Full Moon in Aries: Power of Vulnerability – October 2022

On October 9, 4:54 PM ET, we experience a Full Moon at 16º32’ of Aries: this lunation, happening while the Moon is conjunct Chiron, brings to maturation a chapter of our healing journey and reminds us of the power of vulnerability. 

Full Moons are a time of maturation, release, and closure: they represent a moment to reap the fruits of our work and witness the results of our efforts. At this time of the month, the Moon opposes the Sun, aligning to the same degree of the opposite Zodiac sign. The light of the Sun offers us a glimpse of our inner world, clarifying something previously unclear or uncertain. Full Moons bring revelations and new understandings, and begin the second half of the lunar cycle, a time to let go of our efforts and our intentions and slow down the rhythm of our lives.

This cosmic event represents the peak point of the lunar cycle that started with the Libra New Moon we experienced two weeks ago, on September 25. It is also bringing to maturation a longer cycle that began with the Aries New Moon that took place six months ago, on April 1, 2022, which was also conjunct Chiron.

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Full Moon in Aries: Exploring Interdependence


Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, the pioneer, the firestarter, the one who begins spontaneous journeys and opens new paths and directions without any guidance but the pull of instinct. When the Moon is here, emotions are quick to come and quick to go, reactivity is higher than usual, and a tendency to make decisions impulsively, following the ebbs and flows of our emotional waves, is often present.

The Aries Full Moon comes during the yearly journey of the Sun through the sign of the Scales. Libra season directs our focus and our awareness on our way to navigate one-to-one connections and all relationship dynamics. The transit of the Sun through Libra increases our attunement to the needs and desires of others and our awareness of what is needed to maintain conditions of peace in our environment. This lunation brings the spotlight very clearly on the relationship axis, inviting us to redirect our attention back to ourselves, our needs, and our desires amid the socially busy Libra season.

full moon in aries

The Aries Full Moon is bringing up the necessity to explore interdependence, finding more harmony between our urge to follow our impulses, needs, and desires and our willingness to nurture and cultivate our relationships with other people. It invites us to explore our connection with our anger, with our primal impulses, with the strength of our raw desires, and brings to our attention disempowering beliefs and assumptions relative to the power of our will and our assertion.


Full Moon conjunct Chiron: Power of Vulnerability


The Full Moon in Aries peaks as the Moon is conjunct with Chiron and while they both oppose the Sun and Venus in Libra. Chiron is a celestial body placed between Saturn and Uranus, mythologically associated with the figure of the wounded healer and teacher. In Astrology, Chiron is connected with our healing journey and has a key role in our individuation, particularly in those evolutionary processes that are born out of navigating grief and rejection from a place of openness and surrender. 

The Aries Full Moon conjunct Chiron is maximizing our sensitivity, both emotional and energetic, while illuminating wounds that aren’t fully healed. This Full Moon is revealing to us something we are being encouraged to address, inviting us to progress on our healing journey and take full responsibility for our healing.

The Moon-Chiron conjunction is likely to feel very intense emotionally, and it will shine a light on something we can no longer postpone addressing. As this alignment is happening in Aries, it is likely to highlight wounds and insecurities surrounding our strength, resiliency, leadership skills, power, confidence, and assertiveness. This Chiron-Moon conjunction in the sign of the Warrior reminds us of the power of vulnerability and challenges us to remain open even when it feels like the hardest thing we could do.


Full Moon opposite Venus: Conflict as Learning Opportunity


Chiron and the Moon are opposing Venus and the Sun in Libra. This configuration is offering us chances to gain awareness of how our wounds and insecurities are affecting our relationships and the way we show up for others. It is pointing at disempowering beliefs about our self-worth and self-value that are influencing how we experience connections, diminishing our capacity to fully receive and let in love, affection, and care.

This is a time to reflect on who we are in relation to others, and on what we need to feel free to express ourselves authentically, without compromising our needs and desires, while remaining open and available for the people in our lives. We have opportunities to explore how to establish a healthy interdependence within our connections, avoiding the extremes of enmeshed codependency and detached independence.

full moon in aries

Libra rules peace while Aries rules war. These days, we have an opportunity to reflect on our relationship with harmony and our relationship with conflict while exploring the link between conflict and intimacy. The current lunation is inviting us to discover how we can achieve a deeper, more authentic sense of peace in our lives: at this particular time, this may require confronting something or someone, cutting cords, or setting new boundaries and limits within our relationships.


Mars square Neptune: Confused Desires


The planetary ruler of the Aries Full Moon is Mars: analyzing the condition of the Red Planet gives us more information about how this Full Moon is manifesting and unfolding. Mars is in Gemini, where he remains until March 2023, as he is going to station retrograde in the sign on October 30. 

Mars is currently in a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces, which is another indicator of increased empathy, sensitivity, emotionality, and awareness of collective experiences. This alignment can correspond to feelings of not knowing how or when to act, and a sense of confusion relative to our desires and goals. These days, we may feel inclined to disperse our energy in too many directions, which is emphasized by the fact that the square is happening in Mutable signs. An inclination to avoid challenges and confrontations may be present around this time. We may find it hard to act on our desires and take responsibility for them, and it may be more challenging than usual to express and channel our anger constructively. 

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full moon in aries


Mars trine Saturn & Mars square Mercury


Nonetheless, we are also experiencing a beneficial Mars-Saturn trine, which helps counterbalance the tendencies associated with the Mars-Neptune square. This alignment supports our productivity, promoting more grounded and practical action as well as a goal-oriented approach to decision-making. Saturn inspires us to bring our ideas down to earth, prioritize intelligently, and align our choices and the way we invest our energy with our long-term desires, values, and visions.

It is also relevant to consider that Mars in Gemini has been squaring Mercury in Virgo for a while, as Mercury has recently stationed direct. This square reminds us to be mindful of not being excessively combative in our communications, emphasizing a tendency already underlined by Mars’ transit through the sign of the Twins. On this Full Moon, it is advised to take care of how we are asserting our ideas, beliefs, and opinions, and to keep into consideration the impact of the way we word our sentences. Mercury is still opposing Neptune, which points to possible confusion and misunderstandings, and offers us an invitation to attune to intuitive and subtle perceptions instead of solely relying on logic.


Full Moon in Aries: Focus on Healing, Evolving, and Transforming


The Aries Full Moon encourages us to explore ways to be in relationships that promote our individual growth and unfolding and let go of ways of relating that aren’t supportive of our personal empowerment and evolutionary development. It is an invitation to trust our capacity to form and maintain authentic connections, and reminds us that genuine relationships don’t require us to abandon ourselves, our needs, and our desires in order to exist. 

This lunation encourages us to attune to a dynamic balance between the energy we invest into “me” and the energy we invest into “us”. This is a central theme of the Aries Full Moon, which brings the spotlight on any imbalances, extremes, and misalignments in our relationship with ourselves and our relationships with others.

Meanwhile, Pluto is very powerful as it is stationary direct in Capricorn, an event likely to mark a shift and a turning point in our awareness. Together with the activation of Chiron, it indicates a powerful focus on healing, evolving, and transforming, while underlining the need to keep our hearts open and remain present with the feelings and emotions that arise.

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Pisces season 2022: Into the Liminal

On February 18, 11:43 AM ET, Pisces season 2022 begins. The Sun’s yearly journey through the last sign of the Zodiac invites us on a journey into the liminal.

Pisces season is a time of closure and culmination, which reminds us to remain open, don’t force an outcome, but rather accept what’s present and allow it to unfold. The Sun will remain in Pisces until the Equinox of March 20. Until then, we have an opportunity to explore the space in between an ending and a new beginning and to get used to the uncertainty of transitions. 


Pisces Season invites us to Surrender and Flow


Pisces is a Yin, Mutable, Water sign. The last of the twelve Zodiac archetypes corresponds to the dissolution of the sense of self we formed through the previous eleven archetypes into the ocean of the collective unconscious. It correlates with our experience of being in the womb and can be considered both the very beginning and the very end of our journey.

Within Pisces, there are no boundaries or separation: through this archetype, we remember our unity with all that exists, all that will exist, and all that ever existed. Pisces can be considered the most mutable of all the twelve signs, as Water is inherently mutable. During this season of the year, we are encouraged to be adaptable and versatile. We have a chance to release the need to be in control and our attachment to how we want things to turn out. 


Being in Service to Life & to What is Unfolding


Pisces season is an invitation to embrace a humble attitude, a desire to be of service, and allow what is unfolding to unfold rather than fighting to be at center stage or get what we want. This time of the year is an opportunity to be more mindful, explore what our motivations are, and notice if we intend to serve life or to simply get something from it. With the Sun in Pisces, we can’t succeed if we are trying too hard. In this phase of evolution, we are learning that there is nothing to win and nothing to lose. We are learning to listen, we are learning to be open, we are learning to be responsive to what life is asking us, rather than force our egoic desires on life.

Pisces Season 2022

The Pisces archetype is associated with all those forces beyond our control. This season is a call to learn to surrender to life without giving up on it. While surrendering implies trust and faith in the purpose of whatever we meet on our path, giving up comes with a sense of disillusionment and hopelessness. There is a risk of passivity, inaction, and self-sacrificing inherent within this sign. If we feel victimized by other people or by life itself, this may prevent us from taking responsibility to change what we can change.


Sun conjunct Jupiter & Neptune, Venus conjunct Mars


During its journey through Pisces, the Sun will join the two rulers of the sign, Jupiter and Neptune, both transiting in their domicile. These alignments, happening respectively on March 5 and March 13, will highlight our desire for spiritual growth and increase our need to reconnect with feelings of hope and faith. 

While the Sun-Jupiter conjunction will support our vitality, confidence, and optimism, the Sun-Neptune alignment could come with a sense of lethargy and blurriness, and a desire to withdraw from the demands of the outer world to focus on nurturing our inner world. The Sun-Neptune conjunction is an opportunity to turn within and reflect on the seeds we desire to plant before the rebirth that comes with the ingress of Sun into Aries.

Meanwhile, Venus and Mars will travel together for a great part of Pisces season, first in Capricorn and later in Aquarius. Their conjunction will infuse the upcoming weeks with romantic, passionate, and possibly obsessive energy, as Pluto is also involved in the alignment. Mars and Venus will enter Aquarius together on March 6. Their alignment begins a new cycle relative to our romantic desires. It invites us to reflect on what kind of relationships we desire to build and to experiment with new ways of being in connection with others.


Pisces season 2022: Upcoming Lunations


Throughout Pisces season 2022, we are going to experience a New Moon in Pisces and a Full Moon in Virgo. The New Moon in Pisces taking place on March 2 will be conjunct Jupiter. This lunation will feel like a breath of fresh air and inspire an optimistic and hopeful outlook on life. The lunar cycle that follows will be colored by an expansive and buoyant quality, which is likely to inspire us to dream big and believe in ourselves.

The Full Moon in Virgo, happening on March 17 will be opposite Neptune and the Sun in Pisces. This Full Moon brings up the need to find harmony between chaos and order, effort and surrender, structure and flow. As Neptune is strongly involved in the configuration, it could reflect some difficulties engaging in technical, linear, and analytical pursuits in favor of the abstract, creative, and imaginative.


Attuning to the Present Moment


The Sun’s journey through Pisces, and particularly its alignment with Neptune, may bring a sense of confusion relative to our identity, our purpose, and our goals. Around this time, we will be reminded of our connection with the collective emotional body, the collective unconscious, the entire humanity. Our boundaries may feel more porous, and an existing sense of self could dissolve and leave space to a feeling of void. From here, infinite possibilities will open up, but only if we are receptive enough to welcome them.

Pisces Season 2022

Pisces season always represents a time of transition that comes with a feeling of suspension, anticipation, and uncertainty. During the upcoming weeks, some of our certainties might dissolve. We may be reminded that security is illusory, that nothing is ever truly certain, stable, or secure, yet things may turn out even better than what we imagined. This time of the year is an invitation to surrender, flow, and attune to the present moment rather than trying to control life.

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Mars opposite Pluto: Owning our Triggers

On June 5, 3:45 PM ET, Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn heats the atmosphere and the intensity goes off the roof. Astrologically, this is a very powerful and volatile day.

As our need for depth increases, Mars opposite Pluto may unearth deeply buried resentment, anger, and feelings of powerlessness, and the Moon in Aries squaring both of them adds an additional layer of subjectivity to our perception of reality. During these days, it is crucial to be responsible for our emotional reactions, own our triggers, and learn from them. 


Powerful Evolutionary Forces


Both Mars and Pluto are potent evolutionary forces, and Pluto is considered to be the higher octave of Mars, a higher vibrational expression of the same energy. Mars is how we act, how we defend, how we go after what we want, how we pursue what we desire. While transiting Cancer, Mars tends to act indirectly and it is more defensive than aggressive. However, emotional impulsivity tends to be high, and we fight for something or someone we are attached to without second-guessing.

Pluto corresponds to all our unconscious material, to our deepest wounds, to lifetimes of unprocessed pain, and to our capacity to regenerate after undergoing intense psychological transformations. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, deeply transforming the socio-economic structure of our society, as well as the structure of our consciousness, and our relationship with time, space, and limitations.


Mars in aspect to Pluto: Learning about the Nature of our Desires


When Mars is in aspect to Pluto, and especially so with conjunctions, squares, and oppositions, we have an opportunity to learn more about the nature of our desires. We have a chance to see beyond our obvious, conscious cravings, and discover what unconscious desires lie behind them. 

Mars opposite Pluto

Mars correlates to our conscious desires, inherently egocentric, while Pluto corresponds with our Soul’s unconscious desires and evolutionary intentions. Through discovering and exploring all of our desires, we get to know ourselves better and deeper, and we get a clearer glimpse of the real reason behind our cravings. The Mars-Pluto opposition may offer us clues around the real purpose of what we are going through, what our Soul is trying to learn by creating similar experiences for itself again and again.


Understanding the Mars-Pluto cycle


When two planets oppose each other, we experience something similar to the energy of a Full Moon. While the conjunction between two celestial bodies is associated with the beginning of a new cycle, such as New Moons, with the opposition we experience its culmination and maturation.

To fully understand what a particular opposition is about, we need to go back to when the planet met in conjunction for the last time. Mars last joined Pluto on March 23, 2020, at 24° of Capricorn, and during the same week, Mars joined Jupiter and Saturn too. Events that first began to emerge around that time will now reach their maturation point, and we are likely to be exploring similar themes and issues, while the intentions and projects we started back then may bring us results.

Oppositions are a time of revelations, and at this time we often witness polarization. We have a chance to see beneath the surface, beyond the veil, gain more clarity and get to understand ourselves and life better, often through the mirror of others. 


Moon square Mars and Pluto, retrograde Mercury square Neptune


On June 5, as Mars opposes Pluto, retrograde Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. The square between Mercury and Neptune has been ongoing since May 22: it reflects the sense of confusion and the struggle with critical thinking and decision-making many of us are experiencing.

Misunderstandings and miscommunication may cause unnecessary conflict: being mindful of the words we choose and how we express our thoughts is advised. Meanwhile, the Moon, ruler of Mars, will be in Mars’ home sign of Aries and squaring both, adding fuel to the fire.

Mars is in the Moon’s domicile and this configuration, known as mutual reception, strengthens the expression of both celestial bodies involved. Mars in Cancer is traditionally considered debilitated, yet the Aries Moon gives it a boost of strength and willpower while increasing impulsivity and the general emotional reactivity, which is already high, as reflected by the Mars-Pluto opposition.


Mars opposite Pluto: Owning our Triggers


Mars opposite Pluto indicates the potential for raw passion and intense attractions, as well as the possibility of power struggles and arguments. We are not interested in shallow and superficial interactions during this transit. We seek and demand depth of connection, raw truth, and all-consuming passion: compromising will be harder than usual.

Mars opposite Pluto

General themes that may occupy our attention these days are those related to the Cancer-Capricorn axis, such as family dynamics, issues with authority figures, bosses, laws and regulations imposed upon us, dilemmas around financial independence and emotional security. What emerges will highlight the need to minimize external dependencies, emotionally mature, set and hold healthy boundaries, and trust ourselves enough to become our own authority.

Interpreting everything very subjectively will be the main tendency, and excessively heated responses will be easier than usual. Anger, frustration, and resentment that were long suppressed may suddenly emerge and cause an explosion: under the influence of this transit, reactions tend to be disproportionate to the stimuli.

Libra is the resolution point of the T-square configuration formed by Mars and Pluto squaring the Moon in Aries. There is a need to be diplomatic, seek the middle way rather than alternating between extremes, and strive for healthy compromise and negotiation while taking whatever comes up as an opportunity to reach a deeper maturity and understanding of ourselves.

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Pluto stations Retrograde: Reclaiming our Power

On April 27, 4:01 PM ET, Pluto stations retrograde at 27° of the sign of Capricorn, just a few hours after the Full Super Moon in Scorpio. Pluto is in retrograde motion for approximately five to six months each year. In 2021, Pluto will be retrograde until October 6, inviting us on a journey within, encouraging us to reclaim our power and confront our fears. 


Planetary Retrogrades: Redefinition, Reassessment, and Questioning 


Retrogrades consist of the apparent backward motion of a planet: they represent an optical illusion from our perspective on Earth. Astronomically, Pluto is not actually changing the direction it is moving towards.

From an Astrological viewpoint, retrograde cycles are a moment to review, reassess, redefine, and rediscover how we express the energy of the celestial body involved. Retrograde planets promote reflection: they invite an internalization of our focus and our attention, encouraging us to turn within. For this reason, many believe that retrograde planets accelerate the speed of our growth process and individuation journey.

When a planet is retrograde, it promotes questioning and inquiry: it represents a time to gain a new understanding of what happened while the planet was direct and to pull back before moving forward again. Retrogrades inspire us to reject the status quo, as they light up our desire to find out for ourselves, to discover our own way to solve problems rather than conforming to how things have always been done.


Pluto: Evolution, Shadow Work, Pain, and Metamorphosis


Pluto was discovered in 1930, while the atomic bomb was being developed and nuclear energy widely studied, raising concerns about the right and ethical use of this incredible amount of power, previously inaccessible.

In Astrology, Pluto is considered to be the force of evolution. The modern ruler of Scorpio takes its name from the mythological God of the Underworld and catalyzes the deepest collective and individual metamorphosis. Pluto has been associated with our Soul’s evolutionary intentions, with power and powerlessness, with our deepest wounds, our unprocessed pain, and all our unconscious material. Pluto is about self-excavation and shadow work, it is about reclaiming all that we are, the good, the bad, and even the ugly. Pluto forces us to go through challenges to remind us of our capacity to transmute pain into power and strength.

This retrograde cycle will show us where we have been giving our power away. During the upcoming months, Pluto will force us to turn inwards and confront what needs to be transformed, both inwardly and outwardly, to be able to make tangible changes when it will station direct in October.


Pluto in Capricorn: Radical Restructuring


Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and will enter Aquarius only in 2023.

Capricorn is about form, limits, boundaries, time, and space. Capricorn corresponds to the structure of society, to external authorities, to socio-economic systems, and to the rules of the game we are playing. Similarly, the sign of the Mountain Goat correlates with the structure of our consciousness, with our maturation process, with our relationship with our inner authority and our capacity to take responsibility for ourselves.

All these areas have been deeply challenged by Pluto. We have all been experiencing radical and tangible changes on different levels, and we have been asked to make different choices, empower ourselves, and reach a deeper level of maturity. This long-term transit has the purpose of completely restructuring our society and, consequently, each of us as individuals: Pluto will do so destroying the systems and patterns that have crystallized and lost meaning. 


Pluto stations Retrograde in Capricorn: Discovering our True Desires


The journey of Pluto through Capricorn is creating space for us to build new foundations and setting the stage for radical and long-lasting change. Its yearly retrograde cycle encourages us to redefine our boundaries, limitations, and responsibilities, to reconnect with our power and with a deeper sense of strength, rooted in the awareness of our purpose. 

Pluto stationing retrograde in Capricorn calls for the redefinition of our inner and outer reality and invites us to transform the way we interface with time and space. Individually, we are asked to reassess our use of time, break free from old patterns of behaviors, and release crystallized habits that prevent us from trusting our inner authority and taking responsibility for ourselves on all levels. On a collective level, we may see changes in social rules and regulations: limitations, boundaries, and restrictions may be reassessed and re-evaluated by governments and authorities.


Pluto stations Retrograde: Challenging our Conditioning & Confronting our Fears


Until Pluto stations direct in October, we are encouraged to confront ourselves, dive deep into our unconscious, make peace with our fears and challenge them. This retrograde cycle will inspire us to reassess our priorities, our limits, our boundaries, and our rules. Pluto encourages us to reflect upon our energetic investments and upon the motivations, intentions, and desires behind what we do.

This transit gives us the permission to look at the parts of ourselves that we rejected and disowned because they were not considered socially acceptable or appropriate. Capricorn represents the nature of our conditioning. Pluto stationing retrograde in the sign may offer us important psychological insights that may help us break free from unnatural ways of thinking and living that are preventing us from tapping into our fullest potential and actualizing ourselves.

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Jupiter conjunct Pluto: A New Vision – November 2020

On November 12, 04:38 PM ET, Jupiter is exactly conjunct Pluto. We experience the last of a cycle of three conjunctions between the two planets in the sign of Capricorn. This aspect represents both an ending and a new beginning: it correlates with a profound global transformation that is inviting us to discover a new sense of purpose and meaning.

Jupiter and Pluto meet only every 12-13 years, and this is the last time they will meet in an Earth sign for a long while. Pluto is a generational planet, strongly related to what is going on in the collective: he moves extremely slowly and won’t enter Taurus until 2097. For this reason, this particular Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is highly relevant for all of us: its effects will be long-lasting and may dramatically change reality as we know it.

To fully understand the significance of this cosmic alignment, it is crucial to demystify the true meaning and the evolutionary purpose of the Capricorn archetype, beyond the way it was distorted.


Capricorn: Beyond Conditioning, Repression, and Shame


Capricorn is a sign that has been widely misunderstood. Despite having been commonly associated with endless ambition, cold-heartedness, and thirst for money and success, Capricorn is a Yin archetype, meaning that it has feminine qualities and an energy system directed within, towards one’s inner world.

The evolutionary purpose of Capricorn is to allow us to offer something of lasting value to the collective, by aligning with a role that reflects our essence and honors our qualities and talent. For this to be possible, we need a level of self-knowledge and self-mastery that we can only achieve with time and continuous dedication, in the context of a structure that promotes reflection and introspection. Holding healthy boundaries is an essential and non-negotiable part of this process.

For this reason, Capricorn is about space, time, boundaries, and structure: it correlates to the structure of society, of our body, and of our inner world. It is associated with the process of aging, with time and maturation, and with the awareness of one’s limitations and mortality. Capricorn correlates to the limits of our perception, to our physical boundaries, to the restrictions we impose on ourselves, and to those forced upon us by the external environment.


Healing the Cancer-Capricorn axis


We can’t understand Capricorn if we don’t understand the opposite archetype, Cancer. In the Zodiac, a sign can’t exist without its opposite, as they are complementary expressions of the same energy. Both Capricorn and Cancer rule the process of emotional maturation, self-reliance, and coming into contact with our own authority.

While Cancer is about reaching a sense of inner and emotional security, Capricorn is about achieving financial and material security: they are both essential and equally important. A good balance between Cancer and Capricorn means having the capacity for emotional self-regulation, a healthy concept of discipline, self-care, and self-nurturance. It means being able to find harmony between work and rest, to relax without feeling guilty, and to take responsibility for both our inner and outer life.

The Cancer-Capricorn polarity is also the family axis, Cancer being the Mother and the home, Capricorn being the Father and society. The dynamics we experience in society are an extension of family dynamics, which in turn reflect our internal dynamics, conditionings, and core beliefs. Changing one of these factors can change the others: this is why working on ourselves is so crucial in times like these.


Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: Letting Go of What is Not Authentic


A conjunction is when two planets, from our perspective on Earth, form an exact angle of 0° and look perfectly aligned. According to Astrology, their energies merge and work together: you can’t take one into account without considering the other.

Pluto’s transit through Capricorn started in 2008 and will end only in 2023. Pluto is the force of evolution: he radically changes the expression of each sign he transits through by bringing all shadows to the surface. Pluto demands transformation: this planet promotes radical metamorphosis by breaking down what has fulfilled its purpose and what has no longer meaning.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto

Meanwhile Jupiter, the Giant of the Solar System, exacerbates whatever dynamic he is involved in, making it impossible to ignore. Jupiter correlates to Natural Laws, to authenticity, to experiential knowledge, and our sense of meaning: the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction reflects the death and rebirth of our belief system.


Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn: Writing New Rules 


The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is taking place at 22° Capricorn, the same degree where the last Saturn-Pluto conjunction happened, back in January. There are no coincidences: the Cosmos is giving us an important message, and it’s inviting us to pay attention to repeating patterns.

Themes that first emerged during January are likely to come to the surface again. Saturn is now at 25° Capricorn: he is not exactly conjunct Jupiter and Pluto, yet we do feel his influence, especially because Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn.

The presence of Jupiter and Pluto on the 22°degree is going to expand, exacerbate, and intensify issues that first came up at the beginning of the year: all those systems, structures, forms, and definitions that are obsolete and limiting will continue to break down.

Luckily, Jupiter helps us see the positive side of whatever takes place: the Lord of Abundance invites us to have faith in a higher order and in the fact that whatever falls apart can be re-created in a much better way.


Jupiter conjunct Pluto: a Powerful New Beginning


With Pluto, we often witness the exposure of something that was previously hidden or unclear, while Jupiter’s influence is increasing the need for substantial and radical change. Yet, the tension and the drama that may be reflected by the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction can be fuel for our creative energy.

This aspect is associated with an incredible amount of inspiration: the Jupiter-Pluto alignment grants us the motivation we need to build new structures and systems with authentic meaning. Pluto, as the higher vibrational expression of Mars, always invites us to align our willpower and instinctual expression with our Soul’s desires and our true purpose.

This configuration represents a powerful new beginning: Jupiter and Pluto are starting a new cycle and won’t meet again until 2033. The purpose of their alignment is to inspire us to become visionary: write new rules, find new definitions of success, discover new paths, new priorities, and new standards of behaviors. We are encouraged to go beyond outdated hierarchies, traditions, norms, and conditioning, and to create something much better.


Jupiter conjunct Pluto: Releasing Resistance & Joining the Dance


Pluto is exposing and destroying what is not authentic to allow us to make space for new structures and systems that are more aligned with our true nature and purpose. Jupiter joining forces with the Lord of the Underworld is bringing forth a huge transformation of the ways we perceive the archetype of Capricorn and all the themes related to it.

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is not only reflecting a dramatic transformation in the structure of society and the economic system: it is having a direct effect on our emotional and physical bodies, on the structure of our consciousness; it is affecting our beliefs, our dreams, and our vision for the future. Each and every one of us is now being urged to release resistance, let go of what does not feel authentic anymore, and join the global shift fearlessly.

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Pluto Stations Direct: Reclaiming Wholeness

On October 4, at 09:32 AM ET, Pluto stations direct after being in retrograde motion, from our perspective on Earth, since April 25. Pluto will be direct until April 2021 and transit for the third and last time between 22° and 24° Capricorn, encouraging us to put into practice the lesson we learned during the retrograde phase and to implement concrete changes in our lives.

A long season of internal exploration and self-reflection that gave us the chance to connect with our inner power has come to an end. When Pluto was retrograde, we had the opportunity to examine and analyze our deeper motivations and the unconscious intentions behind everything we choose and do. Now, we gain a clearer understanding of how to move forward.

The psychological work we have done during the last five months has the potential to ripple outwardly and propagate like a wave. Now, we can manifest changes in the 3D reality if we manage to act from a place of self-honesty and alignment with our Soul’s evolutionary intentions.


Pluto: Radical Transformation


Pluto in Astrology represents the force of evolution. This planet is considered to be the catalyst of the deepest individual and collective metamorphosis: Pluto challenges us in the most uncomfortable ways, to encourage us to fully own and embody our power and strength. 

pluto stations direct Moon Omens

Sovereign of the shadows and of the unconscious realms, Pluto takes his name from the God of the Underworld, Hades in ancient Greek mythology, Lord of the place where souls go after death.

Modern ruler of Scorpio since its discovery in 1930, we became aware of his existence while the atomic bomb was being developed. Pluto is associated with nuclear energy, and unsurprisingly, his transits radically and permanently change the expression of every sign he transits through.

His orbit is quite irregular and for this reason he doesn’t spend the same amount of time in every archetype: roughly, Pluto gets back to the same Zodiac sign every 230 to 240 years. His transits are associated with collective changes and generational dynamics that affect our individual lives in extremely powerful ways.


Pluto Transits: Letting Go of Resistance


Pluto has no filter: this planet doesn’t try to sugarcoat reality, but pretty much the opposite. He ruthlessly exposes all the darkness, all the dysfunctions, the pain, and the evil that have been hidden for a long time.

The transit of Pluto through Capricorn, the archetype related to authorities, governments, laws, finances, business, and social norms, started in 2008. We have been already witnessing some radical transformations of the socio-economic system, the destruction of the status quo, of traditions and hierarchies – and it is not over yet. Pluto will enter Aquarius only in 2023-2024.

Wherever Pluto is transiting, we are particularly vulnerable to experience our personal and collective unconscious wounds and shadows. At the same time, the transits of Pluto offer us the greatest possibility for exponential growth and evolution.

When reality invites us to radically change something in our lives, we have two choices: either we resist transformation or we cooperate with it. When Pluto is involved, resistance only makes the process more challenging and cataclysmic. If we learn to gracefully let go of what run its course, even if it’s scary and even if we don’t have a backup plan, we will soon experience a rebirth and a fresh start. 


Pluto Stations Direct: Integrating our Shadow 


Pluto represents our psychological bruises, our unprocessed wounds, our unconscious desires: everything that we repress, suppress, hide, or that we are unaware of, what Carl Jung defined as our shadow. Nonetheless, our shadow does not only include negative traits: it also encompasses all the positive qualities that we inherently possess, yet we don’t express or embody.

pluto stations direct Moon Omens

“How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole.” ― C.G. Jung

Pluto stationing direct is about developing a close relationship with our shadow. We now need to find constructive ways to deal with the monsters in our head, with the darkness we carry within, with our compulsions, our unexplainable attractions and repulsions.

By going through our pain, feeling all of it, and bringing awareness to our dark places, we can stop living it out or projecting it onto others. As we gain more self-awareness, we have the opportunity to act consciously rather than compulsively and make the choice of not automatically reenact our personal drama.


Pluto Stations Direct: Reclaiming Wholeness


Ultimately, the Pluto work is about reclaiming our wholeness. Harnessing Plutonian energy is key to accessing our full potential: it allows us to come into contact with our inner strength, power, and capacity to rise from our ashes. 

Plutonian individuals who managed to harness the power of this planet can be noticed for their single-mindedness and their ability for total concentration. Their eyes radiate energy, intensity, and strength no matter their physical appearance, because these qualities stem from a sense of purpose, from feeling fully alive and embodied.

While in direct motion, Pluto will ask us to concretely change the ways we deal with our unprocessed wounds, with our compulsions, with powerful, intense, often unexplainable emotions and fears.

Emotions are what can lead us to the real source of the wound, to what we need to address in the first place. Emotions are the compass that can help us make conscious decisions and become aware of our unconscious patterns if we manage to overcome our natural resistance to face our shadow.

After what looks like the destruction of everything we were, everything we built, and everything we knew, new directions and possibilities always open up. Pluto transits happen to inspire us to become who we truly are, to claim our destiny, our right to feel alive, and to help us unlock an amount of life-force we didn’t know we possessed.

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Mars Retrograde 2020: Internal Ignition

Mars stations retrograde at 28° Aries on September 9, at 6:22 PM EST: the red planet has been in the sign he rules since June 27, and he is going to be there until January 6, 2021.

Mars normally stays in a sign for about six weeks, he travels through the whole Zodiac in two years, and he goes retrograde for two months only once every two years. The last time he was retrograde in his home sign Aries was in 1988: this transit is quite rare, and it will happen again only in 2067.

The God of War will be in apparent backward motion until November 13, when he will station direct at 15° Aries. This cosmic event is going to invite us to reflect upon what we really want. Mars retrograde will encourage us to experiment and learn from a process of trial and error, reevaluate our decisions, and the way we habitually take action.


Mars in Aries: a Catalyst of Evolution


Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac: it correlates to the process of birth, and its function is to initiate a brand new process, a new cycle of growth. Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries, represents the way we go after what we want: he correlates to our conscious desires, our subjective will, our determination, and sense of direction.

Mars in Aries is a catalyst of evolution: he is pure Cardinal Fire. He embodies the principle of direct action, of Yang energy, he is sharp, decisive, and forward-moving. Mars in Aries encourages us to take the leap, to learn from direct experience, from our mistakes, from an ongoing process of trial and error.

Mars retrograde in his home sign represents a turning point for the collective and for each of us as individuals. He invites us to explore our desires, reassess what we want, experiment with our individuality, cultivate a deeper sense of determination and willpower. Doing so, we discover what needs to be done and improved in our approach to life: we can make conscious choices and decide what we truly want to focus on.


Mars Retrograde: Understanding our Desires


What do you really want? What sets your soul on fire? What motivates and inspires you? What are you fighting for? Why do you want it? What are you willing to sacrifice for it? Are you strong enough to have it and manage it? Mars retrograde in Aries will keep asking us these questions.

The higher purpose of this transit is to gain a deeper understanding of our desires and the real motives behind them. Mars retrograde represents an invitation to explore our instinctual needs and wants, in order to achieve a more profound awareness of what we are fighting for and why. He encourages us to go after what we are passionate about, and let go of those desires that don’t reflect our true self, those desires that are not anymore in alignment with who we are.

mars retrograde

This planetary event is an opportunity to create a brand new sense of Self, to embody a deeper feeling of independence and autonomy, to establish different goals and ways to achieve them. Mars retrograde invites us to discover a new life direction rooted in a deeper awareness of our mission, in profound self-knowledge, and complete acceptance of who we are.


Internal Ignition and Conscious Sexuality


Mars is our passion, our drive: the red planet correlates with our physical energy and life force, and with the way we experience and express our sexuality. During his retrograde cycle through Aries, we have the opportunity to rediscover our soul intentions, to connect with our drive to accomplish and achieve, to establish a deeper relationship with our physical bodies, our sexual impulses, needs, and desires.

Mars retrograde in Aries represents internal ignition. Martian energy is typically directed outwards, not inwards: this is what makes this particular retrograde more challenging than others. Yet, if we manage to harness his power consciously, we can establish a deeper connection to our instincts and our sexuality.

The invitation of this transit is to honor our primal impulses without being enslaved by them, to work on integrating our higher and lower nature, without suppressing or censoring parts of ourselves. If we use this energy wisely, we have the opportunity to become more self-aware and to discover conscious ways to live, enjoy, and express our sexuality fully.


Mars square Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn


During his retrograde transit, Mars will square Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn for the second time. Throughout 2020, we witness a cycle of three exact squares between Mars in Aries and each of these planets in Capricorn.

Nonetheless, we are going to feel the influence of these aspects, especially of the square between Mars and Saturn, for the whole month of September. The first exact alignment between the two was on August 24, and the second one takes place on September 29, when Saturn stations direct. The second squares to Pluto and Jupiter will happen on October 9 and October 29: Mars will still be retrograde while Pluto and Jupiter will be direct.

mars retrograde

During this time, we need to keep our instinctual responses in check, be mindful of not overreacting, and give ourselves time to ponder and reflect before acting on impulse. If we harness this potent energy consciously, we can have the chance to let go of disempowering attitudes and beliefs, become stronger and more resilient.


Mars Retrograde in Aries: a Deeper Sense of Freedom


These transits give us the opportunity to recognize what no longer works and what we no longer need. Mars retrograde allows us to experience a deeper sense of freedom if we manage to keep up with the frustration and the tension that can come up during this cycle.

Ultimately, the powerful cosmic events taking place throughout the rest of 2020 remind us that the most life-changing experiences and transformations tend to happen when we feel deeply uncomfortable.

The retrograde journey of Mars and his alignments with the planets in Capricorn are an invitation to explore our tension, our stress, and discomfort. If we are willing to do so, we can reach more profound levels of self-mastery, putting into practice the inner work we have been doing so far.

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Venus opposite Pluto & Mercury opposite Neptune

On August 30, a lot is going on in the sky: Venus opposite Pluto will take place at 9:30 AM EST while Mercury opposite Neptune happens at 2:43 PM EST. These exact aspects are lasting only one day, but we are going to feel their influence for at least a week.

Venus in Cancer has already formed an opposition to Jupiter in Capricorn on August 25, and she will oppose Saturn in Capricorn on September 2, just a few hours after the Full Moon in Pisces. After the Full Moon takes place, we are likely to find resolution and gain clarity around some of the issues that we have been facing since August 25.

Venus opposite Pluto and Mercury opposite Neptune are going to affect the ways we relate and communicate with others and with ourselves. These aspects are going to influence our perception of reality and of the people closest to us. They may bring a few days of misunderstandings and mental confusion, but they also offer us excellent opportunities to know ourselves and others better.


Oppositions: Aspects of Polarization


Oppositions are aspects of polarization and necessary confrontation: they involve signs which naturally express opposite and interrelated qualities: one could not exist without the other.

These aspects show up in our family dynamics, social life, and intimate partnerships: oppositions always involve other people, hence some amount of projection. Their purpose is to allow us to become aware of the parts of ourselves that we are not conscious of, and that are being reflected back to us by other people.

Due to the exact opposition between Venus and Pluto we could witness polarization, power struggles, or disagreements, while Mercury opposite Neptune may bring communication issues and misunderstandings.

To make the most out of the energy of oppositions, the key is always finding balance and compromise, giving space to both planetary energies involved.


Venus opposite Pluto: Learning to Feel Safe


Venus is the planet of love: her transits reflect the main dynamics going on in our relationships with others and with ourselves. Venus also correlates with our values, our talents, our capacities, our sense of self-worth, and our self-esteem.

Pluto is also known as the God of the Underworld: this small, distant planet symbolizes our unconscious desires, wounds, and patterns of behaviors. Pluto always gives us the opportunity to evolve and change radically, if we dare to look into the dark. This planet indicates how we unconsciously try to create a feeling of safety and security through the behaviors we learned as children.

When Pluto is in aspect to Venus, there is a significant pressure to transform the way we relate to each other and ourselves. Venus is now in Cancer, inviting us to seek familiarity and nurturance and to generate harmony and balance in our personal and professional life.

Venus opposite Pluto

As the Venus-Pluto opposition is happening in the Cancer-Capricorn axis, it may play out in our family, between us and the people we live with, or between us and our colleagues or business partners. The worst manifestation of this aspect can be manipulating others, guilt-tripping, or engaging in power plays. This often happens if we learned early on that this is the only way we can feel safe.

In case you are aware of the darker undercurrents, pay particular attention to your instinctual behaviors during these days. You may realize that there is a power imbalance between you and another person, and uncover patterns you learned in childhood that are not serving you anymore.

Through this opposition, fears of abandonment, insecurity linked to low self-esteem, and body image concerns can be triggered too: if we are ready to do the work, we have the opportunity to fully heal these dynamics.


Mercury opposite Neptune: What is Real and What is Not 


Mercury is the planet of logic and intellect, of communication and critical thinking. The messenger of the Gods symbolizes our left brain, the information and data we gather and organize, and the way we perceive the world around us.

Neptune has a very different energy: he is the planet of mysticism and spirituality, of dreams and unconditional love. The God of the Ocean is impossible to understand with linear thinking: it is all about subtle sensations, feelings, and intuition.

When these planets oppose each other, it becomes harder to understand what the truth is and to what extent our perception of reality reflects what’s actually going on. We are likely to feel this aspect more intensely, as both Mercury and Neptune are now transiting the sign they rule: Mercury is in Virgo while Neptune is in Pisces, currently retrograde.

Venus opposite Pluto

This opposition reflects the conflict between rationality and sixth sense, between logic and subtle feelings. Mercury in Virgo wants to have it all under control, loves a well-organized schedule, knowing what to expect, making a precise plan for the days ahead. Neptune in Pisces, on the other hand, is all about going with the flow, improvising, and adapting to whatever comes up.

With Mercury opposite Neptune, many of us can feel ungrounded and confused. This aspect can indicate a situation where the person we are interacting with misunderstands our message completely. If you can, wait a few days to have important conversations. Make sure to speak kindly and honestly, and that your message comes through as you intend it.

Ultimately, these oppositions are an opportunity to see other people reflecting our blind spots back to us: this helps us notice where we still have work to do. If we manage to respond, rather than react, we can reach a deeper understanding of others and a more profound level of self-knowledge.

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Mars square Pluto: an Evolutionary Crossroads

On August 13, at 3:13 AM EST, we witness an exact Mars Square Pluto aspect. This is the first of three exact squares happening in 2020 between Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. This powerful aspect is often highly explosive.

Mars has already squared Jupiter in Capricorn on August 4, and it is going to square Saturn on August 24. These transits are emphasizing the conflict linked to the natural square aspect between Aries and Capricorn, a theme that will be going on for the rest of the year, as Mars turns retrograde on September 9.


Aries and Capricorn: Cardinal Fire versus Cardinal Earth


Aries and Capricorn are both Cardinal signs. Aries is a Fire archetype with a strong desire to be free, to act instinctively, experiment with its impulses, and learn from trial and error, without asking for permission: it doesn’t tolerate limitations or restrictions.

Capricorn, a practical Earth sign, holds back the spontaneity of Aries. This archetype reminds us that we need to follow some rules and implement practical steps to be able to manifest concretely what we desire. Capricorn wants us to take responsibility for our choices, think before we act, and be accountable for our mistakes.

When planets transiting these signs are in a square aspect, we witness a clash between our instinctual desires, the external conditions we need to adapt to, and the level of self-mastery we need to reach to be able to move forward confidently.


Mars in Aries: Discovering Our Sense of Direction


Mars is our inner fire. Now transiting his home sign Aries, he is a primitive and wild force, with sharp and decisive energy. Mars represents the archetype of the warrior, whose natural function is to serve, defend, and protect us.

mars square pluto

Mars in Aries in his shadow expression tends to be impatient and blunt, and enjoys creating conflicts for no reason: anger and aggressive tendencies get easily out of control, becoming destructive and harmful for oneself and others.

In Astrology, Mars represents the leading edge of our collective evolution: the position of Mars shows us where action currently is, what we are encouraged to focus on. If we manage to harness his intense power consciously, this Mars transit has the potential to get us closer to our goals, enhance our willpower, determination, and stamina.

The invitation is to use his power constructively: don’t be simply a witness to its unfolding. When we fall into inertia and do not take advantage of Mars’ energy there’s the possibility of experiencing its effects vicariously, through other people or events.


Pluto in Capricorn: Breaking Down the Old Structures


Pluto is considered the higher octave of Mars, meaning it is the higher vibration of a similar quality. Mars represents the desires of the ego, which we are aware of, while Pluto represents the desires of our Soul, of which we are never entirely aware. 

Pluto symbolizes all our unconscious material: this includes both our deepest desires and our deepest wounds. The God of the Underworld in Roman mythology, this planet doesn’t like anything superficial. It forces us to face the darkest aspects of life and ourselves so that we learn to deal with them, grow and transform. Pluto is also known as the force of evolution because it permanently changes the expression of everything it comes into contact with.

Pluto has been transiting Capricorn since 2008. His purpose is to break down the structure of our society, he aims to totally transform the systems and the hierarchies that have been in place for thousands of years.

For this reason, we are all experiencing an internalized sense of compression, a push-pull between the feeling of safety the old systems were granting us and a feeling of unsafety, linked to the unknown future.

We have a strong need to give concrete form to what we’ve been working on, we want to go after our dreams, and transform our lives radically. Yet, we don’t know how anymore. The external conditions available to us and the rules of the game have been changing so rapidly, and we feel lost.


Mars square Pluto: a Clash of Desires


Mars and Pluto have a strong affinity: these planets intensify each other’s expression, they both want to do things their own way, and do not take directions well. When there’s a clash of desires or a conflict of interests, none of them is likely to compromise.

The current relationship between Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn reflects a crisis in action. Imagine being at a crossroads and finding out that the access to the road you needed to take is blocked for reasons beyond your control, and you don’t know any alternative.

You can’t do anything about it, the only possibility you have is finding a different solution to get where you want to go. This is the energy of the current Mars-Pluto square: our reaction to the frustration we inevitably experience when we get hindered from doing what we want is the only thing we have the power to change.


Mars square Pluto: an Evolutionary Crossroads 


We are at a collective evolutionary crossroads. During this time, many of us are facing roadblocks: people who have more power than us, governments, external authorities are telling us what we can and cannot do. Right now, many of us are not able to do what we want: many of us are not free to follow our impulses and take spontaneous initiative.

Mars and Pluto are asking us to be clear about what we are fighting for. They urge us to discover the vision that warms our hearts and soul, not just our ego. What is it that we really want? Why do we want it? Are we brave enough to go for it? Is it worth the effort? Are we willing to make sacrifices? Are we willing to wait for it?

mars square pluto

This square is forcing us to confront both the external circumstances and the unconscious internal dynamics that are blocking our growth and impeding our movement towards the future. The higher purpose of aspect is inspiring us to become more self-aware and to direct our willpower and strength in constructive ways. 

Throughout the rest of 2020, we will be encouraged to find healthy ways to deal with our anger, frustration, and defensiveness. If we harness the energy of the cycle of squares between Mars in Aries and Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter in Capricorn, we can grow tremendously, gaining immense focus, strength, willpower, and determination. 

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Leo Season 2020: Open your Heart and Shine

Leo Season 2020 – From July 22 to August 22 the Sun will travel through his home sign, Leo. With this transit, we are likely to notice a significant increase in our vitality, enthusiasm, and cheerfulness. We finally take a break from the heavy emotional intensity of the Eclipses and Cancer season: the energy gets lighter.

As soon as the Sun enters Leo, he brings up the positive vibes and boosts our passion and zeal. We are all going to feel this shift: when the Sun is in the sign he rules, his energy is at its maximum, stronger, and more powerful. 

Leos are well-known for their love for life and their ability to see the positive side of any situation: as he transits through his home sign, the Sun invites us all to shine bright. 

During Leo season, we are encouraged to connect with our playfulness, enjoy ourselves and have some fun. The upcoming month invites us to celebrate the fact that we are alive, cultivate a feeling of joy, and be grateful for what we have, despite the inevitable problems and challenges we all encounter.


Sun in Leo: Open your Heart and Shine


The Sun is the center of our Solar System: without his light and power, there would be no life on Earth. This is why both Leo and the Sun are associated with our life force energy and our overall vitality. The transit of the Sun through the sign it rules is supporting the energy levels of all human beings, plants, animals, and lifting the frequency of the entire Earth.

Leo corresponds to our heart center: this sign is correlated to generosity, warmth, and benevolence. For the next month, the Sun puts the spotlight on these qualities: we are invited to make the conscious choice to open our hearts, say yes to life, and to all the amazing possibilities it can offer.

leo season 2020

The Sun in Leo reminds us to be confident in ourselves and our capacities. Leo inspires us to take the spotlight, step onto the stage without asking for permission, and show our talents to the world. Leo invites us to express ourselves unapologetically and fearlessly. The Sun encourages us not to be afraid of our own light but rather share it with others. Doing so, we inspire them to shine bright too and we help them reconnect with their True Self.

Leo is also the sign ruling romance: during the upcoming month, many of us may feel inspired to create brand new romantic connections. We may start dating someone after a long while being single, or give new life to an existing relationship, as we feel the need to spend more quality time together and nurture a sense of romanticism and belonging.


Fixed Fire: Creativity, Focus and Stamina


Leo is a Fire sign with strong Yang and Fixed qualities: it is a courageous, brave, daring archetype. The transit of the Sun in Leo is the kind of energy we want to work with to increase our creativity, focus, and stamina, and to move forward in our self-discovery journey.

Together with Mars in Aries, the Sun in Leo is going to motivate us to take continuous and focused action towards our goals, ambitions, and dreams. They inspire us to improve every day and to get closer to the life we aspire to have. Sun and Mars will form an exact trine on August 16, encouraging us to make the most out of their intense fiery combination.

Our inspiration is going to be enhanced throughout the whole Leo season, as the Sun is the source of our creative energy: this is a great time of the year for artists. In particular, the Full Moon in Aquarius coming up on August 3 highly intensifies our inventiveness, originality, and capacity for innovation: we may come up with incredible ideas during these days.


Six Planets Retrograde: Introspection and Artistry


Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, and Chiron are still retrograde throughout the whole Leo Season and Uranus will join them too on August 15. During the last days of Leo season, we are going to have six planets in an apparent backward motion, which is a very rare event.

Retrograde energy tends to be directed inwards and it is not action-oriented. It invites an ongoing and deep questioning of ourselves and life, which highly supports creativity and artistry. 

leo season 2020

The transit of the Sun through Leo inspires us to use introspection and reflection as tools to discover and experiment with new ways of self-expression. The retrograde planets during Leo Season are a wonderful opportunity to integrate and elaborate creatively those feelings and emotions we can’t explain or understand with linear thinking.


Leo Season 2020: Building Bridges between Heart and Mind


On July 22, when the Sun enters Leo, we have another interesting aspect which will be setting the tone for Leo Season. Mercury in Cancer is forming an exact sextile to Uranus in Taurus, encouraging us to develop an objective understanding of what happens to and around us.

While the Sun in Leo inspires us to welcome both challenges and rewards with open arms, Mercury and Uranus are supporting us in the mental integration and interpretation of what comes up. The sextile between them inspires us to cultivate objectivity and detachment: it helps us not get too caught up in our personal story, but rather see the bigger picture.

Mercury enters Leo on August 5 and forms an exact conjunction with the Sun on August 17. They invite us to build bridges between our Hearts and our Minds, opening both to new perspectives, opportunities, and possibilities.

The transit of these two planets through Leo grants us the power, the stamina, and the intelligence we need to overcome any obstacle and make the most out of each experience.

Happy Leo Season! Sending love and blessings your way. Please share this with others and comment below with what resonated with you the most.. 🙂

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