Mercury in Scorpio: Deepening Psychological Awareness

On October 29, 3:22 PM ET, Mercury leaves Libra and enters Scorpio after an extended stay in the sign of the Scales due to its retrograde cycle. 

Mercury in Scorpio reflects an inclination to research, observe carefully, and deepen into how things function before we speak or share what we think and feel. This transit promotes and supports a deepening in our psychological awareness, emotional nature, hidden intentions and motivations, as well as a more profound understanding of how other people function.

Mercury remains in Scorpio until November 17, increasing the emphasis on the sign, where the Sun, Venus, and the Lunar South Node are already transiting. 


Mercury in Scorpio: Empowerment through Changes in Mindset


Scorpio is a Yin, Fixed, Water sign, and like all Water signs is connected with the emotional body. It correlates to transformational processes that require us to let something die in order to create space for something else, more aligned with our path’s unfolding. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, has to do with the mind, the intellect, and rationality. The Messenger correlates to how we learn, solve problems, organize, communicate, and deal with daily tasks and obligations.

 The transit of Mercury through Scorpio has the potential to clearly show us how we can empower or disempower ourselves through our thinking, and how thoughts and emotions are intertwined and feed each other all the time. Mercury’s journey through the sign can be an opportunity to explore what needs to shift in our relationship with our emotions to establish solid changes in our mindset, and vice versa, what needs to change in our mindset to establish lasting changes in how we deal with emotions.


Mercury has a Prominent Role during the Upcoming Lunar Eclipse


Mercury is going to be prominently placed during the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, taking place on November 8. The Messenger will be in the heart of the Sun and close to the Lunar South Node, opposite Uranus and the Moon. We will experience a potent Sun-Mercury cazimi in Scorpio together with a tight Moon-Uranus conjunction, all on a Lunar Eclipse conjunct the North Node. Revelations, downloads, sudden insights, and new information becoming available at this time could be key for us to move forward, opening new doors, providing opportunities, and quickening the pace of our growth. 

A strong sense of restlessness, erratic energy, nervous tension, and need for speed are also likely. While, on the one hand, the Sun-Mercury cazimi in Scorpio indicates an incredible capacity to focus and concentrates our intellectual powers, the involvement of Uranus and the Moon reflects a more scatter-brained quality as well as a tendency to dissociate, detach from our bodies, and lose ourselves in the realms of the mind, future visions, and possibilities. Technological breakdowns, breakthroughs, and new discoveries are likely around this time. This configuration supports our attunement to future trends and currents, indicating higher chances for sudden revelations and ideas that can bring forth significant innovation.

Mercury in scorpio

The Mercury-South Node conjunction can be an opportunity to recycle old ideas or transform projects we began in the past into something new, more attuned to the direction we are going toward. The Moon-Mercury opposition invites reflection on our relationship with memory, how memory can be distorted by emotions, and how emotions affect our perception of reality. It highlights the challenges of communicating our inner experiences and sensations in a way that gives to others a clear picture of them, without being either excessively rational or excessively emotional.


Mercury in Aspect to Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto


During its journey through Scorpio, Mercury is going to square Saturn, trine Neptune, trine Jupiter, and sextile Pluto. The square between Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius goes exact on November 10 and will be already active on the Eclipse. Mercury activates the Saturn-Uranus square, emphasizing the tension between our desire to break free from obsolete outdated thinking patterns and the pull of internalized conditioning holding us back from doing so. This is a good time to ponder and reflect upon how we may unconsciously contribute to silencing or censoring ourselves, and how our relationship with our voice and speaking our truth has been changing.

 The Mercury-Neptune trine involving the signs of Scorpio and Pisces, exact on November 12, facilitates artistic inspiration and creativity and increases our imagination. Storytelling and writing may be particularly inspired these days. Our intuition will be strengthened, and so will our capacity to translate into language the information we receive through sensations, psychic sensitivity, and energetic awareness.

Mercury forms a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn on November 15. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio and this symbolism maximizes the Scorpionic powers of Mercury. Mercury sextile Pluto is an aspect motivating us and facilitating productive action aimed at penetrating into the depths of our subconscious minds and finding out the root cause of our patterns and habits, to gain a more complete understanding of our psychology, desires, and motivations. Finally, on November 16, we experience a Mercury-Jupiter trine, also in Scorpio and Pisces, a tremendous influence for all learning pursuits, teaching, and sharing of information and ideas through different channels. 


Mercury in Scorpio: Power of Persuasion


Mercury’s journey through Scorpio increases our powers of persuasion, our intuitive skills, and our desire for depth of connection and conversation. It reflects an inclination to expose the truth and be transparent even when it’s extremely uncomfortable. This transit offers us an invitation to reflect upon how other people’s values influence our thinking, how our intimate connections and bonds contribute to shaping our perception of reality, and how the way we think and perceive sexuality affects our experience of it. During the upcoming weeks, we may ponder upon our relationship to trust, question what trust means to us, and what contributes to building a foundation of trust in our connections. 

Our way to relate with and make sense of experiences of betrayal and abandonment may also be in the spotlight. Mercury’s journey through Scorpio offers us chances to reframe the way we perceive feelings of betrayal and abandonment by integrating a deeper understanding of ours and others’ psychology, facilitating opportunities to see our inner and outer experiences in a different light.

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Scorpio Season 2022: Opportunities for Profound Transformation

October 23 is a very active day, astrologically: within a few hours of each other, we experience three relevant energetic shifts. At 12:07 AM ET Saturn stations direct in Aquarius, at 03:52 AM ET Venus enters Scorpio, and at 06:36 AM ET the Sun enters Scorpio, shortly after Venus met the Sun on the last degree of Libra for the Venus Starpoint in the sign.

The Moon is currently dark, in her Balsamic phase, and we are preparing for a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio coming up in only two days. Today is likely to feel energetically intense: let’s see in more detail what these three shifts are about.


Saturn direct in Aquarius: Time of Maturation


When planets station direct, they offer us an invitation to slowly begin moving forward and implementing tangible changes in our lives according to what we learned and understood during the retrograde phase. Saturn, the Lord of Karma, is the planet associated with our maturation process, with time and space, it is the principle that generates structure by giving definition, containment, and solidity to what exists through the creation of a boundary. Saturn is connected to traditions, with the conditioning we internalize, with all boundaries and limitations, with our relationship with authority and with the rules, limits, and regulations we encounter.

When Saturn is activated by transit, it offers us an invitation to reflect on what we desire to build and create, on how we can make it last through time, and on how we desire to make a relevant impact on society. It is a good time to assess where we are at in our emotional maturation process and what has been shifting during the last few months.

Saturn’s transit through Aquarius represents an opportunity to build alternative systems and structures that are aligned with our deconditioning and individuation journeys. Aquarius, Saturn’s traditional domicile, has to do with breaking rules that are ready to be broken and establishing new ones that support innovation and progress. Since 2020, Saturn has been inviting us to become rebels with a cause and trust our inner voice as our compass instead of relying on external authorities and institutions.

scorpio season 2022

The Lord of Karma stationing direct in the sign of the Water Bearer is inviting us to take responsibility for making decisions that allow us to be in integrity and align the external structure of our lives with the inner restructuring that has been taking place during the retrograde.


Saturn square Uranus & the Nodes, Saturn trine Mercury


Saturn is currently at 18º35’ Aquarius in a tight square to retrograde Uranus at 17º36’ of Taurus. The two planets have been in aspect since 2021 and from now on, Saturn and Uranus begin to separate from each other, as Saturn is in direct motion while Uranus is still retrograde.

The ongoing Saturn-Uranus square has been an opportunity to explore how our past conditioning, fears, and insecurities are still preventing us from building a structure for our life that feels aligned with the person we are becoming. It reflects the tension we experience as we transition from old patterns, systems, and structures to new and unexplored ones. The square of Saturn and Uranus offers us chances to contemplate our relationship with change, the unknown, and the uncertain, during a time of fast shift in personal and collective values, financial paradigms, and socio-political conditions.

Saturn has also been squaring the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio for approximately six months and this aspect is still active, even if Saturn now begins separating from the Nodes, which move retrograde for most of the time. Saturn’s square to the Nodes points to the importance of being accountable for how we are living our lives and for the choices we are making and invites us to look at our relationship with commitment, responsibility, self-discipline, and integrity.

Saturn stationing direct could bring full circle a process that has been unfolding since 2021 when Saturn and Uranus began squaring each other. These days, there is the potential to receive practical and tangible insights relative to what to do to move toward the future we envision and desire. Saturn’s trine to Mercury in Libra can facilitate the objective understanding, communication, and integration of the ideas and information emerging at this time.


Venus enters Scorpio: Cultivating True Intimacy


Shortly after Saturn stations direct and just a few hours after the exact Venus-Sun conjunction in Libra, Venus and the Sun begin transiting through Scorpio. Here, the Goddess of Love inspires us to value depth of connection, intimacy, and transformative exchanges. When Venus is in Scorpio, superficial relating doesn’t feel appealing or interesting: we want all or nothing and we aren’t much willing to compromise on it. This transit offers us an invitation to work on deepening our intimacy with ourselves, as well as our intimacy with others.

Venus’ yearly journey through Scorpio is a chance to transform disempowering relating patterns, gain a more profound understanding of the psychology behind human connection, and explore healing processes that only happen through open and vulnerable connection with another human. Something to be mindful of during this transit is confusing intensity with love, getting addicted to high sensation while abandoning ourselves and neglecting our core values and needs.

Venus is transiting over the Lunar South Node on November 2, marking a time of karmic encounters and fated meetings. These days, people from our past may come back into our lives suddenly and unexpectedly, as Venus is also opposing Uranus in Taurus shortly after, on November 5. We may have chances to find closure of something that wasn’t fully solved before, or gain a new, more objective understanding of it. On November 7, Venus squares Saturn in Aquarius, pointing at opportunities to gain awareness of those places where we still feel unworthy and unlovable, or fear intimacy and rejection. The Venus-Saturn square is an invitation to work on scarcity mindsets and improve our receptivity. This aspect motivates us to work hard and invest our energy and time into something we value and believe in for the long term.


Scorpio season 2022: Opportunities for Profound Transformation


The Sun brings the spotlight on the area of the Zodiac it is transiting, and when he travels through Scorpio, the spotlight goes on everything that is below the surface of our conscious awareness. Scorpio season invites us to gain a deeper awareness of our emotional and psychological nature and gives us chances to uncover those patterns of behaviors we unconsciously rely upon to generate a sense of safety and security. Power games and manipulation tactics could be revealed, and we will have opportunities to deal differently with situations we encounter.

scorpio season 2022

The Sun’s presence in Scorpio gives us powerful determination and willpower while reflecting a tendency to gravitate towards fixations and obsessions, as well as an inclination to hide and avoid vulnerability in order to protect ourselves. The emphasis on the Scorpio archetype allows us to access an enormous healing potential and increases our chances for deep personal and collective transformation.


Scorpio Season 2022: Navigating Upcoming Eclipses


Last but not least, during Scorpio season 2022 Eclipses are taking place. On October 25, the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 1º59’ of Scorpio conjunct Venus reminds us that all endings are beginning. This Eclipse is connected to the Lunar South Node and it is likely to bring up past emotions and attachments that we have to let go of in order to move forward without being caught up in cycles of repetition and suffering.

On November 8, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the Lunar North Node, tightly conjunct Uranus and square Saturn, marks a time of releases and culminations, unexpected turning points, and shocking revelations. The proximity of Uranus to the Moon and the involvement of Saturn in the configuration indicate high potential for potent collective shifts, impactful world events or natural events, as well as twists of fate in our personal lives that will bring to the forefront the need to confront our conscious and unconscious resistance to change.

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Closure and Disclosure

On May 16, 12:13 AM ET, the Moon in Scorpio opposes the Sun in Taurus: as they align with the Nodal Axis, we experience an intense Full Blood Moon which comes with a Total Lunar Eclipse at 25°16’ Scorpio. This is the second Eclipse of the season and brings to maturation the cycle that started on April 30, with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus.

We have been navigating through two liminal weeks of transition, uncertainty, change, and intensity that might have felt disorienting and chaotic. The Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse may reveal to us what the process has been about, bringing moments of revelations while indicating the possibility of more unexpected shifts, culmination, closure, and disclosure. The journey is going to keep unfolding for the upcoming six months, until the next cycle of Eclipses.

This Lunar Eclipse is the first Eclipse in Scorpio since April 2013, and it could bring up similar themes, patterns, and situations as those we were dealing with back then. It will be visible, at least in part, from most of North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and the western areas of the Middle East. 


Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Emotional Purification


Lunar Eclipses are supercharged Full Moon that happen when the Moon opposes the Sun while the luminaries are aligned with the Nodes of the Moon, the two opposing points in space indicating the intersection of the Moon’s orbit with the Ecliptic. 

Full Moons are moments of culmination, revelation, and clarity: they indicate that the maturation of a cycle is taking place, and invite us to begin to slow down and let go of our efforts until the next New Moon. This Total Lunar Eclipse is happening in Scorpio and on the Lunar South Node, where the Moon is transiting, while the Sun is conjunct the North Node in the opposite sign of Taurus. When planets join the South Node, they bring up unsolved issues and emotions from our past that we are being encouraged to purge and release. 

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

While the previous Solar Eclipse was partial, this Lunar Eclipse is total, as the luminaries are tightly conjunct the Lunar Nodes. The Moon will get completely red as she will be covered by the shadow of the Earth, which will be preventing sunlight from reaching the Moon for approximately three hours. 


Lunar Eclipse on the South Node: Releasing the Past


When the Moon crosses her South Node, we are being encouraged to release habitual patterns of reaction and emotional responses that, in the past, represented a way to generate safety and security. 

The South Node has to do with our karmic past, with what we are familiar with, with what we know a lot about and have already experienced. Its pull is very familiar and it is hard to resist, it has to do with something we tend to unconsciously repeat again and again in a way that has an element of compulsion. 

In Scorpio, the South Node indicates an urge to establish deep emotional ties and a tendency to try to empower ourselves by joining forces with powerful others. The North Node in Taurus points to the necessity to self-source and empower ourselves by deepening our self-knowledge and the awareness of our inherent worth.

Our task is not to leave the South Node behind, but to reach a better balance between the North and the South Node. In the case of Taurus and Scorpio, we are learning to find a balance between relying on our resources and relying on the resources of others, between being autonomous and being interdependent, between empowering ourselves through association with others and empowering ourselves by becoming more self-sufficient and resourceful.


Full Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Creation and Destruction


The Moon’s transit through Scorpio intensifies our experience of emotions. Scorpio is deep, visceral, and raw: it is about transmutation, metamorphosis, and regeneration. It has to do with the processes of elimination and destruction, with the death and rebirth cycles that are part of our empowerment process.

This Lunar Eclipse is bringing the spotlight on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, which is about life and death, creation and destruction. Taurus builds and consolidates, while Scorpio destroys, eliminates, and breaks down. Taurus season is when nature blossoms and blossoms, while Scorpio season is the time when what was alive decomposes and decays. Through Taurus, we relate to sexuality as a physical need, linked to procreation and the survival of the species, while through Scorpio we discover the power of conscious sexuality as a way to merge with others on a Soul level and achieve a deeper union. 

Both signs have a connection to finances, resources, and possessions: Taurus is about what we personally own, while Scorpio is about shared ownership. For this reason, this Eclipse could mark unexpected, significant shifts in our finances, income, and possessions, as well as in global economic policies and financial markets.


Sun, Moon, & Nodes square Saturn: Emotional Maturation and Self-Responsibility


Saturn has been squaring the Nodal Axis for approximately a month, and on this Eclipse it is squaring also the Sun and the Moon. The Saturn-Nodes square has been bringing up the need to deal with the limitations of the 3D material reality, take responsibility for our desires, and move forward in our maturation process. The importance of becoming our own authority and creating boundaries that can contain and promote our growth has been highlighted by this transit. 

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

On this Lunar Eclipse, Saturn squaring the Sun and the Moon could indicate feelings of restrictions, low energy, and a tendency to repress our emotions and hold in what we feel. Positively, these aspects offer us opportunities to better structure our creativity, gain more mastery over our energetic management, and achieve a better awareness of our emotional needs.


The Role of Venus, Chiron, Mars, Neptune, and Pluto


As the Eclipse takes place, Venus is tightly conjunct Chiron in Aries, an aspect that brings the spotlight on wounds relative to relationships, feelings of rejection and non-belonging, and low self-worth and self-esteem. In Aries, it has to do with learning to trust our instinct and reclaiming our right to exist, take space, and assert ourselves, our needs, and our desires. This alignment has the potential to help us see where we abandon ourselves to please or be accepted by others, and invites us to heal any fear of direct confrontation and of being rejected for showing up as we are. 

Meanwhile, Mars, the ancient ruler of Scorpio, and Neptune are about to perfect their conjunction in Pisces, which is going exact on May 18 but is already active. The Mars-Neptune conjunction reminds us of the importance of aligning our actions with our ideals and values, being aware of our true intentions, and learning the difference between soul-centric desires and ego-centric desires. 

The Moon in Scorpio is trine Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune in Pisces. The Moon trine Neptune magnifies our sensitivity and empathy, while the Mars-Moon trine grants us the courage to separate ourselves from attachments that aren’t nourishing us. Meanwhile, the trine between Moon and Jupiter adds optimism to our emotional processing, supporting our faith in a positive outcome. The Moon is also sextile Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio, currently on the last degrees of Capricorn: this aspect supports our intuitive psychological understanding of ourselves and others. Pluto trines Sun and its influence is strong on this Eclipse, helping us become aware of issues of power and control, and inviting us to reflect on where we are at in our own empowerment journey.

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio


Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Opportunities for Empowerment


This Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will bring our awareness to what’s lingering in the shadows, offering us opportunities for deeper self-knowledge and emotional catharsis. It has the potential to help us see more clearly subconscious patterns of behavior that we adopted in our childhood in order to feel secure and aid in our elaboration of past trauma.

This is a time of deep reevaluation of our attachments, of our partnerships, of the way we live our sexuality, of our relationship with money and wealth. Scorpio reminds us of the inevitability of impermanence and loss and brings more awareness to the importance of not holding on too tightly to what we have.  During the upcoming days and weeks, we may be asked if we are willing to lose something in order to gain something that could be much better. We may get to reflect on what we are willing to sacrifice to make space for what we truly, deeply desire.

The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio offers us a chance to let go of old emotional patterns, old security attachments, old ways of being, and undergo a process of purging that will allow further transformation to happen. We will be invited to reflect on our attachment style, and on how we create intimacy with both ourselves and others. Issues of trust and vulnerability could emerge, and allow unresolved emotional issues, resentment, anger, and grief to come up to be finally released.

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Lunar Nodes enter Taurus and Scorpio, Uranus stations Direct

On January 18, 1:56 PM ET, the Lunar Nodes entered Taurus and Scorpio. Just a few hours earlier, 10:26 AM ET, Uranus stationed direct in Taurus after being in apparent backward motion since August 19, 2021. Expect acceleration of our evolutionary pace, of the rhythm of events, and new opportunities to individuate and grow.

These are two powerful energetic shifts happening almost simultaneously. They are likely to bring important, sudden, unpredictable changes both in our individual lives and in collective, global dynamics.  The focus will go on our relationship with impermanence and the invitation will be to embrace the discomfort of change. 


Understanding the Lunar Nodes


The Lunar Nodes need to be considered as an axis composed of two opposing points in space, located at the same degree of opposite signs. These points mark the intersection of the orb of the Moon with the Ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun from our perspective on Earth. When the luminaries conjoin or oppose each other close enough to these points, Eclipses happen. For this reason, for the upcoming one and a half years, Eclipses will happen in Taurus and Scorpio.

The South Node corresponds to something we are familiar with, something we know well, ways of being that are natural to us, talents and gifts we express effortlessly. We always manifest a strong, collective emotional attachment to issues surrounding the transiting South Node. The planet ruling it, in this case Pluto, indicates habitual, often compulsive ways of operating and behaving.

The North Node is the exact opposite of that. It is something foreign, something that feels unfamiliar, something we have no experience with, something that stimulates our curiosity yet requires us to step into the unknown, so it does not feel very comfortable. The North Node and its planetary ruler, in this case Venus, illustrate the way to balance the tendencies of the South Node, which should not be completely left behind or disowned. Working with the Nodal Axis requires exploring a dynamic harmony between two polarities, one more familiar than the other.


Lunar Nodes leave the Gemini/Sagittarius axis: End of a Chapter


Something to keep in mind is that the Lunar Nodes move in retrograde motion for most of the time. This is why they are shifting from the Gemini/Sagittarius axis to the Taurus/Scorpio axis. The North Node just left Gemini, and the South Node just left Sagittarius. We completed a karmic cycle that highlighted our relationship with our beliefs, underlined the importance of finding impartial, reliable sources of information and news, and stimulated our capacity to coexist with people who think differently than us.

A Sagittarius South Node indicates a drive to identify with and have a strong emotional attachment to our truth, our beliefs, our worldviews, and our philosophies. This has been playing out through the current war of information, the diffusion of censorship, but also through phenomena such as the spread of cancel culture. All these factors have contributed to creating a deep polarization within the global population, which, in some of us, resulted in a tendency to self-censor. Many people do not feel free to express their beliefs openly anymore, as they fear being attacked, “canceled”, or excluded from a community.

The Gemini North Node has been teaching us that everything is relative, that diversity is beautiful, that our truth is valid, yet it is not the only truth. This transit has reminded us of the importance of seeing both sides of a situation, of exchanging opinions with curiosity rather than arrogance. We have been learning to coexist peacefully with people who have different worldviews and beliefs, to respect others’ opinions without necessarily agreeing with them.


South Node in Scorpio and North Node in Taurus: Embracing Simplicity


The events of the last couple of years have generated a situation of collective trauma and generalized, ongoing fear, a feeling of being in a perpetual crisis. Here is where we start from, what we are familiar with when a Scorpio South Node is in the picture. We are used to circumstances of intensity, and we carry conscious or subconscious memories of being in situations where our survival is at stake. There may be a tendency to rely on manipulative means to survive, and a drive to expose possible hidden interests or motives behind others’ actions to gain a sense of control and emotional security.

The North Node in Taurus is an invitation to ground in our physical body, root in the present moment, come back to a simple way of life, realign with the rhythms of Nature. It is an opportunity to reconnect with our personal values and with a sense of self-worth that is independent of our attachments with others. We want to feel empowered and supported by our relationships and our commitments, yet we don’t want them to define us or determine our worth.

Lunar Nodes enters Taurus

The focus for the upcoming year and a half is on cultivating a solid sense of self-value, on building intimacy with ourselves, and on establishing a personal connection with our erotic nature. Particularly, the Taurus North Node speaks about the journey of learning not to link our self-esteem, self-value, and self-love with the validation, sexual or otherwise, that we are receiving from the outside.


Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio: Accepting the Inevitability of Change


Both Taurus and Scorpio have something to do with money and resources. Taurus corresponds to our personal finances, possessions, values, and resources, while Scorpio is associated with other people’s assets, money, values, and resources. The Nodes’ journey through this axis will bring up the need to redefine the global financial system and the way we manage our resources, including the resources of the Earth. It has the potential to allow us to connect with a new sense of security, which is not based on an illusion of perpetual stability but rather on the understanding that change is inevitable and is constantly happening.

Taurus/Scorpio is also the axis of sexuality and sensuality. The Scorpio South Node reflects a tendency to gravitate towards sexual and intimate experiences that have an element of enmeshment, based on unhealthy emotional attachments and mutual dependency. Often some degree of manipulation, power struggles, and control dynamics are involved. The Taurus North Node reminds us of the importance of relating with another from a place of self-knowledge, self-respect, and self-value, rooted in the awareness of what we deserve, need, and want, in a deep connection with our body and our values.


Uranus Direct in Taurus: Turning Point


Together with the shift of the Nodal Axis, Uranus stationing direct is likely to mark a turning point in our lives. When planets are stationary, they are closer to Earth, their influence is stronger. The modern ruler of Aquarius is a potent event accelerator, which often brings unpredictable and sudden changes that force us out of our comfort zone in no time.

Uranus in Taurus has been shaking up our stability since 2018: this is another important indicator of revolutionary shifts in the financial system and of the need to change our management of natural resources. As Uranus stations direct, there may be unexpected, unpredictable climate events, issues around the supply of electricity and gas, possible shortages, and disruptions of food production and distribution.

Uranus stationing direct encourages us to act to move forward in our journey of individuation and deconditioning. Its transit through Taurus will help us break free from values and ways of living that are not authentic for us, as they represent a byproduct of our conditioning and the social expectations imposed upon us.


Lunar Nodes enters Taurus & Scorpio, Uranus stations Direct


The Nodal shift is reinforcing the prominence of the Fixed modality in the current astrological climate. Fixed signs are not the most inclined to change: they are about the preservation and consolidation of what we have created. Nonetheless, Uranus transiting Taurus is likely to disrupt the existing paradigms, test their stability, and invite us to rebuild them. By forcing us to adapt to the unexpected, this process will stimulate our versatility and generate a significant degree of innovation and social progress.

We have a chance to begin to build a new relationship with uncertainty and accept the inevitability of change: we may learn to see it as an adventure rather than only as a threat to our survival. These transits highlight the need to surrender attachments that don’t allow us to live a life aligned with our core values, even if that generates an amount of insecurity that is uncomfortable to deal with at first.

Lunar Nodes enters Taurus

Uranus will meet the Taurus North Node and oppose the Scorpio South Node between July and August 2022. Around this time, expect more radical changes in all these areas and an urge to break free from what restricts us. Uranus’ conjunction to the North Node will help us come into contact with our unique resources, talents, and skills, to gain deeper self-reliance and a better awareness of what lifestyle best suits our individuality.

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Venus in Capricorn & Mercury in Scorpio

On November 5, 06:44 AM ET, Venus entered Capricorn, while shortly after, at 6:35 PM ET, Mercury entered Scorpio.

We have just experienced an intense New Moon in Scorpio, and we immediately undergo another energetic shift. Both Venus and Mercury are leaving a Yang archetype to begin traveling a Yin sign: their transits will increase the emphasis on the elements of Earth and Water, promoting the internalization of our focus and attention.


Venus in Capricorn: Need for Consistency


In Astrology, Venus rules our values, our love and social life, our finances, our self-worth, our receptivity, our relationship with abundance, and our capacity to be open to pleasure. While Venus is in Sagittarius, we value freedom, authenticity, spontaneity: we seek new experiences through which we desire to increase our knowledge of ourselves and the world.

Venus entering Capricorn brings a significant transition in our values. During this transit, we get more serious and begin to think about the long term. We value consistency, commitment, hard work, and reliability: we are not interested in anything that doesn’t provide worth in the long term. We will be more prone to thinking about consolidating our financial situation, achieving deeper financial security, saving money, or investing our savings.

In the arena of relationships and romance, we may feel the urge to detach from those friendships and partnerships we can’t fully rely upon. We will naturally gravitate towards building connections that have the potential to stand the test of time and that offer tangible and lasting value to our lives.

Venus in Capricorn & Mercury in Scorpio

During this transit, we may notice insecurities around our physical appearance, our social skills, and doubts around our right to be loved and cherished as we desire to be. Venus in Capricorn may reveal to us where we still fear other people’s judgment or opinion, where we aren’t fully grounded in a strong sense of self-worth and self-respect, and where we may compromise our boundaries and our non-negotiables in exchange for love or validation.


Venus retrograde in Capricorn: Restructuring of Relationships


While in Capricorn, Venus will go through her retrograde cycle, remaining in the sign for longer than usual, until March 6. Venus is retrograde for the least amount of time than any other planet in the solar system, and her cycle is always deeply felt. This year, Venus will be retrograde from December 19 to January 29.

Her backward journey will inspire us to question and break free from conditioned ways of relating that we have adopted as our own. Relevant changes and new regulations affecting the global economy, politics, and financial markets are also very likely during this time. Venus retrograde will bring a reevaluation and restructuring of our love and social life, inviting us to reconsider what we want from our relationships, what our values are, what the purpose of our interactions is.

During her transit through Capricorn, Venus will join Pluto in Capricorn three times. These alignments will intensify our love nature, our attachments, as well as our mistrust, by increasing our desire for pleasure and passion, but also our need for power and control. Venus retrograde in Capricorn will promote a radical redefinition, restructuring, and deepening of both our relationship with ourselves and our relationships with others.


Mercury in Scorpio: Depth of Perception


Mercury joins the Sun and Mars in Scorpio, deepening our perception of reality, inspiring us to look beneath the surface. Mercury will be in Scorpio until November 24. While Mercury in Libra is concerned with mannerism and politeness, Mercury in Scorpio wants to uncover the truth and will tell it as it is in your face, even if it hurts. Our research and observation skills will be sharper, we will listen more carefully and pay more attention to energetic and emotional undercurrents while spending a greater deal of our time analyzing our own or other people’s psychology.

Mercury in Scorpio gives us an opportunity to unearth unsolved issues from our past and dive deep into our unconscious mind. During this transit, we choose deep conversations over gossip and small talk: we enjoy silence and don’t feel particularly drawn to speak more than necessary. This is a fantastic time to undergo therapeutic and psychological work. Mercury in Scorpio supports our capacity for self-understanding, self-analysis, and increases our willingness to confront uncomfortable truths.


Mercury activates the Saturn-Uranus square


During the upcoming days, Mercury in Scorpio will join Mars, activating the Saturn-Uranus square by squaring Saturn and opposing Uranus. On November 10, Mercury will conjoin Mars and square Saturn, pointing to the possibility of feeling silenced, oppressed, blocked, and censored. Around this time, there is the possibility of new restrictive regulations and constraints around freedom of speech and expression.

Shortly after, on November 13, the Mercury-Uranus opposition will magnify our desire to break free from mental limitations, supporting critical and independent thinking and inspiring a desire to rebel against the status quo. Nervous tension, restlessness, and increased mental activity are likely to be present around this time. Mercury opposite Uranus may facilitate downloads that catalyze sudden and fast transformations of how we think and perceive reality, and change how we express what we feel, sense, and think.

Venus in Capricorn & Mercury in Scorpio

These alignments could bring the revelation of something previously hidden or secret: unexpected news may stir up some chaos and unpredictability. What results from the disclosure may inspire us to question our choices and behaviors. The simultaneous activation of the pattern by the presence of Mars may contribute to our decision to take radically different actions and move forward in new ways.


Venus in Capricorn & Mercury in Scorpio: Harmonious Communication


While Venus and Mercury are changing signs, they are forming a harmonious sextile aspect. Their alignment is very favorable for artistic endeavors involving words or the use of our hands, such as creative writing, poetry, and physical theatre. The two planets will support the harmonization of our self-expression and communication style in relationships while promoting a grounded and thoughtful approach to financial matters.

Two personal planets are shifting from Fire and Air to Earth and Water: we are bringing our focus inwards, paying more attention to our physical needs, our values, our changing emotional states and needs. Both Scorpio and Capricorn are concerned with investing time, resources, and energy wisely. These are likely to be relevant themes of the upcoming weeks, and they will continue to be in the spotlight during the whole journey of Venus through Capricorn.

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Mars in Scorpio: Deep Soul Searching

On October 30, 10:21 AM ET, Mars left Libra and entered Scorpio, one of the signs he rules. Mars will be in Scorpio until December 13, supporting our physical stamina and our willpower while inspiring us to be single-minded, tenacious, and determined in going after what we want.

Mars travels through Scorpio once every two years: during this time, the intensity skyrockets and we enter a phase of deep soul searching. The upcoming weeks represent a time to understand the right use of our power, will, and sexual energy. We have an opportunity to explore our hidden intentions and motivations, what forces are driving us, what is really behind our cravings.


Mars in Scorpio: Chances for Increased Self-Awareness


In Astrology, Mars represents our way to act on our desires, how we generate forward movement, carve our path through existence, how we attack, how we defend ourselves. Mars is our impulse to start things, to take initiative, to set life in motion.

Mars is a Cardinal archetype, associated with the start of a new process, while Scorpio is a Fixed sign, driven towards preservation and consolidation. This combination of energies gives endurance and consistency to the martian impulse and allows us to develop more persistence and focus.

mars enters scorpio

During this transit, we have an opportunity to move stagnant emotional energy, explore our rage, and work on patterns of jealousy, possessiveness, and obsessive behaviors. We may experience fear of betrayal, loss, and abandonment, and jealousy could emerge, maybe as a projection of our own fear of being unable to control our sexual impulses. Through intense introspection and psychological self-analysis, we may gain awareness of any shame and guilt we still carry, linked to repressed needs and desires perceived as unacceptable.


Exploring Sexuality Consciously


While Mars is in Scorpio, we have a chance to detach from power games, manipulation tactics, and domination attempts through sex and seduction, and dare to be fully honest and vulnerable with both ourselves and others.

Are we using sex as a vehicle to channel our repressed anger, to get validation, or to gain power and control over another? Are we more focused on achieving pleasure than on building emotional intimacy? Are we convincing ourselves that compulsively following every attraction is what we desire and need?

By gaining awareness of how karma is exchanged through sexuality, we naturally recognize the importance of discernment regarding our sexual partners, those we allow more intimately into our energetic field. Mars’ journey through Scorpio invites us to establish a sacred connection with our body and with another’s. This transit gives us an opportunity to explore different ways to channel our sexual energy, whether we are single or we have a partner.


Mars in Scorpio activates the Saturn-Uranus square


On November 10, Mars will be conjunct Mercury in Scorpio and they will both square Saturn in Aquarius, while on November 17, Mars opposes Uranus in Taurus. Wherever Mars is, we see action. During these days, the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square will be activated by Mars, a potent event catalyzer. The resulting pattern of tension is known as T-square.

In 2021, Mars has already activated the Saturn-Uranus configuration. Particularly, on January 20, Mars joined Uranus in Taurus and squared Saturn, and between July 1 and 4, while Mars was transiting through Leo, he opposed Saturn and squared Uranus.

Mars square Saturn corresponds to a strong sense of frustration, a feeling of being blocked and defeated as we try to move forward or take action. This aspect is part of a cycle that started with the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn on March 31, 2020: we could now experience a turning point in events that first manifested back then. The Mars-Saturn square reflects the need to clearly choose a course of action when confronted with a crisis that generates insecurity and doubt around how to proceed.


Possible Upheavals and Disruptions


Mars opposite Uranus instead can reflect a tendency to go to extremes: erratic behaviors and impulsive actions are possible, and there is the potential for external events disrupting our existing plans. In particular, this Mars-Uranus opposition represents the culmination point of a cycle that started in January with their conjunction in Taurus. Something that first came up around this time could emerge again, there could be new developments, and facts previously unclear may be revealed.

During these days, upheavals in financial markets, global politics, and the world economy are possible. The Mars-Saturn-Uranus configuration highlights the need to combine our need to fight for our freedom with a capacity to be disciplined and patient and act in a way that allows change to happen without generating unnecessary destruction.


Mars trine Neptune, sextile Pluto, square Jupiter


Mars trines Neptune in Pisces on November 29 suggesting a harmonic flow of energy between our actions and our ideals, an ease with making decisions aligned with our spiritual path, and a capacity to generate a fluid and effortless motion towards our goals.

On December 6, Mars sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. The sextile is an aspect of cooperation and opportunities and it will support our physical strength, motivation, and determination. An increased capacity to focus will support our ability to act consistently towards our goals, transform our lives, and manifest something tangible and lasting through our life force and our emotional energy.

Shortly after, on December 8, Mars squares Jupiter in Aquarius on December 8, increasing our restlessness, our need to move, and our tendency to act on impulse. However, Aquarius’ objectivity is likely to tone down Mars impulsiveness, as Jupiter’s drive to expansion may play out mostly on an intellectual level, possibly generating an obsessive and passionate search for knowledge.


Mars enters Scorpio: Deep Soul Searching


Especially throughout the central part of November, it is advised to be mindful of impulsive reactions, as they could turn out particularly destructive. Disruptive world events, social upheavals, and sudden changes may give us opportunities to explore how we deal with anger and raw emotions. We may have a chance to deepen our self-mastery and discover different ways to channel and manage these energies – that get particularly intense while Mars is in Scorpio.

On a personal level, during this time of deep soul searching, we may reconnect with both our natural eroticism and our inherent vulnerability, becoming more conscious of our relationship with sexual energy and of the link between sexuality and emotionality.

mars enters scorpio

This transit offers us an invitation to have an honest look at any manipulation tendencies linked to the misuse of our power, and seductive tactics that aim to get others to meet our needs in shady ways. Mars’ journey through Scorpio will give us chances to become conscious of the value of emotional commitment and compromise, and to gain awareness of the difference between forming a connection with something or someone and simply trying to extract power and energy from it.

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New Moon in Scorpio: Cycle of Extreme Transformation

On November 4, 5:14 PM ET, we experience an electric New Moon in Scorpio, opposite Uranus in Taurus, and square Saturn in Aquarius. The Moon joins the Sun at 12°39’ of the sign, beginning an intense lunar cycle that will culminate with a Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.

New Moons symbolize a fresh start, a moment of creation, a time to plant seeds for the future, and they mark the first day of the lunar month. From now on and for the next two weeks, the Moon will grow again, receiving more and more sunlight, inspiring us to trust our instinct and take spontaneous action to generate progress and forward movement. We are now encouraged to set intentions and envision our future, while keeping in mind that, whatever we give birth to on this New Moon, could develop and evolve in an unpredictable fashion, due to the influence of Uranus.

To celebrate the arrival of this New Moon in Scorpio, on November 4 at 9:45 PM ET, we are hosting Global Live New Moon in Scorpio Meditation on our YouTube channel. We invite you to join us, and invite others to meditate together with us. Tap here to find our scheduled live meditation.


New Moon in Scorpio: Extreme Transformation and Psychological Growth


The New Moon in Scorpio inaugurates a cycle of deep psychological growth, extreme transformation, and healing work. Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, is now transiting at 3°33’ of the sign and in wide conjunction to Sun and Moon, an aspect that increases the momentum of the tense astrological configuration. Mars adds fuel to the fire, maximizing our determination and willpower while increasing the possibility of reacting on impulse, driven by strong emotions.

As a Fixed Water archetype, the sensitivity of Scorpio is penetrating and intensely focused. This sign is known for being able to see right through people while manifesting a tendency to be private and to hide part of itself from exposure. Secrecy, mistrust, and a drive to conceal our true feelings and emotions arise as a reaction to the fear of being betrayed, abandoned, and ending up powerless, at the mercy of someone else’s will and control.


New Moon in Scorpio: Overcoming Limitations and Taking Power Back


This New Moon brings the spotlight on our relationship with power, our desire for control, our manipulation tendencies, the way we may use seduction to get what we want. Scorpio rules our unconscious emotional attachments, what we, deep down, truly desire and need, what we are willing to do or to give up in exchange for a sense of control, safety, and security.

Through the Scorpio archetype, we experience crises that force us to become aware of all those ways we give our power away: at this point, the need to overcome our blockages becomes impossible to ignore. Scorpio puts us into contact with some degree of emotional pain, which inspires us to gain a deeper understanding of how our psychology works. 

New Moon in Scorpio

The desire to relieve our suffering promotes a process of introspection that motivates us to change and redefine our way of being. At this point, we face uncomfortable truths, and we are challenged to deal differently with those attachments, patterns, behaviors, and choices that generated the pain in the first place.


Sun, Moon, and Mars square Saturn: Feeling Trapped


The square between the Sun, the Moon, Mars, and Saturn in Aquarius could have an inhibiting effect, somehow functioning as a brake that prevents us from changing and transforming as fast as we would like to. A sense of inadequacy, strong self-criticism, low self-confidence, and a feeling of not having anything significant to say may block our creativity and our emotional expression.

We may feel lonely and misunderstood, we may feel that somehow we keep hitting a wall and don’t know how to overcome it. On the positive side, the influence of Saturn promotes a hard-working, reliable, and disciplined attitude that supports our ambition and motivates us to tangibly act to improve our life situation.

This Scorpio New Moon may force us to confront those tendencies and behaviors that are keeping us trapped in disempowering patterns. We may realize how hard it is to let go of certain attachments, and see how our conditioning is still holding us back. We have a chance to better understand what limiting beliefs we need to work on, which blockages we need to accept and work with, and which ones we can instead try to overcome. 


Sun opposite Uranus: Need for Freedom


The Sun and the Moon are opposing Uranus in Taurus, increasing the probability of disruptive and unexpected events that force us out of our comfort zone and speed up the pace of our evolution. We are witnessing friction between two contrasting forces as the Scorpio New Moon activates the Saturn-Uranus square and the struggle we have been experiencing for the whole year between old and new, tradition and innovation.

Both the Sun and Uranus desire to individuate. Uranus inspires us to break free from and rebel against what prevents the fullest expression of our Self and accelerates change through unpredictable and sudden events. The process of liberation usually implies being pushed out of a comfort zone that feels safe. The Sun formed a conjunction with Uranus in Taurus around the end of April 2021, when we experienced a Full Super Moon in Scorpio. This opposition represents the culmination of the Sun-Uranus cycle that began back then: it could bring clarity and culmination to something that started six months ago.

Uranus in Taurus is bringing a radical revolution in our values, in our financial systems, in our relationship with our bodies, and in our connection to Nature. The Taurus-Scorpio axis is associated with our values, assets, possessions, and financial resources: during the rest of Scorpio season, the Sun will bring our awareness to these dynamics. Unexpected changes and extreme volatility in the global economy and financial markets are likely.


New Moon opposite Uranus: Potential for Shocks & Feelings of Alienation 


The Moon in a hard aspect to Uranus corresponds to the possibility of being forced to experience change before we feel ready for it. Uranus is fast, mental, and projected towards the future. The Moon instead is slow, emotional, attached to past feelings and memories. Uranus’ purpose is to liberate us from stagnation, from all those structures we have locked ourselves in and that are now limiting us. This is a time to reevaluate our emotional needs, how we meet them, and how we generate conditions of safety and security. 

New Moon in Scorpio

Hard Moon-Uranus contacts can be associated with restlessness, unusual nervous tension, insomnia, mood swings, and emotional volatility. Erratic changes in our feelings are likely, and we may experience a sudden drive to make changes in our environment as a way to cope with stress. A sense of emotional alienation from the people around us is likely to arise. Positively, the Moon-Uranus alignment allows an objective and detached awareness of our emotional dynamics: this aspect will help us put things in perspective and possibly facilitate new insights and ideas.


Mercury square Pluto: Chances for Deeper Self-Understanding


Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio, is in Capricorn and it is forming a square aspect with Mercury in Libra. We are experiencing the third and last one of a cycle of three squares that started before Mercury stationed retrograde, and it can bring resolution and clarity around issues that first came up in September.

Mercury square Pluto increases the possibility of psychologically charged conversations and confrontations. Around this time, information previously hidden may come up, secrets may be uncovered, or we may reveal something we kept hidden for a while. At its worst, this aspect can show us the destructive potential of our mind, exacerbating dark thoughts, suspicion, mistrust, and a desire to mentally manipulate and overpower others. At its best, Mercury square Pluto can bring therapeutic breakthroughs, healing conversations, and a deeper psychological understanding of ourselves and of repetitive patterns that keep showing up in our lives.

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new moon in scorpio


New Moon in Scorpio: the Art of Letting go


Scorpio teaches us the art of letting go. This sign reminds us that we need to allow something to die if we desire a rebirth: there can’t be any type of rebirth without the death of what currently exists. To undergo a significant transformation, we have to be willing to give up something: we have to be ready to detach from what has been giving us a sense of security, yet is now hindering further growth.

New Moon in Scorpio

This New Moon in Scorpio may remind us of how hard it is to let go of what represents a source of familiarity and comfort, even when rationally we know it’s the right thing to do. The activation of Uranus highlights the possibility of feeling conflicted between rationality and emotions, while the alignments to Saturn could show us where we still need to work on embodying more self-worth and self-love, and what the next step in our deconditioning process is.

We are about to experience intense times of change, and the need to be honest with ourselves about our true motivations, needs, priorities, and desires will come to the forefront. As we are entering Eclipse season, it is advised to explore tools and practices that help us remain grounded, regulate our nervous system, and balance our emotional state.

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Scorpio Season 2021: Into the Mystery

On October 23, 12:51 AM ET, Scorpio season 2021 begins. The Sun leaves Libra and enters Scorpio, where it will remain until November 21 or 22, according to our timezone.

Scorpio season is a time to dive deeper into the mysteries of life, death, intimacy, and human psychology. The Sun shines a light in the darkest parts of our psyche and illuminates something we normally don’t see or don’t want to see.


The Scorpio Archetype: Intimacy, Osmosis, Power & Transformation


The transition from Libra to Scorpio has to do with the deepening of relationships. After establishing agreements and casual contact with a variety of people during the Libra stage of evolution, through Scorpio we decide who we are available to intimately merge with and share our resources with.

Scorpio corresponds to the journey of establishing emotional intimacy and allowing a fusion with someone or something to occur. Scorpio is associated with sexuality as an emotional phenomenon generating a Soul level bond and with the consequences of the exchange of genetic, emotional, and karmic material. The physical, procreational, and instinctual aspect of sexuality is associated with Taurus, the opposite sign.

The osmotic process that results from our fusion with another deeply changes everyone involved, and it can empower or disempower us. Through the Scorpio archetype, we recognize and overcome our personal blocks, test our limitations and boundaries, and see how far we can push ourselves. In this stage of evolution, we confront experiences of loss and betrayal, we learn to trust and to be vulnerable, we allow the old to die and make space for something more meaningful and authentic.


Scorpio season 2021: Exploring Fears & Looking Beneath the Surface


Scorpio season inspires us to look beneath the surface, under the skin, beyond the obvious. It is a time to dive deeper into our psyche and see what we need to figure out to evolve and empower ourselves. It is a time to analyze our desires and discover the hidden intentions and motivations behind them. It is a time to investigate, to ask profound questions to both ourselves and others, and to not accept anything but radical, raw honesty.

This period of the year is a moment to turn inwards and explore our fears, our obsessions, our compulsions. Discovering our unconscious emotional attachments will give us information about our manipulation tendencies, one of the shadows of the sign of Scorpio.

We may now realize that the need to feel safe and in control may be leading our life, causing us to obsess over things and people, preventing us from letting go of something that is holding us back or limiting us.


Scorpio season 2021: the Eclipse Portal Opens


This year, Scorpio season will be more intense than usual, since Eclipse season begins while the Sun is still transiting the sign of the Scorpion. Eclipses are supercharged New and Full Moons that happen when Sun and Moon are close to the Lunar Nodes, points of karma, fate, and destiny. Eclipses’ effects keep unraveling for six months: we are now experiencing the culmination of a cycle that began with the Eclipses of May 2021.

We have had Eclipses on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis for approximately one and a half years, while the Lunar Nodes have been transiting there. The Nodes are changing signs in January 2022: the North Node will enter Taurus, and the South Node will enter Scorpio. However, the Full Moon in Taurus taking place on November 19 will happen close enough to the North Node at 1 degree of Gemini to be a partial Lunar Eclipse. Later, on December 4, we will have a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, the last in the sign until 2029.

On November 4, a potent New Moon in Scorpio opens the Eclipse portal. Both the Sun and the Moon will be opposite retrograde Uranus in Taurus and square Saturn in Aquarius, magnifying the friction of the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square. This New Moon will feel quite tense: the alignments at play increase the potential for unexpected and sudden events, news, disruptions, and changes unfolding throughout the rest of the lunar month and Eclipse season.


Sun square Saturn & opposite Uranus


The Sun in Scorpio will bring into the spotlight the tension between our need to hold on to the known and our desire to explore the unknown, by shining a light on the themes of the Saturn-Uranus contact we have been experiencing for the whole year.

In particular, on October 30, Sun and Saturn meet in a tense alignment that can reflect some issues with self-doubt, self-criticism, and fear of failure. This is a time when we are very aware of our limitations, duties, and responsibilities: we may feel some heaviness and melancholy and a general sense of frustration. Sun-Saturn contacts are great to define our purpose clearly, work on long-term goals, and remember the value of delayed gratification.

Scorpio Season 2021

The opposition between Sun and Uranus, almost simultaneous and culminating exactly on November 4 with the Scorpio New Moon, highlights the possibility of disruptions and unpredictable events forcing us out of our comfort zone. A strong restlessness will increase our desire to break free from the past, rebel against restrictions, and liberate ourselves from limitations.


Sun trine Neptune, square Jupiter, & sextile Pluto 


The Sun in Scorpio will then trine Neptune in Pisces, square Jupiter in Aquarius, and sextile Pluto in Capricorn.

Sun trine Neptune, exact on November 12, will enhance our intuitive qualities by magnifying our empathy, compassion, and creativity. Our capacity to connect with the collective emotional body and express feelings that are usually hard to convey will increase, and we will feel much more sensitive than usual. This aspect may inspire many of us to deepen our spiritual practice and dive deep into artistic and creative inspiration.

On November 15, the Sun squares Jupiter in Aquarius, supporting our desire to live life to the fullest and make new experiences. This alignment increases our willingness to expand our knowledge, seek the deeper meaning of existence, and connect with the big picture. On the downside, we may be prone to overconfidence, overdoing, overindulgence, and overestimating our capacities.

Shortly after, on November 16, the Sun sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect facilitates transformations and healing processes that promote a radical restructuring of our life. Sun sextile Pluto gives us opportunities to connect with deeper determination and willpower, to get closer to a clear sense of purpose, and to detach from trivial and unnecessary commitments that drain our energy without supporting our growth.


Scorpio season 2021: Exploring the Root of our Resistance to Change


The yearly journey of the Sun through Scorpio is a time of deep soul searching and emotional transmutation. Mars and Mercury will be in Scorpio too: Mars enters its traditional domicile between October 30 and October 31, while Mercury’s turn is on November 5. Particularly, Mars being there during most of Scorpio season will increase the emphasis on proactively generating change and take actions that support and speed up our evolutionary processes and help us overcome our current limitations.

The upcoming season is an opportunity to increase our psychological understanding of ourselves and life, to discover what’s lurking in the dark waters of our unconscious, what needs and desires are truly driving our choices. Scorpio rules purging and elimination processes: during the upcoming weeks, we will have chances to purify ourselves from dysfunctional patterns and dynamics that we are ready to outgrow.

The Scorpio archetype is about evolution, yet paradoxically, it is also an archetype that can express an immense resistance to evolution. During the next weeks, we will have chances to explore the root of our resistance to change and to allow a transformation of both our inner and our outer reality to take place.

Scorpio season magnifies the importance of our inner, shadow work. This is an opportunity when we are energetically supported to transform, transmute and reinvent ourselves. To help you rise as the Phoenix rose from the ashes we have created something intensely powerful – Shadow Work Work Book. We invite you to learn more and get your Shadow Work Work Book by tapping here or on the image below.

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Venus enters Scorpio: Journey through Darkness

On September 10, 4:39 PM ET, Venus leaves Libra and enters Scorpio, where she will be transiting until October 7. Here, the Goddess of Love takes on a strong and mysterious magnetism and teaches us to appreciate the beauty of darkness.

During the upcoming weeks, the journey of Venus through Scorpio will inspire us to scrutinize our relationship dynamics, get to the core of our issues, and unravel repetitive patterns rooted in subconscious fears, attachments, and desires.


Venus’ traveling from Libra to Scorpio: Deepening Relationships


In Astrology, Venus rules both Libra and Taurus and she is associated with love, beauty, money, art, sensuality, and pleasure. The Libra side of Venus corresponds to the process of forming relationships with other people, while the Taurean side of Venus reflects our relationship with ourselves, our resources, our physical body, and our sense of self-worth. Transits of Venus give us information about changes in our relationships, value system, and financial situation.

Venus in Libra, a Cardinal Air sign, relates mostly through the mind and the intellect. In this phase of evolution, we initiate a variety of relationships as a way to achieve a better understanding of ourselves through contrast and comparison with other people. As the Goddess of Beauty enters Scorpio, a Fixed Water sign, relationships begin to involve the emotional and psychological plane, and we deal with the subconscious baggage that each of us carries.


Venus enters Scorpio: Need for Closeness


Venus is traditionally considered in ‘detriment’ in Scorpio: this means that she doesn’t express herself as society would expect or demand. During this transit, our relating style is likely to become more dramatic, passionate, and raw. Venus in Scorpio is not particularly accommodating and doesn’t accept compromises that don’t feel fully right.

While Venus is in Scorpio, we desire to establish profound emotional connections, we want to bond with others on a deep level. We value depth, radical honesty, and commitment: we crave intimacy and closeness, and we aren’t willing to compromise on it. A tendency we may notice is holding on too tightly to another person or something we value: one of our tasks is to learn to let go of those attachments that aren’t healthy or are preventing us from growing.


Venus square Saturn and opposite Uranus


On September 17, Venus squares retrograde Saturn in Aquarius, highlighting the need to work on any issues around self-worth, self-love, and self-esteem that may be holding us back in life. This alignment may reflect some friction between what we would enjoy doing and the reality of what we have to do. We may need to embody a deeper sense of maturity and responsibility: this can play out both in our relationships and in financial matters.

Venus enters Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio then opposes retrograde Uranus in Taurus, exactly on September 23: around this time, there might be an unexpected turning point in our relationships, and a sudden need for freedom and change is likely to emerge. We are witnessing the culmination of a cycle that started with the Venus-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, on April 22. Think about what was taking place in your life back then: what began in April is reaching its maturation point. Unpredictable revelations and sudden breakthroughs are possible: stagnant attachments and bonds that aren’t supporting our evolution may be finally broken.


Venus trine Neptune, square Jupiter, sextile Pluto


At the end of the month, Venus trines Neptune in Pisces and squares Jupiter in Aquarius. On September 29, the Venus-Neptune water trine increases our fantasy and imagination, offers us supporting energy for all artistic and creative endeavors, and increases our desire for romance. Almost simultaneously, on September 30, Venus squares Jupiter in Aquarius, highlighting the dangers of overindulgence, overspending, addiction to pleasure, and excessive social expansion. At the same time, their alignment inspires us to be open-minded and more willing to relate to people very different from us.

Venus forms a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn on October 2: our relationships may trigger us in a way that can promote better awareness of our psychological and emotional makeup. During these days, we have an opportunity to deepen our self-awareness, get to know ourselves and others better, and discover the subconscious needs behind our conscious desires and cravings.


Venus enters Scorpio: Journey through Darkness


Venus in Scorpio brings us on a journey through darkness. This transit inspires us to constantly ask ourselves what’s beneath our and others’ behavior, what our true intentions are, what our real motivations are. While Venus is in Scorpio, we are engaged in an ongoing analysis of both ourselves and others, and we are not satisfied until we get to the bottom of everything. We will investigate our unconscious patterns, ask ourselves why we keep ending up in similar situations over and over again, what is the root of our relational issues, what is the reason for our emotional pain.

The journey of Venus through the dark waters of Scorpio has the potential to be incredibly transformative if we are willing to look at potentially uncomfortable psychological and emotional material. The purpose of this transit is to promote a metamorphosis of our values, of the foundation of our self-worth, and of the way we inwardly relate to ourselves. Any inner shift will naturally affect our external reality and generate a change in our habitual relationship patterns with others.

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Venus in Scorpio: Need for Intensity

On November 21, 08:22 AM ET, Venus transits from Libra to Scorpio. The Goddess of Love is now entering the Underworld: she is inviting us to deepen our relationships and to understand ourselves and others in more profound ways. As soon as Venus enters Scorpio, she invites us to dive into our Soul’s depths: Venus in Scorpio will promote an intense self-analysis and exploration of our inner world, our psychology, and our subconscious intentions and motivations.

During this transit, lasting until December 15, we may tend to be more defensive and distant, we need more time to trust others, and we may even test them to make sure they deserve our attention and energy. While Venus is in Scorpio, we constantly monitor and analyze our internal state, other people’s behavior, and the external environment, to detect any potential threat.


The Yin and the Yang side of Venus


Venus in Astrology symbolizes the way we relate to ourselves and others, how we deal with money and our material possessions, and it is the planet associated with our value systems and our resources. Venus has two sides, one of them directed inwardly, and the other one directed outwardly: the way the two sides manifest is tightly connected, as those we attract into our lives are reflecting our inner reality. 

The Yin or inner side of Venus rules the archetype of Taurus, and it corresponds with our values, our self-worth, our survival instinct, and the relationship we have with ourselves. The Yang side of Venus is directed outwardly: it correlates to the relationships we form with other people and it is associated with the sign of Libra. 


From Libra to Scorpio: Creating Deeper Intimacy


We can consider the Zodiac in its natural order as the progression of twelve stages of awareness or twelve phases of the evolution of consciousness. With the transition from Libra to Scorpio, our main orientation shifts from the Yang side of Venus to the Yin one: our focus turns within, on our psychology, and on the way everything works. There is a strong need for a deeper understanding of both the way we inwardly operate and the way other people inwardly function.

According to traditional Astrology, Venus is in her “Detriment” in Scorpio, meaning that the energies of the two archetypes can struggle to blend in a balanced way. Here, there may be too much intensity for Venus to feel comfortable expressing herself. While Venus in Libra is comfortable with compromise, diplomacy, and negotiation, with Venus in Scorpio finding balance can be harder: we want everything or nothing at all.

During her journey through the Underworld, Venus aims for a complete understanding of our limitations and the unconscious emotional and psychological dynamics involved in any situation. This transit is asking us to let go of any tendency to censor ourselves for the fear of being too much for others, too intense for being accepted and loved. Venus in Scorpio is about radical honesty: it is about sharing our deepest fears and vulnerabilities, acknowledging our need to be loved and seen for who we are.


Venus opposite Uranus & Venus trine Neptune


During her transit through Scorpio, Venus will oppose Uranus in Taurus and trine Neptune in Pisces. The exact alignments are perfecting on November 27 and December 5. Nonetheless, we will feel their influence for a few days before and after the exact dates, especially since we have an Eclipse right in the middle, on November 30.

With oppositions, we tend to experience the energy of the more distant planet, in this case, Uranus, through other people, issues, and situations that seem to be happening to us. Uranus is about freedom, eccentricity, rebellion, and surprises: the opposition to Venus may bring sudden shifts in our romantic and social life, unexpected revelations, and unusual events. Whatever takes place, its invitation is to let go of our dependency on other people and external conditions and to learn to feel safe and secure within ourselves.

On December 5, Venus in Scorpio will create a beautiful trine to Neptune in Pisces. Trines are aspects promoting an easy flow of energy and exchange of information between the planets involved. This alignment is supporting the integration of our sensitivity and intuition, and it is allowing us to be more receptive and psychically open within our relationships. While we may have some trouble understanding what is real and what is not real, the connection between Venus and Neptune will highly enhance our creativity and inspire us to connect with something much greater than us.

venus in scorpio

“Erotic longing is really a longing to merge with something greater than oneself. For every kind of love is a force that holds the promise of taking us beyond the limitations of our individual lives.” ― Julianne Davidow


Venus in Scorpio: Integrating Fears & Learning to Be Vulnerable


During the transit of Venus through Scorpio, our inner magnetism changes, and our point of attraction shifts dramatically: we are longing for someone who is able to guide us into the depths of our Soul and who, in turn, desires that we do the same for them. We want intense experiences, because they ultimately lead to self-understanding.

While we intensely desire true healing, intimacy, and connection, we also tend to conceal our emotions, our inadequacies, our insecurities, and our vulnerability. Venus in Scorpio represents an invitation to be totally honest with both ourselves and others about our feelings, emotions, and needs. 

Take care not to fall into the lower expressions of Venus in Scorpio: it is a transit that may reflect a tendency to generate a sense of safety and security in unhealthy ways, such as power plays and controlling behaviors.

The higher evolutionary purpose of Venus’ journey through the Underworld is to help us deal with deep fears of loss, betrayal, and abandonment. During this time, we are encouraged to become aware of any tendency to manipulate others in order to keep them dependent on us. Unconscious behavior patterns we have been carrying since childhood can emerge at this time, and they have the potential to be uncovered and understood.

Ultimately, Venus in Scorpio will invite us to deepen our relationships with both ourselves and others, to create deep emotional bonds, to share who we truly are fearlessly, to let go of social masks, and stop limiting ourselves to surface-level interactions.

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