Mercury in Cancer: Speaking from the Heart

On July 11, 4:36 PM ET, Mercury left its home sign Gemini and entered Cancer, where it will be until July 27. Mercury in transit gives us information on how we perceive our reality and communicate our thoughts, feelings, and opinions to others: while Mercury is in Cancer, we will speak from the heart and tend to interpret life through the lens of our emotions and feelings.

This year, Mercury remained in Gemini longer than usual due to its retrograde cycle. Mercury in Gemini is a time of increased mental stimulation: our minds are faster, we gravitate towards multitasking, we are constantly taking in data and processing information coming from different sources.

However, since May 20, Mercury has been in an ongoing square to Neptune in Pisces: their last exact alignment was on July 6. This square has been reflecting challenges with an objective understanding of reality and difficulties with keeping up with the pace of our daily obligations and tasks. Many of us might have felt that our minds were clouded, more prone to distractions, less keen to process and organize details as efficiently as we are used to: this has already been changing, and we are finally reaching more clarity.


Mercury in Transit: Understanding Reality & Adapting to the Environment


Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, is the planet associated with the left hemisphere of the brain, corresponding to logical processing and critical thinking. Mercury has a Yang and a Yin side. While the Yang side of Mercury rules Gemini and the process of collecting data to classify our immediate environment, its Yin side correlates with the Virgo archetype and the functions of discrimination, discernment, and self-analysis.

Mercury in transit reflects our changing orientation to logically understanding our reality and ourselves: it gives us information on how we organize the data we get from our environment and adapt to it. 

Mercury in Cancer corresponds to a tendency to interpret data subjectively, through the lens of our moment-to-moment sensations, our history, our memories, and our past. This transit helps us develop our intuition and strengthens our trust in the wisdom of feelings and emotions. Mercury traveling through the sign of the Crab invites us to take a break from the news and the worldly noise, turn inwards, connect with our hearts, and find the answers we are seeking within ourselves. 


Mercury trine Jupiter and square Chiron


As soon as it enters Cancer, Mercury forms a trine aspect to Jupiter in Pisces, the ruler of the South Node of the Moon. Mercury is the planetary ruler of the North Node of the Moon, which will be in Gemini until the end of the year. The supportive alignment between the Nodal rulers, exact on July 12, promotes intellectual expansion: it helps us broaden our minds and find agreement between logic and intuition. The Mercury-Jupiter trine facilitates the understanding of our past experiences and the lessons contained in them: it has the potential to help us move forward with optimism, a positive mindset, and a better sense of direction.

Mercury in Cancer

On July 19, Mercury squares retrograde Chiron in Aries, possibly bringing up old wounds relative to feeling misunderstood, rejected, not listened to, and not seen. This aspect may play out as miscommunication in family dynamics or our domestic environment: we may feel unable to connect with our close ones, unable to get them to understand our point or to understand theirs. Mercury square Chiron gives us a chance to develop deeper empathy and compassion towards both ourselves and others and to work on expressing ourselves more clearly and authentically.


Mercury sextile Uranus, trine Neptune, opposite Pluto


Mercury sextile Uranus in Taurus will be exact on July 20: this experimental aspect will inspire us to try out new solutions, new concepts, new ways of thinking and expressing ourselves: we seek to discover new ideas and try out what can be of practical value. On July 24, Mercury trines Neptune in Pisces: their alignment suggests an increased capacity to express and conceptualize feelings and sensations normally hard to describe. Our writing may be particularly inspired these days, as symbols, imagery, and metaphors may come through spontaneously.

On July 25, Mercury opposes Pluto in Capricorn: this aspect may correspond with a sensation of being held back or blocked when we try to share our feelings, emotions, ideas, and opinions. We may experience it as an internal struggle, or there may be an actual confrontation with someone in a position of power. On a collective scale, there might be issues with governments and institutions around freedom of expression and sharing of information. On a personal level, we may get caught in a loop of obsessive thoughts: it will be important to pay special attention to remain grounded.


Mercury in Cancer: Speaking from the Heart


As Mercury leaves Gemini and enters Cancer, we are likely to desire to talk less and listen more. Our style of communication and self-expression will be softer, slower, and more attentive. We will feel driven to reflect carefully before we speak or share our opinions with others, as we tend to be more protective of our thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

This transit will inspire many of us to take a break from constant information intake and to turn inwards instead, pay more attention to what our body and our heart are saying, and speak from there. Some of us may decide to take a break from social media and detach from technology and prioritize genuine and emotionally open conversations with people we trust and can be vulnerable with.

Mercury in Cancer

During the upcoming weeks, old memories may resurface, and our sensitivity and intuition will be enhanced. It’s advised to be particularly discerning when choosing whom we surround ourselves with: we will be more prone to absorb information from our environment, which is likely to influence our mood more strongly than usual.

Mercury in Cancer will give us chances to access and analyze the feelings and emotions behind our thoughts, words, and ideas, while helping us intuitively understand others and where they are coming from.

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