Pluto Retrograde – Taking Power Back

Pluto will be stationing retrograde on April 25th 2020 in the sign of Capricorn.

Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, begins its annual retrograde on April 25th 2020. It will remain in retrograde until October 4th 2020. Pluto’s retrograde is occurring in the sign of Capricorn, which is associated with authority, structure and responsibility.


Understanding Retrogrades


Retrogrades offer an opportunity to look at things in a new way. They give us a different vantage point and they invite us to shift our focus or change directions. 

To better understand what occurs during a planetary retrograde, imagine we are sitting on a train looking out the window. Our train speeds past a slower moving train, because we are going faster, while looking out the window it almost appears that the train beside us is moving backwards. But, that is just an illusion, and both trains are in fact moving forward.


Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn:


It’s as if Earth is the fast train moving past Pluto. Looking out from Earth it appears that Pluto is moving backwards, or retrograde. Retrogrades symbolize times of pulling back, re-thinking, re-looking, reviewing and looking within. Like a bow and arrow, we have to pull back before we can shoot forward. A retrograde is that pulling back.

pluto retrograde

It can feel frustrating if we want to force our way forward into the future; but when we recognize that there is a cyclical nature to life we can relax into the ebb and flows of retrogrades.


Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn: Re-Organizing Earth From Within


Pluto in Capricorn has been working to rebuild the ways we organize on planet Earth. It’s transforming who is in charge and who writes the rules. Capricorn energy is associated with leadership and responsibility. Who is leading us? Who are we answering too?

Retrogrades are times of turning within. Pluto’s power is diving deep into our inner realms and reclaiming our deepest selves. We are learning to be our own leaders and to be responsible to ourselves first and foremost.


Right now, we might look out at the external world and wish to change things. We might want to go out and make a difference. While action is always important, looking within ourselves and making deep inner changes is a big part of this transit. 


Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn: Being the Pilot


We would not try to steer an airplane from outside the cockpit. Instead, if we want to be a pilot we have to get into the place and take out rightful seat behind the wheel. We can imagine that our bodies are our vessels transporting us through life. If we want to take the lead, we have to get inside ourselves. 

This could look like meditating, journaling, eating certain foods, taking a bath or anything that connects us to ourselves.


Pluto in Capricorn + History


Astrological cycles are patterns and themes that flow throughout the centuries. How these themes manifest depends upon many factors and astrology is not necessarily creating events throughout history. Instead, it can help us to understand the context. From there, we can learn how to create the future, rather than having history repeat itself.

The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was from 1762-1778. Many events took place during those years but let’s specifically look at the American Revolution.

Beginning in 1764 the British Government began to impose new laws and taxes such as the Sugar Act, the Stamp Act and the Tea Act. Many colonists opposed these British taxes because they did not have representation in British Parliament.

In 1773, Mass meetings took place in opposition to the Tea Act, however the Royal Governor ordered that the tea taxes be paid. This led to colonials activists dumping a substantial amount of tea into the harbour, an act known as the Boston Tea Party. In response, an angry English Parliament enacted a series of Coercive Acts (also known as Intolerable Acts).

These acts essentially shut down the Boston Port and virtually ended any self-rule by colonists. The English Crown and Royal Governor assumed political power formerly held by the colonists. This led to the First Continental Congress meeting and declaring opposition to the acts. In 1775 the Revolutionary War began when British Military were ordered to disarm rebels and arrest their leaders.

During this time in history we saw citizens questioning the authority of the ruling government. We saw people organizing and aligning with what they believed. We saw taxes and laws imposed that led to activist demonstrations and protests. We saw institutions assuming political power and ending forms of self-rule. We saw opposition to the institution. While we may see echoes of this today, it’s key to remember that we have the power to create a new future. 


Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn: Re-Structuring the Systems


In the external world, Pluto Retrograde is showing us what needs revamping. What systems are not working? What leaders do we no longer want to follow? What leaders do we trust? Who are we answering too? What are the rules? Who has to follow them? Why are these the rules?

These are all loaded questions and the answers are not going to come from someone else. The answers will come when we take time to tune into our deeper selves. 


Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn: Personal Power


Right now, we are experiencing an opportunity to reclaim our personal power. This does not mean that we need to create a violent revolution or point the blame at others. Instead, we can take responsibility for ourselves. We can connect to our innate creativity. We can prioritize the impact of our thoughts and the realities they manifest. We can write our own personal constitution and live by our own morals.


There are many cycles occurring today that were not happening in the 1700s. We have more options and potential than in the past.

We are facing a time of unprecedented shifts of consciousness on planet Earth. These waves of light are waiting for us to surf them. We are gaining more and more information about who we are and what it means to be alive on Earth at this time. Instead of waiting for someone or something else to tell us the plan; we have the power to write it ourselves. 

During these times, reclaiming happiness (tap to read our article > ‘Taurus Season: Reclaiming Happiness’) is what it’s all about. If we want to change the world, during Pluto retrograde the place to start is within ourselves. 

Like a caterpillar, we are asked to turn within in order to transform ourselves. As Pluto stations direct later this year, we will emerge from this cocoon with brand new butterfly wings. Who knows where these wings will carry us.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most, and please share with others 🙂 It is important for all of us to come together and empower each other. One Love!

February 2020 Forecast – Energy Update

As we recover from some of the anxiety and restlessness that came from the influx of energy and several heavy alignments this past month, we enter into a month dedicated to harmony and balance. February will be a much lighter month for us energetically as we are asked to have patience and faith in all that the Universe has in store for us.

With this being a leap year, we will have an extra day this month on February 29th. The numerology code associated with this day is the number 8. This code represents abundance and balance. It represents the divine and infinite potential of the soul. Through every cosmic alignment and celestial shift this month, we are reminded of this – we are infinite. This is a month of powerful spiritual growth and awakening. 


Full Moon in Leo – Abundance and Culmination


On February 8th, we are blessed with a bountiful Full Moon in Leo. This Moon is also referred to as the Snow Moon. Compared to the incredibly heavy and potent Full Moon Eclipse that we experienced in January, this Full Moon in Leo is going to feel light, easy, and breezy. This is an alignment completely surrounded by loving energy as we are being supported by the Universe in all of our endeavors.

We will feel stronger than ever before and will feel a confidence we have been praying for. Sometimes all we need is that innate recognition that we are enough just as we are. That recognition that we are on the right path and we are right where we are supposed to be on our divine journey.

This Full Moon will carry with it strengthening vibrations and abundant energy and is a culmination of all that we have been working to accomplish since August of last year. We are being guided to release that which has been weighing us down and holding us back. This Full Moon will allow us to bring closure to past issues that continue to linger. We are being led to feelings of complete inner peace as we appreciate just how far we’ve come and where we stand at this very moment. 


Mars in Capricorn – Time to Pause and Reflect


Mars moves into Capricorn on February 16th, adding to the growing number of planets aligned with earth signs. Mars is the planet of motivation and while Capricorn traditionally exudes ambition, the sheer number of planets carrying earth energy during this time will make us feel a bit sluggish. We may feel as though we are dragging our feet and struggling to find motivation.

While this alignment can sometimes feel heavy, this heaviness is reminding us that sometimes we must take a step back and reflect rather than moving forward blindly towards what we think we must do. We get so caught up continuously trying to stay in motion, believing that if we are not taking major strides forward that we are depreciating any effort we have made thus far.

This is not the case and this alignment is here to remind us to give ourselves permission to pause. Taking time to stop and reflect can ultimately bring us the motivation that we desire. Remember that Mars in Capricorn is here to support our greatest ambitions. If we remain patient, we will be blessed beyond belief.


Mercury Retrograde – Listen to Your Intuition


On February 18th, we are faced with Mercury Retrograde. This alignment will last until March 10th and will see Mercury go through Pisces and Aquarius on its journey. While most people tend to shy away from Mercury Retrograde energy because it can sometimes bring about big changes, the Retrograde this month is here to offer divine guidance along our journey.

Similar to the lesson we are being taught by Mars moving into Capricorn a day prior to this Retrograde, we are being encouraged to slow down and not act out of impulse. We are being guided to rely on our more subtle senses as we navigate the heightened energy that Mercury Retrograde brings.

Our gut feelings and intuition will be our most powerful tools during this time. We are reminded not to doubt ourselves. Everything that we experience, think, and feel is our soul’s way of communicating with us our deepest truths. Listen to that inner voice as you allow the abundant energy of the Universe to flow through your being. We will be showered in inspiration and increased creativity as align with and express who we truly are.


Sun in Pisces – Completion and Celebration


As the Sun moves into Pisces from February 18-19, we enter into the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, signaling the end of a cycle. We have gone through all the phases of the Sun and have reached a time of completion and culmination. As we tie up loose ends and begin to harvest all we have sown during this last zodiac cycle, we enter a time of celebration.

Reflect back on all you have been through during cycle, all the lessons that have been learned, the challenges that you have preserved through, the blessings you have received, and the progress you have made. Pisces season is an incredibly spiritual time that asks us to look back on the past year as we get ready to welcome a new cycle. 


Jupiter sextile Neptune


With Jupiter sextile Neptune on February 20th, we continue this journey of reflection and spiritual work. Neptune is the planet of spirituality and Jupiter is the planet of abundance. Therefore, it is only natural that this is a time of incredible spiritual growth and powerful messages from the Universe guiding us along our paths.

2020 is a year dedicated to spiritual awakening. This is evident by the fact that we will experience this Jupiter sextile Neptune conjunction three times during the course of this year. The frequency of this conjunction is incredibly rare, meaning that we are being asked to really pay attention to the strong and powerful message that the Universe is sending us.

Jupiter sextile Neptune carries with it a beautiful energy. It is a reminder that we are always being supported and guided. It brings about peace and the deep healing of old wounds. We are being protected on our divine journey as we are guided to not only raise our vibration but also our collective consciousness to incredible new heights. This energy will be felt for quite some time to come.


New Moon in Pisces – Sensitivity is Power


On February 23rd, we will experience a New Moon in Pisces, ushering in soothing vibrations. We will feel a heightened sensitivity to all that is around us and will feel our normally hard exteriors soften. We are reminded to be pliable. As we conclude one lunar cycle, we enter a time of grand new beginnings.

This will be a powerful time for intention setting as we will see with complete clarity where our heart is guiding us. Pisces energy awakens a gentler way of being. It shows us that not only is it okay to be in tune with our softness but that there is also incredible power in this. As we surrender to the Universe, we will be overcome with the acceptance of self and deep self-love. This is a New Moon filled with hope.


February – Time for Being


After two months filled with heavy alignments and eclipses, February will feel magical. This warming month is here to shower us in light energy as we begin to soften some of the harsher energies that have surrounded us. We are reminded to take time to pause, listen, and reflect as we walk along our true life’s path in pursuit of our Higher calling.

This month, the Universe is guiding us to get in touch with our inner worlds. We spend so much of our time in a rush. This is a time for being, not doing. Allow the outer world to fade away as you get in touch with the seemingly slight pulses of the Universe that are often the start of grand ripples. You are an infinite light being with the power to manifest your wildest dreams.

We have created a special gift for you “Lunar Cycle Calendar & Daily Affirmations” e-book to support you through this beautiful month of February. Tap here or on the image below to download 🙂

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New Moon Solar Eclipse In Capricorn – December 26, 2019

On December 26th at 12:17am EST, we will experience our last eclipse of the decade as the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun and showers us in powerful celestial energy that is here to help propel us into an abundant 2020.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon, Sun, and Earth align, and a portion of the Earth becomes engulfed in the shadow of the Moon as it blocks sunlight from touching down on its surface.


A portal of completion and resurrection


This Solar Eclipse falls in conjunction with the Capricorn New Moon, creating a portal of completion and resurrection. We will be stepping into a great awakening making it easier to level up and move forward and providing us with the clarity that we need to see and learn from the world. This Solar Eclipse marks the end of a cycle that began on July 2nd and is one of the greatest eclipses we have experienced in a long time due to its deep-rooted connection to Jupiter. The effects of this are incredibly powerful and will last approximately six months instead of the usual four weeks.

This Eclipse is surrounded in growth, abundance, and good fortune and blesses us with the opportunity to make the positive changes that we need to make in order to move into 2020 with confidence and excitement. We are being asked to reflect back on all of the progress that we have made this year and this entire decade and radiate our gratitude back into the Universe. Real change has happened for us and we no longer have the time to harbor that which no longer serves our souls or humanity. With each passing day we are getting more and more in sync with the divine timing of our physical reality. 


Time to spread the wings and fly high towards new exciting and magical beginnings


With this Solar Eclipse conjunct Jupiter, we will be blessed with newfound enthusiasm and happiness. Jupiter is the planet associated with growth, prosperity, and good fortune so with its conjunction to this cosmic shift, it will feel like pure magic is in the air. The Universe is providing us with the energy that we need to spread our wings, soar to new heights, and experience all that life has to offer. This is a time for expansion of self and starting something new.

We will feel a tug at our heartstrings to grow spiritually and develop a deep understanding of our soul’s true nature. Every possibility and opportunity is at your fingertips and the cosmos is aligning for you. Believe in your divine connection to everything around you, believe in the magic that radiates from your being, and watch the world unfold before you in perfect synchronicity.

The aspect of this Solar Eclipse trine Uranus further amplifies this abundant energy by heightening our sense of intuition and providing us with the flashes of insight that we have been seeking. All that you have been praying for is about to come to fruition and you are about to experience the most exciting and uplifting time of your life. This celestial aspect is incredibly powerful because it helps to unleash your true self into the world.

You’re going to surprise yourself with just how much love and prosperity you can bring to this world and everyone around you when you allow yourself to freely be just as you are. The Universe wants to help propel us into this next decade with the increased self-confidence, self-love, and sense of adventure that we need in order to realize our wildest dreams. You are about to leave your comfort zone behind and revolutionize your life. Chance encounters often lead to our greatest blessings.


Surrender. Trust. Flow..


Jupiter plays an incredibly powerful role in this Solar Eclipse New Moon. With Jupiter trine Uranus, we will get one final push from the Universe to let go of our expectations and trust in the divine path before us. If you tend to be a more conservative or shy person, this planetary aspect will help you loosen up and go with the flow. You do not have to always be in control of everything around you. Give yourself permission to just be. To just exist as a soul wanting to experience as much as possible while you inhabit this body.

Think of all that you have already accomplished. Think of all of the beauty that surrounds you and the incredible people that love and care for you deeply. Think of all of the progress you have already made towards deep self-love and self-actualization. Once you let go of how you expect your life to go and loosen your grip, you learn to trust in the power of the Universe and you begin to be led not by your mind, but by your heart and your Higher self.


Turn inwards, reflect, define yourself, lighten your soul and open yourself up to channel the abundance that this next year brings.


If you have been feeling any recent stagnation and have been experiencing anxiety, now is the perfect time for meditation and journaling as these can help provide you with a burst of newfound energy and bless you with a spiritual growth spurt and expanded awareness. 

During this final Solar Eclipse and New Moon of the decade, movements, changes, and shake-ups can unfold before us quickly as we are being asked by the Universe to define ourselves, figure out what we no longer need to bring along with us on our journeys, and set our intentions for the following year and decade.

This planetary alignment is all about completing the chapter that we are in, closing this book, and beginning to write our next one. We are being asked to turn inward and reflect. What have we mastered this year? How have we grown?

With the start of 2020 upon us, we are being taught our final lessons of the year. This is the perfect time undergo significant endings, question old habits, and make a fresh start as you do what is needed to lighten your soul and open yourself up to channel the abundance that this next year brings.

This is the right time to set your intentions for the year and watch the Universe present you with just what you need. We are making the last-minute changes that are needed to set us up for an incredible new year filled with promise, good fortune, miracles, and pure joy. 

To assist & guide you through this season of endings and new beginnings, closing 2019 and stepping into 2020, we have created a New Moon Solar Eclipse channeled guided meditation and reflections/intentions journal. Tap to Access.

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December Solstice – Rituals And Everything You Need To Know

The December Solstice on December 21st at 11:19 PM EST / December 22nd at 05:19 AM CET will usher in an intense shift in the cosmos as the Sun stands still and season officially changes.


This Solstice marks the Sun’s transition into the earth sign of Capricorn and symbolizes the longest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere and the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Universe showers us in a celebration of light, while in the Northern Hemisphere we enter into the darkness needed for deep soul-searching. No matter where you live in the world, this is a day when our heightened sensitivity allows us to tune in with and feel the radiating energy flowing through the Universe. The Solstice helps to lift the veil between our physical world and higher dimensions and when this happens, we are able to more easily tap into the celestial realm and powerful galactic energies. 

In order to fully understand and tune into the energies encompassing this December Solstice, we must understand what this shift means for the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere and what rituals can be performed to help harness the power of this day.


In the Northern Hemisphere, the December Solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year.


These longer hours of darkness allow us to see into the darkest and deepest parts of our soul and present us with an opportunity to go within and become in tune with the most subtle stirrings within our beings. It is only by embracing this darkness that we can truly learn to feel comfortable to be ourselves. The bright sunshine can sometimes make us feel exposed and as though we have nothing to hide behind. This can make us feel the need to be or act in a certain way and can make us feel disconnected from ourselves. However, under the darkness of this Solstice, we have the freedom to dive deep within our core and realize our deepest personal truths. Who we are under the bright sunlight is our outward expression, but who we are under the darkest night is who we have always been and who we aspire to be.

When we allow ourselves to sit with just ourselves, alone with our thoughts, we hear the true vibrations of our souls. Every year, the Universe grants us an opportunity to move away from the spotlight, embrace the darkness, and allow our feelings and personal truths to shine through. You don’t need to justify or explain your truth to anyone around you. You don’t need to apologize for or tone down who you truly are.

The Universe is asking you to forget the labels and judgments of your mind and instead focus on the power of your heart and soul. When you sit in darkness, let go of your thoughts, and allow your being to truly shine, what feelings emerge? What discomforts rise up within you? What happens if you allow yourself to be just as you are?

In the Northern Hemisphere, this December Solstice asks us to let our emotional voice be heard. Allow your soul to surrender and find stillness and peace. Spend more time listening and less time doing. We are after all, human beings not human doings.


The shortest day of the year


On the shortest day of the year, your ritual should consist of sitting in darkness by yourself. See if you can sit with your eyes open and observe how your body, mind, and soul feel during this experience. There is power in just breathing. Allow yourself to practice being comfortable with simply sitting in your body. Allow any thoughts that float into your mind to pass without you actively engaging them. Push past any restlessness and angst that you may feel and practice the art of existing in the moment.

After getting comfortable with the darkness, your next step is to take a relaxing bath.  This will grant you the opportunity to cleanse yourself of any thoughts or feelings that no longer serve you and that you do not wish to carry with you into the new year. The main purpose of this darkness ritual is to allow your soul to rest. Be gentle with your being and spend this time away from the spotlight of the world getting in touch with you who truly are. 


In the Southern Hemisphere, the December Solstice is the shortest night and the longest day of the year.


It marks the start of the summer and is the season of light. The Universe grants us this day so that we may allow ourselves to shine. This is a time for removing your cloak of fears, putting yourself out there, and refusing to hold yourself back any longer. We are done playing small and are ready to leap forward. The December Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere is a final celebration of all hard work that you have put and all that you have achieved during this past year.

No matter what challenges we may face, this brightest and lightest day of the year is a reminder that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. Things may feel dark at times, but no matter how dark or deep our experiences are, it is all temporary. The sunshine offers us the clarity and vibrance to move through our lives, continue to radiate love, and realize what’s most important in life.

We are being asked to assess what our driving force is. What lights a fire in your heart and motivates you to not only continue forward, but to continue forward with purpose and steadfast ambition. Under the Capricorn Sun, this celestial shift is guiding us to align with our highest truths and the deepest calling of our soul.

The Universe is blessing us with the opportunity to see that which recharges our soul and fuels our spirit. The radiating Sun casts light upon us and serves to transform, nourish, and inspire us to move forward with confidence and a divine lightness of being. This is an extremely powerful time for us to spend time in nature and connect with the very energy of creation.


The longest day of the year


On the longest day of the year, your ritual should consist of you going outside and taking in the vibrant sunshine and bountiful energy being cast upon you. Find a beautiful location, sit with a journal and pen, and allow your feelings and thoughts to flow through your pen with ease. Stay in the moment and observe everything that exists around you, taking pause to truly witness each of these things.

Allow the energy of the Universe to fill your pages with writings and drawings and feel the creativity flow organically. You are limitless and the divine creator of your own life. This is an incredibly powerful day for setting intentions for not only yourself, but also those around you and the entire Universe.

Place your hand on your heart and feel it beating. What is it trying to tell you? Use this time to celebrate all that you are and allow your true self to shine through. The light of the Universe lives within you and you have it at your fingertips whenever you need it.


The December Solstice symbolizes the shortest and longest days for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres respectfully.


This powerful celestial energy is only felt twice a year and our heightened sensitivity allows us to feel the deepest pulses of the Universe radiating through our beings as we tap into the divine, connect with our true selves, and channel the galactic energy of higher realms.

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