Venus in Libra: the Value of Connection

On September 29, 03:49 AM ET, Venus leaves Virgo and enters Libra, her Air domicile, where she remains until October 23. This shift is beneficial for our love and romantic life: it inspires us to recognize the value of connection and to reflect on what balance and harmony mean to us.

While Venus travels through the sign of the Scales, we have an opportunity to get to know ourselves more deeply through the mirror of our relationships. During this transit, we value being surrounded by harmony, peace, and beauty, and we strive to cultivate connections based on equality.


Venus in Libra: Valuing Relationships as Learning Opportunities


Venus’s journey through Virgo has been stressing the importance of discernment while promoting a rather self-contained and pragmatic approach to relationships. Venus entering Libra underlines the value of our connections to other people as a gateway to deeper self-awareness and self-knowledge. As Libra is an Air sign, this shift indicates a more experimental and curious attitude and increased openness to different kinds of social scenarios.

When Venus is in the sign of the Scales, we feel drawn to explore a variety of settings and contexts in order to better understand who we are and who we are not, what we want and what we do not want, what we enjoy and what we don’t, what we value and what others value.

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra seduces through intellect, wit, and charm. She expresses herself gracefully and elegantly and has a natural, intuitive understanding of the needs and desires of others. This transit is favorable for all artistic and creative pursuits and inspires us to value the role of other people in our lives, the learning that comes from participating in relationships, the process of beautifying our environment, and the journey of establishing adjustments that allow us to be in harmony with our surroundings.


Venus opposite Jupiter & Chiron, Venus trine Saturn


During her transit through Libra, Venus is going to align with several planets. Throughout the upcoming weeks, Venus opposes retrograde Jupiter and Chiron in Aries, trines retrograde Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini, squares retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, and ultimately joins the Sun in Libra. Venus opposes Jupiter on October 1 and Chiron on October 10.

The opposition of Venus and Jupiter indicates an expansive and generous feeling, together with a desire to widen our social circles, make new experiences, and indulge in life’s pleasures. These days, we may find it challenging to balance alone time with social time and manifest an inclination to spend money impulsively in the pursuit of excitement and stimulation.

The Venus-Chiron opposition invites us to look at how the people in our lives may reflect back at us our own wounds, allowing us to understand something about ourselves that wasn’t fully clear before. This aspect could illuminate relationship dynamics and imbalances we need to address, helping us break free from disempowering beliefs about our self-worth, address low self-esteem issues, and work on the consequent inability to receive and accept love from others.

On October 14, Venus trines Saturn in Aquarius, inspiring us to value commitment, consistency, and reliability in relationships. At this time, we may feel drawn to make important financial decisions, particularly in terms of long-term investments or saving plans, and we are likely to be more considerate with our way of spending and investing money or other resources. These days, we may feel a need to consolidate relationships and partnerships or establish clearer boundaries. 


Venus trine Mars & Venus square Pluto


On October 19, Venus aligns with Mars in Gemini in a harmonic trine. When the two relationship planets are in a harmonious connection, it is easier to balance our needs, desires, and values, with the needs, desires, and values of others. As this alignment is happening in Air signs, this Venus-Mars trine marks a favorable time to work on communication dynamics, discover creative win-win solutions, make new connections, and familiarize ourselves with a variety of social settings.

Shortly after, on October 20, Venus perfects her square to retrograde Pluto in the last degrees of Capricorn. This is a tense alignment that is likely to be felt strongly a few days before and after the square goes exact. Venus-Pluto aspects intensify our experience of relationships and increase our need for passion, depth, and all-consuming exchanges. Power and manipulation dynamics, obsessive fantasies, and a need to control other people could emerge or be exacerbated. When Venus squares Pluto, we crave to consume and be consumed by our experiences, yet we are simultaneously afraid of losing ourselves in the fires of passion: for this reason, push-pull dynamics and manipulation attempts could manifest.


Venus Starpoint in Libra 2022: New Awareness of Relationships


Towards the end of her journey through Libra, on October 22, Venus is going to join the Sun at 29º26’ of the sign of the Scales. This alignment is also technically referred to as Superior Conjunction, and it marks a shift in the relationship between Venus, the Sun, and the Earth, as from now on Venus becomes an Evening Star. Astrologer Arielle Guttman denominated the Venus-Sun conjunction phenomenon Venus Star Point and studied in detail the Venus cycle and the resulting geometry.

The last Venus-Sun conjunction was in Capricorn on January 8, 2022, while Venus was in retrograde motion, and began the current Venus cycle. This superior conjunction begins the second half of the Venus cycle and has a similar energy to a Full Moon as it brings revelations, clarity, and a new understanding of our relationship experiences. Experiencing a Venus-Sun conjunction in Libra brings the spotlight on the importance of working on refining the balance in our lives and our connections, marking a turning point in our awareness of relationship dynamics, as well as in our understanding of what harmony is and what harmony is not.

Venus in Libra

The fact that the Venus-Sun conjunction is happening on the last degree of Libra, the 29º, is also particularly significant as the so-called anaretic degree indicates we are navigating a time of completion, fulfillment, closure, and resolution of karma.


Venus enters Libra: the Value of Connection


While Venus is in Libra, we value the journey of being in relationships and we value being surrounded by pleasant, beautiful, and harmonious environments. However, during the upcoming weeks, we have to be wary of not mistaking a superficial, inauthentic sense of peace and harmony with a real one. One of the risks of this transit could be settling for a false harmony in order to avoid conflict, confrontation, or uncomfortable truths. 

Venus’s journey through Libra invites us to notice whether we tend to abandon ourselves, our desires, and our needs to please others or make them happy, or whether we attach our self-esteem and self-worth to what we do for others or to their opinion of us. This transit reminds us of the value of connecting with others in authentic and truthful ways, invites us to recognize where we are out of balance, and encourages us to further our self-awareness by navigating exchanges more consciously.

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New Moon in Libra September 2022: New Ways of Relating

On September 25, 5:54 PM ET, we experience a New Moon at 2º48’ of Libra that invites us to discover new ways of relating, with both others and ourselves. 

New Moons are all about beginnings and they inaugurate the start of a new cycle of growth. The Moon is still invisible from our perspective, emphasizing the importance of turning inward to be able to set intentions and plant seeds from an aligned and conscious place. This month, the Moon meets the Sun in the sign of the Scales, beginning a cycle centered around mastery of the realm of relationships. 


New Moon in Libra: Karmic Encounters & Synchronicities


Libra is the seventh Zodiac sign and the first one through which we enter the social sphere as equals, beginning the process of integration into the collective that unfolds as we progress through the second half of the Zodiac. At the Libra stage of our evolutionary journey, we learn that relationships are an essential part of life: we gain awareness of the way we participate in connections and, by exploring that, we learn more about ourselves through a process of comparison. We objectively recognize what is fair and we establish adjustments that increase harmony, equality, and balance, exploring how to achieve win-win solutions that enhance everyone’s reality and experience.

New Moon in Libra September 2022

The Libra New Moon could be a time of karmic encounters and fated meetings: connections that begin now may come with a feeling of destiny and synchronicity. This cosmic event is likely to correspond to the start of new relationships, collaborations, and partnerships that have the potential to be different from what we experienced before if we navigate them consciously. Around this time, existing relationships could change their form and our social circles may expand or shift. We may realize that our current boundaries are no longer serving us or the health of our connections and decide to explore new ones.


New Moon conjunct Venus & Mercury: Need for Harmony & Safe Relationships


Venus and retrograde Mercury are in the last degrees of Virgo and they are conjunct the Sun and the Moon in the early degrees of Libra. Venus is also the planetary ruler of Libra and rules the New Moon: her condition gives us more information about the quality of this lunation, hence it is particularly important to consider.

The conjunction of Venus and the Moon emphasizes our need to generate a sense of security, safety, comfort, and nurturance through relationships, which is already strong when the Moon is in Libra. Our desires for intimacy, belonging, sharing, and open-hearted connections are maximized with this configuration, and so is our need to be surrounded by harmony, keep the peace, and prevent conflict. We are likely to feel a desire to slow down, indulge in pleasurable pursuits, and connect with our bodies, our senses, Nature, and the beauty all around us.

The activation of retrograde Mercury and its conjunction with Venus may indicate a desire to reach out to people from our past and increase the potential of receiving messages from them. We may notice an urge to find clarity and closure in old relationships and say unspoken words so that we are able to fully release the past and move forward. 

The retrograde Mercury-Venus-New Moon conjunction underlines the importance of gaining awareness of our communication patterns in relationships and invites us to reassess, redefine, and rewire them. As Mercury and Venus are in the sign of Virgo, it points to the necessity of being appropriately discerning to introduce adjustments and refine existing communication habits in order to promote healthy and authentic harmony in our relationships.


Sun, Moon, Venus & Mercury opposite Neptune and trine Pluto


The Sun, the Moon, Venus, and Mercury are all opposite Neptune in Pisces, now retrograde. These alignments indicate that our perceptions may be clouded by fantasy and it may be hard to see situations and people clearly right now, as we are particularly sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others and our idealism is increased. We could find it more challenging than usual to distinguish between wishful thinking or projection and reality, and have hard times relating to people according to where they are at, rather than according to their potential. 

As Mercury is currently in retrograde motion, it points to a need to redefine our values, our ideals, or our spiritual philosophy, and this could be particularly the case if we often end up feeling deceived or disillusioned by others. These aspects indicate great compassion and empathy, the potential for heart-opening experiences, and the maximization of our creative and artistic abilities, as it will be easier to tap into the collective unconscious and convey collective experiences and emotions through our creative expression.

New Moon in Libra September 2022

Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus are also trine retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. This configuration suggests a need to deepen our connections, our conversations, and our awareness of the emotional and psychological patterns playing out at a subconscious level, to relate with both ourselves and others in a more profound way. Pluto’s need for radical honesty may clash with the idealism and the need for idyllic perfection sought by Neptune. Finding a way to balance the two without getting to the extremes of total cynicism or total self-delusion could be a challenge that arises around the time of this New Moon.


New Moon opposite Jupiter: Harmonizing Imbalances


The Sun, the Moon, Venus, and Mercury are opposing retrograde Jupiter in Aries, another very active planet at the time of this lunation. The Sun opposite Jupiter can reflect a tendency to overestimate our energetic capacities and gravitate towards overdoing and overexpansion. This alignment is energizing and motivating: it is supporting our self-confidence, our enthusiasm, our generosity, our willingness to take risks, and our capacity to see the bright side of life.

These days, however, we may find it challenging to harmonize our emotional needs and our desire to expand and make new experiences. The Moon-Jupiter opposition on the Aries-Libra axis, together with the involvement of Venus, can indicate feeling conflicted relative to our need to cultivate our relationships with others and our desire to explore life independently on our own terms. This is likely to be a theme of the upcoming lunar cycle and will emerge very clearly around the time of the intense Aries Full Moon conjunct Chiron, coming up on October 9.

The opposition between the New Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter invites us to harmonize imbalances and gain awareness of any tendency to gravitate towards extremes, in particular regarding our energetic investments in ourselves and in others. This lunation invites us to discover how we can restore a sense of harmony and balance in our lives, to set appropriate boundaries to avoid participating in relationship dynamics that feel one-sided, and ask ourselves why we tend to co-create specific relational experiences and what is our role in them.

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New Moon in Libra September 2022


New Moon in Libra: New Ways of Relating


This Libra New Moon is inviting us to evaluate how the relationship we have established with ourselves is being reflected in our relationships with other people, and vice versa. We may discover that, if we adjust the way we are showing up for ourselves, the dynamics and patterns of our external relationships shift accordingly. It is a good time to reflect and journal upon what type of change would be required, on our part, to attract and maintain the kind of connections we desire, and see what happens if we work on that.

The presence of Venus in the sign of Virgo represents an invitation to be more self-contained and discerning relative to the type of relationships we participate in, the social settings we choose, and the amount of time and attention we invest into our connections. This configuration reminds us to consider the broader energetic impact of our decisions and our participation in certain situations, relationships, and dynamics. We have an opportunity to evaluate and reflect on whether or not our choices are nourishing us, are in alignment with our values, and are enhancing our overall health and well-being.

The Libra New Moon invites us to deepen our awareness of how we relate with others and how that affects us, calling for deeper discernment regarding how we connect and with whom, what boundaries are in place, and how communication is set up. This lunation is an opportunity to explore new ways of relating and connecting, and to align our relationship choices with the changes that have been taking place within ourselves.

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Pink Full Moon in Libra: Renewing Relationships

On April 16, 2:54 PM ET, the Moon opposes the Sun and we experience a Full Moon at 26º45’ of Libra, popularly known as the Pink Full Moon. The opposition between the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra brings to maturation a cycle surrounding relational dynamics and invites us to redefine and renew our existing relationships.

Full Moons happen when the Sun and the Moon are transiting on the same degree of opposing signs. They represent the culmination and maturation of the lunar cycle: they allow us to see the results and the fruits of what we have been working on. These alignments tend to bring up a conflict between the rational and the emotional, between what we see and what we don’t see. At this time of the month, we often have revelations and experiences of clarity that facilitate changes in our inner and outer reality. As the current Full Moon is happening in the sign of Libra, these changes will have to do with our relationships.

This is the first Full Moon after March Equinox and the first one of the New Astrological Year. It is also referred to as the Pink Moon, as it comes together with the blossoming of pink moss flowers in the Northern Hemisphere of the globe, particularly in the Northern and Eastern parts of the United States.


Pink Full Moon in Libra: Seeing Clearly our Relationship Dynamics


The Full Moon in Libra is an opportunity to gain awareness of our relationship patterns, as it brings up the energetic imbalances of all of our “self versus other” dynamics. Libra is the sign of the other, and it is opposite to Aries, the sign of the self. One is about peace, diplomacy, and negotiation, while the other, ruled by the God of War, is about self-assertion, instinct, and the way we express anger.

Libra is represented by the Scales, the only inanimate object of the Zodiac, and it correlates to Justice, diplomacy, and the endless search for balance. Through Libra, we learn that balance is not a static condition, it is a dynamic state made of ongoing adjustments and constant attunement to the present moment. In modern society, there can be a misunderstanding or distortion of the concept of balance which can result in a search for some kind of staticity that ends up blocking evolution.

Pink Full Moon in Libra April 16 Moon Omens

The opposition between the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra shows us what the price of maintaining peace may be. The Libra Full Moon is inviting us to reflect on whether we are abandoning ourselves to maintain a superficial sense of peace and connection, or, on the contrary, if we are addicted to creating drama in our relationships as a way to feel alive, special, and worthy of attention. These dynamics are underlined by the Moon’s tense square to Pluto.


Full Moon square Pluto: Transforming Emotional Patterns


The Sun-Moon opposition is squaring Pluto in Capricorn, generating what is technically known as a T-square configuration.

The Moon square Pluto gives us possibilities to transform existing emotional attachments, reactions, and patterns. During these days, we will have opportunities to become aware of any unconscious tendencies to manipulate others to keep them tied to us for our security and comfort. If we have internalized feelings of lack, abandonment, and deprivation in our childhood and developed an insecure attachment style, creating situations of codependency and deep emotional entanglements may be the only way we have to feel safe and secure, taken care of, valued, and appreciated.

The current Moon-Pluto square could bring all this up, as it indicates a necessity for psychological and emotional transformation which could happen through intense and confronting relationship experiences. For this reason, we attract and feel attracted by people that won’t give us what our mind wants, who won’t satisfy our conscious needs, to instead satisfy urges or cravings that are deeply unconscious. The main evolutionary requirement is the transformation of existing security patterns through our interactions.

The Sun squares Pluto too, an aspect that can signal power struggles and a fear of being controlled or destroyed by others. This aspect indicates that it is time to transform our creative and personal expression, reconsider an identity we are attached to, and renew our sense of purpose. We may release an old sense of self that was tied up to a relationship or to being in relationship in a certain way and begin to build a new one.


Full Moon quincunx Jupiter and Neptune: Giving from a Full Cup


The Full Moon is forming a quincunx or inconjunct aspect to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This is an aspect of paradox and incongruence, as the planets involved can’t see each other while traveling signs of incompatible elements, different modalities, and opposite polarities.

Through the Libra-Pisces quincunx, we learn that love is unconditional but relationships should not be. During these days, we will have chances to see where we have been self-sacrificing, where we have been over-giving, and acknowledge whether we are emotionally dependent on others. This alignment may show us where we are out of balance, by bringing our attention to dynamics of idealization and projection that are preventing us from having fully honest and authentic relationships.

Pink Full Moon in Libra April 16 Moon Omens

Venus in Pisces is the ruler of the Full Moon. It is approaching a conjunction with Neptune and Jupiter and a sextile aspects to Mercury and Uranus in Taurus. The presence of Venus in Pisces highlights our tendency to see the positive potential of people and situations and facilitate forgiveness, loving acceptance, kindness, and empathy while inviting us to make sure that we are giving from a full cup. Venus’ sextiles to Mercury and Uranus will support communication dynamics: it indicates an openness around exploring different ways to be in connection and an ability to relate with people very different from us.


Mercury conjunct Uranus, Full Moon trine Saturn & Mars


As the Full Moon in Libra takes place, Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Taurus, an aspect that is already active even if it goes exact on April 18. The Mercury-Uranus alignment facilitates open-mindedness, epiphanies, inventiveness, and creative breakthroughs. It also indicates some mental restlessness, a sense of urgency relative to decision making, and the possibility of sudden and unexpected changes in our plans for the future. This conjunction is taking place in the earthy, sensual, sign of Taurus: exploring new ways of thinking could lead to tangible and lasting innovation.

Meanwhile, the supportive trine between the Full Moon and Saturn in Aquarius will help us be more grounded, realistic, and practical, counterbalancing the dreamy, magical energy of Pisces, Jupiter, and Neptune. This is an aspect that adds pragmatism and common sense into our lives, facilitating sober, lucid emotional management and supporting our maturation process. The Full Moon is also in a trine to Mars in Aquarius, an alignment that promotes healthy assertiveness and the honest communication of what we are feeling and sensing while helping us separate from what doesn’t nurture us.

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Pink Full Moon in Libra



Pink Full Moon in Libra: Renewing Relationships


This Full Moon in Libra invites us to redefine our existing connections and the way we show up in relationships, possibly marking big shifts in some of them, particularly those that began on the Libra New Moon that took place six months ago. Around this time, some connections could end, some may change their form, and some others may be completely redefined.

This lunation will illuminate underlying dynamics, unconscious patterns, and unspoken undercurrents that are at the core of our interactions with others. During these days, we may reevaluate the foundation of our connections, the way we behave in relationships, the way we bond with others, and the repetitive patterns that keep showing up for us. We may start to become aware of an unconscious addiction to conflict, drama, high sensations, and strong emotions, and find the courage to begin to make different choices. We may notice patterns of codependency, emotional addiction, and people-pleasing, and begin the process of working through these.

Pink Full Moon in Libra April 16 Moon Omens

The process of transformation of unconscious patterns and the transition to new, conscious ones may be uncomfortable for our minds, but it’s important to remember that whatever shows up for us it is helping us grow and evolve emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Considering that the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is still very prominent, we can see everything that takes place these days as an invitation to open our hearts and to find the courage to keep them open, even if we are navigating intense circumstances.

This Full Moon is an opportunity to renew or redefine our commitments to the people we are in a relationship with and gain better awareness of how the way we connect with others informs us of what we need to change in our connection with ourselves.

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Mercury Retrograde in Libra: Relationships Review

On September 27, 01:10 AM ET, Mercury stationed retrograde at 25°28’ of Libra. From our perspective on Earth, Mercury will appear to be moving backward until October 18, when it stations direct together with Jupiter in Aquarius.

The planet of communication will travel back until 10°07’ of Libra. This retrograde will be particularly relevant for those of us who have planets or angles between 10° and 25° of Cardinal signs Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn.


Understanding Mercury’s Retrograde Cycle


Mercury is in apparent backward motion for three or four times per year, and its retrograde cycle happens in signs of the same element for a period of approximately two years. This year, Mercury has been retrograde in Aquarius and Gemini: the planet of communication and logic is now transiting through the only Air sign that was missing. The emphasis on the Air element highlights the need to reconsider and rebuild our relationship with our mind, with the world of ideas and possibilities, with our opinions, with our social network, and with the learning process itself.

An important aspect of retrograde cycles are the pre and post shadow stages, marking the transit of the planet upon the degrees it hits during the retrograde before and after the retrograde happens. The pre-shadow phase is a moment of preparation, when tension starts building up and themes relative to the upcoming retrograde begin to emerge.

The post-shadow phase is instead a moment of integration, which permits us to better understand what we have been going through and what was unclear during the retrograde. Mercury’s pre-shadow period began on September 6, when Mercury reached 10°07’ of Libra. The post-shadow period of this cycle will last until November 2, when Mercury will transit for the last time over the 25°28’ degree, where the retrograde started.


Mercury retrograde in Libra: Relationships Review


Mercury retrograde has a bad reputation: it is probably the most blamed event for all sorts of technological issues, misunderstandings, travel delays, and general drama. However, there is a specific purpose to this transit and nothing to be afraid of.

Mercury’s apparent backward journey represents a moment to reflect, reconsider, and reevaluate our situation and our choices before moving forward. It is a time to reassess our communication style, review our habitual thinking patterns, and reexamine how we verbalize and share our opinions. This particular cycle happening in Libra will play out considerably in our romantic and social life. Mercury will inspire us to question our perception of reality, to review and reassess the state of our relationships, and to redefine our ideas of partnership and collaboration.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

The mythological messenger, patron of travel and commerce, was the only God who could travel to the Underworld and back, and was assigned the task of guiding Souls to the afterlife. When Mercury is retrograde, its role as a psychopomp is in the spotlight: this timeframe offers us an invitation to go inward and engage in deep introspection in order to reexamine our intentions and realign with our values and purpose.


Retrograde Mercury conjunct Sun & square Pluto


Mercury stations retrograde in a square to Pluto in Capricorn, which will be exact on October 1, and it is the second out of three squares. Their alignment inspires deep inquiry, introspection, and self-analysis. Mercury square Pluto increases the possibilities of intellectual power struggles and verbal confrontations while underlining the need to review and reassess the real motivations behind our intentions, desires, and goals, especially regarding relationships.

Retrograde Mercury will join both the Sun and Mars on October 9. When retrograde Mercury aligns with the Sun, technically known as the inferior conjunction, it is the beginning of Mercury’s cycle, and it has a similar energy to a New Moon. A rebirth and a fresh start is taking place and we are gaining new awareness. It is said that the Mercury-Sun inferior conjunction gives us glimpses of our unconscious material and illuminates something we are normally unaware of: it is a good moment to set intention and allow new ideas to emerge.


Retrograde Mercury conjunct Mars & trine Jupiter


The presence of Mars together with Sun and Mercury promotes an assertive yet diplomatic attitude. This configuration gives us courage to speak up for ourselves in a direct fashion and defend what we believe is just and fair, while increasing our mental energy and our desire to take action on our thoughts and ideas.

Meanwhile, also on October 9, retrograde Mercury, Sun, and Mars will trine retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius. Mercury is the ruler of the North Node of the Moon, currently in Gemini, while Jupiter is the ruler of the South Node of the Moon, currently in Sagittarius. When the nodal rulers align, they suggest a way of moving from the past to the future.

Mercury trine Jupiter is a supportive aspect indicating harmony between our left and right brain hemispheres, which facilitates mental expansion, networking, and the intellectual integration of our experiences and intuitive insights.


Mercury Retrograde in Libra: Questioning our Perception of Reality & Relationships


During the upcoming weeks, it is advised to be mindful of how we express our thoughts and ideas, double-check emails and texts, and make sure to be clear and concise when getting our point across. Miscommunications and misunderstandings may happen: old disagreements and tensions could reemerge to be finally cleared and worked out.

People from our past may come back, and if they do it’s important to evaluate how we have changed, how they have changed, what type of future we want to build, what our values, our non-negotiables, our priorities, and our need in relationships are.

While Mercury is retrograde in Libra, the invitation is to make sure that we are expressing ourselves clearly and that we are listening carefully to what others have to say. We are entering a time of review and reassessment of our communication style, of our habitual thinking patterns, and of any outdated ideas about relationships. This transit represents an opportunity for deconditioning and individuation. Mercury retrograde in Libra invites us to question how we think and to allow change to happen without holding on to old ways of perceiving reality and relationships.

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Libra Season 2021: the Journey of Relating

On September 22, 3:21 PM ET, the Equinox takes place and Libra season 2021 begins: the Sun’s transit through the sign of the Scales brings the spotlight on our need for connection, harmony, beauty, justice, and peace.

The Sun will be in Libra until October 23, highlighting those places where we are not in balance, and we may learn about balance by navigating opposite extremes.


Equinoxes: a Time of Transition


The word “equinox” comes from the Latin aequinoctium, and it means “equal night”: on Equinoxes, day and night have approximately the same duration. Equinoxes represent a time of transition: in the Northern Hemisphere, we welcome Fall, while in the Southern part of the globe we are entering Spring. We all now start a new season, a new chapter of our journey.

The pagan name for the Fall Equinox is Mabon: this event marks our descent into darkness and initiates a time of introspection and reflection, a necessary preparation for wintertime. The Fall Equinox corresponds to the Harvest season: it’s an invitation to give thanks to the Earth for what she gave us and enjoy the fruit of our efforts. The Spring Equinox, also known as Ostara, is a moment of rebirth and regeneration which inaugurates a time of expansion and blossoming, reminding us of the eternal dance between light and darkness, life and death.

libra season 2021

Equinoxes and Solstices represent wonderful times for energy cleansing, physical detoxes, deep cleaning of our homes, decluttering, rituals, and intention setting. It is said that during Solstices and Equinoxes the veil between worlds becomes thinner. These astronomical events correspond with potent energetic shifts that we have the opportunity to align with to introduce significant changes in our lives.


Libra Season 2021: Spotlight on Self-Other Dynamics


The Sun now begins to travel through the upper half of the Zodiac wheel. The journey from Libra to Pisces is focused on the evolution of the Self through the process of establishing connections with others and learning to be and feel part of a bigger whole.

Libra is a Yang, Cardinal sign, an archetype of initiation: it is the first one exploring the social sphere and initiating relationships, partnerships, connections. This is a new and unfamiliar process: Cardinal signs start new phases of evolution and bring us out of our comfort zone. Through Libra, we experience duality, and the goal of this archetype is to create conditions of peace, equality, and harmony between opposite extremes.

Libra season reminds us that life is an ongoing balancing act, and that balance is never static. It brings the spotlight on all our connections, on the people in our lives, on the tension between the energy invested in ourselves and the energy invested in our romantic and social life. Libra is an Air archetype, through which we establish a variety of relationships, mostly unfolding on the intellectual, mental, and logical plane. This phase sets the stage for the deepening that happens through Scorpio, a Fixed Water sign, corresponding to the phase of establishing emotional intimacy.


Libra Season 2021: Aspects and Lunations


Libra season 2021 is likely to bring some important changes in our lives, increase our momentum, and catalyze forward movement: many planets are ending their retrograde cycle. During the upcoming weeks, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto will all station direct, while Mercury will station retrograde on September 27 and station direct on October 18.

On October 6, we experience a New Moon in Libra conjunct Mars, while on October 20 we witness a Full Moon in Aries square Pluto. Both will be very dynamic lunations, as one is taking place in Aries and the other one is conjunct Aries’ ruler, Mars. This reflects the chance for interesting opportunities to initiate something completely unfamiliar and give a new direction to our life while underlining the importance of finding creative ways to channel anger and pent-up energy.

Both the New and the Full Moon will also correspond with an activation of Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio. Pluto will station direct on the same day as the Libra New Moon and will be in a tense T-square configuration to the Sun and the Moon during the Aries Full Moon. These alignments may bring up material from our unconscious and have the chance to catalyze deep transformations: Pluto is always inviting us to be open to change rather than resisting it.


Sun opposite Chiron, trine Saturn & trine North Node


The Sun in Libra will oppose Chiron in Aries on October 3: around these days, we may see our own wounds reflected back at us by other people. With this aspect, a wound tends to be perceived in another before we can perceive it in ourselves: pay attention to triggers emerging around this time, as they are likely to offer us insights on something we still need to accept and integrate.

libra season 2021

We may feel that every time we try to express ourselves or our needs we trigger someone. This process may help us shed light on hurts relative to self-assertion and self-expression that hold us back from establishing and maintaining fulfilling connections without compromising our individuality.

The Sun in Libra will trine both Saturn in Aquarius and the North Node in Gemini between September 27 and 29. This supportive Grand Air Trine highlights the role of relationships as learning experiences and facilitates discipline, endurance, and motivation to act on long-term goals and intentions.


Libra Season 2021: the Journey of Relating


While the Sun travels through Libra, we learn about ourselves through the process of interacting with others. The journey of relating may help us become aware of any people-pleasing tendency, any temptation to betray ourselves to make others happy, or to go out of our way to win their love and attention.

Venus, the planetary ruler of Libra, is currently in Scorpio and will enter Sagittarius on October 7. Until then, our experience of relationships is likely to be deep, intense, and passionate: planets in Scorpio reflect a tendency to excavate and dig into the shadow realms in search of truth, power, and raw emotions. Venus entering Sagittarius will bring a more lighthearted and expansive attitude in both relationship and financial matters: many of us will feel inspired to go out and about, make new experiences, and meet new people.

The upcoming month will highlight the importance of finding better harmony between giving and receiving. Libra teaches us that, by striving to understand other people’s perspectives and sharing our needs and desires honestly and clearly, we can find win-win solutions and compromises that are truly enhancing everyone’s reality.

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Mars enters Libra: Defending Harmony

On September 14, 8:14 PM ET, Mars leaves Virgo and enters Libra. The God of War will remain in the sign of the Scales until October 30.

Wherever Mars is, we see action. The transit of Mars through Virgo has inspired us to invest more energy in the optimization of our routines, work, health, and daily rituals: during the previous weeks, we had chances to implement practical adjustments that, with time and consistency, will generate improvements in our lives.

The journey of Mars through Libra will motivate us to channel more energy in establishing and cultivating a variety of relationships. We will feel drawn to fight for justice, defend our rights to peace and fairness, and actively work to preserve equality and harmony.


Mars in Libra: More Strategic than Impulsive


In Astrology, Mars represents our drive, our willpower, our stamina. It is the energy that wakes us up in the morning and inspires us to get things done, to go after what we want. Mars is associated with our conscious desires, with our active expression of sexuality, with how we attack and how we defend, with how we protect what is valuable and precious to us.

Archetypally, Mars is about impulsive action and spontaneous expression of our instinct. The mythological God of War traditionally rules both Aries and Scorpio: transits of the Red Planet give us information on our tendencies in terms of action and assertion and on our changing conscious desires.

Libra is an intellectual Air sign that tends to be more strategic than impulsive: here, the God of War reflects and ponders before making a move. Traditionally, Mars is considered to be in detriment here, since he is at home in the opposite sign of Aries. However, every transit has its purpose and teaches us some invaluable lessons. In Libra, Mars may not express his energy as we would expect, and this isn’t necessarily bad.


Mars trine North Node, Mars trine Saturn, & Mars trine Jupiter


On September 21, Mars aligns with the North Node of the Moon in Gemini, a point in space symbolizing our individual and collective evolutionary path. Mars and the North Node will be in a trine, a 120 degrees angle indicating flow and ease: this aspect highlights the importance of trusting our instinct to move forward in our personal and spiritual development.

On September 25, Mars trines Saturn in Aquarius, an alignment supporting our capacity to take action on our long-term goals and plans. This aspect represents a positive influence on our willpower and our motivation, and it facilitates the introduction of more discipline and structure in our lives.

On October 19, Mars trines Jupiter, also in Aquarius: our vitality, energy, and motivation will expand significantly. While Saturn is cautious and traditional, Jupiter is expansive and isn’t afraid to dream big. The Mars-Jupiter trine inspires us to be optimistic, believe in ourselves, and take action accordingly: many of us will feel inspired to take risks and get out of our comfort zone.


Mars opposite Chiron: Trusting our Instinct


On October 1, Mars opposes retrograde Chiron in Aries: this alignment brings to maturation a cycle that started with the Mars-Chiron conjunction of July 14, 2020. Oppositions bring revelations and breakthroughs, they bring to the surface what we need to become aware of. Issues around how we assert ourselves, how we deal with rage, how we relate with masculine energy, present within all of us, will emerge and inspire us to reflect on our relationship with desire, action, and instinct.

Mars enters Libra

Chiron is often linked with feelings of rejection, and planets aspecting it highlight the necessity to integrate and love aspects of ourselves that we have hidden and suppressed due to shame and fear of others’ judgment. Mars opposing Chiron may reflect a situation in which our actions and our instinctual expression trigger wounds relative to self-assertion in other people. This aspect may inspire us to reflect on how to remain true to our desires when we are confronted with others’ suffering.


Mars square Pluto: Owning our Desires


On October 22, Mars squares Pluto in Capricorn. This is the third quarter square of a cycle that began with the Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn of March 2020. This phase is also known as a ‘crisis in consciousness’ phase, as it highlights the need to begin letting go of the intention we set at the time of the conjunction. There is tension between our past desires and how our future is unfolding: to move forward, we need to let go of old attachments.

Mars square Pluto marks a turning point in our evolutionary journey and highlights the need to own desires we may be ashamed of. This aspect generates significant inner tension which can be used as a motivating factor. Frustration may also lead to excessive reactions and self-destructive tendencies: the possibility of power struggles and confrontations during these days is higher. Mars-Pluto aspects reflect a surge in our vitality and physical energy, which has to be channeled constructively, and an increase in our willingness to do what it takes to get what we want.


Mars enters Libra: Defending Harmony


Mars in Libra is a peaceful warrior, fighting for justice and defending harmony. During this transit, we desire to achieve more balance, equality, and reciprocity in all our relationships, and we are not afraid to stand up for what we believe is right.

During the transit of the Red Planet through the sign of the Scales, we discover our desires by learning about other people’s desires. For this reason, we are instinctively drawn to expand our network of contacts and engage in intellectual exchanges and debates. Witnessing the contrast between different ways of thinking, living, and perceiving reality, is likely to inspire us to challenge our existing goals, consider different possibilities, and explore new desires, needs, and ambitions.

Indecisiveness may hold us back from taking immediate action, and waiting excessively may turn out to be detrimental to our interests. Mars in Libra will inspire us to learn to assert ourselves more harmoniously and clearly, to express our needs more directly, and to find a better balance between honoring our desires and honoring those of others’.

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Mercury enters Libra: Learning through Relationships

On August 30, 01:10 AM ET, Mercury left its home sign Virgo and entered Libra. Mercury will be here longer than usual due to its retrograde cycle, starting on September 27 and lasting until October 18. The planet of thought and communication will enter Scorpio on November 5.

During Mercury’s extended stay in Libra, we will seek diplomatic exchanges of opinion and become more aware of the role of politeness and kindness in our conversations. As we listen and learn from each other, we refine our communication and explore different ways of perceiving reality.


Mercury’s Transits: Shifts in Our Mental Orientation to Reality


In Astrology, Mercury is associated with the learning process, the thinking mind, logic, and the left brain. The planet, named after the mythological messenger of the Gods, rules communication, commerce, transportation, and crafts. It reflects our way to make sense of the world and mentally process the information we receive from the environment, reflecting our thinking and communication style. When Mercury changes signs, it corresponds to a shift in our perception of reality, our thinking patterns, and our communication habits.

Mercury in Virgo is analytic, sharp, and focused on details: during this transit, we seek to solve problems efficiently and practically, while a substantial amount of our attention is turned inwards and dedicated to self-analysis. As Mercury enters Libra, we learn from understanding how other people think, speak, and perceive reality.


Mercury enters Libra: Learning through Relationships


Libra represents our endless quest for balance, in particular between the energy invested in ourselves and the energy invested in relationships. One of the characteristics of Mercury’s transit through the sign is an ongoing search for harmony and peace, both in our inner thought processes and in our communication with others.

Mercury enters Libra

Relationship matters are likely to be prominent in our minds during the upcoming weeks. While the planet of thought is in Libra, we strive to reconcile opposites, both inwardly and outwardly. Conflict is not appealing for this Mercury, which may sometimes be too accommodating. Opinions and thoughts are exchanged in a diplomatic way, and we strive to solve any disagreement that may occur through negotiation and mediation. We enjoy hearing all sides of a story before forming an opinion and we are not quick to judge, as we naturally try to understand reality from other people’s perspectives.


Mercury square Pluto: Journey through the Subconscious Mind


During its journey through Libra, Mercury will square retrograde Pluto in Capricorn three times. The first exact alignment occurs on September 22, while Mercury is in direct motion. The second one takes place on October 1, shortly after Mercury has stationed retrograde. The last square happens on November 2, when Mercury is direct again.

This cycle of squares brings up information from our subconscious, facilitating psychological and emotionally charged information to surface, potentially leading to a new and deeper awareness of the unconscious patterns and dynamics at play in our relationships. During this time, there might be fear around communication or a feeling of being held back from speaking our truth, controlled, silenced, or censored by people in positions of power and authority.

Mercury square Pluto may reflect verbal confrontations and psychologically charged conversations: the purpose of these alignments is to promote a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. There can be a danger of emotional and psychological manipulation and the temptation to use our mental abilities to gain power over others.


Mercury opposite Chiron & Mercury conjunct Mars


Mercury in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries on September 8, highlighting the possibility of feeling misunderstood and rejected by other people when trying to communicate with them, and difficulties integrating the awareness of each other’s reality. This may trigger old wounds around our worth, and make us question how much space we allow ourselves to get in relationships.

On October 9, Mercury retrograde will join Mars in Libra, inviting us to reassess, review, reevaluate, and reconsider our way to communicate, express our desires, assert ourselves, and ask for our needs to be met by others.

When Mercury stations direct on October 18, it is just one degree away from another exact opposition to Chiron. Themes that first come up during their first alignment will emerge again: we will be encouraged to elaborate on the insights that came up during the retrograde and make conscious decisions with the new information we have gathered.


Mercury trine Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius 


Trines are 120 degree angles: they are aspects of flow and ease that promote a supportive connection between celestial bodies. Mercury will trine Saturn once, on September 5, and Jupiter three times, on September 20, October 4, and November 1. Mercury trine Saturn supports our mental abilities, increases our capacity to focus, and facilitates our ability to speak and think in a structured and clear way.

The cycle of trines between Mercury and Jupiter broadens our minds, promotes learning experiences, and opens different communication channels. These alignments will support encounters with like minds, enhance the importance of teamwork and collaboration, inspire us to reevaluate our role in groups and communities, and whether or not we are truly on the same page with them.


Mercury enters Libra: Deeper Understanding of Self and Others


Mercury’s journey through Libra offers us plenty of opportunities to reflect upon how we communicate and express our needs, opinions, fears, and desires with others, but also how we verbalize them in our own minds. The retrograde timeframe, in particular, calls for a reevaluation of how we relate to other people. It is an invitation to find constructive ways to get our point across, finding common ground, and healthy compromises that represent a positive solution for everyone involved.

Mercury enters Libra

Gaining a deeper understanding of how other people think and perceive reality leads to better strategies for communicating with them. This transit allows us to increase our self-knowledge and gain a better understanding of how our minds work through the awareness of others’ mental processes and ideas.

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Venus enters Libra: a Quest for Harmony

On August 16, 12:27 AM ET, Venus leaves Virgo and enters one of her home signs, Libra. The Goddess of Love and Beauty will be in her domicile until September 10, inviting us on a quest for harmony.

Venus in Virgo corresponds to a tendency to value reliability, usefulness, and practicality. In relationships, we may tend to sacrifice our needs to be of service to others: our desire to be helpful may create an imbalance. While Venus is in Libra, we want our connections to be based on equality: we strive to find a better harmony between the energy we invest in ourselves and the energy we invest in others. This transit reminds us to appreciate beauty even if it has no practical use and inspires us to make art for art’s sake.


Venus enters Libra: on a Quest for Harmony


Venus in transit corresponds to our changing orientation towards love, money, sensuality, pleasure, and artistic expression. This planet correlates to how we inwardly relate to ourselves, which reflects the way we tend to relate with others. Venus changing sign marks a shift in our values, in how we tend to manage our finances, and in our experience of relationships.

Libra is the archetype of the Other, the first one through which we enter the social sphere from a place of equality. It is associated with the concepts of justice, peace, and fairness. Libra teaches us that balance is not something that is ever fully achieved, it is not static, it is made of ongoing adjustments, and based on attunement to the present moment.

Venus enters Libra

While Venus travels through Libra, we seek the middle ground between contrasting extremes, and we do so through the journey of relationships. We discover more about ourselves, our needs, and our desires through the contrast with other people in our lives and the awareness of their needs and desires. During this transit, we learn about ourselves and others, we learn to value ourselves independently of the value other people attribute to us or the role we play in their lives.


Venus trine North Node, Venus trine Saturn, & Venus opposite Chiron


On August 22, Venus trines the North Node of the Moon in Gemini. The North Node represents our individual and collective path: planets in easy alignment with this point represent supportive players that help us move forward in our evolutionary journey. During these days, there is the possibility of karmic encounters, fated changes in our financial condition, and unexpected chances to end up in events and situations that have the potential to be turning points in our lives.

Almost simultaneously, on August 23, Venus trines Saturn in Aquarius, forming a Grand Air Trine with the North Node, an aspect of flow and ease. When Venus forms a supportive aspect with Saturn, we are reminded of our worth and encouraged to avoid settling for less than what we desire. If, for example, we seek long-lasting and reliable partnerships, romantic or otherwise, we don’t waste time with people or situations that are not aligned with our non-negotiables.

The Venus-Saturn alignment inspires us to value structure and reliability in our connections with others, in our finances, and in our commitments. Many of us are likely to feel drawn to consolidate relationships, projects, and jobs. The presence of the Gemini North Node in the Grand Air Trine suggests keeping our minds open and remaining curious to explore a variety of solutions that can help us build more functional and flexible structures.

Later, on August 26, Venus opposes retrograde Chiron in Aries, culminating dynamics that first manifested with their conjunction on March 28, 2021. This aspect highlights the possibility of feeling attracted to someone to unconsciously save or heal them, as we perceive in them a wound we can’t see in ourselves. We may become aware of our projections, of where we are trying to change others to feel better about ourselves, and feel particularly drained after getting out of our way to help others.


Venus square Pluto: Fears and Desires


On September 6, Venus squares Pluto in Capricorn and trines Jupiter in Aquarius.

The Venus-Pluto square may highlight a tendency to hold back in relationships, as we are afraid of having no energy left for ourselves, of disappearing into the other, of being annihilated by the intensity of the bond. This dynamic can also apply to money matters, as with Venus square Pluto there is often some sort of scarcity mindset around all our resources, which is rooted in a compromised sense of self-worth and lack of trust in our capacities.

All Venus-Pluto contacts correspond to a craving for depth of connection. Yet, with this particular aspect, we are afraid of our own intensity and we tend to create a push-pull dynamic that prevents us from being fully committed. Our fear of giving ourselves completely to something or someone and being seen in our totality generates an inner conflict that can be particularly frustrating due to the strength of our desire for depth and our simultaneous fear of it.


Venus trine Jupiter: the Potential for Change


Luckily, the simultaneous Venus-Jupiter trine will lighten the mood and support a more positive, optimistic, and lighthearted attitude towards relationships, money matters, art, and sensuality. This alignment promotes an open-minded and experimental approach and inspires us to explore new solutions to the repetitive patterns we may be confronting. Excessive indulgence may be an issue: within the context of the Venus-Pluto square, the Jupiterian impulse to expand may translate to a tendency to avoid the discomfort of depth and remain in a comfort zone of superficial non-attachment, which feels safe.

Allowing ourselves to be transformed by our relationships is the evolutionary purpose of all Venus-Pluto aspects. The benevolent influence of Jupiter has the potential to help us overcome fears and resistance that prevents us from allowing our connections to deeply change us.


Venus enters Libra: Reciprocity and Equality


While Venus is in Libra, we will invest more energy and attention in cultivating reciprocity in all our connections with others. We will attribute more value to fairness and harmony, gravitate towards beauty and elegance, and strive for justice and equality. We will more easily attune to the needs and desires of others, understand their viewpoint and perspective, and put ourselves in their shoes.

One of our tasks is not to get lost in other people’s perception of reality and of us, as one danger of this transit could be ending up playing a role in their fantasy and betraying ourselves in the process. Vice versa, it can also be tempting to see other people as players in our personal fantasy and forget to see them as who they are.

Venus in Libra inspires us to gravitate towards diplomacy, healthy compromises, and solutions that enhance the reality of everyone. We are encouraged to acknowledge that everyone is different and is coming from a unique place: we are reminded of the importance of validating and respecting each other’s experiences as a prerequisite of building and maintaining healthy connections.

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Super Full Moon in Libra: Embracing Who We Are

On March 28, 2:48 PM ET, we witness the first Supermoon of the year, an enchanting Full Moon happening at 8°18’ of Libra and opposing the Sun, Venus, and Chiron in Aries.

This Full Supermoon is the first one of a series of four, that will include a Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and culminate with a Full Supermoon in Capricorn, on June 24. Supermoons are Full or New Moons happening closer to us, hence they appear brighter and bigger. Even if the actual dimension of the Moon doesn’t change, they tend to be felt more intensely, due to the stronger effect of the Moon on tides. While the Libra Full Moon won’t be the closest one to Earth, it is coming simultaneously with other powerful planetary alignments.

The Full Moon happening in March is also commonly referred to as the Worm Moon. At this time, in the Northern and Eastern parts of the United States, the first Worms begin to emerge from the ground, preparing the soil for Spring: their movements help increase the availability of nutrients for plants. The Full Worm Moon reminds us of our innate capacity for regeneration and invites us to focus on small but consistent progress to stay motivated, focused, and positive.

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Super Full Moon in Libra: the Never Ending Search for Balance


Full Moons represent the culmination, blossoming, and maturation of the lunar cycle. The Sun-Moon opposition brings things to a head, illuminating what we need to know, revealing to us what we are meant to become aware of at this particular time. When the Moon in Libra opposes the Sun in Aries, the spotlight is inevitably on our interactions with other people and all dynamics that involve comparison and contrast.

Libra is a Yang, Air, and Cardinal archetype. This sign is about creating peace, justice, and beauty by reconciling opposites. Libra is not inherently balanced: its task is to search for balance, as it tends to extremes. Libra reminds us that a perfect, static balance does not exist, yet we shouldn’t stop striving for it, we shouldn’t stop adjusting and negotiating.

The Full Moon in Libra shines a light on our never ending search for harmony, both in our individual lives and in the social context. Collectively, this could manifest by issues of social equality and justice coming again in the spotlight. Individually, we are likely to reflect upon how to find a better flow between the energy we direct towards ourselves and the energy we invest in our love and social life. This cosmic event is highlighting what is preventing us from establishing and maintaining relationships based on equality and fairness.


Full Super Moon opposite Venus and Chiron: Confronting our Wounds


Venus is the planetary ruler of the Libra Full Moon, and it is currently in Aries, conjunct both the Sun and Chiron, opposing the Moon. Analyzing this configuration is extremely relevant to understand the significance of this Supermoon. 

Chiron is an asteroid, commonly associated with the figure of the wounded healer, symbolizing both the wound, often linked to feelings of rejection, and the medicine, which allows us to come into contact with our innate capacity to heal, know ourselves, and self-actualize. Chiron teaches us that by going through our suffering and meeting our pain, we get closer to who we truly are. 

Chiron is currently transiting Aries: in this case, the wound that is activated is directly linked to doubting our right to exist, our inherent self-worth, our capacity to take action, assert ourselves and have our needs met. The presence of the Sun and Venus in tight conjunction with Chiron gives us an opportunity to clearly see how these patterns have been playing out in our relationships.

super full moon in libra

Relationships are where our wounds get activated the most, but also where we have the chance to understand ourselves more deeply, through the mirror of the other. On this Full Moon, we have an opportunity to clearly see the coping mechanisms we have developed, the real reason behind our triggers, behind those fears and compulsions that may be sabotaging our life or holding us back in a variety of ways.

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super full moon in libra


Super Full Moon in a Grand Air Trine: Creating New Patterns and Pathways


The Full Supermoon in Libra forms a Grand Air Trine configuration involving Saturn in Aquarius, Mars, and the North Node in Gemini. The Grand Air trine supports our capacity for innovation and our ability to come up with creative solutions and ideas that allow us to create new patterns, pathways, and possibilities.

This alignment has the potential to strengthen our ability to understand the purpose of our emotional experiences with detachment and objectivity. It promotes an open-minded yet structured and proactive approach to challenging situations and experiences that may come up during these days.

Grand trines are usually considered beneficial aspects, as they symbolize flow and ease between celestial bodies transiting signs of the same element. However, too much ease may degenerate into laziness, lack of motivation, and a tendency to take things for granted, due to the excessive prominence of the element involved.

This configuration may reflect a tendency to remain stuck in our heads and a temptation to over-intellectualize feelings. In this particular case, it may indicate an excessive emphasis on rationality and logic. We may experience a lack of willingness to be emotionally open and to explore the deeper psychological issues beneath our habitual patterns of behavior and reaction.


Mars conjunct the North Node in Gemini: the Importance of Thinking Independently 


As the Full Moon takes place, Mars forms a conjunction with the North Node of the Moon in Gemini, a point in space related to our collective karmic path and direction. When a planet joins the North Node, it represents an archetype we are encouraged to embody, as it is a supportive influence for our personal and collective growth.

Moreover, Mars is the planet currently ruling the Sun, Venus, and Chiron in Aries hence it represents a supportive influence that can allow us to constructively channel the energy of their triple conjunction. The Martian archetype expressed through the lens of Gemini is about self-assertion, independent thinking, confident and direct communication, and instinctual exploration of our ideas and urges, which ultimately allows us to discover more of ourselves. 

Mars conjunct the North Node highlights the importance of reclaiming our voice, our needs, and our desires. This aspect is about speaking up honestly and directly, verbalizing our feelings and emotions, asserting our point of view and our boundaries. This is a good time to reframe old ideas, fears, and beliefs around conflict and discover new and more empowering ways to perceive and experience confrontations.


Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Exploring Alternative Ways to Express Ourselves


Mercury-Neptune aspects allow us to express ourselves in a way that allows others to identify with and feel mirrored by us, as Neptune relates to the collective emotional body. However, this needs to happen through an intuitive rather than logical process, as the two planets are in the sign of Pisces. 

Our perception of reality is likely to deepen and expand, yet we may have a hard time rationally explaining or verbalizing what is going on. Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces may increase the sense of disorientation and confusion relative to how we are supposed to express our needs and desires. We are likely to notice a feeling of not being able to do so clearly, especially if misunderstandings are common in our lives. 

super full moon in libra

Simultaneously, Neptune infuses creativity, artistry, and magic into our capacity to communicate our thoughts and ideas. To make the most out of this energy, explore new ways of expressing yourself and explaining what is going on in your inner world. Avoiding excessive self-analysis and rationality may be beneficial, as this is not a time to remain stuck in our habitual ways of thinking, learning, communicating, and perceiving reality.


Super Full Moon in Libra: Embracing Who We Are


Vulnerability and total self-acceptance are key to working with this Full Moon constructively. Only after facing the truth of who we are and embracing whatever of ourselves we might be ashamed of, we can expect someone else to do the same.

Chiron in Aries is about making peace with who we are and accepting ourselves no matter what, whether the world likes it or not. Our main fear in this regard is that if we show our true selves and ask for what we really want and need, people will leave us and stop loving us.

The Full Moon opposing Chiron, Venus, and the Sun reminds us that having our wounds exposed and being ok with being seen in our totality by others can be an extremely liberating and healing experience, yet it is undoubtedly hard. The celestial alignments of the moment shine a light on the places where we struggle to accept and assert ourselves, our needs, our boundaries, and our desires. This Full Moon is offering us an opportunity to make different, more conscious choices and change our habitual relating patterns.

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Super New Moon in Libra: Relationships and Karma

On October 16, 3:30 PM ET, we witness a Super New Moon in Libra, the second one of a trilogy of Supermoons. The first one happened in Virgo on September 17, and the next one will be in Scorpio on November 15.

Their progression has the function to set the stage and prepare us for the Total New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius that takes place on December 14, opening a portal of metamorphosis and immense change that will unravel throughout the whole 2021.

Supermoons are New or Full Moons happening closer to us: from our perspective on Earth they appear bigger. This is the closest Super New Moon we experience in 2020, and her influence is undoubtedly more intense than a regular New Moon, because the gravitational pull of the Moon is stronger.

Every New Moon inaugurates another cycle of growth: she offers us the opportunity to start anew, to begin a new chapter in our lives. New Moons represent the first stage of the lunar cycle, and this is the perfect moment for intention setting and conscious manifestation: the Cosmos encourages us to plant a seed, to define a clear vision for the future, and have faith in its unfolding.

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Super New Moon in Libra: Striving for Healthy Compromise


The New Supermoon in Libra reminds us of the importance of being surrounded by peace and harmony: during the upcoming weeks, the spotlight will be on creating conditions of fairness in all areas of our lives.

The theme of self versus others and the need to find a dynamic balance between meeting our needs and meeting other people’s needs have been big themes of the entire Libra season, that were magnified when the Aries Full Moon took place.

These issues will still be relevant for the upcoming lunar cycle, during which we are encouraged to learn and grow through our interactions with others. Scorpio season will put the spotlight on our closest relationships, emphasizing issues around intimacy, trust, and emotional vulnerability.

The New Supermoon in Libra encourages us to negotiate and mediate, in order to find compromises that are truly healthy, that promote balance, and that don’t diminish our self-respect in any way.


Super New Moon in Libra trine North Node: New Paths are Opening


The Sun and the Moon at 23° Libra are creating a trine to the North Node in Gemini. Trines are angles of 120°: they represent supportive aspects that promote an easy flow of energy and exchange of information between celestial bodies that occupy signs of the same element.

The trine to the North Node in Gemini increases the karmic relevance of this Super New Moon. Any contact between a planet and the Lunar Nodes emphasizes the importance of conscious expression of the planet involved for our personal and collective evolution and highlights the role of that same planet in the shift in global consciousness that is taking place.

When a New or a Full Moon is in alignment to the Nodal Axis, the energy that their aspect brings will be available to us throughout the rest of the lunar cycle.

The transit of the North Node through Gemini, lasting until 2022, stresses the importance of ongoing learning and invites us to keep our mind open, to speak to people very different from us, to be curious, to listen to others points of view, and to challenge our perception of the world.

This cosmic event has the potential to open new paths and can bring very karmic opportunities to many of us. As the sign of Libra is involved, this is likely to happen through the people we meet.

Super New Moon in Libra

The Libra Super New Moon will bring unexpected social encounters, fated interactions, and incredible synchronicities: many of us will experience the sensation of being in the right place at the right time, many will come across inspiring people who introduce us to new worlds, perspectives, and ways of living.


Sun and Moon opposite Mars: Balancing Self and Others


Sun and Moon join forces at 23° Libra, and they oppose retrograde Mars at 20° Aries: the exact opposition between Sun and Mars took place on October 13, but its influence is still active.

Retrograde Mars in Aries opposite the Super New Moon reminds us that, to be able to show up in our relationships from a grounded and secure place, we must actively cultivate a sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and self-respect. To have healthy relationships, we need to feel good, fulfilled, and complete within ourselves.

We can’t give from an empty cup, and we can’t expect that other people will make us happy if we are not feeling good with ourselves. Similarly, we can’t expect to be the solution to someone’s problems, we can’t ask other people to fix our problems and fulfill our desires either: that’s too much of a burden to place on someone.

Cultivating balanced relationships with ourselves and with others is an ongoing work that is never really over: the current planetary transits may bring up issues from the past that we think we solved long ago. What happens has the function to remind us that we must be aware of our inner state and honor our needs at any time in order to find a good balance between the energy invested in ourselves and the energy invested in relationships.


Sun and Moon square Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto: Exploring the Friction


The Sun and the Moon in Libra are in a square aspect to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. The current planetary configuration, that includes the Sun and Moon in opposition to Mars, all squaring the planets in Capricorn, is commonly referred to as T-square: the tension created by this alignment has the purpose to make us uncomfortable to inspire us to initiate change.

During these days, we may feel that our creativity, our spontaneous urges, and our emotional expression are blocked by external influences. These aspects can reflect a fair amount of social unrest around the concept of justice, disagreements around what is fair, what is right, and what is acceptable.

Capricorn is the archetype related to structure, discipline, rules, laws, responsibility, and authority. We may experience a strong tension because of our social obligations, the expectations of others, the rules established by authorities, the restrictions that threaten our natural need for space, independence, and freedom.

Unresolved emotional patterns can emerge throughout the upcoming lunar cycle: if we respond wisely to what happens, we have the opportunity to break free from all those limitations that we unconsciously place on ourselves because of the childhood and societal conditioning we received.

The friction generated by these squares can make us feel lost, that we are being pushed off course. Yet, it has the essential function of developing our character, willpower, and strength. These aspects have the potential to inspire us to implement positive change, to improve our reality, to find new ways of being in relationships, new ways of being in society, and, ultimately, to establish a new paradigm and a New Earth.


Venus opposite Neptune: Discrimination and Purification


Venus in Virgo is the planetary ruler of the Super New Moon in Libra: looking at how Venus is aspected and at the sign she is transiting gives us additional information that allows us to understand better how the energy of the New Moon is expressed.

Venus in Virgo is opposing Neptune: their aspect, exact on October 18, emphasizes the importance of discrimination. This alignment is reminding us that we become the people we allow into our lives, we become who we share our energy with, and we need to pay attention to who we trust.

Super New Moon in Libra

Challenging aspects between Venus and Neptune may bring up some disillusionment, as under their influence we tend to see only the good side of people, situations, and deals. Yet, disillusionment has the function of freeing ourselves: it purifies us from what is not authentic and honest and allows us to make space for connections that are real and genuine.


Super New Moon in Libra: Relationships and Karma


The Super New Moon in Libra inaugurates a lunar cycle during which we will experience many karmic lessons through our interactions with other people.

We find ourselves in an extremely delicate moment of history, many friendships, partnerships, connections are ending, and new ones are beginning.

It’s becoming easier and easier to understand who is on a similar frequency, who is in the same evolutionary stage, who has similar priorities, needs, desires, and values. On the contrary, interacting with those who are not aligned with us is becoming increasingly harder, more and more challenging and frustrating.

If you have been feeling lonely, isolated, and alienated from the people around you, you are not alone! A huge shift is taking place, this is a natural part of it, but it won’t last forever. For the very same reason, an increasing number of people are finding their Soul family, their soulmates, their sacred partners; many are forming conscious unions during this particular time.

Ultimately, the Super New Moon in Libra is here to remind us that relationships are the most powerful catalyst for personal and collective growth. If we navigate all our interactions with others with self-awareness, we have the potential to exponentially accelerate the speed of our healing process and evolutionary journey.

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super new moon in libra Moon Omens October 2020

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