Full Cold Moon in Gemini: the Power of Thoughts

On December 18, 11:35 PM ET, the last “Full Cold Moon” of the year takes place at 27°28’ of the sign of Gemini. This Full Moon is the first lunation in the sign that is not an Eclipse since 2020, and it is inviting us to reclaim the power of our attention, thoughts, and words.

We are reaching the maturation point of a six-month cycle that began on June 10, 2021, with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, but we are also culminating the shorter cycle that began two weeks ago, with the Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. The Full Cold Moon closes the Eclipse portal and the calendar year, bringing strong energy of culmination and closure.

During this time, the intentions we set on these two New Moon Solar Eclipses can manifest and blossom. We have a chance to reap the rewards of our efforts, witness the results of our work, and gain more clarity around something that was still uncertain. 

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Full Cold Moon in Gemini: End of Year Reflections


Full Moons are times of emotional intensity and deep feelings, characterized by moments of revelation, breakthrough, and understanding, unfolding during the course of a few days. Full Moons always imply an opposition between the Sun and the Moon, an aspect that reflects some tension between the rational and the emotional, the conscious and the unconscious, the private and the public, the certain and the uncertain.

full cold moon in gemini

The Full Moon taking place in December is also popularly known as the Cold Moon, due to its proximity to the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere of the globe. This is a time of introspection, withdrawal, and retreat, particularly for those of us who live in places where temperatures are dropping. Nonetheless, the end of the calendar year tends to be a moment of reflection for everyone on the planet. At this time, we are inspired to look back at what we have been through, contemplate our choices and actions, evaluate what we desire to continue, what we desire to let go of, and what we commit to improving.


Full Moon opposite the Galactic Center: New Awareness


Currently, the Sun is in Sagittarius and the Moon is in Gemini: their alignment brings to maturation a learning cycle, and it could mark a substantial change in our perception of reality. 

The Sun is conjunct the Galactic Center, placed at approximately 26-27 degree of Sagittarius. When planets are transiting over this point in space, marking the center of our Galaxy, they can trigger a significant acceleration of our evolutionary processes. It is said that planets conjunct the Galactic Center can facilitate the emergence of new spiritual awareness: they may bring sudden downloads and intuitive insights and initiate a process of awakening that can ripple in every area of our lives.

This Full Moon in Gemini will energize our minds and speed up our thought processes, possibly making us prone to overthinking and overanalyzing our emotions, feelings, and actions. During these days, information previously unknown, uncertain, or unavailable may come to light or be shared with the public. The data revealed and exposed could have a significant impact on our opinions, worldviews, beliefs, and perceptions, generating lasting changes in how we see reality.


Full Moon square Neptune: Extreme Openness and Sensitivity


The Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini are forming a T-square pattern to Neptune in Pisces. Whenever planets are in a challenging alignment to Neptune, they suggest difficulties integrating an extreme openness to what’s happening in our environment. Feeling the emotions and sensations of others as if they were our own is a very common experience.

Particularly, when the Moon and Neptune are in a hard aspect, our sensitivity has no boundaries: it’s vital that we learn to distinguish between what is ours and what is not, and that we don’t take responsibility for others’ feelings and projections. The Sun square Neptune, on the other hand, may suggest some difficulties defining our identity, as well as a sense of lack of purpose, confidence, and vitality. Nonetheless, this alignment maximizes our empathy and artistry and increases our capacity to creatively express something that can feel relatable to everyone.

We currently have celestial bodies transiting all Mutable signs except one, Virgo. The archetype that is not being activated by the T-square pattern indicates qualities and traits we need to gravitate towards in order to find more balance. A crucial lesson related to the Virgo archetype is being discerning relative to what we take in and what we allow into our energetic field. This configuration emphasizes the need to remain grounded in the material reality and in our bodies, to honor the work we need to complete, and to maintain healthy routines and habits.


Full Moon trine Jupiter: Open-mindedness & Intellectual Expansion


The Moon in Gemini is trine Jupiter in Aquarius, an aspect that promotes an objective and optimistic approach to emotional matters, facilitating open-mindedness and intellectual expansion. This alignment increases our desire to explore different ways of perceiving reality and supports our capacity to interpret in an optimistic and growth-oriented light what is happening around us and to us.

The Moon in Gemini tends to deal with emotions rationally, while Jupiter has the capacity to find the lesson and the higher meaning of everything we may go through. As the Moon-Jupiter aspect is taking place in Air signs, it can be considered an opportunity to take a step back and evaluate our situation from a distance before we react, to try to see what is bothering us from another vantage point. 

During these days, we may have important insights that help us understand how to better cope with difficult feelings and emotions. This alignment supports networking and cooperation, promoting an expansion of our social life: new encounters and connections may stimulate our mind and increase our capacity to find creative solutions to the issues we may be facing.


Mercury trine Uranus: Spontaneous Downloads & Innovative Ideas


Mercury, the planetary ruler of the Gemini Full Moon, is currently transiting Capricorn. This indicates a tendency to interpret new information in a practical way, to take with a grain of salt data that isn’t proven by facts, and to not invest much energy in gossip or small talk. Mercury in Capricorn has a natural capacity to focus on intellectual tasks and to be disciplined with intellectual pursuits and learning processes. 

Mercury’s trine to Uranus in Taurus is another aspect that can indicate new data coming to light and bringing new awareness. There could be a discovery of unexpected information, or spontaneous downloads coming out of the blue could help us solve a problem we have been struggling with. This process has the potential to generate innovation and lasting, tangible results.


Venus stationary retrograde & conjunct Pluto: Transformation of Relationships


Meanwhile, the Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn intensifies our experience of relationships: the stage is set for the upcoming Venus retrograde, starting in just a few hours. Venus being stationary retrograde indicates that the planet of love, beauty, wealth, and receptivity represents a powerful player during this lunation. Relationship matters and intense encounters could already occupy a large portion of our attention, especially for those of us who have personal planets or angles around the 26 degree of Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

The conjunction of Venus and Pluto increases the possibility of experiencing romantic obsessions and particularly passionate connections or breakups. Due to Venus stationing retrograde, people from our past could come back to allow us to solve something that hasn’t been previously concluded. We may be able to understand the patterns, dynamics, and unconscious complexes behind the whole story. A deep and lasting transformation of the way we experience relationships, of our values, of our taste, of our artistic expression, and of our way to relate to money is about to begin.

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Full Cold Moon in Gemini: Mastering our Thoughts


During the rest of the current lunar cycle, we are being encouraged to detach from old stories playing out in our heads, to release distractions, and carefully evaluate what type of information we take in. By becoming more conscious of the importance of the words we use, the kind of ideas we dwell on, and the influence that other people’s opinions have over us, we have a possibility to unlock new levels of awareness and let go of thinking and speaking habits that aren’t serving our highest good.

This Full Cold Moon in Gemini will inspire us to question our perception of reality, change how we habitually communicate with others, and work on mastering our thinking patterns. We may start doubting a narrative we have been encouraged to believe, and the questions emerging now may contribute to ideas and insights that could lay out a new foundation for our future.

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New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Breaking Point

On December 4, 02:34 AM ET, we experience a Total Solar Eclipse at 12°16’ Sagittarius. This cosmic event will be visible from Antarctica and, in part, from some Southern regions of the Southern hemisphere of the globe. While Lunar Eclipses can be watched safely, Solar Eclipses should never be watched with the naked eye.

This New Moon Total Solar Eclipse is a breaking point that culminates a cycle of 18 months during which we experienced Eclipses on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis: the Lunar Nodes are entering Taurus and Scorpio in January, beginning a new karmic cycle. For the upcoming year and a half, Eclipses will happen in Taurus and Scorpio: this is the last one in Sagittarius until 2029.

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Solar Eclipse on the South Node: a Beginning with Flavor of an Ending


A New Moon takes place when the Moon joins the Sun on the same degree of the same Zodiac sign. These events mark the beginning of the lunar cycle: they are a moment to set intentions, plant seeds, start anew, and envision our future. Solar Eclipses are very intense New Moons that take place when the luminaries align close to the North or the South Node of the Moon: they mark potent turning points in our lives and in collective history, and they often correspond with life-changing events. 

The current Eclipse is happening on the South Node: this point in space represents something we know well, something we master, something we are familiar with, talents and gifts we naturally express, qualities we easily connect with. It relates to our past, our karmic history, and our emotional attachments. When a New Moon Solar Eclipse takes place on the lunar South Node, it can be considered a new beginning with the flavor of an ending that requires a lot of letting go. As there won’t be another Eclipse in Sagittarius for the next eight years, this is, even more, the case. 

Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Sun and Moon aligning on the South Node bring up unfinished business, unresolved issues, deeply buried emotions, something we need to integrate, release, or detach from. The current Total Solar Eclipse sets in motion a process of purification and purging: as it is happening in the sign of Sagittarius, this is likely to highlight the need to let go of beliefs, attachment to ideologies, philosophies, and ways of making sense of the world that we no longer feel aligned with.


Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Dissolution of Beliefs


Eclipses represent a time of high volatility, fast change, and unpredictability, where time feels different than usual and out-of-the-ordinary experiences become the norm. Solar Eclipses happen when the Moon is placed between the Earth and the Sun in such a way that prevents sunlight from reaching us. Because sunlight is what makes life on Earth possible, these events have been equally feared and respected for a long time. 

When the Sun is being eclipsed, it may be hard to connect with our inner light, with our joy, with our creativity, with our sense of purpose. A Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius may correspond with a feeling of loss of meaning, a dissolution of beliefs, a sense of not knowing what our truth is anymore: during these days, connecting with feelings of hope and faith may be more challenging than usual. Nonetheless, this event sets in motion a process of rebirth, that will unfold throughout the upcoming six months.


Solar Eclipse conjunct Mercury & square Neptune


The Sun and the Moon are in tight conjunction with Mercury, the ruler of the Gemini North Node. Their aspect highlights the urge to expand our perception of reality and our intellectual understanding of it, as well as a desire to share what we are learning with others. Dogmatism, arrogance, self-righteousness, and a need to convert others to our viewpoint in order to feel safe can represent shadow expressions linked with this configuration, which highlights the importance to honor our personal truth and allow everyone else to do the same. 

On another note, Sun, Moon, and Mercury are all square Neptune in Pisces. This alignment can reflect some confusion and uncertainty relative to our identity, to what we think, believe, and feel. Our sensitivity to others’ emotions, thoughts, and experiences will increase: our boundaries may be blurred or hard to keep, as we struggle to distinguish between what’s ours and what’s not. Positively, this configuration increases our fantasy, imagination, and creativity. It strengthens our connection with our intuition and inspires us to embrace a spiritual perspective of life that doesn’t require a rational or logical understanding of circumstances.


Solar Eclipse quincunx Uranus & trine Chiron


The Sun and the Moon in Sagittarius are forming a quincunx, an alignment of crisis and paradox, to Uranus in Taurus. This aspect is increasing the unpredictability already present on this Eclipse: the activation of Uranus always brings up a desire to fight for our right to be ourselves, for our freedom, and our sovereignty

Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

On a collective level, the possibilities of disruptions, protests, and social unrest are very high, as our desire to break free from limitations and implement innovation and progress increases. On the personal level, there are chances of feeling emotionally alienated and disconnected from our environment and the people around us: we may find it hard to reconcile different needs, emotions, desires, and drives.

On a different note, the trine between Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Chiron in Aries suggests ease of psychological and intellectual understanding of our emotional reactions. These aspects facilitate a better awareness of what’s behind our triggers. Yet, with trines, chances and information are often unnoticed: as always, it is up to us to make the choices and the effort required to generate tangible change.


Jupiter square the Lunar Nodes & Jupiter square Mars


Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, is currently traveling through the last degrees of Aquarius, forming a square aspect to Mars in Scorpio and to the Lunar Nodes on the first degree of Gemini and Sagittarius. When planets square the Nodes, they point to karmic dynamics that need to be solved for our evolution to take place. As the ruler of the South Node of the Moon, Jupiter has been an important player for the last year and a half: the South Node ruler indicates our habitual way of operating in order to meet our emotional and security needs, and offers us keys to understanding patterns and attachments we bring with us from our past.

Jupiter’s transit through Aquarius has been bringing our focus on our relationship with the collective, with technology, and with social movements, highlighting the sense of alienation that often arises as a result of our deconditioning process. Jupiter enters Pisces on December 28 and will continue to square the Lunar Nodes for the upcoming weeks, emphasizing issues of authenticity, transparency, and integrity, reminding us of the importance of acting in alignment with our beliefs and values

The simultaneous square between Jupiter in Aquarius and Mars in Scorpio suggests the possibility of taking impulsive actions and a strong desire to fight to defend our freedom, our rights, our beliefs, and our ideals. Excessively destructive reactions and taking action without pondering the consequences of our choices are risks associated with this aspect.

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Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Living Authentically


While the Eclipse is taking place, Venus is approaching a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn and is in her pre-shadow phase. Venus will station retrograde on December 19, just a few hours after the Full Moon in Gemini, the lunation that culminates the cycle starting now. The symbolism of Venus will be very active during the upcoming weeks, and it will be colored by Plutonian themes of death, rebirth, and transformation. Their alignment intensifies our feelings and anticipates big changes in our relationships, in our value system, and our finances.

This Total Solar Eclipse can correspond to a sense of crises in faith and a feeling of not knowing what we believe in, not knowing how to make sense of what we are going through, of the circumstances we are facing. This is a time when we are called to detach from old beliefs and from our attachment to a certain worldview or version of the truth. 

As we keep letting go of the past, we can get to a place where we feel we don’t know anything, and we can’t hold onto anything anymore: this can feel scary and disorienting. Nonetheless, welcoming the feeling of being lost and inhabiting the state of not knowing can represent an opportunity to create space for something buried within ourselves to emerge, unfold, and begin to shape a new path.

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December 2021 Astrology Update: Surprising Closure

December brings the year to closure in an intense, unpredictable, and surprising way. We end 2021 with a powerful Astrology, just like we started it. During the upcoming weeks, we will experience the last Eclipse of the current cycle on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, a powerful New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Later, Venus will station retrograde in Capricorn in exact conjunction with Pluto, just a few hours after the last Full Moon of the year in Gemini, and while Chiron stations direct in Aries. 

At the very end of the month, we will experience the culmination of the last exact Saturn-Uranus square. This alignment has represented the main astrological theme of the year, and it will continue to be active throughout most of 2022, even if it won’t be exact again. Finally, Jupiter will come back to its home sign Pisces, ending the year on an optimistic note.

Let’s have a closer look at the main astrological transit for the upcoming month.


Neptune stations direct in Pisces

Dec 1, 2021, 08:22 AM ET

On the first day of the new month, Neptune stations direct after being in apparent backward motion for roughly six months. This event may reveal to us where we have been too caught up in illusions or fantasies. When the veil is lifted, we may experience some confusion and disorientation, linked to the sense of suspension that often comes up when we transition from one level of consciousness to the next one. Neptune stationing direct invites us to surrender to the wisdom of and timing of life and to trust what we are meeting on our path, even if its purpose isn’t clear yet


New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Dec 4, 2021, 02:42 AM ET

The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse marks an intense new beginning while bringing to completion a karmic cycle: it is the last Eclipse in Sagittarius until 2029, and it is happening on the South Node of the Moon, which relates to our past, our story, our natural talents, what we know well and are familiar with. As the Sun and the Moon meet the South Node, we can expect some emotional purging and processing. A Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius may bring a feeling of loss of meaning, of not knowing what to turn to. As we detach from old beliefs, assumptions, and ways of making sense of life, we often perceive a sense of void that can feel scary. This void, however, is precisely what creates the necessary space for a new and deeper faith to emerge.


Mars enters Sagittarius & Mercury enters Capricorn

Dec 13, 2021, 04:53 AM ET & Dec 13, 2021, 12:52 PM ET 

On the same day, both Mars and Mercury change signs. Mars leaves magnetic Scorpio and enters cheerful Sagittarius. The way we go after what we want will change, and it is likely to be less obsessive and more expansive. With Mars in Scorpio, we act with determination and intense focus, and we are single-minded in our pursuits: Mars entering Sagittarius inspires us to widen our horizons, explore different options, and consider more possibilities.

Meanwhile, Mercury leaving Sagittarius and entering Capricorn reflects a tendency to get serious, think about our future, organize ourselves better, and manage our days in a more structured way. During this transit, we tend to think more and speak less: we appreciate silence and choose our words carefully. Mental discipline, focus, and commitment will be facilitated: Mercury in Capricorn will encourage us to embark on new learning journeys or to build something with the knowledge we already have.


Full Moon in Gemini, Venus conjunct Pluto

Dec 18, 2021,11:35 PM ET

This Full Moon culminates a cycle that began with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, bringing to light information, facts, and data previously unknown, unavailable, or uncertain. This lunation will energize our minds, inspiring us to learn and expand our understanding of reality: new ideas are likely to emerge, and new connections could be born. 

While the Full Moon takes place, Venus is conjunct Pluto and stationary retrograde: this alignment adds a scorpionic quality to this lunation, which marks the beginning of a period of extreme transformation of how we experience relationships. Our relationship with ourselves, with our values, and with money will also change. This alignment will happen for the second time on December 25, while Venus will be retrograde. Venus conjunct Pluto inspires a deep analysis of repetitive patterns that show up in our relationships and increases our desire for loyalty and commitment.


Venus stations Retrograde in Capricorn, Chiron stations direct in Aries

Dec 19, 2021, 05:36 AM ET

Just a few hours after the Full Moon, Venus begins her retrograde journey, which will be a time of reassessment of our values, financial situation, love, and social life. In particular, we will review and reconsider our boundaries and the way we relate to the limitations we encounter. Substantial changes in the world economy and volatility in financial markets are also likely. Venus is stationing conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and will remain in Capricorn until March. During this time, we will reevaluate the way we have been structuring our life and we are likely to undergo deep and lasting inner changes. Simultaneously, Chiron stationing direct in Aries reminds us that working on wounds that affect our self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-assertion represents the foundation for improving our relationship with others.


Capricorn season begins

Dec 21, 2021, 11:00 AM ET

The Sun entering Capricorn begins a new season: the Solstice represents either the shortest day or the shortest night of the year, according to where on Earth we are living. The Winter Solstice brings our attention to how we find our way through the darkness, while the Summer Solstice marks the peak of light and creative energy available to us. Astrologically, the Capricorn season represents a time of introspection, maturation, and self-knowledge. We are being encouraged to reflect on what we want to work hard for and why, what we want to build, and whether it has value in the long term. At this time of the year, we are encouraged to cultivate discipline and to carefully evaluate how we want to invest our time and energy.


Saturn in Aquarius square Retrograde Uranus in Taurus

Dec 24, 2021, 02:16 AM ET 

The last Saturn-Uranus square brings to a culmination and breaking point the battle between old and new, past and future, tradition and innovation that we have been experiencing for the whole year. Socio-political and financial issues are likely to be in the spotlight: there might be important global changes and intense protests as a result of new regulations being implemented. On the personal level, we could notice an inner conflict between our desire to move forward and do something entirely different and our need to hold back to the known and the familiar. The tension generated by this aspect, when channeled creatively, can result in lasting innovation and in a productive renovation of outdated structures and models.


Jupiter enters Pisces

Dec 28, 2021, 11:10 PM ET

At the end of the year, Jupiter comes back to Pisces. This transit may bring our attention back to issues we were focusing on between May and July 2021, during the first ingress of Jupiter in the sign. Jupiter enters Pisces in a square aspect to the Lunar Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius. For the upcoming month, this alignment will be active, emphasizing issues of honesty and authenticity: it may reflect some insecurity about what is true and what isn’t, and what to believe in. Jupiter will remain in Pisces for most of 2022, expanding our desire for spiritual growth and our drive to find the true meaning of life. This transit is likely to increase our urge to turn to spirituality and ancient wisdom to gain a deeper perspective of what’s happening within us and all around us.


December Astrology Update: Our Invitation


2021 has been a year of transition, a year of adjustment, a year where we have been challenged to reinvent ourselves over and over again while adapting and trying to keep up with the deep systemic changes that are taking place. A lot is going on this month and, astrologically, we are experiencing many long-term transits that speak about cycles coming to closure.

When we are transitioning from old systems, structures, and ways of being to new ones, we have to go through a necessary phase of exploration and experimentation where we may not know exactly what we are doing or what’s happening. New solutions don’t emerge immediately: as we wonder how to solve our current issues without much success, fear tends to come up. This phase usually brings up some doubts and uncertainty, and a temptation to try to remain in control of how everything is unfolding. 

As we prepare to leave 2021 behind and approach 2022, we are encouraged to trust the unknown and have faith in our capacity to navigate it, while keeping in mind that we are always being supported, even in ways that we don’t immediately understand.

December 2021 Astrology Update

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Full Moon in Cancer: Honoring our Sensitivity 

On December 29, at 10:28 PM ET, we experience the last Full Moon of 2020, taking place at 8°53’ of the sign of Cancer, and traditionally known as the Cold Moon, as it comes with the coldest days of the calendar year in the Northern hemisphere.

Full Moons take place when the Sun and the Moon are in exact opposition to each other, and they form an angle of 180°. These celestial alignments represent the blossoming and maturation of a cycle, they shine a light on something previously unclear or uncertain, and they allow us to reap the rewards of our work.

On the current Full Cold Moon, the axis Cancer-Capricorn is being activated, and this is highlighting the importance of emotional self-knowledge and self-regulation. The planetary configuration of the moment is shining a light on unresolved family dynamics and on the parental conditioning we internalized, while emphasizing the need to find a good balance between private life, alone time, and worldly commitments.


Cancer-Capricorn: The Family Axis


Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal signs, they begin a new season and a new phase of growth, and they are both related to our experience of family.

Cancer relates to our need for being unconditionally loved, nurtured, accepted, and understood by others on an emotional level: these themes are emphasized on this Full Moon. The archetype of Cancer correlates with our need and desire to belong to a soul family, to a clan. It is associated with our connection with our ancestors, our roots, and our more nurturing caregiver, often the mother.

On the other hand, Capricorn reflects our experience with the more authoritative caregiver, often the father. Capricorn is the sign linked with regulations, norms, and external authorities, such as governments; it corresponds to societal expectations and the conditioning we internalized from our family and culture of origin. Capricorn correlates to the need to take responsibility for our lives by finding ways to generate material security, becoming both financially and emotionally independent from our family of origin.


Full Moon in Cancer: Melancholy, Nostalgia, and Emotional Fluctuations


This Full Moon is happening in the lunar home sign: Cancer is ruled by the erratic and changeable Moon. The Moon in Astrology represents our early childhood experiences and our perception of the parental home environment, it correlates with our inner world, our instinctual and habitual emotional reaction to what happens to and around us.

Mood swings and emotional fluctuations have been linked with the Moon phases and the sign of Cancer. The Full Cold Moon can increase the intensity of our emotional experiences. Many of us may notice a general sense of melancholy and nostalgia, and a strong tendency to reflect upon the past and the old times. During these days, we may witness frequent shifts of our inner state and we may find ourselves alternating more often than usual between sadness and excitement, between a need for solitude and a need for social interactions.

Spending more time than we are used to with our family may bring us back to the past, and it may bring to light old patterns and past issues we thought we overcame long ago. For those of us who are not able to celebrate winter holidays with our family, loneliness can have a similar effect: it can be harder than usual to deal with solitude and isolation. During these strange times, it is more important than ever to nurture our inner child, to connect with our inner mother archetype, to honor our body and its needs, and to be gentle with ourselves.


Emotional Self-Knowledge and Self-Regulation


As a Yin and Water archetype, Cancer is adaptable, flexible, and changeable. Its focus is mostly directed inwards, towards one’s emotional state and the realms of feelings. Cancer is the first sign of the Zodiac through which we experience emotions, as it is the first Water sign.

For this reason, Cancer correlates to the process of emotional self-knowledge and emotional maturation. The evolutionary intention of Cancer is to access a sense of safety and security that is not dependent on any external condition and to be able to honor our feelings as they come and go without being enslaved by our emotional state.

Both Cancer and Capricorn are connected to the capacity to self-regulate. Self-regulation consists of the ability to discern when we need to take a break, to feel if when we can be more indulgent with ourselves, and to know when we need to be more disciplined and structured to fully honor our commitments and responsibilities.


Full Moon in Cancer: Celebrating our Progress and Growth


The current Full Moon follows a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, and is directly connected to the cycle that started with the potent New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer we experienced on the Solstice of June 20, 2020. Reflect upon the intentions you set back in June, think about what you were going through, and refer to your journal of that time if you have it.

Notice any relevant connection between then and now, honor how far you have come, celebrate your improvements, and enjoy the results of your work. In particular, reflect upon the progress you have made in your capacity to self-soothe and to navigate intense emotional states during the last six months.

To help you harness this energy Full Moon in Cancer brings we have created Full Moon printable channeled “Emotional Self-Knowledge” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these Full Moon Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.

full moon in cancer


Full Moon sextile Uranus and square Chiron


Uranus in Taurus is currently in a sextile to the Moon in Cancer, and in a trine to the Sun in Capricorn. Both are harmonic aspects that support the expression of all planets involved and increase our need for freedom and adventure. The influence of Uranus reflects the possibility of unexpected opportunities and unforeseen possibilities emerging throughout the rest of the current lunar cycle. These aspects support our need to experiment and explore and allow us to get in touch with our uniqueness and originality by accessing deeper levels of inspiration and creativity.

On the other hand, the T-square between the Sun, the Moon, and Chiron in Aries can bring up a sense of urgency relative to our need to break free from and leave behind the past patterns emerging during these days. We may experience the sensation of being rejected by others because of who we are or who we have become, or we may reject our own sensitivity as we feel it is never understood or respected by others. With this aspect, it’s important to honor our timing, to avoid taking things too personally, to be gentle with both ourselves and others, and to keep in mind that healing is not a linear process.


Venus conjunct the South Node and square Neptune


On this Full Moon, Venus in Sagittarius is approaching a conjunction to the Lunar South Node, and they are both in a square angle to Neptune in Pisces: these aspects are likely to manifest in our interactions with others.

The Venus square to Neptune may reflect a tendency to see only the good side of people and to idealize them to the point of losing sight of the actual reality. The Venus-Neptune square can promote a transformation in unbalanced relationship dynamics through experiences of disillusionment that force us to face the truth and to implement change.

The Venus-South Node conjunction can be about reliving and re-experiencing past dynamics or patterns that we thought we overcame, to understand them on a deeper level. This aspect can help us become aware of the disempowering beliefs and assumptions we hold, relative to relationships and partnerships, that aren’t supporting our personal growth.


Full Moon in Cancer: Honoring Sensitivity and Releasing Self-Judgment


Sensitivity is not supported by the way society is structured and by the expectations placed on us. For example, we are supposed to be equally productive every day of the month, independently of how we feel. This has brought many of us to automatically suppress most of our emotional reality and, as a result, to be constantly out of touch with our moment-to-moment inner state. On this Full Moon in Cancer, we are encouraged to get back to our emotional body and to understand where our feelings truly come from, without judging ourselves for them.

Cancer teaches us that we must take responsibility for ourselves and our well being, that we need to feel safe and whole without depending on others. Patterns of emotional codependency and issues related to insecure attachment styles may now emerge clearly. We have the chance to work on them with awareness and to explore strategies for coping with challenges constructively.

The Full Moon in Cancer invites us to be there for ourselves, to honor our emotions, and to prioritize taking care of our inner state. Ultimately, this cosmic alignment is here to bring us back to our hearts and to remind us that we are safe to feel whatever we are feeling.

During these intense and unusual times, the Full Cold Moon in Cancer is inviting us to connect with a sense of inner safety and security, not dependent on external conditions, and rooted in the acceptance of what is present for us right now. This cosmic event encourages us to anchor to a feeling of unconditional self-love that is always available independently of circumstances.

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Full Moon in Aries: Inner Empowerment – Harvest Moon

On October 1, at 5:05 PM ET, the Full Harvest Moon in Aries kicks off the new month, inviting more excitement, zeal, and passion into our lives.

Full Moons represent the peak phase of the lunar cycle, a moment of blossoming, culmination, and maturation of our efforts. They offer us the chance to release the results of our work, to share it with the collective, and to let go of everything that we no longer want to carry.

Yet, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac: this infuses the Harvest Moon with the energy of a new beginning, it increases our desire for freedom, new experiences, and lowers our tolerance for boredom and limitations.

The Harvest Moon is the Full Moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere, this event signals the beginning of Fall and the need to harvest the crops: it held a specific significance for ancient peoples, and it was considered a very karmic time.

In the Southern Hemisphere, this Full Moon announces the beginning of Spring and the end of the hardships of Winter. It represents the perfect moment to share any project that was born through the reflection and introspection that took place during the colder months.

To celebrate the arrival of this Full Moon, on October 1 at 9:45 PM ET, we are hosting Global Live Full Moon in Aries Meditation on our YouTube channel. We invite you to join us, and invite others to meditate together with us. Tap here to find our scheduled live meditation.


Getting in Touch with our Needs and Desires


The Moon at 9°08’ of Aries joins retrograde Chiron and opposes the Sun in Libra, bringing to light relationship dynamics that need to be changed or released, and illuminating wounds related to our self-worth, our sexuality, and our need for freedom.

The opposition between Sun and Moon taking place on any Full Moon always signals a creative tension between what we want to be and what we think we should be. In this case, the Aries-Libra axis is involved: this dynamic brings up a theme of self versus others that strongly plays out in all our relationships.

This Full Moon in Aries reminds us that we need to feel whole, happy, satisfied, and complete within ourselves before we try to achieve those sensations or complete ourselves through our interactions with others. She invites us to cultivate our self-esteem, to develop independence and autonomy, to meet our individual needs and desires before we expect someone else to do so.


Full Moon in Aries: Doing More of What We Love 


People with their natal Moon in Aries are extremely lively, enthusiastic, passionate, and great motivators who are not afraid of going out of their comfort zone, take risks, and do something completely unfamiliar. The Full Moon in Aries represents an invitation to dedicate more time to what we are passionate about. This cosmic event wants us to do what we love, what makes us shine, what excites us, what makes us feel fully alive, and to dive deeper into it.

full moon in aries Moon Omens

As we consciously cultivate and generate sensations of happiness, love, and personal fulfillment, we naturally shift our frequency, raise our vibration, and invite more of these energies into our lives. What makes you smile? What makes your eyes sparkle? What makes your Soul happy? Do more of that, and you will notice the benefits ripple and expand in all other areas of your life.


Asserting ourselves Consciously


The Full Moon in Aries illuminates dynamics related to how we channel and release anger and frustration, inviting reflection about immature reactions, impulsive decisions, and behavior patterns that need to be outgrown. Consciously working with the energy of the Full Moon in Aries helps us intentionally direct our willpower and strength, and express our opinions without being harmful or hurtful.

Movement is one of the best ways through which we can harness the intense frequency of this cosmic event and liberate our bodies from stress, anger, tension, and repressed emotion. Dedicating time to anything that supports the balance of our inner masculine and feminine energies will help us act from a place of alignment.

Venus is now transiting the last degrees of Leo and creating a supportive trine to Mars in Aries, ruler of the Full Moon. Together with the positive influence of Mercury in Libra, this alignment will facilitate our relationship dynamics and the constructive communication of our needs, desires, and values to other people.

The Fire Trine between Venus and Mars is a wonderful influence for our romantic and social life: we can easily take advantage of its energy to cultivate a more passionate and enthusiastic attitude in everything we do.


Finding Purpose in Hardships


This Harvest Full Moon in Aries feels like an open road that we are not allowed to take just yet. Mars is in retrograde motion, transiting his home sign, and he is conjunct Eris, dwarf planet named after the Goddess of Chaos and Discord. Moreover, they both square Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn.

These aspects reflect an amount of frustration and tension that we can’t simply ignore or bypass. The Full Moon offers us the invitation to explore the underlying nervousness, the stress, the anxiety, and the anger, and encourages us to find ways to create something good out of this highly volatile and reactive energy.

We need to be gentle with ourselves in this process and forgive ourselves if sometimes we can’t be our best version, or if we struggle to keep a positive mindset. We will inevitably react on impulse and make mistakes: that’s ok, what matters is that we learn something from it. These are very potent planetary alignments that are not to play with, and we are going to feel their influence in waves for the rest of 2020.

We may have the sensation that we have no control over the circumstances, the limitations, and the restrictions we are facing. Nonetheless, we can choose to work to master ourselves and our reactions. We can find healthy ways to deal with and express feelings of discomfort, and we can choose to make conscious decisions on a daily basis.

The Full Moon in Aries gives us an extra boost of energy: this cosmic event inspires us to find purpose in hardships and to keep moving forward despite the difficulties and challenges we encounter.

To help you harness this powerful energy Full Moon in Aries brings we have created Channeled Guided Meditation & “Reconnecting to Instinct” Self-Reflection Journal. We invite you to meditate and journal together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here or on the image below to learn more and gain access to Full Moon in Aries Ritual Tools.

full moon in aries


Full Moon conjunct Chiron: Learning from Pain


The Full Moon is conjunct with Chiron in Aries. This aspect brings our focus on wounds related to our self-esteem, our self-worth, and our sexuality. During these days, we are likely to feel drawn to reflect on the ways we assert ourselves. We may evaluate the way we go after what we want, how we express our individuality, our needs, and our sexual desires.

Feelings of shame and unworthiness can emerge to be elaborated and understood. When did you first feel ashamed of yourself? When do you think you first questioned your self-worth? Can you see a repeating theme or pattern throughout your life? How do you allow other people to treat you? How do you treat yourself? These questions may offer you important insights during this time.

The Moon conjunct Chiron in Aries can bring up deep emotional wounds related to our sense of self, our self-image, and our inherent worth, that can sabotage our relationships because unconsciously we don’t feel worthy of receiving love.

The invitation of this aspect is not to be afraid to fully feel our feelings, to carry our scars with pride, and turn our pain into wisdom by consistently being there for ourselves and not running away from difficult feelings. The conjunction between the Moon and Chiron reminds us that it is perfectly ok to feel broken and lost, yet we don’t need to stay stuck there.

Chiron aspects always offer us the possibility of deep emotional healing, that can only come through embracing our uniqueness and our sensitivity. Through the inner work we have done on ourselves, we can hold space for others and help them overcome their challenges too.

This Full Moon may bring us back to events that happened around July 14, when the powerful conjunction between Mars and Chiron took place. Take some time to think about what was taking place in your life back then. Some of the issues that emerged during that time have the potential to be fully understood, healed, and released.


Full Moon in Aries: Taking our Power Back


The Full Moon in Aries wants us to empower ourselves. She gives us the opportunity to step into our strength and to let go of the fear of fully embracing all that we are.

full moon in aries Moon Omens

Aries is a pioneer: it is the Zodiac sign related to leadership, bravery, and courage. This Full Moon invites us to open new paths and not be afraid to go to the beat of our own drum. Sticking to the choices and commitments we make as best as we can is what grants us strength, self-confidence, and a sense of agency.

Working with the energy of this Full Moon has the potential to help us release limiting beliefs and behavior patterns that are not supporting our growth. This cosmic event gives us the chance to let go of the fear of owning who we are and inspires us to embrace our individuality, uniqueness, and instinctual self-expression.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you enjoyed this article. Happy Full Moon Soul Family!

September Equinox – The Spiritual Meaning of Equinoxes

On September 22, at 9:31 AM ET, the Equinox is taking place. Equinoxes have been celebrated for millennia: they were considered among the most important days of the year in many esoteric and pagan traditions, as they have a specific and powerful spiritual meaning.

Each year we witness two Equinoxes, one in March and one in September. The Autumnal Equinox is commonly referred to as Mabon or Second Harvest in pagan mythology, while the Spring Equinox is also known as Ostara.

The Equinox is traditionally considered a time of transition, contemplation, gratitude, and a fresh start. As we enjoy the results of the work we have done so far, we also have the chance to let go of what we no longer want to bring with us and start a new cycle of growth. An energetic portal opens, giving us the opportunity to align with the cosmic flow and make significant changes in our lives.


September Equinox: Aligning to the Cycles of Nature


What happens in Nature at this time of the year reflects what happens within each and every one of us. No matter where in the globe you live, we are all experiencing an inner shift: September Equinox inaugurates a time of metamorphosis and spiritual growth.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn begins. From now on, days get shorter, temperatures drop, and, after being out and about during Summer, we naturally feel the need to retreat, to spend more time at home and with our loved ones.

The Autumnal Equinox represents a time of harvest that inaugurates the preparation for wintertime and the colder months. We are entering an introspective and reflective phase: we are encouraged to cultivate gratitude, to appreciate the progress we have done, and shift our focus within to integrate the experiences we made.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the vernal equinox now occurs: this astronomical event signals the arrival of Spring. Slowly, Nature starts blooming while animals wake up and begin mating. Days will be longer and warmer and the hours of light available will increase: everyone feels more energetic, enthusiastic, and lively.

The Spring Equinox symbolizes a fresh start, the beginning of a phase of exploration and curiosity. It is traditionally associated with purification and rebirth, and it represents the perfect time for energetically cleansing your body and your home.


Finding Balance between Light and Darkness


The word “equinox” means equal night in Latin. On an Equinox, the Sun is in perfect alignment with the Equator: for this reason, day and night have nearly the same length.

It is not a coincidence that Equinoxes correspond to the beginning of Aries season and Libra season (read Libra 2020 Season article here), the Zodiac signs representing the Self and the Other. Aries and Libra are both Cardinal signs that mark the beginning of seasons and the start of a new cycle of growth.

On an Equinox, we witness a rare balance between light and dark that has the potential to increase our self-awareness, allowing us to meet our own shadow with compassion. Any Equinox represents an invitation to reflect upon any imbalances in our personal lives and our relationships with other people. During the transit of the Sun through Libra, we have the chance to work on what comes up and develop more self-awareness.

September Equinox 2020

The energetic portal opening on the Equinox facilitates deeper levels of understanding of ourselves, of other people, and of the unconscious dynamics at play in any situation, offering us a fantastic opportunity to balance our inner masculine and feminine energies.


The History of Equinoxes


Ancient and sophisticated observatories of the sky can be found all over the world. People were aware of the fact that the locations of sunrise and sunset change slightly day by day, and they built specific sacred sites to measure and celebrate the changing of seasons.

In several places in Europe, people used huge stones to build circular monuments that, thanks to their perfect alignment with the movements of the Sun, would signal the arrival of the Solstice or the Equinox. Stonehenge is one of the most famous ancient astronomical and sacred sites, composed of huge monoliths placed in concentric rings. Modern pagans and Druids still gather there nowadays, waiting for the Sun to rise on the Solstice or Equinox, performing rituals and celebrations of the harvest season.

Native American Tribes of the Northern Hemisphere have been performing harvest festivals for a very long time at this moment of the year. The Harvest Full Moon is the one closest to the Equinox and represents the peak moment of their celebrations. During their ceremonies, happening only after the harvest has been stored and processed, people of the community gather and bring offerings for the elders of the Tribe, for the ancestors, and for Spirit. Everybody honors the Earth and gives thanks for the abundance she blesses us with.

In the Southern Hemisphere, Incas used to honor the Equinoxes on top of the sacred mountain of Machu Picchu, in Peru. There, they placed a giant stone known as Intihuatana. Each year, at noon on each Equinox, the shadow of Intihuatana disappears, signaling the exact alignment of the Sun with the Equator. Their holy stone forms an exact alignment with the Cardinal Points: North, South, East, and West. Each one of them marks either a Solstice or an Equinox, hence the beginning of a season.

Australian Aboriginals have celebrated Ostara as a time of renewal and rebirth for thousands of years. Sacred astronomical sites have been found throughout Australia too, where huge stones were positioned in perfect alignment with the rays of the Sun during Equinoxes and Solstices. Ancient peoples would gather at these spots to anticipate and celebrate the change of season: for some of them, this represented a time to seek out new food supplies and change their habitual routines.


September Equinox: Attuning with the Energy of the Sun


For thousands of years, cultures all over the world have honored the changing of seasons. It was a way to keep track of time and to celebrate the journey of the Earth around the Sun, source of life, light, and vitality for all beings.

In the past, people believed that during Solstices and Equinoxes the veil between dimensions gets thinner, and that it becomes easier to contact and communicate with entities, spirits, and beings from other planes.

September Equinox

This is an extremely potent time that we can harness to align with the energy of the Sun and perform healing practices such as Sungazing at sunrise or sunset. Sungazing has the potential to raise our vibration, remove energetic blockages, and facilitate the activation of our pineal gland and Third Eye Chakra.

September Equinox represents an invitation to attune and synchronize with the frequency of the Cosmos and to set specific intentions for our spiritual journey. In what areas of life do you want to shine? How do you want to be seen? What do you want to manifest on your path? Where do you feel you have more room for growth? How are you choosing to expand?


Spiritual Growth, Facing Darkness and Embracing Light


In ancient Greek mythology, the Autumn Equinox marks the beginning of the six-month period that Persephone spent into the Underworld with her husband, Hades, corresponding to the planet Pluto in modern Astrology. Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility and mother of Persephone, would mourn the loss of her daughter by making the Earth infertile during Autumn and Winter.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Mabon reminds us that the descent into the shadows is a necessary rite of passage, an integral part of our ascension process. Yet, just as the Sun after wintertime, we will rise from the darkness stronger and wiser.

In the Southern Hemisphere, Ostara represents the return of Persephone from the Underworld. The Earth blooms on the Spring Equinox, as Demeter gets to see her daughter again for the next six months. Ostara reminds us that there can’t be darkness without light and vice versa, and that, after a period of grieving and crisis, abundance and joy will be available to us again.

“The path isn’t a straight line; it’s a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.” ― Barry H. Gillespie

At this time, some of us may feel that we are going backward, but we are actually progressing. The spiritual teaching of Equinoxes is that light and darkness are equally important for our growth. Going through a dark night of the Soul or a difficult phase of our life doesn’t mean we are not in alignment with our path: it is often the opposite.

We are at a turning point in human history: the darkness that has been long hidden is emerging and it is now impossible to ignore or bypass. The Equinox encourages us to understand that facing our personal and collective shadow is part of the journey. The cosmic energies of this moment support our search for balance and inner alignment during these uncertain and volatile times, and remind us that light will always find a way.

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Full Moon in Pisces: Entering the Dreamspace – September

We start the month with a potent Full Corn Moon in Pisces: this cosmic event is happening at 10°11’ of the sign of the Fish, and it’s arriving on September 2, at 1:21 AM EST.

Full Moons are the peak phase of the entire lunar cycle: they bring completion and breakthroughs: they represent the culmination of our efforts, the moment when we finally get to see the results of what we have been working on.

The Full Moon of September has been traditionally called Corn Moon or Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon is the Full Moon nearest to the Autumn Equinox, which takes place on September 22 or 23. In 2020, the Harvest Moon is happening on October 1, and on September 2 we are celebrating the Corn Moon.

Corn was the most essential staple food for Native Americans, and it still represents the foundation of many people’s diets nowadays. At this time of the year, in the Northern Hemisphere, corn is almost ready for harvest: monitoring the last phases of growth is extremely important, as harvesting it too early or too late can compromise its quality

Corn is traditionally associated with fertility and abundance: the Full Corn Moon has been celebrated for thousands of years as a symbol of prosperity and wealth. This cosmic event reminds us to honor the abundance in our lives, to be thankful for what we have, and don’t take anything for granted.


Pisces: Liminality and Ambiguity


Pisces is a Yin, Water, and Mutable archetype: natives of this sign tend to be extremely adaptable, sensitive, and empathic. The last archetype of the Zodiac represents the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. It correlates to the time we spend in our mother’s womb and to the cosmic womb where we all belong. Pisces represents a space where we are taken care of, where we can be completely passive and receptive, where no effort is needed because everything is already provided.

The Full Moon in Pisces can easily bring up feelings of disorientation: Pisces relates to everything that exists in the three-dimensional reality, everything that exists in other planes, everything we can dream of, and create in our imagination. The sign of the Fish is related to the totality of life: it corresponds to oneness, to a state of non-duality.

Full Moon in Pisces Moon Omens

This Full Moon opens the portal to a liminal space where everything is true, and its opposite is also true. The astrological symbol of Pisces is composed of two fish swimming in opposite directions: another indication of ambiguity and unity in duality. For these reasons, Pisces correlates with transcendence from worldly concerns and daydreaming, but also with illusions, delusions, deception, chaos, and confusion.


Full Moon in Pisces Opposes Sun in Virgo: Unity and Harmony between Body and Soul


On September 2, the Sun in Virgo opposes the Moon in Pisces, emphasizing the need to find unity and harmony between our body and our Soul. While Virgo is the sign related to our physical body, our lifestyle, and our health, Pisces correlates to our connection with subtle energies, spirituality, and Source.

During the Age of Pisces, now coming to an end, many religious traditions propagated the idea of separation between flesh and Spirit. This doctrine implies the necessity to avoid physical pleasures to be considered pure and worthy and to be allowed to have a connection to God. Before entering the Age of Aquarius, we need to heal dysfunctions that have been in place for a millennia, reclaiming the natural union of body and soul, flesh and Spirit.

Many of us have been moving towards holistic healing and practices like Yoga, that allow us to develop an integrated view of physical health and spiritual health, and to come back to unity and harmony. More and more people have also been exploring the sacred dimension of sexuality, working towards letting go of feelings of guilt linked to enjoying our bodies and our senses.

The Full Moon in Pisces opposite the Sun in Virgo reminds us to take good care of both our body and our soul: there can’t be real physical health without emotional and spiritual health, and vice versa.


Neptune Retrograde & Full Moon in Pisces: Feeling Collective Pain


Neptune, the planet of mysticism, compassion, and unconditional love is the ruler of the Full Moon and he is currently retrograde, also in the sign of Pisces.

This emphasizes our need for introspection, solitude, and retreat from the demands of the outer world. With so much intensity and tension around us, having ways to ground and stabilize our emotional state before taking action becomes crucial.

Full Moon in Pisces Moon Omens

Both Neptune and Pisces correlate to the collective emotional body and to all mass phenomena, to everything that affects the entire Earth. The Full Moon in Pisces brings up intense compassion for others: many of us feel the need to help, to do something good for humanity, as we feel increased sensitivity and concern about what has been going on in the world. Many have been strongly affected by what is happening in the collective, sensing deeply, on an individual level, events that are not affecting us personally. If you have been feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone!


Grounding and Welcoming Unexpected Changes


On the Full Moon, we have several supportive aspects that allow us to take advantage of the earthy energy available, helping us ground our emotional energy and welcome unanticipated changes.

The Sun in Virgo forms a trine to Uranus in Taurus, creating an easy flow of energy that helps us stabilize our emotions, see the bigger picture, cultivate discernment and objectivity. Meanwhile, the Moon in Pisces forms a sextile to Uranus, suggesting the possibility of unexpected change unfolding spontaneously throughout the rest of the lunar cycle.

Taurus corresponds to our resources, talents, and capacities. Thanks to the influence of the Full Moon, we have the chance to discover latent abilities and gifts we didn’t know we possessed. It’s up to us to be open enough to let them emerge, develop, and unravel naturally.

Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn is another positive aspect: it encourages a constructive and practical exchange of ideas that can benefit everyone involved, and has the potential to help us open up to a different perception of the current reality.


Venus opposite Saturn: Know your Worth


As the Full Moon in Pisces takes place, we also witness an exact opposition between Venus in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn. This aspect reminds us to value ourselves and our capacities inviting us to believe in our inherent worth and in our ability to form healthy and supportive relationships.

The opposition between Venus and Saturn reminds us to be gentle with ourselves, to give ourselves space, and to take all the time we need to process the emotions coming up. It is perfectly fine to take a break from the demands of the outer world, if you feel the need to do so.

With several planets in Water signs, it can be easy to self-sacrifice and put others’ necessities first: beware of not compromising your essential needs and desires in order to make others happy. Be also mindful of not over-idealizing people: everyone is inherently good, but this doesn’t mean we should allow them to disrespect us: know your worth, express your needs clearly, and hold firm boundaries.


Full Moon in Pisces: Entering the Dreamspace


When the Full Moon happens in a Water sign, emotions are more intense than usual. The Moon is the natural governor of ocean tides, and human bodies are made of about 70% water.

The more sensitive amongst us are going to notice her potent effects on our inner state and our mood. Any activity that helps us grounding such as sports, journaling, and spending time in nature are going to be extremely beneficial during these days.

Our sleeping cycles can be particularly disturbed and disrupted by this celestial event, as Pisces and Neptune are the archetypes correlated with sleep and dreams, to lucid dreaming and astral projection. This sign is associated with the production of melatonin, a substance synthesized by our pineal gland that regulates our circadian rhythm – our sleep-wake cycle, our body’s internal clock.

The pineal gland is associated with our Third Eye or Ajna Chakra. This energy center is located near the pineal gland, in the middle of our forehead: in most spiritual and esoteric traditions, it is considered the seat of our intuition, sixth sense, psychic abilities, and our connection to Source.

The Full Corn Moon in Pisces is going to stimulate the pineal glands of all beings on Earth and affect the production of melatonin: stay open to whatever comes up, don’t resist any feeling, and navigate your sensations without fear.

The ultimate teaching of Pisces is to surrender. Accept things as they are, and let go of any attempt to control the unfolding of our life situation: all is well, the Universe is supporting us, and whatever happens, it is for our highest good.

To help and assist you to harness this highly spiritual dreamy energy the Full Moon in Pisces brings we have created magical Full Moon in Pisces Ritual Tools: Printable channeled “Balancing Polarities” deep self-reflection & introspection Journal & channeled Guided Meditation. To learn more about these ritual tools and get yours simply tap here or on the image below.

full moon in pisces

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Global Live Full Moon in Pisces Meditation


On September 2nd at 9:45 PM EST we will be hosting Global Live Full Moon Meditation and we invite you to join Your Soul Family and meditate together! We promise – the collective energy of this gathering is going to be fantastic! Charge your crystals, prepare your sacred space and join us for this Full Moon Ritual on our YouTube channel. Love and light! Let us know in the comments below if you’re going to join us in Global Live Full Moon Meditation.

New Moon in Leo: Heart, Mind & Manifesting Magic

On August 18 at 10:41 PM EST, we are experiencing a creative and playful New Moon in Leo, happening at 26°35′ degrees of the sign of the Lion.

New Moons always represent the beginning of a brand new cycle. The Moon has been gradually disappearing from our sight, and from now on she will start growing again, showing a little more of herself each night.

The days before the New Moon, also known as the Dark or Balsamic phase, are days of healing and rest, of introspection and reflection. The New Moon has now come, but it is not the time to take action yet.

First, the cosmic energy of the moment invites us to set clear intentions for the upcoming cycle, after an honest self-inquiry regarding what we want to manifest and why. Every month the New Moon encourages us to act from a focused and conscious place: she wants us to feel a full-body “yes” before taking any initiative.

New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo reminds us not to be afraid to dream big. She inspires us to define a vision that inspires and motivates us, to believe in it, and in our power to manifest it. Sun and Moon in the sign of the Lion invite us to visualize a bright future for ourselves and our loved ones despite the hard and uncertain times we are living in.


New Moon in Leo: Honor your Path


The Sun and the Moon join forces in Leo, inviting us to celebrate our individuality, our passions, and our need to be seen and appreciated. The message of this New Moon is that we are safe to be ourselves and to explore the desires of our hearts. She inspires us to develop unshakable self-confidence and faith in who we are, and encourages us to share our true and authentic self with the world without fear of being judged.

Leo is a fierce Fire archetype, corresponding to our upper back, heart, and solar plexus. Its energy is Yang or masculine: this means that when we have a cosmic event happening here, its effects are mostly directed outwards. During this New Moon, we naturally tend to express the qualities of Leo outwardly, we show their expression to the world around us.

Leo inspires us to let go of any shyness and self-consciousness. The archetype of the Lion invites us to be bold and unapologetic, to take the space we deserve, reminding us that we all have the right to shine and be seen.

New Moon in Leo

This New Moon is a strong call for honoring our personal path, and letting go of the need to measure up to someone else’s standards. Success has a different meaning for everybody. This celestial event invites us to make choices that reflect our soul purpose and to hold on to our vision even if other people don’t support it.


New Moon conjunct Mercury in Leo: Merging Heart and Mind


This New Moon is inviting us to organize our thoughts, reflect on any emotion coming up, and consciously share with others how we feel and what we need. The conjunction between Sun, Moon, and Mercury in the sign of the Lion is encouraging us to speak our truth lovingly and openly, merging our minds and our hearts.

The Fixed quality of Leo is associated with loyalty, focus, and with the ability of this sign to commit to what he takes on, bringing forward projects he already started with continuous and constant effort. A risk of Sun, Moon, and Mercury joining together in Leo can be being too proud to change our mind even if we know we are wrong, falling into the trap of egocentrism and entitlement. In its shadow expression, Leo can get quite stubborn.

Beware of the temptation of engaging in gossip and drama during these days, especially on social media. Take care of not raising your voice with your loved ones, and of not getting too fixed in your position or point of view. Always be mindful of allowing other people to have their opinion: respect their right to speak and share what they think, even if they don’t agree with you.


New Moon in Leo trine Mars in Aries: Let it All Go


The supportive trine between Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Leo and Mars in Aries inspires us to find ways to channel, move, and physically release the excess emotional energy, as well as any anger, frustration, or fear coming up during these days.

To harness the qualities of this positive aspect, experiment with different sports, creative activities, theater, dance and performance art. It is now possible to find very affordable or even free online classes and tutorials of almost any discipline or art form: this is a real blessing.

Make some research and try something you always wanted to try, whatever makes you feel inspired at any given moment. Don’t be afraid to mess up and make mistakes: both Mars in Aries and the planets in Leo invite us to learn through trial and error, and they remind us of the value and importance of knowing ourselves through direct experience.

Because of the trine between Mars and the New Moon, we are starting a new lunar cycle where our vitality and energy levels are tightly correlated to our capacity for emotional regulation. Channeling our feelings into any self-expression modality is going to increase our stamina, determination, and willpower. It has the potential to help us release the frustration and the anger we may have repressed or unconsciously accumulated.

Sun, Moon, and Mercury trine Mars inspires us to follow our path and walk it alone if necessary. They encourage us to honor our emotional needs, our feelings and sensations, as well as our necessity for freedom and self-expression.


Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus: Feel Free to Experiment


The exact sextile between Venus in Cancer and Uranus in Taurus on the New Moon in Leo is infusing the entire upcoming lunar cycle with an original and progressive energy. Our love life, social life, and overall creativity are likely to benefit from this positive aspect.

Uranus represents our truest individuality, and our need to break free from constrictions, limitations, outdated rules, and beliefs. Venus represents how we relate to ourselves and others, our values, needs, and resources.

When these planets connect, we may feel that innovative and unconventional ideas tend to emerge out of the blue. The sextile is a harmonious aspect that triggers us but without insisting too much: it can be easy to be unaware of its influence or ignore it. It’s up to us to take action upon it and to make good use of its energy.

The sextile between Venus in Cancer and Uranus in Taurus inspires us to experiment, to introduce novelty in our relationships with others, in our personal style, and maybe even in our value system.

Uranus does not like stagnation and doesn’t have a good tolerance for boredom. This planet loves shaking up routine and it always demands more excitement and freedom. On the contrary, Venus in Cancer tends to enjoy routine because of the feeling of safety it generates.

Nonetheless, thanks to the positive influence of the sextile between them, many of us will open our minds, leave our comfort zone, and risk more. During the upcoming lunar cycle, we are likely to feel inspired to experiment, innovate, and introduce something unusual in our life.

To help you harness fiery and courageous energy of the Lion this magical New Moon brings we have created a channeled New Moon in Leo Ritual Tools: Guided Meditation Audio & Printable “Creativity, Playfulness & Flow” Deep Self-Reflection Journal. We invite you to join Moon Omens Soul Family and meditate, journal and harness this energy of the new beginnings together! Tap here or on the image below to find access.

new moon in leo ritual tools


The More We Give, the More We Receive


The New Moon in Leo reminds us that the most important achievement is feeling happy and satisfied with what we do every day, with the way we live our life, and the people we share it with. Leo invites us to value ourselves, our qualities, our talents, and our capacities. This New Moon inspires us to spend more time doing what makes us feel true joy in our hearts and to share this feeling with others.

We are encouraged to make a conscious effort to find time to play, have fun, and do whatever makes us feel happy and glowing. Once we cultivate these qualities in ourselves, we naturally inspire the people in our life to do the same, inviting them to join us into that space of self-love and authenticity.

Leo reminds us that being genuinely generous towards others automatically allows us to be able to give more. As we instinctively attune to the frequency of abundance, we soon realize that unexpected gifts and opportunities are spontaneously coming our way.

Ultimately, the message of this New Moon is that when we tap into the infinite Source of creative energy available to us, we are inevitably shown that the more we give, the more we receive.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and please share this article with others 🙂


New Moon in Leo Global Live Meditation


On August 18th, 9:45 PM EST we will be hosting live global New Moon meditation. We invite you to come and join Moon Omens Soul Family. As we come together and become one, as we are, the energy is amazing and the energetic shift will definitely be felt! We are excited to see you there. Tap on the video below or search ‘Moon Omens’ in YouTube search to find our scheduled meditation. Comment if you are going to be there. Love and blessings!

Lion’s Gate 8/8/2020: a Celestial Stargate is Activated

The 8th day of the 8th month of the year represents a particularly significant date. While the Sun is in its home sign Leo, we experience a specific alignment between the Earth and the fixed star Sirius that activates what is known as the Lion’s Gate.

The activation of this Celestial Stargate has been influencing us since the end of July, and its energy will be available to us until the end of Leo season. Both our individual frequencies and the electromagnetic field of the whole planet are strongly affected by this alignment. 

During these days, there is a strong possibility of sudden spiritual and kundalini awakenings, the spontaneous opening of blocked chakras, potent downloads from our Higher Self and Spirit Guides, visitation from Angels, Archangels, and higher dimensional beings. We could also experience visions of future or past lives, psychic abilities unlocking, unintentional astral travels, vivid and intense lucid dreaming.

Ancient civilizations have celebrated this cosmic event for thousands of years. The alignment between the Earth, Sirius, and the Sun has a powerful effect on our DNA and on the frequency of the entire Earth. The function of the Lion’s Gate Portal Activation is to prepare our physical, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies for a significant shift in consciousness.


Sirius: Our Spiritual Sun


Sirius is the most shining star in the sky: it is twenty to forty times brighter than our Sun. Also known as Alpha Canis Majoris or the Dog Star, it is a Fixed Star: this means it does not move. It is placed at 14 degrees Cancer: if you have planets on this degree, Sirius has a particular significance for you.

Each year, around this time, we experience the heliacal rising of Sirius: this means that it will be possible to see Sirius before sunrise, after it has been hidden from daylight for about 70 days.

Sirius is also called our “Spiritual Sun”: its influence is traditionally considered beneficial. Although it is not often taken into account in Modern Astrology, Sirius had a huge importance in Ancient Egyptian Astronomy and Astrology. All Egyptian temples were built according to their alignment with the stars and in fact, during the Lion’s Gate, the Orion Belt forms an exact alignment with Giza Pyramids.

lion's gate 2020

Back around 3000 BC, the rising of Sirius marked the beginning of the Egyptian New Year: it coincided with the flooding of the Nile River, which fertilized the farmlands. For this reason, Sirius to them represented abundance, benevolence, and luck. It was associated with the Goddess Isis, a healer and a magician, who ruled over fertility, motherhood, and the process of death and rebirth. 

The heliacal rising of Sirius happens during the “Dog Days” of Summer, the hottest ones, that take their name from the Dog Star. The exact astronomical event this year will be on August 15-16, depending on the latitude where we live, but we are going to feel the effects of Sirius’ alignment with the Earth and the Sun throughout the whole Leo Season. 


8/8: Power and Transformation


The intensity of the frequency of number 8 is the reason why August 8th is considered the peak moment of the activation of the Lion’s Gate. We celebrate it on this date even though, astronomically, the exact day of the rising of Sirius slightly changes each year.

Number 8 in Numerology is extremely potent. It is a symbol of infinity, power, and transformation. It represents the ability to manifest one’s reality, as well as balance, harmony, and decision making. In Astrology, number 8 is associated with the sign of Scorpio, the planet Pluto, and the Eight House. All these archetypes correlate with profound metamorphosis, emotional depth, psychological death and rebirth, and sexuality. 

In Tarot, the Eight Major Arcana is either Strength or Justice, depending on the deck. Strength inspires us to master our instincts, emotions, and desires, and to come into contact with our inner courage and power, overcoming any self-doubt and insecurity. Justice symbolizes the law of cause and effect, also known as karma. This card reminds us of the importance of acting from a place of integrity and being accountable for our choices.

Number 8 is a very karmic number associated with ambition, resilience, leadership, and success. Nonetheless, the benefits of its potent energy can be achieved only through the right and ethical use of one’s power, resources, and sexual energy.


Lion’s Gate: Massive Ascension and Energetic Activation


The current weeks are a highly charged and emotional time for starseeds, lightworkers, and empaths, who are extremely sensitive to energetic shifts. We are being beamed by high-frequency electromagnetic waves that we are not used to experiencing.

There is a lot of cosmic information coming in right now: there are ongoing exchanges between the physical and non-physical realms. Receiving messages from technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, of which some people believe that Sirius is home to, is another possibility during this time.

For these reasons, the more sensitive among us have been experiencing headaches, fatigue, muscle tension, insomnia, nervousness, mood swings, dizziness, irritability, or have felt agitation without a clear cause.

Meditation is highly recommended during these days: ground yourself visualizing cords connecting you to the center of the Earth, find stillness and silence to allow downloads and insights to come in. 

lion's gate

We are in a time of heightened awareness and massive ascension. Be prepared for breakthroughs, and for the sudden breakdown of what is preventing you from expressing your fullest potential. Our Solar Plexus, Heart, and Third Eye are the Chakras that are likely to be stimulated most powerfully by this energy.

We are going through the last phase of a dark cycle in human history: the activation of the Lion’s Gate portal on August 8th is urging us to remember who we truly are and inspiring us to have faith in ourselves, to embrace transformation and change without fear.

We are cosmic beings with an enormous spiritual potential that we are currently not using. The Lion’s Gate Activation raises our collective vibration: this celestial event reminds us that we are the Universe experiencing itself, and we have everything we need within. We have the power to change our reality and to create and manifest whatever we dream.

Comment below if you’re excited about this energy and stargate too! Also let us know if you will join us will meditate together. Meditation details below 🙂


Lion’s Gate 2020 Global Live Meditation


We invite you to join us and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. August 8th at 9:45 PM EST on our YouTube channel. Tap on the video below or search in youtube’s search “moon omens” and you’ll find our channel as well as scheduled meditation video. Come join us, and share/invite others. Let’s create magic together!

New Moon in Cancer: Coming Home to Ourselves

On July 20 at 1:32 PM EST, we are witnessing the second New Moon in Cancer of 2020. This celestial event happens only a month after the Solar Eclipse in Cancer we had on the Solstice day.

Having two New Moons in the same sign is quite rare. Moreover, this is the very first New Moon after the Eclipse season ended. She closes the cycle that started with the Solar Eclipse in Cancer of June 21, marking the beginning of a brand new chapter in our collective evolution and personal growth.

Witnessing two New Moons in Cancer is a strong and clear indicator of the need to integrate more self-care, emotional awareness, softness, and nurturance into our lives during these difficult and confusing times.

We are encouraged to go back to the vision we had in May, before Eclipse season started, and acknowledge what has changed, both within and without.

How can we best adapt to a reality that is constantly shifting? How do we stay sane in the process? How to balance our inner needs with the requests of the outer world? These are some of the questions the Moon is asking us.


The Cancer-Capricorn polarity: Looking for the Middle Way


Sun and Moon at 28°26’ Cancer are exactly opposite to Saturn at 28°39’ of Capricorn on the same day of the New Moon. Meanwhile, we are still feeling the effects of the oppositions they recently formed with Jupiter and Pluto, also retrograde, at 21° and 23° Capricorn.

Throughout Eclipse Season there has been a lot of emphasis on balancing the Cancer-Capricorn polarity. Cancer is a place where we feel safe and protected. This archetype is correlated to home, family, and childhood, it represents both our inner child and our maternal instinct.

As the Sun and the Moon join forces there, they bring our attention to the vulnerability and the sensitivity we innately possess but we haven’t been able to integrate or acknowledge yet because we haven’t felt safe enough to do so.

new moon in cancer

Capricorn on the other hand is the sign related to our social function, our career, our interactions with authorities and laws. With Capricorn, we learn that our actions have consequences. This sign demands us to take into account our duties, responsibilities, and obligations as well as their relationship with power, prestige, and money. Capricorn encourages us to fully commit to what we take on and to take accountability for our mistakes and shortcomings.

To embody the best qualities of both signs, a lot of self-awareness is necessary. We need to find the middle way between being hard on ourselves and being too self-indulgent, we need to seek a balance between being too ambitious and being afraid of going out of our comfort zone.

The Cancer-Capricorn axis encourages us to take care of our personal life and emotional well-being without forgetting the demands of our social role and the outer world.


Sun opposite Saturn – Unrestricted Self Expression vs Norms and Regulations


Saturn has already been in Capricorn, the sign he rules, for two years and will stay there until December, when it moves into Aquarius for the next two and a half years. The planet of Time and Karma is asking us to review some of the lessons we have learned during this period, and reflect upon them from another level of awareness.

The seriousness of Saturn tends to limit the spontaneity and natural inventiveness of the Sun. During these days, we may feel drawn to think that there is only a pre-established way we can express ourselves, and find it hard or challenging to look beyond it.

Any opposition is asking us to find a balance between the two forces involved. This aspect may reflect a conflict between our individual will or creativity and the laws, regulations, and hierarchies that have been in place for centuries.

At this time, we may realize that what we are currently doing for a living is not aligned with our sense of purpose and decide to make a change, but encounter some difficulties as we try to establish ourselves in society in a new way.

The Sun-Saturn opposition emphasizes the necessity to link our individual need for self-expression to a socially relevant function. Saturn reminds us that it is not only about ourselves and what we enjoy doing. We need to find our place in a larger framework, and use our creativity to offer a service that other people can benefit from.


Moon opposite Saturn – Emotions vs Duties


Moon and Saturn could be considered polar opposites: the Moon is the natural ruler of Cancer while Saturn rules the opposite sign, Capricorn. Synchronistically, on this New Moon, they are both transiting the signs they rule. This is another indicator of the importance of balancing the Cancer-Capricorn axis both in our individual, daily lives, and on a collective scale.

The Moon represents our inner child, their needs and fears, their desire to be nurtured and taken care of. The Moon also represents our inner mother, our ability to mother ourselves and other people and to emotionally connect with them.

new moon in cancer

Saturn wants us to take full responsibility for the way we are spending our time, energy, and money, as well as for what we give back to the world. He encourages us to cultivate self-control and self-mastery, to be accountable for our actions and shortcomings.

With Moon Saturn contacts there’s a strong call to balance our own emotional needs with the needs of other people, of our professional life, and of society as a whole. With this aspect, it can be easy to prioritize our career commitments or ambitions at the expense of our emotional health and well-being.

If the relationship between the Moon and Saturn is unbalanced, our personal and family life tend to suffer. With this opposition, we typically take on too many societal obligations. A subconscious sense of guilt, shame, and a generalized feeling of depression or anxiety may be a result.

Aspects between the Moon and Saturn can be associated with deep unconscious emotional blockages. Their purpose is inviting us to consciously come into contact with our inner child and the emotions we suppressed in the past, in order to elaborate and integrate them in a safe space once we are adults.

To help you come back home to yourself and find a balance between these energies we have created a very powerful printable journal we call “Reparenting Our Inner Child” in which you will find a lot more insights about the energy of this New Moon and deep, profound questions. Together with journal you will receive our channeled guided meditation audio which will take you on the deep journey within. We invite you to get your New Moon Ritual Tools and join Moon Omens Soul Family. (Tap here or on the image below to find New Moon Ritual Tools)

new moon in cancer


New Moon in Cancer: Taking Our Feelings Seriously


Sun, Moon, and Saturn are inviting us to let go of the fear of not being accepted for who we are. They urge us to release any guilt or shame linked to not conforming to others’ expectations. They inspire us to redefine our relationship with judgment in a way that feels more empowering and positive and to worry less about what people think of us.

This New Moon in Cancer gives us full permission to walk away from those who need to belittle others to feel good about themselves. Distancing ourselves from environments or people that don’t make us feel safe, loved, or accepted for who we are is our right.

Cancer teaches us to take our emotions seriously. This sign reminds us of how crucial taking care of our inner health and well being is. The New Moon reminds us to follow our feelings, sensations, and intuition before listening to what people or society say we should do, or how we should feel in certain situations.

Taking time to care for ourselves and our emotional balance should be our top priority during these days. Yet, we should also be careful not to use this as an excuse to avoid addressing important issues or expressing our feelings clearly.


New Moon in Cancer: Coming Home to Ourselves


The ultimate lesson of Cancer is emotional maturity. This sign invites us to develop an ongoing relationship with our ever-changing inner state. The New Moon encourages us to listen to the clues our body is constantly sending us, even if they may seem irrational at first.

An essential part of this process is being able to express what we feel honestly and openly, without any fear of judgment or rejection. The presence of Mercury, still transiting through the sign of the Crab, is supporting us in the creation of a safe and respectful space of exchange and communication.

We are in a period where issues related to the past, to our family or our home are likely to come up, and many of us need to make important decisions in these areas of life. Interacting with others loving and kindly, from an open heart, becomes crucial for the integration and elaboration of any difficult feeling emerging.

Comment bellow with what resonated with you the most and please share this with others, because sharing is love and caring! Sending love and blessings your way..

P.S. We invite you to join our Global Live New Moon Meditation together with Moon Omens Soul Family. It is going to be powerful and transformative. Meditation time: July 20th, 21:45 PM EST. Meditation place: YouTube.com/MoonOmens

Tap here or on the video link below to get directly to our scheduled live event.

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