Sagittarius Season 2021: Newfound Faith

On November 21, 9:34 PM ET, the Sun leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius, where it will transit until the Winter Solstice, taking place on December 21. Sagittarius season 2021 inaugurates a period of inner and outer expansion, philosophical pondering, and desire to discover the purpose of our life.

After a period of intensity, unpredictability, and deep transformation, the Sun traveling through Sagittarius lightens up our spirit. This time of the year inspires us to connect with a newfound sense of hope and faith and investigate the meaning of what we have been going through. This season is an invitation to trust our intuition and explore different ways of perceiving truth, existence, and purpose: it is a time to connect with our spontaneity and authenticity and find our natural voice.


From Scorpio to Sagittarius: Searching for Meaning


Wherever the Sun is transiting our conscious awareness goes: we are now shifting from a Yin, Fixed Water archetype to a Yang, Mutable Fire archetype. The transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius corresponds to a drive to externalize our focus and attention: following a period of introspection and emotional processing, a desire to move in different directions and make new experiences begins to arise.

Sagittarius is associated with long-term and long-distance travel, with a desire to get out of our comfort zone and explore something foreign. Ruled by Jupiter, the biggest planet of the Solar System, this archetype aims for perpetual expansion and growth, as it sees life as an adventure and an ongoing quest to discover more of the Universe and of ourselves. As a Mutable sign, Sagittarius is inherently versatile and adaptable, naturally driven to investigate new cosmologies, philosophies, and cultural traditions. As a Fire sign, the tendency is to gravitate towards action, freedom, and novelty.

The Sun’s yearly transit through the sign of the Centaur increases our thirst for knowledge and our urge to explore life and gain more wisdom. At this stage of evolution, we follow our impulses and desires: we learn intuitively from our experiences through deductive reasoning and an ongoing process of trial and error.


Sagittarius Season 2021: Eclipses and Lunations


During Sagittarius season 2021, we will witness a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius and a Full Moon in Gemini. The Total Solar Eclipse takes place on December 4 on the South Node of the Moon. It is the last Eclipse in Sagittarius until 2029, as the Lunar Nodes are changing signs in January, entering Taurus and Scorpio. When Eclipses take place on the South Node of the Moon, they catalyze a process of purging of past patterns and energies and invite us to purify from what no longer serves us. 

These cosmic events usually bring up unresolved and unprocessed issues and give us an opportunity to go through them. In the sign of Sagittarius, we may have to let go of belief systems we have been identifying with, and ways of making sense of life that no longer feel true. In addition, during the Solar Eclipse, Neptune will be powerfully activated as it will be stationary direct. The emphasis on the modern ruler of Pisces could intensify the sense of confusion that often comes up when we detach from the old and experience a void before the new manifests. Neptune invites us to surrender and trust life as we go through major changes, even if we don’t understand their purpose yet.

Sagittarius Season 2021

The Full Moon in Gemini happens on December 19, and it will coincide with Venus stationing retrograde in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. This lunation culminates a cycle that began with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini of June 10 and brings to maturation and completion what we started back then. At the time of the Gemini Full Moon, information and data previously unknown could come to light and generate important changes in our perception of reality. The Venus-Pluto conjunction intensifies the energy of the day and sets in motion a journey of deep reassessment of our relationships and values.


Sagittarius Season 2021: the Sun in Aspect


On November 28, the Sun joins the South Node of the Moon on the first degree of Sagittarius, illuminating issues around self-confidence and inviting us to detach from old identities and purposes that no longer resonate. Almost simultaneously, on November 29, Sun and Mercury join in conjunction, also known as Cazimi. Again, as this aspect takes place on the South Node, it can correspond to a process of purging and purification from ideas and beliefs that no longer serve us, which will create space for new insights to emerge.

The Sun sextiles Saturn in Aquarius on November 30, an alignment that supports our motivation, our capacity to be disciplined, structured, and get things done efficiently. On the same day, the Sun will trine Chiron in Aries, an aspect facilitating new awareness of wounds relative to past experiences of rejection, which may help us elaborate and understand the patterns that resulted from these.

Later, on December 12, the Sun squares Neptune in Pisces, reflecting a sense of confusion around our identity and purpose. We may experience doubts relative to how we express ourselves. Issues with self-confidence, boundaries, and discernment, paired with stronger sensitivity, intuition, and emotionality, may result in a desire to withdraw from exposure and visibility, which in turn may inspire us to deepen our spiritual practice.

On December 20, the harmonic sextile between Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius, ruler of Sagittarius, supports our optimism and faith, promoting a positive and proactive attitude and mental dynamism, offering us new opportunities to learn and expand our horizons. 


Sagittarius Season 2021: Newfound Faith


Some of the shadows of Sagittarius are dogmatism, arrogance, a tendency to identify with one’s beliefs and worldviews and push them on others. Since several planets will cross the South Node in the sign during the upcoming weeks, these issues are likely to be emphasized and brought to light. In addition, during Sagittarius season 2021, Venus begins her retrograde journey through Capricorn, bringing up what needs to be reviewed and restructured in our relationships, values, and finances. This process will naturally inspire us to reassess our priorities, beliefs, and what is meaningful to us, leading to a change in our relationship with ourselves.

Sagittarius Season 2021

We are entering a time of the year meant to help us expand our understanding of the nature of reality, of the Universe, and of ourselves. Throughout the upcoming weeks, we will feel drawn to reflect on our system of beliefs, dwell on existential questions and philosophical musings, and connect with our personal truth and our faith. Sagittarius season represents an opportunity to embody more authenticity and integrity by working on establishing a better alignment between our inner and outer realities.

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Sagittarius Season 2020: a Cycle of Expansion

On November 21, the Sun enters Sagittarius at 3:40 PM ET, just a few hours after Venus began her journey through Scorpio. Sagittarius season 2020 is starting and inaugurating a cycle of expansion and growth.

The Sun emerges from the Underworld with a newfound desire to explore and learn. Sagittarius season will inspire us to seek the higher meaning and the deeper purpose of what we are going through: we are embarking on a personal and collective quest for truth and authenticity.


Sagittarius: On a Quest for Truth


Sagittarius, the ninth archetype of the Zodiac, is a Yang or masculine Fire sign with a Mutable quality. It is ruled by Jupiter, the giant of the Solar system, the planet of abundance and good fortune, also known as the ‘Great Benefic’ in traditional Astrology.

Sagittarius correlates to intuitive knowing, to our inner wisdom, to our innate attunement to Nature and to the Natural Laws. Sagittarius has a global vision, it is constantly focused on the big picture. This sign aspires to learn through direct experience, observation and correlation, and an ongoing process of trial and error, rather than from books and technical study.

The philosopher of the Zodiac, Sagittarius is the archetype that inspires us to ask the big questions around the meaning of life, around the nature of reality, around ethics and morality, religion and dogma. This sign is committed to the pursuit of truth and desires to connect to what is authentic and natural.

During the yearly transit of the Sun through Sagittarius, we naturally attune to the big picture. We feel more connected to what happens in the world; we desire to explore different cultural traditions, philosophies, and belief systems to expand our understanding of reality, and get a glimpse of the meaning of the human experience. Sagittarius season 2020 is inviting us to broaden our mental horizons, reconnect with our intuition, trust the wisdom of Nature, and align with Natural Laws.


Eclipse Season 2020: Karmic Shifts 


During Sagittarius Season 2020, the Eclipse portal is opening, inviting radical change and increasing the speed of our evolutionary journey. Extremely significant karmic shifts will take place for us all. While the Sun transits through Sagittarius, we will experience a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini and a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

Eclipses happen when the Sun and the Moon align on the Lunar Nodes, currently transiting Sagittarius and Gemini. The South Node is a point in space symbolizing our collective and personal past, while the North Node represents our evolutionary direction. They are located where the path of the Moon and the apparent path of the Sun intersect.

The Full Moon in Gemini happening on November 30 will be a penumbral Lunar Eclipse: the Moon will loosely conjunct her North Node while the Sun will be approaching the South Node. The Eclipse on the North Node in Gemini invites us to open up to different perspectives, points of view, to listen to others’ opinions, and to seek new and diverse sources of information. 

On December 14, a Solar Eclipse is taking place: the Sun, the Moon, and Mercury will all be on the Sagittarius South Node. Their purpose is to bring to our awareness what needs to be integrated and understood in order to move forward. Since Mercury is the planet ruling the Gemini North Node, there could be a theme of needing to go back and review something before moving on. At this time, issues related to the past are quite likely to resurface to be solved and released, in order for us to be able to transition towards the future.


The Galactic Center is Activated


Both the Sun and Mercury will form their yearly alignment with the Galactic Center on December 18. The Galactic Center is a supermassive black hole and the point in space representing the rotational center of our Galaxy, the Milky Way. It is situated at approximately 27° Sagittarius, and it moves only 1° every 72 years.

The Galactic Center is a point of collective learning experiences: once a year when the Sun transits there, it directs our conscious awareness on the multidimensionality of existence. When celestial bodies align with the center of our Galaxy, they invite us to remember our true, infinite nature and to honor our connection to the Cosmos.

sagittarius season 2020

When the Galactic Center is activated by planets in transit our evolutionary process is accelerated intensely. As a result, we may witness a crisis of faith, a breakdown of something linked with our sense of meaning or our belief system. This process has the function to trigger our awakening by exposing the challenges that need to come to the surface and by encouraging us to let go of what is not serving our growth. 


Sagittarius Season 2020: Honoring our Vision and Respecting Others


Sagittarius Season 2020 is an invitation to embrace our own belief system and worldview without trying to convince others to adopt the same perspective: we need to remember and respect that everyone is on their journey, everyone has their timing, and everyone has their belief system.

“The truth is always something that is told, not something that is known. If there were no speaking or writing, there would be no truth about anything. There would only be what is.” ― Susan Sontag

The South Node will be in Sagittarius until 2022: the purpose of this transit is to encourage us to let go of any arrogance, dogmatism, self-righteousness, and belief that our truth is the only truth. These will be ongoing themes during Sagittarius season 2020 because the South Node will be powerfully activated by the Eclipses.

There is no one size fits all and, throughout the upcoming weeks, we are encouraged to follow our own path and our own vision while honoring and accepting the fact that other people are doing the same and that their truth may be different than ours. 


Sagittarius Season 2020: Preparing for the Great Conjunction


After the Eclipse season, on December 17 and 19, both Saturn and Jupiter will enter Aquarius, and they will be exactly conjunct on the Winter Solstice, on December 21. A lot of energy is about to move from earthy Capricorn to Aquarius, an Air archetype: our attention will shift from practicality and from the material, 3D reality to the world of ideas, to our ideologies, and our visions for the future. 

Sagittarius season and the powerful Eclipses taking place are preparing us for the ‘Great Conjunction’ between Jupiter and Saturn, and they are setting the stage for the collective paradigm shift taking place at the end of the year. Their purpose is to help us envision the reality we want to create: these alignments will remind us to choose love over fear, to focus on our dreams, and to believe in ourselves and in our capacity to manifest them.

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