Jupiter back to Pisces: Intuition as Primary Compass

On October 28, 01:10 AM ET, retrograde Jupiter comes back to its traditional domicile of Pisces after transiting Aries since May 10, 2022. This is a time to acknowledge how our beliefs are changing and align with the truth that has been emerging, trusting our intuition as our primary compass instead of relying on external ideologies, philosophies, or systems of knowledge.

Jupiter stations direct on November 23 and is going to remain in Pisces until December 20, when it completes its journey through the sign of the Fish. Jupiter first entered Pisces in May 2021, remained there until July 2021, and entered the sign again in December 2021. We are now experiencing the last transit of Jupiter through Pisces until 2033.


Jupiter in Pisces: Exploring the Transcendental Dimension of Life


Jupiter, the Lord of Abundance, the largest planet of the Solar System, is associated with our quest for truth and for the meaning of life, with our desire to see and experience things from a higher perspective. The traditional ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces, Jupiter correlates to our system of beliefs, to knowledge coming from direct and intuitive experience, to generosity and optimism, and to our ability to find the lesson in each and every situation we encounter. This planet expands whatever it touches, and always aims for more.

Pisces, the last archetype of the Zodiac, has to do with the dissolution of the sense of separate self that formed through the previous eleven signs. When planets transit here, there is a feeling of closure and culmination, as well as a release of energy and information that can now be used in favor of the collective. Pisces correlates to mass phenomena, to the collective emotional body, and to our connection to it. For this reason, what happens in the world and around us impacts us more powerfully when this sign is prominent. Both Pisces and its modern ruler Neptune remind us of the link between us all, of the unity of all that exists, as from a higher, universal perspective there is no duality, no separation.

Jupiter is comfortable in Pisces, where it expresses its most transcendental qualities. While Jupiter travels through its ancient domicile, it supports our desire to deepen our relationship to our intuition and explore a variety of philosophies, cosmologies, traditions, and belief systems that acknowledge the spiritual dimension of life.


Jupiter retrograde in Pisces: Time of Revision and Resolution


When Jupiter is retrograde, it promotes a process of revision and reassessment of our beliefs and worldviews. It inspires us to question what authenticity means to us, whether we are being fully transparent, what our truth is, and how we are honoring it. During this time, there may be relevant changes in our perspectives, perceptions, and overall beliefs. If we have been ungrounded or excessively relying on fantasy or illusions, the fog may dissolve and clear out, leaving space for Truth to emerge and manifest.

jupiter back in pisces

The last months of Jupiter’s transit through Pisces give us a chance to review, reassess, find closure and resolution for issues that presented themselves around April and May 2022, while Jupiter transited over the last few degrees of the sign for the first time. This is a good moment to reflect on what we were going through, revisit what we wrote in our journals back then, and pay attention to any repeating patterns and situations that come up these upcoming days and weeks.

Jupiter is going to station direct at 28º of Pisces on November 23, simultaneously with the upcoming New Moon in Sagittarius, which it rules. At that time, Neptune is going to be at 22º of Pisces, and still in retrograde motion. Their conjunction won’t be exact again, however, the two planets will be close enough for their alignment to be felt. Themes that first emerged in April, when the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction took place, are likely to resurface during the entire time Jupiter remains in Pisces. A clearer understanding of what took place back then could emerge, as when Piscean energy is strong it can generate feelings of confusion and disorientation, and the process we go through is often much easier to understand in hindsight.


Jupiter back to Pisces: Intuition as Primary Compass


While Jupiter is in Pisces, our idealism is maximized and so are our generosity, our willingness to serve, and our desire to do something good for other people and the world at large. Our dreams and visions become enriched and expanded by this transit, which inspires us to dream big, believe in positive outcomes, and trust Life more. Looking at the world through rose-colored glasses and lacking discernment can be risks associated with Jupiter’s journey through Pisces, which could deliver some of its lessons through experiences of disenchantment and disillusionment.

This transit inspires us to ponder on how we can serve the collective, what is needed from us at this time, and what we are able to give and offer. Jupiter coming back to its ancient domicile represents an invitation to pursue experiences that support our connection to the whole creation, allowing us to expand our perceptive capacities and transcend the limitations of the human experience.

Jupiter in Pisces supports our capacity to surrender and be open to what we encounter on our path, trusting that it is exactly what we need to learn at this particular time. It is an opportunity to release our attachment to beliefs, philosophies, and cosmologies that don’t serve us any longer, deepen our relationship with our intuition, and trust it as our primary guidance system.

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Venus in Libra: the Value of Connection

On September 29, 03:49 AM ET, Venus leaves Virgo and enters Libra, her Air domicile, where she remains until October 23. This shift is beneficial for our love and romantic life: it inspires us to recognize the value of connection and to reflect on what balance and harmony mean to us.

While Venus travels through the sign of the Scales, we have an opportunity to get to know ourselves more deeply through the mirror of our relationships. During this transit, we value being surrounded by harmony, peace, and beauty, and we strive to cultivate connections based on equality.


Venus in Libra: Valuing Relationships as Learning Opportunities


Venus’s journey through Virgo has been stressing the importance of discernment while promoting a rather self-contained and pragmatic approach to relationships. Venus entering Libra underlines the value of our connections to other people as a gateway to deeper self-awareness and self-knowledge. As Libra is an Air sign, this shift indicates a more experimental and curious attitude and increased openness to different kinds of social scenarios.

When Venus is in the sign of the Scales, we feel drawn to explore a variety of settings and contexts in order to better understand who we are and who we are not, what we want and what we do not want, what we enjoy and what we don’t, what we value and what others value.

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra seduces through intellect, wit, and charm. She expresses herself gracefully and elegantly and has a natural, intuitive understanding of the needs and desires of others. This transit is favorable for all artistic and creative pursuits and inspires us to value the role of other people in our lives, the learning that comes from participating in relationships, the process of beautifying our environment, and the journey of establishing adjustments that allow us to be in harmony with our surroundings.


Venus opposite Jupiter & Chiron, Venus trine Saturn


During her transit through Libra, Venus is going to align with several planets. Throughout the upcoming weeks, Venus opposes retrograde Jupiter and Chiron in Aries, trines retrograde Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini, squares retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, and ultimately joins the Sun in Libra. Venus opposes Jupiter on October 1 and Chiron on October 10.

The opposition of Venus and Jupiter indicates an expansive and generous feeling, together with a desire to widen our social circles, make new experiences, and indulge in life’s pleasures. These days, we may find it challenging to balance alone time with social time and manifest an inclination to spend money impulsively in the pursuit of excitement and stimulation.

The Venus-Chiron opposition invites us to look at how the people in our lives may reflect back at us our own wounds, allowing us to understand something about ourselves that wasn’t fully clear before. This aspect could illuminate relationship dynamics and imbalances we need to address, helping us break free from disempowering beliefs about our self-worth, address low self-esteem issues, and work on the consequent inability to receive and accept love from others.

On October 14, Venus trines Saturn in Aquarius, inspiring us to value commitment, consistency, and reliability in relationships. At this time, we may feel drawn to make important financial decisions, particularly in terms of long-term investments or saving plans, and we are likely to be more considerate with our way of spending and investing money or other resources. These days, we may feel a need to consolidate relationships and partnerships or establish clearer boundaries. 


Venus trine Mars & Venus square Pluto


On October 19, Venus aligns with Mars in Gemini in a harmonic trine. When the two relationship planets are in a harmonious connection, it is easier to balance our needs, desires, and values, with the needs, desires, and values of others. As this alignment is happening in Air signs, this Venus-Mars trine marks a favorable time to work on communication dynamics, discover creative win-win solutions, make new connections, and familiarize ourselves with a variety of social settings.

Shortly after, on October 20, Venus perfects her square to retrograde Pluto in the last degrees of Capricorn. This is a tense alignment that is likely to be felt strongly a few days before and after the square goes exact. Venus-Pluto aspects intensify our experience of relationships and increase our need for passion, depth, and all-consuming exchanges. Power and manipulation dynamics, obsessive fantasies, and a need to control other people could emerge or be exacerbated. When Venus squares Pluto, we crave to consume and be consumed by our experiences, yet we are simultaneously afraid of losing ourselves in the fires of passion: for this reason, push-pull dynamics and manipulation attempts could manifest.


Venus Starpoint in Libra 2022: New Awareness of Relationships


Towards the end of her journey through Libra, on October 22, Venus is going to join the Sun at 29º26’ of the sign of the Scales. This alignment is also technically referred to as Superior Conjunction, and it marks a shift in the relationship between Venus, the Sun, and the Earth, as from now on Venus becomes an Evening Star. Astrologer Arielle Guttman denominated the Venus-Sun conjunction phenomenon Venus Star Point and studied in detail the Venus cycle and the resulting geometry.

The last Venus-Sun conjunction was in Capricorn on January 8, 2022, while Venus was in retrograde motion, and began the current Venus cycle. This superior conjunction begins the second half of the Venus cycle and has a similar energy to a Full Moon as it brings revelations, clarity, and a new understanding of our relationship experiences. Experiencing a Venus-Sun conjunction in Libra brings the spotlight on the importance of working on refining the balance in our lives and our connections, marking a turning point in our awareness of relationship dynamics, as well as in our understanding of what harmony is and what harmony is not.

Venus in Libra

The fact that the Venus-Sun conjunction is happening on the last degree of Libra, the 29º, is also particularly significant as the so-called anaretic degree indicates we are navigating a time of completion, fulfillment, closure, and resolution of karma.


Venus enters Libra: the Value of Connection


While Venus is in Libra, we value the journey of being in relationships and we value being surrounded by pleasant, beautiful, and harmonious environments. However, during the upcoming weeks, we have to be wary of not mistaking a superficial, inauthentic sense of peace and harmony with a real one. One of the risks of this transit could be settling for a false harmony in order to avoid conflict, confrontation, or uncomfortable truths. 

Venus’s journey through Libra invites us to notice whether we tend to abandon ourselves, our desires, and our needs to please others or make them happy, or whether we attach our self-esteem and self-worth to what we do for others or to their opinion of us. This transit reminds us of the value of connecting with others in authentic and truthful ways, invites us to recognize where we are out of balance, and encourages us to further our self-awareness by navigating exchanges more consciously.

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New Moon in Libra September 2022: New Ways of Relating

On September 25, 5:54 PM ET, we experience a New Moon at 2º48’ of Libra that invites us to discover new ways of relating, with both others and ourselves. 

New Moons are all about beginnings and they inaugurate the start of a new cycle of growth. The Moon is still invisible from our perspective, emphasizing the importance of turning inward to be able to set intentions and plant seeds from an aligned and conscious place. This month, the Moon meets the Sun in the sign of the Scales, beginning a cycle centered around mastery of the realm of relationships. 


New Moon in Libra: Karmic Encounters & Synchronicities


Libra is the seventh Zodiac sign and the first one through which we enter the social sphere as equals, beginning the process of integration into the collective that unfolds as we progress through the second half of the Zodiac. At the Libra stage of our evolutionary journey, we learn that relationships are an essential part of life: we gain awareness of the way we participate in connections and, by exploring that, we learn more about ourselves through a process of comparison. We objectively recognize what is fair and we establish adjustments that increase harmony, equality, and balance, exploring how to achieve win-win solutions that enhance everyone’s reality and experience.

New Moon in Libra September 2022

The Libra New Moon could be a time of karmic encounters and fated meetings: connections that begin now may come with a feeling of destiny and synchronicity. This cosmic event is likely to correspond to the start of new relationships, collaborations, and partnerships that have the potential to be different from what we experienced before if we navigate them consciously. Around this time, existing relationships could change their form and our social circles may expand or shift. We may realize that our current boundaries are no longer serving us or the health of our connections and decide to explore new ones.


New Moon conjunct Venus & Mercury: Need for Harmony & Safe Relationships


Venus and retrograde Mercury are in the last degrees of Virgo and they are conjunct the Sun and the Moon in the early degrees of Libra. Venus is also the planetary ruler of Libra and rules the New Moon: her condition gives us more information about the quality of this lunation, hence it is particularly important to consider.

The conjunction of Venus and the Moon emphasizes our need to generate a sense of security, safety, comfort, and nurturance through relationships, which is already strong when the Moon is in Libra. Our desires for intimacy, belonging, sharing, and open-hearted connections are maximized with this configuration, and so is our need to be surrounded by harmony, keep the peace, and prevent conflict. We are likely to feel a desire to slow down, indulge in pleasurable pursuits, and connect with our bodies, our senses, Nature, and the beauty all around us.

The activation of retrograde Mercury and its conjunction with Venus may indicate a desire to reach out to people from our past and increase the potential of receiving messages from them. We may notice an urge to find clarity and closure in old relationships and say unspoken words so that we are able to fully release the past and move forward. 

The retrograde Mercury-Venus-New Moon conjunction underlines the importance of gaining awareness of our communication patterns in relationships and invites us to reassess, redefine, and rewire them. As Mercury and Venus are in the sign of Virgo, it points to the necessity of being appropriately discerning to introduce adjustments and refine existing communication habits in order to promote healthy and authentic harmony in our relationships.


Sun, Moon, Venus & Mercury opposite Neptune and trine Pluto


The Sun, the Moon, Venus, and Mercury are all opposite Neptune in Pisces, now retrograde. These alignments indicate that our perceptions may be clouded by fantasy and it may be hard to see situations and people clearly right now, as we are particularly sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others and our idealism is increased. We could find it more challenging than usual to distinguish between wishful thinking or projection and reality, and have hard times relating to people according to where they are at, rather than according to their potential. 

As Mercury is currently in retrograde motion, it points to a need to redefine our values, our ideals, or our spiritual philosophy, and this could be particularly the case if we often end up feeling deceived or disillusioned by others. These aspects indicate great compassion and empathy, the potential for heart-opening experiences, and the maximization of our creative and artistic abilities, as it will be easier to tap into the collective unconscious and convey collective experiences and emotions through our creative expression.

New Moon in Libra September 2022

Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus are also trine retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. This configuration suggests a need to deepen our connections, our conversations, and our awareness of the emotional and psychological patterns playing out at a subconscious level, to relate with both ourselves and others in a more profound way. Pluto’s need for radical honesty may clash with the idealism and the need for idyllic perfection sought by Neptune. Finding a way to balance the two without getting to the extremes of total cynicism or total self-delusion could be a challenge that arises around the time of this New Moon.


New Moon opposite Jupiter: Harmonizing Imbalances


The Sun, the Moon, Venus, and Mercury are opposing retrograde Jupiter in Aries, another very active planet at the time of this lunation. The Sun opposite Jupiter can reflect a tendency to overestimate our energetic capacities and gravitate towards overdoing and overexpansion. This alignment is energizing and motivating: it is supporting our self-confidence, our enthusiasm, our generosity, our willingness to take risks, and our capacity to see the bright side of life.

These days, however, we may find it challenging to harmonize our emotional needs and our desire to expand and make new experiences. The Moon-Jupiter opposition on the Aries-Libra axis, together with the involvement of Venus, can indicate feeling conflicted relative to our need to cultivate our relationships with others and our desire to explore life independently on our own terms. This is likely to be a theme of the upcoming lunar cycle and will emerge very clearly around the time of the intense Aries Full Moon conjunct Chiron, coming up on October 9.

The opposition between the New Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter invites us to harmonize imbalances and gain awareness of any tendency to gravitate towards extremes, in particular regarding our energetic investments in ourselves and in others. This lunation invites us to discover how we can restore a sense of harmony and balance in our lives, to set appropriate boundaries to avoid participating in relationship dynamics that feel one-sided, and ask ourselves why we tend to co-create specific relational experiences and what is our role in them.

To help you harness this energy New Moon in Libra brings we have created New Moon in Libra printable channeled “New Ways of Relating” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these New Moon in Libra Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.

New Moon in Libra September 2022


New Moon in Libra: New Ways of Relating


This Libra New Moon is inviting us to evaluate how the relationship we have established with ourselves is being reflected in our relationships with other people, and vice versa. We may discover that, if we adjust the way we are showing up for ourselves, the dynamics and patterns of our external relationships shift accordingly. It is a good time to reflect and journal upon what type of change would be required, on our part, to attract and maintain the kind of connections we desire, and see what happens if we work on that.

The presence of Venus in the sign of Virgo represents an invitation to be more self-contained and discerning relative to the type of relationships we participate in, the social settings we choose, and the amount of time and attention we invest into our connections. This configuration reminds us to consider the broader energetic impact of our decisions and our participation in certain situations, relationships, and dynamics. We have an opportunity to evaluate and reflect on whether or not our choices are nourishing us, are in alignment with our values, and are enhancing our overall health and well-being.

The Libra New Moon invites us to deepen our awareness of how we relate with others and how that affects us, calling for deeper discernment regarding how we connect and with whom, what boundaries are in place, and how communication is set up. This lunation is an opportunity to explore new ways of relating and connecting, and to align our relationship choices with the changes that have been taking place within ourselves.

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Libra Season 2022: Relationships as Evolutionary Catalysts

On September 22, 9:04 PM ET, Libra season 2022 begins as the Equinox takes place and the Sun enters the sign of the Scales.

Wherever the Sun is traveling, the light of our awareness goes: his yearly journey through Libra brings our attention to all relationship dynamics in our lives. This season invites us to get to know ourselves through the mirror of others, explore relationships as evolutionary catalysts, and discover how we can create more equality in our exchanges, more harmony between giving and receiving.


Libra: Integration of the Individual into the Collective


Libra is a Cardinal, Air, Yang archetype. As a Cardinal sign, it marks a new beginning and the start of a new season, Fall in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. In the Zodiac, Libra inaugurates the second half of our evolutionary progression, all about the integration of the individual into the collective, and it is the first sign through which we learn to establish connections based on equality and reciprocity.

Libra Season 2022

Through Virgo, the previous archetype, we familiarize ourselves with the work environment and with contexts characterized by a need to participate in unequal relationships, mostly centered around service and healing, such as the one between boss and employee or the one between health professional and patient. Through Libra instead, we learn about ourselves through comparison with our peers: we recognize the importance of integrating into a social setting as equals and we discover where we are out of balance in our relationships. 

We are dealing with an Air sign: for this reason, connections are formed on an intellectual level and involve a refinement of communication. This is the necessary preparation for the emotional deepening that happens through the following Water sign, Scorpio. The Libra stage of evolution lays the foundation for a clear understanding of which relationships we desire to deepen and which ones we don’t, and it continues the discernment process that started with Virgo.


Libra season 2022: Aspects and Lunations


During Libra season 2022, the Sun joins retrograde Mercury, trines Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius, opposes Jupiter and Chiron in Aries, and squares Pluto in Capricorn. We are also going to experience a New Moon in Libra and a Full Moon in Aries.

The New Moon in Libra of September 25 marks a fresh start in our relationship life, encouraging us to reflect upon how we are required to show up in life to manifest the kind of connections we want to attract. Sun and Moon are both going to be in opposition to Jupiter in Aries, an energizing and motivating influence that will support our optimism, our generosity, and our self-confidence. This New Moon invites us to deepen our awareness of how we relate with others and invites us to explore new ways to do so.

The Aries Full Moon coming up on October 16 brings our attention to refining the balance between energy invested towards ourselves and energy invested towards others, and could mark moments of revelation or clarity surrounding patterns and dynamics that keep coming up in our relationships. The Moon is going to be opposite Venus and conjunct retrograde Chiron, which is likely to significantly increase the emotional intensity of this lunation. These days, we may question our ability to initiate and lead independently, feel left out and isolated, and find it hard to trust our strength or the power of our desires. We will have opportunities to alchemize feelings of rejection, abandonment, and not fitting in and discover the medicine contained in our wounds.


Sun conjunct Mercury, Sun trine Mars & Saturn, Sun square Pluto


A few hours after the Sun enters Libra, we experience a Sun-Mercury retrograde cazimi, an exact conjunction. This aspect begins a new Sun-Mercury cycle, in a similar way that a New Moon does. It could catalyze intuitive messages, insights, and revelations that help us see something from an entirely different perspective and inspire us to shift our communication patterns.

Libra Season 2022

The Sun-Saturn trine, exact on October 12, is a supportive aspect that increases our productivity, our efficiency, and our capacity to get things done optimally. This alignment increases our willingness to work hard on something meaningful to us and make progress towards our goals and dreams, maybe by establishing collaborations and alliances that can support us.

The Sun in Libra is going to trine Mars in Gemini on October 17. This harmonic alignment supports our vitality and energy levels, infusing a fiery, physical quality to the intellectual atmosphere of Libra season. The Sun-Mars trine will energize and motivate us, inspiring us to intelligently channel our life force in pursuits we are passionate about, yet without overdoing or overextending ourselves.

Towards the end of his transit through Libra, the Sun is going to square Pluto in Capricorn. Their exact alignment is on October 19, however, we will feel this aspect for a few days before and after this date. The Sun-Pluto square indicates the potential for power struggles, a need to feel in control of the environment, inner conflict between wanting to create and wanting to hide, and a feeling that circumstances are preventing us from expressing ourselves. This alignment has the potential to catalyze a renewal of our desires and sense of purpose, a transformation of our creative expression, and a deeper awareness of the core motivations and intentions that are moving us.


Libra Season 2022: Relationships as Evolutionary Catalysts


The Sun’s transit through Libra shines a light on those places where we need to establish a better balance. Libra season is inviting us to reflect on whether we are gravitating towards extremes, we are participating in one-sided dynamics, we are giving too much and receiving too little, or vice versa. It is an opportunity to reflect on what peace means to us and to attune to a dynamic balance that allows us to navigate life optimally.

Libra season is the time of the year in which we have an opportunity to explore the difference between codependency and interdependence and recognize that absolute independence is simply not possible. We are connected with others, we are part of something bigger than ourselves, we are part of a bigger network: nobody can exist in isolation. Libra season encourages us to acknowledge the necessity of cooperation and collaboration, improve our capacity to share, and recognize the role of relationships as evolutionary catalysts.

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New Moon in Virgo: Living Mindfully

On August 27, 04:16 AM ET, a New Moon at 4º03’ of Virgo invites us to choose to live more mindfully, become more conscious of how we show up in our daily lives, and explore tools and practices that facilitate functionality and self-awareness.

Virgo season has recently begun and the Moon now joins the Sun in the sign of the Maiden, starting a new lunar cycle. New Moons are new beginnings, they invite us to plant seeds and set fresh intentions for the month ahead. The Moon is still dark from our perspective: this invites us to turn inwards and reflect on how we would like to move forward. The Virgo New Moon is a very favorable lunation to begin new projects, adopt new habits, and explore our relationship with all the different dimensions of health.


New Moon in Virgo: Mindfulness in the Mundane


Virgo is a Yin, Earth, Mutable sign, ruled by Mercury. This sign correlates to discernment, critical thinking, self-analysis, problem-solving, as well as the process of practically applying the knowledge we have accumulated. Virgo is connected with our daily work, daily habits, daily routines, and daily choices. In its conscious expression, this sign reminds us of the sacredness that can be experienced in the mundane, when we decide to live mindfully.

new moon in virgo

Virgo is associated with digestion, and this Virgo New Moon invites us to be aware of how what we consume, what we surround ourselves with, and how we invest our energy and attention affects our energy, encouraging us to discern more carefully what we take in and to align our daily choices with our priorities and long-term goals. We begin a lunar cycle centered around deepening our relationship with health and healing as well as our awareness of how our daily actions impact our wellbeing.

The archetype of Virgo is associated with those crises linked to feelings of not being ready, good enough, or perfect enough to take action and make the changes we would like to make. While New Moons are a great time to begin new projects, endeavors, and experiments, these days we might hold ourselves back from initiating because we feel inadequate, we spend too much time overthinking details, or we are excessively focused on what can go wrong. Nonetheless, the square between Mars, the Sun, and the Moon will ignite our desire to take action and our urge to generate change in our lives.


New Moon square Mars: Being Conscious of how we Respond


The Sun and the Moon are in an exact square to Mars in Gemini. The upcoming lunar cycle will give us opportunities to consciously combine the efficient, down-to-earth, pragmatic style of Virgo with the intellectual power, courage, and assertiveness of Mars in Gemini. We will have chances to explore how to direct constructively the energy of Mars and find practical applications of the ideas and insights that come up in our minds.

The current planetary configuration underlines the importance of being mindful of how we respond to what takes place in our reality, inviting us to make sure we take time to self-regulate before reacting, yet without suppressing our anger. The Sun, Moon, and Mars alignment indicates a high degree of impulsivity and reactivity: our inner frustrations, tensions, and anger need a voice, they ask to be clearly expressed. These days, we will have chances to deepen our emotional self-awareness, our understanding of the link between emotions, body, mind, and Spirit, and of the way energies such as anger and frustration, when unexpressed, can somatize in the physical body.

Impulsively speaking or acting provocatively, without forethought and consideration, or even feeling the urge to break free from routines and habits that aren’t stimulating or exciting any longer could bring up guilt and shame. This can be an invitation to explore our relationship with these feelings and notice whether they arise as conditioned responses, a result of beliefs and ways of being that were imposed on us as part of our programming yet do not align with natural laws.


Mercury trine Mars, trine Pluto, & opposing Jupiter


Mercury, the ruler of the Virgo New Moon, is very active these days. The Messenger is in the early degrees of Libra, approaching an opposition to Jupiter in Aries, separating from a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, and approaching a trine to Mars in Gemini. Mercury in Libra, together with the activation of Venus, highlights the importance of working on communication dynamics in relationships during the upcoming lunar cycle. We will have opportunities to refine our way to express our thoughts and feelings while becoming more aware of all the non-verbal exchanges that are always going on in the background.

The Mercury-Mars trine supports our capacity to assert ourselves clearly, yet politely and respectfully. This aspect inspires us to speak our mind directly, without being rude or aggressive, counterbalancing the Sun-Moon-Mars square. The Mercury-Pluto trine has been already active for a few days: it indicates a deep, investigative focus, an inclination to uncover secrets and mysteries, and a desire to understand the psychology of everything, digging beneath the surface of the obvious.

new moon in virgo

The Mercury-Jupiter opposition brings the spotlight on the need to bridge the left and the right brain hemispheres, and avoid the extremes of relying exclusively on facts or relying exclusively on intuition. This alignment invites us to question our habitual learning style, explore both deductive and inductive processes, be mindful of the dangers of exaggeration and overconfidence, and evaluate our attachment to our existing beliefs.


Venus square Uranus, square the Nodes, and opposite Saturn


As the New Moon takes place, Venus in Leo squares retrograde Uranus, the Lunar Nodes, and opposes Saturn. This configuration could bring up contrasting drives, needs, and desires in relationships as well as sudden shifts in values and disruptions in the global economy. In particular, Venus squaring the Nodes indicates a karmic time in relationships and financial matters and increases the possibilities of turning points, shifts of fate, unexpected encounters, and sudden changes in our connections.

The Venus-Uranus square magnifies our need for freedom and independence, lowers our tolerance for boredom and routine, and intensifies our desire for new experiences, stimulation, and excitement. However, the Venus-Saturn opposition brings up a conflict between our desire to do what we enjoy and what feels good and the obligations and duties we have to take care of.

These days, we may realize that, sometimes, blindly honoring existing commitments may lead us to compromise our integrity or our values. Alternatively, we may notice that we may be running away from commitment due to an irrational fear of being trapped or limited by it. Venus’ activation of the Saturn-Uranus square underlines invites us to explore new relationship paradigms, new value systems, and new ways of perceiving wealth and abundance. This is a good time to redefine boundaries in our connections, work on improving our self-worth, overcome scarcity mindset, cultivate receptivity, and allow spaciousness in our relationships yet without escaping from challenges.

To help you harness this energy New Moon in Virgo brings we have created New Moon in Virgo printable channeled “Living Mindfully” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these New Moon in Virgo Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.

New Moon in Virgo


New Moon in Virgo: Conscious Practice & Beginners’ Mindset


The activation of Mutable signs Gemini and Virgo, together with the presence of Neptune in Pisces, that will be conjunct the upcoming Full Moon, highlights the importance of being adaptable, versatile, and open to change and exploration. Meanwhile, the abundance of retrograde planets inspires an introspective and contemplative focus, which may make it challenging to take action, initiate, move forward, or begin new endeavors.

The Virgo New Moon reminds us of the power of small, consistent steps, of the value of keeping our daily lives functional and organized, of the weight of details, and of the importance of taking care of ourselves by committing to practices and routines that nourish both our body and our spirit, supporting the different dimensions of our health.

The New Moon in the sign of the Maiden is an opportunity to set practical intentions, reorganize our routines, and begin to structure our days in a way that improves our overall health and wellness. This lunation reminds us of the value of daily practice, of embracing a beginner’s mindset, of making sure we are always honing and refining our skillset. Instead of aiming for perfection as an end goal, we are being encouraged to focus on keep practicing and to embrace a devotional, mindful attitude towards those daily chores and tasks we tend to perform automatically and unconsciously.

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Uranus Retrograde 2022: Questioning Certainties

On August 24, 2022, 09:53 AM ET, Uranus stations retrograde at 18º55’ of Taurus, once again taking the spotlight and joining Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune, and Pluto, already in an apparent backward motion. This transit will encourage us to question our certainties and break free from ways of living that don’t feel authentic any longer. Uranus remains retrograde until January 22, 2023, when it stations direct at 14º56’ of the sign of the Bull.

This shift is likely to inspire us to redefine our value system, reflect on our relationship with our bodies, and rethink our concept of abundance, wealth, and security. It will be felt more strongly by those of us who have personal planets or angles between 10º and 20º of Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio.


The evolutionary significance of Retrogrades


Retrogrades consist of the apparent backward motion of a celestial body from our perspective on Earth. The retrograde phase of any planet is a time for revision, reset, reconstruction, and readjustment of our relationship with the archetype involved. The shift in motion inspires us to withdraw and direct our attention and focus inwardly, offering us an opportunity to review, reassess, and reconsider what happened when the planet was in direct motion, establishing adjustments if necessary.

When many planets are in retrograde motion, the pace of our lives seems to slow down: there seems to be little action happening externally, and things don’t move forward as quickly as we would like to. However, retrogrades are said to accelerate the pace of our evolution as they intensify the impulse to decondition, increasing our desire to question the status quo and liberate ourselves from limitations and restrictions.


The transit of Uranus through Taurus


Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, correlates with the impulse to innovate, attune to the future, break the rules, and revolutionize our lives. It is the planet of liberation and individuation and has to do with the process of breaking free from stagnation, comfort, and illusions of security. The sign of Taurus has to do with our value system, with our relationship with abundance and wealth, with our receptivity, with our relationship to ourselves, our sensuality, and our body. It is connected to survival issues, to how we make sure our basic needs are met, and to the development of our talents, skills, and resources. Uranus has been here since 2018 and remains in the sign until 2026.

Uranus’ journey through Taurus emphasizes the importance of embodiment, of reconnecting with our primal nature, with the Earth, and with our inherent resourcefulness. By destabilizing the foundations on which we have built our lives, disrupting the economic paradigms, and threatening our stability, this transit is inspiring us to revolutionize our values and our way of living.

Uranus Retrograde 2022

This retrograde cycle points to the necessity to redefine our relationship with the Earth, our physical bodies, our senses, and our relationship with our sensuality. It will inspire us to reflect on how our values have been changing and remind us that our priorities must change accordingly. It is an opportunity to embrace slower, more organic rhythms, rooted in a conscious connection with our bodies and with Nature.


The Uranus-North Node conjunction


The North Node of the Moon is also in Taurus, and Uranus crossed it at the beginning of the month. The Nodes mainly move retrograde, so Uranus will remain within the orb of a conjunction with the North Node for a few more months. The North Node indicates the path we are being encouraged to take as the way to balance existing tendencies that keep us stuck in stagnation and repetition. When planets join this point in space, their role becomes key to our personal and collective evolution.

The Uranus-North Node conjunction and the simultaneous Uranus-South Node opposition highlight the importance of breaking free from situations of emotional dependency, enmeshment, and financial arrangements that don’t support the development of self-reliance and self-trust and hold us back from individuating.

Uranus is ultimately about liberation from conditioning, stagnation, and limitation. Uranus together with the North Node in the sign of Taurus inform us of the necessity of developing authentic self-reliance through our unique talents and skills, of believing in ourselves and in the value we have to offer to the world. Collectively, it points to the need of reconnecting with the land, establishing self-sufficient systems for food and energy production, and sustainably restructuring the global economy.


The Saturn-Uranus square will continue to be active


Saturn is also currently in retrograde motion and will station direct on October 23, at 18º35’ of Aquarius. At that time, Uranus will have reached 17º36’ of Taurus. Saturn and Uranus have been squaring each other for the entirety of 2021 and are going to remain in a square for the rest of the calendar year, which will be felt strongly, especially during September and October. Saturn will begin to separate from Uranus after stationing direct.

This type of square is a Last Quarter square, as it happens after the two planets have opposed each other, and is associated with a crisis in consciousness. For this reason, we may feel a sense of crisis linked with the need to restructure our lives in a completely new way, and not knowing what that is going to be and feel like, as it is different from everything that has come before. This aspect brings into the spotlight our resistance to change and the tension generated by our tendency to hold on to the known, to what we perceive as secure.

Uranus Retrograde 2022

The interplay between past and future, old and new, known and unknown, is going to be very present these days, and we will experience the friction between the desire to radically change and the need to feel secure and in control. Saturn is also squaring the Nodal Axis, which underlines the fear of taking full responsibility for our choices and the insecurity coming with claiming ourselves as the authority of our lives.


Uranus retrograde in Taurus: Reassessing Shifts in Values & Priorities


Uranus stationing retrograde invites us to rethink, reconsider, review, recalibrate, and reassess the shift in values, beliefs, and priorities that has been taking place both collectively and individually. It is an opportunity to reflect on how we are moving forward in our deconditioning process, and reorient according to the changes that have taken place, both internally and externally, throughout the last seven months, while Uranus was direct.

To deal with Uranus transits, it is crucial to know what helps us find our center again, and what tools we can use to regulate and rewire our nervous system in a way that helps us deal with uncertainty and stress from a grounded place. From this state, we can safely practice trusting ourselves and our inner compass as our guidance system instead of relying on the outside world, other people, and external authorities.

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Mercury enters Virgo: Pragmatic Thinking

On August 4, 02:58 AM ET, Mercury leaves Leo and enters Virgo, its Earth domicile. This shift invites pragmatic thinking, adding practicality to our mental processes, supporting self-analysis, and fueling a desire to improve and optimize our inner and outer realities.

Mercury is leaving Virgo on August 25. However, due to its upcoming retrograde, beginning in Libra on September 10, it is going to be back in Virgo from September 23 to October 10.


Mercury in Virgo: Efficiency, Pragmatism, and Discernment


Mercury is the planet associated with our communication, learning, and thinking styles. It is connected with transportation, commerce, and short-distance travel and has to do with our way to perceive and relate to our environment, with our way of solving problems, and with how we deal with everyday tasks. 

Virgo correlates with themes of self-improvement and self-analysis, as through this sign we explore humility and learn to be of service. At this stage of evolution, we become aware of the importance of good habits and routines that generate optimal functionality and allow us to explore how to take the best care of our health in a holistic sense.

Mercury in virgo

In Astrology, Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, which is traditionally considered to be both the domicile and exaltation of the planet. This means that Mercury can function very efficiently in the sign of the Maiden. While Gemini is associated with the process of accumulation and gathering of data that allows us to logically understand our reality, Virgo correlates with the Yin side of the planet and its discernment function, which allows us to discriminate what information is most useful and relevant at any time, what can have practical applications, and how we can be of service through our knowledge. 

In Virgo, Mercury operates with clarity and focus: it reflects a pragmatic and analytical approach to reality and a tendency to think critically. Our attention goes to details and nuances, our vision is sharp, we strive for perfection and efficiency in all we do, and we are naturally drawn to optimize our habitual ways of doing things. Mercury in Virgo promotes grounded self-analysis and a desire for self-improvement, as this combination of energies inspires us to focus on what does not work optimally. However, for this same reason, it can indicate a tendency to be more critical than usual of both ourselves and others.


Mercury in aspect to Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto


During its transit through Virgo, Mercury will trine Uranus in Taurus, oppose Neptune in Pisces, and trine Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury aligns with Uranus in a beneficial trine on August 16. This aspect increases our visionary capacity, innovative potential, and intellectual creativity, catalyzing a surge of original ideas and a natural attunement to out-of-the-box thinking. New insights, downloads, and creative solutions are likely to emerge spontaneously these days.

On August 21, Mercury perfects its opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This alignment favors non-linear and intuitive processes and may complicate logical and analytical tasks, possibly generating a sense of confusion and difficulties focusing for long periods of time. The Mercury-Neptune alignment could come with some forgetfulness and brain fog, nonetheless, it will nurture and enhance our fantasy life and our imaginative skills.

On August 22, Mercury forms an exact trine to Pluto in Capricorn that, together with the Mercury-Neptune opposition, will strongly increase our sensitivity to the emotional tones and energetic undercurrents of the environments we are in. The Mercury-Pluto trine indicates a penetrative and investigative mind, an inclination to focus on what is unspoken and to try to uncover the root causes of our experiences and perceptions. This aspect is very favorable for therapeutic work aimed at transforming our psychology and changing habitual thinking patterns.


Mercury in Virgo: Self-Improvement and Practical Service


Mercury in Virgo will support our capacity to solve problems and be systematic and organized, inspiring us to think practically, and improve what can be more efficient. This transit will encourage us to discern more carefully how we invest our energy, attention, and focus, reminding us of how valuable they are. On the downside, it may be tempting to adopt an excessively skeptical and cynical perception of reality, as excessive rationality and pragmatism could lead to a pessimistic mindset. 

Something to be mindful of during this transit is a tendency for extreme perfectionism, overthinking, and obsession with details, which has the potential to hold us back from progressing. We may lose sight of the big picture and feel we are never ready, never good enough to take the next step or get to the next level, and forget how, very often, we learn the most by making mistakes.

The upcoming weeks will offer us chances to improve our daily organization, modify our habits, and introduce more structure into our routines. Mercury in Virgo inspires us to explore how to apply what we have learned in practical, useful ways that allow us to be of service, explore new solutions to problems, and improve ourselves and our reality.

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New Moon in Leo: Creative Fire

On July 28, 1:54 PM ET, a New Moon in Leo takes place, as the Sun and the Moon join at 5º38’ of the sign, an invitation to tend to our creative fire and keep it burning. Just a few hours later, at 4:38 PM ET, Jupiter stations retrograde in Aries, in a trine aspect to the Sun and the Moon. 

This New Moon in Leo starts a month full of radical changes and unexpected turning points, marked by a substantial acceleration of the pace of events: these days, we are also experiencing a rare triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and the North Node in Taurus. The influence of this configuration will color the upcoming lunar cycle, which has the potential to be extremely transformative and revolutionary.


New Moon in Leo: Trusting our Creative Flow


New Moons happen when the Moon and the Sun align on the same degree of the same Zodiac sign. These events bring renewals and new beginnings and invite us to explore new ways of being. From our perspective, the Moon is still invisible, offering us an opportunity to turn inwards and reflect in order to decide what seeds we desire to plant and what intentions we desire to set for the upcoming lunar cycle.

new moon in leo

When the Moon is in Leo, creatively expressing ourselves and being in the spotlight represent ways for us to generate a sense of safety and security. The Sun, the ruler of the New Moon, is at home in this sign, where he shines bright, reminding us of the importance of trusting our creative flow. Through the Sun and the Leo archetype, we become aware of our Self and of the power of our full authentic expression. We learn about true generosity, we give without expecting anything in return, we remember the importance of joy and play, and we develop true confidence in ourSelves.


Tending to our Inner Fire


A Fixed Fire sign, Leo has to do with keeping our inner Fire burning, cultivating our creativity and our connection with our Self. Through this archetype, we learn to recognize ourselves, witness ourselves, and give approval and validation to ourselves. We learn to believe in ourselves and our purpose and rise above mediocrity by making bold, daring choices. When we consciously relate to Leo’s energy, we don’t consider ourselves to be the source of creativity. We are a clear channel for creative energy to flow through us, yet we don’t identify with what we create and we don’t have an attachment to being recognized, liked, or validated externally.

This New Moon may inspire us to connect with our creative energy in new ways and express ourselves in ways that are more aligned with who we are becoming, growing into, and discovering to be. This cosmic event begins a new cycle in our relationship with our creativity, in the way we express ourselves, and in how we share our voice with the world. It could bring changes in our channels of self-expression, in our self-confidence, and in our sense of purpose.


Jupiter is stationary retrograde and trines the New Moon


The Sun and the Moon in Leo are in a favorable trine aspect to Jupiter in Aries. This alignment gives us a boost of energy and enthusiasm, supporting our optimism, buoyancy, generosity, and self-trust. The New Moon trine Jupiter increases the prominence of the Fire element in the heavens, which increases our courage, our desire to take creative risks as well as our willingness to fail and learn from our mistakes. 

Jupiter is now closer to the Earth as it is beginning its retrograde journey, lasting until November 23, 2022. In Astrology, Jupiter has to do with our quest for meaning and Truth. Its retrograde cycle marks the start of a period of profound reevaluation of our beliefs: this shift invites us to question our worldview and the way we attribute meaning to our lives. In the sign of Aries, Jupiter’s retrograde period will inspire us to reflect on our relationship with authenticity, uncensored expression, and on our connection to our instinct and our impulses, inviting us to notice where we hold ourselves back from expressing ourselves authentically because it may not fit into the behavior models we were conditioned to adopt.

new moon in leo

Jupiter will come back to Pisces on October 28, to enter Aries again on December 20. The brief transit of Jupiter through its traditional domicile will offer us opportunities to gain new awareness around matters that emerged while Jupiter was in Pisces earlier during the year, and to realign with our spiritual practice in a way that feels True.


The triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and the North Node in Taurus


As the New Moon in Leo takes place, Mars is perfecting his alignment to both Uranus and the North Node, activating a powerful, explosive triple conjunction. This aspect indicates a strong, impulsive urge to break free from restriction and generate substantial changes in our lives. It could bring personal and collective breakthroughs, new understandings, and revelations. Both Uranus and Mars are huge event accelerators and catalyzers, not afraid to fight for freedom, and the contact with the North Node adds a karmic, fated quality to this alignment, which is likely to mark a time of huge shifts and awakenings for many of us.

This configuration invites us to become more independent, break free from enmeshed attachments, create systems that are self-sustaining and self-sufficient, and minimize dependency on others, both on an individual and a collective level. The Mars-Uranus-Node conjunction indicates the potential for enormous changes in our reality, in the structure of society, and in the global economy, potentially affecting the way we meet our basic survival needs and the foundations on which we have built our lives. 

Their alignment goes exact on July 31 and August 1 but we are already feeling it, and its energy will color the upcoming lunar cycle. The Uranus-North Node conjunction will continue to be active for several weeks and months.


Mars, Uranus, Lunar Nodes square Saturn & Mercury


Mars, Uranus, and the Nodes are squaring Saturn in Aquarius and Mercury in Leo. The squares between Mars, Uranus, and Mercury indicate a high degree of mental tension, restlessness, and reactivity. This configuration increases the potential for intellectual breakthroughs and new realizations, as well as our attunement to the future and our willingness to act on our visions and ideas. Unexpected disclosures, news, and revelations are likely. Meanwhile, Mercury squaring the Nodes and opposing Saturn could point to difficulties in communicating and verbalizing how we are feeling: issues surrounding censorship and freedom of speech could come into the spotlight.

The squares between Mars, Uranus, and Saturn reflect significant feelings of frustration and restriction that could lead to a build-up of resentment and a tendency to be very hard on ourselves if we don’t find stimulating and meaningful ways to channel this energy. Our desire for change, independence, and freedom is clashing with our conditioning and established ways of doing things, as well as with existing regulations, institutions, systems. More polarization in society between those who want change and those who want to preserve the existing structures is likely to arise, as the long-term square between Saturn and Uranus, the theme of the entire 2021, is activated again until the end of the year. Extreme changes in the economy, financial markets, trade, and management of natural resources are likely.

The Mars-Uranus-South Node opposition simultaneously taking place indicates the need to separate from existing emotional attachments that are holding us back from further individuation. This alignment may shake up our foundations, our stability, and the global economy, pushing us to move away from the past and accelerating the shifts that are already taking place. 

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New Moon in Leo: Centering in the Heart


On this New Moon, Mars and Uranus conjunct the North Node are inviting us to choose the road that leads us to develop more independence, autonomy, inventiveness, and self-reliance. The disruptions that could shake up our lives and take us out of comfort and security are meant to speed up our growth. Changes in our values, our security, and our finances could lead us to discover ways to generate income through something that lights us up and stimulates us creatively or to structure our lives in a way that is more supportive of our authentic expression. 

The upcoming weeks are likely to be a time of accelerated development and unpredictability, full of quantum leaps and opportunities to deepen our creative and personal growth. The lunar cycle starting now culminates in a Full Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn and square Uranus that will bring to the spotlight, once again, the themes emerging now, with the Mars Uranus North Node conjunction. . This Leo New Moon reminds us to stay centered in our hearts, to make sure we are creating from there, and to keep our hearts open despite discomfort and fear. 

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New Moon in Cancer: Self-Care and Self-Intimacy

On June 28, 10:52 PM ET, the Moon joins the Sun at 7º22’ of Cancer and we experience a New Moon in the sign of the Crab, an invitation to deepen our self-care and self-intimacy, and reconnect with our roots. Also on June 28, a few hours earlier, Neptune stations retrograde in its domicile of Pisces, joining Saturn and Pluto already in backward motion from our perspective on Earth.

New Moons mark new beginnings and open new chapters. The Moon is still invisible from our perspective but, from now on, she will begin growing again, receiving more and more sunlight each night. When the Moon is dark, the invitation is to turn inwards and spend some time reflecting on what seeds we desire to plant, and what intentions we desire to set for the upcoming lunar cycle. As the Moon begins growing, our seeds will sprout, to fully bloom and blossom at the time of the Full Moon.


New Moon in Cancer: Reconnecting with our Roots


New Moons happen when the Sun and the Moon meet on the same degree of the same Zodiac sign, forming what is technically known as a conjunction, a 0º angle from our perspective. This month, the luminaries are meeting in Cancer, the lunar domicile.

Cancer, the fourth sign of the Zodiac, is a Yin, Water, Cardinal archetype. As the first Water archetype, it corresponds to our first contact with the realms of emotions. It correlates to our early childhood experiences and our experience of the parental home. It has to do with our connection to our past and our roots, and to our relationship to home and family, whatever these mean to us. 

Both the Moon and Cancer have to do with our memory and particularly with emotional memory: they show how our memories can be distorted by our emotions but also how the emotions we have felt determine how we tend to remember our experiences. These archetypes correlate with our ability to create safe spaces and close bonds, and with our capacity to care for and nurture both ourselves and others. In the phase of evolution corresponding to Cancer, we are contained in a supportive and protective environment that safely promotes emotional self-development and nurtures us until we feel ready to share our expression with the outside world.


New Moon conjunct Black Moon Lilith: Trusting our Primal Nature


The Sun and the Moon in Cancer are conjunct True Black Moon Lilith, the point in space corresponding to the lunar apogee, the point of the Moon’s orbit further away from Earth. In Astrology, Black Moon Lilith is associated with our primal nature and with raw expressions of sexuality: she represents an energy that has been suppressed, distorted, and demonized throughout history. 

Our conditioning relative to Lilith’s energy comes up when we fear being too much, when we mistrust our intuitive, embodied knowing, and when we repress our spontaneous, instinctual drives due to fear of being ridiculed, shamed, punished, or ostracized by other people. In the sign of Cancer, the conjunction of Sun, Moon, and True Black Moon Lilith can show up as fear of expressing the true strength of our emotions, feelings, or needs due to a fear of coming across as needy or excessively demanding and other people leaving or judging us as a result. 

new moon in cancer

During the upcoming lunar cycle, we will have opportunities to notice where we hold ourselves back from trusting our primal instincts and our intuition, and begin to break free from the conditioning we have internalized, particularly relative to emotional expression.


Sun & Moon square Jupiter: Need for Safety versus Desire to Expand


The Sun and the Moon in Cancer are forming a square angle to Jupiter in Aries. Squares are 90º angles that indicate tension and inner conflict between contrasting and seemingly irreconcilable urges. In this case, we feel a need to remain safe, secure, and comfortable, and we simultaneously feel a desire to take new risks, explore new paths, and expand in new directions. 

This configuration can reflect a sense of urgency relative to moving forward, experiencing new things, and psychologically separating from our past, which could lead to making excessively bold moves and later feeling insecure and taking a step back. While on the one hand, we desire to feel secure enough before taking action, on the other hand, we may struggle with patience. In particular, the Sun-Jupiter square highlights the risks of overconfidence and overexpansion, while the Moon-Jupiter square invites us to make sure we are not being excessively giving or generous towards others to our own detriment.  


Neptune stationary Retrograde: Developing a Relationship with the Intangible


Neptune is powerfully activated on this New Moon as it is stationary retrograde in the sign of its rulership, Pisces. When planets are stationary, they are closer to Earth and their symbolism is more relevant. Neptune is going to remain in retrograde motion until December 3, 2022, and it will represent a prominent influence in the upcoming lunar cycle.

The activation of Neptune supports our creativity and artistic inspiration, facilitating our access to the imaginal and the mystic. This shift increases our need for transcendence of the mundane and inspires us to cultivate our relationship with something greater than ourselves and focus on the subtle and the intangible. Our sensitivity, empathy, and intuitive capacities will be highly enhanced by both Neptune stationing and the Sun-Moon conjunction in Cancer, which strengthen our personal connection to the collective frequency and emotional body.

new moon in cancer

During the upcoming Neptune retrograde cycle, we may have chances to see beyond any illusions we might have relied upon. We may have to reconsider and reframe something that happened while Neptune was direct, see it in a new light, and see the Truth of it. Neptune stationing retrograde invites us to adjust, refine, rediscover, and reflect on our way to manage our emotional empathy, our capacity to tune into others’ experiences, and our energetic sensitivity and exchanges with the environment. While Neptune is in an apparent backward motion, we are encouraged to honor our capacity to surrender and trust the flow of life, and to follow our intuition even when what we feel doesn’t make sense logically.


The Mars-Eris-Pluto square: Conflict as Catalyst for Transformation


On this New Moon, Mars is in Aries and tightly conjunct Eris, the mythological Goddess of Chaos and Discord. Eris is a dwarf planet and, in Astrology, it correlates with the process of instigating change by generating conflict. Conflict tends to only have a negative connotation, yet, when navigated consciously, it can also be a catalyst for powerful transformations. Conflict can facilitate the deepening of our relationships through the creation of a foundation of radical honesty and authenticity, with both ourselves and others, which is what both Eris and Pluto are ultimately after.

Both Mars and Eris square Pluto in Capricorn. The Eris-Pluto square is a long-term aspect, which has been active for a few years and it is now being activated by the transit of Mars. The Mars-Pluto square is perfecting on July 1 and will be active for approximately ten days. This influence is a powerful motivator, which increases our drive, our willpower, and our determination to go after our goals. Displays of anger could be explosive and unexpectedly destructive, while the compulsions that emerge could inform us of repressed desires we haven’t acknowledged. Our anger could give us the motivation to take decisive action on our true dreams and desires and break free from what is preventing our growth.

To help you harness this energy New Moon in Cancer brings we have created New Moon in Cancer printable channeled “Self-Care & Self-Intimacy” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these New Moon in Cancer Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.

New Moon in Cancer: Self-Care and Self-Intimacy


This New Moon in Cancer represents an invitation to reflect on how we have internalized our inner maternal archetype, and to work on self-care and self-love, refining how we take care of ourselves, how we nurture ourselves, and how we deal with the ebbs and flow of our emotions. The Moon in her home sign invites us to connect to an inner feeling of home and safety and to learn to create ourselves the safe container we crave to experience.

During the upcoming lunar cycle, we will have opportunities to reflect on what home and family mean to us, to look within ourselves, and begin a new chapter of our life with a deeper awareness of who we are and what we need. Changes may take place mostly inwards, and may not be immediately evident on the outside. 

This Cancer New Moon begins a new chapter in our relationship with our past, our family, and our emotions. This lunation is an opportunity to reconnect with our roots, to develop a deeper intimacy with ourselves and our emotional world, and gain more awareness of the inner dynamics at play in our choices and experiences. 

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New Moon in Gemini: the Power of the Mind

On May 30, 07:30 AM ET, we experience a New Moon at 9°03’ of Gemini, which brings our attention to the power of the mind and invites us to open our hearts to new beginnings, new experiences, and new opportunities. This is the first New Moon after the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus we had on April 30 and it closes the Eclipse portal.

When the Sun and the Moon align on the same degree of the same Zodiac sign, New Moons take place. The Moon has been slowly disappearing from the night sky, receiving less and less light every night: during the upcoming days, she will begin to be visible again. New Moons are new beginnings: when the Moon is Dark, it is an invitation to turn inwards, tune in with ourselves, plant seeds for the future, and set intentions for the upcoming lunar month. 


The Gemini New Moon invites us to Keep it Light


The Gemini New Moon inaugurates a phase of spontaneous action, instinctive exploration of life, and discovery of our desires that will culminate with a Full Moon in the opposite sign of Sagittarius on June 14. After the emotional and psychological intensity of the Eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio, the New Moon in Gemini shifts the vibe, adding cheerful and lighthearted energy to the current times.

new moon in gemini

As a Mutable Air sign, Gemini reminds us to keep it light, to take it easy, and to be curious, flexible, and open-minded. The third sign of the Zodiac correlates to the process of gathering data, collecting information, logically making sense of our surroundings, verbalizing our inner experiences, and communicating them to the outer world. Gemini inspires us to pay attention to the words we use, to how we articulate and verbalize our thoughts, and to how developing a conscious relationship to language can help us experience life differently. 


New Moon in Gemini: the Power of the Mind


The Gemini New Moon begins a lunar month during which there will be a significant focus on communications and exchanges of information. This lunation invites us to take care of the way we speak both with ourselves and with others and to keep in mind how powerful our mind is, and how deeply our habitual thinking patterns affect our feelings and perceptions. 

This New Moon reminds us of the power of our intellect, and of how important it is to take care of our mindset and of our attitude. During the upcoming weeks, we will have opportunities to gain awareness of our habitual ways to perceive, share, and interpret what is happening in our reality, and we may feel drawn to reflect on how working on changing our perceptions has the potential to change our experiences. 


Sun & Moon sextile Mars & Jupiter: Dynamism and Courage


The Sun and the Moon in Gemini are sextile to Mars and Jupiter in Aries, tightly conjunct, inspiring us to be courageous, daring, and bold. The emphasis on the Air and Fire elements increases our need for space and constant motion: it invites us to break patterns that generate inertia and encourages us to follow the flow of life.

These alignments support our energy levels and add a dynamic quality to the lunar cycle that is starting. Sun and Moon sextile Mars and Jupiter ignite our desire to learn more about how life works and make new experiences, inspiring us to discover new perspectives and get familiar with different systems of knowledge and ways of making sense of reality. 

new moon in gemini

The Mars-Jupiter conjunction magnifies our need for freedom, inspiring a spontaneous exploration of our desires, and increasing our urge to expand our horizons. Themes of individual freedom and freedom of choice are likely to be in the spotlight. A drive to break free from restrictions and oppression, an urge to fight for what we believe in, the impulse to defend what is true for us and to protect our rights will emerge. 

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries corresponds to a strong inclination to break new ground, start new chapters, and learn from our direct experiences. Excessive impulsivity could be an issue around this time, and it is advised to take care of not taking unnecessary risks.


Retrograde Mercury is the Ruler of this New Moon


The Gemini New Moon is ruled by retrograde Mercury, currently in Taurus. Mercury being in retrograde motion represents an invitation to question habitual ways of thinking, learning, and perceiving life during the upcoming lunar cycle. Mercury’s backward journey through Taurus inspires us to question our value system and put into discussion those ways of thinking that we hold on to as a way to feel secure. 

This transit highlights the importance of exploring the practical application our ideas can have. It helps us be realistic and pragmatic, rather than getting excessively carried away by our imagination without applying our insights. Retrograde Mercury’s journey through Taurus offers us an invitation to break free from outdated values, relating patterns, ways of thinking and doing, and security attachments that restrict our freedom. It is an opportunity to work on our mindset and to reflect on the value of our time and our attention, on how we invest our mental energies, on the kind of information we choose to consume and how that affects our state of being. 


Mercury square Saturn, Mercury trine Pluto, & Mercury conjunct the North Node


Mercury is very active these days, as it is forming a square to Saturn in Aquarius, a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, and is approaching a conjunction with the Lunar North Node. The Mercury Saturn square can correspond to a sense of being restricted in our communications, of not being able to find the right words to say what we feel, or feeling silenced by external sources, restrictions, rules, and regulations. This aspect also inspires us to reflect on whether our ideas and plans can have a practical impact and useful function within the social structure.

The Mercury-Pluto trine deepens our psychological understanding of ourselves, others, as well as of the fabric of the changing social structure. This alignment helps us notice what is unspoken, besides what is actually being said. Mercury and Pluto in aspect increase our capacity to tune into the undercurrents of what is taking place, sharpening our perceptions of non-verbal cues such as body language and subtle changes in speed or tone of voice.

Mercury is also very close to the North Node of the Moon in Taurus, which is currently in between Mercury and Uranus. The Mercury-North Node alignment emphasizes the importance of consciously expressing Mercurial functions, as these will help us detach from patterns and attachments that are holding us back from growing and evolving. This aspect highlights the value of critical thinking, discernment, and versatility paired with practicality, reminding us of investing our mental energy and focus wisely.

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New Moon in Gemini


 New Moon in Gemini: Opening up to New Perceptions


The New Moon in Gemini inspires us to explore new ways of perceiving reality, new ways of thinking, communicating, and interfacing with our environment. Gemini thrives in situations with an abundance of variety. When this sign is emphasized, we need stimulation, we need many options, we need different outlets for our abundant mental energy. Whatever stimulates our interest and our intellect, even distractions, could end up bringing us new opportunities, more inspiration, and exciting ideas. However, it is important to take care of not getting excessively scattered and wasting our energy by indulging in gossip or consuming information that doesn’t add any value to our lives.

These days represent a favorable moment to begin new learning endeavors, embark on a new cycle of studies, a new course or activity that requires intellectual curiosity, commit to learning to play an instrument or improve our writing or public-speaking skills. During this upcoming lunar cycle, we are being encouraged to not be afraid to take things lightly, to dare to experiment, make mistakes, and try again. 

The Gemini New Moon invites us to expand our social network, to be open to conversations and debates with people who think differently than us, who have different interests, who have been through different experiences, and allow our lives to be enriched by these connections.

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