Venus trine Neptune: Transcending Separation

On December 5, 11:52 PM ET, Venus in Scorpio creates a harmonic trine to Neptune in Pisces. We have been feeling this energy for a few days already, and we will be able to harness the benefic influence of this aspect for approximately five more days.

Trines are angles of 120° degrees: they represent supportive aspects that promote the integration of the energies of planets transiting signs of the same element, in this case, Water. The alignment between Venus-Neptune is increasing our intuition, our receptivity, and our psychic openness: for this reason, it’s extremely important to be mindful of what we are taking in.

Venus trine Neptune

The current planetary configuration is reflecting increased sensitivity to what is happening in the world, as well as to other people’s energetic and emotional realities. As we are also in the midst of Eclipse season, it is crucial to find ways to ground, get back to our center, align with our own frequency, and balance our inner state.


Venus: Romantic Love, Values, and Relationship to Self


Venus, the ruler of both Taurus and Libra, is the planet related to how we relate to others and how we inwardly relate with ourselves. Venus correlates with how we manage our finances and our resources, with our value system, with our sense of self-worth, and with the extent to which we value ourselves, our energy, and our time.

Venus in Scorpio reflects an inclination to seek intense, deep, soul-bonding relationships: satisfaction is not possible with superficial pursuits or interactions. We tend to want it all and lose trust easily if we feel the other person is holding something back or if we sense some sort of dishonesty. During this transit, we are more introspective than usual: we tend to analyze our own psychological dynamics and to seek the real motivations and intentions behind our conscious desires and needs.


Neptune: Unconditional Love and Divine Innocence


Neptune is a transpersonal planet, and it takes 165 years to orbit the Zodiac. It is very far away from us, it takes about 14-15 years to transits through a sign, and its movements always reflect collective experiences and events. Neptune in Astrology is considered to be the Higher Octave of Venus, meaning that it is a higher vibrational expression of the same energetic quality. While Venus corresponds to romantic love, Neptune is related to divine and unconditional love. 

Neptune has been in Pisces since 2012, bringing the dissolution of many of our illusions and delusions, while allowing us to get closer to our spiritual nature. Neptune correlates to the sense of meaninglessness and disenchantment that we feel when we realize our perception of reality is not the absolute truth.

Neptune corresponds to the loss of innocence after an experience of disillusionment, as well as to a conscious return to innocence, that can happen only when we come into contact with our Higher Self and adopt a spiritual perspective of life. Accepting what we encounter on our journey and surrendering to something greater than ourselves is what helps us make the most out of any Neptune transit, which we will never be able to make complete sense of. 


Venus trine Neptune: Finding Balance and Holding Boundaries


With Venus-Neptune aspects, we tend to idealize people, situations, and relationships, and to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Seeing only the positive aspects of someone or something is easier than usual.

Contacts between Venus and Neptune remind us that, to be able to form conscious and healthy relationships with other people, we need to have a clear sense of self, of our values, strong self-worth and self-respect. Holding proper boundaries becomes essential to avoid losing ourselves in the other, or in our own illusions and ideals. For this reason, we need to make sure of how much we are able to give and what we need to receive.

Venus trine Neptune

The trine supports the integration of the energies of Venus and Neptune and helps us find a balance between extremes. Nonetheless, we need to be mindful that sustaining conditions of harmony requires constant work and honest communication.

Venus trine Neptune: Bridging Spirit and Matter


With Venus-Neptune aspects, we tend to be highly idealistic. However, it is also crucial to make sure we are practical: holding on to ideals and dreams is not enough. We still live in a three-dimensional world with all the conditions and limitations it implies, and we need to be able to navigate through them.

The trine between Venus and Neptune gives us the opportunity to find a better balance between the energy we direct towards material concerns and the energy we direct towards our spiritual pursuits. This aspect represents an invitation to let go of any disempowering belief around financial abundance and material security and to work towards healing the split between Spirit and matter.


Venus trine Neptune: Transmuting Emotions & Transcending Separation


During these days, we are going to feel more empathic and sensitive than usual: artistic and creative endeavors represent a great way to channel and transmute the intense emotional energy that many of us are experiencing. Both Venus and Neptune correlate with the arts, with creativity and inspiration, with the ways we try to generate more beauty and harmony in the world and express something we are not able to verbalize.

The trine between Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces invites us to find new ways to connect with the Divine through our relationships with others, and through artistic and creative pursuits. Ultimately, this planetary alignment invites us to nurture our Spirit by connecting with a state of flow and pure presence, and to transcend the illusion of separation by seeing part of ourselves in all those people we are relating with.

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Neptune Stations Direct: Surrender and Acceptance

On November 28, 07:36 PM ET, Neptune stations direct at 18°09’ of Pisces after being in apparent retrograde motion, from our perspective on Earth, since June 23. Every time a planet stations direct after a retrograde, we are encouraged to implement what we learned and reflected upon during the previous months and to take initiative from a different level of consciousness and more profound self-knowledge.

Neptune stationing direct in Pisces is deepening our compassion and empathy as well as our self-awareness. This transit is offering us the chance to integrate the inner experiences and the realizations we had during the last five months: we are now called to translate them into actions through conscious behaviors and choices.


Neptune in Pisces: Entering a Timeless Realm


Neptune has been in his home sign, Pisces, since 2012, and will be there until 2025. This long-term transit is opening for us the doors of transcendence and timelessness: the God of the Ocean invites us to traverse a portal to something beyond our individual ego. Yet, Neptunian energy is not easy to manage and integrate for us humans, and it can easily be misunderstood and misinterpreted.

We can’t grasp Neptune with the conscious, linear mind we normally rely on: this is a transpersonal planet operating in completely different realms, following a logic we are not used to. Neptune rules all those larger-than-life, uncontrollable forces that were here long before we existed and that we have absolutely no way to understand, control, or direct.

Neptune is elusive, it’s constantly shapeshifting, it is diffuse and all-pervasive, yet invisible to the human eye. Neptune is in our eternal longing, in all those unexplainable feelings and sensations. This planet rules divine, spiritual love, a love that has no boundaries or conditions, which can only be attained through our connection with Source.

Neptune Stations Direct

For this reason, Neptune is associated with spirituality, mysticism, and transcendence. Yet, in his lower expression, Neptune corresponds to escapism and addictions, confusion, incapability of taking charge of one’s life, to the tendency to rely on illusions and delusions, and to strong experiences of disillusionment.


Neptune squaring the Lunar Nodes: Transcending Global Chaos


Neptune is currently approaching a square aspect to the Lunar Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius. Their alignment is not exact until January 23, but we are already feeling its effects, which are reflected in the global chaos and the widespread confusion: Neptune represents the collective emotional body, it correlates with the collective unconscious and to all mass phenomena.

Planets squaring the Nodal Axis need to be integrated through a balance between the energies of the North and the South Node. Any configuration involving the Lunar Nodes is very karmic in nature and reflects a key step of our collective and personal evolutionary journey. We are likely to feel the effects of the ongoing square between Neptune and the Nodes until at least April 2021.

The South Node, currently in Sagittarius, is a point in space related to the past and to where we are coming from. This transit correlates with our current need to hold on to our personal truth, our belief system, and our worldview. Yet, Neptune stationing direct will ask us to let go of many of our old beliefs and assumptions. Neptune always reminds us that the absolute truth many of us are looking for is out of reach, that the complete knowledge of reality is not possible.

As Neptune keeps squaring the Nodes, we will be wondering about what is real and what is not real: we will be wondering if we will ever be able to grasp the actual reality of our human experience. To balance these energies, we are encouraged to cultivate discrimination and critical thinking, especially regarding the information we receive, as well as humility and acceptance of where we are in our spiritual journey. Neptune stationing direct invites us to embrace the inherent beauty and perfection of not knowing everything, of being imperfect human beings.


Neptune stations Direct: Surrender and Acceptance


Ultimately, Neptune is about faith and total trust in Life. Neptune corresponds to a place where we have no control, where the only choice we have is to surrender to what we encounter on our path and accept it, even if it’s hard and we don’t understand its deeper meaning.

“The most exquisite paradox…as soon as you give it all up, you can have it all. As long as you want power, you can’t have it. The minute you don’t want power, you’ll have more than you ever dreamed possible.” – Ram Dass

Neptune transits are humbling. They remind us of the fact that we are both one infinite consciousness and human beings, which is beautiful yet confusing. Being aware of our true nature while having to deal with all the ups and downs and drama of 3D reality is hard.

These months represent a window of opportunity to connect with our most vulnerable places, to become aware of what we reject in ourselves, and embrace unconditional self-compassion and self-love.


Neptune stations Direct: Reconnecting to Oneness and Cultivating Inner Peace


Neptune stationing direct represents an invitation to connect with Spirit, to remember where we are coming from, while honoring the human experience, and celebrating where we are at right now, in the present moment. Neptune direct in Pisces expands our psychic sensitivity, our capacity for empathy and compassion, and our awareness of our connection to the whole, to global consciousness.

During the upcoming months, Neptune will invite us to quiet the mind and to trust our intuition, yet without trying to prove our point to others. Neptune stationing direct can help us see beyond polarization, beyond the illusion of separation, beyond our fear of loss, of the sensation of not fitting in anywhere. This transit is here to inspire us to connect with a sense of inner peace that is not dependent on external conditions and situations.

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Mercury enters Scorpio and Sun trines Neptune

On November 10, we experience two interesting Astrological events. At 12:11 AM, ET the Sun in Scorpio creates a trine to retrograde Neptune in Pisces. On the same day, at 04:56 PM ET, Mercury enters Scorpio for the second time.

Mercury started transiting Scorpio for the first time on September 27, stationed retrograde on October 13, went back to Libra on October 27. During the retrograde phase, we had the chance to internalize our mental energies and our focus: we were drawn to reflect, introspect, and we learned important lessons around relationships and intimacy.

Now, Mercury will bring us more clarity and more learning experiences around themes related to Scorpio, such as power, trust, emotional attachments, psychological transformation, and sexuality. While Mercury transits for the third and last time between 0° and 11° of Scorpio, we are encouraged to take action according to what we discovered and reflected upon during the retrograde phase.

In the meantime, the Sun-Neptune retrograde connection, exact today, offers us a wonderful chance to deepen our spiritual and inner life. We have been already experiencing the energy of this configuration for a few days, and we will feel its influence for the whole week.

This trine is a very harmonic aspect that highly supports our intuition and our creativity. The alignment between Sun in Scorpio and retrograde Neptune in Pisces increases our sensitivity and our empathy, as well as our fantasy: it may help us come up with interesting solutions to the issues and challenges we are experiencing.


Mercury Direct in Scorpio: Evolving Through Intimacy


As Mercury travels from Libra to Scorpio, our mental focus shifts once again from our everyday relationships with other people to our deepest intimate connections and our own psychological processes.

The transit of Mercury, now in direct motion, through Scorpio, is lasting until December 1 and it has the potential to help us understand ourselves and others more deeply. During the upcoming weeks, we have the chance to radically change our perspective of the world, our thought patterns, the way we communicate, and our perception of intimacy and sexuality.

People’s true colors will become clear: the real motives, desires, and shadow traits of those around us are likely to be exposed. The spotlight is on the deeper reason behind everything. Mercury direct in Scorpio intensifies our ability to focus: this transit offers us the possibility to take whatever we are doing to the next level and to understand what is the best way to move forward. 


Mercury Direct in Scorpio: Real Talk


During the journey of Mercury through Scorpio, we may have a tendency to get obsessed with what we think, what we say, what others think and say. We may constantly wonder what everything really means, as we are not satisfied with superficial explanations. The excessive information available can cause a sense of crisis and a state of confusion due to the excess of contradictory data and the ongoing stimulation we are surrounded by.

Mercury in Scorpio is continuously asking why: during the retrograde, our reflections have been mostly personal and introspective. Now it’s time to expose our doubts, fears, and insecurities and to ask difficult questions to the people closest to us.

Themes around power and control and lack of power and control are going to be emphasized: Mercury direct in Scorpio will strongly bring up the need to have honest conversations about difficult topics. Scorpio doesn’t like secrets or taboos: Mercury’s journey through the Underworld can bring up the need for uncensored talk around uncomfortable truths and issues of trust, betrayal, and loss. 

Moreover, Mercury already opposed Uranus in Taurus twice, and will oppose it for the last time on November 17. The purpose of this transit is to bring to light information and facts previously hidden: the disclosure often happens in a shocking and unexpected way, to force us to have real and open confrontations about difficult topics. 


Sun trine Neptune: Heightened Empathy & Compassion


The trine is a very supportive aspect that promotes an easy merging of the energies of two planets, transiting in signs of the same element. The Sun represents our conscious awareness, our essence, and the way we express ourselves. During its yearly transit through Scorpio, the Sun shines a light on our unconscious dynamics and invites us to consciously choose to evolve and transform. 

Neptune is the planet related to mysticism, spirituality, and transcendence, but also to addictions and escapism. The ruler of Pisces, now transiting through its home sign, operates outside linear time and space and does not follow the logic we are used to. Neptune is correlated to the collective emotional body, to all mass phenomena, to empathy, compassion, and psychic abilities.

Water energy is extremely powerful today. The more sensitive amongst us are likely to feel strong emotions coming up, maybe without even realizing where exactly they are coming from. Emotions are an integral part of the human experience: emotional displays should never be dismissed or condemned, especially during a time like this.

Mercury enters Scorpio

If you are feeling collective pain, you are definitely not alone. However, if you are psychically open and you tend to absorb other people’s emotions, you have to find ways to ground, center, and realign with your own energy.


Sun trine Neptune: Intuition, Trust, & Unconditional Love


The Sun in Scorpio in a trine to retrograde Neptune in Pisces is reminding us to connect with our creativity, with our true essence, and to let go of the need to control the outcome. This aspect encourages us to cultivate our relationship with something bigger than ourselves and to allow source energy to express itself through us. 

Neptune always invites surrender and forgiveness, and the trine to the Sun can help us become aware of where we need to surrender and forgive. The challenge is to be open and to trust, to let go of how we think our life should go, and to embrace what is showing up.

The harmonic aspect between Sun and Neptune is enhancing our intuition, our creativity, our capacity for empathy, compassion, and unconditional love. It is reminding us of our connection with both our higher self and the collective. This configuration can help us understand how all that is happening is supporting our growth and our alignment with our true purpose.

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