Mercury enters Pisces: the Doors of Perception

On March 9, 8:33 PM ET, Mercury entered Pisces after an extended stay in Aquarius linked to its retrograde cycle. Mercury will remain in the sign of the Fish until March 27: during this time, the doors of perception will open. We will have chances to connect with our intuition, give space to our fantasy, and explore different channels through which we can express ourselves.

While Mercury in Aquarius is rational, objective, and futuristic, Mercury in Pisces is sensitive, intuitive, and imaginative. During this transit, our receptivity to subtle energies and frequencies will increase, our habitual style of elaborating information may change, and we are likely to notice a surge of artistic inspiration.


Intuition, Creativity, and Going with the Flow


In Astrology, Mercury is the planet associated with logic, rationality, critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving. Its condition gives us information about our learning style and our way of gathering and assimilating information and data. Mercury is at home in Gemini and Virgo. In Pisces, the Messenger doesn’t express its qualities as we would expect, as this is not a sign that is inherently rational, logical, or linear.

Mercury wants to understand reality logically, while Pisces relates to it through feelings and sensations. While Mercury wants to plan and organize, Pisces prefers to improvise and decide intuitively. For this reason, during the upcoming weeks, we may find it hard to stay focused or engage in analytical, linear pursuits. Respecting a fixed schedule and routine may be more challenging than usual. We may prefer to go with the flow and see what shows up on our path: this attitude could lead us to unexpected and beautiful destinations.


Mercury in Pisces: Exploring New Channels


While Mercury is in Pisces, we embark on a journey to the realms of dreams and infinite possibilities. This transit will support our spiritual awareness and increase our desire to relate with life through all of our senses rather than only through the rational mind. We are likely to pick up information that isn’t immediately understandable logically through channels that we may not be familiar with. While on the one hand, Mercury in Pisces will support our intuitive capacities, on the other, it may be challenging to tell the difference between reality and fantasy, fact and fiction.

Mercury in Pisces

During the upcoming weeks, we may find it challenging to connect with our common sense, logic, and practicality. With Mercury in Pisces, we tend to see the highest spiritual potential of everything, everyone, and every situation. It is advisable to make an effort to think objectively and take into account the details and the facts of what’s happening in the present moment before making important decisions.


Mercury conjunct Jupiter and Neptune: Opening the Doors of Perception


During its journey through Pisces, Mercury will join Jupiter and Neptune, the traditional and modern ruler of the sign. Mercury aligns with Jupiter on March 21, increasing our need and desire to search for the meaning and the purpose of life. We may feel drawn to explore new spiritual philosophies, deepen our metaphysical studies, and seek intuitive, experiential learning modalities. This combination enhances the activation of our right brain, inspiring non-linear ways of thinking, expressing ourselves, and perceiving reality. We will likely be focused on the big picture and, possibly, miss out on some details.

Shortly later, on March 23, Mercury perfects its conjunction with Neptune. The Mercury-Neptune conjunction will magnify our intuition and open the doors of perception. We may channel information from other planes coming through during dreams or meditative states and become extremely receptive to the feelings and thoughts of others, almost to a telepathic level. A downside of this aspect can be a sense of brain fog and confusion and difficulties concentrating for long periods of time.

Mercury in Pisces

We will begin to feel the Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune alignment around the time of the Full Moon in Virgo, on March 18, and approximately until Mercury enters Aries, on March 27. This triple conjunction will incredibly amplify our sensitivity and could catalyze the development or refinement of extrasensory abilities, healing gifts, and psychic talents. Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune will bring our attention to the imaginative, the intuitive, and the abstract, facilitating a new understanding of the fabric of reality.


Mercury enters Pisces: Importance of Discernment


Altered states of consciousness are likely to be easier to access throughout the upcoming weeks and our creativity is going to be supported by this transit, particularly by the Mercury-Neptune conjunction. Our writing may be especially inspired and poetic, all creative pursuits and artistic activities that provide us channels for self-expression will be favored.

During this transit, our feelings and our emotions, as well as the feelings and emotions of others, could strongly affect our way of thinking and perceiving reality. What’s going on in the collective may impact us particularly strongly, and feelings of overwhelm may influence our capacity to think clearly.

With Mercury in Pisces, it is more important than usual to be discerning relative to what we take in and allow into our field, particularly in terms of news, information, and energies. As we are likely to be more sensitive than usual, our boundaries may be more permeable: it is advised to pay attention to what affects us and in what ways, and establish an adequate filter accordingly, to protect our energy.

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March 2022 Astrology Update: Hopes and Dreams

March 2022 Astrology Update: The first half of March 2022 is colored by the energy of Pisces and Neptune and will offer us an invitation to reconnect with our hopes and dreams. We begin the new month with an optimistic New Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter, and the lunar cycle will culminate with a Full Moon in Virgo opposite Neptune.

Meanwhile, the Air element begins to gain prominence as both relationship planets are entering Aquarius, where Saturn is already transiting. Around the end of the month, Aries season and Mercury’s ingress into Aries will bring a more proactive, self-motivated attitude, igniting our inner fire and waking us up from the blurriness of Pisces season.

Let’s have a look at the main astrological transits for March 2022.


New Moon in Pisces, Venus & Mars conjunct Pluto

Mar 2, 2022, 12:34 PM ET

This New Moon in Pisces is going to be conjunct Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces. This lunation offers us an invitation to dream big and have faith in life. Jupiter’s presence will support our capacity to believe in ourselves and bring our focus to our quest for something greater than what meets the eyes. On another note, Venus, Mars, and Pluto are all conjunct in Capricorn, while Mercury is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius.

The Venus-Pluto alignment concludes a cycle of three conjunctions that began shortly before Venus went retrograde. It could signal some important changes in our connections, values, and finances. Relationship matters will be colored by a passionate and obsessive quality. The Mars-Pluto alignment reflects the potential for destructive and explosive reactions, but also an increased determination and willpower to move towards our goals and fulfill our desires.


Mars & Venus enter Aquarius, Venus conjunct Mars

Mar 6, 2022, 01:23 AM ET & Mar 6, 2022, 01:30 AM ET

Venus and Mars enter Aquarius just a few minutes from each other: the two relationship planets join on the 0º of the sign, where the Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction of December 2020 took place. This could bring up themes and issues that we were dealing with back then. The cosmic lovers entering Aquarius simultaneously begin a new cycle in our romantic and social life, which will be marked by a desire for experimentation, novelty, and originality.

March 2022 Astrology Update

We will feel drawn to engage more frequently in friendships and intellectually stimulating connections and maybe move away from traditional styles of romantic relationships. There could be a significant innovation in financial systems, new discoveries in technology and science, a shift in collective values, and an emphasis on experimental styles of creativity.


Mercury enters Pisces

Mar 9, 2022, 8:33 PM ET

Mercury’s ingress into Pisces after an extended stay in Aquarius will invite us to connect with our empathy, widen our perception of reality, and explore non-linear ways of expressing ourselves. During this transit, our sensitivity and intuition will be enhanced and refined, and we may pick up information that we can’t immediately understand through logic.

We will have chances to explore abstract and imaginative styles of self-expression and interface with our surroundings in new ways. Mercury’s alignments with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, respectively on March 21 and 23, have the potential to broaden our spiritual understanding of reality and open our minds up to new dimensions.


Full Moon in Virgo opposite Neptune

Mar 18, 2022, 03:17 AM ET

The Full Moon in Virgo opposing the Sun and Neptune in Pisces will bring up the need to balance order and chaos, the logical and the intuitive, the practical and the emotional. With this configuration, we may feel more lethargic, sensitive, and empathetic than usual. During these days, we may have hard times keeping up with our mundane duties and responsibilities, organizing our days effectively, and maintaining a fixed schedule or routine.

March 2022 Astrology Update

Balancing the Virgo-Pisces polarity is about finding harmony between effort and surrender. This lunation encourages us to find a way to merge our technical skills and practical competencies with our creative gifts, imaginative capacities, and ability to flow with life.


Aries season begins

Mar 20, 2022, 11:34 AM ET

The Equinox marks the start of a new season and brings an energy of renewal and regeneration. The Sun entering Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, is a fresh start for everyone on the planet. The Sun’s rays shine brighter here: this transit inspires us to make things happen and supports our vitality, stamina, physical strength, and determination.

We wake up from the spell of Pisces season, and after a phase of rest and introspection, we are ready for action again. Aries season is an invitation to explore life through a process of trial and error, try new experiences, seek new paths and new possibilities. The Sun’s journey through the sign of the Ram is a great moment to generate more action in our lives, start new endeavors, go on adventures, get out of our comfort zone, and do something unfamiliar.


Mercury enters Aries

Mar 27, 2022, 03:45 AM ET

At the end of the month, Mercury leaves Pisces too and joins the Sun in Aries. Compared to Mercury’s transit through Pisces, we are likely to be able to know and express more clearly what we want, feel, and think. While Mercury is in the sign of the Ram, our thought processes tend to be fast, and our communication style direct, sharp, and blunt.

During this transit, we think for ourselves and put ourselves and our desires first. We may say what we think just the way we think it, and it’s important to keep in mind to be diplomatic. This is a good time to work on assertiveness and directness if we normally struggle with it, and to take action on our ideas.


March Astrology Update: Our Invitation


March can be considered a time of preparation for the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction taking place on April 12. The Piscean energy will be strongly felt, and both planetary rulers of the sign will be activated by the upcoming lunations and by the transit of Mercury.

The rare Venus-Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn will add a significant amount of intensity to the first few days of the month. The destruction of something we relied upon may generate the space we need to create something new and more fulfilling.

This alignment could bring opportunities to move away from structures that have run their course, detach from egocentric ambitions, and connect with our deeper desires. The activation of Jupiter and Neptune in their home sign will support our capacity to have faith in life and keep envisioning a better future.

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Astrology Updates for March 2020 – Align & Flow

March 2020 is full of exciting astrological events and fresh starts. We’ve got the end of Mercury retrograde, the beginning of a new zodiac year and much more. In this article we are going to share Astrology Updates for March that we are going to cover throughout this month, so expect many more articles from us!


Astrology can help us make sense of life


We hope this information will help you to align with the cosmic currents throughout March. It’s not that the planets are doing anything to us, but instead we can think of them as collective currents of energy flowing all around us. When we know which way the current is flowing, it becomes easier to swim. Consider this your astrology weather forecast for the month ahead. If we know it’s going to rain and so we bring our umbrellas, our experience becomes less wet and soggy.


Throughout March Moon Omens will be posting (Astrology Updates for March) articles and sharing insights for each of the following astrological happenings:


Super Full Moon in Pisces Season

March 9 2020 5:46 pm UT

This Super Full Moon is going to be a stunner up in the sky. The Moon will be shining and washing over Earth; inviting humans to embrace their spirituality and take it to the streets. This is a time of aligning to our deeper selves and taking action from that place. Tap here to read our Super Full Moon article

Mercury Moves Direct

March 9 4:49 am UT

This is a welcomed shift from the foggy and confusing astrology transits we’ve been immersed in. Mercury retrograde began on February 9th 2020 and since then a lot has been up in the air. This change of pace will allow us to wrap our minds around things. We will begin to get a better idea of how to move forward with our ideas, dreams and intentions. 


Mercury Enters Pisces

March 16 8:42 am UT 

Mercury is the planet of logic and rationality and while it travels through Pisces from March 16th until April 11th. During this time we are asked to remember not everything in life needs to make logical sense. For example, we don’t need to understand the biology of our cells in order to heal a cut on our skin. Whether we “get it” or not our skin will heal. This is a time period of embracing the magic life has to offer, even if it makes absolutely no sense. 


Uranus Sextile True Node

March 19th 10:43 pm UT

Uranus is the planet of change and innovation. The True Node represents what we are collectively learning and heading towards. This astrology transit may shake things up. Here we are asked to let go of control, be open to new directions and be open to surprises.


Equinox: Sun Enters Aries, Aries Season Begins

March 19th 4:49 am UT

When the Sun shifts into Aries we experience a new zodiac year. Although we are nearly 3 months into 2020 we could still feel as if we’re caught up in the old or in a phase of purging. The Equinox is a fresh start. It’s a time to shake off the old and welcome the new. It’s a time of envisioning what we want to paint on the canvas that is our lives. 


Vesta Enters Gemini

March 21 6:06 am UT

Vesta is an asteroid named after the Goddess of home and hearth. Her energy is associated with taking care of ourselves, our family and where we land at the end of the day. Gemini’s energy is about being stimulated and having fun. This transit is asking us to be open to expanding our definition of safety and to enjoy ourselves at home. We can also imagine that home is a place inside of us. As we connect to our inner space, may we flutter around in true Gemini fashion; taking home with us wherever we go.


Saturn Enters Aquarius

March 21 4:58 am UT

This is a big deal because Saturn only shifts signs every 2.5 years. The last time this change occurred was at the end of 2017. What have we learned since then? What have we accomplished? Saturn’s energy likes to assign lessons and with this shift comes new adventures in the area of Aquarius. Aquarius is all about being of service and helping the greater good. This will be in focus over the coming years as Saturn travels through Aquarius until 2023.


New Moon in Aries Season

March 24 10:28 am UT

A New Moon is a time of fresh beginnings. It’s a time when the Sun and the Moon align and this acts as a sort of reset button. The Sun represents our conscious awareness and the Moon our subconscious. When the two come together on a New Moon we have an opportunity to set our sails and head in a new direction.


Mars Enters Aquarius

March 30th 8:43 pm UT 

Mars is the planet of action and it infuses a dose of “making-it-happen” wherever it transits. Aqaurius is the constellation of the greater good, helping the whole and embracing our inner humanitarians. As Mars transits through Aquarius from March 30th to May 13th we are invited to explore how our individual actions can make an impact on the collective. 


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astrology updates for march

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