Jupiter back to Pisces: Intuition as Primary Compass

On October 28, 01:10 AM ET, retrograde Jupiter comes back to its traditional domicile of Pisces after transiting Aries since May 10, 2022. This is a time to acknowledge how our beliefs are changing and align with the truth that has been emerging, trusting our intuition as our primary compass instead of relying on external ideologies, philosophies, or systems of knowledge.

Jupiter stations direct on November 23 and is going to remain in Pisces until December 20, when it completes its journey through the sign of the Fish. Jupiter first entered Pisces in May 2021, remained there until July 2021, and entered the sign again in December 2021. We are now experiencing the last transit of Jupiter through Pisces until 2033.


Jupiter in Pisces: Exploring the Transcendental Dimension of Life


Jupiter, the Lord of Abundance, the largest planet of the Solar System, is associated with our quest for truth and for the meaning of life, with our desire to see and experience things from a higher perspective. The traditional ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces, Jupiter correlates to our system of beliefs, to knowledge coming from direct and intuitive experience, to generosity and optimism, and to our ability to find the lesson in each and every situation we encounter. This planet expands whatever it touches, and always aims for more.

Pisces, the last archetype of the Zodiac, has to do with the dissolution of the sense of separate self that formed through the previous eleven signs. When planets transit here, there is a feeling of closure and culmination, as well as a release of energy and information that can now be used in favor of the collective. Pisces correlates to mass phenomena, to the collective emotional body, and to our connection to it. For this reason, what happens in the world and around us impacts us more powerfully when this sign is prominent. Both Pisces and its modern ruler Neptune remind us of the link between us all, of the unity of all that exists, as from a higher, universal perspective there is no duality, no separation.

Jupiter is comfortable in Pisces, where it expresses its most transcendental qualities. While Jupiter travels through its ancient domicile, it supports our desire to deepen our relationship to our intuition and explore a variety of philosophies, cosmologies, traditions, and belief systems that acknowledge the spiritual dimension of life.


Jupiter retrograde in Pisces: Time of Revision and Resolution


When Jupiter is retrograde, it promotes a process of revision and reassessment of our beliefs and worldviews. It inspires us to question what authenticity means to us, whether we are being fully transparent, what our truth is, and how we are honoring it. During this time, there may be relevant changes in our perspectives, perceptions, and overall beliefs. If we have been ungrounded or excessively relying on fantasy or illusions, the fog may dissolve and clear out, leaving space for Truth to emerge and manifest.

jupiter back in pisces

The last months of Jupiter’s transit through Pisces give us a chance to review, reassess, find closure and resolution for issues that presented themselves around April and May 2022, while Jupiter transited over the last few degrees of the sign for the first time. This is a good moment to reflect on what we were going through, revisit what we wrote in our journals back then, and pay attention to any repeating patterns and situations that come up these upcoming days and weeks.

Jupiter is going to station direct at 28º of Pisces on November 23, simultaneously with the upcoming New Moon in Sagittarius, which it rules. At that time, Neptune is going to be at 22º of Pisces, and still in retrograde motion. Their conjunction won’t be exact again, however, the two planets will be close enough for their alignment to be felt. Themes that first emerged in April, when the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction took place, are likely to resurface during the entire time Jupiter remains in Pisces. A clearer understanding of what took place back then could emerge, as when Piscean energy is strong it can generate feelings of confusion and disorientation, and the process we go through is often much easier to understand in hindsight.


Jupiter back to Pisces: Intuition as Primary Compass


While Jupiter is in Pisces, our idealism is maximized and so are our generosity, our willingness to serve, and our desire to do something good for other people and the world at large. Our dreams and visions become enriched and expanded by this transit, which inspires us to dream big, believe in positive outcomes, and trust Life more. Looking at the world through rose-colored glasses and lacking discernment can be risks associated with Jupiter’s journey through Pisces, which could deliver some of its lessons through experiences of disenchantment and disillusionment.

This transit inspires us to ponder on how we can serve the collective, what is needed from us at this time, and what we are able to give and offer. Jupiter coming back to its ancient domicile represents an invitation to pursue experiences that support our connection to the whole creation, allowing us to expand our perceptive capacities and transcend the limitations of the human experience.

Jupiter in Pisces supports our capacity to surrender and be open to what we encounter on our path, trusting that it is exactly what we need to learn at this particular time. It is an opportunity to release our attachment to beliefs, philosophies, and cosmologies that don’t serve us any longer, deepen our relationship with our intuition, and trust it as our primary guidance system.

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Mars enters Pisces: Action without Force

On April 14, 11:06 PM ET Mars leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces. Mars is going to remain in Pisces until May 24, offering us opportunities to learn how to flow with life and take action without using force.

In Aquarius, Mars expresses itself in an experimental, futuristic, and inventive way. Its power is mostly channeled through the intellect and our capacity to envision the future is energized. The goal of this transit is to speed up collective progress and catalyze innovation that can benefit humanity as a whole.

Planets in Pisces still have a tight connection to the collective and the masses, yet the connection is emotional, rather than intellectual, and happens through an increased sensitivity. Mars’ transit through Pisces will bring us back to the realm of feelings and sensations and remind us of our connection with the collective emotional body.


The transit of Mars in Pisces Energizes our Fantasy Life


Mars is the planet of action, assertivity, initiative, and strength. The ruler of Aries and, traditionally, Scorpio is associated with the mythological God of War and has to do with the way we affirm our individuality, preferences, and desires. It is an impulsive, bold, and direct energy meant to inspire us to attack and defend ourselves and others, discover new directions, and walk unexplored paths.

Pisces instead is associated with the collective emotional body, with the dissolution of the individual ego, absence of boundaries, absolute receptivity, and surrender. These two energies have very different qualities and purposes. 

Mars and Pisces are not an easy combination, as Mars brings action wherever it transits, and within Pisces there is inherently no action, no effort, no separation, no force. Taking initiative and instigating change could be more challenging than usual during these days. Mars in Pisces energizes our fantasy life, but we may have trouble translating our imagination into tangible, direct action in the 3D reality.


Releasing Old Desires & Aspirations


Mars’ glyph or symbol is an arrow coming out of a circle pointing to the upper right diagonal. The arrow symbolizes the separation from unity and wholeness, represented by the circle: Mars is the cut of the umbilical cord, the birth of individual consciousness out of unity consciousness, which correlates to Pisces.

Mars is Yang and active, while Pisces is Yin and receptive. The transit of Mars through Pisces can indicate some amount of frustration, as an energy that seeks outward and direct expression may get dispersed and watered down. During the upcoming weeks, our style of self-assertion may be subtle and indirect, and we may find it challenging to hold boundaries that protect our energy: within Pisces, there are no boundaries, all is one.

All planets in Pisces are culminating their journey through the Zodiac, and they ask us to let go of something before we begin a new cycle. During this transit, we may feel directionless and lost, we may have difficulties defining exactly what it is that we want. It may be a time to release old desires and aspirations, without yet knowing how to fill the void that they leave.


Mars sextile Uranus, Mars conjunct Neptune, & Mars sextile Pluto


During its journey through Pisces, Mars forms a sextile to Uranus in Taurus, exact on May 4. This aspect of opportunity and potential will stimulate our inventiveness and our need for excitement, supporting our capacity to make changes in our lives, and facilitating networking and communications.

Later, on May 18, Mars meets Neptune in Pisces. The Mars-Neptune conjunction inspires us to invest more energy into our spiritual or creative practices. It marks a very favorable time for self-expression and for the arts, particularly for dance, as Pisces rules the feet. This aspect invites us to take action in a way that is aligned with our ideals and values and to pursue a path that is coherent with our deepest Truth.

mars enters pisces

During these days, we may feel confused, lethargic, and tired, especially if we are too invested in activities and commitments that don’t fulfill us on a Soul level, or if we dissipate our energy in too many different directions. The Mars-Neptune alignment may give us an opportunity to notice what drains us and what energizes us. It is an invitation to rest and take it easy, to create more space for our creativity to unfold, and, from there, readjust and rebalance how we direct our focus.

The Mars-Pluto sextile, exact on May 22, will support the process of aligning our conscious desires and our actions with our Soul’s desires and purpose, boosting our motivation, determination, willpower, and capacity to focus our energy constructively.


Mars enters Pisces: Acting without Forcing


We currently have four planets traveling through Pisces: the two relationship planets, Mars and Venus, and the two rulers of the sign, Jupiter and Neptune, still tightly conjunct there. The emphasis on this archetype is an invitation to be receptive, have faith, and trust in how Life is unfolding for us. The planets in Pisces are expanding our capacity to dream, create, and imagine. They invite us to embrace a spiritual perspective of our experiences and search for the higher purpose and meaning of what is taking place.

The journey of Mars through Pisces will bring a surge in our fantasy, which will be less affected than usual by the limitations and boundaries of mundane reality. This transit may teach us how to take initiative without forcing an outcome, how to be available to act while remaining open to receive, and how to gracefully release our attachment to a desire or a goal when the time has come to do so.

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Venus in Pisces: the Journey of Longing

On April 5, 11:18 AM ET Venus leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces, where she will remain until May 2, increasing our longing for profound spiritual connections and leading us on a journey of deeper discovery of our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with the Divine.

While Venus is in Aquarius, we value freedom and open-mindedness and we feel inclined to explore different ideologies and ways of relating with a variety of people. During this transit, we tend to adopt an objective, rational, and detached perspective of our relationships, our feelings, and our needs.

Venus entering Pisces indicates a sentimental and emphatic style of relating. While Venus is here, we tend to connect with others through our empathy and sensitivity and we appreciate romance, tenderness, and compassion.


Longing for the Ideal Relationship & Pursuing Spiritual Wealth


In Astrology, Venus is the planet associated with our way to relate with both ourselves and others and create conditions of harmony and beauty in our lives. The ruler of Taurus and Libra informs us about our values, our relationship with wealth, receptivity, and abundance, our capacity to enjoy life and pleasure, our connection with our body, our senses, and Nature.

Venus in Pisces

Transiting Venus shows fluctuations and changes in our relationship needs, preferences, taste, values, and style, but also in our finances, in the global economy, in how we tend to invest and spend our money. With Venus in Pisces, we tend to idealize relationships and aspire to experience the perfect bond: we long for a deep spiritual connection with another. During the upcoming weeks, we will feel drawn to pursue spiritual wealth more than material wealth, maybe by investing our money in experiences that can support the expansion of our consciousness and deepen our awareness of reality and relationships.


Venus in Pisces: Being Receptive & Going with the Flow


While Venus is in Pisces, we aim to transcend the limitations of the material reality, we desire to connect more consciously with others, we seek Divine Union and experiences of bliss. We will tend to go with the flow more often than usual, and being adaptable, receptive, and versatile may take less effort.

Venus in Pisces is traditionally considered to be exalted: the energies of the two archetypes can blend particularly well. Venus is said to be the lower octave of Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, meaning it is a lower or denser expression of the same energetic principle. Venus is about romantic, earthly love, while Neptune is about divine, transcendental, unconditional love. 

The transit of Venus through Pisces creates a bridge between these two realms. It invites us to explore different ways to connect with others, with ourselves, and with Spirit. It inspires our imagination and fantasy life, and it has the potential to bring to a new level our artistic, creative, and spiritual practices.


Venus conjunct Jupiter & Neptune: Quest for Meaning


During her transit through Pisces, Venus will join Neptune and Jupiter in the sign, respectively on April 27 and April 30. These alignments inspire us to go on an inner quest for meaning, to seek the true purpose of our relationships and experiences. If we feel a desire to begin a spiritual practice, renew our devotion to an existing one, or explore new practices, this is a wonderful time to do so.

Venus in Pisces

Venus conjunct Jupiter will increase our optimism, generosity, and desire to make the most out of life. It may inspire us to spend more time enjoying what we are passionate about, what makes us happy, what fulfills us on a Soul level. This aspect may catalyze an urge to make new experiences, make new connections, and expand our cultural horizons, maybe by traveling or joining new communities.

Venus conjunct Neptune is an indicator of extreme sensitivity and artistry and indicates ease in creating evocative sceneries, atmospheres, and landscapes. Our fantasy and imagination will be so enhanced that it may be difficult to tell what is an illusion and what is true. Our tendency to daydream will increase, and we may get carried away by it. The possibility of falling for romantic illusions and victim-savior dynamics is higher than usual, as we will be inclined to see people’s potential before acknowledging their reality.


Venus in Pisces: Attuning to our Intuition & Recognizing Projections


Throughout the upcoming weeks, Venus transiting Pisces will inspire us to be kind to each other, to be more compassionate and less judgmental. It will be easier than usual to see the inherent humanity in everyone. We will find it easy to empathize with others and long for deeper spiritual closeness in our relationships. Failing to establish the depth of connection we yearn for could feel particularly disappointing. As a result, we may seek refuge in fantasy, and dream of a mystical love without limits and flaws, without necessarily dealing with what is showing up in our reality.

Yet, experiences of disenchantment may represent the starting point for a more profound liberation and embodied self-awareness. The pain of disillusionment could be what helps us break away from a cycle we have been stuck in for a while and facilitate new understandings, revelations, and breakthroughs. Difficult feelings can be channeled into artistic and creative pursuits: during this transit, it will be easier to feel inspired to express ourselves through non-linear, intuitive channels.

Venus’ journey through Pisces offers us an opportunity to better attune to our intuition and learn to distinguish wishful thinking and projections from actual insight. This transit invites us to practice discernment and set healthy boundaries, to give space to our sensitivity without getting carried away by it. 

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Full Worm Moon in Virgo: Harmonizing Chaos and Order

On March 18, 03:17 AM ET, we witness an enchanting Full Worm Moon at 27°39’ of Virgo. This lunation marks the culmination of a chapter in our healing journey. It represents an invitation to harmonize chaos and order, and balance reliance on practicality and logic with trust in Life and in our intuition.

When the Moon is Full, the light of the Sun illuminates our inner world and we can see more clearly our subconscious material. Full Moons represent the maturation and peak point of the lunar cycle, where the results of our efforts are manifested and we have the opportunity to reap the fruits of our labor. 

The Full Moon taking place during March is also popularly referred to as the Worm Moon. This name is due to the fact that, at this time of the year and in the Northern hemisphere of the globe, the first worms begin to emerge from the ground, signaling the imminent arrival of Spring and warm weather. Worms, a symbol of resilience and regeneration, remind us of the value of small but consistent effort, inviting us to be patient and accept Nature’s timing.

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Full Moons: Revelations, Culminations, and Letting Go


Full Moons are times of revelations that offer us chances to gain more self-awareness. From now on and during the second half of the lunar month, we begin to let go of the intentions we set on the New Moon and the energy invites us to release and slow down.

When the Moon is Full, it always implies an opposition, an exact 180º alignment, with the Sun. This time, the Moon in Virgo is also in opposition to Neptune, in its home sign of Pisces and conjunct the Sun. The involvement of Neptune adds a strong Piscean quality to this lunation, which will bring up the need to find harmony between discipline and flow, effort and surrender.

full moon in virgo

Oppositions always remind us of the importance of balancing polarities. These aspects reflect a tendency to gravitate towards one side of a spectrum and then towards the opposite one after we have reached an extreme. Planets opposing each other often generate pendulum swing dynamics that lead us to explore two opposite ways of being before settling in the middle.


The Virgo-Pisces polarity: Spirituality and Embodiment


The current Full Moon highlights the need to balance how we express the opposite and complementary archetypes of Virgo and Pisces. Virgo is inherently analytical, logical, and practical, while Pisces is intuitive, emotional, and imaginative. Pisces is associated with chaos and with all those forces beyond our control. Virgo instead is trying to find order in life and discover a logical thread that connects all parts of the whole. 


Despite popular belief, Virgo and Pisces are both spiritual signs. While Pisces seeks to transcend the human experience and explore other realms and dimensions, Virgo aims to experience the Divine within the mundane and through a deeper physical embodiment. Virgo reminds us that we can practice mindfulness every day: we don’t need to be in a monastery to live according to spiritual principles and values. While Pisces teaches us to surrender control to access states that promote the deepening of our perception of reality, Virgo reminds us of the value of devotion to daily routines, practices, and habits that support and strengthen our connection with the Divine. 


Full Moon opposite Neptune: Increased Sensitivity and Distorted Perceptions


The Moon in Virgo indicates a need for order, rationality, and predictability. During this transit, we aim to create the optimal conditions for us to feel comfortable navigating life. However, with the Moon opposing Neptune and the Sun in Pisces, this is unlikely to happen: we may have experiences that we can’t control, that force us to change our plans, or that we can’t fully understand through logic and rationality. These days, our perceptions may be distorted by our emotions and our increased sensitivity. 

full moon in virgo

The Moon opposite Neptune and, more loosely, Jupiter, indicates the need to relate with our empathy consciously, and practice discernment relative to what we take in, how much we give, and what we allow to affect us. We will be more sensitive than usual, wide open to the energies surrounding us. For this reason, we have to set proper boundaries and manage our empathy wisely, choosing carefully what we are available for and what we are not available for. 

With this aspect, we may tend to see other people’s potential instead of their reality and bypass our feelings and our boundaries in the process. We may also feel more tired and lethargic than usual, and there is a danger of excessive passivity, of going with the flow without taking action and avoiding responsibilities. This is a good opportunity to notice which experiences, people, and situations drain us and which ones, instead, energize us. We have an opportunity to learn to better manage our sensitivity and avoid being swept away by our feelings. 


Full Moon trine Pluto: Emotional Power


The Moon in Virgo is in a harmonic trine to Pluto in Capricorn. This is a supportive aspect that sharpens our intuition and our capacity to follow our gut instincts. As their alignment is happening in Earth signs, it adds some practicality and pragmatism to the current astrological configuration, pairing sensitivity with discernment and self-trust.

The Moon-Pluto trine will help us confront feelings and emotions that we might have been afraid to face. It will increase our capacity to psychologically understand ourselves and others and see our and their core intentions and motivations. This is an aspect of healing, purification, and renewal: the Virgo Full Moon is a favorable moment to let go of uncomfortable feelings, resentments, and grudges. The trine to Pluto promotes a constructive transformation of habitual behavioral patterns and of the way we deal with our emotions. It will support the awareness that, if we are going through some sort of emotional pain, it will help us grow stronger and wiser. 


Mars and Venus square Uranus: Rebellious Streak


As the Full Moon is taking place, Mars and Venus are in Aquarius and they are both approaching a square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Venus perfects the square tomorrow, while the Mars square goes exact on March 22. These aspects will add some dynamism and action into our life, especially in our relationships. Uranus wants things to remain interesting: if there is something stagnant in our life, it could very well change. During the upcoming days, a strong desire for adventure, excitement, and freedom is likely to arise and it may generate out of the blue, unexpected behaviors, and sudden shifts in our plans. 

Unusual encounters, unpredictable events, and eccentric desires may catalyze impulsive and disruptive actions. Mars square Uranus indicates a rebellious streak, an inclination to disobey, and a lack of trust in authorities and institutions. Venus square Uranus signals a strong need for space and independence. A change in values could possibly bring a desire to experiment with alternative styles of relationships, or we may begin to relate with people completely different from us and from those we habitually hang out with. 

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full moon in virgo

Full Moon in Virgo: Being Compassionate Yet Discerning


Four planets are transiting Pisces right now and Mercury, the ruler of the Virgo Moon, is also there, where it is traditionally considered debilitated. In Pisces, the logical, practical, analytical qualities of Mercury aren’t enhanced, and the focus is instead on the development of the intuitive, the sensitive, and the imaginative

These days, we may struggle to keep up with our schedule, responsibilities, and duties, and find it challenging to organize ourselves effectively. Life may seem to be too chaotic and irrational and we may not manage to structure our days in the way our mind thinks would be best for us. Even though this could represent a source of frustration, it could also stimulate our creativity and inspire us to make positive changes. Mercury’s sextile to Uranus in Taurus could catalyze the emergence of innovative ideas, downloads, and insights that do have a practical application.


During these days, we are finding a balance between excessively relying on logic and practicality and excessively trusting our feelings. We are learning to see situations and people as they are, and not as we would like them to be. We are flowing with life and learning to trust it, yet without relying uniquely on hope, luck, and wishful thinking to get by. We are learning to be compassionate, yet discerning. This Virgo Full Moon may deliver to us important lessons in these areas, marking the culmination of a chapter of our maturation and healing journey and giving us new opportunities to grow spiritually and emotionally.

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Mercury enters Pisces: the Doors of Perception

On March 9, 8:33 PM ET, Mercury entered Pisces after an extended stay in Aquarius linked to its retrograde cycle. Mercury will remain in the sign of the Fish until March 27: during this time, the doors of perception will open. We will have chances to connect with our intuition, give space to our fantasy, and explore different channels through which we can express ourselves.

While Mercury in Aquarius is rational, objective, and futuristic, Mercury in Pisces is sensitive, intuitive, and imaginative. During this transit, our receptivity to subtle energies and frequencies will increase, our habitual style of elaborating information may change, and we are likely to notice a surge of artistic inspiration.


Intuition, Creativity, and Going with the Flow


In Astrology, Mercury is the planet associated with logic, rationality, critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving. Its condition gives us information about our learning style and our way of gathering and assimilating information and data. Mercury is at home in Gemini and Virgo. In Pisces, the Messenger doesn’t express its qualities as we would expect, as this is not a sign that is inherently rational, logical, or linear.

Mercury wants to understand reality logically, while Pisces relates to it through feelings and sensations. While Mercury wants to plan and organize, Pisces prefers to improvise and decide intuitively. For this reason, during the upcoming weeks, we may find it hard to stay focused or engage in analytical, linear pursuits. Respecting a fixed schedule and routine may be more challenging than usual. We may prefer to go with the flow and see what shows up on our path: this attitude could lead us to unexpected and beautiful destinations.


Mercury in Pisces: Exploring New Channels


While Mercury is in Pisces, we embark on a journey to the realms of dreams and infinite possibilities. This transit will support our spiritual awareness and increase our desire to relate with life through all of our senses rather than only through the rational mind. We are likely to pick up information that isn’t immediately understandable logically through channels that we may not be familiar with. While on the one hand, Mercury in Pisces will support our intuitive capacities, on the other, it may be challenging to tell the difference between reality and fantasy, fact and fiction.

Mercury in Pisces

During the upcoming weeks, we may find it challenging to connect with our common sense, logic, and practicality. With Mercury in Pisces, we tend to see the highest spiritual potential of everything, everyone, and every situation. It is advisable to make an effort to think objectively and take into account the details and the facts of what’s happening in the present moment before making important decisions.


Mercury conjunct Jupiter and Neptune: Opening the Doors of Perception


During its journey through Pisces, Mercury will join Jupiter and Neptune, the traditional and modern ruler of the sign. Mercury aligns with Jupiter on March 21, increasing our need and desire to search for the meaning and the purpose of life. We may feel drawn to explore new spiritual philosophies, deepen our metaphysical studies, and seek intuitive, experiential learning modalities. This combination enhances the activation of our right brain, inspiring non-linear ways of thinking, expressing ourselves, and perceiving reality. We will likely be focused on the big picture and, possibly, miss out on some details.

Shortly later, on March 23, Mercury perfects its conjunction with Neptune. The Mercury-Neptune conjunction will magnify our intuition and open the doors of perception. We may channel information from other planes coming through during dreams or meditative states and become extremely receptive to the feelings and thoughts of others, almost to a telepathic level. A downside of this aspect can be a sense of brain fog and confusion and difficulties concentrating for long periods of time.

Mercury in Pisces

We will begin to feel the Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune alignment around the time of the Full Moon in Virgo, on March 18, and approximately until Mercury enters Aries, on March 27. This triple conjunction will incredibly amplify our sensitivity and could catalyze the development or refinement of extrasensory abilities, healing gifts, and psychic talents. Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune will bring our attention to the imaginative, the intuitive, and the abstract, facilitating a new understanding of the fabric of reality.


Mercury enters Pisces: Importance of Discernment


Altered states of consciousness are likely to be easier to access throughout the upcoming weeks and our creativity is going to be supported by this transit, particularly by the Mercury-Neptune conjunction. Our writing may be especially inspired and poetic, all creative pursuits and artistic activities that provide us channels for self-expression will be favored.

During this transit, our feelings and our emotions, as well as the feelings and emotions of others, could strongly affect our way of thinking and perceiving reality. What’s going on in the collective may impact us particularly strongly, and feelings of overwhelm may influence our capacity to think clearly.

With Mercury in Pisces, it is more important than usual to be discerning relative to what we take in and allow into our field, particularly in terms of news, information, and energies. As we are likely to be more sensitive than usual, our boundaries may be more permeable: it is advised to pay attention to what affects us and in what ways, and establish an adequate filter accordingly, to protect our energy.

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New Moon in Pisces: the Value of Faith

On March 2, 12:34 PM ET, an enchanting New Moon at 12°06’ of Pisces begins the lunar cycle. The Sun and the Moon will be conjunct Jupiter, the traditional ruler of the sign. Their alignment reminds us of the value of faith and inspires us to believe in ourselves and our dreams. As the New Moon takes place, we are also experiencing a rare, intense, and passionate Venus-Mars-Pluto conjunction on the final degrees of Capricorn.

New Moons are a moment to plant seeds, set intentions, and reflect. The disappearance of the Moon from the night sky has brought to conclusion the previous lunar cycle. Right now, she is still not visible even if her presence is indeed felt. As the Moon joins the Sun, we have an opportunity to decide how to focus our energies and how to take action during the upcoming two weeks leading up to the Full Moon.

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New Moon in Pisces: Attunement to the Present Moment


The phase of evolution corresponding to Pisces catalyzes the dissolution of our sense of self: we let go of what we believe we are, we release the need to make sense of reality through logic, and we learn to trust our intuition. 

As we stop relying on existing mental constructs based on past experiences and expectations of the future, we have the opportunity to attune with what is happening in the present moment. We explore new ways to interface with reality that is not based on our ideas about how life should unfold. We learn to have faith in what is showing up on our path, rather than trying to shape it in a way that allows our minds to feel safe and comfortable.

New Moon in Pisces

When the Moon travels through the sign of Pisces, our intuition and sensitivity are greatly enhanced. Our empathy and our capacity to feel the emotions of others increase, we remember our interconnectedness with the collective and our unity with all that exists: within Pisces, there are no boundaries, no separation.


New Moon conjunct Jupiter & sextile Uranus: Opportunities for Positive Change


The Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune are all in Pisces right now. There is a strong emphasis on this archetype, which adds a mystical, elusive, and possibly confusing quality to the energetics of the times. Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, is in tight conjunction with the Sun and the Moon. Its presence will inspire deep philosophical pondering, inviting us to renew our connection with our truth and tune in with our body and with Nature. Jupiter will increase our desire for spiritual growth, and inspire us to widen and expand our perception of life.

The Sun, Moon, and Jupiter alignment will strengthen our connection with hope and faith and our capacity to be optimistic and generous. It could also reflect a tendency to rely, maybe excessively, upon luck and wishful thinking. 

Creative breakthroughs are possible at this time. The Sun, the Moon, and Jupiter are all sextile Uranus in Taurus: these aspects of possibility and potential can facilitate new connections and new ideas while stimulating our innovative and visionary capacity. The sextiles will bring opportunities for positive changes, and support our ability to welcome the unexpected and have faith in its purpose.


Venus and Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: a Rare Alignment


Meanwhile, Venus, Mars, and Pluto are also conjunct in Capricorn. Venus has been gaining speed after her retrograde and it is now overcoming Mars, and going over Pluto for the third time. Their first conjunction was on December 11, right before Venus retrograde began. The second conjunction took place on December 25 while Venus was in retrograde motion. The third one, which goes exact tomorrow, completes the process. As Venus approaches the end of its post-shadow phase, we could experience clarity, revelations, and big changes in our connections, financial status, and value system. 

Issues and themes that first emerged in December could come up again to be fully solved and understood. Relationship and intimacy issues will tend to be at the forefront, while significant changes in financial markets and the global economy are also likely. We have now gained more information, experience, and wisdom: we have the ability to make conscious relationship choices based on our true needs. This is an opportunity to reach a deeper understanding of our relationship with society, with abundance, with wealth, and with money. 

The Venus, Mars, Pluto alignment gives us chances to decondition from relating patterns that don’t feel true any longer and explore our real desires and deeper intentions. A need to live our connections more intensely and passionately is likely to emerge, and we may choose to detach from those relationships that have a weak foundation, that aren’t nourishing us, or that aren’t fully authentic.


The Mars-Pluto conjunction: Extreme Intensity


Mars aligns with Pluto approximately once every two years and this is the last time they meet in Capricorn for the next 250 years. The last Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is the final one of a series that began in December 2008. It can be considered an invitation to uncover the root motivations and intentions behind our ambitions, cravings, and desires, particularly those around success, social status, and worldly achievements. 

Their aspect goes exact tomorrow and it can reflect destructive reactions and explosivity, as the anger that we suppressed for long may now come out. Globally, there could be an escalation of international tension and important socio-economic issues. The triple conjunction is happening during the exact Pluto return of the United States, meaning on the same degree and sign where Pluto was transiting when the United States declared independence. This event highlights the relevance of the role of the US in global policies and marks a major evolutionary threshold for the country.

While Mars catalyzes events and often brings issues to a breaking point, the presence of Venus could soften the situation, supporting diplomacy and increasing the need to maintain peace and harmony. Positively, Mars-Pluto aspects offer us a chance to tap into a reservoir of immense determination, willpower, and drive. They mark important transitions that have the purpose of encouraging us to explore the true nature of our desires and wishes and fearlessly go after what we want.


Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius: Mastering our Minds


As the New Moon takes place, Mercury is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. This alignment invites us to be in control of our thought processes and work on mastering our minds rather than letting our minds control us. Mercury conjunct Saturn inspires us to speak from our inner authority and with the awareness of the value of what we are saying and thinking. It will help us improve our communication skills and say what we think firmly and directly. Feeling a need to outgrow the existing systems and the corresponding ideologies is likely.

Mercury and Saturn are approaching a square aspect to the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. This points to the necessity to address issues that prevent us from being fully expressed, communicating, stating our boundaries, and sharing our thoughts and feelings. If we feel silenced or tend to self-censor for fear of others’ opinions, judgments, or reactions, it is a good time to work on that. We may experience some tension with authority figures and notice resistance to taking responsibility, particularly if we find it hard to discern which responsibilities are ours to take and which ones are not.

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new moon in pisces


New Moon in Pisces: Moving towards our Dreams


Grounding exercises are highly encouraged during this lunation: the strong emphasis on the archetype of Pisces could lead to feelings of confusion, disorientation, and ungroundedness. Taking care of the state of our nervous system and connecting with the Earth before making any important decisions is advised. The involvement of Jupiter in the configuration will bring an optimistic and hopeful feeling. However, it could impair our capacity to assess realistically and practically the possibilities we have in the present moment.

New Moon in Pisces

By attuning to the energy of the Mars-Pluto conjunction in the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn, we can access the willpower we need to act decisively and pragmatically. This energy can help us move in the direction of our dreams and goals, or it can destroy what we are trying to create. The last Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn could expose personal and collective shadows. We have the chance to consciously decide to move towards the light and bring more light into the world during times of intensity, uncertainty, and unpredictability.

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Pisces season 2022: Into the Liminal

On February 18, 11:43 AM ET, Pisces season 2022 begins. The Sun’s yearly journey through the last sign of the Zodiac invites us on a journey into the liminal.

Pisces season is a time of closure and culmination, which reminds us to remain open, don’t force an outcome, but rather accept what’s present and allow it to unfold. The Sun will remain in Pisces until the Equinox of March 20. Until then, we have an opportunity to explore the space in between an ending and a new beginning and to get used to the uncertainty of transitions. 


Pisces Season invites us to Surrender and Flow


Pisces is a Yin, Mutable, Water sign. The last of the twelve Zodiac archetypes corresponds to the dissolution of the sense of self we formed through the previous eleven archetypes into the ocean of the collective unconscious. It correlates with our experience of being in the womb and can be considered both the very beginning and the very end of our journey.

Within Pisces, there are no boundaries or separation: through this archetype, we remember our unity with all that exists, all that will exist, and all that ever existed. Pisces can be considered the most mutable of all the twelve signs, as Water is inherently mutable. During this season of the year, we are encouraged to be adaptable and versatile. We have a chance to release the need to be in control and our attachment to how we want things to turn out. 


Being in Service to Life & to What is Unfolding


Pisces season is an invitation to embrace a humble attitude, a desire to be of service, and allow what is unfolding to unfold rather than fighting to be at center stage or get what we want. This time of the year is an opportunity to be more mindful, explore what our motivations are, and notice if we intend to serve life or to simply get something from it. With the Sun in Pisces, we can’t succeed if we are trying too hard. In this phase of evolution, we are learning that there is nothing to win and nothing to lose. We are learning to listen, we are learning to be open, we are learning to be responsive to what life is asking us, rather than force our egoic desires on life.

Pisces Season 2022

The Pisces archetype is associated with all those forces beyond our control. This season is a call to learn to surrender to life without giving up on it. While surrendering implies trust and faith in the purpose of whatever we meet on our path, giving up comes with a sense of disillusionment and hopelessness. There is a risk of passivity, inaction, and self-sacrificing inherent within this sign. If we feel victimized by other people or by life itself, this may prevent us from taking responsibility to change what we can change.


Sun conjunct Jupiter & Neptune, Venus conjunct Mars


During its journey through Pisces, the Sun will join the two rulers of the sign, Jupiter and Neptune, both transiting in their domicile. These alignments, happening respectively on March 5 and March 13, will highlight our desire for spiritual growth and increase our need to reconnect with feelings of hope and faith. 

While the Sun-Jupiter conjunction will support our vitality, confidence, and optimism, the Sun-Neptune alignment could come with a sense of lethargy and blurriness, and a desire to withdraw from the demands of the outer world to focus on nurturing our inner world. The Sun-Neptune conjunction is an opportunity to turn within and reflect on the seeds we desire to plant before the rebirth that comes with the ingress of Sun into Aries.

Meanwhile, Venus and Mars will travel together for a great part of Pisces season, first in Capricorn and later in Aquarius. Their conjunction will infuse the upcoming weeks with romantic, passionate, and possibly obsessive energy, as Pluto is also involved in the alignment. Mars and Venus will enter Aquarius together on March 6. Their alignment begins a new cycle relative to our romantic desires. It invites us to reflect on what kind of relationships we desire to build and to experiment with new ways of being in connection with others.


Pisces season 2022: Upcoming Lunations


Throughout Pisces season 2022, we are going to experience a New Moon in Pisces and a Full Moon in Virgo. The New Moon in Pisces taking place on March 2 will be conjunct Jupiter. This lunation will feel like a breath of fresh air and inspire an optimistic and hopeful outlook on life. The lunar cycle that follows will be colored by an expansive and buoyant quality, which is likely to inspire us to dream big and believe in ourselves.

The Full Moon in Virgo, happening on March 17 will be opposite Neptune and the Sun in Pisces. This Full Moon brings up the need to find harmony between chaos and order, effort and surrender, structure and flow. As Neptune is strongly involved in the configuration, it could reflect some difficulties engaging in technical, linear, and analytical pursuits in favor of the abstract, creative, and imaginative.


Attuning to the Present Moment


The Sun’s journey through Pisces, and particularly its alignment with Neptune, may bring a sense of confusion relative to our identity, our purpose, and our goals. Around this time, we will be reminded of our connection with the collective emotional body, the collective unconscious, the entire humanity. Our boundaries may feel more porous, and an existing sense of self could dissolve and leave space to a feeling of void. From here, infinite possibilities will open up, but only if we are receptive enough to welcome them.

Pisces Season 2022

Pisces season always represents a time of transition that comes with a feeling of suspension, anticipation, and uncertainty. During the upcoming weeks, some of our certainties might dissolve. We may be reminded that security is illusory, that nothing is ever truly certain, stable, or secure, yet things may turn out even better than what we imagined. This time of the year is an invitation to surrender, flow, and attune to the present moment rather than trying to control life.

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Jupiter & Mercury station Direct: Impactful News

On October 18, respectively at 01:30 AM ET and at 11:17 AM ET, Jupiter in Aquarius and Mercury in Libra station direct, increasing the possibilities of receiving impactful news, information, and revelations. Jupiter stationed retrograde in Pisces on June 20, while Mercury has been retrograde for approximately 3 weeks, since September 27.

When celestial bodies are stationary, their influence is stronger, as they are closer to Earth. The two planets will now begin moving forward again, and we begin a process of integration and elaboration of the experiences we had while they were retrograde.


The Mercury-Jupiter connection: Understanding, Experience, & Knowledge


Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, while Jupiter rules Sagittarius and, traditionally, Pisces. Both are related to our way to learn, explore, order, and make sense of our reality: while Mercury is theoretical and logical and tends to focus on details, Jupiter relies on intuition and experience and immediately connects with the big picture.

Mercury is associated with the left hemisphere of the brain, rationality, and inductive reasoning, Jupiter corresponds to the right hemisphere of the brain and deductive reasoning. Mercury tries to classify reality logically and reliably, while Jupiter tries to find meaning and purpose in it.


Jupiter stations Direct in Aquarius: Aligning Actions, Ideals, & Beliefs


Jupiter has a lot to do with our belief system and the meaning we attribute to life. The journey of Jupiter through Aquarius began in December last year: this transit corresponds to an increased emphasis on technological and scientific advancement, alternative currencies, artificial intelligence, humanitarian causes, and social equality. Jupiter in Aquarius expands our desire to be part of a like-minded community and defend our ideals: this transit inspires us to break free from oppressive systems and to work to manifest a better future for the collective.

Jupiter retrograde corresponds to a time of revision and reassessment of our beliefs, our sense of faith, and of the way we find meaning and purpose. Jupiter stationing direct invites us to take tangible actions aligned to our personal truth. We now have a chance to act more consciously according to what we felt and experienced during the retrograde.

The post-shadow phase of this cycle will last until January 2022, when Jupiter reaches again 2°11′ of Pisces. Until then, we will work on finding better alignment with our beliefs and integrating into the material reality the insights and ideas that came up since Jupiter stationed retrograde.


Mercury stations Direct in Libra: Reaching More Clarity & a Deeper Understanding


Mercury represents how we logically organize reality in our mind and how we communicate outwardly what is going on inwardly. Mercury retrograde in Libra has been highlighting the need to review and reassess our communication style, our ideas and definitions of relationships, the thinking patterns that affect the way we seek a balance between different needs and desires, and how we find harmony and attunement with others.

As Mercury stations direct, any miscommunication and misunderstandings are likely to be cleared out, while new information and data may emerge. Changes in our way of thinking and communicating our feelings, needs, and desires to others may mark changes in our relationship status or the start of a new chapter in a current relationship.


Mercury opposite Chiron & square Pluto


Mercury stations direct in opposition to Chiron in Aries, possibly bringing up issues that first emerged around September 8. This aspect invites us to become aware of any tendency of holding back our truth or not speaking up in order not to trigger others.

Mercury will square Pluto for the third time on November 2: around this time, something hidden or secret may come to light, be exposed, or be revealed. We have a chance to gain a better understanding of both our and other people’s psychology.

Concluding a cycle of squares that started on September 22, this aspect highlights the possibilities of verbal confrontations, intellectual power struggles, mental and psychological manipulation. Mercury square Pluto may provoke us, but it will also offer us a chance to engage in transformative conversations and exchanges of opinion, encouraging us to overcome any fear of speaking our truth and sharing our thoughts honestly.


Jupiter & Mercury station Direct: Impactful News & Revelations


Something very relevant to take into account is that Mercury and Jupiter are the planets ruling the Nodes of the Moon. The Lunar Nodes have been in Gemini and Sagittarius since May 2020 and will change sign in January 2022. These are points in space connected to our karmic past and our evolutionary direction. They show us the gifts we naturally express as well as tendencies to move away from in order not to fall into repetitive patterns and cycles.

Jupiter & Mercury station Direct

Jupiter as the ruler of the South Node of the Moon represents a familiar way of operating that served us in the past but can now hold us back if we over-rely on it. Jupiter and the Sagittarius South Node help us have faith and find humor in any situation. Nonetheless, we need to be mindful of avoiding dogmatism and close-mindedness, as this configuration reflects a tendency to excessively identify with our beliefs or push them on others.

Mercury as the ruler of the North Node of the Moon represents an energy we need to integrate and master in order to move towards our evolutionary direction. Mental flexibility, curiosity, versatility, the ability to listen to others, the capacity of being open to all types of opinions and sides of a story represent skills that will support us on this journey.

The Nodal rulers stationing direct just a few hours apart from one another is an event that increases the possibility of receiving news and revelations that could have a significant impact on our lives.


Jupiter & Mercury station Direct: Authenticity, Integrity, & Honesty


Through the Mercurial and Jupiterian functions, we learn to be honest with ourselves and others as we communicate what’s going on within us to the outside world. We explore how we can articulate and share our thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and feelings clearly, in an understandable, coherent, sincere, and authentic way.

When Mercury and Jupiter work together harmoniously, we have a chance to expand our knowledge and understanding of life holistically and comprehensively as we bridge rationality, logic, intuition, and direct experience.

Mercury and Jupiter stationing direct simultaneously is an event that highlights the importance of transparency in all our interactions and invites us to move towards deeper authenticity, deeper alignment between our words and our actions, and deeper integrity with our values and beliefs.

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Full Harvest Moon in Pisces: Doorway to Spirit

On September 20, 7:54 PM ET, the Moon in Pisces opposes the Sun in Virgo and we experience a Full Moon, taking place at 28°13’ of the sign of the Fish. The Moon is conjunct Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces: this lunation opens a doorway to Spirit and a portal to a realm of infinite possibilities.

Full Moons are moments of revelations and breakthroughs: the light of the Sun, our conscious awareness, completely illuminates the Moon, our emotional world. This phase of the lunar cycle is associated with culmination and clarity, and it allows us to see more clearly both our inner and our outer realities. The influence of Neptune, however, may still generate a feeling of blurriness and uncertainty.

The Full Moon closest to the September Equinox is also popularly known as the Harvest Moon. For the ancients, this lunation marked the peak of the harvest season in the Northern Hemisphere. The Moon would illuminate the fields after sunset, and people were able to work for longer hours on reaping the crops.

From a spiritual standpoint, the Harvest Moon encourages us to celebrate our progress and enjoy the fruits of our efforts. This cosmic event reminds us that, if we keep consistently working towards our dreams and aspirations, we are going to see tangible results.

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Full Harvest Moon in Pisces: an Ocean of Emotions


When Full Moons take place in Water signs, our emotional state tends to be more changeable and our feelings are more intensely experienced. Pisces is the last archetype of the Zodiac and can be considered both the end and the beginning of our journey. This archetype is connected with our experience of being in the womb, a place where everything is provided and our survival is ensured without any effort on our part. Pisces corresponds to our awareness of forces larger than ourselves, to our connection with the collective frequency, and with the collective emotional body.

Empathy and compassion are enhanced on this Pisces Full Moon, a lunation colored with a strong idealism and an increased desire for positive change. The planetary configuration of the moment reflects a temptation to indulge in fantasy and daydreaming, and it may correspond to a tendency to sacrifice personal needs and goals for other people or to support larger causes.

The Moon in Pisces opposes the Sun in Virgo, culminating a period during which all planets transiting Virgo have been opposing Neptune in Pisces. The activation of the Virgo-Pisces axis highlights the importance of finding a balance between effort and passivity, between proactivity and acceptance of what we can’t control.


Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune: Heightened Intuition and Sensitivity


The influence of Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, magnifies our sensitivity to energy, to other people’s emotions, and to what is going on in the collective. The conjunction of Moon and Neptune is an extremely artistic, spiritual, and intuitive alignment, which supports any type of creative endeavor and increases our capacity to channel our emotions and feelings into art, music, dance, painting, and all non-linear modalities of expression. 

Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Heightened sensitivity can generate a feeling of sensory overload, which may lead to struggles dealing with everyday challenges. This aspect can reflect a sense of being overwhelmed by life and by our emotions and it may correspond to difficulties managing pressure and stress.

When the Pisces and Neptune archetypes are so strongly emphasized, we tend to absorb the emotions and feelings of others like a sponge. Being so widely open to energetic and emotional information coming from the environment increases our vulnerability and stresses the importance of staying in alignment. In moments like this, it is important to protect our energy by listening to our bodies and establishing clear boundaries relative to what we are available to experience in each moment.


Sun conjunct Mars is Boosting our Courage & Vitality


The Sun in Virgo is in an out of sign conjunction with Mars in Libra, which will perfect on the upcoming New Moon in Libra. Mars and the Sun joining forces give us strength, motivation, and courage, inspiring us to cut ties if needed, and move on from all those situations that aren’t nurturing our growth, our health, and our wellbeing. Their alignment will help us discern what to expose ourselves to and separate from what is not supportive of our path in the present moment.

Throughout the next couple of weeks, the Sun-Mars conjunction will increase our energy levels and our vitality: many of us have been feeling weakened, lazy, or more lethargic during the last month, while both Mars and Sun have been opposing Neptune. This alignment has the potential to counterbalance any tendency to passively adapt to life circumstances and wait for changes to happen: the Sun and Mars will encourage us to be proactive and take initiative to improve our reality.

Mars in Libra and the Sun in Virgo are also forming a Grand Trine aspect involving the North Node of the Moon in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius. This configuration will also remain active throughout the following days, increasing our capacity to be disciplined, motivated, and focused, while highlighting the importance of networking and community building as a way to support our learning journey.


The Activation of Pluto brings Opportunities for Transformation


The Full Moon is forming a sextile with retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. Sextiles are 60° angles, aspects of potential and opportunities, gently triggering us into making changes. The Moon-Pluto alignment has the potential to increase our emotional awareness. It offers us an invitation to mature and take responsibility for our emotional expression, encouraging us to reflect on what lies beneath our triggers and to respond to these more consciously.

The Sun in Virgo is also in a harmonic aspect with Pluto in Capricorn, in this case, a trine. Trines are 120° angles supporting a flowing exchange of information between planets transiting signs of the same element. This configuration promotes physical and psychological regeneration. Sun trine Pluto facilitates personal transformation and the metamorphosis of our sense of purpose, inspiring us to rise fearlessly into a new version of ourselves. 

Meanwhile, retrograde Pluto is perfecting a square to dwarf planet Eris, a very slow-moving celestial body that has been transiting Aries for about a century. Named after the Goddess of strife, Eris is about the way we respond when we feel left out or disrespected. The Pluto-Eris tense alignment has been ongoing since 2020 and will be active until 2022. This is one of the peak moments of it, and the Pisces Full Moon contributes to bringing things to a head. During these days, we may witness disruptions, social tension, and an increased drive to fight for freedom and justice, which will pave the way for radical systemic changes.

Mercury is also squaring Pluto, pointing to the possibility of verbal and ideological confrontations, and gives us the opportunity to transmute disagreements into enlightening conversations. This aspect sharpens our focus and our willingness to dive deeper into topics we are passionate about.


Venus square Saturn & opposite Uranus: Conflicting Desires


Meanwhile, Venus in Scorpio triggers the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square: the Goddess of Love is separating from a square to Saturn and approaching an opposition to Uranus. Tension between wanting to hold on to the known and a desire to make new experiences is likely to arise, especially in our romantic life and in the professional arena.

Throughout the last few days, Venus square Saturn has been highlighting our need for reliability and commitment both in our love life and in our finances. It possibly brought to the surface some fear of scarcity and revealed to us where the foundation of our self-worth isn’t solid.

Unusual attractions, unexpected encounters, and electric feelings are common when Venus and Uranus align. During the upcoming days, this alignment may inspire us to revolutionize our relationships. It can also correspond to sudden changes in our values, income, and finances, that will unfold throughout the rest of the lunar cycle. 

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Full Harvest Moon in Pisces: Doorway to Spirit


This Full Moon enhances our devotion to our spiritual path, our compassion for others, and our willingness to make a personal contribution to help the world become a better and kinder place.

Jupiter, the ancient ruler of Pisces, is forming a harmonic trine to Mercury in Libra, an aspect supporting our optimism, facilitating intellectual expansion, and inspiring us to make plans, dream big, and envision a better future for humanity. Due to the strong activation of Neptune, there is still a risk of feeling uncertain about what is true and what isn’t. Some of us may experience disenchantment, while others may witness dreams coming true.

Neptune and Pisces can be associated with chaos and confusion, but they also represent a doorway to states of pure bliss and joy. This Full Moon is an invitation to adopt a higher perspective of reality while keeping our feet on the Earth. Grounding practices that work on our Root Chakra such as walking barefoot and spending more time in Nature are likely to help us tune into our bodies and our intuition, and deal with our heightened sensitivity with more ease.

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Jupiter enters Pisces: on a Quest for Wholeness

On May 13, 6:36 PM ET, Jupiter entered Pisces, its ancient domicile, taking us on a quest for wholeness. The planet of luck and abundance will be in Pisces only until July 28, when it will travel back to Aquarius due to its retrograde cycle, starting on June 20. Jupiter is going to enter Pisces for the second time in December.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. In Astrology, it is traditionally referred to as the Greater Benefic and it is associated with qualities such as buoyancy and generosity, which are enhanced as it journeys through Pisces. This uplifting transit reflects an increase in our intuitive capacities: it inspires us to dream big and look at the future with faith and optimism. 


Jupiter: Authenticity, Faith, and Search for Meaning


The planetary ruler of Sagittarius is also the traditional ruler of Pisces: Neptune, the modern ruler of the sign of the Fish, was discovered only in 1846. The Lord of Abundance is said to expand whatever it touches, for good or bad: it inspires us to aim for more, do more, believe in ourselves, and hope for the best.

Jupiter enters Pisces

Jupiter is associated with our desire to understand ourselves and the world in the context of a larger framework and with our ongoing search for the meaning of life. Consequently, it is connected with our belief system, with higher learning, philosophy, and spirituality. Being correlated with the search for truth, Jupiter is associated with authenticity, honesty, and with Natural Laws.

This planet inspires us to learn about ourselves and life through a process of trial and error and through direct experience: it corresponds with right brain functions, intuition, and deductive reasoning. Just like Sagittarius, Jupiter correlates with humor and optimism, with the capacity to see the bright side of everything and find the lesson in every situation.


Pisces: Dreams, Enchantment, and the Collective Unconscious


Pisces is a complex archetype. It represents both the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. The last sign of the Zodiac corresponds to the time we spend in the womb and to our desire to return to the womb, to that feeling of union, wholeness, and absolute safety. Pisces rules the collective unconscious and the collective emotional body: it correlates with our sensitivity to others’ emotions and to the collective frequency. Pisces is associated with the realms of dreams and sleeps, with indescribable feelings and sensations. It corresponds to our capacity to touch and impact the masses and to reflect back at others something that everyone can feel identified with.

Through Pisces, we seek divine harmony: we desire to transcend the human condition and experience something beyond our ego. Our drive to spiritualize life will be expanded by the presence of Jupiter in the sign, and so will be the risks of excessive idealism. During this transit, we need to be mindful of the temptation of seeking refuge in something illusory, and we must stay grounded. In a distorted state, the Pisces archetype corresponds to lies, dishonesty, deception, illusions, and delusions. While Jupiter travels through the sign, we can be more prone to believing comforting lies rather than facing painful truths.


Understanding Jupiter’s Cycle


Jupiter needs 12-13 years to travel all the way through the Zodiac and remains approximately one year in each sign. Jupiter has been in Aquarius since December 2020 and will come back there in July, before entering Pisces again in December 2021 and remaining in the sign for most of 2022. One of the key planetary aspects of the upcoming year is the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in their shared domicile, a rare and powerful alignment, which will happen on April 12, 2022.

The last time the Lord of Abundance was in Pisces was between 2010 and 2011. Think about what was taking place in your life back then. Reflect upon what you were going through, what events caught your attention, and what lessons you learned. Revisit the journals you wrote during those years if you can. Pay attention to repeating patterns, and notice any similar situation or opportunity coming up throughout the upcoming months. The Cosmos is giving us a chance to find new ways to solve old issues, break patterns, and grow further.


Jupiter from Aquarius to Pisces: From the Mind to the Heart


Throughout the rest of May, June, and July 2021 we will experience some of the themes that are likely to be at the forefront of 2022. Jupiter in Aquarius is a fast and innovative influence: it reflects a lot of emphasis on scientific advancements, intellectual expansion, technological progress, community building, and unconventional lifestyles.

Jupiter in Pisces, instead, increases our compassion and generosity: with this transit, a significant amount of energy moves from our mind to our heart. There will be extra attention on getting closer to Nature, building emotional support networks, and we will feel a stronger drive to take care of those in need and do something good for the world. Our imagination and fantasy life will flourish, we will be more sensitive to all kinds of stimuli, and get easily inspired.

With Jupiter in Aquarius, we search for meaning through intellectual advancement and technological expansion that can potentially benefit civilization as a whole. With Jupiter in Pisces, we seek life’s meaning by cultivating kindness, empathy, and forgiveness, while we aim to merge with the whole. 


Jupiter enters Pisces: on a Quest for Wholeness


Jupiter entering Pisces opens our hearts and increases our empathy. Our faith in the goodness of humanity deepens, and so does our hope for a better future. A danger of this transit is excessive optimism that may cause us to lose touch with the practical aspects of reality.

As we seek cosmic unity and desire to transcend worldly concerns, we may be more naive and prone to disillusionment. This transit can reflect potentially dangerous delusions of personal grandeur. Moreover, throughout May and June, Jupiter will be in a loose square to the Lunar Nodes, reflecting possible crises of faith and a sense of not knowing what to believe in, while highlighting the importance of remaining authentic to our feelings.

While Jupiter is in Pisces, we desire to cultivate emotionally honest relationships and heart-based connections that support our personal growth and spiritual evolution. We want to be of service to the collective, we want to be there for one another in these times of transition.

Jupiter enters Pisces

Jupiter’s role is particularly relevant right now as Jupiter is the planetary ruler of the South Node of the Moon, where the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse is happening. The presence of Jupiter in its ancient domicile will support us in the process of letting go of our attachments to old beliefs, helping us on our healing journey by supporting our capacity to see the higher meaning of the obstacles we encounter. During this time, the challenge is maintaining a positive outlook and connecting with our faith while remaining realistic and grounded.

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