New Moon in Cancer: Self-Care and Self-Intimacy

On June 28, 10:52 PM ET, the Moon joins the Sun at 7º22’ of Cancer and we experience a New Moon in the sign of the Crab, an invitation to deepen our self-care and self-intimacy, and reconnect with our roots. Also on June 28, a few hours earlier, Neptune stations retrograde in its domicile of Pisces, joining Saturn and Pluto already in backward motion from our perspective on Earth.

New Moons mark new beginnings and open new chapters. The Moon is still invisible from our perspective but, from now on, she will begin growing again, receiving more and more sunlight each night. When the Moon is dark, the invitation is to turn inwards and spend some time reflecting on what seeds we desire to plant, and what intentions we desire to set for the upcoming lunar cycle. As the Moon begins growing, our seeds will sprout, to fully bloom and blossom at the time of the Full Moon.


New Moon in Cancer: Reconnecting with our Roots


New Moons happen when the Sun and the Moon meet on the same degree of the same Zodiac sign, forming what is technically known as a conjunction, a 0º angle from our perspective. This month, the luminaries are meeting in Cancer, the lunar domicile.

Cancer, the fourth sign of the Zodiac, is a Yin, Water, Cardinal archetype. As the first Water archetype, it corresponds to our first contact with the realms of emotions. It correlates to our early childhood experiences and our experience of the parental home. It has to do with our connection to our past and our roots, and to our relationship to home and family, whatever these mean to us. 

Both the Moon and Cancer have to do with our memory and particularly with emotional memory: they show how our memories can be distorted by our emotions but also how the emotions we have felt determine how we tend to remember our experiences. These archetypes correlate with our ability to create safe spaces and close bonds, and with our capacity to care for and nurture both ourselves and others. In the phase of evolution corresponding to Cancer, we are contained in a supportive and protective environment that safely promotes emotional self-development and nurtures us until we feel ready to share our expression with the outside world.


New Moon conjunct Black Moon Lilith: Trusting our Primal Nature


The Sun and the Moon in Cancer are conjunct True Black Moon Lilith, the point in space corresponding to the lunar apogee, the point of the Moon’s orbit further away from Earth. In Astrology, Black Moon Lilith is associated with our primal nature and with raw expressions of sexuality: she represents an energy that has been suppressed, distorted, and demonized throughout history. 

Our conditioning relative to Lilith’s energy comes up when we fear being too much, when we mistrust our intuitive, embodied knowing, and when we repress our spontaneous, instinctual drives due to fear of being ridiculed, shamed, punished, or ostracized by other people. In the sign of Cancer, the conjunction of Sun, Moon, and True Black Moon Lilith can show up as fear of expressing the true strength of our emotions, feelings, or needs due to a fear of coming across as needy or excessively demanding and other people leaving or judging us as a result. 

new moon in cancer

During the upcoming lunar cycle, we will have opportunities to notice where we hold ourselves back from trusting our primal instincts and our intuition, and begin to break free from the conditioning we have internalized, particularly relative to emotional expression.


Sun & Moon square Jupiter: Need for Safety versus Desire to Expand


The Sun and the Moon in Cancer are forming a square angle to Jupiter in Aries. Squares are 90º angles that indicate tension and inner conflict between contrasting and seemingly irreconcilable urges. In this case, we feel a need to remain safe, secure, and comfortable, and we simultaneously feel a desire to take new risks, explore new paths, and expand in new directions. 

This configuration can reflect a sense of urgency relative to moving forward, experiencing new things, and psychologically separating from our past, which could lead to making excessively bold moves and later feeling insecure and taking a step back. While on the one hand, we desire to feel secure enough before taking action, on the other hand, we may struggle with patience. In particular, the Sun-Jupiter square highlights the risks of overconfidence and overexpansion, while the Moon-Jupiter square invites us to make sure we are not being excessively giving or generous towards others to our own detriment.  


Neptune stationary Retrograde: Developing a Relationship with the Intangible


Neptune is powerfully activated on this New Moon as it is stationary retrograde in the sign of its rulership, Pisces. When planets are stationary, they are closer to Earth and their symbolism is more relevant. Neptune is going to remain in retrograde motion until December 3, 2022, and it will represent a prominent influence in the upcoming lunar cycle.

The activation of Neptune supports our creativity and artistic inspiration, facilitating our access to the imaginal and the mystic. This shift increases our need for transcendence of the mundane and inspires us to cultivate our relationship with something greater than ourselves and focus on the subtle and the intangible. Our sensitivity, empathy, and intuitive capacities will be highly enhanced by both Neptune stationing and the Sun-Moon conjunction in Cancer, which strengthen our personal connection to the collective frequency and emotional body.

new moon in cancer

During the upcoming Neptune retrograde cycle, we may have chances to see beyond any illusions we might have relied upon. We may have to reconsider and reframe something that happened while Neptune was direct, see it in a new light, and see the Truth of it. Neptune stationing retrograde invites us to adjust, refine, rediscover, and reflect on our way to manage our emotional empathy, our capacity to tune into others’ experiences, and our energetic sensitivity and exchanges with the environment. While Neptune is in an apparent backward motion, we are encouraged to honor our capacity to surrender and trust the flow of life, and to follow our intuition even when what we feel doesn’t make sense logically.


The Mars-Eris-Pluto square: Conflict as Catalyst for Transformation


On this New Moon, Mars is in Aries and tightly conjunct Eris, the mythological Goddess of Chaos and Discord. Eris is a dwarf planet and, in Astrology, it correlates with the process of instigating change by generating conflict. Conflict tends to only have a negative connotation, yet, when navigated consciously, it can also be a catalyst for powerful transformations. Conflict can facilitate the deepening of our relationships through the creation of a foundation of radical honesty and authenticity, with both ourselves and others, which is what both Eris and Pluto are ultimately after.

Both Mars and Eris square Pluto in Capricorn. The Eris-Pluto square is a long-term aspect, which has been active for a few years and it is now being activated by the transit of Mars. The Mars-Pluto square is perfecting on July 1 and will be active for approximately ten days. This influence is a powerful motivator, which increases our drive, our willpower, and our determination to go after our goals. Displays of anger could be explosive and unexpectedly destructive, while the compulsions that emerge could inform us of repressed desires we haven’t acknowledged. Our anger could give us the motivation to take decisive action on our true dreams and desires and break free from what is preventing our growth.

To help you harness this energy New Moon in Cancer brings we have created New Moon in Cancer printable channeled “Self-Care & Self-Intimacy” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these New Moon in Cancer Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.

New Moon in Cancer: Self-Care and Self-Intimacy


This New Moon in Cancer represents an invitation to reflect on how we have internalized our inner maternal archetype, and to work on self-care and self-love, refining how we take care of ourselves, how we nurture ourselves, and how we deal with the ebbs and flow of our emotions. The Moon in her home sign invites us to connect to an inner feeling of home and safety and to learn to create ourselves the safe container we crave to experience.

During the upcoming lunar cycle, we will have opportunities to reflect on what home and family mean to us, to look within ourselves, and begin a new chapter of our life with a deeper awareness of who we are and what we need. Changes may take place mostly inwards, and may not be immediately evident on the outside. 

This Cancer New Moon begins a new chapter in our relationship with our past, our family, and our emotions. This lunation is an opportunity to reconnect with our roots, to develop a deeper intimacy with ourselves and our emotional world, and gain more awareness of the inner dynamics at play in our choices and experiences. 

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New Moon in Cancer July 2021: Journey Within

New Moon in Cancer July 2021 Bringing: An invitation to journey within, connect to our feelings and emotions, and allow them to show us the way forward. A chance to access the source of love and nourishment within ourselves, and to generate conditions of safety that allow us to emotionally process and digest our experiences.

On July 9, 9:16 PM ET, the Sun and the Moon meet at 18°01’ of Cancer, and a new lunar cycle begins. The last cycle began with a Solar Eclipse in Gemini: this is the first New Moon after Eclipse season, and it closes the Eclipse portal. Nonetheless, the effects of the Eclipses we have experienced will continue to unfold for the upcoming five months. You can get your free Mini Eclipse Season Horoscope here.

New Moons happen when the Sun and the Moon form a conjunction in the same Zodiac sign. These cosmic events are a time of rebirth and renewal: they invite us to begin anew, plant a seed, clear our minds, and set intentions for the future. The Moon is now joining the Sun in Cancer, the lunar domicile. Their alignment encourages us to turn inwards and attune to our feelings as a way to understand what is asking to be birthed, what is waiting to be initiated.

To celebrate the arrival of this New Moon in Cancer, on July 10 at 9:45 PM ET, we are hosting Global Live New Moon in Cancer Meditation on our YouTube channel. We invite you to join us, and invite others to meditate together with us. Tap here to find our scheduled live meditation.


New Moon in Cancer July 2021: Need for Belonging


The Crab is brave, tenacious, and resilient: these animals have a hard shell and a soft interior, a reminder of the fact that vulnerability needs to be honored, protected, and respected. Crabs teach us that we can’t be open to everything and everyone, we need to take care of our sensitivity and softness, we need to have boundaries, we need to be discerning. As a Cardinal Water sign, Cancer is about using emotional energy to implement changes, to take action, to defend and protect ourselves and others, to create and nurture life.

New Moon in Cancer July 2021

The lunar functions are enhanced in the sign of the Crab: the New Moon in Cancer is an energy inviting self-care, self-nurturance, self-parenting, and self-love. Our need for protection, home, and close bonds correlates to the Cancer archetype. This time of the year is a moment to connect with our inner child and our inner mother, a time to honor our past, our roots, our lineage, and to be around those whom we feel safe with, those we consider family.


New Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto: Threats to our Comfort 


The Sun and the Moon in Cancer are opposing Pluto at 25 degrees of Capricorn, activating once again the entire axis. Oppositions are 180° angles associated with polarization and with an ongoing back and forth between extremes. We often experience them through other people or external events.

With both the Sun and the Moon in Cancer, we tend to hold on to what provides us comfort and security: we identify with what is known and familiar. We tend to be more cautious than usual, and we’d rather not expose ourselves to the dangers of being hurt.

During the upcoming lunar cycle, there might be perceived threats to our emotional security that force us to come out of our comfort zone in order to address issues out of our immediate control. Feeling restricted or oppressed by authorities, regulations, or people in positions of power may be a common experience: Mars and Venus have been opposing Saturn, and the alignment of Sun, Moon, and Pluto may bring up similar themes.

Moreover, the Sun, the Moon, and Pluto are in a square aspect to Eris in Aries. Eris is a very slow-moving dwarf planet correlated to the energy of discord, chaos, and to the way we respond when we feel rejected and left out. This configuration increases our drive to rebel and the possibility of extreme reactions to triggers, already heightened by the strong activation of Uranus through the squares from Mars, Venus, and Saturn.


New Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto: Deeper Self-Understanding 


When the Cancer archetype is emphasized, we are more prone to resisting unexpected dives into the unknown and the unfamiliar. Pluto can be perceived as a threat coming from the outside world that challenges us to get out of the idyllic paradise of safety and protection sought by the Sun and the Moon in Cancer. However, this aspect is also a reminder of our own power, of our own authority, of our own strength: it highlights the importance of connecting with these, of not giving our power away.

Positively, the alignment between Sun, Moon, and Pluto supports our capacity for self-analysis and self-understanding. It has the potential to offer us important keys to comprehending our psychology, shedding light on our emotional issues and on parts of our personality we have disowned and rejected, parts we need to integrate, accept, and love. Throughout the upcoming lunar cycle, our relationships with others are likely to provide insights around these themes, and they may show us something of ourselves we need to become aware of.


New Moon trine Neptune and sextile Uranus: Boundless Empathy and Rich Imagination


The Sun and the Moon in Cancer are forming a trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces and a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. Sun and Moon sextile Uranus support our creativity and our capacity for innovation: these aspects inspire us to be unique, original, and true to our feelings. During the upcoming lunar cycle, we will have chances to connect more authentically with our emotions and channel them through artistic and creative means.

Sun and Moon trine Neptune will increase our empathy, heighten our sensitivity to energy, and our capacity to attune to and perceive other people’s feelings. This New Moon represents a fantastic time to set the intention to commit more regularly to a spiritual practice or to introduce a new one. Spending time every day in stillness and silence will help us connect healthily with the energy of Neptune, which facilitates meditative states and dreamwork. Our dreams are likely to be particularly vivid and detailed, and they may carry symbolic messages from our subconscious that could help us understand the root causes of our emotional states.


Mercury square Neptune and trine Jupiter: Moving Towards a Clearer Perspective


On this New Moon, Mercury in Gemini is separating from a square to retrograde Neptune in Pisces and approaching a trine to Jupiter, also in Pisces. During Mercury’s entire retrograde cycle, including the pre and post-shadow phases, the Mercury-Neptune square has been ongoing. The two planets have already perfected their alignment three times, the first one was on May 21 and the last one was on July 6.

Mercury square Neptune has been reflecting some challenges with an objective understanding of reality and difficulties with keeping up with the pace of day-to-day obligations and tasks. Many of us have been feeling a sense of brain fog, our mind might have been slower than usual, maybe less keen to process and organize data and details.

Mercury is now separating from Neptune, now in retrograde motion, and we are moving towards a clearer perspective of reality. During the upcoming weeks, the Mercury-Jupiter trine will be facilitating the clarification and the resolution of those misunderstandings we have been dealing with. Issues and themes that first emerged around the end of May may come up again and be fully understood and solved, while lies and illusions may be exposed and revealed.


Venus conjunct Mars in Leo: a New Chapter


As the New Moon in Cancer takes place, Venus is approaching a conjunction with Mars in Leo. The Venus-Mars exact alignment, happening on July 13, is also symbolizing a new beginning. This aspect will start a new chapter of our lives relative to our experience of relationships, our desires, our sexuality, our style of self-expression, and our way of dealing with finances.

New Moon in Cancer July 2021

The days before the exact conjunction represent a time to release old values and limiting beliefs around love, abundance, creativity, and desire. The Venus-Mars conjunction gives us chances to begin a brand-new chapter in our existing relationship or to start new ones based on different foundations.

Currently, some of us may notice a lack of vitality and motivation, and we may experience some struggle with our self-worth and self-esteem: Venus and Mars are both opposing Saturn and square Uranus. These aspects are increasing our need for freedom and new experiences while highlighting feelings of frustration and constriction. The tension we experience can inspire us to explore creative and innovative ways to find freedom within situations perceived as limiting and oppressive.

To help you harness this energy New Moon in Cancer brings we have created New Moon in Cancer printable channeled “Journey Within” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these New Moon in Cancer Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.

New Moon in Cancer July 2021


New Moon in Cancer July 2021: on a Journey Within


The New Moon in Cancer invites us to journey within, and to remain connected to our inner source of love and nourishment, to our inner child, to our inner mother archetype. The Cosmos encourages us to honor our hearts, our sensitivity, our feelings, while reminding us that we have the responsibility to parent ourselves, to nurture ourselves, to provide security for ourselves.

During the upcoming lunar cycle, we have an opportunity to learn to generate conditions of security and containment for our inner child: we have a chance to learn to nurture and protect ourselves better. The New Moon in Cancer inspires us to create the time and the space we need to digest our experiences and to process them safely and effectively, which is an integral part of our emotional maturation journey.

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New Moon in Cancer: Coming Home to Ourselves

On July 20 at 1:32 PM EST, we are witnessing the second New Moon in Cancer of 2020. This celestial event happens only a month after the Solar Eclipse in Cancer we had on the Solstice day.

Having two New Moons in the same sign is quite rare. Moreover, this is the very first New Moon after the Eclipse season ended. She closes the cycle that started with the Solar Eclipse in Cancer of June 21, marking the beginning of a brand new chapter in our collective evolution and personal growth.

Witnessing two New Moons in Cancer is a strong and clear indicator of the need to integrate more self-care, emotional awareness, softness, and nurturance into our lives during these difficult and confusing times.

We are encouraged to go back to the vision we had in May, before Eclipse season started, and acknowledge what has changed, both within and without.

How can we best adapt to a reality that is constantly shifting? How do we stay sane in the process? How to balance our inner needs with the requests of the outer world? These are some of the questions the Moon is asking us.


The Cancer-Capricorn polarity: Looking for the Middle Way


Sun and Moon at 28°26’ Cancer are exactly opposite to Saturn at 28°39’ of Capricorn on the same day of the New Moon. Meanwhile, we are still feeling the effects of the oppositions they recently formed with Jupiter and Pluto, also retrograde, at 21° and 23° Capricorn.

Throughout Eclipse Season there has been a lot of emphasis on balancing the Cancer-Capricorn polarity. Cancer is a place where we feel safe and protected. This archetype is correlated to home, family, and childhood, it represents both our inner child and our maternal instinct.

As the Sun and the Moon join forces there, they bring our attention to the vulnerability and the sensitivity we innately possess but we haven’t been able to integrate or acknowledge yet because we haven’t felt safe enough to do so.

new moon in cancer

Capricorn on the other hand is the sign related to our social function, our career, our interactions with authorities and laws. With Capricorn, we learn that our actions have consequences. This sign demands us to take into account our duties, responsibilities, and obligations as well as their relationship with power, prestige, and money. Capricorn encourages us to fully commit to what we take on and to take accountability for our mistakes and shortcomings.

To embody the best qualities of both signs, a lot of self-awareness is necessary. We need to find the middle way between being hard on ourselves and being too self-indulgent, we need to seek a balance between being too ambitious and being afraid of going out of our comfort zone.

The Cancer-Capricorn axis encourages us to take care of our personal life and emotional well-being without forgetting the demands of our social role and the outer world.


Sun opposite Saturn – Unrestricted Self Expression vs Norms and Regulations


Saturn has already been in Capricorn, the sign he rules, for two years and will stay there until December, when it moves into Aquarius for the next two and a half years. The planet of Time and Karma is asking us to review some of the lessons we have learned during this period, and reflect upon them from another level of awareness.

The seriousness of Saturn tends to limit the spontaneity and natural inventiveness of the Sun. During these days, we may feel drawn to think that there is only a pre-established way we can express ourselves, and find it hard or challenging to look beyond it.

Any opposition is asking us to find a balance between the two forces involved. This aspect may reflect a conflict between our individual will or creativity and the laws, regulations, and hierarchies that have been in place for centuries.

At this time, we may realize that what we are currently doing for a living is not aligned with our sense of purpose and decide to make a change, but encounter some difficulties as we try to establish ourselves in society in a new way.

The Sun-Saturn opposition emphasizes the necessity to link our individual need for self-expression to a socially relevant function. Saturn reminds us that it is not only about ourselves and what we enjoy doing. We need to find our place in a larger framework, and use our creativity to offer a service that other people can benefit from.


Moon opposite Saturn – Emotions vs Duties


Moon and Saturn could be considered polar opposites: the Moon is the natural ruler of Cancer while Saturn rules the opposite sign, Capricorn. Synchronistically, on this New Moon, they are both transiting the signs they rule. This is another indicator of the importance of balancing the Cancer-Capricorn axis both in our individual, daily lives, and on a collective scale.

The Moon represents our inner child, their needs and fears, their desire to be nurtured and taken care of. The Moon also represents our inner mother, our ability to mother ourselves and other people and to emotionally connect with them.

new moon in cancer

Saturn wants us to take full responsibility for the way we are spending our time, energy, and money, as well as for what we give back to the world. He encourages us to cultivate self-control and self-mastery, to be accountable for our actions and shortcomings.

With Moon Saturn contacts there’s a strong call to balance our own emotional needs with the needs of other people, of our professional life, and of society as a whole. With this aspect, it can be easy to prioritize our career commitments or ambitions at the expense of our emotional health and well-being.

If the relationship between the Moon and Saturn is unbalanced, our personal and family life tend to suffer. With this opposition, we typically take on too many societal obligations. A subconscious sense of guilt, shame, and a generalized feeling of depression or anxiety may be a result.

Aspects between the Moon and Saturn can be associated with deep unconscious emotional blockages. Their purpose is inviting us to consciously come into contact with our inner child and the emotions we suppressed in the past, in order to elaborate and integrate them in a safe space once we are adults.

To help you come back home to yourself and find a balance between these energies we have created a very powerful printable journal we call “Reparenting Our Inner Child” in which you will find a lot more insights about the energy of this New Moon and deep, profound questions. Together with journal you will receive our channeled guided meditation audio which will take you on the deep journey within. We invite you to get your New Moon Ritual Tools and join Moon Omens Soul Family. (Tap here or on the image below to find New Moon Ritual Tools)

new moon in cancer


New Moon in Cancer: Taking Our Feelings Seriously


Sun, Moon, and Saturn are inviting us to let go of the fear of not being accepted for who we are. They urge us to release any guilt or shame linked to not conforming to others’ expectations. They inspire us to redefine our relationship with judgment in a way that feels more empowering and positive and to worry less about what people think of us.

This New Moon in Cancer gives us full permission to walk away from those who need to belittle others to feel good about themselves. Distancing ourselves from environments or people that don’t make us feel safe, loved, or accepted for who we are is our right.

Cancer teaches us to take our emotions seriously. This sign reminds us of how crucial taking care of our inner health and well being is. The New Moon reminds us to follow our feelings, sensations, and intuition before listening to what people or society say we should do, or how we should feel in certain situations.

Taking time to care for ourselves and our emotional balance should be our top priority during these days. Yet, we should also be careful not to use this as an excuse to avoid addressing important issues or expressing our feelings clearly.


New Moon in Cancer: Coming Home to Ourselves


The ultimate lesson of Cancer is emotional maturity. This sign invites us to develop an ongoing relationship with our ever-changing inner state. The New Moon encourages us to listen to the clues our body is constantly sending us, even if they may seem irrational at first.

An essential part of this process is being able to express what we feel honestly and openly, without any fear of judgment or rejection. The presence of Mercury, still transiting through the sign of the Crab, is supporting us in the creation of a safe and respectful space of exchange and communication.

We are in a period where issues related to the past, to our family or our home are likely to come up, and many of us need to make important decisions in these areas of life. Interacting with others loving and kindly, from an open heart, becomes crucial for the integration and elaboration of any difficult feeling emerging.

Comment bellow with what resonated with you the most and please share this with others, because sharing is love and caring! Sending love and blessings your way..

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July 2020 Astrology Forecast – Integration & Initiation

Welcome to a new month of July! In this article we are going to explore July 2020 Astrology Forecast.

The first half of July represents a period of emotional integration. Eclipse season is ending with a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, and many planets keep moving retrograde. We will feel drawn to spend time reflecting and evaluating the changes that occurred during June, taking responsibility for the choices we made.

Many of us are going to feel the energetic shift that happened since Mars is in Aries. During the second half of the upcoming month, many people will be motivated to bring forth major decisions in their lives, like relocating, starting their own business, or changing careers.

The first weeks of July remain a highly emotional time: letting go of the past can be harder than we expected. As Leo season begins, the excitement will take over: the fiery energy will increase, and support us in the initiation of meaningful changes.


Saturn retrogrades in Capricorn

July starts with a significant event: after spending about three months in Aquarius, Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn. The Planet of Time and Karma will stay in serious Capricorn until December 17, and he won’t come back there for 28-29 years

Before officially inaugurating two years and a half of Saturn in Aquarius, we are asked to take a step back and review some of the lessons that emerged during the last couple of years, when Saturn has been in Capricorn. Saturn transits inspire us to take full responsibility for our lives and remind us that, if we work hard and consistently, we have the power to manifest any reality we want. Tap to read Saturn retrogrades in Capricorn article.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

This Eclipse is particularly important as, besides closing the current Eclipse season, it is also the last one happening in Capricorn for the next 18 years. This energy may bring up issues from the past, to allow us to fully heal and move forward.

The Eclipse invites us to reflect on the role we want to have in society, on the duties it implies, and on the relationship between responsibility and power. Family dynamics may also be triggered. We could feel drawn to reflect on the conditionings received, and how they influence our patterns of behavior and our relationship with authorities.


Mercury Stations Direct

July 2020 Astrology Forecast

Mercury stations direct after three weeks of retrograde motion. As he transits through Cancer, we have the opportunity to solve and clarify any misunderstanding that happened during the retrograde. When Mercury was moving backward, we have been reflecting on the way we normally think and speak to ourselves and others.

We will keep working on integrating more kindness and empathy in our verbal exchanges, especially with our family and the people closest to us. Mercury will be in Cancer for the rest of July, inspiring us to cultivate compassion and deepen our emotional intelligence.


Mars conjunct Chiron Retrograde

July 2020 Astrology Forecast

Chiron stations retrograde on July 11, and just a few days later he forms a conjunction with Mars at 9°26′ Aries. As the archetype of the Wounded Healer meets the archetype of the Warrior, we are encouraged to reflect on our inner wounded masculine, and on the way this energy has created distortions within families and society.

With any Chiron transit, the wound itself is the medicine: becoming conscious of the origin of feelings like impotence and powerlessness allows us to transmute the energy that has been repressed, and to take back our power.


Sun opposite Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn

July 2020 Astrology Forecast

As the Sun in Cancer opposes the three Giants in Capricorn, he shines a light on the importance of finding balance and flow between our personal life and our social role.

We may become conscious of patterns of behaviors we adopt in society that are not authentically reflecting our inner self. We could realize that what we are currently doing for a living is not aligned with our sense of purpose and decide to make a change. This energy may inspire us to redefine our relationship with authorities and laws in a way that feels more empowering and positive.


New Moon in Cancer

July 2020 Astrology Forecast

The second New Moon in Cancer of 2020 is the very first New Moon after Eclipse season ended, which marks the beginning of a new chapter in our collective and personal evolution. Having two New Moons in Cancer is a clear indicator of the need to integrate more emotional awareness into our lives.

We will be inspired to revisit the vision we had in May, before Eclipse season started, and acknowledge what has changed. The invitation is giving concrete form to our dreams from a higher level of consciousness.


Leo Season

The Sun enters Leo bringing up the enthusiasm and the positive vibes. We are all going to feel this shift: when the Sun is the sign he rules, his energy is more influential and more powerful.

Leos are famous for their love for life and their ability to see the bright side of any situation. During Leo season, we are encouraged to connect with our playfulness and have some fun after the emotional intensity of Eclipses and Cancer season.


Venus square Neptune

Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces have been squaring each other on and off since May. At the end of July, we experience the last of three cycles of squares. This time, Venus is direct while Neptune is moving retrograde.

These planets inspire us to become aware of our assumptions in relationships; they invite us to let go of the need to know what to expect from our partner. The tension of this square implies a crisis in action: while Venus in Gemini wants to know it all, Neptune in Pisces keeps reminding us that we have no idea of what’s actually going on.

The invitation is cultivating a sense of faith and the belief that whatever happens, it is the best thing for our growth.

We hope you have enjoyed July 2020 Astrology Forecast. Comment below what events you are excited about the most and why. Sending love and blessings your way. Happy and abundant July!

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