Some Of The Most Popular Starseed Types

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Once you understand the three categories of Starseeds, it becomes important to understand the main types of Starseeds within them. Here are 9 of the most common Starseed types: 




These Starseeds originate from the planets Sirius A and Sirius B and are part of the Old Soul Starseed category. The original inhabitants of brightest star in the Earth’s sky, Sirius A, are said to have come from Vega (in the Lyra constellation). Sirius A is a multi-star system, meaning it possesses more than one Sun. One of these worlds is Sirius B, a water planet said to be the home of water beings like Merpeople and Miengu. Together, these two stars were responsible for initiating the awakening of all human beings and the home of humanity. Many people believe that it is from Sirius A that Ascended Masters like Jesus and Mother Mary arose. These Starseeds are here to help bring our world into harmony and their divine purpose is to instill a sense and expression of divine love.


The main traits of Sirian Starseeds:


  1. Spiritually driven
  2. Possess their own truths and live by them unapologetically
  3. Incredibly focused
  4. Calm, level-headed, and good under pressure
  5. Not good at expressing emotions
  6. Often hold back and repress their feelings in an attempt to not burden those around them
  7. Daydreamers through and through
  8. Once you get past their serious exteriors, they are incredibly silly and fun-loving




These Starseeds originate from the Pleiades, a star cluster also known as the Seven Sisters, Messier 45, and The Eye of the Bull. This star cluster is found within the Taurus constellation. Pleiadians serve as the Earth’s record keepers and have tracked its history for over 600 billion years, making them part of the Old Soul Starseeds category. They exist within a fifth-dimensional frequency, a place where creativity and love were created. Pleiadians are a matriarchal society placing value on women, children, and families. This group of souls is the most human-like, however the depths of their emotions and spiritual selves are far more evolved than their counterparts. They have been sent to Earth with the divine purpose of expanding the collective consciousness and allowing for its evolution to continue. These Starseeds are some of the most skilled souls.


The main traits of Pleiadian Starseeds:


  1. View all of life on a spectrum rather than always black or white
  2. Often grow up feeling like the black sheep of their family
  3. Highly intuitive, sensitive, and empathetic
  4. Naturally drawn to humanitarian affairs
  5. People pleasers
  6. Possess natural healing and nurturing abilities
  7. Lovers of the natural world




Arising from Arcturus, the brightest star in the Bootes constellation and the galaxy’s most advanced civilization, these Starseeds are fifth-dimensional beings that built the society that Earth’s prototype. This allowed them to view how life on Earth would be lived. Arcturians are intellectually and mentally advanced souls that also possess the duality of emotional advancement. They were intended to serve as healers and spiritual shamans. When human beings die, on their journey from death to rebirth they are said to pass through Arcturian energetic architecture. Arcturus is an angelic realm. However, it also serves as a space for nonphysical consciousness, auras, and the rebirthing of souls. Arcturians possess the gift of grounding.


The main traits of Arcturian Starseeds:


  1. Deeply drawn to the night sky, astronomy, and astrology
  2. Very opinionated
  3. Interested in building, planning, and designing
  4. More likely to have synesthesia
  5. Possess strong memories
  6. Extremely sensitive to sounds, lights, and other sensations
  7. Desire to ask deep, philosophical questions




The Andromedan Starseeds come from the spiral-shaped Andromeda Galaxy, also known as MS31 or M31. These souls are incredibly loving and have a natural gift for telepathy. They are the most benevolent of the Starseed types. They are extremely heart-centered but have a beautiful balance between the left and right brain, often excelling in intellectual areas like science. This harmonious balance gives Andromedan a unique position within the Universe. Their main mission is to spread peace and love, especially to those that have been at the mercy of the Reptilian Starseeds. Their focus is empowerment. Andromedan seek to give control and power back to individuals that may have lost it.


The main traits of Andromedan Starseeds:


  1. Go to great lengths to maintain freedom
  2. Feel a deep desire to roam or travel for spiritual expansion
  3. Don’t like feeling obligated to do things
  4. Can spot emotional manipulation from a mile away
  5. Deep desire for expression of their true self
  6. Feel called to drive social evolution and revolution
  7. Stand up for those around them


Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow


These three Starseed types are often grouped together as they are the children of the Universe, the youngest and newest of the Starseeds. They push the boundaries of what is assumed to be our reality in order to help bring the world into a new and heightened state of consciousness. They possess supernatural abilities like telepathy, energy-cleansing, deep empathy, light-emanation, clairvoyance, and reality-shifting. Infused with the divine power of Archangel Michael, Indigos are incredibly stubborn in their intolerance of unfairness. Infused with the joy, clarity, and light of Archangel Gabriel, Crystals are the kindest of the children, expelling divine love and fairness to those around them. Rainbow children are the youngest of the children and are here to exude powerful healing energies onto this Earth. Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children are here to serve humanity selflessly.

cosmic dna

The main traits of Indigo Starseeds:


  1. Intuitive, strong-willed, and sensitive
  2. Want to live a life of meaning rather than just making money
  3. Above average IQ
  4. Resistance to authority


The main traits of Crystal Starseeds:


  1. Idealists to their core
  2. Follow their hearts above all else
  3. Often act on impulse and without thinking
  4. Feel connected to all of humankind


The main traits of Rainbow Starseeds:


  1. Come without baggage of previous incarnations
  2. Extremely intuitive to the point where they may even be psychic
  3. High-energy and others often feel their energy field
  4. Incredibly compassionate




Lightworkers can come from a variety of realms and planets. They are special souls that have reincarnated as a means of helping not only the Earth, but other worlds evolve as well. Lightworkers are here to help all of humanity level up and they work to raise the consciousness of every single person around them. Their divine purpose is to spread love, goodness, and kindness to every living being that crosses their path. Unlike other Starseeds, these souls are not beholden to anyone. They are not associated with any culture, society, planet, or mission. Their sole purpose is to work for the light and spread this divine feeling into the lives of everyone they meet.


The main traits of Lightworker Starseeds:


  1. Do not shy away from darkness or ego
  2. They give all that they can
  3. Humble to their core
  4. Gentle and loving in nature
  5. Have a close and sacred bond to nature and animals
  6. Feel called to spread positivity
  7. Possess an inner warrior ready to fight any battle




These Starseeds originate in the Orion Constellation. They are our philosophers, questioning every detail. They are here to encourage the expansion of our minds and are obsessed with research and science. Orion Starseeds want to improve our understanding of science and help us learn its value. Their divine purpose is to find balance with human beings. They seek to gain trust and faith and find harmony between their left and right brain hemispheres. Orion Starseeds came to this Earth during the 60s-90s, paving the way for those that needed to find direction.


The main traits of Orion Starseeds:


  1. Seek to inspire people to see a better world
  2. Have a deep desire to spread peace and compassion
  3. Feel called to save the Earth
  4. Expert of logical thinking
  5. Need time alone to recharge
  6. Incredible sense of humor
  7. Burning need to understand the world around you




These Starseeds originate from the Lyra constellation. They can be found depicted in the artwork of ancient Egypt and other ancient civilizations. They possess incredible gifts for telepathy and often have psychic abilities. Feline Starseeds don’t particularly care about their physical realities. Their focus is on further developing their spiritual skills. They seek clarity, abundance, and light and as such live mostly in the higher dimensions. By connection with the external consciousness, they allow their spirituality and higher consciousness to blossom. Their divine purpose is to bring grace to all of humanity and they work to inspire creativity. Feline Starseeds are the master geneticists of this Universe and helped to create the human genome.


The main traits of Feline Starseeds:


  1. Possess an incredibly creative spirit
  2. Profound respect for life around them
  3. Deep energetic power
  4. Strong need to try new things and see new places
  5. Appreciate the comforts of home
  6. Cherish alone time
  7. Highly protective of everyone they care for


Lemurian and Atlantean


These two lands were the homes of advanced civilizations but were lost long ago to Earth’s seas. Prior to this they had developed incredible spiritual, philosophical, and healing technologies. Lemurians and Atlanteans were the first two Starseed tribes to create a direct line of exchange with races from other planets. As a result of their innovation and advancement, both of these Starseed types flourish on Earth. Despite their lost lands, the ideas and technologies that were developed have not been lost. The most advanced of these souls were rescued after their homes were destroyed and became Starseeds that work throughout the Universe. The divine purpose of these two Starseed types is to help humanity ascend into its Golden Age.


The main traits of Lemurian and Atlantean Starseeds:


  1. Drawn to the healing arts like energy healing and color therapy
  2. Feel a connection to the sea and water
  3. Experience frequent déjà vu
  4. Deep desire to find your twin flame
  5. Flourish in social situations
  6. Receive numerous downloads from the stars in the form of omens and repeating number sequences
  7. Extremely empathetic


Tap on the heart if you enjoyed this article and comment below with what resonated with you the most, are you a Starseed? If yes, which type or types you resonate with the most?

What is a Starseed? Are You a Starseed?

If you’ve ever looked up at the night sky and felt an unexplainable and deep connection to the radiant beauty, you are likely to be a Starseed awakening to your soul’s connection to the stars and the Universe around you.


Starseeds are the children of the stars, rising from stardust and divine light


They are beings that have lived previous lifetimes on Earth and have also experienced life in other parts of the Universe, possibly even on other planets or in different galaxies. Their souls carry divine inner wisdom within the very core of their being and special abilities that may remain dormant until needed. They are deeply encoded with activation encryptions that will allow them to unlock and retrieve this wisdom and talent at a specific point in time so it may be utilized for a higher divine purpose.


How do you know if you’re a starseed?


Deep down you know you aren’t like those around you. You may have grown up with a sense of misplacement or like you don’t belong. You’ve felt out of place and almost as though you were dropped to this Earth without a compass. Starseeds have a deep yearning to find and go back to their true home. They long to fill the emptiness that they feel with that which ignites the fire within their soul, giving them a sense of purpose.

Starseeds are not off put by conversations surrounding the supernatural or extraterrestrial. They feel at ease discussing spiritual connections and Universal forces. In fact, they thrive when they can freely discuss the intricacies of human existence and seek to understand their own place in this world.


Starseeds feel compelled to allow their intuition to guide them as they tune into the Higher voice and calling within themselves. They are incredibly in tune with the energy around them and can spot concealed agendas easily. They sense the energy of those around them quickly and can tell right away whether their intentions are pure. If you often find your gut feeling about someone later confirmed to be true, you may just be a Starseed.


What this all means


Many Starseeds are unaware of their unique gifts and of their higher purpose. They are said to live in a sleep-walking state for the majority of their lives. However, when their moment comes, their internal alarm clock will sound, awakening them from their long slumber. Their memories will come flooding back as they realize who they are why they are there at that exact moment.

The primary goal and purpose of any Starseed is to serve humanity. They are sent to bring their unique abilities and divine wisdom at key moments in time to help uplift humanity to a higher ascended status.

Starseeds are old souls. They have lived many lives and experienced many incarnations throughout our Universe and even beyond. Their souls vibrate at the frequency of pure light and love, allowing them to pave new pathways, create progress, and heal those around them. They are put on this planet to help foster the growth and expansion of all the souls that reside here.

new earth

They are here to carry the seeds of light, allowing for rapid shifts in consciousness and profound awakening. Starseeds are here to break through their own limitations, patterns, and fears in order to help those around them embrace complete freedom as well. Over many lifetimes, their souls have gained the wisdom to help create stellar advancements in the world around them on all planes of existence be they physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

Starseeds are here to serve as a beacon of divine light, fulfilling their Higher purpose by propelling us into our Golden Age, one filled with profound awakening, heightened vibrations, and limitless possibilities.

Are you a starseed? Comment below with what resonated with you the most!

P.S. We are going to publish more articles on starseeds in the upcoming days, so stay tuned 🙂

Sending infinite love & blessings your way!

The Moon Omens Team

P.P.S. If you haven’t already, we invite you to read the second article of the Starseed series “Starseeds – The Three Main Categories” tap here or on the image below to read.


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