Libra Season 2020: Search for Balance

On September 22, at 9:31 AM EST, Libra season 2020 officially begins, inviting us to search for balance. The Equinox, also known as Mabon, is taking place. In the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn starts and temperatures drop, while in the Southern Hemisphere, the weather gets warmer and Spring finally arrives.

Throughout the upcoming Libra season, we will be encouraged to strive for diplomacy and refine our negotiation skills to find creative solutions that make everyone happy and satisfied. Libra season will invite us to create conditions of equality and harmony and to bring a sense of peace and fairness in our social exchanges.

During the transit of the Sun through Libra, we will feel more inclined to be out and about. We may notice a desire to dedicate more time to our social connections and to create new ones. Understanding others’ viewpoints is going to be easier: the Sun will direct our conscious awareness to other people’s needs, desires, and perspectives, and we may feel more willing to compromise and to actively listen to other people.

Libra season is here to remind us about the importance of balance, peace, and fairness. If we manage to align with the cosmic energies, we have the chance to cultivate inner harmony. We can attune to a sense of tranquility and calm that naturally ripples in our daily lives and our social experiences.


Forming Relationships based on Equality


In the Zodiac, Libra is the first sign that involves relationships with others: through the sign of the Scales, we learn to relate with others as equals.

In the phase of evolution corresponding to Libra, we enter the social sphere and start interacting with the world around us. These connections are happening mostly on a superficial, day to day level: for this reason, tact, politeness, and good manners, traits often associated with the sign of Libra, have an essential role.

Being an Air sign, Libra tends to relate to others mostly through the rational mind, in an intellectual and somehow detached way. Our connections become deeper through watery Scorpio, the following archetype, ruling intimacy, sexuality, emotional bonding, and shared finances.

Nonetheless, the first stage of relating with others, corresponding to Libra, is indeed a crucial one. It is where equality is created, and it lays the foundation for the deepening of our interactions, that can happen only if we resonate with other people on a surface, mundane level.


Libra Season: Unconditional Self-Acceptance


The planetary ruler of Libra is Venus, that is also the ruler of Taurus. Taurus correlates to the Yin side of Venus, with our survival instinct, with the relationship we have with ourselves, our bodies, our resources, and our capacity to be independent and autonomous. Libra, on the contrary, corresponds to the Yang side of Venus: this energy is directed outwards, towards the external world and other people. 

Venus is now in Leo, inviting us to focus on creative self-actualization, to enjoy and express our specialness and uniqueness. On October 2, Venus will enter Virgo and will stay there for the rest of Libra season, until October 27. The spotlight will shift significantly after Venus leaves Leo: Venus in Virgo can be highly self-critical and naturally focused on what’s lacking rather than what is available.

libra season 2020

Throughout Libra season, it is essential that we stay mindful of not being too hard on ourselves and others, that we keep reminding ourselves of the progress we have made and how far we have come. The evolutionary purpose of the transit of Venus in Virgo is to encourage us to implement improvements and create better conditions for our lives while being ok with where we are in the present moment, practicing unconditional self-acceptance and self-love.


Libra Season 2020: Self versus Others


Balancing the amount of energy we direct towards ourselves and the amount of energy we direct towards others is going to be a theme for the whole Libra season 2020. During this time, we are going to witness a Full Moon in Aries and a New Moon in Libra, while the Sun in Libra will oppose Chiron and Mars retrograde in Aries, and square Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn.

The Sun will oppose Chiron on September 29, bringing our attention to past wounds and traumas that make it hard for us to assert ourselves and our needs: we may have the chance to find resolution of old wounds and heal deep unconscious fears.

The Full Moon in Aries coming up on October 1 will invite us to reflect on our own necessities, on how much we give versus how much we get, encouraging us to make appropriate relationship choices. The New Moon in Libra, taking place on October 16, starts a lunar cycle where the way we show up in our interactions with others will be the main focus: we will learn and grow through our social connections.

During the transit of the Sun through Libra, we may notice that we tend to be indecisive, and we may procrastinate important decisions. These tendencies will be emphasized this month, as the Sun will also form an opposition to Mars, the planet related to decision making and taking initiative, on October 13.

It’s crucial that we are extra mindful of not procrastinating excessively and that we take responsibility for our need to make conscious choices. The squares that the Sun will form to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn can challenge us in this sense, as they reflect the need to empower ourselves and become more self-secure. These aspects will encourage us to make decisions firmly, to be rooted in our inner authority, and in the knowledge of what is truly best for us.


An Endless Search for Balance


Libra represents the neverending search for harmony and balance. As a Cardinal archetype, Libra is starting a new process, a new cycle of growth, learning something unfamiliar through trial and error, and direct experience. For this reason, Libra is not a naturally balanced archetype: it tends to extremes. Through Libra, we discover that balance is an eternal work in progress made of ongoing adjustments, mistakes, and experimentation. 

libra season 2020

Libra season 2020 is an invitation to be open to change our approach to relationships, to try different ways to find harmony between the energy we invest in ourselves and the energy we invest in others. If we manage to align with the cosmic transits, we have the chance to reach more profound levels of self-understanding and to cultivate deeper equality in all our social exchanges.

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