December Solstice – Rituals And Everything You Need To Know

The December Solstice on December 21st at 11:19 PM EST / December 22nd at 05:19 AM CET will usher in an intense shift in the cosmos as the Sun stands still and season officially changes.


This Solstice marks the Sun’s transition into the earth sign of Capricorn and symbolizes the longest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere and the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Universe showers us in a celebration of light, while in the Northern Hemisphere we enter into the darkness needed for deep soul-searching. No matter where you live in the world, this is a day when our heightened sensitivity allows us to tune in with and feel the radiating energy flowing through the Universe. The Solstice helps to lift the veil between our physical world and higher dimensions and when this happens, we are able to more easily tap into the celestial realm and powerful galactic energies. 

In order to fully understand and tune into the energies encompassing this December Solstice, we must understand what this shift means for the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere and what rituals can be performed to help harness the power of this day.


In the Northern Hemisphere, the December Solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year.


These longer hours of darkness allow us to see into the darkest and deepest parts of our soul and present us with an opportunity to go within and become in tune with the most subtle stirrings within our beings. It is only by embracing this darkness that we can truly learn to feel comfortable to be ourselves. The bright sunshine can sometimes make us feel exposed and as though we have nothing to hide behind. This can make us feel the need to be or act in a certain way and can make us feel disconnected from ourselves. However, under the darkness of this Solstice, we have the freedom to dive deep within our core and realize our deepest personal truths. Who we are under the bright sunlight is our outward expression, but who we are under the darkest night is who we have always been and who we aspire to be.

When we allow ourselves to sit with just ourselves, alone with our thoughts, we hear the true vibrations of our souls. Every year, the Universe grants us an opportunity to move away from the spotlight, embrace the darkness, and allow our feelings and personal truths to shine through. You don’t need to justify or explain your truth to anyone around you. You don’t need to apologize for or tone down who you truly are.

The Universe is asking you to forget the labels and judgments of your mind and instead focus on the power of your heart and soul. When you sit in darkness, let go of your thoughts, and allow your being to truly shine, what feelings emerge? What discomforts rise up within you? What happens if you allow yourself to be just as you are?

In the Northern Hemisphere, this December Solstice asks us to let our emotional voice be heard. Allow your soul to surrender and find stillness and peace. Spend more time listening and less time doing. We are after all, human beings not human doings.


The shortest day of the year


On the shortest day of the year, your ritual should consist of sitting in darkness by yourself. See if you can sit with your eyes open and observe how your body, mind, and soul feel during this experience. There is power in just breathing. Allow yourself to practice being comfortable with simply sitting in your body. Allow any thoughts that float into your mind to pass without you actively engaging them. Push past any restlessness and angst that you may feel and practice the art of existing in the moment.

After getting comfortable with the darkness, your next step is to take a relaxing bath.  This will grant you the opportunity to cleanse yourself of any thoughts or feelings that no longer serve you and that you do not wish to carry with you into the new year. The main purpose of this darkness ritual is to allow your soul to rest. Be gentle with your being and spend this time away from the spotlight of the world getting in touch with you who truly are. 


In the Southern Hemisphere, the December Solstice is the shortest night and the longest day of the year.


It marks the start of the summer and is the season of light. The Universe grants us this day so that we may allow ourselves to shine. This is a time for removing your cloak of fears, putting yourself out there, and refusing to hold yourself back any longer. We are done playing small and are ready to leap forward. The December Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere is a final celebration of all hard work that you have put and all that you have achieved during this past year.

No matter what challenges we may face, this brightest and lightest day of the year is a reminder that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. Things may feel dark at times, but no matter how dark or deep our experiences are, it is all temporary. The sunshine offers us the clarity and vibrance to move through our lives, continue to radiate love, and realize what’s most important in life.

We are being asked to assess what our driving force is. What lights a fire in your heart and motivates you to not only continue forward, but to continue forward with purpose and steadfast ambition. Under the Capricorn Sun, this celestial shift is guiding us to align with our highest truths and the deepest calling of our soul.

The Universe is blessing us with the opportunity to see that which recharges our soul and fuels our spirit. The radiating Sun casts light upon us and serves to transform, nourish, and inspire us to move forward with confidence and a divine lightness of being. This is an extremely powerful time for us to spend time in nature and connect with the very energy of creation.


The longest day of the year


On the longest day of the year, your ritual should consist of you going outside and taking in the vibrant sunshine and bountiful energy being cast upon you. Find a beautiful location, sit with a journal and pen, and allow your feelings and thoughts to flow through your pen with ease. Stay in the moment and observe everything that exists around you, taking pause to truly witness each of these things.

Allow the energy of the Universe to fill your pages with writings and drawings and feel the creativity flow organically. You are limitless and the divine creator of your own life. This is an incredibly powerful day for setting intentions for not only yourself, but also those around you and the entire Universe.

Place your hand on your heart and feel it beating. What is it trying to tell you? Use this time to celebrate all that you are and allow your true self to shine through. The light of the Universe lives within you and you have it at your fingertips whenever you need it.


The December Solstice symbolizes the shortest and longest days for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres respectfully.


This powerful celestial energy is only felt twice a year and our heightened sensitivity allows us to feel the deepest pulses of the Universe radiating through our beings as we tap into the divine, connect with our true selves, and channel the galactic energy of higher realms.

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The Moon Omens Team

Awakening – An Upgrade to Your Being – the New Earth

I am writing this blog at 04:53am. I woke up two hours ago and have spent this time reflecting and communicating with my guides. The last couple of months or so, the synchronicity in my life has been out of this world and all the signs I have received pointed to a massive energetic shift. I didn’t really completely understand what these signs were about at the time and I asked for guidance frequently. Things weren’t clear enough at first and I simply wasn’t ready to comprehend and receive it yet. But then it finally hit me – I asked for guidance with a sense of urgency and made bold statements with my intentions because I felt tired of receiving lots of signs but seeing little change. However, it turns out the wait was worth it because tonight I received an awakening through a dream that showed me the course of action I have to take and brought so much clarity and a sense of peace in the midst of all the chaos.

I very boldly requested guidance before I went to sleep and this was the result. I had an incredibly strange and scary dream which reflected my “reality” and the things I have been ignoring, avoiding, running away from, and taking for granted. This dream showed me all of my fears with such clarity that I felt afraid of my own fears and the layers of deep programming within me. I was afraid of my own being as the deep hidden pain inside of me was exposed. While I was dreaming I knew that this is it – the time has come and the shift I’ve been seeking is finally here and is accelerating. I woke up and I knew that it was one of those “awakening” dreams. It was one of those dreams that our guides and Higher selves orchestrate for us in order to simulate our “reality,” show us valuable insights and lessons, and equip us with the tools that we need to make sure that we don’t go down the same path in our “real” lives again, repeating the same old cycle.

The truth is..

Sometimes in life we have to feel lost. Sometimes we have to go through rough and uncomfortable situations. Sometimes we have to travel down paths that are scary, unfamiliar, and dangerous. Sometimes we have to go through mysterious labyrinths to get lost and then find ourselves again. We can all relate to this deeply because we are all in this together and helping to lead each other back home to where we all came from. Even if you can relate to this and you are aware that we have to have these necessary experiences in order to grow and ascend, you may still be asking the Universe, your guides, or yourself – why? Why do I have to go through all of this? Why it this all happening for me? Why do I have to experience all of this pain and madness in my own mind, life, and being?

I agree, sometimes life doesn’t make sense and seems unfair. Why do we have to go through all this discomfort and confusion? Sometimes we just get tired of wearing masks and trying to show the world how strong we are and how well we are doing when deep down we are lost and confused. But there is so much beauty in confusion and it offers us abundant room for growth.

Sometimes life is just trying to soften us and break us down so we can finally open up and be vulnerable. We have to learn to open up and show our true colors, our true nature, and the beauty that shines deep within us, like a long forgotten treasure that has been covered up and hidden for a long time ago. The truth is that there is no such thing as bad timing, only divine timing and the old version of the Earth that wasn’t yet ready for or prepared for that beauty, the grid wasn’t yet ready for this new vibration and for this new frequency.

We are here on our own individual unique hero journeys, but we are all connected and at the deepest level we are all one. As Earth is going through a massive shift, embracing its new way of being, and reconstructing itself to be able and ready to maintain this new frequency, collectively we are going through this transition and are being upgraded as well. Experiences we are going through are not random. We are being bombarded with a lot of “physical” world things and are being asked to deal with all of these things that are taking place in our lives. A lot of unresolved things from our pasts are showing up and we are being asked to take responsibility and to no longer hide in fear. The things we are going through are not random and are all happening to show us that while we are all here trying to conquer the world, we are really just trying to find a way back to ourselves again. By doing so, we are influencing this massive shift that Earth is experiencing right now. For us, as multidimensional beings, fitting into a three dimensional world with so many limitations has just become incredibly difficult, because we are all starting to remember who we truly are. It is time for a change. It is time because we are meant for more. Let me say that againwhile we are here trying to conquer the world, we are really just trying to find a way back to ourselves again, our way back home. This is the exact message that I received from my guides tonight.

The purpose of this confusion is to break down our egos and break down all the walls and barriers that we have created to protect ourselves from the outer world. We have to do the shadow work. But as Earth is shifting to its new version and our true selves can no longer be hidden, we experience collective shift. We are getting rid of the old that no longer serves us. Now is the perfect time to dig deep inside yourself and gain clarity, become crystal clear on the actions you have to take to find your way out of this labyrinth. The painful layers you have to peel to find your way back home to your true self and find your way to bring your true self into the daylight of this beautiful, loving, and ever evolving planet. It is time for an upgrade. It is time to upgrade your being and use all of your courage to face your shadow self, to conquer the ego, the fear and to show the world who you truly are. Do not be afraid; you are not alone. You may think that you are insignificant when looking at the whole, but you are the whole. Your growth and your transition into a transparent, vulnerable, and beautiful being of light in this moment is not only an upgrade for you, it is not only a ticket to more happy, truthful, and fulfilling life, but also an upgrade to the whole. Your personal hero’s journey has already required you to sacrifice a lot in this lifetime, but this quest is one of the most noble and beautiful journeys you will ever take.

Embrace the challenges that are taking place in your physical and spiritual worlds right now and emerge with grace and softness. Release that heavy energy that you have been holding inside for so long that it may have gone on for lifetimes. The time has come to give up your old ways of being and trust that by giving up the old, you are going to be gifted with a new upgraded way of being which will be smoother and more full of joy than you’ve ever felt before. Take full responsibility for completing old life tasks that you are being asked to complete right now in your life, because before we enter into the new cycle of life we have to complete our current cycle. Take responsibility and move through the end of this chapter of your life with softness and embrace vulnerability and transparency. By doing so, you will allow your light to shine brighter than ever before and set an encouraging example to others. You will allow yourself to enter this new Earth and shift to your new way of being with so much more inner peace and harmony.

Remember this is a noble deed and quest for you as a starseed, a ligthworker, a being full of love and light. Your courage during this time will not go unnoticed and it will echo in eternity. Your energetic shift will create a domino effect and serve to empower and inspire those around you to feel safe to embrace this shift as well, as we all enter this new way of being, the new Earth. I wish you a smooth transition.

I would like to know about your recent experiences and if you can relate to this too. Please share in the comments bellow & give it a heart if you enjoyed reading this blog 😉

Love & light,

Lukas Notes

9 Signs You Are a Lightworker

If you find yourself going through a shift in consciousness and spiritual awakening, you are likely to be a lightworker. Lightworkers, also known as healers, are on a divine mission to help heal the world on a grand scale. The planet is going through a mass awakening and lightworkers are some of the first people to awaken. In their awakening they work to awaken others and raise the consciousness of the planet.


Here are 9 signs that you are a lightworker: 


    1. You know you’re different. From a young age you’ve felt different from your peers and knew you enjoyed time by yourself. You may have felt misunderstood, felt like you didn’t fit in, or felt no attachment to the Earth’s planes. This doesn’t mean you’re socially inept or do not like being around others. It simply means you highly value the recharging energy that solitude provides. Being in tune with this truth shows your craving for a deeper understanding of yourself and everything around you.
    2. You have a strong desire to break away from our ridged society. You are a free spirit and you don’t feel at ease with control-based systems. Whether that’s the government, patriarchy, or any other system, you simply do not do well when it comes to people telling you what to do. You know of your soul as an eternal being and when it has no room to soar you feel constrained. 
    3. You are a healer. You are not only drawn to helping better yourself but are also drawn to helping others. You even feel compelled to help those you may not like. This is who you are and is what you have spent many lifetimes doing. You have a strong and burning desire to serve others. You may have had this desire for quite some time, or it may be something that you have only recently awakened to. Regardless, this desire is so deeply ingrained in you that it is unstoppable. You feel your heart pull you to help awaken those around you and be a positive force of change.
    4. You are a true empath. As a lightworker you have a deep compassion and understanding of others. You care deeply for all living things and may at times feel the emotions, thoughts, and feelings of others, or even of animals. This becomes difficult at times as it also means that you feel the negativity, fear, and suffering prevalent on this planet. You are very aware of the ways in which people treat and often hurt each other. Your soul has come from a divine place and therefore feels deeply every pulse of energy around it. Continue to radiate love and compassion as you help to bring positive change into the world.
    5. You are incredibly comfortable talking about all things spiritual. Whether that’s energy, crystals, spiritual enlightenment, ascension, your third eye, etc. you feel at ease working with and learning about these spiritual and healing arts. This is true even if you come from a religious upbringing that looked down on these types of things. You are fascinated with developing your intuition, harnessing your healing powers, and elevating your consciousness.
    6. You know you are on a divine path. You are working on and building something profound. As you are in the midst of your awakening process, you may not yet have the big picture in your mind’s eye. It may at times be incomprehensible and indescribable but in your heart of hearts you know that you are on a journey much bigger than yourself and that everything you are working on is increasing your vibration and leading you to something amazing.
    7. You have many passions, interests, and natural talents. As a lightworker you feel a calling towards anything that allows you to be creative and express yourself. You feel this from the depths of your soul. With so many natural talents, you may sometimes feel confused as to what you are meant to do. This is a time to find a common theme amongst your talents and remember that you have ultimate control over how to live out your life’s purpose.
    8. You’re obsessed with personal development and spiritual growth. You may have read lots of personal development books or watched YouTube videos about spiritual growth. You are committed to learning to peel away the layers of your false self and step into the power of your true self. You are a truth seeker and are on a quest to find the deeper meaning of life. There is so much more to life than just going through the motions. Continue to foster your fascination with uncovering the truth and further awakening your consciousness. 
    9. You use the Law of Attraction and power of manifestation. Although everyone has the power to manifest, you seem to have a natural ability to quickly call things into your life. You believe in the divine truth that you create your own reality. You are not afraid to take the actions needed to accomplish your goals and work to heal any old patterns that may be holding you back. You believe that you are worthy and deserving and you know that the Universe will support you in all that you do. 

All souls are special and are on their own paths to sorting through their karmic energy.

It’s time to awaken your inner gifts and allow them to radiate brighter than ever before. You are here for a purpose. 

Dear lightworker, continue down your path of enlightenment. Go through your process, follow your intuition, and above all else, listen to yourself. 


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