Leo Season 2020: Open your Heart and Shine

Leo Season 2020 – From July 22 to August 22 the Sun will travel through his home sign, Leo. With this transit, we are likely to notice a significant increase in our vitality, enthusiasm, and cheerfulness. We finally take a break from the heavy emotional intensity of the Eclipses and Cancer season: the energy gets lighter.

As soon as the Sun enters Leo, he brings up the positive vibes and boosts our passion and zeal. We are all going to feel this shift: when the Sun is in the sign he rules, his energy is at its maximum, stronger, and more powerful. 

Leos are well-known for their love for life and their ability to see the positive side of any situation: as he transits through his home sign, the Sun invites us all to shine bright. 

During Leo season, we are encouraged to connect with our playfulness, enjoy ourselves and have some fun. The upcoming month invites us to celebrate the fact that we are alive, cultivate a feeling of joy, and be grateful for what we have, despite the inevitable problems and challenges we all encounter.


Sun in Leo: Open your Heart and Shine


The Sun is the center of our Solar System: without his light and power, there would be no life on Earth. This is why both Leo and the Sun are associated with our life force energy and our overall vitality. The transit of the Sun through the sign it rules is supporting the energy levels of all human beings, plants, animals, and lifting the frequency of the entire Earth.

Leo corresponds to our heart center: this sign is correlated to generosity, warmth, and benevolence. For the next month, the Sun puts the spotlight on these qualities: we are invited to make the conscious choice to open our hearts, say yes to life, and to all the amazing possibilities it can offer.

leo season 2020

The Sun in Leo reminds us to be confident in ourselves and our capacities. Leo inspires us to take the spotlight, step onto the stage without asking for permission, and show our talents to the world. Leo invites us to express ourselves unapologetically and fearlessly. The Sun encourages us not to be afraid of our own light but rather share it with others. Doing so, we inspire them to shine bright too and we help them reconnect with their True Self.

Leo is also the sign ruling romance: during the upcoming month, many of us may feel inspired to create brand new romantic connections. We may start dating someone after a long while being single, or give new life to an existing relationship, as we feel the need to spend more quality time together and nurture a sense of romanticism and belonging.


Fixed Fire: Creativity, Focus and Stamina


Leo is a Fire sign with strong Yang and Fixed qualities: it is a courageous, brave, daring archetype. The transit of the Sun in Leo is the kind of energy we want to work with to increase our creativity, focus, and stamina, and to move forward in our self-discovery journey.

Together with Mars in Aries, the Sun in Leo is going to motivate us to take continuous and focused action towards our goals, ambitions, and dreams. They inspire us to improve every day and to get closer to the life we aspire to have. Sun and Mars will form an exact trine on August 16, encouraging us to make the most out of their intense fiery combination.

Our inspiration is going to be enhanced throughout the whole Leo season, as the Sun is the source of our creative energy: this is a great time of the year for artists. In particular, the Full Moon in Aquarius coming up on August 3 highly intensifies our inventiveness, originality, and capacity for innovation: we may come up with incredible ideas during these days.


Six Planets Retrograde: Introspection and Artistry


Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, and Chiron are still retrograde throughout the whole Leo Season and Uranus will join them too on August 15. During the last days of Leo season, we are going to have six planets in an apparent backward motion, which is a very rare event.

Retrograde energy tends to be directed inwards and it is not action-oriented. It invites an ongoing and deep questioning of ourselves and life, which highly supports creativity and artistry. 

leo season 2020

The transit of the Sun through Leo inspires us to use introspection and reflection as tools to discover and experiment with new ways of self-expression. The retrograde planets during Leo Season are a wonderful opportunity to integrate and elaborate creatively those feelings and emotions we can’t explain or understand with linear thinking.


Leo Season 2020: Building Bridges between Heart and Mind


On July 22, when the Sun enters Leo, we have another interesting aspect which will be setting the tone for Leo Season. Mercury in Cancer is forming an exact sextile to Uranus in Taurus, encouraging us to develop an objective understanding of what happens to and around us.

While the Sun in Leo inspires us to welcome both challenges and rewards with open arms, Mercury and Uranus are supporting us in the mental integration and interpretation of what comes up. The sextile between them inspires us to cultivate objectivity and detachment: it helps us not get too caught up in our personal story, but rather see the bigger picture.

Mercury enters Leo on August 5 and forms an exact conjunction with the Sun on August 17. They invite us to build bridges between our Hearts and our Minds, opening both to new perspectives, opportunities, and possibilities.

The transit of these two planets through Leo grants us the power, the stamina, and the intelligence we need to overcome any obstacle and make the most out of each experience.

Happy Leo Season! Sending love and blessings your way. Please share this with others and comment below with what resonated with you the most.. 🙂

Mars in Aries: Riding the Wave of Change

After spending two months in dreamy Pisces, Mars gets ready to enter Aries on June 28, offering us the chance to move forward and start a brand new chapter in our lives. 

The transit of Mars through its home sign Aries is going to last until January 2021. Mars will spend six months in Aries this year, as he is going to move retrograde from September 9 until November 13.

The last time Mars was in Aries for so long was in 1988: this transit doesn’t happen often. It is going to powerfully affect us all, pushing us to take concrete action towards our personal evolution and collective growth.


Mars in Aries: A Powerful Energetic Shift


Mars is pure impulse and desire. For the rest of the year, his influence is likely to inspire us to feel more driven and motivated. This is the right moment to do what we’ve been fantasizing about for months, cut cords if needed, and move forward in life.

During the transit of Mars through Pisces, taking focused action and making decisions might have been harder than usual. As soon as the Red Planet enters the sign of the Warrior we are all going to feel a strong energetic shift: we may have the sensation that we can’t play it safe anymore, that is now or never.

Mars in Aries lights up our inner flame, the fire in our belly burns so brightly that it becomes impossible to ignore. While during the transit of Mars through Pisces the focus was on dreaming a new reality, we now feel called to make our dreams come true. 

mars in aries moon omens

With Mars transiting Aries, we are not supposed to wait for anyone’s permission to go after what we want, we are not supposed to think about the possibility of failure: we just need to do whatever feels right in the present moment.

Mars in Aries is a transit that inspires us to stand up for ourselves and change what doesn’t work in our life: this energy is highly motivating, it inspires us to reinvent ourselves fearlessly. 


Rediscovering our Sexual Needs


As soon as he enters Aries, Mars opposes the Moon in Libra, bringing our attention to the ways we show up in relationships. We are invited to become aware of the importance of balancing our individual needs with other people’s necessities and desires. This is likely to be an ongoing theme for the next six months. Some of the shadow sides of the long transit of Mars through Aries are the tendencies to overreact and be excessively individualistic.

mars in aries

Mars in Aries is going to bring our focus on the way we live our sexuality and on how we use our sexual energy. Individually, we are likely to feel changes in our sex drive, in our needs and desires, as Mars is one of the planets associated with sexuality. During this transit, we may feel inspired to experiment with new ways to channel our sexual and creative energy, whether we are in a partnership or not.


Mars in Aries: Healing the Wounded Warrior


On July 14 Mars forms a conjunction with Chiron, a planetoid associated with the archetype of the wounded healer: somebody who can heal others but not themselves.

This conjunction, happening every second year, offers us the possibility to take an honest look at some of the wounds we have been carrying since childhood, mostly related to our inner masculine. Through loving acceptance of our vulnerability and tenderness, we will be able to release any feeling of powerlessness or impotence that came up in the past. 

The Mars-Chiron conjunction is going to inspire us to develop healthy ways to assert ourselves. We will be invited to nurture our connection with our inner strength and power, independent of our physical strength or any external circumstances.


Riding the Wave of Change


The energy of Aries is going to be extremely powerful during July and August, before Mars goes retrograde. These two months represent a time for change: don’t be afraid to start a new chapter in your life. During this period, there might be a feeling of getting ready for something without knowing what it exactly is: embrace it with excitement and anticipation.

For those of us who are struggling with self-doubt, holding themselves back from taking action, this transit represents a great chance to overcome these obstacles, let go of the sense of inadequacy and the need to have everything under control.

This is not time to stay in our comfort zone: ride the wave of change, reinvent yourself completely. Even if you don’t see much of the path ahead yet, just start walking. Everything will become clearer along the way, as the journey unfolds. Don’t wait to have it all figured out to start: mastering all details in advance is never possible.

Ultimately, Mars in Aries reminds us of the power of our desires. Our will is an expression of Divine will: desires are what keep us moving forward in life, they have a reason to exist. Connecting with our inner Warrior, we realize that everything is possible: we have all we need to create a fulfilling and exciting life for ourselves while making the world a better place for everyone.

Comment below if you already feel the winds of change, or if you’re excited about this energy to enter your life! Sharing is caring, share omens with others. Love & blessings!

June 2020 Astrology Forecast – Happy June!

June is a month of bright lights and lots of information. We are asked to assess the paths in front of us. There are many options and roads to take; each person will have their own route. June is a month of becoming aware of our personal path, instead of getting distracted by what other people are choosing to do.

It’s a month where we may feel a pull to judge others or deem things as good or bad. Instead of jumping to conclusions, the astrology of June is like a light turning on that shows all the dust that has been collecting. Many things are coming to light this month. It’s important to remain passionate and take action. But it’s also important to stay true to the peace that exists in our hearts.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

full moon lunar eclipse

June 5th 3:12pm EST

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse kicks off a month of transformation. It’s the beginning of a new journey, and is the first Eclipse of a series of 3 that will occur this summer. This is a time of feeling our limits. Even though we might be ready to expand there are still some things that need tuning. During this Full Moon Eclipse may we allow ourselves to become aware of our limitations, instead of ignoring or fighting against them. During this Eclipse, hope comes from learning. We have to be willing to expand our opinions or perceptions; while knowing that growth takes commitment and dedication.


Mercury Retrograde

mercury retrograde

June 18th 12:59pm EST – July 12th

Mercury retrograde is nothing to fear or worry about. It’s a time to get in tune with ourselves and our thoughts. This Mercury retrograde will be occurring in the sign of Cancer. Which invites us to become kinder with ourselves and others. This cycle will show us where we can nurture ourselves, but also where we need to step up our self care.


Cancer Season

cancer season

June 20 5:44pm EST

As the Sun travels through Cancer for 30 days we are all washed with the light of this sensitive sign. It’s a time to listen to our feelings and our emotions. This means acknowledging what we are sensing. It’s been a massive year of shifts and changes. We are like caterpillars that have transformed into butterflies. This Cancer season is our first chance at spreading these new wings. However, we’ve had to say goodbye to the caterpillar which can bring up grief. Honoring our emotions and letting them flow like the tides of the ocean is the key.


Solar Eclipse Solstice

June 2020 Astrology Forecast

June 21 2:41 EST

This Solar Eclipse is occurring in tandem with the solstice, which is the brightest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. The Universe is pulling open the curtains and light is flooding into our lives. Sometimes we will welcome the sunlight and feel inspired. Other times we might feel a shock and want to draw back the blinds. Even though certain things may come to light during this time, it’s important to listen to the timing of our own bodies.


Neptune Retrograde

June 2020 Astrology Forecast

June 23 12:32 am EST until November 28 2020

This transit is very spiritual and invites us to explore the magic within ourselves. The inner realms are fertile and ripe with miracles. It’s when we look outside of ourselves for hope that we might be disappointed. Instead this is about having faith in our inner Universes.


Venus Stations Direct

June 2020 Astrology Forecast

June 25 2:48am EST

Venus ends her retrograde which began on May 13th. Even though this cycle is ending, there are ample amounts of wisdom to carry forward. This is the time to walk our talk and make the changes we know we need to make. Venus wants us to stay true to our hearts and not fall back into old patterns.


Mars in Aries

mars in aries

June 27 9:45pm EST

Mars enters Aries where it will remain for the rest of the year. Usually Mars speeds through a sign, but because of a Mars retrograde occurring from September 9th- November 13th, the planet of action will have an extended stay in Aries. This means there is no rush or urgency. In fact the lesson is to become patient, calm down and prioritize peace.


Jupiter Conjunct Pluto

jupiter conjunct pluto

June 30 1:46am EST

This is the sequel to April 4’s Pluto and Jupiter conjunction. The systems of planet Earth are changing and transforming. We can see it in our individual lives and on a collective level. Things are not the same as they were and there is a lot of room for improvement. Because both Jupiter and Pluto are retrograde during this conjunction it’s time for us to make changes within ourselves. The new paradigm is born when we take responsibility for ourselves and the worlds we are creating. 

Please share this with others & comment below which of these events you’re looking forward to the most. We wish you a beautiful, happy and abundant month of June. Sending love and blessings your way!

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