Venus in Cancer – Emotional Empathy & Deep Healing

Venus has been in Gemini since April 3: she completed her retrograde cycle, recently squared Neptune, and formed a conjunction with the North Node. The Goddess of Beauty and Love is finally entering Cancer, the archetype related to home, family, and nurturance, on August 7, at 11:22 AM EST.

The transit of Venus through the sign of the Crab will inspire us to cultivate empathy and kindness. It will remind us to protect ourselves and our loved ones from negative energies and toxic influences, and to nurture all our relationships.

With the Sun in Leo, Mars in Aries, and several planets in Capricorn, it can be easy to focus on doing and achieving, and lose sight of our need for emotional closeness and nurturance. The transit of Venus in Cancer reminds us to dedicate enough time to self-care, rest, home, and family. Taking good care of ourselves and others is key to making the most out of the cosmic energy available to us at this time.


The Yin side of Venus


Venus traditionally rules two signs: Taurus and Libra. While Libra expresses the Yang side of Venus, correlated to the way we relate with other people, Taurus represents the Yin side of Venus, symbolizing the relationship we have with ourselves, our bodies, our values, our needs, our resources, and our capacities.

The collective expression of the Yin side of Venus is going to be particularly emphasized during the transit of Venus through Cancer, a Yin sign ruled by the Moon.

venus in cancer

In Astrology, planets represent functions of consciousness, each of them has a specific mission. The purpose of the Yin side of Venus is to unite and integrate discordant aspects of our personality, allowing us to know ourselves and become aware of our unique talents and gifts.

The Yin side of Venus illustrates the relationship we have with ourselves and the way it evolves throughout our life. It includes the way we inwardly feel about ourselves, which generates a magnetism that attracts others who reflect that same vibration.

The transit of Venus through Cancer invites us to take care of our heart, of our feelings, and our inner child’s needs. It reminds us to embrace a sense of compassion for ourselves and to accept our flaws, our shortcomings, and mistakes. Doing so allows us to naturally cultivate the same feelings for others.


Venus in Cancer: Seeking Safety and Security


Emotional volatility, reactivity, and confusion are extremely common right now, all over the world. The main need that Venus in Cancer brings up is feeling stable, safe, and secure: that’s not something many of us are experiencing.

For this reason, displaced emotions relative to our childhood may come up in a way that we don’t understand logically. In difficult and uncertain circumstances, our emotional reactions tend to be disproportionate to the event or situation provoking them.

Our fear of abandonment may be triggered during this transit. The current planetary energy is inviting us to overcome our anxiety of separation, our fear of vulnerability, and the hesitance of trusting others fully.

The highest purpose of Venus in Cancer is to inspire us to open up to our loved ones and share our emotions clearly, in order to connect with them on a deeper level. It is crucial to understand that for this to be possible we must express and verbalize what we feel and need. If we don’t do it, we can’t expect that other people understand it.


Exploring Our Values and Our Inner Reality


Venus is the planet representing what we value and need, as well as our talents and capacities. The cycle of three squares we had between Venus and Neptune during the last three months might have brought up confusion and uncertainty regarding these topics.

Now that we are out of the influence of this aspect we finally gain clarity, recognize our true necessities, values, and capabilities. We have the opportunity to find a new sense of direction, rooted in emotional honesty and in the awareness of what we truly need to feel happy and satisfied.

Towards the end of her journey through Cancer, Venus is opposing Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. These aspects are going to bring us back to what happened during Eclipse Season and throughout the month of July. The importance of finding a compromise between the demands of society and our professional life will be emphasized: we will need to find balance between the time we invest in ourselves and our personal relationships, in our family, in our career, and in self-care.


Venus in Cancer: Emotional Empathy and Deep Healing


Any therapeutic modality that helps us to elaborate and release repressed emotions is highly recommended during this transit, especially if it involves touch. Touch is something we are often deprived of: take advantage of this energy to reconnect with your body and the five senses, and liberate the emotions that have been trapped there.

venus in cancer

Venus in Cancer helps us become aware of the specific causes and origin of each feeling coming up, and encourages us to process our emotions in a safe space. If we manage to tune in to the current energy, we can easily tap into our natural ability to empathize with others and have compassion for them, which is something deeply healing for everyone involved.

Ultimately, the planetary energy of the moment is encouraging us to navigate our chaotic and ever-changing inner state. The influence of Venus is supporting us, and it is extremely beneficial for our healing journey. The current transits are inviting us to minimize external dependencies and to learn to feel safe and secure within ourselves: this is the higher purpose of what we are experiencing.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and share this with others 🙂

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Venus Retrograde – We Are Unconditional Love

Venus will station retrograde in Gemini on May 13th where it will remain until June 25th. This transit is inviting us to open our minds and expand our attitudes. 

Venus is the planet of relationships. To begin, let’s think of relationships as energy exchanges. When we give or receive we are relating. We are in constant relations with our surroundings. At times this can be very clear while at others we might not even realize it.

venus retrograde

This energy of Venus has to do with all sorts of relationships. It’s our romances, our family dynamics and our friendships. Later in this article we’ll talk about how our human relationships may shift and change during Venus retrograde but first let’s think about our relationship to the ethers.


Venus Retrograde: Redefining What is Real


This retrograde is happening in the air sign of Gemini. Air is invisible; which means that the unseen force of this element will be front and centre. Gemini energy is associated with our minds and perceptions of the world. It’s our attitudes, beliefs and mindsets.

Although our reality appears to be tangible and physical, in many ways it is merely a frequency. How we define reality, along with our place within it, is all shifting and changing. We are asked to redefine what we consider to be “real”.  We can think of this scene in the Matrix, where Neo is learning from Morpheus:

“Neo: [touching the armchair] This—this isn’t real?

Morpheus: What is real? How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” 

We are now given the chance to take an honest look at our relationship to 3D reality. How are we relating to reality?

Are we responding to the external world and blindly following orders? Are we believing everything we are told? Are we thinking critically? Are our minds open?


Everything is Energy


This is not saying that we have to abandon the rules or ignore certain regulations. It’s simply reminding us to see that everything is energy. Everything is made up of this life force energy.  As we experience reality, we are reading these signals and vibrating in tandem with them.

Because we are made of this energy, we can influence reality. This all starts in shifting our outlook of the world. In today’s world there is lots of information that will tell us we are powerless. We are led to become compliant, dependent and oftentimes controlled by the external world.

Instead of responding to what’s occurring externally, what if we opened our minds to the power of our own beings and remember that we are conscious beings, we are consciousness, we are point of awareness in the infinite field of consciousness having human experience? What if we stop participating in external chaos and align ourselves with and operate from the place of love?

venus retrograde

Everyone knows the feeling of being around good vibes. Maybe it’s that smile from a stranger, maybe it’s the energy of a loving child, maybe it’s the joy that comes from being in the Sun. We can think of many ways that these frequencies or vibrations impact our beings.

Maybe we get a weird feeling from someone, or an idea comes that leaves us feeling excited. Maybe we experience this connection to the unseen when we join our wifi networks. The point is that it’s all energy, and we interact with these frequencies.


Infinite Influence 


Venus retrograde in Gemini is giving us the chance to own our power. Our hearts can make a big impact on the world. As we begin to open our minds and shift our attitudes we learn how to influence physical reality.

“When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see the real you, or what you have been conditioned to believe is you? The two are so, so different. One is an infinite consciousness capable of being and creating whatever it chooses, the other is an illusion imprisoned by its own perceived and programmed limitations.” ~David Icke

Venus retrograde is asking us to get close to the infinite parts of ourselves. When we tap into this frequency we are given a paintbrush and paints. We then get to create and influence the world with our unique style. When we paint a picture, it’s not only about logically planning and being practical. Instead it’s about allowing our hearts to take the lead, getting messy and letting our creativity flow.

However, we might feel as if we are imprisoned by the programs. Venus retrograde is here to remind us that we have the keys. That we can let ourselves free. But we must change the way we see the world and ourselves.


Getting Curious


This isn’t about breaking down our limitations or rallying against an opposition. Instead, it’s about changing our strategies. It’s about becoming extremely aware of where we feel limited and asking questions.

Why do we believe this is the way it is? Why are we having this experience? Why do we feel stuck? The answers may not always be clear, but when we continue to become aware of our experience we bring the focus back to ourselves. 

It’s when we ignore our limitations and pretend everything is normal that we lose a sense of freedom. If we do not stop to think critically, if we do not question, if we blindly follow, then we are not listening to our hearts. When we check in with our hearts, we can access our power centres.


Venus Retrograde: The Power of Our Hearts


“The heart has the most powerful electromagnetic field within the human energy field and there are more nerves going from the heart to the brain than going the other way. The latter is indicative of a sparkling truth that has been long forgotten – the brain is not the focus for intelligence within the body – the heart is.” ― David Icke

venus retrograde

Our hearts know the path to take. When we give ourselves space to tune into the frequency of our hearts we will know our next steps. We will also become aware of our limitations. When we look at our lives through the lens of our hearts, our physical realities transform.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~Wayne Dyer


Trusting Our Feelings


This Venus retrograde is about trusting ourselves and our feelings. If something feels off, it probably is. We might not be able to figure it all out, but it’s important to pay attention to what we are feeling, because it’s those feelings that open the door to a new experience of reality.

“What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.” ~ Morpheus

Venus retrograde is asking us to trust the things that feel wrong, even if the rest of the world is telling us they are right. When the mind feels splintered, centre in the heart. From there the path will begin to unveil itself.


Venus Retrograde: Leveling Up


It’s as if our logical minds are getting a new operating system. We are being given new ways to use our minds. We reclaim our power when we consciously form new attitudes or beliefs. If we choose to stay the same, and ignore our feelings, the potential for empowerment eludes us.

There is a leveling up happening across the world. To step up to this new level we must elevate our thinking and mindsets. We need to run information by our hearts and trust our instincts. Our relationships to our minds are under the microscope throughout this Venus retrograde.


Venus Retrograde: Human Relationships


Our physical relationships are also getting revamped. Basically, it’s time to do the laundry in our relationships. Venus retrograde is asking us to look at our relationships. To see what’s dirty, throw them in the wash, hang them to dry and then enjoy the fresh start.

As we begin this transit, our relationships may feel in need of cleaning. We may feel like our relationships are well worn, the way a pair of jeans feel after many wears. We may miss their tight fit or the way they looked when new. We may feel like our relationship has some old stains that need cleaning.

We have the chance to throw it all in the wash. We may feel soggy or confused as everything spins in the washing machine. Venus retrograde isn’t stirring up our relationships to cause us pain, she’s giving us the deep clean they need. 

Next comes hanging the clothes to dry. We can lay it all on the line and give our relationships some fresh air. This might look like time or space to just be. It might look like trying new things or shaking it up. Mostly this phase requires patience because we can’t rush things to dry, it happens in it’s own time.

By the end of Venus retrograde our relationships will feel like clean sheets. We will find ourselves feeling fresh and enjoying that tight fit. During this transit it’s key to be honest with what needs cleaning, instead of convincing ourselves to stay stuck in the same dirty outfit.

Ultimately the Universe is giving us a fresh start. Venus retrograde is giving us a chance to see ourselves in new ways. To reclaim our energy and live from our hearts. We are given the opportunity to deep clean our relationships and make space for new adventures.


Knowing the Path and Walking it


Our hearts know the path to take. But we must also make up our minds and find the courage to act on our knowledge. Throughout this transit we are learning how powerful our frequency can be. It takes courage to step into the fullness of who we are, but each person reading these words is capable of doing it.

“There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” ~ Morpheus

Reality changes when we connect to our inner knowing, and choose to follow the path of our hearts through the external world. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it empowering! Please leave a comment below with what resonated with you the most and share this article with others. Let’s spread the love together! Love & Blessings 🙂

Ceres in Pisces: Unconditional Love

On April 23rd at 4:16pm EST the dwarf planet Ceres, enters the sign of Pisces.

Ceres was the Roman Goddess of agriculture, grain and the love a mother has for her child. The asteroid Ceres’ energy is associated with the archetype of “the mother”.


Ceres in Pisces: Unconditional Love


We may not all relate to the archetype of an unconditionally loving mother. Maybe we didn’t have that experience in our human lives and while Ceres represents the energy of a mother, it does not have to be connected to our biological mothers. Above all, the energy of Ceres is about being our own mothers. 


Ceres in Pisces: Are we There for Ourselves?


This requires us to pause for a moment and tune into our relationship with ourselves. Are we supporting ourselves? Do we have our own backs? Are we ready to fight for ourselves and be there to wipe our own tears?

Imagine a Lioness protecting her cubs, there’s a natural ferocity that comes out in times of danger. Many of us would do anything for our loved ones and children; but are we there for ourselves? 

Ceres in Pisces

During these rapidly changing times there is a call for self sufficiency and we are each facing ourselves in one way or another. Ceres wants nothing more than for us to love ourselves the way a mother loves her child, but that is way easier said than done.

We live in a world that has been set up to keep us disempowered. We’re told we need to buy something in order to feel better, or that we need to look a certain way to be attractive. We have to work hard to prove ourselves or commit to becoming better.


Ceres in Pisces: Self Acceptance Now


While there is always a time for self improvement, Ceres energy loves us exactly as we are right now. Giving ourselves permission to just be here, right now, exactly as we are, is the theme of this transit. Self acceptance is the name of the game, but it is not always easy.


All the Feels


Ceres is transiting Pisces, which is one of the most sensitive areas of the Zodiac. Pisces energy feels a sense of connection to all that is. It’s heightened emotions make anger, resentment and hatred hard feelings to harbour. We live in a world where there are heavy emotions. Where we have to face difficult situations and work through challenging experiences, but that doesn’t mean we have to carry the weight of the world. 


Forgiveness is one of the most important lessons during these times. This does not mean that we make excuses or allow certain things to go unaccountable. But, it does mean that we give ourselves the gift of grace and space. 


Wiping Our Tears


Pisces energy is like a river that’s running wild. The emotions can’t be controlled and they can’t be tamed. Ceres is like the mother who is there to hold us through our tears and tells us everything is going to be okay. 

Of course, life is unexpected and there is never a guarantee of what will or will not happen, but during this transit the Universe is giving us some sweet, loving energy to lean into. 

Maybe this shows up in the form of a really good conversation with a friend. Maybe it’s a good cry. Maybe it’s the choice to surrender to what is instead of trying to fight for what we believe to be true. 


Letting Ourselves Feel


The fight is important, we are at a time when we must become responsible for ourselves and the reality we are creating on Earth. However, every person needs some rest. Even the strongest soldier needs time off to process and talk to someone they trust. Peace of mind is possible when we can surrender to our feelings in the moment. 

ceres in pisces

Resistance to what is, only yields frustration. As we allow ourselves to feel our frustration, our fears, our excitement or even our confusion we are allowing Ceres’ energy to support us.

Have we ever had a friend that was struggling but not telling us? Perhaps we could tell something was wrong with them but every time we ask they brush it off and ensure they are fine. We can’t help that friend unless they open up to us and fill us in on their experience.


Opening Up


This is a time of opening up to ourselves. Of checking in with where we’re at and knowing we do not have to be feeling only positive emotions. There are many intense astrological transits and current events occurring on Earth right now. It’s entirely acceptable to feel exhausted or confused. 

Ceres in Pisces is an invitation to take some time to ourselves. To check in with our needs the same way a mother checks in with her children.


Ceres in Pisces: Awakening to Ourselves


There is an awakening happening on the Planet right now. The world is shifting and each of us are a part of it. We each are making a huge impact just by being ourselves. 


This means as the planet shifts and changes, so do we. As old emotions come to the surface it’s important to pause. Giving ourselves a moment of peace amidst the chaos is Ceres in Pisces wish for each of us. This could look like a deep breath, a cup of tea, hitting the snooze button or anything that helps us to feel at ease.

If you enjoyed this article please comment below what spoke to you the most and we ask you to share this with others. It is important for all of us to come together and empower each other. One Love!

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Starseeds – The Three Main Categories

Starseeds are souls that have come to Earth in order to heal and teach and have been sent here for a divine higher purpose. These souls have lived many lifetimes and are the bearers of incredible Universal wisdom and guidance. While Starseeds all have these commonalities, there are many different kinds of Starseeds which can be placed into three main categories.

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The three main categories of Starseeds are Typical Starseeds, Old Soul Starseeds, and New Starseeds. 


Typical Starseeds


Typical Starseeds are souls that have typically lived between 5-50 different lifetimes on Earth. Some of these lifetimes were preparation as they allowed the soul to find a natural place on Earth as it acclimated to being a human being. These preparation lifetimes were also key in the development of the soul’s mission, leading to its ultimate actualization in the present lifetime.

For Typical Starseeds, Earth is a place of service. These souls have already attained a higher level of consciousness on other planets and as such are not here to learn, but rather to teach and be of service to others. Since they have lived fewer lifetimes than their older counterparts, these Starseeds retain many of their higher abilities including things like channeling, telepathy, and healing.

The divine purpose of Typical Starseeds is to walk upon this Earth at times of rising spiritual awareness in order to help propel that spiritual growth to new heights and to truly be able to help others. This is the most common Starseed type so most Starseeds reading this will feel a sense of identity in this.


Old Soul Starseeds


Old Soul Starseeds have lived hundreds of lifetimes on this Earth. Their roots date back past the beginning of humanity and can even extend to the birth of this planet. The divine purpose of these souls is to serve as guardians of this planet, facilitating the long-term evolution of humanity. They have strong ties to Sirius, the spiritual guardian of humanity and Earth. Their purpose means that they will reincarnate countless times in order to fulfill their true life’s purpose.


These souls are our shamans, spiritual teachers, temple guardians, prophets, healers, and lightworkers. They are our divine leaders on the journey to spiritual awakening. They possess the ancient spiritual knowledge and wisdom of the entirety of the Universe. All human knowledge of the divine, things like numerology, astrology, light work, healing, spiritual ceremonies, and omens, come from Old Soul Starseeds. They are blessed with the gift of balance, being able to find harmony between the grounded and tangible and the divine and spiritual. Despite living as human beings for so long, they still feel a deep connection to their Star origins.


New Starseeds


New Starseeds are either on their first lifetimes on Earth or have only lived through a few of them. Since it is easier to integrate with humanity during times of collective ascension, they have chosen this moment to walk upon this Earth. They play key roles in times when humanity experiences great change and they possess many incredible gifts that will help to guide us all. Their energy is one of divine light and purity. This energy is expansive but remains light as they have yet to undergo the energetic density that comes with living on Earth for extended periods of time.

Since they are new to living on this Earth, they can find it more difficult to integrate and often times feel distanced from their fellow beings until the time when they can share their amazing gifts. They are young and are not as experienced with living in the lower consciousness of humanity. Crystal and Rainbow Children often fall into this category. As they begin their cycle of integrating into humanity, they are also beginning their cycle of countless lifetimes and missions on this Earth.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most, are you a Starseed? If yes, which category you belong to?

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