Venus square Neptune: Lifting the Veil of Illusions

On July 27 at 1:47 PM EST Venus in Gemini forms an exact square to Neptune in Pisces.

Venus has been in Gemini since April 3, and she is entering Cancer on August 7. Neptune, on the other hand, has a much longer cycle since he’s further away from us. The planet of Spirituality and Mysticism is in his home sign Pisces since 2012 and will enter Aries only in 2026.

Venus and Neptune have been squaring on and off for a while. We are now witnessing the last of three exact squares. The first time the two planets aspected each other, on May 4, they were both moving direct. When the second square happened, on May 20, Venus was retrograde and Neptune direct. Now, Venus is direct while Neptune is retrograde.

This celestial alignment represents the completion of a cycle. It is likely to bring clarity around issues that have been going on since the first square took place. Reflecting on the events that happened since then can offer us very relevant insights around the themes coming up during the next few days.


Gemini and Pisces: Contrasting Energies


Neptune is at home in Pisces, and he is now in its yearly retrograde cycle, another factor that increases our need for solitude and introspection. Neptune in Pisces is meditative and elusive, soft and delicate: the God of the Oceans inspires us to hide from the world, to seek refuge and solace in our inner sanctuary.

Venus in Gemini, on the other hand, brings up completely different energies: extroverted and curious, she invites us to be out and about, meet new people, exchange ideas and thoughts. Venus in Gemini is a social butterfly who wants to communicate, have fun, and experience life through human interactions.

venus square neptune

Any square reflects some amount of inner conflict and tension: we need to find a compromise between contrasting energies. In this case, we are trying to balance our necessity to introspect, dedicate time to our spiritual practices and personal growth, and our desire to expand our social circle, interact with people, and learn through relationships with others.


Venus Neptune Aspects: in Love with Love


In Astrology, Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus: this means that it is the higher vibration of a denser expression. Venus correlates to romantic love, relationships, beauty, and art. Neptune brings beauty and artistic expression to a spiritual, pure, sacred level: it corresponds to divine inspiration, transcendence, as well as unconditional love.

A danger with Venus-Neptune aspects is falling in love with love. Idealizing people and situations during this transit is extremely common, and daydreaming is an ongoing temptation.

venus square neptune

As the archetypes of unconditional love and romantic love are coming into contact, it is easy to focus only on potential positive outcomes. During these days, we may forget to take into account someone’s flaws, we could have some difficulties grounding into an objective perspective of reality. When we make choices, we may forget to consider possible obstacles and challenges, or neglect some important details.

On July 27, when the exact square takes place, the Moon is in Scorpio: she invites us to dig deeper, to ask questions, to investigate. The Moon reminds us not to be satisfied with superficial explanations and emphasizes the need to understand the real motivations and intentions of other people, the actual meaning behind situations and events.


Lifting the Veil of Illusions


The square between Venus and Neptune inspires us to become aware of our assumptions in relationships. It encourages us to let go of the need to know what to expect from our partner, friends, and family members, and to ask ourselves: What are we doing together? Do I really want to be with this person? What do we have in common? Is this relationship supporting my growth?

The purpose of these questions is to inspire us to invest our energy, time, and undivided attention in our most meaningful connections. For this to be possible, we need to let go of the relationships that are not supporting our personal evolution anymore.

We now have the chance to see people’s true colors and make decisions accordingly. Our biggest challenge is overcoming the sense of confusion and disorientation that all Neptune aspects often provoke.

Venus square Neptune is a planetary alignment that has the potential to help us lift the veil of illusions for our highest good. This transit can reveal to us the real reason why certain people or situations keep showing up in our lives, and give us the opportunity to break the pattern.


Venus square Neptune: Trust the Universe 


Besides being the planet of relationships, Venus correlates to what we value, to our level of self-worth, and to what we do for a living, to our form of income. The square to Neptune may bring up some confusion and disorientation in these areas of life. 

The tension of the current square implies a crisis in action: while Venus in Gemini wants to know it all, Neptune in Pisces keeps reminding us that we have no idea of what’s actually going on.

We are in a moment of history where our value system and our financial situation are under pressure. We may need to find another form of income or to learn new skills, in order to adapt to the new socio-economic conditions. Right now, we may have the feeling we don’t know where to start and what to focus on: it is perfectly normal.

With Venus in Gemini, the mind is always active, while Neptune in Pisces is trying to switch it off. This transit encourages us to become comfortable with uncertainty, to explore creatively any tension, nervous feelings, and uneasiness coming up. 

Neptune is about allowing Source to express through us. He invites us to connect with a divine source of inspiration, something bigger than ourselves, rather than trying to solve our problems through logic and rationality only.

venus square neptune

Neptune reminds us that all is well. The God of the Oceans helps us to consider the larger picture, to trust the Universe and be ok with not knowing. The current transit invites us to cultivate a sense of faith, and the belief that whatever happens is what we need for our growth.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and please share this with others 🙂 Sending love and blessings your way!

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