Saturn square Uranus: Revolutionary Times

On December 24, 02:16 AM ET, we experience the final, exact square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, which is currently in retrograde motion. 

We live in revolutionary times: this aspect has been characterizing the entire year, and it will continue to be active for at least ten more months, even though, from now on, the two planets will start moving away from one another. We are at the last peak phase of this long-term, slow transit, that will have lasting implications and effects.


Saturn in Aquarius & Uranus in Taurus: Extreme Social Changes


Saturn in Aquarius is restructuring society, catalyzing the innovation of existing systems while inviting us to reflect on the ethical use of technology, social media, and the internet. These are a fantastic tool for evolution, progress, and empowerment, nonetheless, they have the potential to become a means of mass control, their use can be addictive, and it can increase feelings of alienation and isolation. 

This transit encourages us to reflect on the relationship between the individual and the collective, the human and the machine, encouraging us to gain awareness of the importance of both defending our rights and accepting our duties as members of society.

Meanwhile, Uranus in Taurus is accelerating the breakdown of the foundation of existing structures, particularly financial systems, and increasing the trend to adopt simple, slower ways of living, get out of the cities, and reconnect with Nature. 

Building self-sufficient communities that aim to be independent of the mainstream and exploring sustainable uses of resources are common manifestations of this energy. Uranus’ transit through Taurus can be also correlated with extreme natural events that disrupt our stability and comfort and force us to find ways to adapt to new conditions quickly.


The Square Aspect: Motivation to Change


Squares are angles of 90 degrees that reflect friction and tension between planets transiting signs of different elements, different polarities, and the same modality. In this case, the Fixed modality is involved: both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs. 

Squares are highly motivating aspects that push us to implement change to get out of the discomfort we are experiencing. Nonetheless, Fixed signs tend to resist change, and this can make the current process a bit more uncomfortable. This square represents one peak point of the Saturn-Uranus cycle, which illustrates the relationship between these planets. We can understand it better by comparing it to the lunar cycle. 


Understanding Planetary Relationships


Just like a New and Full Moon represent, respectively, the beginning and the maturation points of the lunar cycle, all relationships between celestial bodies can be studied through the same lens. The First and Last Quarter squares of a cycle represent moments of critical adjustment: they are associated with the awareness that something doesn’t work as expected and that we need to make changes.

Saturn square Uranus

This Saturn-Uranus square is a Last Quarter phase square, correlated with a crisis in consciousness, beliefs, and vision, that invites us to pause before moving ahead, and reflect on how our vision has changed, how the world has changed, how we have changed since the two planets met in conjunction for the last time. This square is happening after the Saturn-Uranus opposition, which brought new awareness and began the Waning phase of their cycle, associated with the need, for the individual, to integrate into the social structure.


The Saturn-Uranus cycle: the Last Quarter Phase


The last Saturn-Uranus conjunction took place in the sign of Sagittarius in 1988: this was the beginning of their current cycle. The last Saturn-Uranus opposition happened between 2008 and 2010: it brought revelations and understanding relative to what had been unfolding. 

We are now experiencing another critical moment of the journey, and we are now invited to release our attachment to the initial vision and intentions and begin to let them go. However, at this point, we tend to experience a crisis in beliefs, values, and faith, as new intentions and visions have not emerged yet. Nonetheless, we are still required to let go of the old ones: the absence of an immediate replacement is what causes the crisis.

Saturn square Uranus

The Saturn-Uranus square reflects strong friction between our desire to move towards the future and our desire to hold back to the past. The tension relative to this phase brings into the spotlight the relationship between the individual and the collective, and it is playing out in the context of a deep restructuring of social systems and dynamics. These have been already highlighted by the transit of Saturn, correlated with structure, through Aquarius, correlated with progress, and by the transit of Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, through Taurus, corresponding to financial systems.


Saturn square Uranus: Invitation to Decondition


Uranus wants to experiment and innovate, while Saturn wants to know what to expect. The controlling influence of Saturn clashes with Uranus’ need for freedom. Saturn in Aquarius tries to affirm the domain of science and rationality over the intuitive wisdom of Nature and of the body, while Uranus in Taurus keeps threatening our stability, our livelihood, our material security. These are intense times, and it’s not easy to remain grounded.

The Aquarian archetype has been very active for the whole year: this has been igniting our need for independence, experimentation, and space, while highlighting the importance of dreaming for a better future despite all the restrictions, struggles, and limitations we have been facing. Both transits are inviting personal growth, self-empowerment, and deconditioning, encouraging us to dare to make radically different choices from the majority and step into uncertainty with faith.


Saturn square Uranus: Revolutionary Times


Are we able to stand our ground when confronted with the challenge of not fitting in? Are we willing to stay true to ourselves even when that means being considered an outsider? Are we strong enough to be our own authority, even when others don’t approve? Do we feel firm in our choices, even when they clash with what the mainstream expects from us? These questions will come up very strongly during these days, and many of us are likely to be tested, on many levels: if you are, keep in mind that you are not alone in the struggle.

Socio-political and financial issues are likely to be in the spotlight: there has already been intense unrest arising as a result of new restrictions and regulations. As the old systems keep crumbling, we have a chance to begin envisioning new ones and start experimenting with implementing innovation on a small, local scale.

At this time, we may feel torn between the temptation to conform and the desire to defend our individuality, our rights, and our freedom. We are being asked to let go of an illusory sense of security and have faith in the unknown: the creativity resulting from the need to adapt to unfavorable conditions has the potential to bring forth substantial progress and open new evolutionary paths.

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Retrograde Saturn square Uranus: a Revolutionary Time

On June 14, 6:00 PM ET, retrograde Saturn in Aquarius perfects its square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. This is the signature transit of 2021: it is lasting for the entire year, and we are now experiencing one of the three peak moments of it. 

Saturn-Uranus alignments always mark revolutionary times. This square reflects the tension between our drive to hold on to the past and the risk of bringing the new in, highlighting the conflict between our tendency to preserve the known and the desire to try new ways of dealing with long-standing issues. This process is happening both on a large scale, socio-economic level, and within each of us, on an individual and personal level. We are all facing fears and feelings of restrictions and we are trying to find ways to write new rules, working with the resistance and the limitations we encounter rather than simply pushing against them.


Retrograde Saturn square Uranus: Tradition and Progress


The first exact square between Saturn and Uranus took place on February 17, and the last exact one will be on December 24. We will still feel the effects of this alignment throughout the first couple of months of 2022.

Squares are 90 degrees angles. They reflect a conflictual relationship between planets transiting through signs of the same modality and different elements. In this case, the Fixed modality is involved. The Fixed signs teach us about mastery and consolidation of what we have started: the emphasis on this modality can reflect a stronger tendency to hold on to the familiar and preserve what already exists.

Squares are highly motivating aspects: the motivation stems from the friction between conflictual urges and desires. The resulting tension is what pushes us to take action and reduce discomfort. The Saturn-Uranus square reflects the dance between past and future, between holding on to tradition and welcoming the uncertainty that comes with progress and innovation. It highlights the need to make long-lasting changes to the current social systems, as well as to the structure of our individual lives, to how we invest our time, energy, and resources, to our values and priorities.


Saturn in Aquarius: the Power of the People


Saturn is the wise teacher, the elder, the carrier of ancient wisdom. The Lord of Time and Karma asks us to mature, to take responsibility for our choices, and to commit to doing what it takes to build what we say we want to build. Working with Saturn consciously helps us set healthy boundaries and achieve full mastery of our time, energy, and creative potential.

Saturn is transiting through Aquarius, its traditional domicile, and the modern ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, now in stability-oriented Taurus. While Saturn as an archetype correlates with conservative tendencies, Aquarius and Uranus are both about the future, progress, experimentation, and eccentricity.

Retrograde Saturn square Uranus

Saturn in Aquarius reminds us of the power of the people, and that having the support of like minds is central to the process of reclaiming our personal authority and sovereignty. This transit is here to help us break the rules and write new ones. Aquarius in its evolved expression is not simply about rebellion from the current systems. It is about creating better functioning and long-lasting systems that honor the changes that have been taking place over time and promote innovation and evolution. The Saturn retrograde phase, in particular, represents a time of reevaluation, restructuring, and redefinition of our approach.


Uranus in Taurus: Liberation through Disruption


We never know what to expect when Uranus strikes. This planet, also known as the Great Awakener, corresponds to our drive to break free from what limits us, to the process of deconditioning and individuation, to long-term personal and collective memory, to disruptions and sudden changes.

Uranus wants us to detach from the known, to be original, to develop objectivity and a bird’s eye view that allows us to understand what is needed for progress without subjective biases. Uranus transits always push us to innovate, to get beyond our comfort zones by experimenting with something we are not familiar with yet. Uranus liberates us from stagnation by disrupting our stability and comfort. The ruler of Taurus is Venus, which is currently transiting through Cancer: this is highlighting and enhancing, even more, our need for security and familiarity.

Uranus catalyzes unpredictable events and fast shifts, meant to accelerate our evolution. Its long-term transit through the sign of the Bull, lasting until 2026, will bring us closer to simpler ways of living, and generate important changes in our individual and collective value system, in the world economy, affecting the climate as well as food production and distribution. Many of us will explore alternatives to the fast-paced city life, many will feel a need to move closer to nature and align to natural rhythms. This tendency will be even stronger after the North Node of the Moon enters Taurus in January 2022.


Retrograde Saturn square Uranus: Facing Resistance, Obstacles, & Fears


Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus reflects individual and collective resistance to change. This includes our internal resistance against our desire for change and innovation, and the external resistance we encounter as we challenge existing limitations, structures, and rules, and try to move towards something new, unfamiliar, and unexplored.

Retrograde Saturn square Uranus

This aspect reveals the obstacles we meet as we move away from the mainstream, as we go against what is established or being enforced upon us, to find our own way. The future offers no certainty, and this is something that we need to come to terms with. Facing and accepting some degree of insecurity is essential to break away from the limitations of the past. In the process of creating new systems, structures, and ways of being, we are going to meet some level of resistance to change, and we will need to confront our fear of instability.


Retrograde Saturn square Uranus: Revisiting Our Strategy


We are all feeling the tension between past and future, old and new, known and unknown. On the one hand, we have what is familiar and crystallized, which gives us the illusion of security, control, and predictability. On the other hand, we have the possibility to explore something different, that may be better or may be worse, and that implies moving away from what we perceive as safe without offering us any guarantee.

The fact that Saturn is now retrograde is highlighting the need to go back to the past and revisit our approach to the issues we are dealing with. It emphasizes the necessity to review our priorities and commitments, restructure our lives, and modify our plans according to what has happened since February.

Think about what began unfolding in your life back then, what you were focusing on, what you were planning, expecting, and hoping for the future. You now have a chance to set new boundaries and build different support structures that help you move towards your goals and visions in spite of existing limitations, doubts, and fears.

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Saturn square Uranus: a Clash Between Worlds

On February 17, 2:08 PM ET, Saturn in Aquarius creates an exact square angle to Uranus in Taurus. As their alignment takes place, the Moon will be conjunct Uranus. The presence of the Moon increases the emotional charge of the planetary configuration, intensifying the general reactivity and restlessness.

The square between Saturn and Uranus happens only every 20-22 years: this is an aspect that marks global shifts, changes of direction, and major turning points for humanity. It will be an ongoing theme of 2021: its influence will color the entire year and will have an effect for years to come. This is only the first one of three exact alignments: the next ones will be on June 14 and December 24.

We are experiencing a clash between worlds, a conflict between the old and the new, an increasing tension between the past and the future. We are at a collective breaking point: breakdowns and breakthroughs are both possible.


Saturn in Aquarius & Uranus in Taurus: Innovation, Social Tension, and Breaking Points


Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius, began transiting the sign in March 2020, retrograded back in Capricorn in July, and entered Aquarius again in December. Its transit will last until 2023. Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, has been in Taurus since 2018 and will be there until 2026.

On the one hand, Saturn in Aquarius has already brought up the need to build innovative and long-lasting paradigms, aligned with the changing times, based on social equality and on the respect of human rights.

Saturn’s journey through the sign of the Water Bearer has a connection to the feelings of isolation and alienation that many of us have been experiencing, linked to the restrictions around in-person social interactions. Paradoxically, in the meantime, we have the possibility of being constantly in touch with each other through the Internet, another Aquarian theme: this can increase our sense of alienation, but it can also be used to feel connected, to give and receive support.

On the other hand, Uranus in Taurus reflects the increasing trend to embrace simpler ways of living, a slower-paced life, to build a new relationship with the Earth and experiment with sustainable uses of natural resources. This transit correlates to the unexpected and sudden breakdown of established systems we have been relying upon, and to disruptive unpredictable events that undermine our sense of security. 

In Astrology, Saturn symbolizes the past, and Uranus symbolizes the future. Their alignment reflects the inner and outer contrast between the desire to experiment, innovate, and change, and the desire to hold on to the old ways because they are familiar and generate a feeling of safety. The Saturn-Uranus square brings up the need for systemic global change and the challenge of finding long-lasting solutions to the collective crises we are facing and to deep-seated systemic inequalities.


The previous Saturn-Uranus square: Radical Global Changes


Squares are 90° angles between celestial bodies that reflect friction and tension: by increasing our discomfort, they motivate us to make a change. The last time these two planets squared each other was between July 1999 and January 2000, when Saturn was in Taurus and Uranus was in Aquarius. The next time they will align in a square, it will be in 2043.

During 1999 and 2000, the challenges of globalization began to surface, and we witnessed an exponential growth of both technology and the world population. Meanwhile, several natural and environmental disasters brought to the forefront the need to protect and preserve the resources of the Earth.

Bluetooth appeared on the market, My Space was being developed, cell phones were spreading and, due to the diffusion of computers and the internet, file sharing and copyright issues first emerged. At the same time, there was a huge shift in the European monetary system: the Euro was introduced, initially only as a virtual currency.

Today, we are dealing with similar themes: another wave of technological expansion is taking place, artificial intelligence is becoming more and more sophisticated, an increasing number of people are working online and from home, as we are facing the need to urgently deal with important global changes. Meanwhile, we face the rise of electronic payments and cryptocurrency, many people are leaving cities and coming back to a simpler way of living, slowing down and getting closer to nature.


Saturn square Uranus 2021: a Crisis in Consciousness


The current square has a different quality than the previous one, because it is happening after the two planets opposed each other, between 2008 and 2010. While the square we experienced in 1999-2000 is known as a “crisis in action” square, representing an invitation to establish tangible adjustments to our approach to the issues emerging, the one we are experiencing right now is considered a “crisis in consciousness” square.

Oppositions between two planets, like Full Moons, promote clarity and bring things to ahead. After the opposition, we have a different level of awareness: now, we see much more objectively the world situation, our mistakes and shortcomings, what could have been done differently, and what hasn’t been done.

The Saturn-Uranus square active during the entire 2021 is bringing to the surface the need to move away from the old systems and paradigms. It is urging us to revisit our habitual ways of dealing with challenges and to find alternative, long-term solutions. The themes emerging this year may be similar to the ones we dealt with during 1999 and 2000, but the level of urgency is higher, and the choices we make need to be more radical.


Saturn square Uranus: a Clash Between Worlds


We are in a phase of transition: we are experiencing a clash between the old familiar world and a new, unknown one. Some of us may feel excited, some of us may feel scared, many are feeling restless and nervous, many want to see radical changes as soon as possible. Many have had enough: an increasing number of people are experiencing challenges with their mental health, and feel in constant states of frustration, anger, anxiety, and sadness.

Saturn square Uranus

These are intense times. If you are struggling, know that your feelings are valid and you are not alone. Having the support of a community is crucial, especially in a moment like this: reach out to others, keep cultivating and establishing social interactions in whatever way is available.

While the square between Saturn and Uranus is manifesting on a collective and social level, each of us is personally feeling the tension, as the global issues are affecting our individual lives in different ways. Currently, Venus in Aquarius is also forming a square aspect to Mars in Taurus: this aspect, exact on February 19 but already active, is likely to reflect similar issues manifesting on a smaller, personal scale, particularly in our relationships.


Discovering Our Role in the New Paradigm 


The intense activation of the archetype of Aquarius reflects a strong need for freedom, space, and experimentation. However, we are all dealing with some sort of restrictions and regulations that are slowing us down.

Saturn, the Lord of Karma and Time, wants us to honor the rules of the game, to take responsibility for our duties and commitments, to do what needs to be done, while Uranus wants to break free from all this. Yet, Uranus is in stability-oriented Taurus, while Saturn is in rebellious Aquarius.

The electric energy reflected by Saturn-Uranus square represents an invitation to build bridges between past and future to facilitate the transition, and to consciously find ways to create space and feelings of freedom within the context currently available.

At this time, we are encouraged to integrate the lessons we learned and to keep what we believe will be useful, while we continue to experiment with unconventional ideas and untrodden paths. This potent alignment invites us to discover and embody our new role in the collective paradigm shift, and to keep moving forward in spite of challenges.

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