shift after the heat of Aries season (March 20-April19). The Sun is illuminating the energy of the steady and stabile Taurus. Our lesson will be to slow down and enjoy some Earthly pleasures.

Taking time to count our blessings may not feel like the easiest thing, and we may feel shell shocked from recent transits. However, if we invest in what feels right and just we will be surprised how quickly positive change can occur.

The Sun’s transit through Taurus will be illuminating the energy of Uranus. Uranus is currently in Taurus and the last time the world saw this transit was 1934 to 1942.  Back then the world saw the end of the great depression. While there is messaging suggesting we are on the verge of a new depression, what if we’ve been in one and now is the time to rise out of it? What if now is the time to reinvent economics are we know it and return to a system built upon true value?


New Moon in Taurus

new moon in taurus

April’s astrology includes a potent New Moon in Taurus. The soils of Taurus are fertile ones and whatever we choose to plant during this alignment will prosper. This is an invitation to choose our seeds wisely.

On Earth we have been led to believe in the material world. We worship brands, purchases and Earthly desires. There is nothing inherently wrong with this and it’s all part of the human experience. However, it’s now mandatory to understand there is more to life than physical gains and the satisfaction of desires.

We are opening our awareness up to a new frequency. Taurus energy is associated with the surface and the tangible. We now have a chance to integrate worlds. This New Moon asks us to embrace our physical and non physical nature. When we live with an energetic awareness we become channels of a new vibration on the planet. The frequency we anchor changes worlds.

Can we see 3D reality as the tip of the iceberg? Can we feel that within everything there is a deeper energy? Can we commit to looking below the surface? Can we embrace change? Can we welcome our multidimensionality?


Ceres enters Pisces

ceres enters pisces

April’s astrology is inviting us to understand Ceres. Ceres’ energy is associated with the mother archetype. She’s how we mother ourselves and how we care for others. The energy of Pisces is sensitive territory. We have all been through an immense journey lately and this transit invites us to get close to our sensitive sides. Like the love of an unconditional mother, Ceres is here to tend to our wounds.


Pluto Retrograde

pluto retrograde

April’s astrology brings an epic and palpable shift. Pluto is serious business, especially in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn rules the establishment, power and the systems we adhere to. Since 2008 Pluto has been working to rebuild everything that has been enacted since the late 1700s.

We have been witnessing and participating in the dawn of a new age. Now the ball is in our courts and the next move is up to us… Spoiler alert humanity is fully capable of reclaiming the power of the people.


Pallas enters Aquarius

Pallas enters Aquarius

April’s astrology offers a powerful opportunity to foster a relationship to Pallas. Pallas’s energy is associated with the archetype of the father. Pallas energy is reason, logic and the rules. It’s the provider; the one who will pull through for us all.

Of course, not all of us will have had this type of relationship with our human fathers, but as Pallas transits Aquarius we are invited to find support from alternative means. We are invited to reinvent ourselves and who we allow to control us. We are asked to be our own providers.

This transit will highlight our relationship to technology, it’s important to become aware of whether we own our devices, or if they own us.

Stay tuned, we are going to be publishing articles and talking more in depth about each of these events. Comment below if you are excited about what’s to come in this new month of April, and let us know which event you are excited about the most and why? 🙂

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