Neptune Direct: Truth Uncovered & Mysteries Revealed

On December 1, 08:22 AM ET, Neptune stations direct at 20°24’ of Pisces after spending six months in an apparent backward motion from our perspective on Earth. Neptune is connected with the absolute Truth, with the immortal, the eternal, the unity of everything in existence: when this planet is stationary, it is a time when truth may be uncovered and mysteries revealed.

Neptune will remain direct until June 28, 2022, and complete its post-shadow phase on March 21, when it will reach 23°11’ of the sign, the degree where the retrograde started. Those of us who have personal planets or angles around these degrees of the Mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will feel this shift more strongly than others, and it will affect us more closely. 


Neptune in Pisces: Remembering Oneness


Neptune is an outer, transpersonal planet that moves very slowly: its transits indicate generational trends and collective dynamics. The modern ruler of Pisces is associated with spirituality, transcendence, unconditional and Divine love. Within Neptune, there are no boundaries, no limits, and no conditions: we are navigating the realms of fantasy, imagination, and unlimited possibilities.

Neptune Direct

As its energy is subtle, difficult to convey, and understand within the context of the 3D reality, Neptune is also associated with confusion, illusions, delusions, and disillusionment. While on the one hand, our fantasy can trick us into believing something that isn’t real, on the other, experiences of the intangible and the spiritual can easily overwhelm us or leave us wondering if what took place was real, or if we imagined it. Adapting to new levels of consciousness while remaining grounded in the material reality is a delicate process that can’t be rushed.

Neptune’s journey through its home sign Pisces started in 2012 and will last until 2025. This transit magnifies the sensitivity associated with these archetypes and increases our attunement to other dimensions and realms. By making us more vulnerable and more aware of our vulnerability, Neptune in Pisces enhances the need and the importance of discernment, setting boundaries, and taking good care of what we allow into our energetic field.


Neptune Transits: Invitation to Surrender 


Neptune transits always invite us to surrender, to let go of the need to control life and shape it through our will. These experiences are deeply humbling and they have the potential to help us develop a new relationship with Source, with Spirit, with the Divine. Our growth during this time is proportional to our acceptance of what shows up and our devotion to living in alignment with Truth.

When Neptune is very prominent in the skies, we often experience a sense of lethargy, confusion, brain fog, and a general slowing down of our habitual pace of life. These are meant to shift our focus inward so that we can begin to pay attention to something we normally wouldn’t pay attention to. Transits of Neptune can also correspond with experiences of disillusionment. Disenchantment has the purpose of bringing us closer to Truth: after acknowledging that we were caught up in fantasy or illusion, we have a chance to understand what’s behind that and confront something we needed to gain awareness of.


Neptune stationary: Coming to a Standstill


The expression of planets in direct motion, compared to that of planets in retrograde motion, is more external, more obvious, easier to recognize. Nonetheless, the effects of Neptune transits are always difficult to understand or spot with clarity. 

Stationary planets are coming to a standstill before changing direction: at this time, we may have a feeling that time is stopping and everything is proceeding extremely slowly. When celestial bodies are stationary, they are closer to Earth and the archetypal themes associated with them become more relevant. The post-shadow phase that takes place afterward represents a time to implement and take action on the insights and the knowledge we gained while the planet was retrograde. We begin integrating these lessons into our lives, walk our talk, and start moving forward again.

neptune direct

During these days, we could notice an increase in our creativity, imagination, sensitivity, and tendency to fantasize and daydream. Neptune is associated with melatonin production and our sleep cycles: our dreams are likely to be particularly vivid and full of symbolism at this time. Keeping a dream journal next to our bed and writing down what we remember as soon as we wake up is likely to help us decipher and remember messages from our unconscious mind.


Neptune direct: Releasing Attachment to Illusions


When Neptune is stationary, the illusions we relied upon may be uncovered. Ultimately, Neptune is about Truth, and its transits can show us our willingness to deal with it. As dealing with Truth often requires deep personal work and uncomfortable levels of honesty, escapism and avoidance may be tempting: these are shadows of the Neptune archetype that could emerge around this time.

The strong activation of Neptune could intensify the feelings of confusion and uncertainty that emerge during times of transition when the old is fading away and the new hasn’t manifested yet, when we are moving from one level of awareness to the next one. 

Even if we don’t understand the meaning and purpose of what we are going through, we still have the option to navigate it with faith. Surrendering to the reality we meet and accepting the consequences of the revelations we experience around this time has the potential to help us connect to a deeper level of trust in Life, its timing, and its plans for us.

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Neptune Stations Direct: Surrender and Acceptance

On November 28, 07:36 PM ET, Neptune stations direct at 18°09’ of Pisces after being in apparent retrograde motion, from our perspective on Earth, since June 23. Every time a planet stations direct after a retrograde, we are encouraged to implement what we learned and reflected upon during the previous months and to take initiative from a different level of consciousness and more profound self-knowledge.

Neptune stationing direct in Pisces is deepening our compassion and empathy as well as our self-awareness. This transit is offering us the chance to integrate the inner experiences and the realizations we had during the last five months: we are now called to translate them into actions through conscious behaviors and choices.


Neptune in Pisces: Entering a Timeless Realm


Neptune has been in his home sign, Pisces, since 2012, and will be there until 2025. This long-term transit is opening for us the doors of transcendence and timelessness: the God of the Ocean invites us to traverse a portal to something beyond our individual ego. Yet, Neptunian energy is not easy to manage and integrate for us humans, and it can easily be misunderstood and misinterpreted.

We can’t grasp Neptune with the conscious, linear mind we normally rely on: this is a transpersonal planet operating in completely different realms, following a logic we are not used to. Neptune rules all those larger-than-life, uncontrollable forces that were here long before we existed and that we have absolutely no way to understand, control, or direct.

Neptune is elusive, it’s constantly shapeshifting, it is diffuse and all-pervasive, yet invisible to the human eye. Neptune is in our eternal longing, in all those unexplainable feelings and sensations. This planet rules divine, spiritual love, a love that has no boundaries or conditions, which can only be attained through our connection with Source.

Neptune Stations Direct

For this reason, Neptune is associated with spirituality, mysticism, and transcendence. Yet, in his lower expression, Neptune corresponds to escapism and addictions, confusion, incapability of taking charge of one’s life, to the tendency to rely on illusions and delusions, and to strong experiences of disillusionment.


Neptune squaring the Lunar Nodes: Transcending Global Chaos


Neptune is currently approaching a square aspect to the Lunar Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius. Their alignment is not exact until January 23, but we are already feeling its effects, which are reflected in the global chaos and the widespread confusion: Neptune represents the collective emotional body, it correlates with the collective unconscious and to all mass phenomena.

Planets squaring the Nodal Axis need to be integrated through a balance between the energies of the North and the South Node. Any configuration involving the Lunar Nodes is very karmic in nature and reflects a key step of our collective and personal evolutionary journey. We are likely to feel the effects of the ongoing square between Neptune and the Nodes until at least April 2021.

The South Node, currently in Sagittarius, is a point in space related to the past and to where we are coming from. This transit correlates with our current need to hold on to our personal truth, our belief system, and our worldview. Yet, Neptune stationing direct will ask us to let go of many of our old beliefs and assumptions. Neptune always reminds us that the absolute truth many of us are looking for is out of reach, that the complete knowledge of reality is not possible.

As Neptune keeps squaring the Nodes, we will be wondering about what is real and what is not real: we will be wondering if we will ever be able to grasp the actual reality of our human experience. To balance these energies, we are encouraged to cultivate discrimination and critical thinking, especially regarding the information we receive, as well as humility and acceptance of where we are in our spiritual journey. Neptune stationing direct invites us to embrace the inherent beauty and perfection of not knowing everything, of being imperfect human beings.


Neptune stations Direct: Surrender and Acceptance


Ultimately, Neptune is about faith and total trust in Life. Neptune corresponds to a place where we have no control, where the only choice we have is to surrender to what we encounter on our path and accept it, even if it’s hard and we don’t understand its deeper meaning.

“The most exquisite paradox…as soon as you give it all up, you can have it all. As long as you want power, you can’t have it. The minute you don’t want power, you’ll have more than you ever dreamed possible.” – Ram Dass

Neptune transits are humbling. They remind us of the fact that we are both one infinite consciousness and human beings, which is beautiful yet confusing. Being aware of our true nature while having to deal with all the ups and downs and drama of 3D reality is hard.

These months represent a window of opportunity to connect with our most vulnerable places, to become aware of what we reject in ourselves, and embrace unconditional self-compassion and self-love.


Neptune stations Direct: Reconnecting to Oneness and Cultivating Inner Peace


Neptune stationing direct represents an invitation to connect with Spirit, to remember where we are coming from, while honoring the human experience, and celebrating where we are at right now, in the present moment. Neptune direct in Pisces expands our psychic sensitivity, our capacity for empathy and compassion, and our awareness of our connection to the whole, to global consciousness.

During the upcoming months, Neptune will invite us to quiet the mind and to trust our intuition, yet without trying to prove our point to others. Neptune stationing direct can help us see beyond polarization, beyond the illusion of separation, beyond our fear of loss, of the sensation of not fitting in anywhere. This transit is here to inspire us to connect with a sense of inner peace that is not dependent on external conditions and situations.

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