Retrograde Mars square Jupiter: Authenticity and Faith

On October 19, 01:37 AM ET, retrograde Mars in Aries creates a square aspect to Jupiter in Capricorn, now in direct motion.

The first square between the two planets happened on August 4, when Jupiter was retrograde and Mars was direct, and there will be a third one on January 23, 2021. When the next square takes place, Mars will be in Taurus and Jupiter in Aquarius. We are now experiencing the second chapter of the process, and issues that first came up during August can resurface and be seen under a different light.

While the Mars-Jupiter square is taking place, we also experience the second opposition of a cycle of three between retrograde Mercury in Scorpio and retrograde Uranus in Taurus, exact at 10:53 PM ET. This aspect can reflect sudden revelation, unexpected news, and the disclosure of previously hidden dynamics. 

The planetary configuration of the day has the potential to reflect the exposure of behaviors, people, and organizations that are not rooted in integrity. Retrograde Mars square Jupiter emphasizes the need to be true to ourselves, and the friction generated by this aspect invites us to make an effort to pause and reflect before reacting to triggers.


Mars Retrograde in Aries: New Sources of Motivation


The retrograde transit of Mars through his home sign and his cycle of squares to Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter in Capricorn is an energy that can bring a fair amount of frustration, especially for those of us who have Mars or the Aries archetype emphasized in their birth chart.

Both Mars and Aries are very fiery energies that need fast, instinctual action, forward movement, unrestricted freedom. The fact that Mars is retrograde means that his function is internalized, directed inwardly rather than outwardly. This transit can slow us down and make it harder for us to manifest immediate changes in the external world and the 3D reality.

Retrograde Mars square Jupiter

Nonetheless, the internalization of Mars energy has the purpose of inviting us to use the tension we experience as fuel for conscious action, to find new sources of motivation, new ways of moving forward, that are more aligned with who we truly are, with our individuality. 

All retrograde planets promote the process of individuation and self-actualization. Ultimately, they facilitate self-knowledge, originality, and creativity, as they force us to solve problems in different and unusual ways.


Jupiter in Capricorn: Beliefs, Faith, and Truth


Jupiter, as an archetype and a function of our consciousness, represents our need to believe in something, to have a higher perspective of life: it reflects our search for meaning. Jupiter is related to our intuition, to our right brain, to experiential knowledge, life-experience, philosophy, cosmology, and metaphysics.

Before the discovery of Neptune in 1846, Jupiter was considered the ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces. For this reason, both planets have a natural correlation with spirituality, mysticism, and the search for truth.

The difference between Jupiter and Neptune is that Jupiter is associated with personal truth while Neptune corresponds to absolute truth: when we confuse the two, and we mistake our personal truth with the absolute truth, huge distortions of the function of Jupiter can happen. Expressed unconsciously, Jupiter is related to arrogance, dogmatism, to fake gurus and teachers, to the need to convince and convert others to our point of view in order to feel safe.

Jupiter’s transit through Capricorn started in December 2019 and it was marked by his conjunctions with Pluto and Saturn. During this time, Jupiter has been contributing to the shift in the societal structure and in global consciousness that we are experiencing. As we revisit our ideas of ethics, morality, and our belief systems, the way we perceive our social function and the role we aspire to have in the world is changing dramatically.

This year-long transit is helping us confront the existing reality and recognize what no longer works, what no longer feels authentic. The purpose of Jupiter in Capricorn is to support our movement towards the future, and to inspire us to envision new structures.


Retrograde Mars square Jupiter: Past Issues Resurfacing


Issues related to the past may resurface during these days, as Jupiter is the planetary ruler of the Sagittarius South Node, a point in space strongly related to our personal and collective karmic past.

Moreover, Jupiter is famous for expanding whatever he comes into contact with: the Mars-Jupiter square can reflect an increased restlessness, nervous tension, and awareness of the friction between the options available to us at this time and our real desires. We may experience some frustration due to our need to be true to ourselves and our purpose and our limited capacity to take action.

Meanwhile, the Mercury-Uranus opposition is putting the spotlight on hidden agendas, on the subconscious motivations and psychological dynamics behind our impulses and desires, on the unconscious ways we try to create safety and security. Trust, betrayal, and vulnerability are big themes of the whole Mercury retrograde transit through Scorpio: this is another aspect that can bring us back to the past. If you haven’t already, we invite you to download our new free Mercury Retrograde ebook to learn more about true meaning of Mercury Retrograde.


Retrograde Mars square Jupiter: Rooting in Authenticity


Through these planetary transits, the Cosmos invites us to be honest with ourselves and to keep searching for meaning and purpose. In particular, the Mars-Jupiter square reminds us to be true to our nature, even when we need to confront hardships and challenges.

Retrograde Mars square Jupiter

Ultimately, the friction created by all squares has the function of promoting changes in our approach to an issue. The type of square taking place between Mars and Jupiter is also known as a “crisis in action” square, that brings to the forefront issues related to how to implement concrete and tangible changes in the actual reality while being in integrity with who we are and what we believe in.

During these days, beware of impulsive and explosive reactions and be mindful of the way you react to triggers. Pausing and reflecting before responding, giving ourselves the time to wait and listen instead of being immediately defensive or aggressive can offer us the opportunity to direct our willpower and our energy in more constructive ways.

Jupiter invites us to be optimistic, to have faith in ourselves and in a higher order. Aspects to this planet always reminds us to seek the deeper meaning of whatever we are experiencing, and to navigate it without losing hope in a better future.

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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: Entering the Unconscious

On October 13, 9:05 PM ET, Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio. This Mercury retrograde cycle, lasting for three weeks, is going to be about healing and transformation: we will feel the need to explore our psyche and understand ourselves more deeply. 

On October 27, at 9:34 ET, Mercury will leave Scorpio and retrograde back into Libra. Mercury will station direct on November 3, enter Scorpio for the second time on November 10, and remain there until December 1.

Mercury will inspire us to investigate, to get to know how our mind works, to question the real motivations and intentions of both ourselves and others. This transit has the potential to allow us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, of our journey, of our true purpose, and of what happens around us.

Moreover, Mercury is the planetary ruler of the Gemini North Node, a point in space related to our personal and collective evolutionary direction: until 2022, Mercury’s role will be more relevant for us, and all his transit will bring karmic issues to the surface.


Mercury in Scorpio: a Bridge to the Unconscious


In Astrology, Mercury is related to our mental activity, to our mindset, our way of thinking, to how we logically process and share information, and to the left hemisphere of our brain. Mercury is considered the planetary ruler of two signs: Gemini and Virgo.

Gemini is associated with the Yang side of Mercury, the mercurial function directed outwards, ruling over communication, verbal expression, writing, gathering information, curiosity, and exploration of our surroundings.

On the contrary, Virgo corresponds to the Yin side of Mercury, directed inwards, towards self-analysis, critical thinking, organization of the information we possess, and refinement of our perception of the world.

In Greek mythology, Mercury is associated with Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, ruling over communication and commerce, protector of travelers and merchants. Hermes was the only one allowed to travel to the Underworld and come back from there, as he was responsible for guiding souls to the afterlife.

The Lord of the Underworld, Hades, is associated with the planet Pluto, ruler of Scorpio: for this reason, Mercury and Scorpio blend well together. This combination of energies can be extremely powerful and transformative: Mercury, the rational mind, can represent a bridge to our unconscious. 


Mercury Retrograde: An Evolutionary Perspective


From our perspective on Earth, Mercury appears orbiting in backward motion three or four times a year. The actual direction Mercury is moving towards is not changing: it is just an optical illusion. This is the most frequent planetary retrograde, even though other planets stay in retrograde motion for a longer time. Yet, there is still a lot of fear and misconceptions about the meaning of this phenomenon.

Many of us have heard that, when Mercury is retrograde, technological devices suddenly stop working, misunderstandings are way too common, and nearly nothing goes according to our plans. Sometimes this happens, nonetheless focusing only on what can go wrong doesn’t help us navigate this energy, and we may forget the real purpose of this transit.

Mercury retrograde invites reflection and introspection: it encourages us to be patient, to slow down, to think well before we act or make decisions, to pay extra attention to details if we sign deals or agreements. 

When a planet turns retrograde, the way we express it is under increased evolutionary pressure: our individuation process, relative to the functions of that planet, is accelerated. Many Astrologers believe that any retrograde planet carries an Uranian or Aquarian energy. This means that it represents an invitation to question everything, to rebel against the status quo, to break free from conditioning, to challenge the norm, to find our truth, our own way to express what the planet is about.


Exploring Relationships


Mercury in Scorpio is currently conjunct Juno, an asteroid related to partnership, marriage, and commitment. Moreover, on October 13, 7:25 PM ET, just a couple of hours before Mercury stations retrograde, the Sun in Libra opposes retrograde Mars in Aries.

These synchronicities, as well as Mercury retrograding back to Libra on October 27, strongly emphasizes the fact that, throughout this cycle, we need to address unfinished business and unresolved issues in the area of relationships and intimate partnerships. 

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

During these days, conflicts and disagreements related to old themes may emerge in order to be fully worked out. Reassessing and reexamining the ways we communicate our needs, values, priorities, and desires to others is key to navigating this cycle consciously.

During the first phase of the transit, when Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio, shadows and hidden agendas may be exposed and revealed. As Mercury travels back to Libra, we will be encouraged to reflect on how to build equal and fair relationships and on how to listen actively to the people around us. When Mercury stations direct, we will be able to implement the ideas we had and to initiate concrete changes from a place of clearer understanding.


Retrograde Mercury opposite Uranus: Secrets Revealed


Mercury opposed Uranus in Taurus for the first time on October 7. The second opposition between them happens on October 19 or 20, according to your timezone, and the last one takes place on November 17, when Mercury will be direct.

Mercury and Uranus are both very connected to intellect and the world of ideas. Mercury corresponds to the left brain while Uranus to the Higher Mind, considered to be the higher octave, or a higher vibrational expression, of Mercury.

This transit supports objectivity and detachment, and it allows us to develop a more impartial perspective of events. Mercury opposite Uranus generates an extremely creative energy: the tension that the opposition naturally brings that has the potential to inspire a-ha moments, groundbreaking discoveries, and can help us find innovative solutions to the struggles and conflicts that may emerge.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

The Mercury-Uranus opposition can also reflect shocking revelations, disruptive news, and the disclosure of previously hidden facts, events, and dynamics, both on a personal level and on a global scale.


Healing and Transformation


When a retrograde happens in a Water sign like Scorpio, its effects are more intense on our inner state and emotional body. During this time, we can have deep life-changing realizations if we dare to dive deep into our unconscious and embrace the metamorphosis. 

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio has a strong healing potential: traumas may resurface in order to be fully released, something that was previously hidden can be revealed and offer us the possibility for a clearer understanding of our past.

Our intuition is enhanced during the next few weeks. This retrograde cycle can provide new insights, a more profound understanding of reality and human psychology, giving us new clues on how our subconscious mind works and more clarity on the repetitive patterns that show up in our relationships.

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