New Moon in Virgo: Living Mindfully

On August 27, 04:16 AM ET, a New Moon at 4º03’ of Virgo invites us to choose to live more mindfully, become more conscious of how we show up in our daily lives, and explore tools and practices that facilitate functionality and self-awareness.

Virgo season has recently begun and the Moon now joins the Sun in the sign of the Maiden, starting a new lunar cycle. New Moons are new beginnings, they invite us to plant seeds and set fresh intentions for the month ahead. The Moon is still dark from our perspective: this invites us to turn inwards and reflect on how we would like to move forward. The Virgo New Moon is a very favorable lunation to begin new projects, adopt new habits, and explore our relationship with all the different dimensions of health.


New Moon in Virgo: Mindfulness in the Mundane


Virgo is a Yin, Earth, Mutable sign, ruled by Mercury. This sign correlates to discernment, critical thinking, self-analysis, problem-solving, as well as the process of practically applying the knowledge we have accumulated. Virgo is connected with our daily work, daily habits, daily routines, and daily choices. In its conscious expression, this sign reminds us of the sacredness that can be experienced in the mundane, when we decide to live mindfully.

new moon in virgo

Virgo is associated with digestion, and this Virgo New Moon invites us to be aware of how what we consume, what we surround ourselves with, and how we invest our energy and attention affects our energy, encouraging us to discern more carefully what we take in and to align our daily choices with our priorities and long-term goals. We begin a lunar cycle centered around deepening our relationship with health and healing as well as our awareness of how our daily actions impact our wellbeing.

The archetype of Virgo is associated with those crises linked to feelings of not being ready, good enough, or perfect enough to take action and make the changes we would like to make. While New Moons are a great time to begin new projects, endeavors, and experiments, these days we might hold ourselves back from initiating because we feel inadequate, we spend too much time overthinking details, or we are excessively focused on what can go wrong. Nonetheless, the square between Mars, the Sun, and the Moon will ignite our desire to take action and our urge to generate change in our lives.


New Moon square Mars: Being Conscious of how we Respond


The Sun and the Moon are in an exact square to Mars in Gemini. The upcoming lunar cycle will give us opportunities to consciously combine the efficient, down-to-earth, pragmatic style of Virgo with the intellectual power, courage, and assertiveness of Mars in Gemini. We will have chances to explore how to direct constructively the energy of Mars and find practical applications of the ideas and insights that come up in our minds.

The current planetary configuration underlines the importance of being mindful of how we respond to what takes place in our reality, inviting us to make sure we take time to self-regulate before reacting, yet without suppressing our anger. The Sun, Moon, and Mars alignment indicates a high degree of impulsivity and reactivity: our inner frustrations, tensions, and anger need a voice, they ask to be clearly expressed. These days, we will have chances to deepen our emotional self-awareness, our understanding of the link between emotions, body, mind, and Spirit, and of the way energies such as anger and frustration, when unexpressed, can somatize in the physical body.

Impulsively speaking or acting provocatively, without forethought and consideration, or even feeling the urge to break free from routines and habits that aren’t stimulating or exciting any longer could bring up guilt and shame. This can be an invitation to explore our relationship with these feelings and notice whether they arise as conditioned responses, a result of beliefs and ways of being that were imposed on us as part of our programming yet do not align with natural laws.


Mercury trine Mars, trine Pluto, & opposing Jupiter


Mercury, the ruler of the Virgo New Moon, is very active these days. The Messenger is in the early degrees of Libra, approaching an opposition to Jupiter in Aries, separating from a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, and approaching a trine to Mars in Gemini. Mercury in Libra, together with the activation of Venus, highlights the importance of working on communication dynamics in relationships during the upcoming lunar cycle. We will have opportunities to refine our way to express our thoughts and feelings while becoming more aware of all the non-verbal exchanges that are always going on in the background.

The Mercury-Mars trine supports our capacity to assert ourselves clearly, yet politely and respectfully. This aspect inspires us to speak our mind directly, without being rude or aggressive, counterbalancing the Sun-Moon-Mars square. The Mercury-Pluto trine has been already active for a few days: it indicates a deep, investigative focus, an inclination to uncover secrets and mysteries, and a desire to understand the psychology of everything, digging beneath the surface of the obvious.

new moon in virgo

The Mercury-Jupiter opposition brings the spotlight on the need to bridge the left and the right brain hemispheres, and avoid the extremes of relying exclusively on facts or relying exclusively on intuition. This alignment invites us to question our habitual learning style, explore both deductive and inductive processes, be mindful of the dangers of exaggeration and overconfidence, and evaluate our attachment to our existing beliefs.


Venus square Uranus, square the Nodes, and opposite Saturn


As the New Moon takes place, Venus in Leo squares retrograde Uranus, the Lunar Nodes, and opposes Saturn. This configuration could bring up contrasting drives, needs, and desires in relationships as well as sudden shifts in values and disruptions in the global economy. In particular, Venus squaring the Nodes indicates a karmic time in relationships and financial matters and increases the possibilities of turning points, shifts of fate, unexpected encounters, and sudden changes in our connections.

The Venus-Uranus square magnifies our need for freedom and independence, lowers our tolerance for boredom and routine, and intensifies our desire for new experiences, stimulation, and excitement. However, the Venus-Saturn opposition brings up a conflict between our desire to do what we enjoy and what feels good and the obligations and duties we have to take care of.

These days, we may realize that, sometimes, blindly honoring existing commitments may lead us to compromise our integrity or our values. Alternatively, we may notice that we may be running away from commitment due to an irrational fear of being trapped or limited by it. Venus’ activation of the Saturn-Uranus square underlines invites us to explore new relationship paradigms, new value systems, and new ways of perceiving wealth and abundance. This is a good time to redefine boundaries in our connections, work on improving our self-worth, overcome scarcity mindset, cultivate receptivity, and allow spaciousness in our relationships yet without escaping from challenges.

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New Moon in Virgo


New Moon in Virgo: Conscious Practice & Beginners’ Mindset


The activation of Mutable signs Gemini and Virgo, together with the presence of Neptune in Pisces, that will be conjunct the upcoming Full Moon, highlights the importance of being adaptable, versatile, and open to change and exploration. Meanwhile, the abundance of retrograde planets inspires an introspective and contemplative focus, which may make it challenging to take action, initiate, move forward, or begin new endeavors.

The Virgo New Moon reminds us of the power of small, consistent steps, of the value of keeping our daily lives functional and organized, of the weight of details, and of the importance of taking care of ourselves by committing to practices and routines that nourish both our body and our spirit, supporting the different dimensions of our health.

The New Moon in the sign of the Maiden is an opportunity to set practical intentions, reorganize our routines, and begin to structure our days in a way that improves our overall health and wellness. This lunation reminds us of the value of daily practice, of embracing a beginner’s mindset, of making sure we are always honing and refining our skillset. Instead of aiming for perfection as an end goal, we are being encouraged to focus on keep practicing and to embrace a devotional, mindful attitude towards those daily chores and tasks we tend to perform automatically and unconsciously.

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Uranus Retrograde 2022: Questioning Certainties

On August 24, 2022, 09:53 AM ET, Uranus stations retrograde at 18º55’ of Taurus, once again taking the spotlight and joining Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune, and Pluto, already in an apparent backward motion. This transit will encourage us to question our certainties and break free from ways of living that don’t feel authentic any longer. Uranus remains retrograde until January 22, 2023, when it stations direct at 14º56’ of the sign of the Bull.

This shift is likely to inspire us to redefine our value system, reflect on our relationship with our bodies, and rethink our concept of abundance, wealth, and security. It will be felt more strongly by those of us who have personal planets or angles between 10º and 20º of Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio.


The evolutionary significance of Retrogrades


Retrogrades consist of the apparent backward motion of a celestial body from our perspective on Earth. The retrograde phase of any planet is a time for revision, reset, reconstruction, and readjustment of our relationship with the archetype involved. The shift in motion inspires us to withdraw and direct our attention and focus inwardly, offering us an opportunity to review, reassess, and reconsider what happened when the planet was in direct motion, establishing adjustments if necessary.

When many planets are in retrograde motion, the pace of our lives seems to slow down: there seems to be little action happening externally, and things don’t move forward as quickly as we would like to. However, retrogrades are said to accelerate the pace of our evolution as they intensify the impulse to decondition, increasing our desire to question the status quo and liberate ourselves from limitations and restrictions.


The transit of Uranus through Taurus


Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, correlates with the impulse to innovate, attune to the future, break the rules, and revolutionize our lives. It is the planet of liberation and individuation and has to do with the process of breaking free from stagnation, comfort, and illusions of security. The sign of Taurus has to do with our value system, with our relationship with abundance and wealth, with our receptivity, with our relationship to ourselves, our sensuality, and our body. It is connected to survival issues, to how we make sure our basic needs are met, and to the development of our talents, skills, and resources. Uranus has been here since 2018 and remains in the sign until 2026.

Uranus’ journey through Taurus emphasizes the importance of embodiment, of reconnecting with our primal nature, with the Earth, and with our inherent resourcefulness. By destabilizing the foundations on which we have built our lives, disrupting the economic paradigms, and threatening our stability, this transit is inspiring us to revolutionize our values and our way of living.

Uranus Retrograde 2022

This retrograde cycle points to the necessity to redefine our relationship with the Earth, our physical bodies, our senses, and our relationship with our sensuality. It will inspire us to reflect on how our values have been changing and remind us that our priorities must change accordingly. It is an opportunity to embrace slower, more organic rhythms, rooted in a conscious connection with our bodies and with Nature.


The Uranus-North Node conjunction


The North Node of the Moon is also in Taurus, and Uranus crossed it at the beginning of the month. The Nodes mainly move retrograde, so Uranus will remain within the orb of a conjunction with the North Node for a few more months. The North Node indicates the path we are being encouraged to take as the way to balance existing tendencies that keep us stuck in stagnation and repetition. When planets join this point in space, their role becomes key to our personal and collective evolution.

The Uranus-North Node conjunction and the simultaneous Uranus-South Node opposition highlight the importance of breaking free from situations of emotional dependency, enmeshment, and financial arrangements that don’t support the development of self-reliance and self-trust and hold us back from individuating.

Uranus is ultimately about liberation from conditioning, stagnation, and limitation. Uranus together with the North Node in the sign of Taurus inform us of the necessity of developing authentic self-reliance through our unique talents and skills, of believing in ourselves and in the value we have to offer to the world. Collectively, it points to the need of reconnecting with the land, establishing self-sufficient systems for food and energy production, and sustainably restructuring the global economy.


The Saturn-Uranus square will continue to be active


Saturn is also currently in retrograde motion and will station direct on October 23, at 18º35’ of Aquarius. At that time, Uranus will have reached 17º36’ of Taurus. Saturn and Uranus have been squaring each other for the entirety of 2021 and are going to remain in a square for the rest of the calendar year, which will be felt strongly, especially during September and October. Saturn will begin to separate from Uranus after stationing direct.

This type of square is a Last Quarter square, as it happens after the two planets have opposed each other, and is associated with a crisis in consciousness. For this reason, we may feel a sense of crisis linked with the need to restructure our lives in a completely new way, and not knowing what that is going to be and feel like, as it is different from everything that has come before. This aspect brings into the spotlight our resistance to change and the tension generated by our tendency to hold on to the known, to what we perceive as secure.

Uranus Retrograde 2022

The interplay between past and future, old and new, known and unknown, is going to be very present these days, and we will experience the friction between the desire to radically change and the need to feel secure and in control. Saturn is also squaring the Nodal Axis, which underlines the fear of taking full responsibility for our choices and the insecurity coming with claiming ourselves as the authority of our lives.


Uranus retrograde in Taurus: Reassessing Shifts in Values & Priorities


Uranus stationing retrograde invites us to rethink, reconsider, review, recalibrate, and reassess the shift in values, beliefs, and priorities that has been taking place both collectively and individually. It is an opportunity to reflect on how we are moving forward in our deconditioning process, and reorient according to the changes that have taken place, both internally and externally, throughout the last seven months, while Uranus was direct.

To deal with Uranus transits, it is crucial to know what helps us find our center again, and what tools we can use to regulate and rewire our nervous system in a way that helps us deal with uncertainty and stress from a grounded place. From this state, we can safely practice trusting ourselves and our inner compass as our guidance system instead of relying on the outside world, other people, and external authorities.

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Mercury enters Virgo: Pragmatic Thinking

On August 4, 02:58 AM ET, Mercury leaves Leo and enters Virgo, its Earth domicile. This shift invites pragmatic thinking, adding practicality to our mental processes, supporting self-analysis, and fueling a desire to improve and optimize our inner and outer realities.

Mercury is leaving Virgo on August 25. However, due to its upcoming retrograde, beginning in Libra on September 10, it is going to be back in Virgo from September 23 to October 10.


Mercury in Virgo: Efficiency, Pragmatism, and Discernment


Mercury is the planet associated with our communication, learning, and thinking styles. It is connected with transportation, commerce, and short-distance travel and has to do with our way to perceive and relate to our environment, with our way of solving problems, and with how we deal with everyday tasks. 

Virgo correlates with themes of self-improvement and self-analysis, as through this sign we explore humility and learn to be of service. At this stage of evolution, we become aware of the importance of good habits and routines that generate optimal functionality and allow us to explore how to take the best care of our health in a holistic sense.

Mercury in virgo

In Astrology, Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, which is traditionally considered to be both the domicile and exaltation of the planet. This means that Mercury can function very efficiently in the sign of the Maiden. While Gemini is associated with the process of accumulation and gathering of data that allows us to logically understand our reality, Virgo correlates with the Yin side of the planet and its discernment function, which allows us to discriminate what information is most useful and relevant at any time, what can have practical applications, and how we can be of service through our knowledge. 

In Virgo, Mercury operates with clarity and focus: it reflects a pragmatic and analytical approach to reality and a tendency to think critically. Our attention goes to details and nuances, our vision is sharp, we strive for perfection and efficiency in all we do, and we are naturally drawn to optimize our habitual ways of doing things. Mercury in Virgo promotes grounded self-analysis and a desire for self-improvement, as this combination of energies inspires us to focus on what does not work optimally. However, for this same reason, it can indicate a tendency to be more critical than usual of both ourselves and others.


Mercury in aspect to Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto


During its transit through Virgo, Mercury will trine Uranus in Taurus, oppose Neptune in Pisces, and trine Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury aligns with Uranus in a beneficial trine on August 16. This aspect increases our visionary capacity, innovative potential, and intellectual creativity, catalyzing a surge of original ideas and a natural attunement to out-of-the-box thinking. New insights, downloads, and creative solutions are likely to emerge spontaneously these days.

On August 21, Mercury perfects its opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This alignment favors non-linear and intuitive processes and may complicate logical and analytical tasks, possibly generating a sense of confusion and difficulties focusing for long periods of time. The Mercury-Neptune alignment could come with some forgetfulness and brain fog, nonetheless, it will nurture and enhance our fantasy life and our imaginative skills.

On August 22, Mercury forms an exact trine to Pluto in Capricorn that, together with the Mercury-Neptune opposition, will strongly increase our sensitivity to the emotional tones and energetic undercurrents of the environments we are in. The Mercury-Pluto trine indicates a penetrative and investigative mind, an inclination to focus on what is unspoken and to try to uncover the root causes of our experiences and perceptions. This aspect is very favorable for therapeutic work aimed at transforming our psychology and changing habitual thinking patterns.


Mercury in Virgo: Self-Improvement and Practical Service


Mercury in Virgo will support our capacity to solve problems and be systematic and organized, inspiring us to think practically, and improve what can be more efficient. This transit will encourage us to discern more carefully how we invest our energy, attention, and focus, reminding us of how valuable they are. On the downside, it may be tempting to adopt an excessively skeptical and cynical perception of reality, as excessive rationality and pragmatism could lead to a pessimistic mindset. 

Something to be mindful of during this transit is a tendency for extreme perfectionism, overthinking, and obsession with details, which has the potential to hold us back from progressing. We may lose sight of the big picture and feel we are never ready, never good enough to take the next step or get to the next level, and forget how, very often, we learn the most by making mistakes.

The upcoming weeks will offer us chances to improve our daily organization, modify our habits, and introduce more structure into our routines. Mercury in Virgo inspires us to explore how to apply what we have learned in practical, useful ways that allow us to be of service, explore new solutions to problems, and improve ourselves and our reality.

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Full Worm Moon in Virgo: Harmonizing Chaos and Order

On March 18, 03:17 AM ET, we witness an enchanting Full Worm Moon at 27°39’ of Virgo. This lunation marks the culmination of a chapter in our healing journey. It represents an invitation to harmonize chaos and order, and balance reliance on practicality and logic with trust in Life and in our intuition.

When the Moon is Full, the light of the Sun illuminates our inner world and we can see more clearly our subconscious material. Full Moons represent the maturation and peak point of the lunar cycle, where the results of our efforts are manifested and we have the opportunity to reap the fruits of our labor. 

The Full Moon taking place during March is also popularly referred to as the Worm Moon. This name is due to the fact that, at this time of the year and in the Northern hemisphere of the globe, the first worms begin to emerge from the ground, signaling the imminent arrival of Spring and warm weather. Worms, a symbol of resilience and regeneration, remind us of the value of small but consistent effort, inviting us to be patient and accept Nature’s timing.

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Full Moons: Revelations, Culminations, and Letting Go


Full Moons are times of revelations that offer us chances to gain more self-awareness. From now on and during the second half of the lunar month, we begin to let go of the intentions we set on the New Moon and the energy invites us to release and slow down.

When the Moon is Full, it always implies an opposition, an exact 180º alignment, with the Sun. This time, the Moon in Virgo is also in opposition to Neptune, in its home sign of Pisces and conjunct the Sun. The involvement of Neptune adds a strong Piscean quality to this lunation, which will bring up the need to find harmony between discipline and flow, effort and surrender.

full moon in virgo

Oppositions always remind us of the importance of balancing polarities. These aspects reflect a tendency to gravitate towards one side of a spectrum and then towards the opposite one after we have reached an extreme. Planets opposing each other often generate pendulum swing dynamics that lead us to explore two opposite ways of being before settling in the middle.


The Virgo-Pisces polarity: Spirituality and Embodiment


The current Full Moon highlights the need to balance how we express the opposite and complementary archetypes of Virgo and Pisces. Virgo is inherently analytical, logical, and practical, while Pisces is intuitive, emotional, and imaginative. Pisces is associated with chaos and with all those forces beyond our control. Virgo instead is trying to find order in life and discover a logical thread that connects all parts of the whole. 


Despite popular belief, Virgo and Pisces are both spiritual signs. While Pisces seeks to transcend the human experience and explore other realms and dimensions, Virgo aims to experience the Divine within the mundane and through a deeper physical embodiment. Virgo reminds us that we can practice mindfulness every day: we don’t need to be in a monastery to live according to spiritual principles and values. While Pisces teaches us to surrender control to access states that promote the deepening of our perception of reality, Virgo reminds us of the value of devotion to daily routines, practices, and habits that support and strengthen our connection with the Divine. 


Full Moon opposite Neptune: Increased Sensitivity and Distorted Perceptions


The Moon in Virgo indicates a need for order, rationality, and predictability. During this transit, we aim to create the optimal conditions for us to feel comfortable navigating life. However, with the Moon opposing Neptune and the Sun in Pisces, this is unlikely to happen: we may have experiences that we can’t control, that force us to change our plans, or that we can’t fully understand through logic and rationality. These days, our perceptions may be distorted by our emotions and our increased sensitivity. 

full moon in virgo

The Moon opposite Neptune and, more loosely, Jupiter, indicates the need to relate with our empathy consciously, and practice discernment relative to what we take in, how much we give, and what we allow to affect us. We will be more sensitive than usual, wide open to the energies surrounding us. For this reason, we have to set proper boundaries and manage our empathy wisely, choosing carefully what we are available for and what we are not available for. 

With this aspect, we may tend to see other people’s potential instead of their reality and bypass our feelings and our boundaries in the process. We may also feel more tired and lethargic than usual, and there is a danger of excessive passivity, of going with the flow without taking action and avoiding responsibilities. This is a good opportunity to notice which experiences, people, and situations drain us and which ones, instead, energize us. We have an opportunity to learn to better manage our sensitivity and avoid being swept away by our feelings. 


Full Moon trine Pluto: Emotional Power


The Moon in Virgo is in a harmonic trine to Pluto in Capricorn. This is a supportive aspect that sharpens our intuition and our capacity to follow our gut instincts. As their alignment is happening in Earth signs, it adds some practicality and pragmatism to the current astrological configuration, pairing sensitivity with discernment and self-trust.

The Moon-Pluto trine will help us confront feelings and emotions that we might have been afraid to face. It will increase our capacity to psychologically understand ourselves and others and see our and their core intentions and motivations. This is an aspect of healing, purification, and renewal: the Virgo Full Moon is a favorable moment to let go of uncomfortable feelings, resentments, and grudges. The trine to Pluto promotes a constructive transformation of habitual behavioral patterns and of the way we deal with our emotions. It will support the awareness that, if we are going through some sort of emotional pain, it will help us grow stronger and wiser. 


Mars and Venus square Uranus: Rebellious Streak


As the Full Moon is taking place, Mars and Venus are in Aquarius and they are both approaching a square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Venus perfects the square tomorrow, while the Mars square goes exact on March 22. These aspects will add some dynamism and action into our life, especially in our relationships. Uranus wants things to remain interesting: if there is something stagnant in our life, it could very well change. During the upcoming days, a strong desire for adventure, excitement, and freedom is likely to arise and it may generate out of the blue, unexpected behaviors, and sudden shifts in our plans. 

Unusual encounters, unpredictable events, and eccentric desires may catalyze impulsive and disruptive actions. Mars square Uranus indicates a rebellious streak, an inclination to disobey, and a lack of trust in authorities and institutions. Venus square Uranus signals a strong need for space and independence. A change in values could possibly bring a desire to experiment with alternative styles of relationships, or we may begin to relate with people completely different from us and from those we habitually hang out with. 

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full moon in virgo

Full Moon in Virgo: Being Compassionate Yet Discerning


Four planets are transiting Pisces right now and Mercury, the ruler of the Virgo Moon, is also there, where it is traditionally considered debilitated. In Pisces, the logical, practical, analytical qualities of Mercury aren’t enhanced, and the focus is instead on the development of the intuitive, the sensitive, and the imaginative

These days, we may struggle to keep up with our schedule, responsibilities, and duties, and find it challenging to organize ourselves effectively. Life may seem to be too chaotic and irrational and we may not manage to structure our days in the way our mind thinks would be best for us. Even though this could represent a source of frustration, it could also stimulate our creativity and inspire us to make positive changes. Mercury’s sextile to Uranus in Taurus could catalyze the emergence of innovative ideas, downloads, and insights that do have a practical application.


During these days, we are finding a balance between excessively relying on logic and practicality and excessively trusting our feelings. We are learning to see situations and people as they are, and not as we would like them to be. We are flowing with life and learning to trust it, yet without relying uniquely on hope, luck, and wishful thinking to get by. We are learning to be compassionate, yet discerning. This Virgo Full Moon may deliver to us important lessons in these areas, marking the culmination of a chapter of our maturation and healing journey and giving us new opportunities to grow spiritually and emotionally.

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To find more information and guidance on how this Full Moon is going to influence your signs, we invite you to explore our March Horoscope which has a section dedicated for this Full Moon. Tap here to find your sign..

2/22/22 Gateway – Manifestation, Healing & Breakthroughs

2/22/22 portal of divine manifestation, magical synchronicities, spiritual healing, breakthroughs, clarity and angelic support is open!

This month, we experience three major 222 dates, 2/2/22, 2/20/22, and 2/22/22. Each sequence is magical, but by far, the 2/22/22 sequence stands out the most, as it contains the energy of Master Number 22, and the manifesting power of Angel number 22222.

Use this time to manifest your visions, dream relationship, partnership, self-love and self-healing routines. 02/22/22 is a day of emotional and spiritual healing, karma cleansing, manifesting and rebuilding.

This is a rare once in a lifetime moment for humanity. There will not be another 222 sequence until 2/2/2222. Turn up your manifesting and let the Universe shower you with divine blessings!


The Significance and Power of 22222 in Numerology


Every number has a unique essence. You can think of this essence as each number’s personality. Number one is assertive and independent; number two is patient and attentive; number three is expressive and curious, and so on. However, anytime a number is repeated, the energy is amplified. This is the case with 22222.

Number two is connected to partnership, healing, building and cooperation. Two is the number of patience, modesty, and duality. Wherever the number two shows up is where you are seeking to establish more balance and alignment.

As an Angel and repeated number, 22222 represents divine timing. It is a message from your guides that you are on the right path and you will find the right people, but in order to do that, you have to listen to your higher emotions and thoughts.

In its shadow, 22222 is a reminder that every dream requires patience, cooperation, and work. If you’ve been struggling with feeling seen, heard, or accepted, 22222 is a reminder to stay flexible and open to new possibilities, you can attract anything you want.


2/22/22: Take Control of your Destiny


On February 22, 2022, the last 222 sequence of the 21st century will occur. This awakening moment mirrors the self-defining qualities of Master number 22. This monumental Numerology event breaks open the door to a more fulfilling, sustainable, and aligned future. February 22, 2022 is the day to move forward and stop living in the past.

Out of all the Master numbers, 22 has the potential to be the most successful due to its practical mind and extraordinary self-discipline. Equipped with the insight and spiritual enlightenment established by master number 11, 22 has the potential to manifest any dream into a reality. 22 teaches us how to see our visions clearly in the spiritual realm and how to bring them down into the earthly plane.


You may be wondering how this energy will affect you, and the question is: what big breakthrough are you planning? What partnerships are ready to go to the next level of commitment? What relationships are ready to be released with love? What opportunities are you ready to attract? The magic of 02/22/22 supports you, but you have to take action.

In Numerology, 2 can be a passive number. And when Master Number 22 expresses itself with stagnation and laziness, rather than being a proactive master builder, 22 hides away and idles over its dreams. It struggles with perfectionism and overthinking.

Try not to let your fears talk you into staying in a rut. The challenge of Master number 22 is overcoming its perfectionist tendencies and trusting others to help achieve your goals. This energy is a call to take gradual action instead of rushing and acting impulsive which ultimately leads to burnout.

If feeling emotionally, physically, or spiritually exhausted at this time, find ways to slow down and appreciate the life you are creating. Express gratitude for who you are, where you are, and what you have. Invite joy, harmony, and balance into your life. Learn to live in the present moment.

There are six 2’s in today’s date, together they give 12, and 12 is a number three, magical number, holy trinity, three’s of everything, secret of the Three holy principles hidden in two’s. High frequency codes are vibrating through ether. This marks the culmination and ending of a longer cycle, the one that was active between 2.2.2002 – 22.2.2002. We might feel a lot of pressure because somethings from last 20 years might be involved in these changes and healing process we are going through right now, both individually and collectively.


The Astrology of 2/22/22


Today, Moon in Scorpio makes a challenging square aspect with the lord of the karma and time, Saturn in Aquarius and this gives us even greater power to release what needs to be released, to remove old fears, to remove old anxieties and to change the taste of our own past in our bodies, our minds and our souls. We will be inspired to put hard work into what we’re passionate about, to invest in long term changes and set ourselves free from traumas that colored our perception through many lifetimes.

Any restriction and challenge is just a springboard towards growth and evolution, and today is that magic day when we can create that quantum leap and jump from one reality into another, from old structures and frames of mind into more stable, more alive, more magical frames of mind and states of being.


Another divine inspired synchronicity we experience today: 2/22/22 portal happens in this same day as U.S. Pluto return, this means that the planet Pluto will be right on the same degree and same sign where it was when U.S. declared independency on the 4th of July 1776. It also happens during the peak cycle of Venus, Mars and Pluto conjunction that will culminate exactly on the 3.03.2022. On this day we will again have the same sum of numbers, again 12 which gives birth to 3. Amplification of these energies are enormous!

During this time we can expect very important messages to be delivered to us, important lessons, key people coming into our lives, key relationships, key conversations. This alignment also shows that we are all just where we should be, where we’re meant to be, everything is well and unfolding and manifesting for our highest good.


2/22/22 Invitation


February is a month with many changes and opportunities for rejuvenation, so keep dreaming big and paving new paths for your future. May you set intentions and attune to the highest timelines that are being inspired and orchestrated by your higher self during this 02/22/22 gateway.

May the supporting and protecting energies of angel number 22222 and creative manifesting energies of master builder number 22 be with you and help you in healing, bring you clarity and inspire you to consistently, consciously and courageously walk in the direction of your dreams by living and enjoying in the present moment.

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Full Moon in Cancer: Path to Empowerment

On January 17, 6:48 PM ET, we witness the first Full Moon of the calendar year, also referred to as the Wolf Moon. This cosmic event is taking place at 27°50’ of the sign of Cancer, the lunar domicile, and it is guiding us on a path to personal and collective empowerment.

The Moon in Cancer opposes the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn, intensifying our experience of feelings and emotions and inviting us to explore the way we deal with them, showing us what we need to transform and alchemize.

To celebrate the arrival of Full Moon in Cancer, on January 17 9:45 PM ET, we are hosting Global Live Full Moon in Cancer Meditation on our YouTube channel. We invite you to join us, and invite others to meditate together with us. Tap here to find our scheduled live meditation.


Full Moons bring clarity and facilitate understanding.


The light of the Sun completely illuminates the Moon, bringing awareness of our emotional world, subconscious patterns, and habitual reactions. At this time of the month, the truth can be perceived, and mysteries may be revealed. We tend to experience a strong emotionality and some degree of polarization between contrasting drives, as the Sun and the Moon activate opposing and complementary energies.

As the intentions we set on the New Moon may manifest, Full Moons mark the maturation and culmination of the lunar cycle. They inaugurate two weeks of slowing down and decreased momentum, a moment to share what we have been working on with others and release what we no longer want to carry. 

full moon in cancer

The Full Moon of January is also known as the Wolf Moon due to the fact that, at this time of the year and in the Northern part of what today we know as the United States, it was very common to hear howling wolves at night. This has inspired many stories and legends of ancient folklore centered around the connection between wolves and the Full Moon. Wolves remind us of the power of community and mutual support and the importance of being part of a Soul family that has our back in moments of crisis.


Full Wolf Moon in Cancer: There’s No Place Like Home


As an intense Capricorn season culminates, the Full Moon in Cancer highlights our need for safety, softness, belonging, nurturance, and comfort. The Moon is at home here. She expresses herself with great sensitivity and incredible intuition while reflecting an urge to withdraw into our private, inner world to come back to harmony.

While the Moon is in the sign of the Crab, we gravitate towards the familiar, the known, what feels secure. There is a spontaneous attunement to the environment and a natural connection to the surrounding atmosphere. Cancer is the sign relative to family and domestic realms: a Full Moon here is likely to bring these areas of our lives into the spotlight, reminding us that there’s no place like home.


Full Moon opposite Pluto: Finding Internal Security


The Moon correlates with memory, particularly with emotional memory. Her condition reflects how we try to get our emotional needs met and generate conditions of safety. When the Moon forms a hard aspect to Pluto, there can be a tendency to do so through emotional and psychological manipulation of others and the environment. Often, we do so to maintain a connection or a sense of predictability, to avoid feeling threatened from insecurity and the risk of not having our needs met. 

Moon-Pluto aspects are about letting go of unhealthy emotional attachments we are dependent upon for comfort and security, and that don’t allow us to develop a sense of safety coming from within. All oppositions bring revelations and understanding, and this Full Moon opposite Pluto has the potential to help us gain clarity on the psychology behind our emotional states and reactions and the expectations we, more or less consciously, place on other people.


Sun conjunct Pluto: Taking Responsibility for our Power


On this Full Moon, Pluto has indeed a prominent role. This faraway planet, considered to be the force of evolution, exposes what is decaying, decomposing, and deteriorating to promote a radical, complete metamorphosis. Since it entered Capricorn in 2008, Pluto has been bringing up all the shadows of society, institutions, and established systems. Meanwhile, this transit invites us to become aware of the conditioning we have internalized due being exposed to these structures.

Pluto is now tightly conjunct with the Sun. The Sun meets Pluto once a year, calling for a deep transformation of our sense of self, purpose, identity, and expression. This alignment is an invitation to take responsibility for our power and don’t be afraid to embody and express it. 

Sun-Pluto aspects encourage us to discover the limits of our will, challenge our fears, and explore matters of personal identity, self-confidence, self-affirmation, and exposure. In Capricorn, this alignment invites us to establish our individual identity in the context of the changing social structures. We may reflect on how to contribute to the creation of systems that allow the full expression of our creativity while generating value for the collective.


Full Moon trine Neptune: Opportunities to Heal


The Moon is in a Water trine with Neptune in Pisces, a flowing aspect of ease and harmony. This alignment suggests powerful intuition and ease of connection with the emotions and feelings of others. An immense capacity for empathy and compassion facilitates forgiveness and supports our capacity to put ourselves into someone else’s shoes. During these days, increased emotional openness may help us heal and process something still unresolved. 

Full Moon in Cancer

A desire to save another, to be saved or rescued could come up during this lunation. Neptune in aspect to the Moon erases the boundaries between self and other. It increases our inspiration and our desire for creative expression. Channeling our feelings into art can feel incredibly healing and rewarding. During these days, we may also be careful of not self-sacrificing or dismissing our needs in favor of other people’s needs, which may lead to experiences of disillusionment later on. 


Mars square Neptune: Aligning Dreams and Actions


Neptune is quite prominent in this lunation as, besides being aligned with the Moon, is also in a square aspect to Mars in Sagittarius, an energy that has been active for the entire week. Hard aspects between Mars and Neptune always generate some amount of frustration. Squares reflect a tension between two celestial bodies trying to go in different directions and that, in doing so, block each other’s way. 

Mars and Neptune have very little in common. While Mars is about action, decision, reactivity, and sharpness, Neptune is about passivity, blurriness, confusion, and receptivity. Their square can reflect some difficulties matching our dreams, ideals, and wishes with actual actions directed towards a specific goal in the material reality. We may feel unmotivated and lethargic and come to believe that our efforts don’t lead to any tangible result. We may feel frustrated if change doesn’t happen fast enough, or have the impression that our life force dissipates in multiple directions. 

All Mars-Neptune aspects underline the importance of aligning our actions and choices in the material reality with our spiritual path. They challenge us to resolve any incongruencies between our ideals and values, how we act, and what we do. At their best, Mars-Neptune contacts bring out the most exquisite artistry, creativity, and inspiration, allowing us to connect with our capacity to be a vessel for Spirit and reach deep states of flow.

To help you harness this energy Full Moon in Cancer brings we have created Full Moon printable channeled “Path to Empowerment” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these Full Moon in Cancer Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.


Full Moon in Cancer: Path to Empowerment


During this pivotal moment of human history, we are becoming more and more aware of what power is and what power isn’t. By witnessing destructive, corrupted examples of authority and leadership, we are being challenged to develop and embody constructive, healthy ones. As we get to understand what we do not want the world to become, we can envision and build a better reality, both for ourselves and for future generations. Everyone is now called to take responsibility to do their part.

We are about to experience two important astrological shifts. Tomorrow the Lunar Nodes change sign and Uranus stations direct, catalyzing an acceleration of events and inviting us to step up to new evolutionary challenges. The Cancer Full Moon reminds us of our task of learning to hold ourselves, parent ourselves, and take care of ourselves emotionally, spiritually, but also financially and materially. 

This potent lunation marks a turning point in our path of personal empowerment and emotional maturation. As we deepen our self-knowledge and our understanding of our internal dynamics, we have a chance to embrace a new level of personal responsibility. Refining our self-regulation habits will help us feel stronger, more grounded, and more self-secure, and ultimately navigate the upcoming changes optimally.

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Saturn square Uranus: Revolutionary Times

On December 24, 02:16 AM ET, we experience the final, exact square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, which is currently in retrograde motion. 

We live in revolutionary times: this aspect has been characterizing the entire year, and it will continue to be active for at least ten more months, even though, from now on, the two planets will start moving away from one another. We are at the last peak phase of this long-term, slow transit, that will have lasting implications and effects.


Saturn in Aquarius & Uranus in Taurus: Extreme Social Changes


Saturn in Aquarius is restructuring society, catalyzing the innovation of existing systems while inviting us to reflect on the ethical use of technology, social media, and the internet. These are a fantastic tool for evolution, progress, and empowerment, nonetheless, they have the potential to become a means of mass control, their use can be addictive, and it can increase feelings of alienation and isolation. 

This transit encourages us to reflect on the relationship between the individual and the collective, the human and the machine, encouraging us to gain awareness of the importance of both defending our rights and accepting our duties as members of society.

Meanwhile, Uranus in Taurus is accelerating the breakdown of the foundation of existing structures, particularly financial systems, and increasing the trend to adopt simple, slower ways of living, get out of the cities, and reconnect with Nature. 

Building self-sufficient communities that aim to be independent of the mainstream and exploring sustainable uses of resources are common manifestations of this energy. Uranus’ transit through Taurus can be also correlated with extreme natural events that disrupt our stability and comfort and force us to find ways to adapt to new conditions quickly.


The Square Aspect: Motivation to Change


Squares are angles of 90 degrees that reflect friction and tension between planets transiting signs of different elements, different polarities, and the same modality. In this case, the Fixed modality is involved: both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs. 

Squares are highly motivating aspects that push us to implement change to get out of the discomfort we are experiencing. Nonetheless, Fixed signs tend to resist change, and this can make the current process a bit more uncomfortable. This square represents one peak point of the Saturn-Uranus cycle, which illustrates the relationship between these planets. We can understand it better by comparing it to the lunar cycle. 


Understanding Planetary Relationships


Just like a New and Full Moon represent, respectively, the beginning and the maturation points of the lunar cycle, all relationships between celestial bodies can be studied through the same lens. The First and Last Quarter squares of a cycle represent moments of critical adjustment: they are associated with the awareness that something doesn’t work as expected and that we need to make changes.

Saturn square Uranus

This Saturn-Uranus square is a Last Quarter phase square, correlated with a crisis in consciousness, beliefs, and vision, that invites us to pause before moving ahead, and reflect on how our vision has changed, how the world has changed, how we have changed since the two planets met in conjunction for the last time. This square is happening after the Saturn-Uranus opposition, which brought new awareness and began the Waning phase of their cycle, associated with the need, for the individual, to integrate into the social structure.


The Saturn-Uranus cycle: the Last Quarter Phase


The last Saturn-Uranus conjunction took place in the sign of Sagittarius in 1988: this was the beginning of their current cycle. The last Saturn-Uranus opposition happened between 2008 and 2010: it brought revelations and understanding relative to what had been unfolding. 

We are now experiencing another critical moment of the journey, and we are now invited to release our attachment to the initial vision and intentions and begin to let them go. However, at this point, we tend to experience a crisis in beliefs, values, and faith, as new intentions and visions have not emerged yet. Nonetheless, we are still required to let go of the old ones: the absence of an immediate replacement is what causes the crisis.

Saturn square Uranus

The Saturn-Uranus square reflects strong friction between our desire to move towards the future and our desire to hold back to the past. The tension relative to this phase brings into the spotlight the relationship between the individual and the collective, and it is playing out in the context of a deep restructuring of social systems and dynamics. These have been already highlighted by the transit of Saturn, correlated with structure, through Aquarius, correlated with progress, and by the transit of Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, through Taurus, corresponding to financial systems.


Saturn square Uranus: Invitation to Decondition


Uranus wants to experiment and innovate, while Saturn wants to know what to expect. The controlling influence of Saturn clashes with Uranus’ need for freedom. Saturn in Aquarius tries to affirm the domain of science and rationality over the intuitive wisdom of Nature and of the body, while Uranus in Taurus keeps threatening our stability, our livelihood, our material security. These are intense times, and it’s not easy to remain grounded.

The Aquarian archetype has been very active for the whole year: this has been igniting our need for independence, experimentation, and space, while highlighting the importance of dreaming for a better future despite all the restrictions, struggles, and limitations we have been facing. Both transits are inviting personal growth, self-empowerment, and deconditioning, encouraging us to dare to make radically different choices from the majority and step into uncertainty with faith.


Saturn square Uranus: Revolutionary Times


Are we able to stand our ground when confronted with the challenge of not fitting in? Are we willing to stay true to ourselves even when that means being considered an outsider? Are we strong enough to be our own authority, even when others don’t approve? Do we feel firm in our choices, even when they clash with what the mainstream expects from us? These questions will come up very strongly during these days, and many of us are likely to be tested, on many levels: if you are, keep in mind that you are not alone in the struggle.

Socio-political and financial issues are likely to be in the spotlight: there has already been intense unrest arising as a result of new restrictions and regulations. As the old systems keep crumbling, we have a chance to begin envisioning new ones and start experimenting with implementing innovation on a small, local scale.

At this time, we may feel torn between the temptation to conform and the desire to defend our individuality, our rights, and our freedom. We are being asked to let go of an illusory sense of security and have faith in the unknown: the creativity resulting from the need to adapt to unfavorable conditions has the potential to bring forth substantial progress and open new evolutionary paths.

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Capricorn Season 2021: Reclaiming our Sovereignty

On December 21, 2021, 11:00 AM ET, the Solstice took place. The Sun entering Capricorn inaugurates a new season, a new chapter, a new phase of growth that will revolve around reclaiming our sovereignty and connecting with our inner authority.

In the Northern hemisphere, Yule marks the longest night of the year, inviting us on a journey through darkness, Winter, and the shadow realms. In the Southern hemisphere, the beginning of Summer gives us a chance to enjoy the increased amount of light and creative energy available to us at this time.

The Sun will be in Capricorn until January 20, supporting our capacity to be self-responsible and disciplined and inviting reflection around what we desire to work for and why.


From Sagittarius to Capricorn: a New Awareness


As a Cardinal sign, Capricorn marks the emergence of a new awareness. While the Sun’s journey through Sagittarius is a time of optimistic expansion, exploration, and discovery, when the Sun enters Capricorn we cross a threshold linked to the realization of our limitations, our duties, our responsibilities, and our boundaries.

At this time, we accept that after a period of expansion, contraction is necessary. Capricorn season corresponds to the moment of realizing that we need to structure the knowledge we accumulated into something tangible in order not to waste it, we need to make something valuable and long-lasting out of it.

Capricorn Season 2021

Both contraction and expansion are necessary, they are complementary, and too much of either can cause trouble. The transit of the Sun through Capricorn is a time to get serious about what we want and work for it, to gain more profound self-mastery, and make a positive impact on society thanks to the wisdom we accumulated during our previous phases of evolution.


Working with Fears, Boundaries, & Limitations


The Capricorn archetype correlates with the conditioning we have internalized, with unnatural feelings of guilt and toxic shame, with the fear of other people’s judgment that can paralyze us. The Sun’s journey through the sign is a time to explore how we can work with the fears that hold us back from expressing ourselves as we would like to. It is a time to honor the limitations we encounter, yet without allowing them to define our reality: meeting our limits can be the beginning of something, not only the end of the game.

We are entering a phase of introspection, maturation, and self-knowledge. As a Yin sign, Capricorn is not simply about working hard. It is about reflecting on what we want to work hard for and why, and making tangible choices that honor that. During this season, we are encouraged to evaluate how we desire to invest our time and energy, what we aspire to build with our life force, and whether it has value in the long term not only for us but for the collective.

The transit of the Sun through Capricorn is an opportunity to cultivate deeper emotional maturity, connect with our inner authority, and release self-judgments based on artificial norms, regulations, and standards of conduct that aren’t aligned with Natural Laws.


Capricorn season 2021: Lunations & the Saturn-Uranus square


During the upcoming season, we will witness a New Moon in Capricorn and a Full Moon in Cancer. The New Moon in Capricorn coming up on January 2 will invite us to establish a new relationship with order and structure, and integrate the systemic changes that have been taking place so far. The Full Moon in Cancer of January 17 will be an intense lunation, in tight opposition to the Sun-Pluto conjunction. This alignment will give us an opportunity to release coping mechanisms, emotional patterns, and security attachments that are hindering our maturation and preventing us from blossoming as we could.

Capricorn Season 2021

Throughout the entire upcoming Capricorn season, the Saturn-Uranus square will be very active. This has been the characterizing alignment of 2021, it was prominent for the entire year, and it’s perfecting for the last time on December 24.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, transiting through Aquarius, has been bringing up feelings of social alienation and non-belonging, raising issues about the ethical use of technology, social media, the internet, and the way our data is used. Uranus in Taurus has brought forth a strong urge to come back to simple ways of living and detach from systems that aren’t honoring our nature and natural rhythms. The last square between these planets will bring many of these issues to the forefront, probably exacerbating dynamics of socio-political tension and polarization all over the globe while reflecting significant changes in the world economy.


Capricorn season 2021: Renewal of Values & Embodied Sovereignty


Throughout the entire Capricorn season 2021, Venus will be retrograde, also in Capricorn. Retrograde Venus and the Sun will meet at 18°43’ of the sign on January 8, an alignment referred to as inferior conjunction, marking the beginning of a new Venus cycle, which has a similar energy to a New Moon.

The Sun-Venus inferior conjunction is an aspect of renewal and regeneration that encourages us to align with new values and reorient our attitude to relationships accordingly: this process that will significantly speed up as Venus comes out of retrograde at the end of January. Until then, we will keep reviewing, reassessing, restructuring, and redefining the way we desire to be in connection with others, with ourselves, and with society.

The invitation of Capricorn season 2021 is to embody our sovereignty and honor our boundaries to move towards a more profound self-mastery. We are being asked to root in our inner authority, trust our capacity to make wise choices for ourselves, and avoid betraying ourselves by adhering to mainstream norms of conduct that don’t feel fully right or true.

The Sun’s journey through the sign of the Sea-goat will shine a light on our conditioning and offer us an opportunity to develop more awareness of ourselves and our role in the collective, helping us discern which responsibilities are ours to take and which ones are not.

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Venus retrograde in Capricorn: Restructuring Relationships

On December 19, 05:36 AM ET, Venus stationed retrograde at 26°29’ of Capricorn while in tight conjunction with Pluto, and just a few hours after the Full Moon in Gemini. This transit promotes a process of restructuring of our relationships and offers us an opportunity to decondition from limiting beliefs that negatively affect our romantic life, our financial status, and our capacity to set healthy boundaries.

Venus will remain in retrograde motion until January 29 and will stay in Capricorn for quite a long time, until March 6, shortly after forming her third conjunction to Pluto. The Goddess of Love will be in her post-shadow phase until March 2, when will reach the degree where the retrograde started. 


Venus retrograde: a Rare Event


Venus retrograde is a rare and special event, as this planet spends the least amount of time in apparent backward motion of any other celestial body. Venus stations retrograde only every 542 days: the last cycle took place in the sign of Gemini in 2020, and the next one will be in 2023 in the sign of Leo.

Retrogrades indicate a need to reconsider and rebel from social expectations around the expression of the planet, reflecting a necessity to review, refine, and reform our way to relate with the celestial body involved. Retrogrades accelerate our individuation process by forcing introspection and encouraging us to dare to be different, make unusual choices, and avoid conforming with the majority. 

Venus retrograde corresponds to a time of reorientation and redefinition of both our relationships with others and our relationship with ourselves. It is a time of deep reflection on our values and purpose, that often corresponds with a tendency to withdraw from social life and spend more time in solitude. It is also a moment during which we may re-live and re-experience old relationships dynamic, people from our past may come back, and we may have the opportunity to solve something that remained unfinished.


Venus retrograde in Capricorn: Reassessing our Boundaries


The Capricorn archetype speaks about the journey of becoming our own authority: this sign rules time, the process of maturation, containment, and boundaries. Ruled by Saturn, currently transiting through Aquarius, Capricorn correlates with both inner and outer structures, such as the structure of our consciousness and the structure of society. 

Venus instead is associated with romance, wealth, receptivity, beauty, and art. In Astrology, the Goddess of Love rules Taurus and Libra: this planet corresponds to the way we relate with ourselves and other people, but also to our values, to our sensuality, and to how we meet our essential needs. We are heading for a journey of restructuring and rediscovering of our taste, our romantic desires, our boundaries, our limitations, our values, and our relationship with finances and material abundance.

Venus retrograde in Capricorn

During the retrograde transit of Venus in the sign of the Sea-Goat, lasting, tangible, inner and outer changes are likely to take place: they have the potential to affect the structure of our life, the structure of our relationships, the structure of society, and the world economy at large. Significant shifts in global monetary policies and financial markets are likely to happen as both individuals and organizations will feel drawn to reevaluate their way to manage money, assets, and resources


Venus conjunct Pluto: Obsessive Passion


Venus stations retrograde in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, an alignment that will keep coloring the entire retrograde cycle. Their first exact aspect was on December 11, the second one will be on December 25, and the third one on March 3. When the Goddess of Love meets the God of the Underworld, romantic matters become intense and obsessive, and letting go becomes extremely hard, even when we know it’s the best thing to do

Venus conjunct Pluto indicates that behind our craving for love and passion lies the evolutionary imperative to transform our way to be relationships and transform ourselves through our relationships. With this aspect, we may experience an incredible desire to be in connection and a simultaneous dread of intimacy and vulnerability, which is emphasized by the fact that their alignment is happening in Capricorn, a sign that, in its shadow expression, tends to be cold and rigid. 

Venus joining Pluto for the second time while in retrograde motion underlines the importance of deeply analyzing the coping mechanisms, emotional patterns, and psychological dynamics that keep showing up in our relationships. Triggers and conflicts that emerge now are likely to offer us invaluable information that has the potential to help us gain a more profound self-awareness and inspire us to change deeply rooted behaviors.


Venus retrograde & Chiron direct: Healing Ourselves to Heal our Relationships


Also on December 19, 11:33 AM ET, Chiron stations direct at 8°26’ of Aries after being in retrograde motion since July 15. When planets are stationary, their symbolism is stronger, and Chiron stationing direct simultaneously with Venus can be considered an invitation to integrate the insights we got while Chiron was retrograde into the upcoming Venus retrograde journey.

Chiron’s issues are often linked to abandonment and rejection, and they imply a sharp awareness of our inherent vulnerability and imperfection. The emphasis on Chiron brings the spotlight on wounds related to a negative self-image, fear of taking action, and fear of being rejected for expressing our individuality, which inevitably show up and affect our connections with others. Around this time, we may realize that to heal our relationships, we need to heal ourselves first, and that we can’t expect change to happen in our relationships if we don’t work on ourselves and keep making the same choices.

The combined activation of Venus, Pluto, and Chiron has the potential to support an initiation into a journey of radical self-love, which may help us elaborate feelings of being unworthy of care and affection and release any tendency to hold back love due to fearing rejection and hurt.


Venus retrograde in Capricorn: Restructuring Relationships


How do we love ourselves? How do we desire to be loved? Do we believe we deserve it? Do we behave as we deserve it? Do we honor our boundaries before expecting others to do so? Do we feel like the authority of our lives? Are we willing to take the responsibility that comes with it?

These could be some of the questions that may come up during this transit. The Venus retrograde cycle will give us opportunities to dive deep into our psychology, explore our relationship dynamics, and change the way we relate to ourselves, others, and life itself. It is an opportunity to step into a more profound sense of integrity and to align our behaviors, our actions, and our relationship choices with our values and long-term goals.

This transit supports a profound deconditioning and deconstruction of relationship expectations, patterns, and dynamics, and will promote a radical, lasting restructuring of our way to be in relationships. Venus retrograde in Capricorn offers us an opportunity to work on conditioned internalized beliefs relative to all types of interpersonal interactions, and to our relationship with wealth, abundance, and receptivity, giving us a chance to break free from repetitive, disempowering patterns and reclaim our sovereignty and authority.

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December 2021 Astrology Update: Surprising Closure

December brings the year to closure in an intense, unpredictable, and surprising way. We end 2021 with a powerful Astrology, just like we started it. During the upcoming weeks, we will experience the last Eclipse of the current cycle on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, a powerful New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Later, Venus will station retrograde in Capricorn in exact conjunction with Pluto, just a few hours after the last Full Moon of the year in Gemini, and while Chiron stations direct in Aries. 

At the very end of the month, we will experience the culmination of the last exact Saturn-Uranus square. This alignment has represented the main astrological theme of the year, and it will continue to be active throughout most of 2022, even if it won’t be exact again. Finally, Jupiter will come back to its home sign Pisces, ending the year on an optimistic note.

Let’s have a closer look at the main astrological transit for the upcoming month.


Neptune stations direct in Pisces

Dec 1, 2021, 08:22 AM ET

On the first day of the new month, Neptune stations direct after being in apparent backward motion for roughly six months. This event may reveal to us where we have been too caught up in illusions or fantasies. When the veil is lifted, we may experience some confusion and disorientation, linked to the sense of suspension that often comes up when we transition from one level of consciousness to the next one. Neptune stationing direct invites us to surrender to the wisdom of and timing of life and to trust what we are meeting on our path, even if its purpose isn’t clear yet


New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Dec 4, 2021, 02:42 AM ET

The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse marks an intense new beginning while bringing to completion a karmic cycle: it is the last Eclipse in Sagittarius until 2029, and it is happening on the South Node of the Moon, which relates to our past, our story, our natural talents, what we know well and are familiar with. As the Sun and the Moon meet the South Node, we can expect some emotional purging and processing. A Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius may bring a feeling of loss of meaning, of not knowing what to turn to. As we detach from old beliefs, assumptions, and ways of making sense of life, we often perceive a sense of void that can feel scary. This void, however, is precisely what creates the necessary space for a new and deeper faith to emerge.


Mars enters Sagittarius & Mercury enters Capricorn

Dec 13, 2021, 04:53 AM ET & Dec 13, 2021, 12:52 PM ET 

On the same day, both Mars and Mercury change signs. Mars leaves magnetic Scorpio and enters cheerful Sagittarius. The way we go after what we want will change, and it is likely to be less obsessive and more expansive. With Mars in Scorpio, we act with determination and intense focus, and we are single-minded in our pursuits: Mars entering Sagittarius inspires us to widen our horizons, explore different options, and consider more possibilities.

Meanwhile, Mercury leaving Sagittarius and entering Capricorn reflects a tendency to get serious, think about our future, organize ourselves better, and manage our days in a more structured way. During this transit, we tend to think more and speak less: we appreciate silence and choose our words carefully. Mental discipline, focus, and commitment will be facilitated: Mercury in Capricorn will encourage us to embark on new learning journeys or to build something with the knowledge we already have.


Full Moon in Gemini, Venus conjunct Pluto

Dec 18, 2021,11:35 PM ET

This Full Moon culminates a cycle that began with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, bringing to light information, facts, and data previously unknown, unavailable, or uncertain. This lunation will energize our minds, inspiring us to learn and expand our understanding of reality: new ideas are likely to emerge, and new connections could be born. 

While the Full Moon takes place, Venus is conjunct Pluto and stationary retrograde: this alignment adds a scorpionic quality to this lunation, which marks the beginning of a period of extreme transformation of how we experience relationships. Our relationship with ourselves, with our values, and with money will also change. This alignment will happen for the second time on December 25, while Venus will be retrograde. Venus conjunct Pluto inspires a deep analysis of repetitive patterns that show up in our relationships and increases our desire for loyalty and commitment.


Venus stations Retrograde in Capricorn, Chiron stations direct in Aries

Dec 19, 2021, 05:36 AM ET

Just a few hours after the Full Moon, Venus begins her retrograde journey, which will be a time of reassessment of our values, financial situation, love, and social life. In particular, we will review and reconsider our boundaries and the way we relate to the limitations we encounter. Substantial changes in the world economy and volatility in financial markets are also likely. Venus is stationing conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and will remain in Capricorn until March. During this time, we will reevaluate the way we have been structuring our life and we are likely to undergo deep and lasting inner changes. Simultaneously, Chiron stationing direct in Aries reminds us that working on wounds that affect our self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-assertion represents the foundation for improving our relationship with others.


Capricorn season begins

Dec 21, 2021, 11:00 AM ET

The Sun entering Capricorn begins a new season: the Solstice represents either the shortest day or the shortest night of the year, according to where on Earth we are living. The Winter Solstice brings our attention to how we find our way through the darkness, while the Summer Solstice marks the peak of light and creative energy available to us. Astrologically, the Capricorn season represents a time of introspection, maturation, and self-knowledge. We are being encouraged to reflect on what we want to work hard for and why, what we want to build, and whether it has value in the long term. At this time of the year, we are encouraged to cultivate discipline and to carefully evaluate how we want to invest our time and energy.


Saturn in Aquarius square Retrograde Uranus in Taurus

Dec 24, 2021, 02:16 AM ET 

The last Saturn-Uranus square brings to a culmination and breaking point the battle between old and new, past and future, tradition and innovation that we have been experiencing for the whole year. Socio-political and financial issues are likely to be in the spotlight: there might be important global changes and intense protests as a result of new regulations being implemented. On the personal level, we could notice an inner conflict between our desire to move forward and do something entirely different and our need to hold back to the known and the familiar. The tension generated by this aspect, when channeled creatively, can result in lasting innovation and in a productive renovation of outdated structures and models.


Jupiter enters Pisces

Dec 28, 2021, 11:10 PM ET

At the end of the year, Jupiter comes back to Pisces. This transit may bring our attention back to issues we were focusing on between May and July 2021, during the first ingress of Jupiter in the sign. Jupiter enters Pisces in a square aspect to the Lunar Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius. For the upcoming month, this alignment will be active, emphasizing issues of honesty and authenticity: it may reflect some insecurity about what is true and what isn’t, and what to believe in. Jupiter will remain in Pisces for most of 2022, expanding our desire for spiritual growth and our drive to find the true meaning of life. This transit is likely to increase our urge to turn to spirituality and ancient wisdom to gain a deeper perspective of what’s happening within us and all around us.


December Astrology Update: Our Invitation


2021 has been a year of transition, a year of adjustment, a year where we have been challenged to reinvent ourselves over and over again while adapting and trying to keep up with the deep systemic changes that are taking place. A lot is going on this month and, astrologically, we are experiencing many long-term transits that speak about cycles coming to closure.

When we are transitioning from old systems, structures, and ways of being to new ones, we have to go through a necessary phase of exploration and experimentation where we may not know exactly what we are doing or what’s happening. New solutions don’t emerge immediately: as we wonder how to solve our current issues without much success, fear tends to come up. This phase usually brings up some doubts and uncertainty, and a temptation to try to remain in control of how everything is unfolding. 

As we prepare to leave 2021 behind and approach 2022, we are encouraged to trust the unknown and have faith in our capacity to navigate it, while keeping in mind that we are always being supported, even in ways that we don’t immediately understand.

December 2021 Astrology Update

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