Lunar Nodes enter Taurus and Scorpio, Uranus stations Direct

On January 18, 1:56 PM ET, the Lunar Nodes entered Taurus and Scorpio. Just a few hours earlier, 10:26 AM ET, Uranus stationed direct in Taurus after being in apparent backward motion since August 19, 2021. Expect acceleration of our evolutionary pace, of the rhythm of events, and new opportunities to individuate and grow.

These are two powerful energetic shifts happening almost simultaneously. They are likely to bring important, sudden, unpredictable changes both in our individual lives and in collective, global dynamics.  The focus will go on our relationship with impermanence and the invitation will be to embrace the discomfort of change. 


Understanding the Lunar Nodes


The Lunar Nodes need to be considered as an axis composed of two opposing points in space, located at the same degree of opposite signs. These points mark the intersection of the orb of the Moon with the Ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun from our perspective on Earth. When the luminaries conjoin or oppose each other close enough to these points, Eclipses happen. For this reason, for the upcoming one and a half years, Eclipses will happen in Taurus and Scorpio.

The South Node corresponds to something we are familiar with, something we know well, ways of being that are natural to us, talents and gifts we express effortlessly. We always manifest a strong, collective emotional attachment to issues surrounding the transiting South Node. The planet ruling it, in this case Pluto, indicates habitual, often compulsive ways of operating and behaving.

The North Node is the exact opposite of that. It is something foreign, something that feels unfamiliar, something we have no experience with, something that stimulates our curiosity yet requires us to step into the unknown, so it does not feel very comfortable. The North Node and its planetary ruler, in this case Venus, illustrate the way to balance the tendencies of the South Node, which should not be completely left behind or disowned. Working with the Nodal Axis requires exploring a dynamic harmony between two polarities, one more familiar than the other.


Lunar Nodes leave the Gemini/Sagittarius axis: End of a Chapter


Something to keep in mind is that the Lunar Nodes move in retrograde motion for most of the time. This is why they are shifting from the Gemini/Sagittarius axis to the Taurus/Scorpio axis. The North Node just left Gemini, and the South Node just left Sagittarius. We completed a karmic cycle that highlighted our relationship with our beliefs, underlined the importance of finding impartial, reliable sources of information and news, and stimulated our capacity to coexist with people who think differently than us.

A Sagittarius South Node indicates a drive to identify with and have a strong emotional attachment to our truth, our beliefs, our worldviews, and our philosophies. This has been playing out through the current war of information, the diffusion of censorship, but also through phenomena such as the spread of cancel culture. All these factors have contributed to creating a deep polarization within the global population, which, in some of us, resulted in a tendency to self-censor. Many people do not feel free to express their beliefs openly anymore, as they fear being attacked, “canceled”, or excluded from a community.

The Gemini North Node has been teaching us that everything is relative, that diversity is beautiful, that our truth is valid, yet it is not the only truth. This transit has reminded us of the importance of seeing both sides of a situation, of exchanging opinions with curiosity rather than arrogance. We have been learning to coexist peacefully with people who have different worldviews and beliefs, to respect others’ opinions without necessarily agreeing with them.


South Node in Scorpio and North Node in Taurus: Embracing Simplicity


The events of the last couple of years have generated a situation of collective trauma and generalized, ongoing fear, a feeling of being in a perpetual crisis. Here is where we start from, what we are familiar with when a Scorpio South Node is in the picture. We are used to circumstances of intensity, and we carry conscious or subconscious memories of being in situations where our survival is at stake. There may be a tendency to rely on manipulative means to survive, and a drive to expose possible hidden interests or motives behind others’ actions to gain a sense of control and emotional security.

The North Node in Taurus is an invitation to ground in our physical body, root in the present moment, come back to a simple way of life, realign with the rhythms of Nature. It is an opportunity to reconnect with our personal values and with a sense of self-worth that is independent of our attachments with others. We want to feel empowered and supported by our relationships and our commitments, yet we don’t want them to define us or determine our worth.

Lunar Nodes enters Taurus

The focus for the upcoming year and a half is on cultivating a solid sense of self-value, on building intimacy with ourselves, and on establishing a personal connection with our erotic nature. Particularly, the Taurus North Node speaks about the journey of learning not to link our self-esteem, self-value, and self-love with the validation, sexual or otherwise, that we are receiving from the outside.


Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio: Accepting the Inevitability of Change


Both Taurus and Scorpio have something to do with money and resources. Taurus corresponds to our personal finances, possessions, values, and resources, while Scorpio is associated with other people’s assets, money, values, and resources. The Nodes’ journey through this axis will bring up the need to redefine the global financial system and the way we manage our resources, including the resources of the Earth. It has the potential to allow us to connect with a new sense of security, which is not based on an illusion of perpetual stability but rather on the understanding that change is inevitable and is constantly happening.

Taurus/Scorpio is also the axis of sexuality and sensuality. The Scorpio South Node reflects a tendency to gravitate towards sexual and intimate experiences that have an element of enmeshment, based on unhealthy emotional attachments and mutual dependency. Often some degree of manipulation, power struggles, and control dynamics are involved. The Taurus North Node reminds us of the importance of relating with another from a place of self-knowledge, self-respect, and self-value, rooted in the awareness of what we deserve, need, and want, in a deep connection with our body and our values.


Uranus Direct in Taurus: Turning Point


Together with the shift of the Nodal Axis, Uranus stationing direct is likely to mark a turning point in our lives. When planets are stationary, they are closer to Earth, their influence is stronger. The modern ruler of Aquarius is a potent event accelerator, which often brings unpredictable and sudden changes that force us out of our comfort zone in no time.

Uranus in Taurus has been shaking up our stability since 2018: this is another important indicator of revolutionary shifts in the financial system and of the need to change our management of natural resources. As Uranus stations direct, there may be unexpected, unpredictable climate events, issues around the supply of electricity and gas, possible shortages, and disruptions of food production and distribution.

Uranus stationing direct encourages us to act to move forward in our journey of individuation and deconditioning. Its transit through Taurus will help us break free from values and ways of living that are not authentic for us, as they represent a byproduct of our conditioning and the social expectations imposed upon us.


Lunar Nodes enters Taurus & Scorpio, Uranus stations Direct


The Nodal shift is reinforcing the prominence of the Fixed modality in the current astrological climate. Fixed signs are not the most inclined to change: they are about the preservation and consolidation of what we have created. Nonetheless, Uranus transiting Taurus is likely to disrupt the existing paradigms, test their stability, and invite us to rebuild them. By forcing us to adapt to the unexpected, this process will stimulate our versatility and generate a significant degree of innovation and social progress.

We have a chance to begin to build a new relationship with uncertainty and accept the inevitability of change: we may learn to see it as an adventure rather than only as a threat to our survival. These transits highlight the need to surrender attachments that don’t allow us to live a life aligned with our core values, even if that generates an amount of insecurity that is uncomfortable to deal with at first.

Lunar Nodes enters Taurus

Uranus will meet the Taurus North Node and oppose the Scorpio South Node between July and August 2022. Around this time, expect more radical changes in all these areas and an urge to break free from what restricts us. Uranus’ conjunction to the North Node will help us come into contact with our unique resources, talents, and skills, to gain deeper self-reliance and a better awareness of what lifestyle best suits our individuality.

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January 2022 Astrology Update: Beginnings and Endings

January 2022 is a month of beginnings and endings, packed with significant cosmic events. Even though the Astrology of this new year is significantly different from 2021, January’s transits are meant to bring to closure unfinished business from the past and allow unresolved issues to emerge and culminate. The highlight of the month is the Lunar Nodes leaving the Gemini-Sagittarius axis and entering Taurus and Scorpio, beginning a new evolutionary cycle that will last one year and a half. Meanwhile, Venus will remain in Capricorn and in retrograde motion for most of January, inviting a deep restructuring of our relationships and values. Lastly, the Saturn-Uranus square will continue to be very prominent, reflecting social tension and polarization, while increasing the urge to reform the existing systems.

Let’s have a closer look at the Astrology of January.


New Moon in Capricorn, Mercury enters Aquarius

Jan 2, 2022, 1:33 PM ET & Jan 2, 2022, 02:10 AM ET

The Capricorn New Moon is the first New Moon after the Eclipse season. In the context of the Saturn-Uranus clash, this lunation will encourage us to build a new relationship with structure, work, order, discipline, and to reflect on how we relate with both our inner authority and the outer ones. The Capricorn New Moon is a great time to set tangible goals for the future and the year ahead, to get clear on what we desire to manifest, work for, and build. Sun and Moon trine Uranus in Taurus and Mercury entering Aquarius on the same day will support originality and innovation. In particular, Mercury in Aquarius increases our capacity to think out-of-the-box and find creative solutions to the problems we are facing.


Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius

Jan 14, 2022, 06:41 AM ET

Mercury stationing retrograde in Aquarius is a call for radical deconditioning of our minds: it represents an invitation to question our perception of reality and reflect on how it is affected by the information we consume. This Mercury cycle highlights the need for a thorough reassessment of habitual ways of thinking and communicating, but it also urges us to reconsider our relationship with any ideologies and social movements we have been identifying with. Retrograde Mercury coming back to Capricorn will promote a new understanding of the past, which may help us reshape our visions for the future.


Full Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto

Jan 17, 2022, 6:48 PM ET

The first Full Moon of 2022 is in Cancer, opposite a tight Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. This lunation is likely to be particularly intense on our emotional state, and it may reveal to us emotional management patterns that we need to work on and transform. As we gravitate between a chaotic emotional expression and an extreme emotional suppression, we are encouraged to release the need to be in control of the environment.

January 2022 Astrology Update

The Full Moon opposite Pluto is an opportunity to let go of security attachments that are hindering our maturation. The Sun conjunct Pluto invites reflection on our relationship with power and authority while encouraging a substantial transformation of our sense of identity and purpose. 


Uranus stations direct, Lunar Nodes enter Taurus and Scorpio

Jan 18, 2022, 10:26 AM ET & 1:56 PM ET

In 2022, all Eclipses will happen in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio: the Lunar Nodes entering these signs begin a new evolutionary cycle that will be centered around our relationship with change, insecurity, and impermanence. The Nodes’ journey through Taurus and Scorpio will bring up the need to radically redefine our values, our concept of security, our relationship with money and natural resources, and our choices in matters of sexuality and intimacy. The Nodal shift happens while Uranus stations direct, also in Taurus. The activation of Uranus reflects a substantial acceleration of events, sudden changes, and possible disruptions of our comfort zone. Uranus inspires progress and innovation by forcing us to develop versatility and adapt to the unexpected. Both astrological events are likely to increase the urge to reform financial systems, the way we relate with the Earth, and how we manage natural resources.


Aquarius season begins

Jan 19, 2022, 9:39 PM ET

The Sun entering Aquarius inaugurates a time of self-discovery, deconditioning, and creative experimentation. Aquarius season is an invitation to celebrate our uniqueness and honor individual differences: the Sun’s journey through the sign of the Water Bearer encourages us to be original and eccentric, to break free from conditioned ways of expressing ourselves that aren’t aligned with our essence. During this time, we will explore the relationship between the individual and the group, and reflect on how personal and collective development can be enhanced or held back by it. We may feel a need to explore new communities and new ways of being together and detach from people and associations that we don’t feel any longer aligned with.


Mars enters Capricorn 

Jan 24, 2022, 7:53 AM ET

Mars enters the sign of its exaltation: here, Mars’ efforts are incredibly efficient and aim to create something long-lasting and valuable. This combination of energies supports our determination, discipline, and endurance: it gives us a chance to consolidate what we have been working on, to make it more stable and durable. Mars’ journey through Capricorn supports our energy levels and will give us fresh motivation and stamina. This transit will help us be more ambitious and goal-oriented, and work hard to get tangible results from our efforts. Mars’ journey through Capricorn may also inspire us to consider whether our worldly achievements and successes are reflecting our Soul’s purpose or are simply linked to egocentric desires deriving from our conditioning.


Venus stations direct in Capricorn

Jan 29, 2022, 03:46 AM ET

We end the month with another significant energetic shift. Venus stations direct in Capricorn after being retrograde since December 19, inviting us to make tangible changes in our relationships, in how we manage our finances, in our value system, and in how we relate with ourselves, according to what took place during the retrograde.

January 2022 Astrology Update

Venus stationing direct in Capricorn could bring important changes in our relationships, finances, financial markets, and the global economy. This shift encourages us to align with new boundaries, values, and ways to manage our resources, and to explore new, more authentic ways of connecting with both ourselves and others.


January Astrology Update: Our Invitation


Even if January still carries an energy that reminds us of what we went through during 2021, things may already start moving in different directions, both for us individually and for the collective as a whole. In particular, Uranus stationing direct while the Lunar Nodes change signs is an event that is likely to catalyze a significant acceleration of the pace of our personal and collective evolution.

We are still in a delicate phase of transition between the known and the unknown, the old and the new, the past and the future. These moments of our lives often correspond with a sense of crisis and confusion. Nonetheless, during the upcoming months, Jupiter will keep moving through Pisces, helping us enter the new year with hope and faith. 2022 has the potential to bring increased spiritual awareness and desire to expand our perception of reality. The Cosmos will support our capacity to believe in ourselves and in our dreams, inspiring us to keep envisioning the world we want to co-create.

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Uranus stations Direct: Moving Towards New Paradigms

On January 14, 03:36 AM ET, Uranus stations direct in Taurus, after being retrograde since August 15, 2020.

Uranus spends about half a year in an apparent backward motion, which is not an actual change of direction but an optical illusion due to our perspective on Earth. Its retrograde cycle represents a time to review, reassess, restructure, and redefine how we express this planet in our lives. Uranus stationing direct is a time to implement concrete changes according to what we have learned during the retrograde phase.

Until Mercury stations retrograde, on January 30, all celestial bodies will be in direct motion. During the upcoming two weeks, we will notice a sense of momentum and forward movement, and we may have the feeling that everything is moving at a faster pace. This is a good moment to do something we have been procrastinating for a while and take focused action towards our goals and dreams.


Uranus, the Planet of Awakening and Revolution


In Astrology, Uranus is considered a transpersonal or outer planet, linked to collective shifts and generational issues, and is the modern ruler of the sign of Aquarius. Uranus was discovered by accident in 1781, around the time of the American and French revolutions. For this reason, it has been immediately associated with revolution and defiance, with the willingness to rebel against social constructs and norms, to fight for freedom, to defend our uniqueness and our rights.

Uranus was the first planet discovered with a telescope, and it caused big disruptions in the scientific community, suddenly confronted with the need to question everything they thought they knew about the Solar System. Uranus transits have a similar effect: they invite us to think for ourselves and to question everything we were taught to believe. This is why Uranus is also considered the planet of sudden awakenings.


Uranus in Taurus: a Long Term Collective Shift


Uranus has an orbit of 84 years and stays in the same Zodiac sign for approximately seven years. The planet of awakening entered Taurus in 2018 and its goal is to encourage us to break free from outdated systems, economic structures, assumptions around money and wealth, and disempowering attitudes that decrease our self-esteem and self-worth.

Taurus correlates with our survival instinct, with the natural drive to protect ourselves and preserve our existence. Taurus, a Fixed Earth archetype, enjoys knowing what to expect, being slow, comfortable, and stable. Uranus instead has a fast, disruptive, and electric quality: it suddenly forces us to deal with unexpected situations and to adapt to them, to transform our mindset and our ideals accordingly.

The journey of Uranus through Taurus has already challenged us on a very primal level, disrupting our sense of stability. Uranus will continue to transform the economic structure of our society, our relationship with money, as well as our value system until 2025.


Uranus stations Direct: Financial Changes & Need for Innovation


Uranus stationing direct in Taurus has the potential to reflect significant financial shifts in both our personal lives and in the world economy. The goal of these shifts is to promote the change of the obsolete capitalistic paradigm and to allow each and every one of us to discover unconventional and unique ways of generating material security, as well as a sense of inner stability.

The important disruptions to our survival that many of us have been facing represent an invitation to find new forms of security, new ways to make an income, new ways to fulfill our basic needs that are more in alignment with our individuality, that respect our timing, and don’t involve the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources.

uranus stations direct

To make the most out of this transit, we need to connect with a sense of inner security amidst the collective chaos. Discovering ways to regulate our nervous system while interfacing with changing and unstable circumstances allows us to respond to challenges from a grounded place, rather than from a ‘fight or flight’ mode, as we normally do when we feel our survival is threatened.


Uranus stations Direct: Rediscovering our Values and our Connection with Nature


Uranus stationing direct in Taurus offers us an opportunity to reflect upon how the current shifts to the socio-economic paradigm have impacted and are impacting our sense of self-worth and our values.

Are your values a reflection of who you are or do they simply reflect what you have been taught to value? Is your sense of self-worth linked to social expectations? Uranus stationing direct in Taurus represents an imperative to become aware of and decondition from all those value systems that we have adopted and aren’t aligned with our personal truth.

Taurus relates to our connection to our bodies, to Nature, to the Earth and its rhythms. We have been completely cut off from the wisdom of Nature, we have been disrespecting and exploiting both our planet and our bodies, and it’s time to change that. Uranus in Taurus will help us remember our need to be in attunement with Mother Earth and with the necessities of our physical bodies, themes that will be emphasized by the transit of the North Node through Taurus, starting in 2022.


Uranus stations Direct: Moving towards New Paradigms


Uranus transits make the need to break free from constrictions and outdated paradigms impossible to ignore any longer. Moreover, the planet of revolution is currently forming some tense alignments with other planets: Mars is in Taurus too, about to conjoin it, Jupiter in Aquarius is squaring it, and Saturn, also in Aquarius, is approaching a square too. The Saturn-Uranus aspect, in particular, will be active for the entire 2021 and a major theme of the current year.

The current planetary configuration emphasizes the conflict between the past and the future, between the desire to come back to the old ways and the need to embrace new ones. Uranus stationing direct invites us to acknowledge what the past has taught us, but without holding on to the old paradigms just because they represent the norm, just because we are used to them and we feel safer knowing what to expect.

Uranus stationing direct in Taurus encourages us to move away from ways of being and living that are not sustainable, that are oppressive, that are not honoring the Earth. This transit urges us to work on our personal individuation and deconditioning process, and to work together with others to create a better future for humanity.

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