Saturn retrograde in Aquarius: Phase of Realignment

On June 4, 5:47 PM ET, Saturn stations retrograde at 25º15’ Aquarius, inaugurating a phase of realignment. Saturn is going to be in retrograde motion until October 23, inviting us to restructure our lives, redefine our boundaries, and reframe our commitments.

This is the last retrogradation of the planet in the sign of Aquarius, as Saturn is moving to Pisces in 2023. During the upcoming months, we have an opportunity to reflect on what Saturn’s transit through Aquarius has meant for us, and to establish adjustments in our relationship with this energy.


Saturn in Aquarius: Exploring Alternatives to Obsolete Systems


Saturn has to do with the physical, material, 3D reality. It teaches us the value of delayed gratification and discipline and reminds us that consistent work pays off. This planet is connected to our awareness of the passing of time, with the nature of our conditioning, with the social structure, with the crystallization of form, and with our relationship between our inner authority and external authorities.

Saturn traditionally rules both Capricorn and Aquarius. Its traditional rulership of Aquarius is connected with the process of bringing down to the 3D reality dreams and visions that were abstract in the first place, to manifest conditions that allow social progress to happen. This sign teaches us to see life objectively and from a detached perspective, to be able to perceive clearly where innovation is needed and what has to change. 

Aquarius has to do with the affirmation of personal freedom and the process of breaking free from crystallized structures that have become obsolete and have no longer purpose. Saturn’s transit here has been bringing up the need to rebel from old paradigms to create space for new ones to emerge, underlying the importance of community, collaboration, and cooperation as a way to establish and consolidate alternative systems.


Saturn retrograde: Phase of Reevaluation and Restructuring


When celestial bodies are stationary, they are powerfully activated: they mark a change of direction, a shift in consciousness. Planets that are stationary retrograde invite us to slow down, to be still, to give ourselves time to feel how we want to move forward rather than following the inertia.

Retrogrades invite introspection and reflection. They point us back towards ourselves and encourage us to rethink, redo, refine, and redefine our relationship with the planetary functions involved before we take action. Saturn stationing retrograde inaugurates a phase of reevaluation relative to what we want to build and manifest, and how we want to structure our lives. This shift inspires us to ponder upon what responsibility means for us, what impact we desire to make, and what kind of authority we desire to be.

saturn retrograde

All retrogrades accelerate our deconditioning and individuation, particularly so when the sign of Aquarius is involved, as it is the archetype inherently associated with these processes. Saturn retrograde is a time to become aware of any incongruencies between our inner reality and our outer reality. If there are any misalignments in how we have structured our lives, the responsibilities we have committed to, our duties, and the way we are contributing to society, this is the moment to address that.


Saturn square Lunar Nodes: Moving towards Deeper Integrity


Saturn stations retrograde in a square aspect to the Lunar Nodes, at 22º18’ Taurus and Scorpio, and in a square aspect to Mercury, currently stationary direct at 26º05’ Taurus. 

The Mercury-Saturn square is an opportunity to explore how we may be silencing ourselves, how limiting thought patterns are affecting us, and where we feel restricted from sharing our voice and our message. This aspect is an invitation to take responsibility for the weight of our words and the power of our thoughts.

The square between Saturn and the Lunar Nodes has been active for a few months already and will continue to be felt for most of this year. Planets squaring the Nodes reflect a feeling of being stuck: we are at a crossroads between past and future, and we have to integrate something unresolved in order to move forward and overcome repetitive patterns. 

This configuration indicates a need to redefine our relationship with the limitations and the boundaries of the material dimension, and take responsibility for the reality we have created. Saturn squaring the Nodes is an invitation to work towards clearer integrity and alignment relative to how we have structured our lives. It represents an opportunity to break free from enmeshed relationships, compulsive attachments, and limiting beliefs that prevent us from fully stepping into sovereignty.


The Saturn-Uranus square is Going to be Increasingly Active


It is also worth mentioning that the Saturn-Uranus square, the characterizing alignment of 2021, is still active, even if the orb is approximately 10º. The two planets, from now on, are going to get closer to each other as Saturn keeps moving backward while Uranus is still in direct motion until August 24. 

The Saturn-Uranus square in Aquarius and Taurus highlights the challenges of manifesting abstract ideas into form while exacerbating the tension between the old and the new, the past and the future, the known and the unknown. This alignment will increasingly emphasize the importance of being true to ourselves and avoiding compromising on our truth to fit in or be accepted.


Saturn retrograde in Aquarius: Time of Gestation


This retrograde cycle will be a period of revision of what has been going on while Saturn has been in direct motion. Collectively, the themes in the spotlight may surround the revision of existing laws and regulations, the ethical use of technology and artificial intelligence, and the relationship between the individual and the masses.

On a personal level, the Lord of Time and Karma is inviting us to redefine our visions and dreams for the future, asking us if we are mature enough to commit to doing what it takes to make these real. Saturn retrograde can be perceived as a phase of gestation: we are being encouraged to give ourselves time and space to mature and grow into the person we are meant to become.

saturn retrograde

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius invites us to step back and objectively reflect on our commitments, responsibilities, and duties, and evaluate whether these feel still aligned with our purpose, values, and goals. It is a time of redefinition and re-discovery of our role in communities and the impact we desire to have on society at large. 

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Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius: Cycle of Restructuring

On May 23, 05:19 AM ET, Saturn stations retrograde at 13°31’ of Aquarius. Saturn will be in apparent backward motion from our perspective on Earth until October 10, when it will begin moving direct again at 6°52’ of the sign of the Water Bearer.

Every time planets station retrograde, we are invited to redefine, reflect upon, review, reassess, and revamp our relationship with the archetypal energy involved, and Saturn is no exception. The yearly retrograde of the Lord of Karma represents a cycle of restructuring, during which we are encouraged to look inward, objectively reevaluate the way we have organized our lives, and decide what we want to consolidate, prioritize, invest our time and energy in.


Saturn: Time, Boundaries, Maturation, and Limitations


Saturn has a 28-29 years cycle. It entered Aquarius on December 17, 2020, and will be in the sign until 2023. Shortly after entering Aquarius, Saturn formed a conjunction with Jupiter, an event that marked the beginning of a new information era, a futuristic, innovative time, focused on scientific advancement, community building, and technological progress.

Saturn was once believed to be the last planet of the Solar System and the farthest away from us. It was considered the last planet visible with the naked eye and was the last one known by the ancients before Uranus’ discovery in 1781 disrupted the existing paradigm.

Saturn is about tangible form and crystallization: it is about boundaries and limitations, a concept also reflected by the peculiar rings surrounding the planet. Traditionally known as a malefic, its transits were once feared as they were considered an omen of delays, obstacles, and even death.

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

Yet, there is nothing to be afraid of: this archetype carries much depth and wisdom. Especially at this point in history, we need to develop a constructive relationship with Saturn to be able to navigate intense transitions with more ease. Saturn transits build our character and mark pivotal points in our maturation process. Saturn wants us to work harder, but its requests are always reasonable. Saturn wants us to grow up and step up to deeper levels of maturity. Saturn rules time and reminds us that only by taking full responsibility for the way we invest our time, focus, and energy we will reach the level of self-mastery we aspire to.


From Capricorn to Aquarius: the Two Faces of Saturn


The ruler of Capricorn is also the ancient ruler of Aquarius, and this may seem like a contradiction considering how different these signs appear at first glance. While Capricorn is about creating solid structures, Aquarius is about breaking down the existing structures. Capricorn is associated with following rules and respecting our duties, while Aquarius is about rebelling from what has been established and breaking free from the rules. Aquarius wants to liberate us from the conditioning we have internalized during the previous phase of evolution.

However, these two signs are both traditionally ruled by Saturn. Embracing a mature and constructive expression of Saturn allows us to know when to follow the rules and when to break them, when it is wiser to conform and when not to conform, how to integrate into society without compromising our individuality, how to create sustainable and long-term alternatives to the current systems. Saturn reminds us that being aware of our limitations and working with them rather than against them is necessary to establish a solid foundation for long-lasting progress.

Saturn in Aquarius represents a chance to explore different paradigms, alternative lifestyles, and unconventional ways of being in the world that allow us to put our uniqueness at the service of the collective while simultaneously enriching us as individuals.


Saturn Retrograde square Uranus in Taurus: Moving Towards the Unknown


During its retrograde journey, Saturn will square Uranus in Taurus, modern ruler of Aquarius, for the second time out of three. Their exact alignment is on June 14 but we are already feeling it, as this is an ongoing aspect lasting for the entire year. The Saturn-Uranus square highlights the conflict between the old system and the new paradigms, the past and the future. 

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

This aspect reflects a fair amount of friction and tension and possible disruptions to our sense of security that have the purpose of facilitating change and helping us get out of our comfort zone. It emphasizes the polarization between those who are still holding on to the known and those who are ready to move towards the unknown and embrace uncertainty. This configuration may bring up the need to review and rethink decisions and choices we made back in February, when the first square happened, and find alternative solutions to unresolved issues.


Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius: a Cycle of Restructuring


The journey of Saturn in Aquarius encourages us to become our own authority, separate from the masses, affirm and express our individuality in the context of a changing social paradigm. This transit is about finding our unique way to be part of the collective and make a valuable contribution to society, a contribution aligned with our essence.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius is a moment to reassess and redefine our mundane duties, responsibilities, and commitments, and to evaluate whether we have been conforming to the status quo or other peoples’ expectations and why. It is a time to question our priorities, to find our way to move through the mundane and tangible aspects of material reality. Saturn retrograde has the potential to inspire us to make the inner changes that are needed to achieve the tangible results we are seeking.

The retrograde cycle of the Lord of Karma will ask us to restructure and review our friendships, our involvements with groups, organizations, communities, our relationship with technology. It will invite us to develop a deeper understanding of our impact on society and of the role we aspire to have in our community. Until October, we are encouraged to reflect upon whether the structures we have built and the commitments we have made so far are still aligned with our personal path or not.

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May 2021 Astrology Update: Knowledge is Power

May 2021 Astrology Update: May 2021 will be a month of mental expansion, intellectual exchanges, and learning experiences that will remind us that knowledge is power. After a few weeks of intense Fixed Earth energy, we witness a gradual elemental shift to Mutable Air. During May 2021, both Venus and Mercury will enter Gemini, Gemini Season will start on May 20, and Jupiter will enter its traditional home sign of Pisces.

All planets transiting Gemini will join the North Node of the Moon, positively supporting our growth journey and our movement towards the future. Moreover, both Saturn and Mercury will station retrograde, joining Pluto and inviting us to turn inwards, reconsider our choices, our opinions, and the way we have structured our lives.

At the end of the month, Eclipse season starts with a Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius, which will happen on the South Node of the Moon. This Eclipse is a potent purging experience: it will invite us to release past beliefs and attachments that are holding us back from being fully authentic, and encourage us to be true to the person we have become.


Mercury enters Gemini

May 3, 2021, 10:49 PM ET 

Mercury enters Gemini, one of the signs where the planet of logic and communication is at home and where it will remain longer than usual due to its upcoming retrograde cycle. During this transit, our mental energy greatly increases. We feel drawn to pursue a variety of interests, hobbies, experiences, while we naturally seek intellectual stimulation, communication, and exchange with others.

Mercury in Gemini represents a beneficial influence for all learning processes, as it increases our capacity to elaborate and gather a variety of information coming from different sources. During the upcoming weeks, Mercury will support our efforts relative to communication, writing, talking, networking, and sharing information.


Venus enters Gemini

May 8, 2021, 10:02 PM ET

Shortly after, the Goddess of Love joins the Messenger in the sign of the Twins. During the upcoming weeks, our love and social life are likely to get more interesting, as we will feel drawn to meet a variety of new people and engage in different activities. While Venus is in Gemini, we highly value learning and we desire to increase our knowledge about life in all ways available. We aim to learn from others and to explore a variety of experiences.

Venus in Gemini may bring us back to dynamics and events that emerged last year while Venus was retrograde through the sign of the Twins. Venus joining the North Node of the Moon on May 17 will emphasize the importance of cultivating relationships in order to advance in our personal development journey.


New Moon in Taurus, Mercury conjunct North Node

May 11, 2021, 2:59 PM ET

The New Moon in Taurus begins a lunar cycle focused on our connection to ourselves, our sexuality, and our instinct, that will culminate with a Super Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. The New Moon will trine Pluto, and their harmonic aspect will support all transformational processes we will go through during Eclipse season.

The New Moon will happen in a conjunction with True Black Moon Lilith, a point in space symbolizing the wild, untamed, sexual and creative energy that has been suppressed and distorted for millennia yet still exists within each of us. The Cosmos is encouraging us to deepen our embodiment and trust our instincts. The invitation is to connect with our innate resilience and self-worth as a foundation for navigating intense changes.

Meanwhile, Mercury conjunct the North Node of the Moon emphasizes the role of honest communication during the upcoming lunar cycle and highlights the importance of intellectual exchanges and open-mindedness to progress in our personal and collective evolution.


Jupiter enters Pisces

May 13, 2021, 6:36 PM ET

Jupiter entering its nocturnal domicile generates an interesting energy shift, enhances our intuition and inspires us to dream big. Jupiter in Pisces, will support our spiritual and personal expansion. Jupiter will retrograde back into Aquarius in July to enter Pisces again at the end of the year. During the upcoming two months, we are likely to witness anticipations of the themes that will unfold throughout 2022.

While Jupiter in Aquarius increases our intellectual and mental energy, expanding technological progress and advancement, Jupiter in Pisces softens our attitude and shifts our focus inward, bringing us closer to our heart and our emotional body. This transit increases our compassion, our creativity, our desire to help one another, and inspires us to cultivate heart-based connections as a foundation for our spiritual and personal evolution.


Sun enters Gemini

May 20, 2021, 3:37 PM ET

On May 20, Gemini season begins with the ingress of the Sun in the sign of the Twins. Gemini season is a time of learning, variety, and mental expansion. The journey of the Sun shines a light on our intellectual efforts and increases our curiosity and desire to know more about life and ourselves. Gemini season is a time of sharing, making new connections, networking, and gathering information and data.

This time of the year invites us to open our minds and remain available to embrace different perspectives and points of view before making decisions. Gemini season promotes a lighthearted sense of humor, invites us not to take things too seriously, and increases our appreciation for what our everyday life has to offer.


Saturn stations Retrograde in Aquarius

May 23, 2021, 05:19 AM ET

Saturn stationing retrograde invites redefinition and restructuring of our lives and of how we relate with the material 3D reality. Saturn rules everything tangible and crystallized: its yearly retrograde is a time to turn inwards and change how we relate with the more mundane aspects of life.

Saturn retrograde is a time to find our unique way to be part of society and offer long-lasting value to the collective, yet without conforming to how it’s always been done. The Lord of Time will be retrograde until October, and in June will square Uranus in Taurus for the second time out of three, emphasizing the conflict between old and new, past and future, that represents the ongoing theme of the current year.


Full Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, Venus square Neptune

May 26, 2021, 07:13 AM ET

The first Eclipse of 2021 is the third Supermoon in a row and will be a Total Lunar Eclipse on the South Node of the Moon in Sagittarius. All Eclipses happening on the lunar South Node bring up karmic material from the past: they invite purging and purification from the old as it is a necessary step we need to go through to be able to move forward.

Themes and dynamics that first manifested six months ago may culminate, find resolution, and become clearer. This may be a time to reconsider our beliefs and what we consider to be the truth. Sagittarius encourages us to be true to ourselves and reminds us of the importance of authenticity.

Meanwhile, Venus in Gemini will square Neptune in Pisces, emphasizing the need to verify our source of information and to avoid believing everything we read or listen to. Venus square Neptune can be a confusing transit: fake news may spread at this time, and we may feel we lack clarity. It is not a great moment to make important decisions around our finances or our relationships. Tendencies to overidealize our partners or potential partners are common: experiences of disillusionment have the purpose of bringing us back to reality.


Mercury stations Retrograde in Gemini

May 29, 2021, 6:34 PM ET

At the end of the month and in the midst of Eclipse season, Mercury stations retrograde and will remain in apparent backward motion until June 22. Mercury’s role is particularly important during the Eclipses as Mercury is the ruler of the North Node in Gemini, the point in space symbolizing our collective and individual evolutionary direction.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini is an invitation to practice critical thinking and discrimination. We may change our opinion on something or open our minds to different perspectives. This transit will highlight the need to review, reassess and reflect upon the information and data we take in as well as the information and data we share.


May 2021 Astrology Update: Our Invitation


May 2021 is likely to be a month of intellectual restlessness, heightened stimulation, and quick change: it has the potential to be an interesting chapter of our learning journey. During the first half of the month, before Eclipse Season starts, we have an opportunity to ground in our body and establish a strong connection with our foundation, which will help us handle any changes and volatility from a self-secure place. Jupiter in Pisces will support our capacity to tap into our imagination, creativity, and connect with a strong sense of faith.

Eclipses open a portal of change, they are gateways of transformation, they bring us opportunities and revelations and allow us to quantum leap into the future. May 2021 has the potential to represent an exciting time for many of us: the invitation is to stay open to the unfamiliar and trust ourselves enough to join the shift without fear.

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