Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius: Opportunity to Decondition

On January 14, 06:41 AM ET, Mercury stations retrograde at 10°20’ of Aquarius, offering us an invitation to reflect and an opportunity to decondition. Mercury will come back to Capricorn on January 25 and station direct on February 3 at 24°22’ of the sign of the Sea-Goat.

While Mercury is in retrograde motion, we have a chance to rethink, review, reevaluate, and reconsider our communication habits, our way to share our ideas and thoughts, our thinking patterns, and our perception of reality itself. In Aquarius, this is likely to play out in our relationship with social movements, groups, and communities, both online and offline. It could affect our ideologies, our dreams for the future, and our concept of social progress as a whole.


Mercury Retrograde: Invitation to Reflect


Mercury is the planet of logic, thought, communication, and language. It is connected with our perception of reality and with how we classify and mentally relate with our surroundings. The ruler of Gemini and Virgo is associated with problem-solving, discernment, and how we gather and filter data and information.

Mercury retrograde is a common event, happening three to four times a year and lasting for approximately three weeks. Retrogrades happen when a planet slows down and appears to be moving backward from our perspective on Earth. Astrologically, these are times of decreased momentum, an invitation to introspect and reevaluate the direction we want to take before moving forward again with more clarity when the planet turns direct.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

In popular Astrology, Mercury retrograde is infamous and feared for its correlation with misunderstandings, forgetfulness, miscommunications, travel delays, and technological issues. Nonetheless, this transit has an often overlooked evolutionary potential. All retrogrades accelerate our individuation process in specific areas of our lives by encouraging us to turn within and question our existing reality, narratives, and ways of being.


Mercury retrograde in Aquarius: Questioning our Perception of Reality


Aquarius correlates with the Higher Mind, the Hive Mind, group consciousness, scientific discoveries, innovation, social progress, deconditioning, and individuation. The sign of the Water Bearer teaches us objectivity and detachment, but it also encourages us to dare to be different from the norm, rebel from existing standards, and explore alternative ones.

In Aquarius, Mercury expresses itself eccentrically and creatively. This transit connects our lower minds with the Higher Mind, facilitating innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, inspiring us to explore different ways to see and interpret reality. During this retrograde cycle, we may reexamine our ideals and ideologies, reevaluate our relationships with the groups we are part of, reconceptualize our current idea of progress, as well as our dreams and visions for the future.

Mercury stations retrograde while conjunct Saturn and square Uranus in Taurus, and activates the ongoing square between the modern and traditional rulers of Aquarius. For this reason, during the upcoming weeks, changes and revisions of the current norms, rules, restrictions, and regulations established by authorities are quite likely to happen. Simultaneously, more and more people will feel the urge to reclaim and defend our right to think and express ourselves freely.


Mercury back to Capricorn: Reviewing the Past to Step into the Future


On January 25, 10:05 PM ET, retrograde Mercury comes back to Capricorn, inspiring a deep reassessment of the social, familial, cultural, and religious conditioning we have absorbed and internalized and that still affects our thoughts and perceptions. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn gives us an opportunity to review our past experiences and the narratives they generated: this is a time to reconsider and rethink our relationship with authorities, institutions, governments, and society as a whole.

Just a couple of days after entering Capricorn, on January 28, Mercury joins Pluto for the second time of a cycle of three, offering us an invitation to dig deeper into our psychological material. Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto is a wonderful moment for deep therapeutic and psychological work aimed at working through old experiences that generated disempowering thinking habits and limiting perceptions of the world around us.

The last Mercury-Pluto conjunction will take place on February 11, when Mercury will be in direct motion. This aspect has the potential to give us fresh insights into our psychology, our behavior, and the way our mind works while reminding us of the power of our thoughts and intentions, underlying the importance of being aware of the stories playing out in our head.


Mercury retrograde in Aquarius: Opportunity to Decondition


Mercury will come back to Aquarius on February 14 and its post-shadow phase will end on February 24. As the Messenger comes back to the degree where the retrograde started, it completes the integration of what happened during the previous phases.

We are entering a time to carefully explore how social conditioning has distorted our perspective of reality: Mercury retrograde in Aquarius urges us to question our perceptions and gain awareness of how the information we take in affects us. This transit promotes a process of intellectual deconditioning and encourages us to think for ourselves.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

We have a chance to reconsider our role in our community, our way to assert our opinions or express our thoughts in group contexts. During the upcoming weeks, we may become aware of limiting thinking patterns and narratives that hold us back from aligning with our essence, of ways of communicating and perceiving life that aren’t constructive. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius gives us a chance to reflect on our vision for the future of society. This transit may inspire us  to join groups of like minds we feel aligned with and separate from those that are not.

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Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius: Questioning and Inquiring

On January 30, 10:51 AM ET, Mercury stations retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. From our perspective on Earth, the planet of communication, logic, and critical thinking will be in apparent backward motion until February 20. The post-shadow phase, during which Mercury will travel for the third time between 11°01’ and 26°29’ of Aquarius, lasts until March 13, and, on the same day, a New Moon in Pisces takes place, marking a fresh start.

Mercury retrograde is the transit that most often gets blamed when things go wrong, even though there is no need to be dramatic about it. Nevertheless, we may experience technological glitches, delays, a sense of brain fog, and some confusion surrounding all domains related to Mercury. During the upcoming weeks, pay attention to how you verbalize your feelings and thoughts to avoid misunderstandings, double-check any documents you need to sign and make sure that you have replied to emails and messages so you don’t miss important information. You will be fine!


Understanding Mercury’s cycle


Mercury retrograde is the most common retrograde we experience: it happens three to four times a year and lasts for approximately three weeks. Retrogrades are an optical illusion: Mercury is not changing the actual direction it is traveling towards, it only appears to be moving backward from our perspective.

Mercury retrogrades tend to happen in a pattern due to which they take place in signs of the same element for a period of time. While last year all retrogrades happened in Water signs, except for a brief transit from Scorpio to Libra, this year they will happen in Air signs. The last time a Mercury retrograde cycle occurred in Air signs was in 2016. This is emphasizing the transition to the Age of Air that is already taking place, as marked by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius of December 21, 2020.

The Age of Air is an era dominated by technology, data, and information: things happen quickly, and there is a lot of focus on the mind and the intellect. For this reason, as there is already a lot of activation of the Air element at this time, it is essential that we consciously connect to our emotions and feelings, and regularly practice grounding activities, so that we don’t get too lost in the intellectual realms.


Mercury in Aquarius: Originality and Innovation


Aquarius’ is about liberation, deconditioning, and individuation, while Mercury represents our linear thinking patterns, our communication habits, our learning style, and our left brain. When Mercury is retrograde, we may notice challenges with logic and left-brain thinking.

Nonetheless, our intuition and all right-brain functions are enhanced. The fact that this retrograde is happening in Aquarius has the potential to be highly beneficial for our originality and innovation: Aquarius is a highly creative sign, naturally thinking outside the box.

Moreover, as Aquarius relates to group consciousness, Mercury in Aquarius highlights the connection between the individual mind and the collective mind. During this Mercury retrograde cycle, many of us are likely to experience sudden ideas, downloads, and flashes of genius apparently coming out of the blue.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

The Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter are also in the sign of Aquarius. Venus will enter Aquarius too just two days after Mercury stations, and will exactly conjoin the planet of communication on February 13. Jupiter will align with Mercury twice, on February 14 and March 4, increasing our attention on the mental realms and inviting us to question our beliefs and assumptions.


Mercury retrograde in Aquarius: Between Past and Future


The condition of the two planetary rulers of Aquarius gives us more information about the way this Mercury retrograde cycle is going to manifest. Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, is currently in Taurus, and in a tense square with Saturn in Aquarius, the traditional ruler of the sign. Saturn will exactly square Uranus on February 17, for the first time out of a cycle of three.

This configuration is very interesting to explore: while on the one hand, their alignment reflects a substantial amount of inner and outer tension, on the other, it offers us the motivation we need to overcome challenges and obstacles. While Saturn is oriented towards conserving the past and doing things the way they have always been done, Uranus is completely projected towards the future and desires freedom, novelty, and experimentation. Yet, Saturn is in Aquarius, a future-oriented sign, and Uranus is in Taurus, a sign that tends to prefer stability and comfort.

During this Mercury retrograde, each and every one of us is likely to experience a similar inner conflict between two different parts of the psyche, one that wants to know what to expect and stay comfortable, versus another one who wants to liberate from the old and try something new.


Mercury retrograde in Aquarius: Questioning Our Perception of Reality


Mercury retrograde in Aquarius will invite us to reexamine everything that has been taking place during January, offering us an opportunity to reassess our plans and reflect upon our perception of reality.

Pay attention to any repetitive thinking patterns, assumptions, beliefs, and communication habits. Ask yourself where did they originate from: ponder upon whether your perceived fears and doubts are actually yours, or they represent a product of the conditioning, the education, and the programming you received.

This Mercury retrograde cycle is a fantastic opportunity to dive deep into self-inquiry, to question the way we habitually perceive reality, and to move forward in our deconditioning process. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius will invite us to break free from all those ideas, ideologies, and thoughts that aren’t serving us and encourage us to open our minds to new possibilities.

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