Uranus stations Retrograde: Reclaiming Freedom

On August 19, 9:40 PM ET, Uranus stations retrograde at 14°20’ of Taurus, joining Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron, Pluto, and Saturn. Uranus will be retrograde until January 21, 2022, when it stations direct at 10°57’ of the sign of the Bull.

We now have six celestial bodies in an apparent backward motion, inviting reflection, readjustments, and restructuring. Retrogrades offer us a chance to pause and digest what we have been going through, the experiences we have had, and the events that took place while the planets were in direct motion.

The Cosmos is inviting us to turn inwards, spend more time in introspection, and evaluate our inner reality, our motivations, and our intentions before making a move in the external world.


Uranus in Taurus: Radical Systemic Shifts


Uranus is the planet of sudden awakenings, innovation, unpredictability, shock, and unforeseen events. It is connected to long-term personal and collective memory and to the field of information contained in the ethereal plane known as Akashic Records. Uranus transits force us out of our comfort zone and into the unknown: their purpose is to accelerate our evolution and separate us from what we have outgrown.

Uranus stations Retrograde

Taurus has a lot to do with survival instinct, with how we generate security and get our basic needs met. This archetype has a connection with our finances, our material resources, our values, and with how we manage our personal talents, competencies, and skills. Taurus is also linked with our sense of self-worth and self-esteem, with how we experience sexuality and sensuality, with receptivity, pleasure, with our relationship with ourselves, our physical body, and Nature.

Uranus has an orbit of 84 years and remains in a sign for approximately 7 years. The Great Awakener has been in Taurus since 2018, forcing radical and drastic changes in our experience of this archetype. We have already been witnessing disruptions in the global financial system, an increase in extreme natural events, and important issues with food production and distribution. All these experiences are meant to accelerate our transition towards more sustainable systems, structures, and lifestyles that respect Nature and that are truly nourishing, both for us and for the Earth.


Uranus’ Retrograde Journey & its Square to Saturn


Retrograde planets inspire us to question how we are relating to their energy. They are meant to inspire us to break away from mainstream expectations and ask to be expressed in a way that is unique, authentic, and personal. Uranus retrograde in Taurus inspires us to redefine our values and our relationship with the concept of security: by allowing an inner shift to happen, we catalyze the unfolding of an external one.

The desire to break free from oppressive and obsolete structures will keep rising while Uranus is in an apparent backward motion. When planets are retrograde, they are closer to Earth and their influence is stronger. During the upcoming months, many of us will feel drawn to rebel and reclaim more freedom, agency, and independence.

Uranus stations Retrograde

Retrograde Uranus will align with Saturn in Aquarius for the third and last time on December 24: their square represents the last chapter of a cycle that lasted for the whole year of 2021. This aspect reflects the tension we have been experiencing as we move away from the known and towards the unknown, transitioning from old systems and paradigms to new unexplored ones.

We have been confronting the resistance against the dismantling of obsolete structures as well as the issues that emerge when we attempt to build something radically different. In December, we face another turning point in our transition from the old to the new. Especially after Uranus stations direct, changes will be clearer.


Uranus stations Retrograde in Taurus: Reclaiming Freedom


Uranus stationing retrograde in Taurus represents an invitation to reevaluate, review, reassess, and reconsider our values, our assumptions, our concept of security and stability, and the way we meet our survival needs.

During the upcoming months, we will be encouraged to reflect upon what freedom means for us. Uranus retrograde inspires us not only to rebel against external restrictions but also to become aware of where we are unconsciously restricting ourselves. In particular, it will highlight where limiting beliefs and concerns about finances, survival, and illusory security attachments are holding us back from making choices aligned with our deepest truth.

This transit can help us access our creative and innovative potential, allowing new ideas and insights to surface and develop. It may help us find new ways to make an income, connect with our bodies, and align with a deeper sense of self-worth and self-value.

Uranus stations Retrograde

Uranus retrograde in Taurus offers us a chance to break free from deeply ingrained conditioning and to question our habitual thinking patterns. We are being encouraged to free our minds from assumptions, concerns, worries, and ways of thinking that are preventing us from being fully liberated, and making the leap we are dreaming about. 

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