Mars enters Leo: Creative Expansion

Just a few hours after the Solar Eclipse in Gemini has taken place, we witness another important energetic shift. On June 11, 09:34 AM ET, Mars leaves Cancer and enters Leo, where the God of War will remain until July 29.

Mars in Leo is playful, enthusiastic, and passionate. This transit promotes a self-focused attitude and represents a time of creative expansion. Mars traveling through the sign of the Lion inspires us to make the most out of life by taking up space and exploring our need for self-expression while following our desires without second-guessing our right to do so.


Mars enters Leo: a Cycle of Creative Expansion


Mars is the ruler of Aries and the ancient ruler of Scorpio. In Astrology, the Red planet represents how we go after what we want, how we act, how we defend, how we fight, and how we assert ourselves. It is linked to our instinct, to the way we take action and generate forward movement, to how we express our sexuality, to how we actualize our conscious desires.

While Mars travels through Cancer, the focus is on creating a safe space that promotes soul strengthening, inner work, and emotional self-development. During this time, we learn more about the connection between our actions and our feelings, and we become more intimate with our inner child. The emotional self-knowledge we achieved during the journey of Mars through Cancer becomes the foundation for the creative expansion happening while Mars is in Leo. 

Mars Enters Leo

As soon as Mars enters Leo, a Fixed Fire sign, we will notice an increase in our energy levels, which become more steady and stable. Many of us will experience more vitality, a stronger desire to be out and about, an urge to be seen and to explore what life can offer us.

While Mars is in Leo, we will have chances to connect with feelings of self-confidence and self-love that will allow us to show up in the world as we are, without holding anything back, and without expecting anything in return. Learning to give ourselves the validation we seek rather than expecting others to validate us constitutes an important lesson of this transit. 


Mars in Leo opposite Saturn and square Uranus


On July 1, Mars in Leo forms an opposition to retrograde Saturn in Aquarius, while on July 4, Mars squares off Uranus in Taurus. These aspects create a T-square pattern that activates the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square and magnifies its effects.

Wherever Mars travels, it brings action and momentum. Wherever Saturn is, we experience feelings of limitation or suppression, and we have a chance to reach a higher level of personal authority and self-mastery. Mars opposite Saturn reflects feelings of frustration and a sense of our will being thwarted or blocked by authorities, laws, or people in positions of power. With this opposition, we may feel that when we try to fight against limitations, we meet even more obstacles.

As Mars perfects its square to Uranus in Taurus shortly after, the atmosphere heats up and unpredictable reactions are more likely. Mars catalyzes action while Uranus adds fuel to the fire: both are impatient and volatile planets, and both are striving for absolute freedom. During these days, we naturally feel more rebellious and driven to challenge the constrictions imposed upon us. Unexpected and disruptive events are possible, as Mars-Uranus alignments often bring fast, sudden, and radical change.


Mars in Leo trine Chiron and opposite Jupiter


On July 2, Mars in Leo will trine Chiron in Aries. This aspect offers us opportunities to become aware of and begin to heal wounds relative to lack of self-confidence and the resulting disconnection from our willpower and instinct. Chiron in Aries corresponds to a wound linked to feeling rejected for who we are, to a feeling of not having the right to exist. Its alignment with Mars in Leo will encourage us to take actions that support the belief that we are worthy to self-express and take up space.

Mars Enters Leo

Synchronistically, on July 29, Mars at 29 degrees of Leo will oppose Jupiter at 29 degrees of Aquarius. The last degree of a sign is also referred to as the anaretic degree: it represents the end of a cycle, a moment of completion, a culmination of efforts, and critical adjustments. Mars opposite Jupiter may reflect situations in which our spontaneous actions trigger a reaction linked to challenging other people’s beliefs. As the opposition happens in the signs of Leo and Aquarius, it may be linked to issues around individual self-expression and group dynamics. Our behavior may challenge others who want us to conform to their expectations or standards to allow us to belong to a community.


Connecting with our Power


While Mars is in Leo, we are likely to feel generous, benevolent, and more willing to put ourselves out there. Our leadership capacities, our love for life, and our willpower will be enhanced. During this transit, our needs and desires come first and we don’t compromise easily on what we want.

There is a need to stay away from excessive drama and jealousy: be aware of not falling into attitudes of entitlement. Showing off and putting ourselves on a pedestal can be more tempting than usual: notice if it happens to you, and question whether it may be a way to hide unprocessed fears and insecurities. Approaching criticism from a place of arrogance due to fear of humiliation and rejection may prevent us from learning something valuable.

Mars entering Leo represents a time of creative self-actualization and an opportunity to connect with our personal power. We will have chances to remember our innate playfulness and to express ourselves without holding anything back, without any self-consciousness or fear of others’ judgment.

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