New Moon in Virgo: Living Mindfully

On August 27, 04:16 AM ET, a New Moon at 4º03’ of Virgo invites us to choose to live more mindfully, become more conscious of how we show up in our daily lives, and explore tools and practices that facilitate functionality and self-awareness.

Virgo season has recently begun and the Moon now joins the Sun in the sign of the Maiden, starting a new lunar cycle. New Moons are new beginnings, they invite us to plant seeds and set fresh intentions for the month ahead. The Moon is still dark from our perspective: this invites us to turn inwards and reflect on how we would like to move forward. The Virgo New Moon is a very favorable lunation to begin new projects, adopt new habits, and explore our relationship with all the different dimensions of health.


New Moon in Virgo: Mindfulness in the Mundane


Virgo is a Yin, Earth, Mutable sign, ruled by Mercury. This sign correlates to discernment, critical thinking, self-analysis, problem-solving, as well as the process of practically applying the knowledge we have accumulated. Virgo is connected with our daily work, daily habits, daily routines, and daily choices. In its conscious expression, this sign reminds us of the sacredness that can be experienced in the mundane, when we decide to live mindfully.

new moon in virgo

Virgo is associated with digestion, and this Virgo New Moon invites us to be aware of how what we consume, what we surround ourselves with, and how we invest our energy and attention affects our energy, encouraging us to discern more carefully what we take in and to align our daily choices with our priorities and long-term goals. We begin a lunar cycle centered around deepening our relationship with health and healing as well as our awareness of how our daily actions impact our wellbeing.

The archetype of Virgo is associated with those crises linked to feelings of not being ready, good enough, or perfect enough to take action and make the changes we would like to make. While New Moons are a great time to begin new projects, endeavors, and experiments, these days we might hold ourselves back from initiating because we feel inadequate, we spend too much time overthinking details, or we are excessively focused on what can go wrong. Nonetheless, the square between Mars, the Sun, and the Moon will ignite our desire to take action and our urge to generate change in our lives.


New Moon square Mars: Being Conscious of how we Respond


The Sun and the Moon are in an exact square to Mars in Gemini. The upcoming lunar cycle will give us opportunities to consciously combine the efficient, down-to-earth, pragmatic style of Virgo with the intellectual power, courage, and assertiveness of Mars in Gemini. We will have chances to explore how to direct constructively the energy of Mars and find practical applications of the ideas and insights that come up in our minds.

The current planetary configuration underlines the importance of being mindful of how we respond to what takes place in our reality, inviting us to make sure we take time to self-regulate before reacting, yet without suppressing our anger. The Sun, Moon, and Mars alignment indicates a high degree of impulsivity and reactivity: our inner frustrations, tensions, and anger need a voice, they ask to be clearly expressed. These days, we will have chances to deepen our emotional self-awareness, our understanding of the link between emotions, body, mind, and Spirit, and of the way energies such as anger and frustration, when unexpressed, can somatize in the physical body.

Impulsively speaking or acting provocatively, without forethought and consideration, or even feeling the urge to break free from routines and habits that aren’t stimulating or exciting any longer could bring up guilt and shame. This can be an invitation to explore our relationship with these feelings and notice whether they arise as conditioned responses, a result of beliefs and ways of being that were imposed on us as part of our programming yet do not align with natural laws.


Mercury trine Mars, trine Pluto, & opposing Jupiter


Mercury, the ruler of the Virgo New Moon, is very active these days. The Messenger is in the early degrees of Libra, approaching an opposition to Jupiter in Aries, separating from a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, and approaching a trine to Mars in Gemini. Mercury in Libra, together with the activation of Venus, highlights the importance of working on communication dynamics in relationships during the upcoming lunar cycle. We will have opportunities to refine our way to express our thoughts and feelings while becoming more aware of all the non-verbal exchanges that are always going on in the background.

The Mercury-Mars trine supports our capacity to assert ourselves clearly, yet politely and respectfully. This aspect inspires us to speak our mind directly, without being rude or aggressive, counterbalancing the Sun-Moon-Mars square. The Mercury-Pluto trine has been already active for a few days: it indicates a deep, investigative focus, an inclination to uncover secrets and mysteries, and a desire to understand the psychology of everything, digging beneath the surface of the obvious.

new moon in virgo

The Mercury-Jupiter opposition brings the spotlight on the need to bridge the left and the right brain hemispheres, and avoid the extremes of relying exclusively on facts or relying exclusively on intuition. This alignment invites us to question our habitual learning style, explore both deductive and inductive processes, be mindful of the dangers of exaggeration and overconfidence, and evaluate our attachment to our existing beliefs.


Venus square Uranus, square the Nodes, and opposite Saturn


As the New Moon takes place, Venus in Leo squares retrograde Uranus, the Lunar Nodes, and opposes Saturn. This configuration could bring up contrasting drives, needs, and desires in relationships as well as sudden shifts in values and disruptions in the global economy. In particular, Venus squaring the Nodes indicates a karmic time in relationships and financial matters and increases the possibilities of turning points, shifts of fate, unexpected encounters, and sudden changes in our connections.

The Venus-Uranus square magnifies our need for freedom and independence, lowers our tolerance for boredom and routine, and intensifies our desire for new experiences, stimulation, and excitement. However, the Venus-Saturn opposition brings up a conflict between our desire to do what we enjoy and what feels good and the obligations and duties we have to take care of.

These days, we may realize that, sometimes, blindly honoring existing commitments may lead us to compromise our integrity or our values. Alternatively, we may notice that we may be running away from commitment due to an irrational fear of being trapped or limited by it. Venus’ activation of the Saturn-Uranus square underlines invites us to explore new relationship paradigms, new value systems, and new ways of perceiving wealth and abundance. This is a good time to redefine boundaries in our connections, work on improving our self-worth, overcome scarcity mindset, cultivate receptivity, and allow spaciousness in our relationships yet without escaping from challenges.

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New Moon in Virgo


New Moon in Virgo: Conscious Practice & Beginners’ Mindset


The activation of Mutable signs Gemini and Virgo, together with the presence of Neptune in Pisces, that will be conjunct the upcoming Full Moon, highlights the importance of being adaptable, versatile, and open to change and exploration. Meanwhile, the abundance of retrograde planets inspires an introspective and contemplative focus, which may make it challenging to take action, initiate, move forward, or begin new endeavors.

The Virgo New Moon reminds us of the power of small, consistent steps, of the value of keeping our daily lives functional and organized, of the weight of details, and of the importance of taking care of ourselves by committing to practices and routines that nourish both our body and our spirit, supporting the different dimensions of our health.

The New Moon in the sign of the Maiden is an opportunity to set practical intentions, reorganize our routines, and begin to structure our days in a way that improves our overall health and wellness. This lunation reminds us of the value of daily practice, of embracing a beginner’s mindset, of making sure we are always honing and refining our skillset. Instead of aiming for perfection as an end goal, we are being encouraged to focus on keep practicing and to embrace a devotional, mindful attitude towards those daily chores and tasks we tend to perform automatically and unconsciously.

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New Moon in Virgo: Holistic Harmony

On September 6, 8:51 PM ET, the Moon and the Sun meet at 14°37’ of the sign of Virgo and a new lunar cycle begins. The New Moon is a moment to plant seeds and set intentions for the future: it represents the start of a new chapter of our lives, the dawn of a new journey.

On New Moons, the Moon is placed between the Sun and the Earth: the Sun illuminates the side of the Moon that we are not able to see from here and, from our perspective, the Moon isn’t visible. From now on, she reflects more and more sunlight each night: while the Moon grows, we are encouraged to take action on the intentions we set and move forward, establishing the necessary adjustments as we go.

The New Moon in Virgo is a wonderful time of the year to introduce new daily habits and lifestyle changes that have the power to improve our health and wellbeing.

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Virgo: Separating the Weeds from the Wheat


Virgo is a Yin, Mutable, Earth archetype. It is ruled by Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, patron of merchants and travelers, also ruling Gemini. Through Gemini, a Yang Air sign, we witness an externalization of mercurial functions through communication, search of information, and interaction with the immediate environment. Through Virgo instead, the functions of Mercury are internalized, and the focus is the improvement of critical thinking, the refinement of our capacity of discernment, and the deepening of our self-analysis.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Virgo season corresponds to harvest season: it is the archetype associated with the act of separating the weeds from the wheat, symbolizing the ability to discern what is useful and what isn’t. In the human body, Virgo correlates with the intestines and the process of digestion. Again, this is connected with our capacity to choose what to take in and what not, to absorb what is nourishing and purify our system from what isn’t.


New Moon in Virgo: Multidimensional Wellness & Holistic Harmony


Through Virgo, we get to understand the link between our physical health, our mental health, our emotional health, and our spiritual health. We learn that wellness is multidimensional, that everything is interconnected, that the energetics always manifest on different levels. This New Moon inspires us to observe and analyze things like how what we eat affects our mood, how our thoughts affect our body, how our emotional states affect our capacity to deal with our daily obligations effectively, and vice versa.

new moon in virgo

Being an Earth archetype, Virgo has to do with tangibility, practicality, and matter: this sign always strives for more effective use of time, energy, and resources. This New Moon encourages us to explore a variety of practical applications of the knowledge, skills, and competencies we possess, to improve and optimize our experience of daily life, our health, and our overall well-being. We do so through implementing small and consistent actions that reflect our devotion to our self-development journey.


Mercury trine Saturn: Down to Earth and Open-Minded Mentality


Mercury is the ruler of the New Moon in Virgo. Mercury is now in Libra: this highlights the role of cultivating relationships that enrich us and speed up our learning process. During the upcoming weeks, other people may inspire us to reflect upon how we speak, think, and perceive reality, maybe by challenging our beliefs and our worldview. Mercury is stationing retrograde in Libra at the end of the month, highlighting the need to question our habitual way of communicating, relating, and exchanging perspectives with others.

Mercury is currently forming an Air trine to retrograde Saturn in Aquarius, an aspect promoting a restructuring of our ideas, a redefinition of our perception of reality, and a reorganization of our plans and strategies for the future. Mercury trine Saturn facilitates concentration and focus: their alignment supports our intellectual efforts and helps us align with a down-to-earth and open-minded attitude.


New Moon opposite Neptune & trine Uranus


The New Moon in Virgo is forming an opposition to retrograde Neptune in Pisces and a trine to retrograde Uranus in Taurus. Both aspects are likely to promote a surge in our creativity that is likely to be enhanced by non-linear modalities of self-expression. These alignments invite us to tap into our intuition and right brain, and flow with the energy available without worrying about how it looks or what others may think, but rather focusing on how it feels and trusting our sensations.

Sun and Moon opposite Neptune correspond to a sense of dissolution of an old identity or sense of purpose and may reflect difficulties understanding what emotions are ours and which ones we have picked up from others. The influence of Neptune opens us up more deeply to the stream of energetic and emotional information coming from the collective: we may reflect upon what to do with it, and how much we should allow ourselves to be changed or affected by it.

Meanwhile, the Sun and the Moon trine Uranus encourage out-of-the-box thinking and support our capacity to detach from any fears around what other people may think, say, or judge us for. Uranus’ influence may reflect a desire for radical changes: during the rest of the upcoming month, we may have unexpected chances to try something unusual, original, and eccentric. Uranus is now in Taurus, another Earth sign, which makes it easier for us to manifest something tangible and long-lasting out of the opportunities we get around this time.

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new moon in virgo


Mars opposite Neptune & trine Pluto


Mars, the planet of instinct, action, and desire, is also separating from an opposition to retrograde Neptune, which was exact on September 2 and is still active. This aspect can correspond to lethargy, lack of physical energy, low vitality, and confusion around what we truly want and the direction we want to take. We may feel that every time we begin doing something or commit to moving towards a certain goal, we meet opposing forces that dissolve our will and our strength, weakening our capacity to take action. The Mars-Neptune opposition invites us to make sure that our actions are aligned with our intentions and our ideals.

At the same time, Mars in Virgo is forming a harmonic Earth trine to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. Their alignment supports our willpower, our drive, and our capacity to remain motivated, helping us counterbalance the influence of Neptune, which can be perceived as confusing and demotivating. Commitment rooted in devotion to the path we are walking enhances our ability to do what it takes to get closer to our dreams.


Venus square Pluto and trine Jupiter


Venus is traveling through her home sign of Libra: the Goddess of Love and Beauty squares retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and trines retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius.

Venus square Pluto increases our desire for depth, passion, and intensity. Issues around commitment, reciprocity, control, and trust may emerge, and many of us could experience a turning point in our closest bonds. Our fear of losing ourselves in other people, our need for intimacy, and our simultaneous dread of it may lead us to engage in push-pull dynamics, power struggles, and confrontations. Navigating this alignment intentionally has the potential to promote deep transformation and evolution through our connections with others.

new moon in virgo

Venus’ simultaneous trine to Jupiter in Aquarius may result in a spontaneous reevaluation of our beliefs around relationships, and it may inspire us to reflect on our values and our non-negotiables. This alignment may correspond to a tendency to gravitate towards overindulgence and a temptation to cultivate superficial connections rather than facing the discomfort that comes with real intimacy and closeness. Nonetheless, Venus trine Jupiter also reflects chances for lucky encounters and can help us develop a detached and objective perspective of any issues that come up.


New Moon in Virgo: Holistic Harmony


During the rest of the lunar cycle, we will be more sensitive to what is going on around us. We will more easily perceive other people’s feelings and the collective frequency, even if logically we may have hard times exactly pointing out what is happening. We may experience unusual physical sensations, feelings, or emotions that don’t seem to have a precise cause.

Many of us will feel drawn to help others who are suffering and put ourselves at the service of those in need. This may lead us to reevaluate our boundaries and make the decision to be more discerning when choosing whether to help or not. For example, we may realize that, in certain situations, going out of our way to support others has a detrimental effect on our health or that doing too much for someone isn’t actually serving their growth.

On this New Moon, we have a chance to look at ourselves and our reality with new eyes. We have an opportunity to gain a better understanding of our inner functioning and to commit to implementing small but consistent lifestyle adjustments that promote holistic harmony, self-knowledge, and reflect our devotion to the path we have chosen.

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