Mercury in Scorpio: Deepening Psychological Awareness

On October 29, 3:22 PM ET, Mercury leaves Libra and enters Scorpio after an extended stay in the sign of the Scales due to its retrograde cycle. 

Mercury in Scorpio reflects an inclination to research, observe carefully, and deepen into how things function before we speak or share what we think and feel. This transit promotes and supports a deepening in our psychological awareness, emotional nature, hidden intentions and motivations, as well as a more profound understanding of how other people function.

Mercury remains in Scorpio until November 17, increasing the emphasis on the sign, where the Sun, Venus, and the Lunar South Node are already transiting. 


Mercury in Scorpio: Empowerment through Changes in Mindset


Scorpio is a Yin, Fixed, Water sign, and like all Water signs is connected with the emotional body. It correlates to transformational processes that require us to let something die in order to create space for something else, more aligned with our path’s unfolding. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, has to do with the mind, the intellect, and rationality. The Messenger correlates to how we learn, solve problems, organize, communicate, and deal with daily tasks and obligations.

 The transit of Mercury through Scorpio has the potential to clearly show us how we can empower or disempower ourselves through our thinking, and how thoughts and emotions are intertwined and feed each other all the time. Mercury’s journey through the sign can be an opportunity to explore what needs to shift in our relationship with our emotions to establish solid changes in our mindset, and vice versa, what needs to change in our mindset to establish lasting changes in how we deal with emotions.


Mercury has a Prominent Role during the Upcoming Lunar Eclipse


Mercury is going to be prominently placed during the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, taking place on November 8. The Messenger will be in the heart of the Sun and close to the Lunar South Node, opposite Uranus and the Moon. We will experience a potent Sun-Mercury cazimi in Scorpio together with a tight Moon-Uranus conjunction, all on a Lunar Eclipse conjunct the North Node. Revelations, downloads, sudden insights, and new information becoming available at this time could be key for us to move forward, opening new doors, providing opportunities, and quickening the pace of our growth. 

A strong sense of restlessness, erratic energy, nervous tension, and need for speed are also likely. While, on the one hand, the Sun-Mercury cazimi in Scorpio indicates an incredible capacity to focus and concentrates our intellectual powers, the involvement of Uranus and the Moon reflects a more scatter-brained quality as well as a tendency to dissociate, detach from our bodies, and lose ourselves in the realms of the mind, future visions, and possibilities. Technological breakdowns, breakthroughs, and new discoveries are likely around this time. This configuration supports our attunement to future trends and currents, indicating higher chances for sudden revelations and ideas that can bring forth significant innovation.

Mercury in scorpio

The Mercury-South Node conjunction can be an opportunity to recycle old ideas or transform projects we began in the past into something new, more attuned to the direction we are going toward. The Moon-Mercury opposition invites reflection on our relationship with memory, how memory can be distorted by emotions, and how emotions affect our perception of reality. It highlights the challenges of communicating our inner experiences and sensations in a way that gives to others a clear picture of them, without being either excessively rational or excessively emotional.


Mercury in Aspect to Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto


During its journey through Scorpio, Mercury is going to square Saturn, trine Neptune, trine Jupiter, and sextile Pluto. The square between Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius goes exact on November 10 and will be already active on the Eclipse. Mercury activates the Saturn-Uranus square, emphasizing the tension between our desire to break free from obsolete outdated thinking patterns and the pull of internalized conditioning holding us back from doing so. This is a good time to ponder and reflect upon how we may unconsciously contribute to silencing or censoring ourselves, and how our relationship with our voice and speaking our truth has been changing.

 The Mercury-Neptune trine involving the signs of Scorpio and Pisces, exact on November 12, facilitates artistic inspiration and creativity and increases our imagination. Storytelling and writing may be particularly inspired these days. Our intuition will be strengthened, and so will our capacity to translate into language the information we receive through sensations, psychic sensitivity, and energetic awareness.

Mercury forms a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn on November 15. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio and this symbolism maximizes the Scorpionic powers of Mercury. Mercury sextile Pluto is an aspect motivating us and facilitating productive action aimed at penetrating into the depths of our subconscious minds and finding out the root cause of our patterns and habits, to gain a more complete understanding of our psychology, desires, and motivations. Finally, on November 16, we experience a Mercury-Jupiter trine, also in Scorpio and Pisces, a tremendous influence for all learning pursuits, teaching, and sharing of information and ideas through different channels. 


Mercury in Scorpio: Power of Persuasion


Mercury’s journey through Scorpio increases our powers of persuasion, our intuitive skills, and our desire for depth of connection and conversation. It reflects an inclination to expose the truth and be transparent even when it’s extremely uncomfortable. This transit offers us an invitation to reflect upon how other people’s values influence our thinking, how our intimate connections and bonds contribute to shaping our perception of reality, and how the way we think and perceive sexuality affects our experience of it. During the upcoming weeks, we may ponder upon our relationship to trust, question what trust means to us, and what contributes to building a foundation of trust in our connections. 

Our way to relate with and make sense of experiences of betrayal and abandonment may also be in the spotlight. Mercury’s journey through Scorpio offers us chances to reframe the way we perceive feelings of betrayal and abandonment by integrating a deeper understanding of ours and others’ psychology, facilitating opportunities to see our inner and outer experiences in a different light.

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Mercury enters Scorpio and Sun trines Neptune

On November 10, we experience two interesting Astrological events. At 12:11 AM, ET the Sun in Scorpio creates a trine to retrograde Neptune in Pisces. On the same day, at 04:56 PM ET, Mercury enters Scorpio for the second time.

Mercury started transiting Scorpio for the first time on September 27, stationed retrograde on October 13, went back to Libra on October 27. During the retrograde phase, we had the chance to internalize our mental energies and our focus: we were drawn to reflect, introspect, and we learned important lessons around relationships and intimacy.

Now, Mercury will bring us more clarity and more learning experiences around themes related to Scorpio, such as power, trust, emotional attachments, psychological transformation, and sexuality. While Mercury transits for the third and last time between 0° and 11° of Scorpio, we are encouraged to take action according to what we discovered and reflected upon during the retrograde phase.

In the meantime, the Sun-Neptune retrograde connection, exact today, offers us a wonderful chance to deepen our spiritual and inner life. We have been already experiencing the energy of this configuration for a few days, and we will feel its influence for the whole week.

This trine is a very harmonic aspect that highly supports our intuition and our creativity. The alignment between Sun in Scorpio and retrograde Neptune in Pisces increases our sensitivity and our empathy, as well as our fantasy: it may help us come up with interesting solutions to the issues and challenges we are experiencing.


Mercury Direct in Scorpio: Evolving Through Intimacy


As Mercury travels from Libra to Scorpio, our mental focus shifts once again from our everyday relationships with other people to our deepest intimate connections and our own psychological processes.

The transit of Mercury, now in direct motion, through Scorpio, is lasting until December 1 and it has the potential to help us understand ourselves and others more deeply. During the upcoming weeks, we have the chance to radically change our perspective of the world, our thought patterns, the way we communicate, and our perception of intimacy and sexuality.

People’s true colors will become clear: the real motives, desires, and shadow traits of those around us are likely to be exposed. The spotlight is on the deeper reason behind everything. Mercury direct in Scorpio intensifies our ability to focus: this transit offers us the possibility to take whatever we are doing to the next level and to understand what is the best way to move forward. 


Mercury Direct in Scorpio: Real Talk


During the journey of Mercury through Scorpio, we may have a tendency to get obsessed with what we think, what we say, what others think and say. We may constantly wonder what everything really means, as we are not satisfied with superficial explanations. The excessive information available can cause a sense of crisis and a state of confusion due to the excess of contradictory data and the ongoing stimulation we are surrounded by.

Mercury in Scorpio is continuously asking why: during the retrograde, our reflections have been mostly personal and introspective. Now it’s time to expose our doubts, fears, and insecurities and to ask difficult questions to the people closest to us.

Themes around power and control and lack of power and control are going to be emphasized: Mercury direct in Scorpio will strongly bring up the need to have honest conversations about difficult topics. Scorpio doesn’t like secrets or taboos: Mercury’s journey through the Underworld can bring up the need for uncensored talk around uncomfortable truths and issues of trust, betrayal, and loss. 

Moreover, Mercury already opposed Uranus in Taurus twice, and will oppose it for the last time on November 17. The purpose of this transit is to bring to light information and facts previously hidden: the disclosure often happens in a shocking and unexpected way, to force us to have real and open confrontations about difficult topics. 


Sun trine Neptune: Heightened Empathy & Compassion


The trine is a very supportive aspect that promotes an easy merging of the energies of two planets, transiting in signs of the same element. The Sun represents our conscious awareness, our essence, and the way we express ourselves. During its yearly transit through Scorpio, the Sun shines a light on our unconscious dynamics and invites us to consciously choose to evolve and transform. 

Neptune is the planet related to mysticism, spirituality, and transcendence, but also to addictions and escapism. The ruler of Pisces, now transiting through its home sign, operates outside linear time and space and does not follow the logic we are used to. Neptune is correlated to the collective emotional body, to all mass phenomena, to empathy, compassion, and psychic abilities.

Water energy is extremely powerful today. The more sensitive amongst us are likely to feel strong emotions coming up, maybe without even realizing where exactly they are coming from. Emotions are an integral part of the human experience: emotional displays should never be dismissed or condemned, especially during a time like this.

Mercury enters Scorpio

If you are feeling collective pain, you are definitely not alone. However, if you are psychically open and you tend to absorb other people’s emotions, you have to find ways to ground, center, and realign with your own energy.


Sun trine Neptune: Intuition, Trust, & Unconditional Love


The Sun in Scorpio in a trine to retrograde Neptune in Pisces is reminding us to connect with our creativity, with our true essence, and to let go of the need to control the outcome. This aspect encourages us to cultivate our relationship with something bigger than ourselves and to allow source energy to express itself through us. 

Neptune always invites surrender and forgiveness, and the trine to the Sun can help us become aware of where we need to surrender and forgive. The challenge is to be open and to trust, to let go of how we think our life should go, and to embrace what is showing up.

The harmonic aspect between Sun and Neptune is enhancing our intuition, our creativity, our capacity for empathy, compassion, and unconditional love. It is reminding us of our connection with both our higher self and the collective. This configuration can help us understand how all that is happening is supporting our growth and our alignment with our true purpose.

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November 2020 Astrology Update – The Shift

In this article we are going to dive deeper into November 2020 astrology update that we call “metamorphosis and transmutation”. While we are still integrating the shifts brought by the Taurus Full Moon conjunct Uranus, we begin the new month and prepare for more powerful cosmic alignments. October has been intense, and November won’t be less intense: the keywords for the upcoming month are metamorphosis and transmutation.

Throughout the following weeks, the celestial bodies are supporting our movement towards the future by helping us get rid of what fulfilled its purpose, of what lost its meaning and significance.

During November, Mercury, Mars, and Neptune station direct. For several months, the abundant retrograde energy has been inviting introspection and reflection, and we now witness a pivotal turning point. We already noticed a shift at the beginning of October, after Saturn and Pluto stationed direct. However, Mars, the planet ruling unpremeditated action and forward movement, still in retrograde motion, has been holding us back from making major moves.

Mars stationing direct is going to increase our stamina and energy levels. Taking action will be easier: we are likely to feel clearer around the way we want to move forward, more secure regarding the direction to take, and what to focus our energy on.

November 2020 Astrology Update

Another major transit coming up is the last of a series of three conjunctions between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter is finally passing over the Lord of the Underworld and beginning a new cycle between the two planets that will meet again only in 2033, this time in the sign of Aquarius. This Jupiter-Pluto conjunction begins a whole new chapter for us.

By bringing to surface something previously repressed or hidden, this transit accelerates the transformation of our belief system, encouraging us to find new ways to attribute meaning and purpose to our life.

If this was not enough, Eclipse Season is starting at the end of the month: the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini opens the portal of radical transformation and change, propelling us towards the future in unexpected ways.

We invite you to to dive deeper reading below and if you are interested even one more layer deeper by accessing your personalized November Horoscope here.


Mercury stations Direct

November 2020 Astrology Update

After three weeks of apparent backward motion, Mercury in Libra stations direct. Mercury stationing direct will help us gain a clearer understanding of the deeper significance and the evolutionary purpose of what happened during the retrograde phase, both in the external reality and in our inner world.

While transiting Libra, Mercury has been in an ongoing square to Saturn in Capricorn: the last exact square on November 6 is bringing to culmination themes that first emerged when the first square between them took place at the end of September. The invitation of this configuration is to take responsibility for what we say, think, and perceive, and for how we communicate it to others.


Venus opposite Mars

Venus in Libra opposes retrograde Mars in Aries, emphasizing the contrast between self and others, between our needs and desires and other people’s needs and desires. Our need for freedom and independence is challenging our necessity to form equal and balanced relationships. We witness a dynamic state of stress between these two forces that can reflect the culmination of all our unresolved and underlying relationship issues.

The fear of losing our sense of self in the other can trigger the opposite reaction of self-isolation and withdrawal from all social interactions. The polarization we may experience during these days has the function of helping us find common ground. By listening to others and acknowledging their needs without sacrificing ours we can establish healthy compromises that are life-enhancing for everyone.


Mercury enters Scorpio, Sun trines Neptune

As Mercury enters Scorpio for the second time this year, we will likely witness some sort of disclosure of something previously hidden. Mercury direct in Scorpio is a transit that reflects a high potential for a deeper psychological understanding of ourselves, others, and the overall reality.

The insights and the wisdom gained can help us heal and resolve old wounds and trauma and, in turn, allow us to achieve greater intimacy, trust, and emotional connection with those we love. Meanwhile, on the same day, the Sun in Scorpio trines retrograde Neptune in Pisces: this aspect is maximizing our intuitive and empathic abilities, reminding us of our connection to the greater whole, and encouraging us to cultivate our relationship with Spirit.


Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

November 2020 Astrology Update

The conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto will happen at 22° Capricorn, the same degree where the last exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction took place back in January. There are no coincidences, only synchronicities: themes that first emerged during January are likely to come to the surface again. The influence of Jupiter will magnify and expand these issues and increase the pressure for a radical reconfiguration of the whole societal structure and of the structure of our consciousness.

This transit will affect each one of us in different and unique ways. Jupiter conjunct Pluto brings global transformation: while we may witness drama and tension during these days, we also have the opportunity of using this tension as a motivator to build new and lasting systems that hold authentic meaning.


Mars stations Direct in Aries

While Mars was retrograde, we learned a few lessons around the importance of patience and time. It is now time to take action according to what we discovered, envisioned, reflected upon since September 9. Mars in Aries is very strong, it is pure Cardinal Fire: this is an energy of assertion and initiation that has the function to open new paths, previously unknown.

Mars direct offers us new opportunities to make progress in our self-discovery journey. This transit will help us reinvent ourselves, face our fears and insecurities, and develop more strength and willpower.


Super New Moon in Scorpio, Venus trine North Node

November 2020 Astrology Update

The New Supermoon in Scorpio is changing the game and helping us reshape our visions for the future. This is the very first New Moon after Jupiter and Pluto have met for the last time and begun their new 12 years cycle.

For this reason, it is more significant than other New Moons: both events represent a fresh start, and Pluto is the planetary ruler of the Moon. Scorpio always invites us to transform and overcome our limitations. During this lunar cycle, we are encouraged to embrace the metamorphosis without being afraid of letting go of our old sense of self.

On the same day, Venus in Libra trines the North Node, emphasizing the importance of the way we show up in relationships at this particular time, reminding us that radical honesty and holding each other accountable are prerequisites for growing together.


Venus enters Scorpio

Venus enters Scorpio and immediately invites us to fearlessly dive into the depths of our Soul: Venus in Scorpio will promote an intense self-analysis of our inner life and the structure of our psyche. With the shift from Libra to Scorpio, our orientation shifts from people around us to our inner world and the way we function.

Our focus becomes internalized: we want to achieve absolute self-knowledge and a complete understanding of our limitations and the underlying emotional and psychological dynamics at play in any situation. Profound fears of betrayal, abandonment, and loss can emerge during this transit in order to be fully integrated and understood.


Sun enters Sagittarius

The Sun enters Sagittarius just a few hours after Venus enters Scorpio. During Sagittarius season, our conscious awareness shifts on the big picture, on issues of faith and meaning. We naturally feel the need to explore the world, different cultures and belief systems: we ask ourselves and others deep philosophical questions about the meaning of life and the nature of reality.

The purpose of the yearly transit of the Sun through Sagittarius is to encourage us to expand our knowledge and seek our personal truth. The invitation for us is to open our minds, trust our intuition, and reconnect with the wisdom and the teachings of Nature.


Neptune stations Direct in Pisces

November 2020 Astrology Update

Neptune stations direct in its own sign of Pisces after being in apparent backward motion since June 23. During the retrograde phase, we had the chance to gain more knowledge and wisdom, we could understand what has been holding us back, the illusions and delusions we need to overcome. Neptune stationing direct represents an opportunity to integrate all that we learn and move forward in new ways.

This transit can help us see beyond the illusion of separation and create a sense of happiness and peace in our lives that is not dependent on external conditions. Neptune invites us to remember our connection with the totality of existence, to transcend the stories we tell ourselves, our expectations, and our perceived limitations.


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Eclipse season is officially starting: the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will take place with the opposition between Sun in Sagittarius on the South Node and the Moon in Gemini on the North Node. Eclipses highlight the dynamic tension between past and future by bringing into the present issues that need to be solved in order to be able to leave the past behind.

Everything happens faster than usual, change can be radical and sudden: the evolutionary pressure we all experience is magnified. The invitation of the Gemini Eclipse is to be curious and to remember that we can learn something from everyone. The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini will put our attention on the importance of reclaiming our voice and encourage us to share our message with the world from a place of humility and authenticity.


November 2020 Astrology Update: Our Invitation


During this transformative time, we need to keep our minds, hearts, and eyes open. The month of November invites us to see life as a process of ongoing learning, to feel free to experiment and make mistakes without being afraid to ask questions. There is a higher reason for whatever happens throughout the upcoming weeks: it is never just about random pain and suffering, we can learn something from every situation.

It can be easy to get lost in the drama, the unrest, and everything going on in the 3D world. Nonetheless, we need to remember that in every crisis and every challenge lies an opportunity to empower ourselves, to radically transform, to align with our true purpose, and inspire others to do the same.

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Mercury in Scorpio: Into the Depths

On September 27, 3:41 AM EST, Mercury enters Scorpio, inviting us into the depths of our minds. The purpose of this transit is to deepen our perception of the world around us, of other people, and ourselves. 

The journey of Mercury through Scorpio is going to be interesting this year. Mercury will station retrograde on October 13 or 14, according to your timezone, and leave Scorpio on October 27 or 28, coming back to Libra for a few days. The planet of communication and logic will turn direct on November 3, enter Scorpio for the second time on November 10, and remain there until December 1.

Mercury will be in Scorpio for a longer timeframe than usual: the lessons of this transit will be deep and powerful, and they have the potential to change our perspective of reality completely.


Mercury: Left Brain and Self Analysis


Mercury is our left brain: this planet helps us put an order in our mind, classify and understand the reality around us, acquire the practical and technical skills we need to explain something to others or to do something in a certain way.

Mercury represents the way we handle all aspects of our lives, how we gather and collect data and information, how we process and apply what we know, and make it relevant to a specific task. Mercury processes and breaks down the data, allowing us to integrate it: for this reason, this planet corresponds to how we absorb new information and connect it with what we already know.

Being Scorpio a Yin sign, the journey of Mercury through Scorpio is going to activate mostly the Yin side of this planet, which rules Virgo, directed inwards towards self-analysis and critical thinking. Intense self-inquiry and ongoing effort to understand the underlying psychology behind everything we see and experience are big themes that will come up throughout the upcoming weeks.


Mercury in Scorpio: Powerful Words


When the planet of communication, critical thinking, and logic travels through the sign of the Scorpion, he invites us to observe the situation thoroughly. Mercury in Scorpio is naturally suspicious and prefers studying people and circumstances from a distance before speaking or making a move.

Our words will be more concise, precise, and powerful: Mercury in Scorpio is not about small talk and embellishments. It is about going straight to the point without wasting a minute and a word. For this reason, it is an energy that can easily be perceived as quite blunt or too direct.


Deepening our Relationships


How to trust people fully? How to feel safe? How to be intimate? How to be truly vulnerable? These are some of the questions that Mercury in Scorpio will invite us to reflect upon.

The fact that Mercury will travel back to Libra during his retrograde phase is a strong indicator of the fact that this transit will have a very relevant effect on our relationships. It will affect especially our most intimate ones, and the way we communicate with our partner, friends, family, and colleagues. It is essential that, as Mercury goes back to Libra, we consciously open up to constructive feedback and we actively listen to others’ viewpoints.

mercury in scorpio

The planet of logic and critical thinking is going to encourage us to develop a more profound perspective of the world, of ourselves, and other people. Mercury will invite us to reflect on the motives and the real intentions behind everything we think and say. We will be encouraged to intensely question both others and ourselves in order to deepen all our relationships.


Mercury in Scorpio: Obsession and Paranoia


During this transit, we may have the ongoing sensation that we don’t have enough information to trust someone, to make a conscious decision, to apply our knowledge in the way we desire.

The depth of our perception may cause drama even if the circumstances we are experiencing are not chaotic in themselves. For example, we may have the feeling that we can see through people and that everyone is lying to us even if this is not the case. There can be an obsession with verifying the information and the data we have, and a general sense of unsafety and mistrust may permeate all our interactions with others.

While Mercury is in Scorpio, it is essential to cultivate discernment and find ways to ground our energy in order to avoid ending up in a downward spiral of paranoia and believing that everyone is plotting against us. Venus in Virgo can represent a supportive influence that may assist us in this: the sextile between Venus and Mercury happening on October 12 will help us develop discernment, healthy boundaries, and common sense.


Mercury opposite Uranus: Disruption and Resolution


Mercury will oppose Uranus in Taurus for three times during his journey through Scorpio: the exact alignments will happen on October 7, October 19 or 20, and November 17.

These oppositions are likely to bring to our conscious awareness unconscious attachments linked to our survival instinct and our fear of change, that can reflect distorted expressions of our natural need to feel safe and secure. 

mercury in scorpio

Mercury opposite Uranus is a transit that has the potential of disrupting our nervous system, and it may force us to adapt to sudden changes. If we are able to find quick solutions to what comes up and rebalance our inner state, we can gain a stronger sense of autonomy, agency, and self-worth.

This alignment can help us see through our limiting beliefs, perspectives, and point of view. Mercury opposite Uranus can open our minds to creative possibilities that were previously hidden from our awareness and may help us solve issues that have been bothering us for a long time.


Mercury in Scorpio: Beneath the Surface


During this transit, we need to know what’s beneath the surface. We may constantly feel the necessity to dig deeper and ask more questions. Mercury in Scorpio needs total honesty and integrity: this energy is very inquisitive: constantly asking why and never satisfied with the answer. 

Research can become an obsession: Mercury in Scorpio invites us to ask specific and direct questions to get to the bottom of any issue. The purpose of this alignment is to invite us to look beneath the surface, to understand the real motives and intentions behind everything we think and do, and the psychology behind other people’s behavior and choices.

The highest expression of the energy of Mercury in Scorpio has the potential to open us up to real intimacy, based on complete transparency, honest communication, vulnerability, and mutual trust.

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