Gemini Season 2021: a Cycle of Learning

On May 20, 3:37 PM ET, the Sun enters the sign of Gemini, and Gemini season 2021 inaugurates a cycle of learning. The Sun will be in Gemini until the Summer Solstice, happening on June 21: during this time, we will also navigate an intense Eclipse Season.

While the Sun travels through Gemini, we tend to observe and analyze all details of reality, as we challenge our existing beliefs, thinking patterns, and mental constructs. The journey of the Sun through the sign of the Twins shines a light on our intellectual efforts, increasing our curiosity and our desire to know more. Gemini season invites us to appreciate diversity, make new connections, share and gather data and facts that allow us to make conscious and informed decisions.


Gemini Season 2021: a Cycle of Learning


Gemini is multifaceted, thought-provoking, and versatile: this Yang, Mutable Air sign is the first Air archetype of the Zodiac, through which we discover our immediate surroundings and develop a relationship with language and words. In this phase of evolution, we begin to give names to what we see, we collect information that allows us to understand how life works, and we make sense of our reality through logic, inductive reasoning, and the left hemisphere of the brain.

Gemini season represents a time to cultivate curiosity, exchange opinions, debate, expand our social circle, listen to others, and open up to new experiences. It is a chance to attune to our environment and to understand the conditions available to us in the present moment, in order to better adapt to them and make the most out of the opportunities we have. The yearly journey of the Sun through Gemini offers us an invitation to focus on our intellectual pursuits, hone our communication skills, open our minds, and learn something new. 


Navigating the Eclipses


During Gemini season 2021, we will experience a Super Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini. Eclipse season is a very karmic period: during this time of the year, we experience fated events and situations that have the purpose of speeding up our evolutionary pace and help us move forward in our growth journey. Sometimes, the process is uncomfortable and we don’t understand it fully while we are deep into it. With time, we develop more objectivity: looking back, everything gets clearer.

Gemini Season 2021

The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is taking place on May 26 on the South Node of the Moon, and will highlight past beliefs, assumptions, ways of being and living that need to be released. This Lunar Eclipse has the purpose of helping us let go of the past to make space for the new, possibly bringing up doubts relative to what is true for us and what isn’t and inviting us to embody a deeper level of authenticity.

The Solar Eclipse in Gemini is happening on June 10 on the North Node of the Moon. Solar Eclipses are supercharged New Moons that mark potent new beginnings and invite us to set clear intentions around what we desire to cultivate and focus on. This Eclipse invites us to welcome the future: it will open a new chapter of our life and encourage us to embrace new paths and new learning opportunities. Sun and Moon will be conjunct retrograde Mercury, its planetary ruler, and in a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces.

The tense alignments to Neptune will make it challenging to think and see clearly. Sun and Moon square Neptune will increase our energetic and emotional sensitivity while potentially clouding our perception of reality and of ourselves. These aspects highlight the need for discrimination, critical thinking, and the importance of setting and holding boundaries, which will be facilitated by the supportive trine between Sun, Moon, and Saturn.


Gemini Season 2021: the Sun in Aspect


On May 21, the Sun in Gemini squares off Jupiter in Pisces. This aspect may reflect an excessive flow of information coming in and out, possible misunderstandings, and a tendency towards overexpansion in the social sphere. Cultivating moderation will help avoid burnout or excessive stress.

The Sun in Gemini will perfect its conjunction with the North Node of the Moon on June 1, but we will feel the effects of their alignment since the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and for the rest of Eclipse season. The Sun conjunct the North Node represents an invitation to shine, be ourselves, embody our light, and be seen. We will have chances to creatively integrate the energy of both Nodes, balance the left and right brain, and find flow between logic and intuition. As we find ourselves in a sea of contrasting information, we are encouraged to trust our guts and listen to our inner voice, to discriminate between what is meant to be in our lives and what is not.

Gemini Season 2021

The Sun trines Saturn in Aquarius on June 3, supporting our practical efforts and our capacity to step up to deeper levels of responsibility and self-mastery. This harmonic alignment helps us get things done proactively, inspires us to embody a deeper level of maturity and take charge of our life accordingly. Sun trine Saturn promotes the sustained effort needed to structure our creative endeavors and self-expression. This aspect makes hard work more tolerable if we feel the work is aligned with our purpose.

The Sun joins retrograde Mercury on June 11, just a few hours after the Solar Eclipse. When Mercury retrograde meets the Sun, it is always at the midpoint of its retrograde period. Their exact conjunction, referred to as cazimi, is an aspect associated with brilliance, intellectual talent, and innovative ideas. This is enhanced by the fact that Mercury is traveling through its home sign. Take notes of the ideas and reflections emerging during these days and evaluate whether to take action on them after Mercury has stationed direct and completed its post-shadow period.


Gemini Season 2021: Appreciating Diversity 


The yearly journey of the Sun through Gemini inspires us to take into consideration different perspectives and viewpoints, to get information from different sources, to think independently, and to question the consensus mentality. A risk may be getting lost in the search for more data and information to the point of losing touch with our intuition. We may mistrust our instinct and our inner voice, and forget to emotionally integrate and digest the information that we are taking in.

Venus, Mercury, and the North Node of the Moon are currently in Gemini too. The emphasis on the Mutable modality and the Air element highlights our need for freedom and space and increases our capacity to be versatile, adaptable, and mentally flexible. Gemini season is an invitation to appreciate diversity, cultivate a lighthearted attitude, explore what life has to offer, and celebrate existence in all of its expressions. 

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