Pluto Stations Direct: Reclaiming Wholeness

On October 4, at 09:32 AM ET, Pluto stations direct after being in retrograde motion, from our perspective on Earth, since April 25. Pluto will be direct until April 2021 and transit for the third and last time between 22° and 24° Capricorn, encouraging us to put into practice the lesson we learned during the retrograde phase and to implement concrete changes in our lives.

A long season of internal exploration and self-reflection that gave us the chance to connect with our inner power has come to an end. When Pluto was retrograde, we had the opportunity to examine and analyze our deeper motivations and the unconscious intentions behind everything we choose and do. Now, we gain a clearer understanding of how to move forward.

The psychological work we have done during the last five months has the potential to ripple outwardly and propagate like a wave. Now, we can manifest changes in the 3D reality if we manage to act from a place of self-honesty and alignment with our Soul’s evolutionary intentions.


Pluto: Radical Transformation


Pluto in Astrology represents the force of evolution. This planet is considered to be the catalyst of the deepest individual and collective metamorphosis: Pluto challenges us in the most uncomfortable ways, to encourage us to fully own and embody our power and strength. 

pluto stations direct Moon Omens

Sovereign of the shadows and of the unconscious realms, Pluto takes his name from the God of the Underworld, Hades in ancient Greek mythology, Lord of the place where souls go after death.

Modern ruler of Scorpio since its discovery in 1930, we became aware of his existence while the atomic bomb was being developed. Pluto is associated with nuclear energy, and unsurprisingly, his transits radically and permanently change the expression of every sign he transits through.

His orbit is quite irregular and for this reason he doesn’t spend the same amount of time in every archetype: roughly, Pluto gets back to the same Zodiac sign every 230 to 240 years. His transits are associated with collective changes and generational dynamics that affect our individual lives in extremely powerful ways.


Pluto Transits: Letting Go of Resistance


Pluto has no filter: this planet doesn’t try to sugarcoat reality, but pretty much the opposite. He ruthlessly exposes all the darkness, all the dysfunctions, the pain, and the evil that have been hidden for a long time.

The transit of Pluto through Capricorn, the archetype related to authorities, governments, laws, finances, business, and social norms, started in 2008. We have been already witnessing some radical transformations of the socio-economic system, the destruction of the status quo, of traditions and hierarchies – and it is not over yet. Pluto will enter Aquarius only in 2023-2024.

Wherever Pluto is transiting, we are particularly vulnerable to experience our personal and collective unconscious wounds and shadows. At the same time, the transits of Pluto offer us the greatest possibility for exponential growth and evolution.

When reality invites us to radically change something in our lives, we have two choices: either we resist transformation or we cooperate with it. When Pluto is involved, resistance only makes the process more challenging and cataclysmic. If we learn to gracefully let go of what run its course, even if it’s scary and even if we don’t have a backup plan, we will soon experience a rebirth and a fresh start. 


Pluto Stations Direct: Integrating our Shadow 


Pluto represents our psychological bruises, our unprocessed wounds, our unconscious desires: everything that we repress, suppress, hide, or that we are unaware of, what Carl Jung defined as our shadow. Nonetheless, our shadow does not only include negative traits: it also encompasses all the positive qualities that we inherently possess, yet we don’t express or embody.

pluto stations direct Moon Omens

“How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole.” ― C.G. Jung

Pluto stationing direct is about developing a close relationship with our shadow. We now need to find constructive ways to deal with the monsters in our head, with the darkness we carry within, with our compulsions, our unexplainable attractions and repulsions.

By going through our pain, feeling all of it, and bringing awareness to our dark places, we can stop living it out or projecting it onto others. As we gain more self-awareness, we have the opportunity to act consciously rather than compulsively and make the choice of not automatically reenact our personal drama.


Pluto Stations Direct: Reclaiming Wholeness


Ultimately, the Pluto work is about reclaiming our wholeness. Harnessing Plutonian energy is key to accessing our full potential: it allows us to come into contact with our inner strength, power, and capacity to rise from our ashes. 

Plutonian individuals who managed to harness the power of this planet can be noticed for their single-mindedness and their ability for total concentration. Their eyes radiate energy, intensity, and strength no matter their physical appearance, because these qualities stem from a sense of purpose, from feeling fully alive and embodied.

While in direct motion, Pluto will ask us to concretely change the ways we deal with our unprocessed wounds, with our compulsions, with powerful, intense, often unexplainable emotions and fears.

Emotions are what can lead us to the real source of the wound, to what we need to address in the first place. Emotions are the compass that can help us make conscious decisions and become aware of our unconscious patterns if we manage to overcome our natural resistance to face our shadow.

After what looks like the destruction of everything we were, everything we built, and everything we knew, new directions and possibilities always open up. Pluto transits happen to inspire us to become who we truly are, to claim our destiny, our right to feel alive, and to help us unlock an amount of life-force we didn’t know we possessed.

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