Mars Retrograde in Gemini: Curious Exploration of Conflict and Desire

On October 30, 09:26 AM ET, Mars begins its retrograde at 25º36’ of Gemini, offering us an opportunity for a curious exploration of conflict and desire, inviting us to contemplate the core intentions and motivations that fuel our actions, choices, words, and thinking patterns. 

Mars remains retrograde until January 12, 2023, and enters Cancer on March 25, 2023. This transit will be felt the most by those of us who were born with personal planets or angles between 8º and 25º of Mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, as these are the degrees where Mars is going to travel.


Mars Retrograde in Gemini: Reevaluation and Refinement of Visions and Ideas


Mars is the traditional ruler of both Aries and Scorpio. In Astrology, this planet has to do with our conscious desires, with how we go after what we want, how we chase what we desire, how we initiate and take action, how we motivate ourselves, and how we embark on unexplored directions and paths. In the sign of Gemini, Mars’ powers are mostly channeled through the mind and the intellect. During this transit, our minds are energized: we feel drawn to question accepted ideas and mainstream ways of perceiving reality, we are eager to expand our mental horizons and think independently.

Mars is a very Yang, outward-oriented, go-getter, active, sharp, and direct force. When the Red Planet is in retrograde motion, this energy is internalized and more available for inner exploration, inner alchemy, and self-discovery. This shift supports contemplation and reflection relative to how we desire to channel our life force energy, our mental energy, our creative energy, and our sexual energy.

Mars stationing retrograde promotes reevaluation and refinement of our ideas and visions, and it may inspire us to question the direction we are walking towards. In the sign of Gemini, Mars retrograde invites discernment and self-inquiry concerning why we desire to learn something, our approach to learning altogether, as well as our communication, assertion, and conflict resolution styles.


Mars Retrograde in Gemini: Curious Exploration of Conflict, Instinct, & Desire


Mars retrograde is an invitation to take time, reflect, and ponder before we act or react. It is a moment to contemplate what we desire to initiate and how we desire to initiate, and to explore how our intentions and cravings can be connected to an egoic desire as well as to a deeper, Soul desire. This shift is an opportunity to question and reevaluate the way we think about desire, perceive desire, speak about desire, and act on our desires.

Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Mars retrograde cycle is a chance to notice the way both our minds and our bodies respond to triggers and what gets activated in us. It is a time to pay attention to fight, flight, and freeze dynamics and to how we feel drawn to instinctively navigate disagreements and release anger, tension, emotions, and stress. It is an opportunity to gain awareness of repetitive patterns that come up in our communications and thoughts, especially in moments of conflict. Mars’ shift of motion represents an invitation to work on our mindset, explore how repressed or misplaced anger affects our perceptions and clouds our thinking, and find constructive ways to channel the energies of rage, frustration, aggression, and nervousness, as well as mental restlessness.


Mars square Neptune & trine Saturn: Dance of Desire & Responsibility


The Red Planet is stationing retrograde in a square to Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces. While the Mars-Jupiter square won’t go exact until Mars enters Leo and Jupiter enters Taurus, Mars is in the process of perfecting a series of squares to Neptune in Pisces and a series of trines to Saturn in Aquarius. The first Mars-Neptune exact square took place on October 12, the second one happens on November 19, and the last one takes place on March 14, when Mars is going to be again in direct motion.

Tense aspects between Mars and Neptune, such as the square, can reflect a feeling of not knowing clearly what we desire, how to act, how to direct our energy, and what to initiate. Confusion is likely to be present around this time and, since Mutable signs are involved, it may result in an inclination to disperse our energy and focus in too many directions.

Avoidant tendencies, issues surrounding boundaries, feelings of victimization, and a need to rescue others or be rescued can be present. Around this time, we are being invited to explore the connection between desire and responsibility, and to keep in mind the impact of the words we choose, of how we express our anger, our instinct, and our sexuality.

Mars is also going to align with Saturn in Aquarius, and their harmonic trine contributes to counterbalancing the effects of the Mars-Neptune square. The first Mars-Saturn trine took place on September 28, the second one is going to be on November 28, and the third one on March 30. The Mars-Saturn trines will support our capacity to be constructive, focused, and effective in channeling our physical and mental energy, inspiring reflection on what we desire to build in the long term, and what actions and decisions are needed for us to get there.


Mars Retrograde in Gemini: Navigating Ambivalence, Nuance, and Duality


Mars retrograde offers us opportunities to renew our relationship with instinct and rethink, reassess, and rediscover how we invest our life force, our energies, and our focus. It is a time to explore how we choose to apply our mental energy and concentration, to question the direction we are moving towards, and to ask ourselves whether that is the path we truly want to take.

Mars retrograde will encourage us to reflect on what we desire to learn and why, to ask ourselves why we tend to communicate in a certain way and to explore different ways of asserting ourselves and our ideas. This retrograde cycle will inspire us to reevaluate our attachment to our opinions, perceptions, and thinking patterns: it will give us chances to change our mindset and the way we inwardly motivate ourselves.

Gemini teaches us to navigate duality, nuance, and paradox as it is a naturally multi-faceted and dual archetype. This Mars retrograde in the sign of the Twins will offer us opportunities to explore how to cooperate with people who hold different perspectives and perceptions and how to deal with ambivalence, both within ourselves and in others. This transit is an opportunity to discover how to navigate conflict, ideological and not, in a connected and curious way rather than a dogmatic one. It will remind us to carefully choose which battles are worth picking and which ones are not.

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Full Moon in Aries: Power of Vulnerability – October 2022

On October 9, 4:54 PM ET, we experience a Full Moon at 16º32’ of Aries: this lunation, happening while the Moon is conjunct Chiron, brings to maturation a chapter of our healing journey and reminds us of the power of vulnerability. 

Full Moons are a time of maturation, release, and closure: they represent a moment to reap the fruits of our work and witness the results of our efforts. At this time of the month, the Moon opposes the Sun, aligning to the same degree of the opposite Zodiac sign. The light of the Sun offers us a glimpse of our inner world, clarifying something previously unclear or uncertain. Full Moons bring revelations and new understandings, and begin the second half of the lunar cycle, a time to let go of our efforts and our intentions and slow down the rhythm of our lives.

This cosmic event represents the peak point of the lunar cycle that started with the Libra New Moon we experienced two weeks ago, on September 25. It is also bringing to maturation a longer cycle that began with the Aries New Moon that took place six months ago, on April 1, 2022, which was also conjunct Chiron.

P.S. if you haven’t already watched, we have an hour long Full Moon in Aries video on our YouTube channel where Nina is guiding us through all the current energies. We highly recommend dedicating time for it, it is very profound and transformative.


Full Moon in Aries: Exploring Interdependence


Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, the pioneer, the firestarter, the one who begins spontaneous journeys and opens new paths and directions without any guidance but the pull of instinct. When the Moon is here, emotions are quick to come and quick to go, reactivity is higher than usual, and a tendency to make decisions impulsively, following the ebbs and flows of our emotional waves, is often present.

The Aries Full Moon comes during the yearly journey of the Sun through the sign of the Scales. Libra season directs our focus and our awareness on our way to navigate one-to-one connections and all relationship dynamics. The transit of the Sun through Libra increases our attunement to the needs and desires of others and our awareness of what is needed to maintain conditions of peace in our environment. This lunation brings the spotlight very clearly on the relationship axis, inviting us to redirect our attention back to ourselves, our needs, and our desires amid the socially busy Libra season.

full moon in aries

The Aries Full Moon is bringing up the necessity to explore interdependence, finding more harmony between our urge to follow our impulses, needs, and desires and our willingness to nurture and cultivate our relationships with other people. It invites us to explore our connection with our anger, with our primal impulses, with the strength of our raw desires, and brings to our attention disempowering beliefs and assumptions relative to the power of our will and our assertion.


Full Moon conjunct Chiron: Power of Vulnerability


The Full Moon in Aries peaks as the Moon is conjunct with Chiron and while they both oppose the Sun and Venus in Libra. Chiron is a celestial body placed between Saturn and Uranus, mythologically associated with the figure of the wounded healer and teacher. In Astrology, Chiron is connected with our healing journey and has a key role in our individuation, particularly in those evolutionary processes that are born out of navigating grief and rejection from a place of openness and surrender. 

The Aries Full Moon conjunct Chiron is maximizing our sensitivity, both emotional and energetic, while illuminating wounds that aren’t fully healed. This Full Moon is revealing to us something we are being encouraged to address, inviting us to progress on our healing journey and take full responsibility for our healing.

The Moon-Chiron conjunction is likely to feel very intense emotionally, and it will shine a light on something we can no longer postpone addressing. As this alignment is happening in Aries, it is likely to highlight wounds and insecurities surrounding our strength, resiliency, leadership skills, power, confidence, and assertiveness. This Chiron-Moon conjunction in the sign of the Warrior reminds us of the power of vulnerability and challenges us to remain open even when it feels like the hardest thing we could do.


Full Moon opposite Venus: Conflict as Learning Opportunity


Chiron and the Moon are opposing Venus and the Sun in Libra. This configuration is offering us chances to gain awareness of how our wounds and insecurities are affecting our relationships and the way we show up for others. It is pointing at disempowering beliefs about our self-worth and self-value that are influencing how we experience connections, diminishing our capacity to fully receive and let in love, affection, and care.

This is a time to reflect on who we are in relation to others, and on what we need to feel free to express ourselves authentically, without compromising our needs and desires, while remaining open and available for the people in our lives. We have opportunities to explore how to establish a healthy interdependence within our connections, avoiding the extremes of enmeshed codependency and detached independence.

full moon in aries

Libra rules peace while Aries rules war. These days, we have an opportunity to reflect on our relationship with harmony and our relationship with conflict while exploring the link between conflict and intimacy. The current lunation is inviting us to discover how we can achieve a deeper, more authentic sense of peace in our lives: at this particular time, this may require confronting something or someone, cutting cords, or setting new boundaries and limits within our relationships.


Mars square Neptune: Confused Desires


The planetary ruler of the Aries Full Moon is Mars: analyzing the condition of the Red Planet gives us more information about how this Full Moon is manifesting and unfolding. Mars is in Gemini, where he remains until March 2023, as he is going to station retrograde in the sign on October 30. 

Mars is currently in a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces, which is another indicator of increased empathy, sensitivity, emotionality, and awareness of collective experiences. This alignment can correspond to feelings of not knowing how or when to act, and a sense of confusion relative to our desires and goals. These days, we may feel inclined to disperse our energy in too many directions, which is emphasized by the fact that the square is happening in Mutable signs. An inclination to avoid challenges and confrontations may be present around this time. We may find it hard to act on our desires and take responsibility for them, and it may be more challenging than usual to express and channel our anger constructively. 

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full moon in aries


Mars trine Saturn & Mars square Mercury


Nonetheless, we are also experiencing a beneficial Mars-Saturn trine, which helps counterbalance the tendencies associated with the Mars-Neptune square. This alignment supports our productivity, promoting more grounded and practical action as well as a goal-oriented approach to decision-making. Saturn inspires us to bring our ideas down to earth, prioritize intelligently, and align our choices and the way we invest our energy with our long-term desires, values, and visions.

It is also relevant to consider that Mars in Gemini has been squaring Mercury in Virgo for a while, as Mercury has recently stationed direct. This square reminds us to be mindful of not being excessively combative in our communications, emphasizing a tendency already underlined by Mars’ transit through the sign of the Twins. On this Full Moon, it is advised to take care of how we are asserting our ideas, beliefs, and opinions, and to keep into consideration the impact of the way we word our sentences. Mercury is still opposing Neptune, which points to possible confusion and misunderstandings, and offers us an invitation to attune to intuitive and subtle perceptions instead of solely relying on logic.


Full Moon in Aries: Focus on Healing, Evolving, and Transforming


The Aries Full Moon encourages us to explore ways to be in relationships that promote our individual growth and unfolding and let go of ways of relating that aren’t supportive of our personal empowerment and evolutionary development. It is an invitation to trust our capacity to form and maintain authentic connections, and reminds us that genuine relationships don’t require us to abandon ourselves, our needs, and our desires in order to exist. 

This lunation encourages us to attune to a dynamic balance between the energy we invest into “me” and the energy we invest into “us”. This is a central theme of the Aries Full Moon, which brings the spotlight on any imbalances, extremes, and misalignments in our relationship with ourselves and our relationships with others.

Meanwhile, Pluto is very powerful as it is stationary direct in Capricorn, an event likely to mark a shift and a turning point in our awareness. Together with the activation of Chiron, it indicates a powerful focus on healing, evolving, and transforming, while underlining the need to keep our hearts open and remain present with the feelings and emotions that arise.

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Mars enters Gemini: Power of the Mind

On August 20, 03:57 AM ET, Mars leaves Taurus and enters Gemini, energizing our minds and motivating us to act on our ideas. This year, Mars is going to be in Gemini longer than usual. The Red Planet stations retrograde in the sign of the Twins on October 30, and remains in the sign until March 2023, offering us a chance to deepen our connection with the power of our mind, words, and thoughts.

This combination of energies is versatile, experimental, and very changeable, as Gemini is a Mutable Air sign, meant to explore a variety of paths, while Mars is naturally driven to pioneer and try new endeavors.


Mars enters Gemini: Words can be Weapons


Mars, named after the God of War, is the planet of action, desire, instinct, assertion, and direction. Transits of Mars show us where action is taking place, and indicate changes in our approach to getting what we desire. Gemini is a Mutable Air sign that is connected to the process of gathering and classifying information in a way that allows us to gain a logical understanding of reality.

When the planet that rules our vitality, energy, power, and motivation enters an Air sign, his power is mostly channeled through the mind and the intellect. Mars entering the sign of the Twins increases our curiosity and our tendency to think independently, inspiring us to ask more questions and be more assertive.

While Mars is in Gemini, we are likely to notice increased mental restlessness, mental energy, and difficulties slowing down the pace of our thoughts. We may tend to speak more impulsively than usual and later regret what we said or how we said it. During this transit, words can be weapons and it’s our responsibility to use them wisely and consciously. As our minds will be energized, the upcoming months are a good time to take on new learning pursuits and improve our cognitive abilities by diving into new topics, subjects, and activities.


Mars’ Upcoming Retrograde in Gemini: Rediscovering our Desires


At the end of October, Mars begins its retrograde cycle in the sign of the Twins, inviting reflection and reevaluation around the motivations and intentions behind our actions, our choices, and our desires. Mars retrograde corresponds to a time of reconsideration and rediscovery of our desire nature and our relationship to instinct. It is an opportunity to rethink, reassess, and rediscover how to invest our life force, our energies, and our focus, question what direction we are moving towards and whether that is the path we really want to take.

In the sign of Gemini, Mars’ upcoming retrograde will inspire us to reflect on how we choose to apply our focus, our mental energy, and our intellectual power. Mars retrograde will invite us to question, redefine, and rethink what we desire to learn and why, why we communicate in a certain way, and how we assert ourselves and our ideas. This retrograde will inspire us to reevaluate our attachment to our opinions, perceptions, and thinking patterns. It will give us chances to change our mindset and the way we inwardly motivate ourselves. Mars will remain in retrograde motion until the end of the year, and station direct only on January 12, 2023.


Mars square Neptune: Responsibility for our Desires & Actions


During his transit through Gemini, Mars will form a series of squares to Neptune in Pisces. The first one takes place on October 12, while Mars is in direct motion, the second one is on November 19, while Mars is in retrograde motion, and the third and last one is on March 14, when Mars is again direct. These aspects will be felt the most by those of us who have personal planets or angles in the last ten degrees of Mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Hard contacts between Mars and Neptune correspond to a sense of not knowing what we want, how to apply our will, difficulties being proactive and clear, challenges setting and holding healthy boundaries, and a tendency to waste our energy and life force. Patterns of avoidance and flight responses to challenges and confrontations are likely to come up.

The series of Mars-Neptune alignments may show us whether we avoid responsibility because we hope to be saved or rescued by others, whether we are afraid of expressing and owning our anger and our instinctual nature, and, as a result, we avoid taking conscious, direct action on our desires. This cycle of squares has the potential to teach us important lessons about ourselves and our relationship with desire and responsibility, particularly responsibility surrounding the impact of our actions, our words, our sexual expression, and our anger.


Mars in Gemini: Long Journey of Self-Exploration


The upcoming Mars in Gemini transit is going to be a long journey of self-exploration that has the potential to teach us a lot about ourselves, about how our minds work, and about the communication patterns and dynamics that keep showing up for us. The Mars-Neptune squares, in particular, will inspire us to deepen our understanding of our relationship to desire, action, sexuality, and responsibility.

Throughout his transit through Gemini, Mars is also going to trine Saturn in Aquarius three times, on September 28, November 28, and March 30. The Mars-Saturn trines will counterbalance the influence of the square to Neptune, helping us channel our energy more effectively and thoughtfully, and inspiring us to align our actions with our long-term goals and visions.

mars enters gemini

As Gemini is a Mutable sign, while Mars is here we may have hard times choosing only one direction or area of focus. During the upcoming months, our interests and desires could shift quickly: we may find ourselves constantly changing our minds and dissipating our energy in too many directions, without committing to any of them fully.

During the next months, Mars’ journey through the sign of the Twins will encourage reflection and pondering around how our way of thinking and perceiving reality can either give us energy or deplete us. Mars’s long transit through Gemini will give us opportunities to make changes in our mindset and habitual thinking patterns that positively impact our energetic management.

On August 21, Mercury perfects its opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This alignment favors non-linear and intuitive processes and may complicate logical and analytical tasks, possibly generating a sense of confusion and difficulties focusing for long periods of time. The Mercury-Neptune alignment could come with some forgetfulness and brain fog, nonetheless, it will nurture and enhance our fantasy life and our imaginative skills.

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Mars enters Pisces: Action without Force

On April 14, 11:06 PM ET Mars leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces. Mars is going to remain in Pisces until May 24, offering us opportunities to learn how to flow with life and take action without using force.

In Aquarius, Mars expresses itself in an experimental, futuristic, and inventive way. Its power is mostly channeled through the intellect and our capacity to envision the future is energized. The goal of this transit is to speed up collective progress and catalyze innovation that can benefit humanity as a whole.

Planets in Pisces still have a tight connection to the collective and the masses, yet the connection is emotional, rather than intellectual, and happens through an increased sensitivity. Mars’ transit through Pisces will bring us back to the realm of feelings and sensations and remind us of our connection with the collective emotional body.


The transit of Mars in Pisces Energizes our Fantasy Life


Mars is the planet of action, assertivity, initiative, and strength. The ruler of Aries and, traditionally, Scorpio is associated with the mythological God of War and has to do with the way we affirm our individuality, preferences, and desires. It is an impulsive, bold, and direct energy meant to inspire us to attack and defend ourselves and others, discover new directions, and walk unexplored paths.

Pisces instead is associated with the collective emotional body, with the dissolution of the individual ego, absence of boundaries, absolute receptivity, and surrender. These two energies have very different qualities and purposes. 

Mars and Pisces are not an easy combination, as Mars brings action wherever it transits, and within Pisces there is inherently no action, no effort, no separation, no force. Taking initiative and instigating change could be more challenging than usual during these days. Mars in Pisces energizes our fantasy life, but we may have trouble translating our imagination into tangible, direct action in the 3D reality.


Releasing Old Desires & Aspirations


Mars’ glyph or symbol is an arrow coming out of a circle pointing to the upper right diagonal. The arrow symbolizes the separation from unity and wholeness, represented by the circle: Mars is the cut of the umbilical cord, the birth of individual consciousness out of unity consciousness, which correlates to Pisces.

Mars is Yang and active, while Pisces is Yin and receptive. The transit of Mars through Pisces can indicate some amount of frustration, as an energy that seeks outward and direct expression may get dispersed and watered down. During the upcoming weeks, our style of self-assertion may be subtle and indirect, and we may find it challenging to hold boundaries that protect our energy: within Pisces, there are no boundaries, all is one.

All planets in Pisces are culminating their journey through the Zodiac, and they ask us to let go of something before we begin a new cycle. During this transit, we may feel directionless and lost, we may have difficulties defining exactly what it is that we want. It may be a time to release old desires and aspirations, without yet knowing how to fill the void that they leave.


Mars sextile Uranus, Mars conjunct Neptune, & Mars sextile Pluto


During its journey through Pisces, Mars forms a sextile to Uranus in Taurus, exact on May 4. This aspect of opportunity and potential will stimulate our inventiveness and our need for excitement, supporting our capacity to make changes in our lives, and facilitating networking and communications.

Later, on May 18, Mars meets Neptune in Pisces. The Mars-Neptune conjunction inspires us to invest more energy into our spiritual or creative practices. It marks a very favorable time for self-expression and for the arts, particularly for dance, as Pisces rules the feet. This aspect invites us to take action in a way that is aligned with our ideals and values and to pursue a path that is coherent with our deepest Truth.

mars enters pisces

During these days, we may feel confused, lethargic, and tired, especially if we are too invested in activities and commitments that don’t fulfill us on a Soul level, or if we dissipate our energy in too many different directions. The Mars-Neptune alignment may give us an opportunity to notice what drains us and what energizes us. It is an invitation to rest and take it easy, to create more space for our creativity to unfold, and, from there, readjust and rebalance how we direct our focus.

The Mars-Pluto sextile, exact on May 22, will support the process of aligning our conscious desires and our actions with our Soul’s desires and purpose, boosting our motivation, determination, willpower, and capacity to focus our energy constructively.


Mars enters Pisces: Acting without Forcing


We currently have four planets traveling through Pisces: the two relationship planets, Mars and Venus, and the two rulers of the sign, Jupiter and Neptune, still tightly conjunct there. The emphasis on this archetype is an invitation to be receptive, have faith, and trust in how Life is unfolding for us. The planets in Pisces are expanding our capacity to dream, create, and imagine. They invite us to embrace a spiritual perspective of our experiences and search for the higher purpose and meaning of what is taking place.

The journey of Mars through Pisces will bring a surge in our fantasy, which will be less affected than usual by the limitations and boundaries of mundane reality. This transit may teach us how to take initiative without forcing an outcome, how to be available to act while remaining open to receive, and how to gracefully release our attachment to a desire or a goal when the time has come to do so.

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Venus & Mars in Aquarius – Need for Progress

On March 6, 01:23 AM ET, Mars leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius. Just a few minutes later, at 01:30 AM ET, Venus enters the sign too, and shortly after the two planets perfect their conjunction. Venus is going to remain in Aquarius until April 5, while Mars stays until April 14. Their transit will increase our need for progress and could mark important changes in our relationships and values.

Mars and Venus have been traveling together for almost a month already. This is a very rare and special event, linked to Venus’ reduced speed after her retrograde cycle. The cosmic lovers perfected their first alignment in Capricorn on February 16 and shortly after they both joined Pluto in an unusual triple conjunction. 

Mars and Venus are now entering Aquarius within minutes from each other and meeting on the 0º of the sign, another special occurrence. This degree is where the Jupiter-Saturn ‘Great Conjunction’ took place, on December 20, 2020. For this reason, issues and themes that we were dealing with back then could be activated again: we could get new insights and glimpses of understanding of the processes that have been unfolding


Venus & Mars in Aquarius: New Chapter of our Romantic & Inner Life


In Astrology, Venus correlates with our value system, our self-worth, our relationship with abundance, money, and wealth, and our capacity to be open and receptive. Mars is connected with our expression of sexuality, our conscious desires, our style of self-assertion, our physical stamina, and our way to go after what we want.

Both Venus and Mars have to do with our experience of relationships. When they meet in the heavens, they mark the start of a new evolutionary chapter relative to our relating life. They signal a new beginning in both our connections with others and our inner relationship with ourselves.

Venus & Mars in Aquarius

The Venus-Mars conjunction and their transit through Aquarius could bring a desire to rebel and detach from mainstream, consensus values and relating models. We may explore alternative value systems and acknowledge different needs and priorities of ours after a thorough and long process of reassessment, reflection, and transformation linked to the Venus retrograde cycle in Capricorn and the Venus-Mars-Pluto conjunction. 


Venus & Mars in Aquarius: A Completely Different Experience of Relationships


After an intense phase of readjustment and metamorphosis, the time has come to take coherent action. We have a chance to embrace new levels of self-respect and self-trust as the prerequisites for establishing connections with others from a sovereign and self-aware place. 

As the Mars-Venus conjunction is happening in Aquarius, the upcoming Mars-Venus cycle could be completely different from what we have been experiencing so far. It could unfold and unravel in unusual ways, in unexpected ways, in eccentric ways, and maybe even in absurd ways. What matters the most is that we put ourselves and our integrity first, that we remain true to our authentic needs and values.

The next Venus-Mars conjunction will take place on February 22, 2024. It is happening, once again, in Aquarius and quite close to Pluto. If we also consider that Pluto is entering Aquarius next year, this synchronicity can be seen as an invitation to rebel from, challenge, and question habitual relationship paradigms, traditional values, and financial systems, a necessary step in our transition towards the Age of Aquarius.


The Focus is on Intellectual Stimulation, Freedom & New Experiences


There is a lot of action in the sign of the Water Bearer, as we currently have four celestial bodies transiting there. When the two relationships planets are in Aquarius, there is inevitably a focus on the intellectual aspect of our connections. 

With Mars and Venus here, we seek intellectual stimulation, we aim to join forces with like minds, we desire to be surrounded by those who can open us up to new, exciting ways of thinking while holding similar visions and dreams for the future. We are likely to experience a strong need for freedom, change, and experimentation in our relationships. For this reason, we may be drawn to explore new ways to connect with others and feel inspired to diversify our habitual associations. 

The energy of Aquarius is what pushes us to find ways to implement progress. This sign is about new discoveries, technology, experimentation, and innovation. Aquarius teaches us to see life from a distance, to put things in perspective, to adopt a higher vantage point, and be objective. It is a highly mental and intellectual sign with an abstract and visionary way of thinking, which can be more concerned with the future than with the present. 

While Mars and Venus travel through the sign, we may feel drawn to observe from a new perspective what’s happening to and around us, reframe our perception of our relationships and our desires, and explore new ways of thinking, being, and living our lives.


Venus & Mars in Aquarius: The Individual, the Group, and the Feeling of Alienation


Aquarius carries a sense of alienation, a feeling of being different from everybody else. This archetype is associated with both the individual and the group, particularly with group dynamics and group consciousness.

During the upcoming weeks, with both Venus and Mars in the sign, we may notice contrasting urges. On the one hand, we may actively seek the relief of connecting with somebody who gets us, of feeling the acceptance and the validation of a selected, like-minded community of peers. On the other hand, we may feel quite comfortable by ourselves, more interested in discovering our individuality and our creativity than in interacting or being around people.

Throughout the upcoming Venus-Mars cycle, the trend of meeting people online and the use of dating apps are likely to increase and become, even more, part of the global culture. We could also witness a tendency to prioritize intellectual connection over physical and emotional connection, which could result in an increase in long-distance bonds, including both romantic relationships and friendships. This could contribute to feelings of alienation, or it could represent a source of support, particularly if we feel we can’t connect with our local community in the way we desire.


Venus and Mars conjunct Saturn and square Uranus


During their transit through Aquarius, Mars and Venus will join Saturn and square Uranus in Taurus. Venus squares Uranus on March 19: around this time, we may experience a strong need for freedom. We may feel drawn to question traditional and conventional styles of romantic relationships or friendships and explore different ways of being in connection. Shortly after, on March 22, Mars squares Uranus too. This is an aspect known for its unpredictability and potential explosivity. During these days, it is recommended not to take unnecessary risks and to evaluate carefully what it is worth getting angry about.

Venus & Mars in Aquarius

Later, on March 28, Venus joins Saturn: we may need to consolidate the relationships we have started and get clear about our commitments and values. Some insecurities about our worth and creative abilities may arise, however, believing in our capacities may bring long lasting results. Significant changes in global financial policies are also possible at this time. On April 5, Mars joins Saturn too. During these days, we could feel blocked and stiff, and find it difficult to take instinctual and spontaneous action. This aspect suggests a rigid and inflexible attitude. Nonetheless, it supports our determination and our resilience, helping us move towards our goals and dreams.


Finding Alternatives to Mainstream Systems and Values


Venus and Mars in Aquarius will bring a desire for eccentricity, originality, and new experiences. A shift in collective values is already happening, and these transits will support it. On a global level, the new Mars-Venus cycle could stimulate and speed up the diffusion of alternative currencies and decentralized financial systems. It is likely to increase the drive and the urgency to form independent and self-sufficient alternatives to mainstream society and its norms. 

On a collective level, the transits of Venus and Mars through Aquarius are likely to inspire and incentivize new social movements that promote constructive, thoughtful rebellion, bringing to the forefront the need to move away and detach from systems that don’t have our best interests at heart.

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Pisces season 2022: Into the Liminal

On February 18, 11:43 AM ET, Pisces season 2022 begins. The Sun’s yearly journey through the last sign of the Zodiac invites us on a journey into the liminal.

Pisces season is a time of closure and culmination, which reminds us to remain open, don’t force an outcome, but rather accept what’s present and allow it to unfold. The Sun will remain in Pisces until the Equinox of March 20. Until then, we have an opportunity to explore the space in between an ending and a new beginning and to get used to the uncertainty of transitions. 


Pisces Season invites us to Surrender and Flow


Pisces is a Yin, Mutable, Water sign. The last of the twelve Zodiac archetypes corresponds to the dissolution of the sense of self we formed through the previous eleven archetypes into the ocean of the collective unconscious. It correlates with our experience of being in the womb and can be considered both the very beginning and the very end of our journey.

Within Pisces, there are no boundaries or separation: through this archetype, we remember our unity with all that exists, all that will exist, and all that ever existed. Pisces can be considered the most mutable of all the twelve signs, as Water is inherently mutable. During this season of the year, we are encouraged to be adaptable and versatile. We have a chance to release the need to be in control and our attachment to how we want things to turn out. 


Being in Service to Life & to What is Unfolding


Pisces season is an invitation to embrace a humble attitude, a desire to be of service, and allow what is unfolding to unfold rather than fighting to be at center stage or get what we want. This time of the year is an opportunity to be more mindful, explore what our motivations are, and notice if we intend to serve life or to simply get something from it. With the Sun in Pisces, we can’t succeed if we are trying too hard. In this phase of evolution, we are learning that there is nothing to win and nothing to lose. We are learning to listen, we are learning to be open, we are learning to be responsive to what life is asking us, rather than force our egoic desires on life.

Pisces Season 2022

The Pisces archetype is associated with all those forces beyond our control. This season is a call to learn to surrender to life without giving up on it. While surrendering implies trust and faith in the purpose of whatever we meet on our path, giving up comes with a sense of disillusionment and hopelessness. There is a risk of passivity, inaction, and self-sacrificing inherent within this sign. If we feel victimized by other people or by life itself, this may prevent us from taking responsibility to change what we can change.


Sun conjunct Jupiter & Neptune, Venus conjunct Mars


During its journey through Pisces, the Sun will join the two rulers of the sign, Jupiter and Neptune, both transiting in their domicile. These alignments, happening respectively on March 5 and March 13, will highlight our desire for spiritual growth and increase our need to reconnect with feelings of hope and faith. 

While the Sun-Jupiter conjunction will support our vitality, confidence, and optimism, the Sun-Neptune alignment could come with a sense of lethargy and blurriness, and a desire to withdraw from the demands of the outer world to focus on nurturing our inner world. The Sun-Neptune conjunction is an opportunity to turn within and reflect on the seeds we desire to plant before the rebirth that comes with the ingress of Sun into Aries.

Meanwhile, Venus and Mars will travel together for a great part of Pisces season, first in Capricorn and later in Aquarius. Their conjunction will infuse the upcoming weeks with romantic, passionate, and possibly obsessive energy, as Pluto is also involved in the alignment. Mars and Venus will enter Aquarius together on March 6. Their alignment begins a new cycle relative to our romantic desires. It invites us to reflect on what kind of relationships we desire to build and to experiment with new ways of being in connection with others.


Pisces season 2022: Upcoming Lunations


Throughout Pisces season 2022, we are going to experience a New Moon in Pisces and a Full Moon in Virgo. The New Moon in Pisces taking place on March 2 will be conjunct Jupiter. This lunation will feel like a breath of fresh air and inspire an optimistic and hopeful outlook on life. The lunar cycle that follows will be colored by an expansive and buoyant quality, which is likely to inspire us to dream big and believe in ourselves.

The Full Moon in Virgo, happening on March 17 will be opposite Neptune and the Sun in Pisces. This Full Moon brings up the need to find harmony between chaos and order, effort and surrender, structure and flow. As Neptune is strongly involved in the configuration, it could reflect some difficulties engaging in technical, linear, and analytical pursuits in favor of the abstract, creative, and imaginative.


Attuning to the Present Moment


The Sun’s journey through Pisces, and particularly its alignment with Neptune, may bring a sense of confusion relative to our identity, our purpose, and our goals. Around this time, we will be reminded of our connection with the collective emotional body, the collective unconscious, the entire humanity. Our boundaries may feel more porous, and an existing sense of self could dissolve and leave space to a feeling of void. From here, infinite possibilities will open up, but only if we are receptive enough to welcome them.

Pisces Season 2022

Pisces season always represents a time of transition that comes with a feeling of suspension, anticipation, and uncertainty. During the upcoming weeks, some of our certainties might dissolve. We may be reminded that security is illusory, that nothing is ever truly certain, stable, or secure, yet things may turn out even better than what we imagined. This time of the year is an invitation to surrender, flow, and attune to the present moment rather than trying to control life.

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Mars enters Capricorn: Mastering our Will

On January 24, 7:53 AM ET, Mars leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. Mars will remain in the sign of the Sea Goat until March 6, when it will enter Aquarius simultaneously with Venus.

In Capricorn, Mars expresses its qualities in a structured and practical way. This combination of energies supports self-motivation and self-determination. As a Cardinal Earth archetype, Capricorn is the master builder: with Mars here, we want to manifest something tangible with our life force, and we don’t like wasting time. The upcoming transit will inspire us to strive for efficiency and excellence and aim to create something solid, valuable, and long-lasting.


Mars enters Capricorn: Commitment to Self-Mastery


The transit of Mars in Sagittarius corresponds to a tendency to channel our energy and drive in a multitude of directions. During this transit, we want to gain more experience, expand our philosophical understanding of life, and explore all of our desires, no matter how contradictory they are. 

Mars entering Capricorn marks a clear shift: we now desire to structure the wisdom and the experience we have gained and channel our life force in a specific direction. We aim to build something that will stand the test of time and we are ready to remove all obstacles on our path. With Mars in Capricorn, we strive to achieve self-mastery and learn to direct our will consciously. 

Mars enters Capricorn

Both Mars and Capricorn are Cardinal archetypes of initiation: this transit is a good moment to start committing to something, set goals, and begin new paths. We have an opportunity to structure our intentions and plans, define a clear strategy, and gain mastery over how we spend time and channel our energy. 


Exploring our Idea of Success


During the upcoming weeks, we may ask ourselves what we want to work hard for, what is worth our time and efforts. Capricorn reminds us not to be in a hurry, that good things take time, that there’s no need to rush the process. Mars in Capricorn reflects a stoic, disciplined, and hardworking attitude. During this transit, it is important to make sure that we are not being too hard on ourselves, that we are taking care of our emotional needs and not only of practical ones.

We have a chance to consider the true motivations behind our desires, and to contemplate whether our idea of success is truly ours, or it has been affected and distorted by the conditioning and programming we have been exposed to. We may realize if we are defining our success and achievements with external metrics and decide to align with different ones. 


Mars conjunct Venus: New Ways of Being in Relationship


During its journey through Capricorn, Mars will conjunct Venus. Exceptionally, there will be two Mars-Venus conjunctions in less than a month due to Venus’ reduced speed after its retrograde period. The first one will happen in Capricorn on February 16, the same day of the Full Moon in Leo, and the second one will be on 0° of Aquarius, on March 6. 

The Venus-Mars conjunction in Capricorn indicates the importance of aligning our relationship choices and the way we invest our energy with our values and long-term intentions. The days before the exact aspect, we may feel an urge to detach from people, lifestyles, and ways of spending time that don’t add value to our lives. The conjunction marks a need for experimentation and discovery of new ways of being in relationships. These will, however, be soon reassessed as the two planets meet again in Aquarius a few weeks later.


Mars square Chiron, trine Uranus, & sextile Neptune


On February 4, Mars squares Chiron, now transiting in Mars’ domicile of Aries. Their alignment brings up conflicts centered around self-assertion and self-repression and highlights any tendency to hold back what is instinctual or spontaneous due to fear or insecurity. Mars-Chiron aspects invite us to heal wounds linked to our relationship with masculine energy, particularly correlated to expectations of rejection when we take initiative.

On February 6, Mars trines Uranus in Taurus: this is a supportive alignment that could inspire us to act in original and unusual ways. As both planets are traveling through Earth signs, we may have unexpected work opportunities, possibilities to make an income, or chances to create something eccentric and futuristic by blending tradition and innovation.

Mars enters Capricorn

Mars forms a sextile to Neptune in Pisces on February 23, an aspect of opportunities that will give us possibilities to act in alignment with our ideals and dreams. It could inspire us to reassess our boundaries and redefine what we are available to invest our time and energy in.


Mars conjunct Pluto: Power and Rage


Mars joins Pluto on March 3, fueling a process of purification of our will and intentions that encourages us to align the desires of our ego with our Soul’s desires. The Mars-Pluto conjunction promotes a profound inquiry on what is truly moving us and invites us to come into contact with the root of our anger, of our ambition, of our wanting. 

This aspect gives us opportunities to understand what’s beneath our cravings, what our unconscious intentions and motivations are. By exploring our rage, we have a chance to liberate a huge amount of power that can be used as fuel to move forward and improve our lives or can be extremely destructive. 

Mars enters Capricorn

The upcoming Mars-Pluto conjunction is the last one in Capricorn for about 250 years. This alignment closes a long cycle of deep, radical transformation. Mars joining Pluto will give us the strength to break free from old structures, let go of past intentions and desires, and create space to discover new ones.


Mars enters Capricorn: Striving for Self-Mastery


While Mars is in the sign of the Sea Goat, we tend to proceed cautiously. Our insecurities may generate some amount of self-repression, a tendency to conceal our emotions, and a general distrust of our instinct and impulses. Fear of failure, of wasting time, and of losing control may arise. During this time, we may take care not to cut ourselves off from our feelings and needs in order to work more or get faster results. 

While this transit fuels a desire for tangible, concrete achievements, it is important to strive to balance between work and rest and not push ourselves excessively hard. We have an opportunity to achieve a new level of self-mastery rooted in self-knowledge and self-respect, that doesn’t involve denying our humanness or detaching from our emotions in order to achieve more.

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December 2021 Astrology Update: Surprising Closure

December brings the year to closure in an intense, unpredictable, and surprising way. We end 2021 with a powerful Astrology, just like we started it. During the upcoming weeks, we will experience the last Eclipse of the current cycle on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, a powerful New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Later, Venus will station retrograde in Capricorn in exact conjunction with Pluto, just a few hours after the last Full Moon of the year in Gemini, and while Chiron stations direct in Aries. 

At the very end of the month, we will experience the culmination of the last exact Saturn-Uranus square. This alignment has represented the main astrological theme of the year, and it will continue to be active throughout most of 2022, even if it won’t be exact again. Finally, Jupiter will come back to its home sign Pisces, ending the year on an optimistic note.

Let’s have a closer look at the main astrological transit for the upcoming month.


Neptune stations direct in Pisces

Dec 1, 2021, 08:22 AM ET

On the first day of the new month, Neptune stations direct after being in apparent backward motion for roughly six months. This event may reveal to us where we have been too caught up in illusions or fantasies. When the veil is lifted, we may experience some confusion and disorientation, linked to the sense of suspension that often comes up when we transition from one level of consciousness to the next one. Neptune stationing direct invites us to surrender to the wisdom of and timing of life and to trust what we are meeting on our path, even if its purpose isn’t clear yet


New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Dec 4, 2021, 02:42 AM ET

The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse marks an intense new beginning while bringing to completion a karmic cycle: it is the last Eclipse in Sagittarius until 2029, and it is happening on the South Node of the Moon, which relates to our past, our story, our natural talents, what we know well and are familiar with. As the Sun and the Moon meet the South Node, we can expect some emotional purging and processing. A Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius may bring a feeling of loss of meaning, of not knowing what to turn to. As we detach from old beliefs, assumptions, and ways of making sense of life, we often perceive a sense of void that can feel scary. This void, however, is precisely what creates the necessary space for a new and deeper faith to emerge.


Mars enters Sagittarius & Mercury enters Capricorn

Dec 13, 2021, 04:53 AM ET & Dec 13, 2021, 12:52 PM ET 

On the same day, both Mars and Mercury change signs. Mars leaves magnetic Scorpio and enters cheerful Sagittarius. The way we go after what we want will change, and it is likely to be less obsessive and more expansive. With Mars in Scorpio, we act with determination and intense focus, and we are single-minded in our pursuits: Mars entering Sagittarius inspires us to widen our horizons, explore different options, and consider more possibilities.

Meanwhile, Mercury leaving Sagittarius and entering Capricorn reflects a tendency to get serious, think about our future, organize ourselves better, and manage our days in a more structured way. During this transit, we tend to think more and speak less: we appreciate silence and choose our words carefully. Mental discipline, focus, and commitment will be facilitated: Mercury in Capricorn will encourage us to embark on new learning journeys or to build something with the knowledge we already have.


Full Moon in Gemini, Venus conjunct Pluto

Dec 18, 2021,11:35 PM ET

This Full Moon culminates a cycle that began with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, bringing to light information, facts, and data previously unknown, unavailable, or uncertain. This lunation will energize our minds, inspiring us to learn and expand our understanding of reality: new ideas are likely to emerge, and new connections could be born. 

While the Full Moon takes place, Venus is conjunct Pluto and stationary retrograde: this alignment adds a scorpionic quality to this lunation, which marks the beginning of a period of extreme transformation of how we experience relationships. Our relationship with ourselves, with our values, and with money will also change. This alignment will happen for the second time on December 25, while Venus will be retrograde. Venus conjunct Pluto inspires a deep analysis of repetitive patterns that show up in our relationships and increases our desire for loyalty and commitment.


Venus stations Retrograde in Capricorn, Chiron stations direct in Aries

Dec 19, 2021, 05:36 AM ET

Just a few hours after the Full Moon, Venus begins her retrograde journey, which will be a time of reassessment of our values, financial situation, love, and social life. In particular, we will review and reconsider our boundaries and the way we relate to the limitations we encounter. Substantial changes in the world economy and volatility in financial markets are also likely. Venus is stationing conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and will remain in Capricorn until March. During this time, we will reevaluate the way we have been structuring our life and we are likely to undergo deep and lasting inner changes. Simultaneously, Chiron stationing direct in Aries reminds us that working on wounds that affect our self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-assertion represents the foundation for improving our relationship with others.


Capricorn season begins

Dec 21, 2021, 11:00 AM ET

The Sun entering Capricorn begins a new season: the Solstice represents either the shortest day or the shortest night of the year, according to where on Earth we are living. The Winter Solstice brings our attention to how we find our way through the darkness, while the Summer Solstice marks the peak of light and creative energy available to us. Astrologically, the Capricorn season represents a time of introspection, maturation, and self-knowledge. We are being encouraged to reflect on what we want to work hard for and why, what we want to build, and whether it has value in the long term. At this time of the year, we are encouraged to cultivate discipline and to carefully evaluate how we want to invest our time and energy.


Saturn in Aquarius square Retrograde Uranus in Taurus

Dec 24, 2021, 02:16 AM ET 

The last Saturn-Uranus square brings to a culmination and breaking point the battle between old and new, past and future, tradition and innovation that we have been experiencing for the whole year. Socio-political and financial issues are likely to be in the spotlight: there might be important global changes and intense protests as a result of new regulations being implemented. On the personal level, we could notice an inner conflict between our desire to move forward and do something entirely different and our need to hold back to the known and the familiar. The tension generated by this aspect, when channeled creatively, can result in lasting innovation and in a productive renovation of outdated structures and models.


Jupiter enters Pisces

Dec 28, 2021, 11:10 PM ET

At the end of the year, Jupiter comes back to Pisces. This transit may bring our attention back to issues we were focusing on between May and July 2021, during the first ingress of Jupiter in the sign. Jupiter enters Pisces in a square aspect to the Lunar Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius. For the upcoming month, this alignment will be active, emphasizing issues of honesty and authenticity: it may reflect some insecurity about what is true and what isn’t, and what to believe in. Jupiter will remain in Pisces for most of 2022, expanding our desire for spiritual growth and our drive to find the true meaning of life. This transit is likely to increase our urge to turn to spirituality and ancient wisdom to gain a deeper perspective of what’s happening within us and all around us.


December Astrology Update: Our Invitation


2021 has been a year of transition, a year of adjustment, a year where we have been challenged to reinvent ourselves over and over again while adapting and trying to keep up with the deep systemic changes that are taking place. A lot is going on this month and, astrologically, we are experiencing many long-term transits that speak about cycles coming to closure.

When we are transitioning from old systems, structures, and ways of being to new ones, we have to go through a necessary phase of exploration and experimentation where we may not know exactly what we are doing or what’s happening. New solutions don’t emerge immediately: as we wonder how to solve our current issues without much success, fear tends to come up. This phase usually brings up some doubts and uncertainty, and a temptation to try to remain in control of how everything is unfolding. 

As we prepare to leave 2021 behind and approach 2022, we are encouraged to trust the unknown and have faith in our capacity to navigate it, while keeping in mind that we are always being supported, even in ways that we don’t immediately understand.

December 2021 Astrology Update

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Mars square Saturn & opposite Uranus

Between November 10 and November 17, Mars will square Saturn and oppose Uranus, turning on the tension of the Saturn-Uranus square, the major astrological alignment of 2021. We are likely to experience some degree of upheavals and unpredictability: many situations are likely to suddenly come to a head.

Mars square Saturn and opposite Uranus creates a pattern that needs to be considered holistically and comprehensively. These celestial bodies form a configuration known as T-square, consisting of two planets opposing each other, in this case, Mars and Uranus, and a third planet, Saturn, squaring both of them. A T-square involving Fixed signs brings the spotlight on our resistance to change and incites us to confront it.


The Saturn-Uranus square: From the Old to the New


Saturn square Uranus reflects a period of substantial adjustments for the collective, mainly relative to how we move towards the future and leave the past behind. The need for change and innovation is impossible to ignore, yet detaching from the known is never easy. It is a gradual process and one that we naturally try to resist. The past is linked to a sense of security, while the future inevitably forces us to deal with the unknown and some amount of uncertainty and insecurity.

This is a Last Quarter square, which is about to bring an entire cycle to closure. It is an aspect pointing to the need to gradually separate from the old to allow the new to come in: this awareness is associated with a crisis in consciousness and a sense of insecurity about our beliefs.

Mars square Saturn & opposite Uranus

The Sun in Scorpio has been aspecting Saturn and Uranus at the beginning of the month, bringing new light to the themes and dynamics at play, which are manifesting both collectively and individually. The New Moon in Scorpio we recently experienced was aligned with both Saturn and Uranus too, indicating that the unfolding of these themes will be a major focus during the current lunar cycle.


Mars in Scorpio brings Things to a Head


The Mars-Uranus-Saturn T-square will be most active between November 10 and November 17, when Mars will begin moving away from Uranus. Nonetheless, the tension of these alignments will still be felt during the upcoming Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, taking place on November 19. During this time, there is an increased possibility of extreme natural events, protests, disruption in the food chain and food production, financial volatility, and social disorders.

In Scorpio, Mars is at home and operates with great power and strength, promoting intense will, unmatched determination, and penetrating focus. Mars catalyzes action, stimulating new directions, new events, and new developments wherever transiting: these alignments may bring things to a head and force us to embrace change.


Mars square Saturn: Questioning our Idea of Success


When Mars squares Saturn, many of us are likely to feel blocked, restrained, and frustrated. We may feel that progressing is hard: every time we take action, insecurity kicks in and leads us to take a step back. Under this transit, we may believe that we lack the bravery and the courage we need to go after what we want. During this time, we tend to never feel satisfied with what we do or achieve. Extreme self-discipline and self-control can lead us to be excessively hard on ourselves and prevent growth from happening.

Hard Mars-Saturn contacts can teach us how to work smarter and remind us to evaluate more carefully what we are fighting for, what we are trying to achieve, what kind of success we are looking for. This may be a time to question whether our idea of success represents a reflection of the conditioning we have internalized or it is truly our own. We will have an opportunity to learn to direct our life force more wisely and effectively.


Mars opposite Uranus: Electricity and Restlessness


Mars-Uranus tense aspects are famous for igniting a strong need to rebel and break free from constriction, as they often reflect a tendency for explosive and unpredictable reactions. Uranus is the planet of awakenings: when very active, it catalyzes a new awareness that pushes us to take quick action to implement change, as remaining stagnant and blocked isn’t tolerable anymore. During this transit, everything is truly possible: our creative and innovative faculties will be strongly energized, however, we need to use them wisely.

Mars square Saturn & opposite Uranus

Both Uranus and Mars want freedom, and they are ready to fight for it: the Mars-Uranus opposition points at some degree of chaos, disorder, and fast sudden change. The influence of Saturn may hold us back from reacting as explosively as we would. However, as this aspect is happening simultaneously with a Partial Lunar Full Moon Eclipse, the degree of unpredictability is extremely high.


Mars square Saturn and opposite Uranus: Getting out of our Comfort Zone


During these days, expect to feel electricity and restlessness building up. There will be a higher potential for radical changes in our personal lives, social upheavals, and extreme volatility in world politics and the global economy, as the Taurus-Scorpio axis relates to money matters.

We are experiencing an explosive transit: as we gain awareness of those areas of life where we have been stagnant or overly comfortable, we may feel the urge to do something to get out of a place of non-growth. Alternatively, shocking news or events may force us out of our comfort zone, urging us to make adjustments rapidly to move forward in our personal and collective evolution, even if we don’t feel ready for it yet.

We will see more clearly how we block and restrict ourselves, and we will experience more frustration when dealing with external limitations. It could be interesting to pay attention to how our inner blockages and constraints may be reflected by our outer reality. The challenge we are facing could be to affirm our freedom and sovereignty in a constructive rather than destructive way, especially when confronted with sudden shifts, uncomfortable circumstances, and difficult choices.

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Mars in Scorpio: Deep Soul Searching

On October 30, 10:21 AM ET, Mars left Libra and entered Scorpio, one of the signs he rules. Mars will be in Scorpio until December 13, supporting our physical stamina and our willpower while inspiring us to be single-minded, tenacious, and determined in going after what we want.

Mars travels through Scorpio once every two years: during this time, the intensity skyrockets and we enter a phase of deep soul searching. The upcoming weeks represent a time to understand the right use of our power, will, and sexual energy. We have an opportunity to explore our hidden intentions and motivations, what forces are driving us, what is really behind our cravings.


Mars in Scorpio: Chances for Increased Self-Awareness


In Astrology, Mars represents our way to act on our desires, how we generate forward movement, carve our path through existence, how we attack, how we defend ourselves. Mars is our impulse to start things, to take initiative, to set life in motion.

Mars is a Cardinal archetype, associated with the start of a new process, while Scorpio is a Fixed sign, driven towards preservation and consolidation. This combination of energies gives endurance and consistency to the martian impulse and allows us to develop more persistence and focus.

mars enters scorpio

During this transit, we have an opportunity to move stagnant emotional energy, explore our rage, and work on patterns of jealousy, possessiveness, and obsessive behaviors. We may experience fear of betrayal, loss, and abandonment, and jealousy could emerge, maybe as a projection of our own fear of being unable to control our sexual impulses. Through intense introspection and psychological self-analysis, we may gain awareness of any shame and guilt we still carry, linked to repressed needs and desires perceived as unacceptable.


Exploring Sexuality Consciously


While Mars is in Scorpio, we have a chance to detach from power games, manipulation tactics, and domination attempts through sex and seduction, and dare to be fully honest and vulnerable with both ourselves and others.

Are we using sex as a vehicle to channel our repressed anger, to get validation, or to gain power and control over another? Are we more focused on achieving pleasure than on building emotional intimacy? Are we convincing ourselves that compulsively following every attraction is what we desire and need?

By gaining awareness of how karma is exchanged through sexuality, we naturally recognize the importance of discernment regarding our sexual partners, those we allow more intimately into our energetic field. Mars’ journey through Scorpio invites us to establish a sacred connection with our body and with another’s. This transit gives us an opportunity to explore different ways to channel our sexual energy, whether we are single or we have a partner.


Mars in Scorpio activates the Saturn-Uranus square


On November 10, Mars will be conjunct Mercury in Scorpio and they will both square Saturn in Aquarius, while on November 17, Mars opposes Uranus in Taurus. Wherever Mars is, we see action. During these days, the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square will be activated by Mars, a potent event catalyzer. The resulting pattern of tension is known as T-square.

In 2021, Mars has already activated the Saturn-Uranus configuration. Particularly, on January 20, Mars joined Uranus in Taurus and squared Saturn, and between July 1 and 4, while Mars was transiting through Leo, he opposed Saturn and squared Uranus.

Mars square Saturn corresponds to a strong sense of frustration, a feeling of being blocked and defeated as we try to move forward or take action. This aspect is part of a cycle that started with the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn on March 31, 2020: we could now experience a turning point in events that first manifested back then. The Mars-Saturn square reflects the need to clearly choose a course of action when confronted with a crisis that generates insecurity and doubt around how to proceed.


Possible Upheavals and Disruptions


Mars opposite Uranus instead can reflect a tendency to go to extremes: erratic behaviors and impulsive actions are possible, and there is the potential for external events disrupting our existing plans. In particular, this Mars-Uranus opposition represents the culmination point of a cycle that started in January with their conjunction in Taurus. Something that first came up around this time could emerge again, there could be new developments, and facts previously unclear may be revealed.

During these days, upheavals in financial markets, global politics, and the world economy are possible. The Mars-Saturn-Uranus configuration highlights the need to combine our need to fight for our freedom with a capacity to be disciplined and patient and act in a way that allows change to happen without generating unnecessary destruction.


Mars trine Neptune, sextile Pluto, square Jupiter


Mars trines Neptune in Pisces on November 29 suggesting a harmonic flow of energy between our actions and our ideals, an ease with making decisions aligned with our spiritual path, and a capacity to generate a fluid and effortless motion towards our goals.

On December 6, Mars sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. The sextile is an aspect of cooperation and opportunities and it will support our physical strength, motivation, and determination. An increased capacity to focus will support our ability to act consistently towards our goals, transform our lives, and manifest something tangible and lasting through our life force and our emotional energy.

Shortly after, on December 8, Mars squares Jupiter in Aquarius on December 8, increasing our restlessness, our need to move, and our tendency to act on impulse. However, Aquarius’ objectivity is likely to tone down Mars impulsiveness, as Jupiter’s drive to expansion may play out mostly on an intellectual level, possibly generating an obsessive and passionate search for knowledge.


Mars enters Scorpio: Deep Soul Searching


Especially throughout the central part of November, it is advised to be mindful of impulsive reactions, as they could turn out particularly destructive. Disruptive world events, social upheavals, and sudden changes may give us opportunities to explore how we deal with anger and raw emotions. We may have a chance to deepen our self-mastery and discover different ways to channel and manage these energies – that get particularly intense while Mars is in Scorpio.

On a personal level, during this time of deep soul searching, we may reconnect with both our natural eroticism and our inherent vulnerability, becoming more conscious of our relationship with sexual energy and of the link between sexuality and emotionality.

mars enters scorpio

This transit offers us an invitation to have an honest look at any manipulation tendencies linked to the misuse of our power, and seductive tactics that aim to get others to meet our needs in shady ways. Mars’ journey through Scorpio will give us chances to become conscious of the value of emotional commitment and compromise, and to gain awareness of the difference between forming a connection with something or someone and simply trying to extract power and energy from it.

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