2/22/22 Gateway – Manifestation, Healing & Breakthroughs

2/22/22 portal of divine manifestation, magical synchronicities, spiritual healing, breakthroughs, clarity and angelic support is open!

This month, we experience three major 222 dates, 2/2/22, 2/20/22, and 2/22/22. Each sequence is magical, but by far, the 2/22/22 sequence stands out the most, as it contains the energy of Master Number 22, and the manifesting power of Angel number 22222.

Use this time to manifest your visions, dream relationship, partnership, self-love and self-healing routines. 02/22/22 is a day of emotional and spiritual healing, karma cleansing, manifesting and rebuilding.

This is a rare once in a lifetime moment for humanity. There will not be another 222 sequence until 2/2/2222. Turn up your manifesting and let the Universe shower you with divine blessings!


The Significance and Power of 22222 in Numerology


Every number has a unique essence. You can think of this essence as each number’s personality. Number one is assertive and independent; number two is patient and attentive; number three is expressive and curious, and so on. However, anytime a number is repeated, the energy is amplified. This is the case with 22222.

Number two is connected to partnership, healing, building and cooperation. Two is the number of patience, modesty, and duality. Wherever the number two shows up is where you are seeking to establish more balance and alignment.

As an Angel and repeated number, 22222 represents divine timing. It is a message from your guides that you are on the right path and you will find the right people, but in order to do that, you have to listen to your higher emotions and thoughts.

In its shadow, 22222 is a reminder that every dream requires patience, cooperation, and work. If you’ve been struggling with feeling seen, heard, or accepted, 22222 is a reminder to stay flexible and open to new possibilities, you can attract anything you want.


2/22/22: Take Control of your Destiny


On February 22, 2022, the last 222 sequence of the 21st century will occur. This awakening moment mirrors the self-defining qualities of Master number 22. This monumental Numerology event breaks open the door to a more fulfilling, sustainable, and aligned future. February 22, 2022 is the day to move forward and stop living in the past.

Out of all the Master numbers, 22 has the potential to be the most successful due to its practical mind and extraordinary self-discipline. Equipped with the insight and spiritual enlightenment established by master number 11, 22 has the potential to manifest any dream into a reality. 22 teaches us how to see our visions clearly in the spiritual realm and how to bring them down into the earthly plane.


You may be wondering how this energy will affect you, and the question is: what big breakthrough are you planning? What partnerships are ready to go to the next level of commitment? What relationships are ready to be released with love? What opportunities are you ready to attract? The magic of 02/22/22 supports you, but you have to take action.

In Numerology, 2 can be a passive number. And when Master Number 22 expresses itself with stagnation and laziness, rather than being a proactive master builder, 22 hides away and idles over its dreams. It struggles with perfectionism and overthinking.

Try not to let your fears talk you into staying in a rut. The challenge of Master number 22 is overcoming its perfectionist tendencies and trusting others to help achieve your goals. This energy is a call to take gradual action instead of rushing and acting impulsive which ultimately leads to burnout.

If feeling emotionally, physically, or spiritually exhausted at this time, find ways to slow down and appreciate the life you are creating. Express gratitude for who you are, where you are, and what you have. Invite joy, harmony, and balance into your life. Learn to live in the present moment.

There are six 2’s in today’s date, together they give 12, and 12 is a number three, magical number, holy trinity, three’s of everything, secret of the Three holy principles hidden in two’s. High frequency codes are vibrating through ether. This marks the culmination and ending of a longer cycle, the one that was active between 2.2.2002 – 22.2.2002. We might feel a lot of pressure because somethings from last 20 years might be involved in these changes and healing process we are going through right now, both individually and collectively.


The Astrology of 2/22/22


Today, Moon in Scorpio makes a challenging square aspect with the lord of the karma and time, Saturn in Aquarius and this gives us even greater power to release what needs to be released, to remove old fears, to remove old anxieties and to change the taste of our own past in our bodies, our minds and our souls. We will be inspired to put hard work into what we’re passionate about, to invest in long term changes and set ourselves free from traumas that colored our perception through many lifetimes.

Any restriction and challenge is just a springboard towards growth and evolution, and today is that magic day when we can create that quantum leap and jump from one reality into another, from old structures and frames of mind into more stable, more alive, more magical frames of mind and states of being.


Another divine inspired synchronicity we experience today: 2/22/22 portal happens in this same day as U.S. Pluto return, this means that the planet Pluto will be right on the same degree and same sign where it was when U.S. declared independency on the 4th of July 1776. It also happens during the peak cycle of Venus, Mars and Pluto conjunction that will culminate exactly on the 3.03.2022. On this day we will again have the same sum of numbers, again 12 which gives birth to 3. Amplification of these energies are enormous!

During this time we can expect very important messages to be delivered to us, important lessons, key people coming into our lives, key relationships, key conversations. This alignment also shows that we are all just where we should be, where we’re meant to be, everything is well and unfolding and manifesting for our highest good.


2/22/22 Invitation


February is a month with many changes and opportunities for rejuvenation, so keep dreaming big and paving new paths for your future. May you set intentions and attune to the highest timelines that are being inspired and orchestrated by your higher self during this 02/22/22 gateway.

May the supporting and protecting energies of angel number 22222 and creative manifesting energies of master builder number 22 be with you and help you in healing, bring you clarity and inspire you to consistently, consciously and courageously walk in the direction of your dreams by living and enjoying in the present moment.

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Full Cold Moon in Gemini: the Power of Thoughts

On December 18, 11:35 PM ET, the last “Full Cold Moon” of the year takes place at 27°28’ of the sign of Gemini. This Full Moon is the first lunation in the sign that is not an Eclipse since 2020, and it is inviting us to reclaim the power of our attention, thoughts, and words.

We are reaching the maturation point of a six-month cycle that began on June 10, 2021, with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, but we are also culminating the shorter cycle that began two weeks ago, with the Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. The Full Cold Moon closes the Eclipse portal and the calendar year, bringing strong energy of culmination and closure.

During this time, the intentions we set on these two New Moon Solar Eclipses can manifest and blossom. We have a chance to reap the rewards of our efforts, witness the results of our work, and gain more clarity around something that was still uncertain. 

To celebrate the arrival of Full Moon Gemini, on December 17, 9:45 PM ET, we are hosting Global Live Full Cold Moon Meditation on our YouTube channel. We invite you to join us, and invite others to meditate together with us. Tap here to find our scheduled live meditation.

On December 19, 9:00 AM ET, we will be hosting live Full Cold Moon Energy Update & Q&A on our Instagram @MoonOmens. We invite you to tune in and have a good time together!


Full Cold Moon in Gemini: End of Year Reflections


Full Moons are times of emotional intensity and deep feelings, characterized by moments of revelation, breakthrough, and understanding, unfolding during the course of a few days. Full Moons always imply an opposition between the Sun and the Moon, an aspect that reflects some tension between the rational and the emotional, the conscious and the unconscious, the private and the public, the certain and the uncertain.

full cold moon in gemini

The Full Moon taking place in December is also popularly known as the Cold Moon, due to its proximity to the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere of the globe. This is a time of introspection, withdrawal, and retreat, particularly for those of us who live in places where temperatures are dropping. Nonetheless, the end of the calendar year tends to be a moment of reflection for everyone on the planet. At this time, we are inspired to look back at what we have been through, contemplate our choices and actions, evaluate what we desire to continue, what we desire to let go of, and what we commit to improving.


Full Moon opposite the Galactic Center: New Awareness


Currently, the Sun is in Sagittarius and the Moon is in Gemini: their alignment brings to maturation a learning cycle, and it could mark a substantial change in our perception of reality. 

The Sun is conjunct the Galactic Center, placed at approximately 26-27 degree of Sagittarius. When planets are transiting over this point in space, marking the center of our Galaxy, they can trigger a significant acceleration of our evolutionary processes. It is said that planets conjunct the Galactic Center can facilitate the emergence of new spiritual awareness: they may bring sudden downloads and intuitive insights and initiate a process of awakening that can ripple in every area of our lives.

This Full Moon in Gemini will energize our minds and speed up our thought processes, possibly making us prone to overthinking and overanalyzing our emotions, feelings, and actions. During these days, information previously unknown, uncertain, or unavailable may come to light or be shared with the public. The data revealed and exposed could have a significant impact on our opinions, worldviews, beliefs, and perceptions, generating lasting changes in how we see reality.


Full Moon square Neptune: Extreme Openness and Sensitivity


The Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini are forming a T-square pattern to Neptune in Pisces. Whenever planets are in a challenging alignment to Neptune, they suggest difficulties integrating an extreme openness to what’s happening in our environment. Feeling the emotions and sensations of others as if they were our own is a very common experience.

Particularly, when the Moon and Neptune are in a hard aspect, our sensitivity has no boundaries: it’s vital that we learn to distinguish between what is ours and what is not, and that we don’t take responsibility for others’ feelings and projections. The Sun square Neptune, on the other hand, may suggest some difficulties defining our identity, as well as a sense of lack of purpose, confidence, and vitality. Nonetheless, this alignment maximizes our empathy and artistry and increases our capacity to creatively express something that can feel relatable to everyone.

We currently have celestial bodies transiting all Mutable signs except one, Virgo. The archetype that is not being activated by the T-square pattern indicates qualities and traits we need to gravitate towards in order to find more balance. A crucial lesson related to the Virgo archetype is being discerning relative to what we take in and what we allow into our energetic field. This configuration emphasizes the need to remain grounded in the material reality and in our bodies, to honor the work we need to complete, and to maintain healthy routines and habits.


Full Moon trine Jupiter: Open-mindedness & Intellectual Expansion


The Moon in Gemini is trine Jupiter in Aquarius, an aspect that promotes an objective and optimistic approach to emotional matters, facilitating open-mindedness and intellectual expansion. This alignment increases our desire to explore different ways of perceiving reality and supports our capacity to interpret in an optimistic and growth-oriented light what is happening around us and to us.

The Moon in Gemini tends to deal with emotions rationally, while Jupiter has the capacity to find the lesson and the higher meaning of everything we may go through. As the Moon-Jupiter aspect is taking place in Air signs, it can be considered an opportunity to take a step back and evaluate our situation from a distance before we react, to try to see what is bothering us from another vantage point. 

During these days, we may have important insights that help us understand how to better cope with difficult feelings and emotions. This alignment supports networking and cooperation, promoting an expansion of our social life: new encounters and connections may stimulate our mind and increase our capacity to find creative solutions to the issues we may be facing.


Mercury trine Uranus: Spontaneous Downloads & Innovative Ideas


Mercury, the planetary ruler of the Gemini Full Moon, is currently transiting Capricorn. This indicates a tendency to interpret new information in a practical way, to take with a grain of salt data that isn’t proven by facts, and to not invest much energy in gossip or small talk. Mercury in Capricorn has a natural capacity to focus on intellectual tasks and to be disciplined with intellectual pursuits and learning processes. 

Mercury’s trine to Uranus in Taurus is another aspect that can indicate new data coming to light and bringing new awareness. There could be a discovery of unexpected information, or spontaneous downloads coming out of the blue could help us solve a problem we have been struggling with. This process has the potential to generate innovation and lasting, tangible results.


Venus stationary retrograde & conjunct Pluto: Transformation of Relationships


Meanwhile, the Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn intensifies our experience of relationships: the stage is set for the upcoming Venus retrograde, starting in just a few hours. Venus being stationary retrograde indicates that the planet of love, beauty, wealth, and receptivity represents a powerful player during this lunation. Relationship matters and intense encounters could already occupy a large portion of our attention, especially for those of us who have personal planets or angles around the 26 degree of Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

The conjunction of Venus and Pluto increases the possibility of experiencing romantic obsessions and particularly passionate connections or breakups. Due to Venus stationing retrograde, people from our past could come back to allow us to solve something that hasn’t been previously concluded. We may be able to understand the patterns, dynamics, and unconscious complexes behind the whole story. A deep and lasting transformation of the way we experience relationships, of our values, of our taste, of our artistic expression, and of our way to relate to money is about to begin.

To help you harness this energy Full Cold Moon in Gemini brings we have created Full Moon printable channeled “The Power of Thoughts” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these Full Cold Moon Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.


Full Cold Moon in Gemini: Mastering our Thoughts


During the rest of the current lunar cycle, we are being encouraged to detach from old stories playing out in our heads, to release distractions, and carefully evaluate what type of information we take in. By becoming more conscious of the importance of the words we use, the kind of ideas we dwell on, and the influence that other people’s opinions have over us, we have a possibility to unlock new levels of awareness and let go of thinking and speaking habits that aren’t serving our highest good.

This Full Cold Moon in Gemini will inspire us to question our perception of reality, change how we habitually communicate with others, and work on mastering our thinking patterns. We may start doubting a narrative we have been encouraged to believe, and the questions emerging now may contribute to ideas and insights that could lay out a new foundation for our future.

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11/11 Gateway 2021: Call to Alignment

The eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year is considered to be a particularly special day. Popularly known as the 11/11 Gateway, November 11 is a magical date, according to Numerology.

In 2021 and 2022, the 11/11 Gateway will take place very close to Eclipses, which makes it even more relevant. Eclipse season is a period of acceleration and fast change: the 11/11 Gateway is a chance to take a break from the frantic pace of daily life, to take some time to pause and reconnect with Spirit before we begin moving forward again. We have a wonderful opportunity to center and come back to alignment before the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.


The Significance and Power of Number 11 in Numerology


According to the ancient science of Numerology, each number has a specific frequency and vibrational quality. When a number appears more than once, its meaning is amplified: coming across repeating numbers is an auspicious synchronicity that is said to take place when we are aligned with our spiritual path. For instance, seeing 11:11 is considered to be a sign that our Guides and Angels are near, and that they are supporting us.

Number 11 is considered to be a Master Number: it is not reduced into a single-digit number like it usually happens with other numbers. 11 magnifies the qualities associated with Number 1, and represents a higher vibration of Number 2, which would result from the sum of its digits.

Number 1 is connected with leadership, innovation, individuality, and new beginnings: it represents independence and boldness, a force of creation of a Yang nature. Number 2 instead expresses refined intuition and sensitivity: it is a feminine or Yin energy, associated with partnership, balance, empathy, and harmony.

Master Number 11 contains the influence of both 1 and 2: it is correlated with a capacity to take action according to our intuition, with creativity coming from emotional awareness, and with the ability to connect with both our instinct and our empathy. Master Number 11 is associated with higher realms, higher frequencies, new levels of spiritual awakening, and a new awareness of our connection with Truth: this is why the 11/11 Gateway is considered to be so powerful.

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Number 11 in Astrology: Aquarius, Uranus, and the Eleventh House


In Astrology, Number 11 is associated with Aquarius, Uranus, and the Eleventh House. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac, and today the Moon is conjunct Jupiter in this sign, a factor strengthening the symbolism and the significance of the day.

Aquarius and the Eleventh Astrological House are associated with groups and communities, with how our individual creativity can generate progress that has the potential to benefit humanity as a whole. These archetypes remind us that together we are stronger, and highlight the importance of feeling part of a community, of cultivating relationships with groups of like minds who share similar dreams and visions for the future. 

Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, is also known as the Great Awakener: this planet is famous for disrupting the status quo and generating sudden changes and discoveries that force humanity to evolve quickly. Uranus inspires us to find deeper personal freedom by breaking free from the norm and honoring our personal genius to generate innovation.


The Astrology of 11/11/2021


The Moon-Jupiter alignment in the sign of the Water Bearer taking place on 11/11/2021 is a favorable aspect that increases our optimism and faith. Jupiter conjunct Moon promotes emotional resilience and grants us the capacity to grow from crises and find value in challenges. In the sign of Aquarius, this conjunction gives us the ability to see our situation from a distance and gain a detached perspective before making decisions.

In the meantime, Mars and Mercury in Scorpio are squaring Saturn in Aquarius, underlying some degree of conflict between our drive to speak up, expose secrets, and reveal the truth, and the awareness that doing so may be counterproductive. We may feel torn between a desire to act and speak on impulse and the awareness of the limits of our personal power. This inner struggle may offer us an opportunity to tune in, connect with ourselves, and realign with our values and priorities before making any decision.


11/11: Gateway of Change, Growth, and Alignment


The 11/11 Gateway always takes place during Scorpio season, a time of introspection, spiritual growth, and personal transformation. In the Northern Hemisphere, we are preparing for the cold of Winter: we honor our dead, retreat into our homes, and spend more time with ourselves. As Nature dies, we celebrate darkness, and we are being invited to meditate on the inevitability of life cycles.

During this time of transition, the 11/11 Gateway offers us beneficial energy to change what doesn’t work in our lives and choose a path that is more attuned with our Soul’s purpose. Today, find some time to tune in, set intentions, listen to your inner voice, and remind yourself that you are supported, that you are not alone. 


Trusting Synchronicities & Being Receptive to Omens


Synchronicities can be seen as an invitation to come back to alignment, ground in the present moment, cultivate gratitude, and center in a deeper state of awareness. November 11 is a potent day for manifestation rituals, to start something new, to practice gratitude, and reattune with our values, our purpose, and our priorities.

This combination of numbers corresponds to increased intuition, and it has the potential to bring us closer to ourselves and our Truth. The 11/11 Gateway invites us to be receptive to what life is trying to teach us, to the omens, signs, and messages delivered to us. The Universe is encouraging us to trust synchronicities and create more space and time to connect with our inner wisdom and our Higher Selves.

We wish you the most beautiful 11/11 Gateway experience. May you set intentions and manifest your deepest hearts desires! Don’t forget to download our new Repeating Numbers Guidebook! – tap here to get your guidebook now.

Lion’s Gate Portal: Collective Initiation

This year, on August 8, we celebrate the peak of the Lion’s Gate Portal 2021 together with a New Moon in Leo. These days are intensely charged, and many of us have been feeling this energetic shift for a while. Read our New Moon in Leo article here.

We are undergoing a powerful initiation: we have been traversing the birth canal, traveling through different gates and rites of passage, and we are now being given an opportunity to start a brand new chapter of our lives, leave the past behind, and set clear intentions for the future.

During these days, pay attention to synchronicities, repeating patterns, messages, and signs from the Universe. Unexpected strikes of luck, karmic encounters, and fated opportunities are possible: make sure to be open to receive what life is offering you.

To celebrate this powerful Lion’s Gate Portal with you we created new 120 pages e-book all about Lion’s Gate Portal. It is completely free for you to download and enjoy, however your donations and support is always appreciated.


The Lion’s Gate Portal and Fixed Star Sirius


The Lion’s Gate is considered to be open between the end of July and the middle of August. Astronomically, it corresponds to the heliacal rising of the fixed star Sirius and its alignment with the Sun.

Sirius is a bright star placed in the constellation of Cancer. Every year, around this time, Sirius becomes visible in the morning sky. In Ancient Egypt, the heliacal rising of Sirius was associated with the flooding of the Nile’s river, which fertilized the fields allowing life to flourish. For them, this was the beginning of the calendar year, a moment of celebration, gratitude, and attunement to the cycles of nature.

From an astronomical standpoint, the heliacal rising of Sirius will take place between August 14 and 15, 2021. However, even if the astronomical event happens on a different day each year, we celebrate the Lion’s Gate peak on 8/8 due to the power of this number in Numerology.

Number 8 symbolizes the empowerment journey of the Soul through the high and lows of life, and it is connected with an emotional, spiritual, and psychological metamorphosis. The energy of number 8 corresponds to ambition, success, and mastery of the physical world: it teaches us about the right use of our capacity to manifest and co-create our reality.


The Lion Symbolism: Courage and Wisdom


The Lion has been considered a potent symbol of strength, royalty, leadership, wisdom, and majesty in many ancient cultures and esoteric traditions. In Tarot, it corresponds to the Strength card, which is the eighth or eleventh Major Arcana. The Strength card represents the process of refining our raw power through spiritual awareness and compassion.

In Astrology, Leo is about joy and authentic self-expression, about the process of reconnecting with our inner child through play and spontaneity. It is associated with the Heart Chakra and it rules romance, creativity, joy, self-realization, and personal fulfillment. Through Leo, we become full of ourselves: this means that we fill our own cup in such a way that generosity and joy can flow outwardly freely and naturally. Only by coming from a place of fullness and fulfillment, we can participate in life experiencing authentic personal satisfaction. 

The Lion’s Gate Portal activation and the prominence of the Lion symbolism remind us that if we shine, everybody else automatically feels invited and allowed to shine. Our frequency is contagious, we always have an impact on others even when we don’t realize it, and our impact is often much bigger than we think. We never know who will feel inspired by our energy, we never know what the ripple effects of allowing our authentic self-expression to come through will be.

It is our sacred right and our sacred duty to express and celebrate all that we are unapologetically: the strong emphasis on the Leo archetype is giving ourselves permission and encouragement to do so. 


Intention Setting and Manifestation during the Lion’s Gate Portal


The fact that the Leo New Moon happens simultaneously with the peak of the Lion’s Gate portal makes these days particularly auspicious for rituals, intention setting, and manifestation practices, especially those centered around creativity, self-confidence, and self-realization.

The days and hours before the Leo New Moon takes place are wonderful to let go of what we don’t want to bring with us during the cycle that is about to start. It is a time to release attachments and cords with gratitude, detach from limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns that we are ready to leave behind.

From the moment of the New Moon up to one day after it has taken place is the moment to invite something new into our lives, set intentions for the future, and celebrate the beauty of aliveness, of fully inhabiting the present moment.

We invite you to read our Leo New Moon article and find our channeled Leo New Moon ritual tools here.


Leo New Moon & Lion’s Gate Portal: Collective Initiation


The days associated with the peak of the Lion’s Gate portal may correspond to important variations in the Schumann Resonance, which measures the electromagnetic field of the Earth. The most sensitive people amongst us might be experiencing a variety of sensations that can manifest on the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychic levels.

Insomnia, particularly vivid dreams, migraines, physical tension, irritability, and nervousness are all possible manifestations of sensitivity to this energy. You may feel restless or anxious, and have hard times finding a clear reason for your discomfort, or on the contrary, you could feel full of energy, excitement, motivation, and desire to set new things in motion.

Grounding can be helpful to soothe any uneasiness and come back to alignment if feeling overwhelmed. Connect intentionally with Nature and the Earth through practices such as walking barefoot, meditating while sitting in the grass, hugging a tree, or eating your lunch outside, possibly in the sunlight.

The Lion’s Gate activation and the Leo New Moon remind us that creativity is abundant and overflowing: we always have the opportunity to connect with the stream of Universal creative energy. These cosmic events invite us to open our hearts and minds to become a clear conduit through which the Universe can express itself.

To celebrate this powerful Lion’s Gate Portal with you we created new 120 pages e-book all about Lion’s Gate Portal. It is completely free for you to download and enjoy, however your donations and support is always appreciated.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you love this article! Comment if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above too.

Don’t forget to download and read our new 120 pages Lion’s Gate Portal e-book, you can find it here. Have the most magnificent and magical Leo New Moon and Lion’s Gate Portal. We love you!

Decoding The Spiritual Meaning Of 0000 — 000 — 00 & 0

In this article we will decode the spiritual meaning of 0000 by breaking it down to 000, 00 and 0. If you haven’t already, we invite you to read our other repeating numbers sequances starting with 1111.

0 is sacred placeholder in numerology that encompasses nothingness and the totality of all that exists. To grasp the meaning of zero is to comprehend eternal emptiness. This is the energy at the center of all creative potential, complete in the silence of the infinite void – there for all to see, but still hidden in plain sight.

This digit only exists in the realm of the unseen and unknown, for it does not have the same physical properties as 1-9. It is the invisible energy that weaves between all that is seen and holds it together. The presence of 0 must be felt through its absence.


Complete Within Oneself — 0


The number 0 in numerology indicates becoming whole within. This number is the mystic container of all that there is and ever will be for all of eternity. 0 is emptiness that holds within it the possibility of everything.

When this number is appearing for you, it is time for you to fully embrace your potential. The Universe calls you to see that all the resources you need to co-create through manifestation are within yourself.

0 holds all possibilities in its vibration of totality. When you notice this number, it is time for you to go within and discover where you’ve lost pieces of yourself and integrate it back into your aura. You are meant to feel whole, complete, and fully unified.

The number 0 calls you to embrace reality with the vividness of your imagination. You carry the energy within your spirit to open doors to new realities. Through discovering the inner void within yourself, you are liberated to use your creative power to express all aspects of who you are.

As you unite all the pieces of yourself into wholeness, the need to conceal your shadow dissipates. Self-love and satisfaction flow from your sense of feeling complete. You no longer look to outside sources for validation when you are seeing the number 0.

Seeing number 0 shows that it is time for you to remember your infinite prospects. Every aspect of your being is primed to explore all that you’re capable of becoming. Your prospects in the present moment are never-ending.


Boundless Love — 00


The number 00 is one of boundless love. This number can only be consciously understood in the absence of the false self. When one is completely emptied of ego attachments, the pure essence of love can stream through unfiltered and limitless.

00 is a state mystics strive to achieve where separation does not exist. This number is total dissolution into all there is. You become one with the world.

Seeing 00 encourages you to love without barriers. By becoming completely inclusive in your love, you are able to unite with the source of creation.

In this space, you can simply be. Love exists without trying to reveal itself through gestures, words, or gifts. Your entire consciousness is radiating love and it naturally changes the consciousness of those around you.

When 00 is appearing for you, you uplift the world into a place where all are accepted, cherished, and nurtured through a sense of belonging. Through your endless love, you put out an all-welcoming vibration people are drawn to.


This is a reminder of how expansive love truly is. Your heart holds the mysteries of the unknown and the bountiful love you share outwardly is only a glimmer of all that you carry within. Love will always be your greatest strength.


Full Circle Completion — 000


000 is a message of full circle completion. This is a special time of transition for you, as you are neither here nor there, but somewhere in the middle. In this liminal space, you are undergoing a metamorphosis.

Seeing this number is a sign from the Universe that you are moving through an in-between phase in life. During this time, you may feel striped bare of what you’d previously associated with your identity.

You’ve outgrown many of the previous associations you had about who you were. Now, you are shifting your priorities to reflect your new values that come from your spiritual growth. The Universe is sending you the message to have reassurance you will emerge from this transition successfully.

The number 000 is encouraging you to go inward and consciously release what is no longer serving our highest good. Being in the void may feel a bit lonely, and even depressing, but this is because your spirit is undergoing a monumental change.

It’s okay if you do not feel as social and need more time to be with your feelings. Letting yourself process where you’ve come from is the only way to get to where you are going. When 000 is appearing for you, it is time to relax and release.

This is a signal from the Universe that the next phase of your life is going to look different than the last. You are evolving, and this sometimes means dissolving what has been to create space for what will be. You have come full circle and are now ready for the next phase of your life to emerge.


Connection to Infinity — 0000


0000 is the number of connection to infinity. Comprehending infinity comes from being in tune with your heart, intuition, and higher self. It represents the space where all that ever was and ever will be originates.

0000 is pure source energy. It is the Universal power that is within us all that has no beginning and no end. This energy is what precedes creation and will exist forever despite destruction. It is eternal and everlasting.

The number 0000 appearing for you means you are attuned to this vibration within yourself. Accessing this frequency through meditation will assist you in unlocking your consciousness to be able to perceive the nature of forever.

This is a special number because it holds within it the power to amplify other numbers and make them expand. As connection to realm of infinity grows, you are beginning to receive messages of guidance through your intuition that bestow upon you great truths.

0000 is a sign from the Universe that your third eye is rapidly developing to be able to perceive what’s invisible to the untrained eye. By gaining access to the realm of infinity, you are able to discover secrets of the nature of reality that goes beyond the seen world.

You may feel more sensitive to energies around you and aware of the eternal spirit that is not bound by time. You will come to see the infinite in yourself. Your spirit will get to feel eternity. Developing this relationship to the infinite makes you more sensitive to the energetic realm and able to manifest your vision rapidly.


On your spiritual path, 0000 is the sacred source of creation. You have chosen to learn lessons about the infinite nature of spirit in order to access wisdom beyond most of humanity’s comprehension. This makes you a special keeper of knowledge and blessed traveler of the unknown.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you love this article! Sending love and blessings your way.

Decoding The Spiritual Meaning Of 9999 – 999 – 99 & 9

In this article we are going to decode spiritual meaning of the number 9 and it’s sequences 99, 999 and 9999. In previous article we decoded number 8, if you haven’t we invite you to read it (read article about number 8)

Following the infinite manifestation ability of the number 8, the number 9 achieves perfect spiritual structure. The number 9 represents the greatest harmony possible for the world, where there is no more growth left to do.

Numerologically, this is the culmination of the 3rd cycle of creation. The creative forces of spirit are fully linked with the material world. There is union between both worlds, achieving the utmost perfection. From here, the only thing left is to dissolve so the cycle can begin over again.


Service to Others 9


The number 9 in numerology represents service to humanity. This is the number of wisdom, responsibility, and selflessness.

When this number is appearing for you, it is time for you to focus on humanitarianism. The Universe asks you to broad your perspective to understand the experiences of others. You are cultivating empathy by taking a metaphorical walk in someone else’s shoes.

9 is also karmic number of spiritual awakening. When this number appears, you are being called to view the world around you from the perspective of spirit. All is one and one is all; people just separated into a myriad of different identities and parts.

Using the energy of the number 9 you can honor both the separation and wholeness present in the nature of the manifest world. The separation only feels scary when you forget the cosmic knowing that you are inherently part of the vast interconnectedness of the Universe.

On your spiritual path, seeing the number 9 means that it is time for you to be of service to those who are in need. By offering others your time, energy, and attention, you bring them back to union with the interconnection the world.


It is through this interconnection that humanity sustains itself. When the number 9 appears, you truly can spread the light with your compassion.


Release to Complete 99


The number 99 is one of surrender. This number calls you to let go and release what is no longer in alignment with your spiritual cycle.

99 is a sacred number because it represents cosmic harmony. As things emerge in life, others must fall away. This is a natural cycle of the Universe.

It can be scary to the ego to let go of what you’ve clung to as part of your identity. Changes in jobs, housing, and relationships can seem disruptive. Losing things of value to you can be painful, but it is through this process of rebirth that you learn how to develop faith in the next stage of your life.

When 99 is appearing for you, it is a period of time when you must hand the reins over to the Universe for guidance. When you are refusing to relinquish control, you will notice your pain and suffering growing. You will be only be gifted with grace when you fully surrender to the flow of spiritual energy.


This is the culmination of your spiritual journey on the path you’ve been walking. The transformation is natural and needed for you to evolve to the next leg of your spiritual journey.

The Universe is sending you the message through the number 99 to release your fear and focus on trust. Everything happening is for the highest good. Ultimately, you will see how necessary the shift happening was to your well being. Continue to have faith until you’ve made it to the other side.


Integrating Lessons For Evolving Humanity 999


999 is a sign that you are integrating your spiritual lessons for the evolution of humanity. Your insight makes you have very special cosmic role in the path of the collective spiritual journey of the world.

The energy of 999 holds knowledge of crisis within it because it knows that ultimately it will be dissolved into something new. The world is in a similar place right now, where major transformation is provoking a feeling of chaotic confusion.

Amid the chaos of the work, seeing the number 999 indicates you are a spiritual light worker who is meant to hold space for the changes, acknowledge what is happening, and help others to process their experiences.


Seeing the number 999 means that you have a sacred duty to educate others on your own spiritual ups and downs in order to help them make sense of their own awakening process. One thing the Universe is calling you to convey is that it is okay for things to fall apart because they will be rebuilt better than before.

Things must reach completion, or else they will go on forever and nothing new would begin again. The lessons of 999 is to honor the conflict of wanting to keep things the same to feel safe with the desire to trust everything will turn out alright. This is a very tumultuous and emotional space for people to be in because it feels like an in-between with no answers or direction.

On your spiritual path, the energy of 999 calls on you to be a lighthouse for others to lead them through the darkness. Continuing to promote kindness, compassion, and empathy is how humanity will successfully evolve to the next level.

The energy of 999 invites you to release the need for perfection. It’s all right to not have answers to everything. Simply being present and holding space for others to have their own spiritual awakenings is all you need to do. You might only impact a handful of people, but on the cosmic level, you are making a huge shift in the consciousness of humanity.


Ascended Master 9999


The number 9999 holds the frequency of an ascended master. When noticing 9999, you are a very special carrier of higher consciousness, and you will naturally elevate other’s mind to see the connection and love in the world.

9999 is a signal that you have reached a very high spiritual frequency. You are both connected to the world soul and the infinite world of spirit. This special link allows you to channel messages from spirit to the rest of the world.

When 9999 is appearing for you, you have come to a very advanced stage of spiritual enlightenment. It is good to notice the intuitive callings you’ve been having and write them down. The Universe is giving you pieces of information that you will need to remember later.


Through the energy of 9999, ascended masters are working through you as a channel for bringing harmony, peace, and love to the world. Opening to their higher frequency through meditation is helpful to merge your consciousness with that of your spiritual guides.

Since 9999 represents transformation, you will begin to feel a sense of transcendence in your daily life. You may notice orbs of light or colors around you, and this is very high frequency energy surrounding you.

On your spiritual path, when you open to holding the energy of the ascended masters in the physical world, you naturally bring others into resonance with the high vibration. You are harmonizing people around you just by allowing your light to shine.

Honor the energy of 9999 with gratitude. The ascended masters know your spiritual devotion and integrity make you the ideal person to hold this frequency. This won’t last forever, for the channels change often, but for now, you are uplifting the consciousness to spirit in perfect harmony.

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Decoding The Spiritual Meaning Of 8888 — 888 — 88 & 8

In this article we are going to decode spiritual meaning of the number 8 and it’s sequences 88, 888 and 8888. In previous article we decoded number 7, if you haven’t we invite you to read it (read article about number 7)

Following the inherent spiritual understanding of how the Universe is connected and operates through the number 7, the number 8 creates a mathematical, logical representation of the spiritual world that can take shape in the 3D material plane. The number 8 is the manifestation of time into space. Sacred geometry in numerology is at its peak at this stage.

8 has much more freedom to create in material reality than the initial material structure of the number 4. There is a greater range of potential to expand into because the form is less rigid. The number 8 has the ability to fully manifest in the material world and is therefore often considered a very magical number.


Strength of Will 8


The number 8 in numerology indicates strength of will. This is the number of mind over matter that teaches how to use the law of attraction.

When this number is appearing for you, it is time for you to become aware of how your thoughts are influencing your reality. What you focus on, you magnify. You are especially potent in your ability to draw things to you, and also gifted at overcoming obstacles that are blocking your creations from taking form.

8 is a karmic number that seeks balance, as symbolized by it’s symmetry. The lessons of this energy are teaching that you must use your personal power, which often manifests through your ego, in order to create the callings of your soul.

The energy of the number 8 will show where your spiritual imbalance is in order to help your soul grow to be spirit driven, rather than ego driven. The problem with ego-driven manifestation is that it usually involves you forcing your will onto other people, either consciously or unconsciously, to get what you want.

Manifesting through the ego disconnects you from spirit because it is based on the belief that you know what is best. In numerology, the number 8 calls you to achieve both spiritual and material wealth through spiritual creation, which honors the freedom of all things.


Seeing the number 8 is a sign from the Universe that it is time for you to bring your powerful will into alignment with spirit. Doing so will create moments of divine timing, synchronistic opportunities, and situations where what is best for all parties is considered.

There is great force within you, and the number 8 does not want you to diminish it. On your spiritual path, the number 8 asks you to continue to use your power to overcome obstacles and manifest in the world in a way that allows you to be a conduit for the Universe.


Material and Spiritual Abundance 88


The number 88 is one of material and spiritual abundance. This number calls you redefine what success look like in the world by incorporating spirit.

The number 88 is a sign that you are meant to be a leader and will naturally attract opportunities for great wealth and abundance into your life. The Universe is inviting you to show others how to create prosperity in their life by making spirit the foundation.

Spirit and matter are not separate, and the meaning of the number 88 teaches that. Spirit is the source through which the physical world manifests. Often people trapped in ego seek fortune and riches in order to achieve social status or fame, but this is a material reality on a faulty spiritual foundation. That type of success is never long lasting.

The energy of the number 88 calls you to dismantle those ego-based associations with the drive for material things. You are learning lessons of creating wealth in order to share with others, achieving success in the material world to do great works for humanity, and seeing prosperity as confirmation of spiritual alignment.


The Universe is naturally abundant. Falling into a mindset of lack, disempowerment, and poverty is simply a trick of the mind. By breaking free of this illusion, you discover the link between honoring your spiritual calling and manifesting what you need in the material world.

On your soul’s path, the number 88 is confirmation that you are generating wealth through your spiritual alignment with the Universe. Others look to you as a role model, who uses their power and influence to make a difference in the world. As you continue to share your abundance and follow your spiritual path, new forms of prosperity will stream into your life because the Universe always provides.


Mastery of Personal Power 888


888 is a sign of mastery of your personal power. You are taking on new levels of leadership because you’ve discovered how to balance your drive for achievement with the good of others.

Leading others is special spiritual path. You must guide those who turn to you for direction. It is very easy for this power to corrupt people in positions of power. Often times, leaders succumb to personal interest and selfishness, rather than considering the needs of those they are responsible for guiding.

Seeing the number 888 is your chance to examine how you are using your personal power in regards to others. The Universe is calling for you to use authenticity and transparency in order to manifest your will in sacred co-creation with others. It is time to become aware of tendencies to manipulate others, overshadow others, or assert dominance in order to get your way.

By uncovering this shadow, you strengthen your leadership abilities. This is because you’ve done the spiritual reflection needed to ensure you are being fair and just in how you see your personal power.


Seeing the number 888 means you now are aware of the full spectrum of how you may be inclined to use your power and can do so with consciousness to ensure it is coming from spirit rather than ego.

On your spiritual path, the number 888 invites you to create your own method of leadership. It is time for you to reflect how you can display your spiritual knowing without making others feeling inferior. You have the strength to build others up, while also demonstrating your expertise.


Accessing Infinity 8888


8888 is number of infinity. Seeing this number is a sign that you have accessed a level of consciousness where your creation potential is unlimited. You are able to unite spirit and matter to bring yourself to new levels of abundance and prosperity.

The Universe is gifting you with the experience of infinity. You have infinite time through a state of flow, infinite wealth through feelings of abundance, and infinite love through an all-encompassing appreciation for life.

This is a time for you to allow your spirit to soar without limits. As far as you go, you’ll always return home. Just like the infinity symbol, you will always return to your spiritual center.

8888 is a signal you are raising your consciousness. Only great spiritual masters are able to access the realm of infinity. Time spent in meditation will offer you access to the mysteries of the Universe.

When noticing 8888, you are growing out of limiting beliefs. You are no longer repeating patterns and being stuck with the same results. This time around, you have awareness of the impact of your choices, which allows you to cultivate a new level of consciousness.

The number 8888 gives you the confidence to move beyond your current life circumstances. Nothing is too big for you to achieve, and there is no reason to settle for less than your highest possible ideals.


On your spiritual path, you have access to the knowledge of great spiritual masters before you. 8888 is your gateway to experience ultimate reality, where the infinite potential of spirit is manifest in the world for you to live your dreams.

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Decoding The Spiritual Meaning Of 7777 – 777 – 77 & 7

In this article we are going to decode spiritual meaning of the number 7 and it’s sequences 77, 777 and 7777. In previous article we decoded number 6, if you haven’t we invite you to read it (read article about number 6)


Solitude and Contemplation 7


The number 7 in numerology indicates a period of solitude for spiritual growth. This is the number of discovery through inward contemplation.

When this number is appearing for you, it is time to become quiet so you can hear the voice of your soul. By disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of life, your inner wisdom can be heard more clearly.

Your intuition can be quiet and subtle, and it is not always easy to discern the messages in the busyness of daily life. The Universe is calling you to take the time for personal reflection. Remove distractions and step away from the hustle and bustle of life.


7 is a number of retreat and you will instantly feel a profound sense of peace when you do as your soul is seeking. Contentment and calmness allow you to engage in activities that help to draw out the voice of your intuition, such as painting, gardening, journaling, and taking long walks in nature.

Seeing this number means it is time for you to take a hiatus. Your spiritual path requires time spent alone in order to recharge. Creating this quiet time for yourself helps you to reconnect to the deepest levels of our soul. When you take your sacred pause, the Universe will bless you with clarity and peace.


Meditative Transformation 77


The number 77 is one of meditative transformation. When this number appears you are meant to put yourself in a cocoon in order to dissolve and blossom into something new.

77 is a significant number because it signals you are having your own personal revelations that will alter the course of your life. At this time, the Universe is guiding you to keep what you are discovering private, until you are ready to share.

Through your meditative and spiritual practices, your psychic senses are rapidly expanding. As these shifts in consciousness grow, it is important to take the time and space to integrate them.

While it can be exciting to be gaining these new perspectives, the number 77 urges you to continue on your path of solitude for the time being. You are in a very sensitive stage, noticing subtle energy patterns and seeing the greater picture. Sharing your insights with someone who mocks or judges you has the ability to shut down these developments.


When noticing the number 77 on your spiritual path, it is best for you to enjoy the secrets of the Universe, the mysteries of nature, and the blissful feelings of interconnection alone for now.

Big changes are on the horizon and you will be grateful for having created the space to truly feel the depths of your soul before moving forward. This resting period allows for the reflection you need to do in order to make changes with spiritual assurance of your path.


Sacred Wisdom Keeper 777


777 is a sign of secret wisdom. You are the keeper of sacred spiritual knowledge. This has been revealed to you because of your dedication to your spiritual path and the Universe’s trust that your soul will share it with others as needed for their personal evolutionary journey.

If you are seeing the number 777, it means that you are a great spiritual teacher. Through your introspection, you’ve come to see how the spiritual and material worlds are perfectly intertwined.

You’ve studied the spiritual principles that underlie the material world, and discovered that spiritual transformation leads to transformation in the material world. 777 is a sign that you understanding the true alchemy of the soul. You’ve learned how to transform lead into gold, spiritually speaking.

The Universe is signaling that you are guide for other spiritual seekers who long to refine their spiritual nature the way you have done. By discerning the voice of your intuition, contemplating the unknown questions of life, and applying what you discover, you’ve truly made noteworthy spiritual developments.


Now, it is time for you to be a sacred wisdom keeper and teacher for others who wish to follow the path you have taken. You will be noticing more people are coming to you for spiritual advice, and being receptive to the insight you have to share.

Seeing 777 on your spiritual path indicates you’ve ascended from student to teacher. You have been divinely given hidden knowledge that is only accessible through meaningful spiritual contemplation. The Universe trusts you will use this knowledge for the highest good and continue to share it for the betterment of humanity.


Life of Mystic 7777


The number 7777 is a very sacred number, which is a sign of mysticism. Seeing this number indicates that you are meant to live the life of a mystic.

The Universe is guiding you to this path by showing you the number 7777. While it might be something your ego doubts, your soul intuitively understands this to be true. You’ve always felt a little bit different than others, which lead you to exploring your spiritual nature.

Seeing the number 7777 means you inherently understand there is something more to life. You are a spiritual seeker that was born to question the big questions of human existence. You don’t accept superficial answers, and the only real truth you’ve found has been in the substance of your soul.

You prefer the company of others who share your affinity for exploring the fathomless depths of spirituality. The energy of 7777 often means you’d rather be alone with the freedom to let your spirit roam than be constricted by meaningless social engagements.


On your spiritual path, the number 7777 is a sign that you are at home in the inner realms of soul. Introspection is a part of your nature, and you seek tranquility to have the space to explore within. It is in these times spiritual moments of joy, creativity, and a true understanding of Universal truth overtake you.

Channel the sublime energy of 7777  into creative work, allow it to heal you from within, and cherish your sacred time of heightened spiritual connection. Sense the energy flowing through you and all living things. The web of connection is a reminder that you are never alone, even in solitude.

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Decoding The Spiritual Meaning Of 6666 – 666 – 66 & 6

In this article we are going to decode spiritual meaning of the number 6 and it’s sequences 66, 666 and 6666. The numbers 1-3 initiated the first creation cycle, which went through the phases of individuation (1), encountering duality (2), and manifesting a third energy to create wholeness (3). However, this first phase only occurred in the 2nd dimension of ideas, rather than matter.

The second creation cycle in numerology unites spirit with matter (4), transforms and is filled with life (5) (read article about number 5), and then settles into material comfort (6).  The number 6 teaches about the function and purpose of each thing in the Universe and offers insight about how all parts are needed for the whole to thrive.

Once the chaos of number 5 leads to full spiritual alignment, the harmonious number 6 begins to soothe the rocky ride. This number seeks to bring wholeness to one’s material life. 6 is such a significant number because it brings the second level of creation to culmination, integrating the lessons of the mind, body, and spirit into the physical world.


Releasing Old Habits 6


The number in numerology 6 calls you to focus on health and wellness of your entire self (mind, body, and soul). It holds the energy of a 3, but now brings the same lessons at a higher frequency.

When it appears for you, it is a message from the Universe that it is time to willingly sacrifice your vices in order to truly find your center. Living in genuine comfort means that all aspects are balanced in your life.

Seeing 6 indicates that you are focusing too much on one aspect of your well-being and neglecting the other. Mind, body, and soul are deeply connected, and when this balance is disrupted, disease, depression, and doubt begin to manifest in your life.

The energy of the number 6 is calling you to examine self-sabotaging behaviors and make changes to create more wholeness in your life. It is time for you to release these old habits and create new patterns.


The Universe is asking you to no longer have parts of yourself warring with each other. It is time to focus on peace for the sake of your well-being.

Your spiritual path when guided by the number 6 is one of sacrifice. It is challenging to release your habits, but doing so will bring you true satisfaction.

Seeing this number means the time is perfect and you are guided by spirit. The energy of the number 6 will bring you self-love, compassion, and motivation to make decisions that are good for your soul.


Community Building and Nurturing 66


The number 66 in numerology seeks balance and harmony. This is the number of compassion, warmth, understanding, and love.

66 is a sacred number because it holds the energy of the heart space. When this number is appearing, you are filled with tenderness, compassion, and empathy for those around you.

The Universe is calling you to use this nurturing energy to create a feeling of home and community for others. This is your opportunity to offer sanctuary for everyone to feel safe and loved.


Seeing this number indicates that you are naturally aware of the isolation others struggle with. This is because you have the intuitive gift of heart-sight, which allows you to truly understand what others needs.

The number 66 invites you to take on the responsibility of tending to the needs of others and offering your tender care. This incredible act of service brings meaning and fulfillment into your life.

On your spiritual path, the number 66 brings the message that you are a true example of someone who lives their beliefs. Your kindness is greatly valued and you will be soon rewarded by the Universe in the form of a blessing in your home for the selfless deeds you’ve done.


Inspiration Over Competition 666


666 is a message to choose inspiration over competition. This number is often associated with dark energy, though it is not inherently a bad number.

When the energy of this number is channeled in alignment with spirit, it is a sign that fresh inspiration is bringing you to new levels of consciousness. The key is to not let these new revelations and insights bring you to a state of hubris.

Pride and envy can be a downfall of rapid advancement on the spiritual path, much like you are experiencing right now. The ego takes over because it is scared of losing control and begins to active a sense of superiority.

Superiority, which isolates you from others in your community and makes you believe you have nothing left to learn, is the opposite of the genuine spiritual meaning of 666.


666 invites you to cherish your place in your community and honor the differences between everyone. When in alignment with spirit, seeing this number means you recognized the importance every person, place, and thing has to the whole. No part is useless, unnecessary, or without meaning.

Noticing 666 means you are reflecting on your place in the community, and also choosing to look at other’s gifts and talents as strengths for you too, since you realize you are not separate from others.

On your spiritual path, the number 666 indicates you are seeing the gifts of others with appreciation. It’s time for you to value the contributions everyone has to make and enjoy sharing your unique talents for the benefit of the community too.


Energy Healing 6666


6666 in numerology is the number of a true master healer. Seeing this number indicates an extremely strong talent for the healing arts.

The frequency of this number indicates your healing strength comes through the link you’ve created between your mind and your heart. Together, your intuition and intellect make a dynamic duo that allows you bring healing to everyone you encounter, regardless of their spiritual beliefs.


You can easily tune into what is hurting in people and figure out the best method to sooth their aching soul. Seeing 6666 means you’ve got more than one approach to communicating your wisdom, depending on what is the best medicine for that individual.

You realize some respond best to knowledge and can have a stimulating discussion that helps one’s mind. You’re also able to sense when someone needs a soft touch and know how to respond with gentle compassion.

When you see this number, the Universe is sending you appreciation for all that you do. The energy of 6666 is apparent in all that you do, and everywhere you go others are put at ease.

On your spiritual path, 6666 is your sign to continue to cultivate your spiritual healing abilities. It is wise to consider Reiki, astrology, or massage. Your energy is flowing with the healing bliss of the Universe.

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Decoding The Spiritual Meaning Of 5555 – 555 – 55 & 5

In this article we are going to decode the spiritual meaning of number 5 and it’s sequences 55 – 555 & 5555. Now that structure has been formed through the number 4 (read article about 4), the number 5 seeks to bring life to it. The order of number 4 gives way to the mutability of number 5. 5 seeks to create, change, and rearrange matter in order to infuse it with life.

This drive for change is often seen in nature, where species and plants are constantly evolving. Through adaptability, new forms are created that are suited for the present moment. 5 teaches about the importance of being flexible and aligning with the present moment.


Rapid Change 5


The number 5 in numerology is a sign that major change is on the way. This is the number of flexibility, adaptability, and rapid transformation.

When this number is appearing for you, it is time for you to actively participate in fostering change in your life. This is the best way to avoid being caught off guard.

The Universe asks you to break out of outdated, stagnant situations. Your soul is craving the unseen and unknown. Adventure, exotic foods, and interesting people are your spiritual nourishment.


5 is a karmic number of attraction. When this number appears, you are magnetic for drawing things into your life. You have great manifestation powers and can quickly create opportunities for prosperity and growth.

The Universe’s message for you is to take a risk. You are safe, protected, and guided and will succeed when you have the courage to emerge out of your comfort zone. Boldness and fearlessness are the best traits to cultivate when you are noticing the number 5.

There is no need for remaining stuck any longer. You have a lot of potential around you right now. Take your time to enjoy life and many pleasures of the physical senses.

Seeing number 5 tells you that its time for you to live in the moment. Follow a path of bliss and you will see rapid transformation. Indulge, enjoy, and feel the magnetism of your spirit.


New Horizons and Expansion 55


The number 55 is one of new horizons. This number calls you to stop playing small and expand into your full spiritual potential.

Your radical authenticity is a breath of fresh air. For too long you’ve been denying yourself the true pleasures of life. Seeing 55 is a reminder that to truly be in alignment, you must shake things up from time to time.

Changing things around, exploring new places, and doing on new hobbies allows you to discover new aspects of who you are. Being stuck in a repetitive pattern of comfort only indulges your ego.

Seeing the number 55 is a call to trust you spirit and listen to how it wants to grow. You are calling new energies into your life that will push you towards the person you want to become.


55 represents a major turning point in life. It is time for you to decide how you want to grow and expand, otherwise the Universe will force situations in life that break you out of patterns.

This is the sign you get to initiate the changes yourself and awakening to your power of reinvention. The Universe is waiting for you to use your co-creative energy, and this is your chance to shape the life you have always dreamed about.

If the changes feel overwhelming, always return to spirit. The number 55 can make things tumultuous, but your soul is ready for growth and knows how to ride the waves of change.


Freedom to Move in a Different Direction 555


555 is a message of sacred freedom. You can free yourself from all the limiting beliefs, false identities, and disheartening situations that have kept you feeling stuck for too long. Your spiritual journey is about to take a major twist.

Seeing this number is a sign that it’s time for you to liberate yourself from things that are not truly aligned with your soul’s journey. When things aren’t aligned, you feel drained, anxious and tired when thinking about.

555 is your invitation to follow your bliss and move towards what is truly meant for your soul’s journey. There is so much abundant waiting on the other side of this transformation.


The energy of 555 works very quickly and therefore these changes will come on fast. It may look as though things are falling apart on the surface, but underneath the chaos your soul is waking up.

The Universe is signaling that it’s time for you to pivot and move in a different direction. Find the one spiritual practice that keeps you centered, and let it be your source of support as everything else shifts.

You have unlimited potential right now. You spirit is soaring and all you wish to be is attracted to you. Take advantage of this opportunity when the energy of 555 is guiding your spiritual path, you are magnificently lucky and blessed.


Achieving Your Dreams 5555


5555 is the energy of manifesting the things you’ve always wished for. Seeing 5555 is a sign that you are going to experience the incredible experience of living your dreams out in real life.

You have mastered the ability to manifest your imagination into the world. More importantly, you’ve unleashed your ability to co-create with others.

Seeing 5555 indicates that you are overflowing with potential and open to receiving the blessings of living in the flow of the Universe.


Rather than imposing your will on the world, you’ve surrendered to spirit. By trusting that you will be given what is for your highest good, you’ve achieved the freedom that comes from allowing the Universe to be your guide.

5555 is your confirmation that synchronicity and miracles are natural occurrences. You do not have to strive to call in what is yours; all you need to do is truly find your joy in life and dedicate yourself to living in bliss.

In this high vibrational state, you unlock doors to new levels of ecstasy. On your spiritual path, 5555 is a celebration of your authentic, pleasure filled existence. You truly have learned to live the good life in sync with spirit.

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In the next article of number series we are going to decode spiritual meaning of number 6.

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