New Moon in Scorpio: Cycle of Extreme Transformation

On November 4, 5:14 PM ET, we experience an electric New Moon in Scorpio, opposite Uranus in Taurus, and square Saturn in Aquarius. The Moon joins the Sun at 12°39’ of the sign, beginning an intense lunar cycle that will culminate with a Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.

New Moons symbolize a fresh start, a moment of creation, a time to plant seeds for the future, and they mark the first day of the lunar month. From now on and for the next two weeks, the Moon will grow again, receiving more and more sunlight, inspiring us to trust our instinct and take spontaneous action to generate progress and forward movement. We are now encouraged to set intentions and envision our future, while keeping in mind that, whatever we give birth to on this New Moon, could develop and evolve in an unpredictable fashion, due to the influence of Uranus.

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New Moon in Scorpio: Extreme Transformation and Psychological Growth


The New Moon in Scorpio inaugurates a cycle of deep psychological growth, extreme transformation, and healing work. Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, is now transiting at 3°33’ of the sign and in wide conjunction to Sun and Moon, an aspect that increases the momentum of the tense astrological configuration. Mars adds fuel to the fire, maximizing our determination and willpower while increasing the possibility of reacting on impulse, driven by strong emotions.

As a Fixed Water archetype, the sensitivity of Scorpio is penetrating and intensely focused. This sign is known for being able to see right through people while manifesting a tendency to be private and to hide part of itself from exposure. Secrecy, mistrust, and a drive to conceal our true feelings and emotions arise as a reaction to the fear of being betrayed, abandoned, and ending up powerless, at the mercy of someone else’s will and control.


New Moon in Scorpio: Overcoming Limitations and Taking Power Back


This New Moon brings the spotlight on our relationship with power, our desire for control, our manipulation tendencies, the way we may use seduction to get what we want. Scorpio rules our unconscious emotional attachments, what we, deep down, truly desire and need, what we are willing to do or to give up in exchange for a sense of control, safety, and security.

Through the Scorpio archetype, we experience crises that force us to become aware of all those ways we give our power away: at this point, the need to overcome our blockages becomes impossible to ignore. Scorpio puts us into contact with some degree of emotional pain, which inspires us to gain a deeper understanding of how our psychology works. 

New Moon in Scorpio

The desire to relieve our suffering promotes a process of introspection that motivates us to change and redefine our way of being. At this point, we face uncomfortable truths, and we are challenged to deal differently with those attachments, patterns, behaviors, and choices that generated the pain in the first place.


Sun, Moon, and Mars square Saturn: Feeling Trapped


The square between the Sun, the Moon, Mars, and Saturn in Aquarius could have an inhibiting effect, somehow functioning as a brake that prevents us from changing and transforming as fast as we would like to. A sense of inadequacy, strong self-criticism, low self-confidence, and a feeling of not having anything significant to say may block our creativity and our emotional expression.

We may feel lonely and misunderstood, we may feel that somehow we keep hitting a wall and don’t know how to overcome it. On the positive side, the influence of Saturn promotes a hard-working, reliable, and disciplined attitude that supports our ambition and motivates us to tangibly act to improve our life situation.

This Scorpio New Moon may force us to confront those tendencies and behaviors that are keeping us trapped in disempowering patterns. We may realize how hard it is to let go of certain attachments, and see how our conditioning is still holding us back. We have a chance to better understand what limiting beliefs we need to work on, which blockages we need to accept and work with, and which ones we can instead try to overcome. 


Sun opposite Uranus: Need for Freedom


The Sun and the Moon are opposing Uranus in Taurus, increasing the probability of disruptive and unexpected events that force us out of our comfort zone and speed up the pace of our evolution. We are witnessing friction between two contrasting forces as the Scorpio New Moon activates the Saturn-Uranus square and the struggle we have been experiencing for the whole year between old and new, tradition and innovation.

Both the Sun and Uranus desire to individuate. Uranus inspires us to break free from and rebel against what prevents the fullest expression of our Self and accelerates change through unpredictable and sudden events. The process of liberation usually implies being pushed out of a comfort zone that feels safe. The Sun formed a conjunction with Uranus in Taurus around the end of April 2021, when we experienced a Full Super Moon in Scorpio. This opposition represents the culmination of the Sun-Uranus cycle that began back then: it could bring clarity and culmination to something that started six months ago.

Uranus in Taurus is bringing a radical revolution in our values, in our financial systems, in our relationship with our bodies, and in our connection to Nature. The Taurus-Scorpio axis is associated with our values, assets, possessions, and financial resources: during the rest of Scorpio season, the Sun will bring our awareness to these dynamics. Unexpected changes and extreme volatility in the global economy and financial markets are likely.


New Moon opposite Uranus: Potential for Shocks & Feelings of Alienation 


The Moon in a hard aspect to Uranus corresponds to the possibility of being forced to experience change before we feel ready for it. Uranus is fast, mental, and projected towards the future. The Moon instead is slow, emotional, attached to past feelings and memories. Uranus’ purpose is to liberate us from stagnation, from all those structures we have locked ourselves in and that are now limiting us. This is a time to reevaluate our emotional needs, how we meet them, and how we generate conditions of safety and security. 

New Moon in Scorpio

Hard Moon-Uranus contacts can be associated with restlessness, unusual nervous tension, insomnia, mood swings, and emotional volatility. Erratic changes in our feelings are likely, and we may experience a sudden drive to make changes in our environment as a way to cope with stress. A sense of emotional alienation from the people around us is likely to arise. Positively, the Moon-Uranus alignment allows an objective and detached awareness of our emotional dynamics: this aspect will help us put things in perspective and possibly facilitate new insights and ideas.


Mercury square Pluto: Chances for Deeper Self-Understanding


Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio, is in Capricorn and it is forming a square aspect with Mercury in Libra. We are experiencing the third and last one of a cycle of three squares that started before Mercury stationed retrograde, and it can bring resolution and clarity around issues that first came up in September.

Mercury square Pluto increases the possibility of psychologically charged conversations and confrontations. Around this time, information previously hidden may come up, secrets may be uncovered, or we may reveal something we kept hidden for a while. At its worst, this aspect can show us the destructive potential of our mind, exacerbating dark thoughts, suspicion, mistrust, and a desire to mentally manipulate and overpower others. At its best, Mercury square Pluto can bring therapeutic breakthroughs, healing conversations, and a deeper psychological understanding of ourselves and of repetitive patterns that keep showing up in our lives.

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new moon in scorpio


New Moon in Scorpio: the Art of Letting go


Scorpio teaches us the art of letting go. This sign reminds us that we need to allow something to die if we desire a rebirth: there can’t be any type of rebirth without the death of what currently exists. To undergo a significant transformation, we have to be willing to give up something: we have to be ready to detach from what has been giving us a sense of security, yet is now hindering further growth.

New Moon in Scorpio

This New Moon in Scorpio may remind us of how hard it is to let go of what represents a source of familiarity and comfort, even when rationally we know it’s the right thing to do. The activation of Uranus highlights the possibility of feeling conflicted between rationality and emotions, while the alignments to Saturn could show us where we still need to work on embodying more self-worth and self-love, and what the next step in our deconditioning process is.

We are about to experience intense times of change, and the need to be honest with ourselves about our true motivations, needs, priorities, and desires will come to the forefront. As we are entering Eclipse season, it is advised to explore tools and practices that help us remain grounded, regulate our nervous system, and balance our emotional state.

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Super New Moon in Scorpio: Embodying our Power

On November 15, 12:07 AM ET, we experience a potent Super New Moon at 23°17’ Scorpio. The Sun and the Moon join forces in the most enigmatic and mysterious sign of the Zodiac, bringing radical paradigm shifts and an enormous inner transformation for us all.

Every New Moon represents the beginning of a new cycle, a fresh start: it is the best moment of the month to clear our minds, reassess our goals, plant a seed, and set intentions for the times ahead. However, this New Moon is more powerful than others: we are witnessing the third and last one of a trilogy of Super New Moons that started in September with the Super New Moon in Virgo. 

Supermoons are New or Full Moons that happen closer to us: for this reason, the gravitational pull of the Moon on Earth is stronger, and these cosmic alignments are felt more intensely. The three Super New Moons have been preparing us for the intense upcoming Eclipse season. The Eclipse portal is opening at the end of the month, with a penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini taking place on November 30. The next New Moon will be a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, happening on December 14.

The Super New Moon in Scorpio is a reminder that life goes on, that we shouldn’t stay stuck in the past, and that we have ongoing opportunities to start over and begin anew. During the upcoming lunar cycle, the invitation for us is to release resistance and let go of our old sense of self, so that we are free to embody our true power.

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Scorpio: Death, Rebirth, and Radical Transformation


Scorpio is a Yin, Water, and Fixed sign: when a New Moon happens in a Water archetype emotions are more powerful, and Scorpio can be considered the most emotionally intense of all the twelve signs. Scorpio correlates to all those relationships that involve some form of fusion, of merging with another: it is associated with intimacy, trust, sexuality, and to those business partnerships in which shared finances are involved.

This Super New Moon may trigger us in ways we can’t ignore to force us to confront our limitations, our vulnerability, our feelings of impotence and powerlessness. The eight archetype of the Zodiac corresponds to the process of death, rebirth, and radical transformation: some form of loss and crisis is often involved when we talk about Scorpio and Pluto. The purpose of the process is to forge our character and to make us stronger, wiser, more autonomous and self-secure.

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” ― Kahlil Gibran 


Super New Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune: Dreams, Imagination, and Creativity


The Sun and the Moon in Scorpio are forming a beautiful water trine to retrograde Neptune in Pisces. This aspect is very supportive, soothing, and calming: it enhances our creativity and imagination, as well as our capacity for empathy. The water trine will help us attune to our essence, to our heart, and our Soul. Neptune rules dreams and sleep. The dreams we have during these days may contain important messages: they could be more vivid, even lucid, and they may give us new ideas on how to move forward.

Neptune is bringing a much needed medicine to the intensity of these days, and he will hold our hand during the process of purging and letting go. The God of the Oceans will remind us to look with compassion at the fears, the pain, and the wounds that are at the root of our resistance, of our need to be in control, of our unconscious tendencies to overpower, dominate, and manipulate others.

Throughout the rest of the lunar cycle, we will be encouraged to look beyond our compulsions and obsessions, to trust the Universe, and release control. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, always invites us to adopt a spiritual perspective of life and to believe that there is a higher meaning for the hardships we experience and the obstacles we encounter. 

super new moon in scorpio

Yet, Neptune can also correlate to illusions, delusions, addictions, and escapism: avoidance or bypassing can be extremely tempting in times like these. Checking out, retreating in a fantasy world, and disconnecting from our bodies to avoid feeling difficult emotions is easier than confronting what happens.

The invitation of this aspect is to consciously find ways to get back into our bodies and feel our feelings. Make sure to create time for any artistic and creative activity that helps you reach a state of flow, supporting the integration and release of difficult emotions through a cathartic process.

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super new moon in scorpio


Super New Moon sextile Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn: Dismantling the Old Paradigm


Pluto is the modern planetary ruler of the Scorpio New Moon: the aspects he makes are giving us more information on how the energy of this cosmic alignment is going to manifest and express. Pluto is currently conjunct Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Capricorn, and in a sextile to the Sun and the Moon in Scorpio.

Synchronistically, this is the very first New Moon taking place after Jupiter and Pluto met for the last time in Capricorn, beginning their new cycle: they won’t meet again until 2033. This is another reason why the New Moon taking place has a greater significance than a regular New Moon, and her effect will be felt more strongly.

The Sun and the Moon in Scorpio are forming a sextile to Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn in Capricorn: this configuration promotes an easy exchange of information through an ongoing triggering and stimulation between the celestial bodies involved. The harmonic aspects between the New Moon and the planets in Capricorn, and the positive influence of Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, now stationary direct in the sign of Aries, will give us the momentum, stamina, and motivation we need to take focused action. 

We now have the opportunity to understand what we need to do to grow past our self-imposed limitations and we can uncover the deeper reasons behind our motivations and intentions. These aspects reflect a stronger desire to dismantle the old paradigm, let go of the old systems and the old ways of doing things, and create new ones. At this time, we are invited to feel free to experiment with new ideas and to follow the desires emanating from our Soul. 


Venus trine North Node, square Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn


While the Super New Moon in Scorpio takes place, Venus is creating other significant alignments.

The Goddess of Love is currently in Libra, one of the signs she rules, and she is forming a harmonic and highly beneficial trine to the North Node in Gemini. This configuration is enhancing the importance of our interactions with others, it is reminding us that we are not alone here: that there is no shame in reaching out asking for help and support. 

Venus is also in a square to Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn in Capricorn: these aspects may reflect some tension due to the restriction to our social life and the limitations we experience when we try to connect with others at this particular time. These squares invite us to question ourselves: they promote change by encouraging us to find a new balance between giving and receiving, and to explore new ways to communicate and relate with our loved ones.

On this Super New Moon, we are encouraged to let go of old ideas about how relationships should look like and to start interacting with people in new ways, creating new paradigms, exploring how to feel closer to others and to deepen our connections. These alignments emphasize the importance of taking care of how we show up in all our relationships: clear communication, radical honesty, and taking accountability for our behavior with others are prerequisites for personal growth and authentic relating.


Super New Moon in Scorpio: Finding Freedom by Letting Go


Both Pluto and Scorpio are associated with our unconscious desires and our inner conflicts, with all that we hide, repress, and suppress, with our deepest wounds, with our shadow, with what we are unable to see in ourselves. Both archetypes also correlate to the evolutionary intentions of our Soul: the New Super Moon in Scorpio is inviting us to confront our pain, our vulnerability, our repressed desires, and to reclaim all that we are.

This cosmic alignment represents a reminder that, in order to allow something new to manifest, we need to release the old first. We must face the void and the emptiness that lay between the destruction of what we are familiar with and the creation of a future, still unknown and uncertain. Scorpio demands that we let go of the person we have been so that we can evolve into who we truly are.

The invitation of this planetary configuration is to find freedom by letting go of attachments, to learn to stay in the void and to stare at the abyss without fear. The New Supermoon in Scorpio encourages us to release control, to release resistance to change, and to trust that what is meant to be will find its way.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you enjoyed this article. Happy Super New Moon!

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