Venus Stations Direct: Relationships Are Mirrors

On June 25, Venus stations direct at 5°20′ Gemini after six weeks of retrograde motion. Venus moves retrograde only once every two years: being one of the least common retrogrades, it is one of the most fascinating cycles to pay attention to.

Named after the Roman goddess of beauty and love, astrologers consider Venus the Planet of relationships: it reflects how we relate with others and with ourselves. It is associated with self-love, self-worth, and with our values, which determine our priorities and the choices we make.


The Two Sides of Venus


Venus is the planetary ruler of two signs: Taurus and Libra. Taurus represents the Yin side of Venus: its focus is directed inwards, towards ourselves, our needs, talents, and resources. It is correlated to our physical body and our survival instinct.

Libra represents the Yang side of Venus: this energy is directed outwards, towards other people, their needs, their values. It represents what we don’t have and thus we need others to provide it for us.

Any Venus transit highlights the need to find a balance between the energy directed towards the self and the energy spent relating to the external world. We are also inspired to come back to unconditional love, both towards ourselves and towards others.


Gaining Clarity


Venus has already transited between 5°20′ and 21°50′ degrees of Gemini twice: once when it was direct and once when it was retrograde.

The first time it transited there, before the retrograde took place, represented an instinctual and spontaneous phase: a moment to act on impulse and gain experience, following our instinctual needs and desires. The retrograde was all about introspection and reflection: our experience became internalized, we felt the need to reassess our values and priorities.

venus stations direct

We are now entering the third phase of this cycle: Venus transits on the same degrees for the third time, allowing us to reach a greater understanding of the themes that emerged during the last two months. 

Venus going direct gives us the opportunity to implement what we learned, and to grasp the deeper meaning of what we’ve been through. We are likely to gain clarity regarding events that happened during the retrograde, which felt confusing at the time.


Venus Stations Direct: Taking Conscious Action 


Venus has been in Gemini since April 3, and it’s going to enter Cancer only on August 7. Since May 13, when Venus stationed retrograde, we had the chance to reflect on our habitual behaviors and the patterns coming up in our relationships. We have been rediscovering our values and desires, the way we communicate with each other, the way we think or talk to ourselves.

Reflecting on the events that happened before Venus moved retrograde can offer us significant insights around the themes coming up during the next few weeks. We now have the possibility to take conscious action and make concrete changes in these areas of our lives, with the support of the wisdom and the insights we gained during the retrograde.


Building New Connections and Sharing Our True Voice


Gemini is the sign related to communication: when Venus transits here, we have the opportunity to change the ways we habitually speak with ourselves and with others. As Venus moves direct, we are inspired to share our true voice with the world and communicate what we know in easy, understandable ways, to be able to reach more people.

venus stations direct

During the retrograde, we had the opportunity to become aware of the expectations we place on others and of the expectations that others place on us. We are now inspired to set up new foundations for our existing relationships or to build new connections, based on honest and open communication. 

We have the opportunity to adjust the way we ask for what we want, and to change how we formulate our needs and desires in relationships. We are invited to make a conscious effort to listen as much as we talk and to do so from a place of openness and curiosity.


Venus Direct in Gemini: Everyone is a Reflection of Ourselves


Gemini represents multiplicity and duality. The transit of Venus through the sign of the Twins inspires us to see everyone we relate with as a mirror of ourselves, which plays a specific role in our life. Every person we interact with reflects back to us some of our flaws or qualities, which we are invited to become conscious of.

Venus in Gemini reminds us that we are responsible for our reactions, but not for others’ behaviors. As Venus moves direct again, we have the chance to become aware of the reasons that cause us to attract certain types of people into our lives. We have the possibility to understand the role we play in these interactions and their deeper meaning. As Venus stations direct, the invitation is considering every trigger as a blessing and as an opportunity to understand ourselves more. 

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Venus in Gemini: The Heart is the Place to Start

Venus will be transiting the sign of Gemini from April 3rd until August 6th. This is an extended transit due to Venus’s upcoming Retrograde in Gemini.


Venus in Gemini is inviting us to get up close and personal with our relationships. Although we may experience this in the form of our physical relationship, so much of this transit has to do with our relationships to the frequencies around and within us.

Gemini is an air energy and we can imagine it exists in the ethers. In our modern world we know that the air carries more than oxygen. There’s wifi signals, bluetooth waves, sounds, even our words carry an energy through the ethers.

Although it can be easy to forget about these unseen forces, or even choose to ignore them, the name of the game as Venus moves into Gemini is to cultivate a relationship with them. Venus is the planet of relationships and in her domain there is always an exchange.


Venus in Gemini: Relationship to the Ethers


Imagine if we were in a relationship with someone but pretended we weren’t? Imagine we have committed to getting married but then chose to act as if that commitment didn’t exist? Of course anything and everything happens on Earth so this might not be too hard to imagine. The point is that we have chosen, by incarnating on the planet at this time, to be in relation to the air. 

venus in gemini moon omens

We are seeing this throughout COVID 19. We are seeing how a virus can travel unseen throughout the world. We are seeing how the words or ideas of people impact everyone. We are learning first hand the power of the ethers.

Now that we can witness it, now that we recognize we are in relationship to it, we can cultivate and work on it. Now we know better and so we must do better.

Not only is this energy playing out around us, but we are also filled with frequencies within. Our heart has an electromagnetic field. Our intuition can sense when things are off. We have dreams that can feel ridiculously real.


Venus in Gemini: Our Relationship to Frequency


When we begin to create a relationship to the frequencies within and around us we can start to understand freedom on a new level. As we begin to understand ourselves as energetic beings; we begin to experience 5D.

Gemini energy is associated with information. When we receive new information it changes how we relate to life. When we receive new information about ourselves our perspectives change. When we receive fear based information we respond to that, as well. When we receive loving feedback we feel it in our hearts.

Venus in Gemini is showing us what we’ve already been doing all along; transmitting and translating frequencies. 


Venus in Gemini: Internal and External Impacts


We are asked to see ourselves as antennas that can pick up all sorts of unseen signals. As we begin to reshape and rethink who we are in relation to all the energy around us we can begin to discern. During these evolutionary times all sorts of new waves, signals and information is coming to our planet.

Some of these new waves will carry light and information; the frequencies coming from within are gateways to new experiences of life. 5D is an internal, loving force, that opens paradigms within. 

self love

5G is an external force that can impact our energy. With Venus in Gemini we begin to become aware and prioritize our relationship to frequencies. By doing so, our choices and decisions will change. We will feel the effects of external waves and will become clear on what we want in our air and what we do not.


Venus in Gemini Retrograde Around the Corner


This can feel like a lot and it’s going to be overwhelming at times. The good news is we have plenty of space to get to know ourselves because Venus will be retrograding from May 13, 2020, to June 25, 2020.

Venus retrogrades give us space to revamp and rethink. It gives us space to better understand our relationship to ourselves and witness how their energy will impact how we relate to others. There is no rush, we have plenty of time to embark on this journey.

Both the energy of Venus and Gemini enjoy fun and lightheartedness. It doesn’t all have to be serious or logical. Perhaps we take a day to walk outside and see how the trees leave us feeling. Perhaps we notice a shift in our energy when we take a break from our phones. There is no right or wrong way to do this; think of it instead as an adventure.

venus in gemini

This adventure isn’t one we have to take alone. Venus loves company and we are invited to connect with others along this journey. In a way we can imagine that the entire Planet is together in this.


Venus in Gemini is Joined by the North Node in May


We have the North Node entering Gemini on May 5th where it will remain for 1.5 years. The nodes dictate where we experience Eclipses. Eclipses are areas we collectively experience, they are a place where energy lines up and it often gets straight to the point.

From May 2020 until November 2021 Gemini energy is the collective homework. Remembering that Gemini symbolizes information, ideas, communication, frequency and anything that’s in the air.


North Node in Gemini and Recent History


The last time we saw this transit of the Nodes was at the end of 2001. We can think back to that time and recall the confusion and changes. There was mass amounts of information and stories coming from the media. Earth had experienced a coming tragedy and consequently a coming together after 9/11.

This time around we are emerging from a global experience of what’s being called “COVID 19”. We are coming into a time where we need to make sense of information and decide what we believe. Unlike 2001, 2020 is a year of massive power coming to the people. We have the ability to discern information. We have the chance to listen  and to choose our frequencies. We are on the brink of massive opportunity. 


Venus in Gemini: The Heart is the Eye of the Storm


Venus retrograde from May 13, 2020, to June 25, 2020 is urging us not to get too tied up with the windy climate around us. Instead she’s asking us to each get up close and personal with our hearts. The heart is the place to start. 

freedom is within moon omens

This cycle will take time, and there is no rush or urgency. As we focus on ourselves and reclaim our frequency; we will see a shift. This shift will ripple out into our personal relationships, our day to day lives and every corner of the collective consciousness.

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