Venus enters Taurus: Deeper Embodiment

On May 28, 10:46 AM ET, Venus leaves Aries and enters Taurus, inspiring us to slow down and deepen our embodiment.

Both Mars and Venus, the two relationship planets, are going to be in their home signs until June 22, when Venus enters Gemini. The upcoming weeks will inspire us to reflect on our connection to the Yang and the Yin, the Masculine and the Feminine as energetic principles.

Mars, an expression of Yang energy, correlates with assertiveness, action, sense of direction, with our style to go after what we want. Venus, connected to Yin energy, is associated with receptivity, grace, magnetism, and charm, with our capacity to attract what we desire into our lives. We all have both energies within us, independently of our gender: during the following weeks, we will have opportunities to explore how to harmonize them in a way that works for us.


Venus moves from Aries to Taurus: Slowing Down and Tuning In


In Astrology, Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. This planet correlates with wealth, love, beauty, sensuality, pleasure, and art. Her transits reflect changes in our values, finances, interpersonal connections as well as our connection with ourselves. Venus in Aries moves at a fast speed and seeks fireworks and excitement. This transit emphasizes qualities and desires that aren’t typically considered to be Venusian, such as individualism, independence, and a need for freedom and novelty.

Venus’ ingress into Taurus is an invitation to slow down the pace of our lives and reconnect with our bodies and with Nature. Taurus is about tuning into the physical, grounding into the Earth, exploring our sensuality, and deepening our awareness of the sensations arising in our bodies. While Venus is in Taurus, our focus goes primarily on rediscovering our relationship with ourselves, developing stronger self-esteem, and gaining a deeper awareness of our values and priorities. 

Venus enters Taurus

Venus in Taurus aims to be autonomous and self-sufficient: this transit inspires us to connect with our inner resources and skills and to make wise use of them. Taurus has a connection to the development of survival instinct: this is the stage of growth where what was started needs to be consolidated. Venus’ transit through the sign of the Bull inspires us to value what is lasting, durable, and solid, to achieve more stability, reliability, and security. For this reason, Venus in Taurus tends to be associated with a tendency to hold on to known values, ways of making a living, and ways of being in relationships. However, this is going to be challenged by the presence of Uranus, also in Taurus.


Venus conjunct Uranus & the North Node in Taurus


On June 11, Venus joins Uranus in the sign of the Bull. Their yearly alignment invites us to break free from stagnation and from ways of being in connection that aren’t serving us any longer, counterbalancing the Taurean tendency to hold on to the known. The Venus-Uranus conjunction is an indicator of possible dramatic shifts in our value systems and our relationships. On the personal level, it can bring unexpected, unusual encounters and changes in our income, job, and financial status. Collectively, it can correspond to disruptions in financial markets and monetary policies and issues with the production and distribution of goods. The way we perceive wealth, abundance, prosperity, and security, as well as our perception of our needs in relationships, could change substantially around this time.

On June 16, Venus joins the North Node of the Moon, also in the sign of Taurus. Venus is also the planet ruling the North Node: this means that developing a more conscious relationship with Venusian functions will help us break free from repetitive patterns and compulsive, enmeshed attachments that are holding back our evolution. The Venus-North Node conjunction invites us to deepen our receptivity and our relationship with our senses, and encourages us to tend to our own garden to allow what we desire to come to us.


Venus square Saturn, Venus sextile Neptune & Venus trine Pluto


On June 18, Venus squares Saturn in Aquarius. This aspect highlights fears and doubts relative to our worth: we may feel blocked from progressing in our relationships, and feelings of loneliness may emerge. Challenging contacts between Venus and Saturn can result in a scarcity mindset: the fear of not having enough could lead us to close ourselves off from abundance. The purpose of these aspects is to help us deepen our self-love and our self-esteem, consolidate those connections that nourish us, and learn to value ourselves before seeking validation from the outside.

The Venus-Neptune sextile, perfecting on June 18-19, represents an inspiring and creative influence that has the potential to counterbalance the intensity of the Venus-Saturn square. This aspect supports our capacity to feel empathy and compassion towards both ourselves and others and indicates an inclination to see the highest potential of everything and everyone. Venus sextile Neptune will increase our ability to convey our feelings through artistic expression and help us take advantage of creative opportunities. 

Venus enters Taurus

On June 21, the Venus-Pluto trine will bring a desire to deepen our relationships and discover more of ourselves through our connections with others. When Venus and Pluto are in aspect, we are not satisfied with superficial interactions: we seek depth of relating that can increase our psychological understanding of ourselves and our awareness of relationship dynamics. This trine will support our empowerment process and help us reclaim our power, particularly if we have been giving it away in exchange for someone’s love or validation.


Venus in Taurus: Clearer Awareness of Self-Worth & Relationship Patterns


Venus in Taurus invites us to indulge in the luxurious and the sensual, slow down to reconnect with our erotic nature, and listen more carefully to the voice of the Earth. This transit is likely to bring changes in our values and deepen our awareness of our relationship patterns and the dynamics that keep showing up in our romantic and social life. 

Venus’ journey through Taurus will remind us of how our relationship with ourselves determines the quality of all the relationships we form with other people. It will inspire us to gain more awareness of subconscious beliefs, thinking patterns, and ways of being that may be holding us back from creating and sustaining nourishing, nurturing, and enhancing connections. This transit will invite us to develop more resourcefulness, become more aware of what we have to offer, and ground in a clear awareness of our inherent worth.

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