Lion’s Gate Portal: Collective Initiation

This year, on August 8, we celebrate the peak of the Lion’s Gate Portal 2021 together with a New Moon in Leo. These days are intensely charged, and many of us have been feeling this energetic shift for a while. Read our New Moon in Leo article here.

We are undergoing a powerful initiation: we have been traversing the birth canal, traveling through different gates and rites of passage, and we are now being given an opportunity to start a brand new chapter of our lives, leave the past behind, and set clear intentions for the future.

During these days, pay attention to synchronicities, repeating patterns, messages, and signs from the Universe. Unexpected strikes of luck, karmic encounters, and fated opportunities are possible: make sure to be open to receive what life is offering you.

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The Lion’s Gate Portal and Fixed Star Sirius


The Lion’s Gate is considered to be open between the end of July and the middle of August. Astronomically, it corresponds to the heliacal rising of the fixed star Sirius and its alignment with the Sun.

Sirius is a bright star placed in the constellation of Cancer. Every year, around this time, Sirius becomes visible in the morning sky. In Ancient Egypt, the heliacal rising of Sirius was associated with the flooding of the Nile’s river, which fertilized the fields allowing life to flourish. For them, this was the beginning of the calendar year, a moment of celebration, gratitude, and attunement to the cycles of nature.

From an astronomical standpoint, the heliacal rising of Sirius will take place between August 14 and 15, 2021. However, even if the astronomical event happens on a different day each year, we celebrate the Lion’s Gate peak on 8/8 due to the power of this number in Numerology.

Number 8 symbolizes the empowerment journey of the Soul through the high and lows of life, and it is connected with an emotional, spiritual, and psychological metamorphosis. The energy of number 8 corresponds to ambition, success, and mastery of the physical world: it teaches us about the right use of our capacity to manifest and co-create our reality.


The Lion Symbolism: Courage and Wisdom


The Lion has been considered a potent symbol of strength, royalty, leadership, wisdom, and majesty in many ancient cultures and esoteric traditions. In Tarot, it corresponds to the Strength card, which is the eighth or eleventh Major Arcana. The Strength card represents the process of refining our raw power through spiritual awareness and compassion.

In Astrology, Leo is about joy and authentic self-expression, about the process of reconnecting with our inner child through play and spontaneity. It is associated with the Heart Chakra and it rules romance, creativity, joy, self-realization, and personal fulfillment. Through Leo, we become full of ourselves: this means that we fill our own cup in such a way that generosity and joy can flow outwardly freely and naturally. Only by coming from a place of fullness and fulfillment, we can participate in life experiencing authentic personal satisfaction. 

The Lion’s Gate Portal activation and the prominence of the Lion symbolism remind us that if we shine, everybody else automatically feels invited and allowed to shine. Our frequency is contagious, we always have an impact on others even when we don’t realize it, and our impact is often much bigger than we think. We never know who will feel inspired by our energy, we never know what the ripple effects of allowing our authentic self-expression to come through will be.

It is our sacred right and our sacred duty to express and celebrate all that we are unapologetically: the strong emphasis on the Leo archetype is giving ourselves permission and encouragement to do so. 


Intention Setting and Manifestation during the Lion’s Gate Portal


The fact that the Leo New Moon happens simultaneously with the peak of the Lion’s Gate portal makes these days particularly auspicious for rituals, intention setting, and manifestation practices, especially those centered around creativity, self-confidence, and self-realization.

The days and hours before the Leo New Moon takes place are wonderful to let go of what we don’t want to bring with us during the cycle that is about to start. It is a time to release attachments and cords with gratitude, detach from limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns that we are ready to leave behind.

From the moment of the New Moon up to one day after it has taken place is the moment to invite something new into our lives, set intentions for the future, and celebrate the beauty of aliveness, of fully inhabiting the present moment.

We invite you to read our Leo New Moon article and find our channeled Leo New Moon ritual tools here.


Leo New Moon & Lion’s Gate Portal: Collective Initiation


The days associated with the peak of the Lion’s Gate portal may correspond to important variations in the Schumann Resonance, which measures the electromagnetic field of the Earth. The most sensitive people amongst us might be experiencing a variety of sensations that can manifest on the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychic levels.

Insomnia, particularly vivid dreams, migraines, physical tension, irritability, and nervousness are all possible manifestations of sensitivity to this energy. You may feel restless or anxious, and have hard times finding a clear reason for your discomfort, or on the contrary, you could feel full of energy, excitement, motivation, and desire to set new things in motion.

Grounding can be helpful to soothe any uneasiness and come back to alignment if feeling overwhelmed. Connect intentionally with Nature and the Earth through practices such as walking barefoot, meditating while sitting in the grass, hugging a tree, or eating your lunch outside, possibly in the sunlight.

The Lion’s Gate activation and the Leo New Moon remind us that creativity is abundant and overflowing: we always have the opportunity to connect with the stream of Universal creative energy. These cosmic events invite us to open our hearts and minds to become a clear conduit through which the Universe can express itself.

To celebrate this powerful Lion’s Gate Portal with you we created new 120 pages e-book all about Lion’s Gate Portal. It is completely free for you to download and enjoy, however your donations and support is always appreciated.

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Lion’s Gate New Moon: the Path of the Heart – 8/8 2021

On August 8, 09:49 AM ET, we experience a New Moon happening at 16°13’ of the sign of Leo. This cosmic event, together with the Lion’s Gate portal activation, invites us to follow the path of our hearts. We invite you to read our Lion’s Gate article & get our free 120 pages Lions Gate Portal e-book.

New Moons take place when the Sun and the Moon meet in the same sign: they represent the beginning of the lunar cycle. The Moon has been slowly disappearing from the night sky, and from now on it will start growing again. On New Moons, we are being asked to go inwards and connect with ourselves, plant a seed, and set intentions for the upcoming cycle.

The New Moon in Leo represents a wonderful time to set intentions around creativity, self-expression, self-confidence, and self-love. Whether we have Leo placements in our natal chart or not, this cosmic event is inviting us all to trust what our heart is telling us. Connecting with the archetype of Leo is about allowing life to express itself through us without holding it back in any way.

To celebrate the arrival of this Leo New Moon and Lion’s Gate 8/8 Portal, on August 8 at 9:45 PM ET, we are hosting Global Live Lion’s Gate New Moon Meditation on our YouTube channel. We invite you to join us, and invite others to meditate together with us. Tap here to find our scheduled live meditation.

We are also hosting another live-stream session on our Instagram page @MoonOmens, on August 8 at 1:00PM ET, where we are going to be talking about Leo New Moon, Lion’s Gate Portal, Manifestation, Shadow Work and more. In the end of live as usual we are going to be doing live Q&A, so be prepared some deep questions!


Leo New Moon & the Lion’s Gate Portal: a Powerful Initiation


August 8 is going to be an energetically charged day: this year, the New Moon in Leo happens simultaneously with the activation of the Lion’s gate portal. This event, which marks the heliacal rising of the Fixed Star Sirius, was considered to be the beginning of the New Year in Ancient Egypt, and it was one of the most sacred days of the calendar. It corresponded to the flooding of the Nile’s river, which was a blessing as it was fertilizing the soil and allowing life to blossom: these days were a time of celebration and gratitude.

The heliacal rising of Sirius, astronomically speaking, is happening between August 14 and 15, when Sirius will be visible again in the morning sky and align with the Sun. However, the Lion’s Gate is celebrated on the eighth day of the eighth month of the year due to the power of the number 8 in Numerology. Number 8 corresponds to an energy of transformation, ambition, power, and success: specifically, it has to do with our empowerment journey and with the right use of power and influence.

Lion's Gate New Moon

The Lion’s Gate activation happening with the Leo New Moon has the potential to facilitate new creative insights and downloads of information that can support us in our evolutionary journey. This day is a wonderful moment to set the intention to be willing to receive support from the Universe and open our hearts to Life. 


The Leo archetype & our Hero’s Journey


Leo is ruled by the Sun, the center of our Solar System: it is about coherence and integration, about finding our center. The Sun is the force of awareness, through which we integrate all our experiences and make sense of the different facets of our personality, becoming secure and grounded in who we are.

The transition from Cancer to Leo marks a process of separating from our comfort zone and embarking on our personal path, on our hero’s journey. Through Leo, we discover our creative essence and begin to express who we are as unique individuals: to do so, we need to walk away from a place where we are protected and taken care of and step into the world alone.

This is linked with the process of maturation of our inner child and the journey of learning to find security within ourselves rather than searching for it outwardly. When this doesn’t take place, Leo’s energy can manifest as tendencies such as trying to get a sense of security and self-confidence through attention-seeking behaviors and a constant need for external validation.


Lion’s Gate New Moon conjunct Mercury & trine Chiron


The New Moon forms a conjunction with Mercury in Leo: this aspect increases our mental energy as well as our tendency to thoroughly analyze our feelings and our emotional states. During these days, we may notice a stronger need to extensively speak about what we are feeling in order to process and understand it. Sharing our inner world with others can help us gain more awareness of our emotional experiences.

Restlessness and nervousness can be an issue, especially considering that the Sun and the Moon are also in a square aspect to Uranus, which is, like Mercury, linked to the nervous system. Our minds will be more excitable and active than usual, and we may have trouble slowing down and relaxing. Ideas and thoughts are likely to keep popping up, and we may come up with innovative solutions and discoveries.

Meanwhile, the Sun and the Moon in Leo are forming a trine with Chiron in Aries, increasing our sensitivity to energy and subtle information in our environment. This alignment offers us an opportunity to become aware of any obstacles and blockages that prevent us from being fully expressed, decreasing our self-confidence and our capacity to be assertive and feel secure about who we are and what we want.

To help you harness this energy Lion’s Gate New Moon brings we have created New Moon in Leo & Lion’s Gate printable channeled “The Path of the Heart” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.

Lion's Gate New Moon


Lion’s Gate New Moon square Uranus and opposite Saturn


The New Moon square Uranus reflects the possibility of unexpected news and circumstances that provoke significant emotional reactions. Squares are aspects of inner tension and friction: those involving Uranus are always volatile and unpredictable. They may be correlated with important variations in global markets and the economy, as well as with unforeseen natural events. Uranus in Taurus has been pushing for a radical transformation of the current systems, and its activation may bring disruptions, surprises, and sudden changes that are meant to accelerate our collective evolution.

Sun and Moon opposing Saturn correspond to a sense of frustration, and a feeling of being limited in our emotional expression and our creativity. We may feel that the current reality doesn’t support our self-actualization and that other people, society, institutions, or authorities are holding us back from making progress.

In the context of the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square, the Leo New Moon increases our urge to implement change and our desire to liberate ourselves from stagnant and obsolete structures that prevent us from moving forward. As our need for freedom increases, we feel a strong drive to rebel and break free from any restrictions: for this reason, social tension and protests are likely to keep spreading for the upcoming lunar cycle, which culminates with a Blue Full Moon in Aquarius.


Mars squaring the Nodes & Venus opposite Neptune


At the time of the Leo New Moon, Mars in Virgo is squaring the Nodal Axis and Venus in Virgo is opposing Neptune. These alignments can reflect some changes in our love and social life, as both Mars and Venus are connected to relationships.

Mars squaring the North and South Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius encourages us to deal with issues around how we communicate our desires, how we assert our needs, and how we express our sexuality.  With Mars in square aspect with the Nodes, repressed rage and guilt may come to the surface to be processed, and anger could be expressed destructively. During these days, it is advised to be mindful of our instinctive reactions and responses.

Lion's Gate New Moon

Venus opposite Neptune corresponds to the possibility of feeling disappointed or disillusioned in love, work, and financial matters due to having had an excessively idealistic attitude in the past. Venus joined Neptune in Pisces in a conjunction back on March 19, 2021: the current opposition corresponds to the maturation point of the cycle that started back then, and what we initiated around that time is now reaching its culmination point and blossoming. Venus’ transit through Virgo brings us back to reality and to what is needed in the present moment, inviting us to reconsider our values and priorities according to the new information that we are receiving.


Lion’s Gate New Moon: the Path of the Heart


Leo reminds us that what makes us happy and radiant is inevitably connected to our purpose: this is a time to trust our instinct, our feelings, and our joy. The Leo New Moon is an invitation to open our hearts and open up to receive love to be able to give it back to the world. We are being encouraged to honor our passions, cultivate our creativity, and celebrate life.

We are beginning a brand new chapter of our lives: this New Moon inspires us to connect with our inner spark, with the source of our creative energy, and make the conscious decision to shine bright. Loving ourselves is the first step to loving life: to truly live it to the fullest, we need to open up and be able to receive: this is what allows us to give back to the world with the utmost generosity that Leo is famous for.

The New Moon in Leo reminds us of the importance of showing up, of reclaiming our place in the world. We are encouraged to honor our right to take up space and be seen, not from a place of arrogance or a need for external validation, but rather from the awareness that allowing our essence to be fully expressed is beneficial for both ourselves and others.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you enjoyed this article!

P.S. if you haven’t already we invite you to read our Lion’s Gate article & get our free 120 pages Lions Gate Portal e-book.

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