Libra Season 2022: Relationships as Evolutionary Catalysts

On September 22, 9:04 PM ET, Libra season 2022 begins as the Equinox takes place and the Sun enters the sign of the Scales.

Wherever the Sun is traveling, the light of our awareness goes: his yearly journey through Libra brings our attention to all relationship dynamics in our lives. This season invites us to get to know ourselves through the mirror of others, explore relationships as evolutionary catalysts, and discover how we can create more equality in our exchanges, more harmony between giving and receiving.


Libra: Integration of the Individual into the Collective


Libra is a Cardinal, Air, Yang archetype. As a Cardinal sign, it marks a new beginning and the start of a new season, Fall in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. In the Zodiac, Libra inaugurates the second half of our evolutionary progression, all about the integration of the individual into the collective, and it is the first sign through which we learn to establish connections based on equality and reciprocity.

Libra Season 2022

Through Virgo, the previous archetype, we familiarize ourselves with the work environment and with contexts characterized by a need to participate in unequal relationships, mostly centered around service and healing, such as the one between boss and employee or the one between health professional and patient. Through Libra instead, we learn about ourselves through comparison with our peers: we recognize the importance of integrating into a social setting as equals and we discover where we are out of balance in our relationships. 

We are dealing with an Air sign: for this reason, connections are formed on an intellectual level and involve a refinement of communication. This is the necessary preparation for the emotional deepening that happens through the following Water sign, Scorpio. The Libra stage of evolution lays the foundation for a clear understanding of which relationships we desire to deepen and which ones we don’t, and it continues the discernment process that started with Virgo.


Libra season 2022: Aspects and Lunations


During Libra season 2022, the Sun joins retrograde Mercury, trines Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius, opposes Jupiter and Chiron in Aries, and squares Pluto in Capricorn. We are also going to experience a New Moon in Libra and a Full Moon in Aries.

The New Moon in Libra of September 25 marks a fresh start in our relationship life, encouraging us to reflect upon how we are required to show up in life to manifest the kind of connections we want to attract. Sun and Moon are both going to be in opposition to Jupiter in Aries, an energizing and motivating influence that will support our optimism, our generosity, and our self-confidence. This New Moon invites us to deepen our awareness of how we relate with others and invites us to explore new ways to do so.

The Aries Full Moon coming up on October 16 brings our attention to refining the balance between energy invested towards ourselves and energy invested towards others, and could mark moments of revelation or clarity surrounding patterns and dynamics that keep coming up in our relationships. The Moon is going to be opposite Venus and conjunct retrograde Chiron, which is likely to significantly increase the emotional intensity of this lunation. These days, we may question our ability to initiate and lead independently, feel left out and isolated, and find it hard to trust our strength or the power of our desires. We will have opportunities to alchemize feelings of rejection, abandonment, and not fitting in and discover the medicine contained in our wounds.


Sun conjunct Mercury, Sun trine Mars & Saturn, Sun square Pluto


A few hours after the Sun enters Libra, we experience a Sun-Mercury retrograde cazimi, an exact conjunction. This aspect begins a new Sun-Mercury cycle, in a similar way that a New Moon does. It could catalyze intuitive messages, insights, and revelations that help us see something from an entirely different perspective and inspire us to shift our communication patterns.

Libra Season 2022

The Sun-Saturn trine, exact on October 12, is a supportive aspect that increases our productivity, our efficiency, and our capacity to get things done optimally. This alignment increases our willingness to work hard on something meaningful to us and make progress towards our goals and dreams, maybe by establishing collaborations and alliances that can support us.

The Sun in Libra is going to trine Mars in Gemini on October 17. This harmonic alignment supports our vitality and energy levels, infusing a fiery, physical quality to the intellectual atmosphere of Libra season. The Sun-Mars trine will energize and motivate us, inspiring us to intelligently channel our life force in pursuits we are passionate about, yet without overdoing or overextending ourselves.

Towards the end of his transit through Libra, the Sun is going to square Pluto in Capricorn. Their exact alignment is on October 19, however, we will feel this aspect for a few days before and after this date. The Sun-Pluto square indicates the potential for power struggles, a need to feel in control of the environment, inner conflict between wanting to create and wanting to hide, and a feeling that circumstances are preventing us from expressing ourselves. This alignment has the potential to catalyze a renewal of our desires and sense of purpose, a transformation of our creative expression, and a deeper awareness of the core motivations and intentions that are moving us.


Libra Season 2022: Relationships as Evolutionary Catalysts


The Sun’s transit through Libra shines a light on those places where we need to establish a better balance. Libra season is inviting us to reflect on whether we are gravitating towards extremes, we are participating in one-sided dynamics, we are giving too much and receiving too little, or vice versa. It is an opportunity to reflect on what peace means to us and to attune to a dynamic balance that allows us to navigate life optimally.

Libra season is the time of the year in which we have an opportunity to explore the difference between codependency and interdependence and recognize that absolute independence is simply not possible. We are connected with others, we are part of something bigger than ourselves, we are part of a bigger network: nobody can exist in isolation. Libra season encourages us to acknowledge the necessity of cooperation and collaboration, improve our capacity to share, and recognize the role of relationships as evolutionary catalysts.

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Uranus Retrograde 2022: Questioning Certainties

On August 24, 2022, 09:53 AM ET, Uranus stations retrograde at 18º55’ of Taurus, once again taking the spotlight and joining Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune, and Pluto, already in an apparent backward motion. This transit will encourage us to question our certainties and break free from ways of living that don’t feel authentic any longer. Uranus remains retrograde until January 22, 2023, when it stations direct at 14º56’ of the sign of the Bull.

This shift is likely to inspire us to redefine our value system, reflect on our relationship with our bodies, and rethink our concept of abundance, wealth, and security. It will be felt more strongly by those of us who have personal planets or angles between 10º and 20º of Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio.


The evolutionary significance of Retrogrades


Retrogrades consist of the apparent backward motion of a celestial body from our perspective on Earth. The retrograde phase of any planet is a time for revision, reset, reconstruction, and readjustment of our relationship with the archetype involved. The shift in motion inspires us to withdraw and direct our attention and focus inwardly, offering us an opportunity to review, reassess, and reconsider what happened when the planet was in direct motion, establishing adjustments if necessary.

When many planets are in retrograde motion, the pace of our lives seems to slow down: there seems to be little action happening externally, and things don’t move forward as quickly as we would like to. However, retrogrades are said to accelerate the pace of our evolution as they intensify the impulse to decondition, increasing our desire to question the status quo and liberate ourselves from limitations and restrictions.


The transit of Uranus through Taurus


Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, correlates with the impulse to innovate, attune to the future, break the rules, and revolutionize our lives. It is the planet of liberation and individuation and has to do with the process of breaking free from stagnation, comfort, and illusions of security. The sign of Taurus has to do with our value system, with our relationship with abundance and wealth, with our receptivity, with our relationship to ourselves, our sensuality, and our body. It is connected to survival issues, to how we make sure our basic needs are met, and to the development of our talents, skills, and resources. Uranus has been here since 2018 and remains in the sign until 2026.

Uranus’ journey through Taurus emphasizes the importance of embodiment, of reconnecting with our primal nature, with the Earth, and with our inherent resourcefulness. By destabilizing the foundations on which we have built our lives, disrupting the economic paradigms, and threatening our stability, this transit is inspiring us to revolutionize our values and our way of living.

Uranus Retrograde 2022

This retrograde cycle points to the necessity to redefine our relationship with the Earth, our physical bodies, our senses, and our relationship with our sensuality. It will inspire us to reflect on how our values have been changing and remind us that our priorities must change accordingly. It is an opportunity to embrace slower, more organic rhythms, rooted in a conscious connection with our bodies and with Nature.


The Uranus-North Node conjunction


The North Node of the Moon is also in Taurus, and Uranus crossed it at the beginning of the month. The Nodes mainly move retrograde, so Uranus will remain within the orb of a conjunction with the North Node for a few more months. The North Node indicates the path we are being encouraged to take as the way to balance existing tendencies that keep us stuck in stagnation and repetition. When planets join this point in space, their role becomes key to our personal and collective evolution.

The Uranus-North Node conjunction and the simultaneous Uranus-South Node opposition highlight the importance of breaking free from situations of emotional dependency, enmeshment, and financial arrangements that don’t support the development of self-reliance and self-trust and hold us back from individuating.

Uranus is ultimately about liberation from conditioning, stagnation, and limitation. Uranus together with the North Node in the sign of Taurus inform us of the necessity of developing authentic self-reliance through our unique talents and skills, of believing in ourselves and in the value we have to offer to the world. Collectively, it points to the need of reconnecting with the land, establishing self-sufficient systems for food and energy production, and sustainably restructuring the global economy.


The Saturn-Uranus square will continue to be active


Saturn is also currently in retrograde motion and will station direct on October 23, at 18º35’ of Aquarius. At that time, Uranus will have reached 17º36’ of Taurus. Saturn and Uranus have been squaring each other for the entirety of 2021 and are going to remain in a square for the rest of the calendar year, which will be felt strongly, especially during September and October. Saturn will begin to separate from Uranus after stationing direct.

This type of square is a Last Quarter square, as it happens after the two planets have opposed each other, and is associated with a crisis in consciousness. For this reason, we may feel a sense of crisis linked with the need to restructure our lives in a completely new way, and not knowing what that is going to be and feel like, as it is different from everything that has come before. This aspect brings into the spotlight our resistance to change and the tension generated by our tendency to hold on to the known, to what we perceive as secure.

Uranus Retrograde 2022

The interplay between past and future, old and new, known and unknown, is going to be very present these days, and we will experience the friction between the desire to radically change and the need to feel secure and in control. Saturn is also squaring the Nodal Axis, which underlines the fear of taking full responsibility for our choices and the insecurity coming with claiming ourselves as the authority of our lives.


Uranus retrograde in Taurus: Reassessing Shifts in Values & Priorities


Uranus stationing retrograde invites us to rethink, reconsider, review, recalibrate, and reassess the shift in values, beliefs, and priorities that has been taking place both collectively and individually. It is an opportunity to reflect on how we are moving forward in our deconditioning process, and reorient according to the changes that have taken place, both internally and externally, throughout the last seven months, while Uranus was direct.

To deal with Uranus transits, it is crucial to know what helps us find our center again, and what tools we can use to regulate and rewire our nervous system in a way that helps us deal with uncertainty and stress from a grounded place. From this state, we can safely practice trusting ourselves and our inner compass as our guidance system instead of relying on the outside world, other people, and external authorities.

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New Moon in Leo: Creative Fire

On July 28, 1:54 PM ET, a New Moon in Leo takes place, as the Sun and the Moon join at 5º38’ of the sign, an invitation to tend to our creative fire and keep it burning. Just a few hours later, at 4:38 PM ET, Jupiter stations retrograde in Aries, in a trine aspect to the Sun and the Moon. 

This New Moon in Leo starts a month full of radical changes and unexpected turning points, marked by a substantial acceleration of the pace of events: these days, we are also experiencing a rare triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and the North Node in Taurus. The influence of this configuration will color the upcoming lunar cycle, which has the potential to be extremely transformative and revolutionary.


New Moon in Leo: Trusting our Creative Flow


New Moons happen when the Moon and the Sun align on the same degree of the same Zodiac sign. These events bring renewals and new beginnings and invite us to explore new ways of being. From our perspective, the Moon is still invisible, offering us an opportunity to turn inwards and reflect in order to decide what seeds we desire to plant and what intentions we desire to set for the upcoming lunar cycle.

new moon in leo

When the Moon is in Leo, creatively expressing ourselves and being in the spotlight represent ways for us to generate a sense of safety and security. The Sun, the ruler of the New Moon, is at home in this sign, where he shines bright, reminding us of the importance of trusting our creative flow. Through the Sun and the Leo archetype, we become aware of our Self and of the power of our full authentic expression. We learn about true generosity, we give without expecting anything in return, we remember the importance of joy and play, and we develop true confidence in ourSelves.


Tending to our Inner Fire


A Fixed Fire sign, Leo has to do with keeping our inner Fire burning, cultivating our creativity and our connection with our Self. Through this archetype, we learn to recognize ourselves, witness ourselves, and give approval and validation to ourselves. We learn to believe in ourselves and our purpose and rise above mediocrity by making bold, daring choices. When we consciously relate to Leo’s energy, we don’t consider ourselves to be the source of creativity. We are a clear channel for creative energy to flow through us, yet we don’t identify with what we create and we don’t have an attachment to being recognized, liked, or validated externally.

This New Moon may inspire us to connect with our creative energy in new ways and express ourselves in ways that are more aligned with who we are becoming, growing into, and discovering to be. This cosmic event begins a new cycle in our relationship with our creativity, in the way we express ourselves, and in how we share our voice with the world. It could bring changes in our channels of self-expression, in our self-confidence, and in our sense of purpose.


Jupiter is stationary retrograde and trines the New Moon


The Sun and the Moon in Leo are in a favorable trine aspect to Jupiter in Aries. This alignment gives us a boost of energy and enthusiasm, supporting our optimism, buoyancy, generosity, and self-trust. The New Moon trine Jupiter increases the prominence of the Fire element in the heavens, which increases our courage, our desire to take creative risks as well as our willingness to fail and learn from our mistakes. 

Jupiter is now closer to the Earth as it is beginning its retrograde journey, lasting until November 23, 2022. In Astrology, Jupiter has to do with our quest for meaning and Truth. Its retrograde cycle marks the start of a period of profound reevaluation of our beliefs: this shift invites us to question our worldview and the way we attribute meaning to our lives. In the sign of Aries, Jupiter’s retrograde period will inspire us to reflect on our relationship with authenticity, uncensored expression, and on our connection to our instinct and our impulses, inviting us to notice where we hold ourselves back from expressing ourselves authentically because it may not fit into the behavior models we were conditioned to adopt.

new moon in leo

Jupiter will come back to Pisces on October 28, to enter Aries again on December 20. The brief transit of Jupiter through its traditional domicile will offer us opportunities to gain new awareness around matters that emerged while Jupiter was in Pisces earlier during the year, and to realign with our spiritual practice in a way that feels True.


The triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and the North Node in Taurus


As the New Moon in Leo takes place, Mars is perfecting his alignment to both Uranus and the North Node, activating a powerful, explosive triple conjunction. This aspect indicates a strong, impulsive urge to break free from restriction and generate substantial changes in our lives. It could bring personal and collective breakthroughs, new understandings, and revelations. Both Uranus and Mars are huge event accelerators and catalyzers, not afraid to fight for freedom, and the contact with the North Node adds a karmic, fated quality to this alignment, which is likely to mark a time of huge shifts and awakenings for many of us.

This configuration invites us to become more independent, break free from enmeshed attachments, create systems that are self-sustaining and self-sufficient, and minimize dependency on others, both on an individual and a collective level. The Mars-Uranus-Node conjunction indicates the potential for enormous changes in our reality, in the structure of society, and in the global economy, potentially affecting the way we meet our basic survival needs and the foundations on which we have built our lives. 

Their alignment goes exact on July 31 and August 1 but we are already feeling it, and its energy will color the upcoming lunar cycle. The Uranus-North Node conjunction will continue to be active for several weeks and months.


Mars, Uranus, Lunar Nodes square Saturn & Mercury


Mars, Uranus, and the Nodes are squaring Saturn in Aquarius and Mercury in Leo. The squares between Mars, Uranus, and Mercury indicate a high degree of mental tension, restlessness, and reactivity. This configuration increases the potential for intellectual breakthroughs and new realizations, as well as our attunement to the future and our willingness to act on our visions and ideas. Unexpected disclosures, news, and revelations are likely. Meanwhile, Mercury squaring the Nodes and opposing Saturn could point to difficulties in communicating and verbalizing how we are feeling: issues surrounding censorship and freedom of speech could come into the spotlight.

The squares between Mars, Uranus, and Saturn reflect significant feelings of frustration and restriction that could lead to a build-up of resentment and a tendency to be very hard on ourselves if we don’t find stimulating and meaningful ways to channel this energy. Our desire for change, independence, and freedom is clashing with our conditioning and established ways of doing things, as well as with existing regulations, institutions, systems. More polarization in society between those who want change and those who want to preserve the existing structures is likely to arise, as the long-term square between Saturn and Uranus, the theme of the entire 2021, is activated again until the end of the year. Extreme changes in the economy, financial markets, trade, and management of natural resources are likely.

The Mars-Uranus-South Node opposition simultaneously taking place indicates the need to separate from existing emotional attachments that are holding us back from further individuation. This alignment may shake up our foundations, our stability, and the global economy, pushing us to move away from the past and accelerating the shifts that are already taking place. 

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New Moon in Leo: Centering in the Heart


On this New Moon, Mars and Uranus conjunct the North Node are inviting us to choose the road that leads us to develop more independence, autonomy, inventiveness, and self-reliance. The disruptions that could shake up our lives and take us out of comfort and security are meant to speed up our growth. Changes in our values, our security, and our finances could lead us to discover ways to generate income through something that lights us up and stimulates us creatively or to structure our lives in a way that is more supportive of our authentic expression. 

The upcoming weeks are likely to be a time of accelerated development and unpredictability, full of quantum leaps and opportunities to deepen our creative and personal growth. The lunar cycle starting now culminates in a Full Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn and square Uranus that will bring to the spotlight, once again, the themes emerging now, with the Mars Uranus North Node conjunction. . This Leo New Moon reminds us to stay centered in our hearts, to make sure we are creating from there, and to keep our hearts open despite discomfort and fear. 

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Leo Season 2022: Let Yourself Bloom

On July 22, 4:07 PM ET, the Sun entered his home sign, and Leo season 2022 begins. Leo season is the time of the year to celebrate life, honor our full expression, show up with confidence and let ourselves bloom. In the sign of the Lion, the Sun rays shine the brightest and this season invites us to shine bright too.

The Sun remains in Leo until August 22 or 23, depending on our timezone. During the upcoming weeks, we are being encouraged to center in our heart space, connect with our sense of purpose, celebrate our creativity and share it with the world.


Leo Season 2022: Tending to Our Sacred Flame


 Wherever the Sun transits, the light of our conscious awareness goes. Leo, the Sun’s domicile, is a Yang, Fixed, Fire sign. This is a fierce, courageous, bold, and self-secure archetype, strongly centered in the Heart, which it rules. The Sun’s ingress into his home sign inspires us to honor our creative potential, cultivate confidence in our authentic expression, and show up in the world as we are. 

Leo corresponds to the stage of evolution where we become aware of ourselves as individual beings, we gain awareness of the separate sense of self that was born during the Aries phase of growth. Aries, another Fire sign, is the first one of the entire Zodiac: here, the separation is unconscious and instinctual. Through Leo, we become conscious of our unique essence, we become aware of our Self, of our purpose, and of the power of sharing our light with the world. 

leo season 2022

Leo season illuminates our love for life, our enthusiasm, and our passion. This time of the year puts the spotlight on our Self-development and our self-actualization, to our capacity to shine and inspire others with our light, generating ripples of positive changes. The transit of the Sun through the sign of the Lion invites us to tend to our sacred flame, to our inner spark, our inner fire, and to make sure it stays lit by inspiring us to invest time and energy in what we are passionate about, in what excites us, in what lights us up and fills us with joy.

During Leo season, we are learning to give validation and approval to ourselves without seeking it externally, we are learning to share our creative energy with the world without expecting anything in return. This time of the year invites us to bloom, shine, and allow ourselves to be seen in all our beauty.


Leo season 2022: New Moon in Leo & Full Moon in Aquarius


During Leo Season 2022, we are going to experience a New Moon in Leo and a Full Moon in Aquarius. The New Moon in Leo, taking place on July 28, marks a new beginning in our creative development journey and in our quest for authentic confidence and radiant self-expression. The Sun and the Moon in a harmonious trine aspect to Jupiter in Aries will promote an optimistic and courageous attitude, encouraging us to fully believe in ourselves and in the value of our creative potential. 

On August 12, we experience a confronting Full Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn and square Uranus, Mars, and the Lunar Nodes. The presence of Saturn, tightly conjunct with the Moon and opposing the Sun, is a reminder of the necessity to take responsibility to structure our creative urges in a way that allows us to build something of lasting value and make a positive impact on our community. The T-square pattern between Sun, Moon, Uranus, and Mars increases the potential of unexpected events, breakthroughs, and changes in our life’s foundations leading us out of our comfort zone at a fast speed.


Leo season 2022: The Sun in Aspect


During his transit through Leo, the Sun trines Jupiter and Chiron in Aries, squares Mars and Uranus in Taurus, squares the Moon’s Nodes, and opposes Saturn in Aquarius. The Sun-Jupiter trine, exact on July 31, increases our vitality, bravery, and willingness to take creative risks, while the Sun-Chiron trine, perfecting on August 8, brings more awareness to our healing journey and invites us to work on wounds and fears surrounding self-confidence, self-expression, and being seen.

The Sun-Mars-Uranus square, active between the end of July and throughout the first half of August, indicates an increase in dynamism and marks an acceleration of the pace of our lives. In particular, the Sun-Mars square supports our assertiveness, reflects an urgent need for action and movement, and brings a desire to move energy through the physical body. The Uranus-Sun square increases our drive to rebel against conformity and outdated rules and inspires us to gravitate towards unconventional channels of self-expression. Our need for change will be strong at this time, and change is very likely to happen.

The square between the Sun in Leo and the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio will be felt during the first half of August and will be highlighted by the Aquarius Full Moon, also squaring the Nodal Axis. This configuration could offer us possibilities to work through creative blocks, particularly if we notice a tendency to hold back from full expression due to fears linked to survival concerns.

leo season 2022

The Sun-Saturn opposition, exact on August 14, will highlight our relationship with all those external factors, people, institutions, duties, and regulations that we feel have a restricting influence on us. Perceived obstacles to our self-expression will come into the spotlight: we may have chances to see them differently, improve our persistence, and establish a new relationship with our inner critic and judge.

Invitation to Shine


The Sun is the center of our Solar System, and without his presence, there would be no life. When the Sun is in his home sign, his power is magnified. Leo season increases our vitality and energy levels, offering us an invitation to connect to our essence and let it be seen. This time of the year gives us a chance to tune into our playfulness and our passion for life, to honor our desire to express what is moving us without trying to get anything out of it. 

Leo season gives us permission to take center stage and shine, without holding anything back and without pretending to be anything else than what we are, simply allowing our life force to flow, being an open, clear channel for energy to express through us. It is a time to celebrate life, celebrate ourselves, and honor the beauty of our unique expression. It is a time to connect with our sacred flame, to align with our destiny and purpose.

During the upcoming weeks, we may have opportunities to recognize the difference between the egocentric need to be seen and validated by others as a way to increase our self-esteem and the soul-centric urge to allow the energy that moves through us to organically find its natural expression.

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Venus enters Aries: Rediscovering Ourselves

On May 2, 12:11 PM ET, Venus leaves Pisces and enters Aries. increasing our need for autonomy, freedom, and spontaneous self-actualization, while encouraging us to rediscover ourselves and take action on our desires.

Venus will remain in the sign of the Warrior until May 28, inspiring us to explore who we are independently of our relationships and to balance our need for freedom with our need for connection.


The Transition from Pisces to Aries: Birth of Separate Self


After experiencing a few weeks with four planets in Pisces, inviting us to go with the flow and dwell in our imagination, the energy begins to shift. The transition from the last to the first sign of the Zodiac is about the birth of individual consciousness out of unity consciousness: there is a separation, a severing, the umbilical cord is cut and we are out alone into the world.

This can be as exciting as it can be scary: Aries is the pioneer, the trailblazer, the one who takes new paths and directions without having a map or a plan. When planets leave Pisces to enter Aries, we go from floating in the cosmic womb, in perfect unity with all that exists, to being on our own, on a journey to discover our individuality and our desires, while learning to follow our instinct.

venus enters aries

Venus in Pisces is soft, dreamy, and romantic. While Venus is here, we tend to idealize relationships and we yearn to establish deep, spiritual connections with others. We aspire to experience the perfect bond, and we may struggle to feel complete without a soulmate. Venus’ transit through Aries inspires us to step into the unknown and the unfamiliar, to embrace a spontaneous, bold, and daring attitude, and to trust that our instinct will lead us on the right path.


Venus enters Aries: Balancing our Need for Connection & Need for Independence


In Astrology, the ruler of Taurus and Libra has a Yang and a Yin side, as it is associated with both the relationships we form with others and the relationship we have with ourselves. Venus correlates with our self-worth and self-esteem, with our value system, with our sensuality, and with our capacity to be receptive. This planet has a connection to how we manage finances, to our relationship to wealth and abundance, and to the way we generate conditions of beauty, harmony, and peace.

Traditionally, Venus in Aries is considered to be debilitated, as in the Zodiac wheel Aries opposes Libra, one of Venus’ rulers. This simply means that, in the sign of the Ram, Venus does not express herself as society would expect. During the transit of Venus through Aries, we value freedom, excitement, and adventure. We feel drawn to explore our desires, our creativity, and our cravings, and we may notice a need to live our life on our own terms.

While Venus is here, we want to avoid boredom at all costs. We are motivated to discover more about ourselves, what excites us, and what feels good, while we learn to balance our need for relationships and our need for independence.


Venus conjunct Chiron, sextile Saturn, & square Pluto


During her journey through Aries, on May 15, Venus will join asteroid Chiron in the sign. Their conjunction will still be very prominent during the Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio taking place on May 16. The Venus-Chiron conjunction will perfect itself while in a quincunx or inconjunct aspect to the Moon in Scorpio, indicating the need to gain awareness of disempowering beliefs about love, connection, self-worth, and wealth.

This alignment has the potential to help us see where we are giving too much without receiving anything in return, where we feel unworthy of asserting our needs and our desires, and begin the process of healing wounds around feeling rejected, not valued, and not appreciated.

On May 24, Venus will form a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius, offering us opportunities to consolidate those relationships that are based on balanced exchanges of energy and that allow us to enjoy the space and freedom we desire. Our income flow and finances may also become more stable around this time.

venus enters aries

A couple of days later, on May 27, Venus squares retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect signals a conflict between a desire for absolute freedom and a need to be in control. It could point to push-pull dynamics within relationships, as we crave deep connection but simultaneously fear losing our individuality in it. The Moon will be conjunct Venus when this aspect goes exact, increasing the need to feel in control to feel safe, and highlighting the necessity of transforming unconscious emotional and psychological patterns at the core of our relationships.


Venus enters Aries: Rediscovering Ourselves


Venus in Aries tends to correspond to an inherently self-centered and self-referential orientation to life. During this transit, an inclination to be unaware of the needs, feelings, and desires of others could emerge, as we may be mostly focused on our personal reality. Throughout the upcoming weeks, it is important to take care that our desire for novelty, adventure, and excitement doesn’t become an endless, unconscious search for immediate gratification, or a way to avoid commitment and responsibility.

Overall, the ingress of Venus in Aries increases our need to discover who we are as unique individuals, as opposed to being defined by our role in other people’s lives. If we have been identifying with our relationships or have tied our sense of self-worth with being in a relationship, something may shift during these days. This transit offers us an opportunity to redefine and rediscover who we are, reclaiming facets and sides of ourselves that we might have forgotten or buried while trying to live up to others’ expectations or societal standards.

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Taurus season 2022: Closer to Purpose

On April 19, 10:25 PM ET, the Sun leaves Aries and enters Taurus. Taurus season 2022 will be marked by two potent Eclipses, and offer us opportunities to move closer to our true purpose, closer to our destiny, closer to ourselves.

The Sun entering Taurus increases the prominence of the Earth element in the heavens, an invitation to be pragmatic and practical, and build solid foundations for our dreams. This season reminds us of the importance of consistent effort to achieve mastery and competence, develop more autonomy, and gain better awareness of our talents and capacities.


Taurus Season: Developing More Autonomy


Taurus is a Yin, Fixed Earth archetype. As a Fixed Earth sign, Taurus is interested in quality and lasting value. Its receptive polarity and Venus rulership remind us of the importance of being without always doing, of allowing ourselves to enjoy the pleasures of life through our senses and appreciate the present moment.

Aries is about new beginnings, spontaneous exploration of desire, and instinctual self-discovery. Taurus instead invites us to consolidate what we started, make it last, and focus on improving the quality of what we are creating. The second sign of the Zodiac corresponds to a phase of evolution centered around preserving life and connecting with our survival instinct. While Aries is inherently impulsive and instinctual, with Taurus we realize that we need to create the right conditions for existence to blossom and flourish.

Taurus season 2022

For this reason, Taurus has to do with the way we generate security: it is associated with wealth and abundance, as well as with the physical side of sexuality, linked to procreation. Taurus strives for self-sufficiency and self-reliance: through this sign, we learn to value ourselves and what we have to offer.


Navigating Eclipses & the North Node’s transit through Taurus


Back in January 2022, the North Node entered Taurus and the South Node entered Scorpio: during one year and a half, we are experiencing Eclipses in these signs. The Lunar Nodes are points of karma and destiny: the pull of the South Node feels familiar and known, while the path indicated by the North Node feels foreign and uncomfortable.

The North Node’s transit through Taurus, lasting until July 2023, represents an invitation to ground in our physical body, root in the present moment, and come back to a simple way of life. It is an opportunity to realign with the rhythms of Nature, reconnect with our personal values, and ground in a sense of self-worth that is independent of our attachments with others.

During Taurus season 2022, we will witness a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus and a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. On April 30, a Partial Solar Eclipse takes place: Sun and Moon align on the North Node of the Moon, and Uranus is going to be there too. This cosmic event could bring a desire to revolutionize our life, our values, and our creative expression. It is marking big changes in our sense of purpose and it’s likely to inspire many of us to get out of our comfort zone and make radically different choices with courage.

Two weeks later, the lunar cycle culminates in a Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the South Node of the Moon. The alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Nodal Axis is going to be very tight and the Eclipse we experience will be total. At this time, we may realize that more purging is needed before we are truly free to move toward a new direction: it may be required of us to fully let go of something we once identified with.


Sun conjunct Uranus, square Saturn & trine Pluto


The Sun in Taurus perfects its yearly conjunction with Uranus on May 5, in between the two Eclipses. Sun conjunct Uranus indicates a strong desire to be free to express our individuality and live our lives as we please. During these days, expect bursts of creative energy, an increased drive to rebel from the norm, and dare to make different choices from the mainstream.

During the Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, on May 16, both the Sun and the Moon will square Saturn in Aquarius, which has been squaring the Lunar Nodes for a few weeks already. This alignment could signal a tendency to question our desire for change and the actions we previously took to break free from the known. It could highlight an inclination to hold back from full authentic expression, both creative and emotional, as well as an opportunity to reach a new level of maturity and self-responsibility in these areas.

On May 19, as Taurus season approaches its end, the Sun trines retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, facilitating new opportunities for personal growth and transformation and helping us move from past to future with faith and confidence.


Taurus season 2022: Closer to Purpose


Taurus season represents a time to take care of our relationship with pleasure, attune to the frequency of abundance, listen to our bodies, and connect with Nature. The transit of the Sun through the sign of the Bull brings our awareness to our values and our self-worth and reminds us of the importance of tangible, consistent, effort.

The Eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio will magnify the need for change. Eclipse season is always a time of unpredictability, new awakenings, fast and sudden shifts in our inner and outer reality. This year it will be even more the case as Uranus will be very active and conjunct the North Node. Taurus as an archetype is not inherently inclined to change, as in this phase of growth we strive to create conditions of order and predictability as a foundation for our lives to be built upon. Yet, the upcoming Eclipses are likely to shake things up, catalyzing radical shifts in our values, economy, and overall foundations.

Taurus season 2022 has the potential to be a time of pivotal shifts in our awareness and our reality, and an opportunity to learn how to thrive in situations of uncertainty. It may inspire us to break free from old, limiting ways of being, leave the past behind, and commit to following purpose, while giving us opportunities to release any resistance to change that has been holding us back from evolving.

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Pink Full Moon in Libra: Renewing Relationships

On April 16, 2:54 PM ET, the Moon opposes the Sun and we experience a Full Moon at 26º45’ of Libra, popularly known as the Pink Full Moon. The opposition between the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra brings to maturation a cycle surrounding relational dynamics and invites us to redefine and renew our existing relationships.

Full Moons happen when the Sun and the Moon are transiting on the same degree of opposing signs. They represent the culmination and maturation of the lunar cycle: they allow us to see the results and the fruits of what we have been working on. These alignments tend to bring up a conflict between the rational and the emotional, between what we see and what we don’t see. At this time of the month, we often have revelations and experiences of clarity that facilitate changes in our inner and outer reality. As the current Full Moon is happening in the sign of Libra, these changes will have to do with our relationships.

This is the first Full Moon after March Equinox and the first one of the New Astrological Year. It is also referred to as the Pink Moon, as it comes together with the blossoming of pink moss flowers in the Northern Hemisphere of the globe, particularly in the Northern and Eastern parts of the United States.


Pink Full Moon in Libra: Seeing Clearly our Relationship Dynamics


The Full Moon in Libra is an opportunity to gain awareness of our relationship patterns, as it brings up the energetic imbalances of all of our “self versus other” dynamics. Libra is the sign of the other, and it is opposite to Aries, the sign of the self. One is about peace, diplomacy, and negotiation, while the other, ruled by the God of War, is about self-assertion, instinct, and the way we express anger.

Libra is represented by the Scales, the only inanimate object of the Zodiac, and it correlates to Justice, diplomacy, and the endless search for balance. Through Libra, we learn that balance is not a static condition, it is a dynamic state made of ongoing adjustments and constant attunement to the present moment. In modern society, there can be a misunderstanding or distortion of the concept of balance which can result in a search for some kind of staticity that ends up blocking evolution.

Pink Full Moon in Libra April 16 Moon Omens

The opposition between the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra shows us what the price of maintaining peace may be. The Libra Full Moon is inviting us to reflect on whether we are abandoning ourselves to maintain a superficial sense of peace and connection, or, on the contrary, if we are addicted to creating drama in our relationships as a way to feel alive, special, and worthy of attention. These dynamics are underlined by the Moon’s tense square to Pluto.


Full Moon square Pluto: Transforming Emotional Patterns


The Sun-Moon opposition is squaring Pluto in Capricorn, generating what is technically known as a T-square configuration.

The Moon square Pluto gives us possibilities to transform existing emotional attachments, reactions, and patterns. During these days, we will have opportunities to become aware of any unconscious tendencies to manipulate others to keep them tied to us for our security and comfort. If we have internalized feelings of lack, abandonment, and deprivation in our childhood and developed an insecure attachment style, creating situations of codependency and deep emotional entanglements may be the only way we have to feel safe and secure, taken care of, valued, and appreciated.

The current Moon-Pluto square could bring all this up, as it indicates a necessity for psychological and emotional transformation which could happen through intense and confronting relationship experiences. For this reason, we attract and feel attracted by people that won’t give us what our mind wants, who won’t satisfy our conscious needs, to instead satisfy urges or cravings that are deeply unconscious. The main evolutionary requirement is the transformation of existing security patterns through our interactions.

The Sun squares Pluto too, an aspect that can signal power struggles and a fear of being controlled or destroyed by others. This aspect indicates that it is time to transform our creative and personal expression, reconsider an identity we are attached to, and renew our sense of purpose. We may release an old sense of self that was tied up to a relationship or to being in relationship in a certain way and begin to build a new one.


Full Moon quincunx Jupiter and Neptune: Giving from a Full Cup


The Full Moon is forming a quincunx or inconjunct aspect to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This is an aspect of paradox and incongruence, as the planets involved can’t see each other while traveling signs of incompatible elements, different modalities, and opposite polarities.

Through the Libra-Pisces quincunx, we learn that love is unconditional but relationships should not be. During these days, we will have chances to see where we have been self-sacrificing, where we have been over-giving, and acknowledge whether we are emotionally dependent on others. This alignment may show us where we are out of balance, by bringing our attention to dynamics of idealization and projection that are preventing us from having fully honest and authentic relationships.

Pink Full Moon in Libra April 16 Moon Omens

Venus in Pisces is the ruler of the Full Moon. It is approaching a conjunction with Neptune and Jupiter and a sextile aspects to Mercury and Uranus in Taurus. The presence of Venus in Pisces highlights our tendency to see the positive potential of people and situations and facilitate forgiveness, loving acceptance, kindness, and empathy while inviting us to make sure that we are giving from a full cup. Venus’ sextiles to Mercury and Uranus will support communication dynamics: it indicates an openness around exploring different ways to be in connection and an ability to relate with people very different from us.


Mercury conjunct Uranus, Full Moon trine Saturn & Mars


As the Full Moon in Libra takes place, Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Taurus, an aspect that is already active even if it goes exact on April 18. The Mercury-Uranus alignment facilitates open-mindedness, epiphanies, inventiveness, and creative breakthroughs. It also indicates some mental restlessness, a sense of urgency relative to decision making, and the possibility of sudden and unexpected changes in our plans for the future. This conjunction is taking place in the earthy, sensual, sign of Taurus: exploring new ways of thinking could lead to tangible and lasting innovation.

Meanwhile, the supportive trine between the Full Moon and Saturn in Aquarius will help us be more grounded, realistic, and practical, counterbalancing the dreamy, magical energy of Pisces, Jupiter, and Neptune. This is an aspect that adds pragmatism and common sense into our lives, facilitating sober, lucid emotional management and supporting our maturation process. The Full Moon is also in a trine to Mars in Aquarius, an alignment that promotes healthy assertiveness and the honest communication of what we are feeling and sensing while helping us separate from what doesn’t nurture us.

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Pink Full Moon in Libra



Pink Full Moon in Libra: Renewing Relationships


This Full Moon in Libra invites us to redefine our existing connections and the way we show up in relationships, possibly marking big shifts in some of them, particularly those that began on the Libra New Moon that took place six months ago. Around this time, some connections could end, some may change their form, and some others may be completely redefined.

This lunation will illuminate underlying dynamics, unconscious patterns, and unspoken undercurrents that are at the core of our interactions with others. During these days, we may reevaluate the foundation of our connections, the way we behave in relationships, the way we bond with others, and the repetitive patterns that keep showing up for us. We may start to become aware of an unconscious addiction to conflict, drama, high sensations, and strong emotions, and find the courage to begin to make different choices. We may notice patterns of codependency, emotional addiction, and people-pleasing, and begin the process of working through these.

Pink Full Moon in Libra April 16 Moon Omens

The process of transformation of unconscious patterns and the transition to new, conscious ones may be uncomfortable for our minds, but it’s important to remember that whatever shows up for us it is helping us grow and evolve emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Considering that the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is still very prominent, we can see everything that takes place these days as an invitation to open our hearts and to find the courage to keep them open, even if we are navigating intense circumstances.

This Full Moon is an opportunity to renew or redefine our commitments to the people we are in a relationship with and gain better awareness of how the way we connect with others informs us of what we need to change in our connection with ourselves.

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Venus in Pisces: the Journey of Longing

On April 5, 11:18 AM ET Venus leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces, where she will remain until May 2, increasing our longing for profound spiritual connections and leading us on a journey of deeper discovery of our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with the Divine.

While Venus is in Aquarius, we value freedom and open-mindedness and we feel inclined to explore different ideologies and ways of relating with a variety of people. During this transit, we tend to adopt an objective, rational, and detached perspective of our relationships, our feelings, and our needs.

Venus entering Pisces indicates a sentimental and emphatic style of relating. While Venus is here, we tend to connect with others through our empathy and sensitivity and we appreciate romance, tenderness, and compassion.


Longing for the Ideal Relationship & Pursuing Spiritual Wealth


In Astrology, Venus is the planet associated with our way to relate with both ourselves and others and create conditions of harmony and beauty in our lives. The ruler of Taurus and Libra informs us about our values, our relationship with wealth, receptivity, and abundance, our capacity to enjoy life and pleasure, our connection with our body, our senses, and Nature.

Venus in Pisces

Transiting Venus shows fluctuations and changes in our relationship needs, preferences, taste, values, and style, but also in our finances, in the global economy, in how we tend to invest and spend our money. With Venus in Pisces, we tend to idealize relationships and aspire to experience the perfect bond: we long for a deep spiritual connection with another. During the upcoming weeks, we will feel drawn to pursue spiritual wealth more than material wealth, maybe by investing our money in experiences that can support the expansion of our consciousness and deepen our awareness of reality and relationships.


Venus in Pisces: Being Receptive & Going with the Flow


While Venus is in Pisces, we aim to transcend the limitations of the material reality, we desire to connect more consciously with others, we seek Divine Union and experiences of bliss. We will tend to go with the flow more often than usual, and being adaptable, receptive, and versatile may take less effort.

Venus in Pisces is traditionally considered to be exalted: the energies of the two archetypes can blend particularly well. Venus is said to be the lower octave of Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, meaning it is a lower or denser expression of the same energetic principle. Venus is about romantic, earthly love, while Neptune is about divine, transcendental, unconditional love. 

The transit of Venus through Pisces creates a bridge between these two realms. It invites us to explore different ways to connect with others, with ourselves, and with Spirit. It inspires our imagination and fantasy life, and it has the potential to bring to a new level our artistic, creative, and spiritual practices.


Venus conjunct Jupiter & Neptune: Quest for Meaning


During her transit through Pisces, Venus will join Neptune and Jupiter in the sign, respectively on April 27 and April 30. These alignments inspire us to go on an inner quest for meaning, to seek the true purpose of our relationships and experiences. If we feel a desire to begin a spiritual practice, renew our devotion to an existing one, or explore new practices, this is a wonderful time to do so.

Venus in Pisces

Venus conjunct Jupiter will increase our optimism, generosity, and desire to make the most out of life. It may inspire us to spend more time enjoying what we are passionate about, what makes us happy, what fulfills us on a Soul level. This aspect may catalyze an urge to make new experiences, make new connections, and expand our cultural horizons, maybe by traveling or joining new communities.

Venus conjunct Neptune is an indicator of extreme sensitivity and artistry and indicates ease in creating evocative sceneries, atmospheres, and landscapes. Our fantasy and imagination will be so enhanced that it may be difficult to tell what is an illusion and what is true. Our tendency to daydream will increase, and we may get carried away by it. The possibility of falling for romantic illusions and victim-savior dynamics is higher than usual, as we will be inclined to see people’s potential before acknowledging their reality.


Venus in Pisces: Attuning to our Intuition & Recognizing Projections


Throughout the upcoming weeks, Venus transiting Pisces will inspire us to be kind to each other, to be more compassionate and less judgmental. It will be easier than usual to see the inherent humanity in everyone. We will find it easy to empathize with others and long for deeper spiritual closeness in our relationships. Failing to establish the depth of connection we yearn for could feel particularly disappointing. As a result, we may seek refuge in fantasy, and dream of a mystical love without limits and flaws, without necessarily dealing with what is showing up in our reality.

Yet, experiences of disenchantment may represent the starting point for a more profound liberation and embodied self-awareness. The pain of disillusionment could be what helps us break away from a cycle we have been stuck in for a while and facilitate new understandings, revelations, and breakthroughs. Difficult feelings can be channeled into artistic and creative pursuits: during this transit, it will be easier to feel inspired to express ourselves through non-linear, intuitive channels.

Venus’ journey through Pisces offers us an opportunity to better attune to our intuition and learn to distinguish wishful thinking and projections from actual insight. This transit invites us to practice discernment and set healthy boundaries, to give space to our sensitivity without getting carried away by it. 

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Aries Season 2022: Rebirth & Renewal

On March 20, 11:34 AM ET, Aries season 2022 begins. We are entering a time of rebirth and renewal. The Equinox marks the beginning of the New Astrological Year and the start of a new season, a new chapter of our journey.

The Sun remains in Aries until April 20. Wherever the Sun transits, our awareness goes: this season brings our attention to our relationship with our individuality, with our instinct, with self-assertion, and with taking initiative.


From Pisces to Aries: Moving through the Birth Canal


The Sun’s journey through Pisces brought us back to the primordial, cosmic womb, inviting deep introspection, rest, and receptivity. Pisces season is a time of completion, culmination, and release: with Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune still in Pisces, this process may not be over just yet. Nonetheless, as the Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, the energy changes, promoting action, forward movement, and decision-making.

While the Pisces phase of evolution correlates with our time in the womb, Aries corresponds to the moment of birth and the cut of the umbilical cord. As we move through the birth canal, we connect with our instinct, with bravery, and with our capacity to take unfamiliar paths. Through Aries, individual consciousness is born: we separate from our mother to discover our unique place in the world. Our desire for self-discovery leads us to begin a new journey, based on a learning process that comes from instinctual action, trial and error, and the exploration of desire.


Sun in Aries: Nurturing our Creative Fire


The Sun’s rays shine bright in Aries: here, the Sun is traditionally considered to be exalted, expressing itself at its maximum potency. This transit wakes us up from the sleep of Pisces season and encourages us to go out into the world, make things happen, make our dreams come true. Aries, a Fire, Yang, and Cardinal archetype, is all about new beginnings and initiations. Being a Fire sign, it has a lot to do with creativity and reminds us of the importance of actively nurturing and developing the creative impulse that exists within all of us.

Aries Season 2022

We have to keep in mind that there is an inherent insecurity in all Cardinal archetypes, linked to the anxiety of separating from the known to start walking a completely unfamiliar path. In Aries, the insecurity has to do with a lack of experience. Being the first one of the Zodiac wheel, it has not yet experienced any other sign. It is pure potentiality, pure energy, pure instinct. The Aries phase of evolution requires trust in our immediate responses and a capacity to take risks, to take action without knowing the outcome.


Aries Season 2022: Reclaiming Individuality & the Power of Anger


The sign of the Ram has to do with how we instinctively respond to a real or perceived threat and with our capacity to cut cords with what isn’t good for us. Aries correlates with our relationship with anger, self-assertion, and self-defense. This sign teaches us that by accepting our anger, by giving it space, by giving it a voice, we free up a great amount of energy and get to live more freely and authentically. 

Asteroid Chiron has been in Aries since 2019 and will remain there until 2027. This transit is bringing our attention to the importance of embracing our individuality fully and reclaiming the power of our anger. Chiron correlates with feelings of rejection and emotional pain, with our deepest wounds, and with our healing process. Its journey through Aries reveals to us those places where we still find it hard to take up space and assert our needs.

When planets transiting through Aries join Chiron, they may show us where we are ashamed of expressing our individuality, where we don’t trust our instincts, where we are still playing small and not fully honoring the energy that asks to be expressed through us. They give us chances to reconnect with any anger we have suppressed or hidden, and to integrate old, unprocessed pain. 


New Moon in Aries & Full Moon in Libra


The New Moon in Aries of April 1 will happen in tight conjunction with Chiron and Mercury, marking a powerful new beginning in our healing journey. This lunation is likely to feel emotionally intense: past wounds may resurface or reopen, and our awareness could be drawn on to something we still need to process. As the New Moon takes place, Aries’ ruler Mars will be conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, an aspect supporting our determination and willpower, which could reflect a tendency to suppress our instincts and desires. We may notice two opposing forces, one wanting to create a protective barrier around us, and another one trying to break it open.

Aries Season 2022

On April 16, we will experience a Full Moon in Libra. The Sun and the Moon will tightly square Pluto in Capricorn. During these days, relationship matters are likely to occupy a big part of our attention: some connections may culminate, and others may change their form as new subconscious material is brought to light. We will have chances to get a better understanding of our emotional attachments and our unconscious patterns of behavior. The Libra Full Moon will bring our attention to relationship patterns that need to change and inspire us to value ourselves independently on how other people value us. It will bring opportunities to self-source our self-value and not attach it to the validation or love we are receiving from the outside.


Aries season 2022: Exploring our Desires


During Aries season 2022, there will still be a strong emphasis on Piscean energy, as Jupiter and Neptune perfect their conjunction in the sign on April 12, and Mars, ruler of Aries, enters Pisces on April 14. For this reason, we may feel contrasting urges: one to go within, and the other one to move forward without looking back. We may still experience some confusion and uncertainty relative to how to act and how to invest our energy. Before we begin something new, we may need to complete something else and fully close a cycle.

Nonetheless, the Sun’s transit through Aries remains a favorable time to start projects, begin new endeavors, and try doing something unfamiliar. We will have opportunities to make things happen, honor our instincts, and trust our urges. Aries season will increase our energy levels and determination, inviting us to get ready for action. As we explore our desires, wants, and impulses, the invitation is to focus on learning from the process and enjoying it rather than forcing a specific outcome.

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New Moon in Pisces: the Value of Faith

On March 2, 12:34 PM ET, an enchanting New Moon at 12°06’ of Pisces begins the lunar cycle. The Sun and the Moon will be conjunct Jupiter, the traditional ruler of the sign. Their alignment reminds us of the value of faith and inspires us to believe in ourselves and our dreams. As the New Moon takes place, we are also experiencing a rare, intense, and passionate Venus-Mars-Pluto conjunction on the final degrees of Capricorn.

New Moons are a moment to plant seeds, set intentions, and reflect. The disappearance of the Moon from the night sky has brought to conclusion the previous lunar cycle. Right now, she is still not visible even if her presence is indeed felt. As the Moon joins the Sun, we have an opportunity to decide how to focus our energies and how to take action during the upcoming two weeks leading up to the Full Moon.

To celebrate the arrival of this New Moon in Pisces, on March 2 at 9:45 PM ET, we are hosting Global Live New Moon in Pisces Meditation on our YouTube channel. We invite you to join us, and invite others to meditate together with us. Tap here to find our scheduled live meditation.


New Moon in Pisces: Attunement to the Present Moment


The phase of evolution corresponding to Pisces catalyzes the dissolution of our sense of self: we let go of what we believe we are, we release the need to make sense of reality through logic, and we learn to trust our intuition. 

As we stop relying on existing mental constructs based on past experiences and expectations of the future, we have the opportunity to attune with what is happening in the present moment. We explore new ways to interface with reality that is not based on our ideas about how life should unfold. We learn to have faith in what is showing up on our path, rather than trying to shape it in a way that allows our minds to feel safe and comfortable.

New Moon in Pisces

When the Moon travels through the sign of Pisces, our intuition and sensitivity are greatly enhanced. Our empathy and our capacity to feel the emotions of others increase, we remember our interconnectedness with the collective and our unity with all that exists: within Pisces, there are no boundaries, no separation.


New Moon conjunct Jupiter & sextile Uranus: Opportunities for Positive Change


The Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune are all in Pisces right now. There is a strong emphasis on this archetype, which adds a mystical, elusive, and possibly confusing quality to the energetics of the times. Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, is in tight conjunction with the Sun and the Moon. Its presence will inspire deep philosophical pondering, inviting us to renew our connection with our truth and tune in with our body and with Nature. Jupiter will increase our desire for spiritual growth, and inspire us to widen and expand our perception of life.

The Sun, Moon, and Jupiter alignment will strengthen our connection with hope and faith and our capacity to be optimistic and generous. It could also reflect a tendency to rely, maybe excessively, upon luck and wishful thinking. 

Creative breakthroughs are possible at this time. The Sun, the Moon, and Jupiter are all sextile Uranus in Taurus: these aspects of possibility and potential can facilitate new connections and new ideas while stimulating our innovative and visionary capacity. The sextiles will bring opportunities for positive changes, and support our ability to welcome the unexpected and have faith in its purpose.


Venus and Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: a Rare Alignment


Meanwhile, Venus, Mars, and Pluto are also conjunct in Capricorn. Venus has been gaining speed after her retrograde and it is now overcoming Mars, and going over Pluto for the third time. Their first conjunction was on December 11, right before Venus retrograde began. The second conjunction took place on December 25 while Venus was in retrograde motion. The third one, which goes exact tomorrow, completes the process. As Venus approaches the end of its post-shadow phase, we could experience clarity, revelations, and big changes in our connections, financial status, and value system. 

Issues and themes that first emerged in December could come up again to be fully solved and understood. Relationship and intimacy issues will tend to be at the forefront, while significant changes in financial markets and the global economy are also likely. We have now gained more information, experience, and wisdom: we have the ability to make conscious relationship choices based on our true needs. This is an opportunity to reach a deeper understanding of our relationship with society, with abundance, with wealth, and with money. 

The Venus, Mars, Pluto alignment gives us chances to decondition from relating patterns that don’t feel true any longer and explore our real desires and deeper intentions. A need to live our connections more intensely and passionately is likely to emerge, and we may choose to detach from those relationships that have a weak foundation, that aren’t nourishing us, or that aren’t fully authentic.


The Mars-Pluto conjunction: Extreme Intensity


Mars aligns with Pluto approximately once every two years and this is the last time they meet in Capricorn for the next 250 years. The last Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is the final one of a series that began in December 2008. It can be considered an invitation to uncover the root motivations and intentions behind our ambitions, cravings, and desires, particularly those around success, social status, and worldly achievements. 

Their aspect goes exact tomorrow and it can reflect destructive reactions and explosivity, as the anger that we suppressed for long may now come out. Globally, there could be an escalation of international tension and important socio-economic issues. The triple conjunction is happening during the exact Pluto return of the United States, meaning on the same degree and sign where Pluto was transiting when the United States declared independence. This event highlights the relevance of the role of the US in global policies and marks a major evolutionary threshold for the country.

While Mars catalyzes events and often brings issues to a breaking point, the presence of Venus could soften the situation, supporting diplomacy and increasing the need to maintain peace and harmony. Positively, Mars-Pluto aspects offer us a chance to tap into a reservoir of immense determination, willpower, and drive. They mark important transitions that have the purpose of encouraging us to explore the true nature of our desires and wishes and fearlessly go after what we want.


Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius: Mastering our Minds


As the New Moon takes place, Mercury is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. This alignment invites us to be in control of our thought processes and work on mastering our minds rather than letting our minds control us. Mercury conjunct Saturn inspires us to speak from our inner authority and with the awareness of the value of what we are saying and thinking. It will help us improve our communication skills and say what we think firmly and directly. Feeling a need to outgrow the existing systems and the corresponding ideologies is likely.

Mercury and Saturn are approaching a square aspect to the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. This points to the necessity to address issues that prevent us from being fully expressed, communicating, stating our boundaries, and sharing our thoughts and feelings. If we feel silenced or tend to self-censor for fear of others’ opinions, judgments, or reactions, it is a good time to work on that. We may experience some tension with authority figures and notice resistance to taking responsibility, particularly if we find it hard to discern which responsibilities are ours to take and which ones are not.

To help you harness this energy New Moon in Pisces brings we have created New Moon in Aquarius printable channeled “The Value of Faith” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these New Moon in Pisces Ritual tools: printable journal and join New Moon guide meditation audio together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.

new moon in pisces


New Moon in Pisces: Moving towards our Dreams


Grounding exercises are highly encouraged during this lunation: the strong emphasis on the archetype of Pisces could lead to feelings of confusion, disorientation, and ungroundedness. Taking care of the state of our nervous system and connecting with the Earth before making any important decisions is advised. The involvement of Jupiter in the configuration will bring an optimistic and hopeful feeling. However, it could impair our capacity to assess realistically and practically the possibilities we have in the present moment.

New Moon in Pisces

By attuning to the energy of the Mars-Pluto conjunction in the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn, we can access the willpower we need to act decisively and pragmatically. This energy can help us move in the direction of our dreams and goals, or it can destroy what we are trying to create. The last Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn could expose personal and collective shadows. We have the chance to consciously decide to move towards the light and bring more light into the world during times of intensity, uncertainty, and unpredictability.

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