New Moon in Gemini – Fun, Positive & Loving Moon

On May 22nd at 1:39pm EST we will experience a New Moon, as the Sun and Moon come together in the sign of Gemini.


New Moon in Gemini: An Activation


Let’s imagine that the planets are not doing anything to us, but that they are inviting us to flow with their currents and open up to their celestial celebration. It’s as if someone is knocking on our doors, inviting us to come outside and play. This is a fun loving New Moon that has a lot of positive potential. 

new moon in gemini

Although the Sun and Moon appear to be distant and far out in the sky, what if they echo shifts that are occurring within us? What if the cosmos was an extension of our energy? What if we are made of stardust?

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” Carl Sagan

In that case, this New Moon is an activation.


New Moon in Gemini: Living Lightly


It’s bridging our subconscious and conscious awareness. It’s inviting us to illuminate our beings and fully radiate who we are. This is a time to live lightly. Our realities can be dense so this is not always easy. What does it mean to live lightly?

It means remembering that we are made of energy. It means charging and nourishing our energetic selves. We step into our energized selves when we listen to the subtle, yet strong, nudges from our consciousness. It means becoming aware of how the energy around us is affecting us. It means making choices that support our energized selves.

This activation wants us to take a look at our lives. It wants us to become aware of whether or not our choices enhance our energy, or deplete it.

This is an ongoing assignment and not something we need to perfect. Remember this energy is easy going. We don’t need to force harsh expectations or judgements upon ourselves.


A Fresh Start


This New Moon in Gemini is wiping the slate clean and asking us to start fresh. Like a wifi router that is lagging or not working properly, the best thing we can do is unplug and reset. That’s usually all it needs to get back up and running again.

Let’s take these moments to unplug. To pause. To reset. This New Moon is the unplugging. It won’t last forever but it offers a much needed space for solace.

As the New Moon passes we are asked to take an honest look at what we plug back into. Do these outlets allow energy to flow into our beings? Do they leave us nourished? Do they support us in living lightly?


Mindsets and Attitudes


Gemini energy is associated with intellect, logic and rationality. This energy often plays out in our mindsets and attitudes. Our minds are getting an operating system update during this time. We may not want to think about things the way we used to. We may learn something new that changes everything. We may decide to open our minds and be willing to rethink and shift our perspectives. All of this will enhance our energy and beings.


New Moon in Gemini: The Little Things


Gemini energy is associated with the details. It’s the how’s and the why’s. This is an ideal time to take a look at the details of our lives and whether or not they energize us. Taking a look at our habits, routines and lifestyles. Are they charging our batteries or draining them?


Gemini is the little things and this means that small choices can make a big impact. Although things like routines and habits can be overwhelming. Remember every little bit helps. This could look like drinking more water or ever taking more conscious breaths.


What We Put Into Our Bodies


Another way we receive energy is through our food. Food is here to nourish us and give us life but oftentimes it can be heavy and weigh us down. Is our food colourful? Are we eating foods that grow under the Sun, like fruits and veggies? These foods support our light bodies. Or is our food dense and drab? Are we eating colourless or processed foods? This is a time to observe the impact of what we put into our bodies.


Communication and Information


Gemini energy is connected to communication and information. It’s crucial to become aware of our sources of information and how they leave us feeling. Does our info only come from the external world? Are we giving ourselves space to listen to our hearts?

New Moon in Gemini: Venus Retrograde + Mercury


During this New Moon Venus retrograde (read Venus Retrograde article) and Mercury are coming together in Gemini. This is all about how we communicate within our relationships. What are we telling ourselves? What are we hearing from others? Are we clearly communicating? Or are we making assumptions and holding expectations? Honest and vulnerable communication is key.


New Moon in Gemini: Mars in Pisces


Mars is transiting Pisces during this New Moon in Gemini which means compassion is mandatory. Mars is the planet of action and as it transits the soft space of Pisces we are asked to be gentle. We may feel all sorts of emotions and not know what to do with them. Sometimes we need to take space before acting and Mars in Pisces is reminding us that there is no rush.


New Moon in Gemini: North Node in Gemini


The North Node has recently shifted into Gemini (read North Node in Gemini article). The homework is to remain curious. To ask questions and get inquisitive with ourselves and others. This New Moon in Gemini is begging us to open our minds. If we have stubbornly made up our minds we might miss out on a lot of opportunities.

Communication, compassion, and curiosity are the secret ingredients for the New Moon in Gemini. 


Fresh Air


There is a chance of overthinking throughout this New Moon in Gemini. This stimulating intellectual energy that can throw us off or leave us feeling confused. We have to stay aware of our own thoughts and do not participate in something that doesn’t feel right. We can take a step back from what feels cluttered or suffocating.

new moon in gemini

The Gemini New Moon is like a refreshing breeze. It’s time to open the windows and let some fresh air circulate through our spaces. Because this energy can be such a trip for our logical minds it is key to reach out for support if we feel we need it. Getting our thoughts out of our heads can feel like opening that window. Maybe we talk to someone we trust, or we do a brain dump and write everything out on paper. When we give our thoughts some space to air out, this energy can feel more manageable.

Our minds could feel like an internet browser with a thousand tabs open. Our job is to either close those windows, or bookmark them to come back to later.


An Open Invitation


Throughout this New Moon in Gemini set the intention to connect to that energized version of yourself. How do they feel? What do their routines look like? What are their habits? How do they fuel themselves? Where do they get their information? Are they compassionate and curious?

There are no right or wrong answers, there is only a willingness to expand alongside our ever changing Universe. This activation is an open invitation, but we must RSVP yes.


Global New Moon Meditation Invitation


new moon meditation a

We are going to be hosting a Live Global New Moon Meditation on our YouTube channel and we invite you to join us. May 22nd at 1:39pm EST. At the peak of the New Moon on our YouTube channel:


North Node in Gemini & South Node in Sagittarius

North Node in Gemini & South Node in Sagittarius – May 5th 1:48am EST through January 2022.

The nodes of the Moon are shifting from Capricorn and Cancer into Gemini and Sagittarius on May 5th 2020. This is a significant shift that will shake up the energetic climate of planet Earth. 

Let’s explore the significance of the North and South Node, their new home of Gemini/Sagittarius, Eclipses and times in history when we have experienced these themes.


Understanding the Nodes


The Nodes of the Moon are not literal celestial bodies, but instead they are points of intersection. They are where the Sun and Moon’s orbits align. The north and south node are always opposite each other, just like the directions on a compass. These nodes shift signs approximately every 18-20 months.

The nodes dictate where Eclipses occur in the Zodiac. Since they are points where the Sun and Moon’s orbits align, when we have a New Moon or Full Moon near the nodes, we experience an Eclipse. Think about these points of alignment as high speed trains that quickly deliver us to a destination. They get straight to it and their energy can be somewhat intense.

north node in gemini

We are moving away from the nodes’ transit of Capricorn/Cancer. That cycle began in November 2018. As we embark on a new level of learning it’s key to take a moment to look back. What have we learned since November 2018? Where have we shifted? Where has the Universe gotten straight to the point?

Moving forward, we can take this wisdom and integrate it into these new cycles. Beginning in June we will start to experience Eclipses and until then we are getting our bearings and the lay of this new land.


Freedom, Communication, Information and Ideas


The North Node represents True North. It’s the direction we are collectively heading, or the chapter humanity is studying. We will be learning the themes of Gemini until January 2022.

These themes include freedom, communication, information and ideas. Gemini is an air sign that often dwells in the logical realms. It’s what we think, how we speak to ourselves and what we say to others. It’s the free thinker or free spirit.


North Node in Gemini: Flying Freely


Let’s use the analogy of dandelions to convey this energy. This plant spreads their seeds by letting the wind take them. They fly all over and end up bountifully growing on every lawn in the neighbourhood. Their growth is contagious, if it’s free to fly. 

Everyone has a different opinion on dandelions, and Gemini knows what it likes and what it does not. Some people are going to pull out the weeds, others are going to add them to their salads.


 Information is Key


This translates to information. As we embark on this transit information is going to be spreading like dandelions. The wind will plant new ideas or inspirations for some. Others might try to pull out or stop these new concepts from growing.


There will always be the people who attempt to control where the seeds can fly. However, any one who tries to pull out all the weeds knows this is impossible.

Humanity is learning the power of information. The Universe is spreading seeds everywhere, and there are certain groups who are going to try and stop these seeds from growing.


North Node in Gemini: Making Up Our Own Minds


The beauty is that we all have our own gardens. We can let whatever we want grow in them. We get to make up our minds about where we receive information and what ideas we integrate into our lives. 

Maybe we grew up with a parent who hated weeds in their garden so we were always pulling them out. Maybe we meet a friend who loves those same weeds. This transit is about changing our minds and expanding our attitudes. 

We have the chance to do things differently. This might mean we look to new places for our information. This might mean we start to spread and share the innate wisdom within us. Ideas and attitudes can spread through communication. When communication is limited or censored, there is only so much room for innovation.


North Node in Gemini: Doing our Homework


This transit is here to clear out space within our minds in order for new solutions to come into play. However, nothing worth creating is easy. The North Node in Gemini is our homework and that requires a commitment on our part.

The Universe isn’t going to hand us the clarity we seek. We have to commit to fighting for it. This transit is showing us where we are free to fly like the dandelion seeds, and where we are not free. As we reach for the free spirited energy of Gemini, our limitations are going to become evident.


North Node in Gemini: Information Illuminates


Communication and information is what illuminates our planet. Anyone or anything who tries to limit that is creating ignorance on the Planet. Our parents could really trigger us, but if we silence them and refuse to listen we’ll be silenced in return. Our growth is stunted when we shut each other out.


This does not mean we have to believe everything we hear, but it does mean being willing to listen. It also means speaking up when we have something to say.

Above all else this is about fighting for the freedom to communicate. We do this by becoming aware of the limitations and asking questions instead of complying.


North Node in Gemini: Getting Curious


Gemini energy is inquisitive and curious. It wants to think about all the scenarios and possibilities. As the North Node transits Gemini we are learning to embrace this approach. We don’t have to take everything at face value. We don’t have to believe all the facts or figures. But what we have to do is ask questions. As we ask questions, we create space for the truth to surface.

If we sit back and take everything as it’s delivered, the truth might remain hidden. Instead, we can transform by thinking outside the box and asking questions. This curiosity will lead us to more information, and in turn more illumination. 


South Node in Sagittarius: Trusting Our Wisdom 


The South Node represents where we’ve been. It’s the direction we are coming from or the chapter we have just read. It’s the song we have memorized and will always remember. The South Node is our innate wisdom. We don’t have to think about it, we just know it.


During this time the South Node is transiting Sagittarius, which is an open hearted, free spirit and big picture energy. The Universe exists in each atom. We are learning to trust our innate wisdom. To look within ourselves for the truth. We can cultivate that sense of hope when we trust what we know. The bigger picture is on our sides. By trusting ourselves we can question when things feel off in the world.


North Node in Gemini: Mind Full or Mindful?


If our desktop is packed with icons we might feel cluttered and confused. During this transit we can imagine our minds are computers. Is our inner screen full and cluttered? Can we make space within our minds, attitudes and intellect? This is not something that will happen overnight; patience and perseverance are key. 


North Node in Gemini: Seeing the Path


When our minds are clear we are able to see the path in front of us. If we are scattered and stressed our limbic system will kick in and we can feel confused. There are so many reasons to feel afraid. There are so many unknowns. There is so much confusion.

Finding that place of knowing within us is the first step to finding our paths. If we look outside of ourselves for answers, we will be bombarded with information and misinformation.


North Node in Gemini + History


The last time we experienced this energy was October 14 2001 through April 14 2003. This was a time when everything was changing. After the extreme chaos of September 2001 many were left confused and in fear about the future. Perhaps, we are feeling the same way after an intense spring of 2020.

Back then, certain stories and information conveyed as facts limited our perceptions. We were told to believe official narratives and because we did not have the same access to the internet as we do today, the option to open our minds might have not been there. We might have had questions but felt full of fear, so we could not ask them. Maybe we were young back then and did not feel we could question the stories of authorities.

north node in gemini

Gemini is an air sign. Sagittarius is associated with travel and exploring new horizons. It’s interesting to note that back in 2001-2003, the last time we saw this transit, how we travelled and air travel specifically shifted. Once again, we are seeing changes in how and where we can travel.

The nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius are once again occurring during a time where planet Earth has had a plot twist. Something has happened that not many saw coming. We’ve all experienced a collective shock.


North Node in Gemini: Seeking out Information


This time is different because now we get to make up our minds about what is happening. We are each entitled to our opinions. We can search and seek out information. However, we can’t sit back and expect the truth to be miraculously delivered. We have to be willing to work hard to foster a connection to our inner knowing, and then go out into the world with curiosity. 

We have to be courageous and ask questions. We can’t let someone else tell us what is or what isn’t. We don’t have to believe everyone, but we will benefit from being open to listening to others. Part of making up our minds is listening to the options and then choosing which ones feel right for us.

This transit is teaching us the power of freedom. We see that power playing out as a dandelion that spreads its seeds in the wind. We are learning that freedom is not something to take for granted. We are learning true freedom starts within. It begins by believing in ourselves and committing to enquiring about the world around us. As we think critically and trust our innate knowings, we transform the world. 

north node in gemini

We are very thankful that you read this article and we would be super grateful if you can share with others. During these times of uncertainty we all have to question everything and don’t just blindly believe big media. This transit is about information and freedom. Meaning the force is with us, and we have a chance to change the course of humanity. Open your heart. Embrace unconditional love. We are the people. We are one. One love!

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