Mercury in Sagittarius: a Global Vision

On December 1, 2:51 PM ET, Mercury entered fiery and lively Sagittarius. After spending more time than usual in Scorpio, due to its retrograde cycle, the planet of logic and communication has moved on and will stay in Sagittarius until December 20.

We are coming out of a long season of introspection and self-reflection, during which we deeply analyzed our own psyche and the psychology of people around us to find out what is beneath the surface and discover the deeper motivations and intentions behind situations and events.

While Mercury was in Scorpio, our mental focus was completely within: now, it’s going to be the opposite. Mercury’s journey through philosophical Sagittarius is a transit that reflects a natural opening towards the social sphere and an increased need to exchange thoughts and opinions with others, laugh, and have a good time.


Sagittarius: Meaning, Faith, and Purpose


Sagittarius corresponds to our need to give meaning to our existence. The evolutionary transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius reflects the moment in which we find a new sense of purpose and faith after an existential crisis, a Dark Night of the Soul, which caused a complete psychological death and rebirth. 

mercury in sagittarius

The sign of Sagittarius correlates to the archetype of the teacher, the philosopher, and the pilgrim. It is the seeker of the Zodiac, on an ongoing quest for self-discovery and truth. Authenticity is one of the keywords related to Sagittarius, which is strongly connected with our instinct as well as with Natural Laws.

Sagittarius needs absolute freedom to explore reality as felt in any given moment: this sign desires to live in the present and enjoy life to the fullest. The expansion of consciousness through direct experience is the ultimate goal: Sagittarius aims to find the true purpose of every adventure by learning from observation and correlation and an ongoing trial and error process.


Mercury: Deductive Reasoning, Logic, and Rationality


Mercury’s function is to help us make sense of reality. The planetary ruler of Gemini and Virgo allows us to intellectually classify and give names to the world around us. Mercury corresponds to how we communicate our internal reality to others, to how we learn, gather, and absorb information and data, to how we manage and handle the tasks and chores of everyday life.

Mercury reflects left brain functions and is associated with deductive reasoning, with linear and rational thinking patterns. It corresponds to our immediate environment and to the way we interface with our surroundings. On the contrary, Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, rules the right brain, inductive reasoning, non-linear, intuitive thinking patterns. Jupiter corresponds to those long journeys in which we get to interact with different cultures, discover new philosophies and ways of perceiving the world. It is related to our belief system and to the way we tend to attribute meaning to our existence.


Mercury in Sagittarius: Bridging the Left and Right Brain


During the transit of Mercury through Sagittarius, we will experience the natural conflict between the left and the right brain. According to traditional Astrology, Mercury is considered to be in its “detriment” in Sagittarius, meaning that the energy of the two archetypes may have some difficulty to blend well: in fact, Mercury is at home in Gemini, the opposite sign. Sagittarius, archetypally speaking, doesn’t have a lot of patience with details: it is naturally focused on the big picture and prefers learning from direct experience rather than spending hours on books.

However, Mercury in Sagittarius offers us important opportunities for growth by allowing us to create bridges between the left and the right hemispheres of the brain. If we are able to harness the full potential of this transit, we have a great chance to develop both our intuition and our capacity for critical thinking. 


Mercury in Sagittarius: a Global Vision


The journey of Mercury through Sagittarius has the potential to help us significantly shift our mental approach to reality by inviting us to focus on the big picture while promoting a sense of hope and an optimistic outlook towards the future. During the upcoming weeks, we get a big chance to connect all the separate parts of the whole and develop a global vision of any issue we are interfacing with. 

Nonetheless, we need to be mindful of not neglecting important details, avoid excessive generalizations, and be careful of not being too blunt, preachy, self-righteous, or inappropriately sarcastic, which can be some of the downsides of this transit.

Moreover, Mercury will exactly conjunct the Sun and the Moon on the South Node during the potent New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, taking place on December 14. This configuration represents a strong invitation to release old ways of thinking and learning, as well as beliefs and assumptions belonging to the past that are holding us back from moving forward and aligning with the person we are becoming. 

Mercury in Sagittarius will be supporting our journey towards self-knowledge and authenticity. This transit can help us become aware of thought patterns and prejudices that are not rooted in our personal truth and don’t reflect our worldview but rather represent a product of our conditioning.

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