Full Snow Moon in Leo: Our Right to Shine

On February 16, 11:56 AM ET, the Moon at 27°59’ of Leo exactly opposes the Sun in Aquarius. We experience a Full Moon in the sign of the Lion, which rules the heart chakra. This lunation reminds us to keep our hearts open and reclaim our right to shine. This Full Moon increases our desire for romance and passion, also enhanced by the conjunction of Mars and Venus, the two relationship planets, in Capricorn.  

The Full Moon happening during February is also popularly referred to as the Snow Moon. The name is due to the frequent snowstorms taking place in the Northern and Eastern parts of what today we know as the United States around this time of the year. In the past, the Full Snow Moon signaled the arrival of snow, an invitation for people to gather indoors and be in community.

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Full Snow Moon in Leo: Personal and Collective Identity


This month, the Moon reaches its culminating phase in Leo. Full Moons reveal to us something previously hidden, unclear, and uncertain. These events happen when the Moon forms a 180º angle with the Sun and bring up the challenge of finding more harmony between two opposite polarities. 

The current Sun-Moon opposition activates the Leo-Aquarius axis. This alignment emphasizes the need to find ways to connect our individual desires and creative expression with the needs of our community and humanity at large. The Full Snow Moon brings our attention to issues of personal and collective identity while offering us an invitation to express ourselves creatively in new ways. 


The Leo-Aquarius Axis: Developing our Unique Voice


The Moon in Leo has qualities of generosity, creativity, and playfulness. When the Moon transits here, we are encouraged to allow our inner child to be creative and see life as a playground, the world as our stage.

Full Moon in Leo

The Sun’s journey through Aquarius has been bringing the spotlight on the importance of developing objectivity, joining with like minds, and expressing our individuality on our terms. Aquarius season is a time to explore group connections, visionary thinking, and our relationship with technology. It reminds us of the importance of embracing our weirdness and daring to be ourselves fully, even when we feel different from everybody else.

As the Moon perfects its opposition to the Sun, we may get chances to experiment with our creative energy, showcase our talents to the world, find new ways to develop our artistry and connect with our unique voice. We may have opportunities to express our personal creativity in collaborative projects and explore how our capacity to create and envision can be enhanced by participating in a group setting. 


Full Moon quincunx Pluto: Integrating into Society & Exploring Boundaries


The Leo Full Moon is forming an exact quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn. Quincunxes or inconjuncts are 150º angles, considered aspects of paradox and crisis. The current Moon-Pluto quincunx involves the signs of Leo and Capricorn. Archetypally, the Leo-Capricorn dynamic speaks about the difficulties of integrating our creative expression in the societal structure in a way that offers value to the collective.  

Pluto corresponds to our unconscious emotional attachments and to everything we repress and disown, while the Moon represents our conscious emotional needs and instinctual reactions. Both are connected with how we generate conditions that we perceive to be safe and secure. 

Full Moon in Leo

Around this time, we may find it challenging to reconcile our need for attachment and emotional intensity with our or others’ desire for space and independence. As a result, we may experience other people’s boundaries as threatening or offensive or have difficulties asserting our own boundaries.


Full Moon quincunx Pluto: The Importance of Self-Regulation


The Moon-Pluto quincunx could indicate a tendency to gravitate towards intense attachments and obsessive feelings. During these days, we may have hard times connecting with a sense of security coming from within ourselves and find it challenging to trust our intuition and our gut reactions.

We have to keep in mind that Pluto is the planetary ruler of the South Node of the Moon. The South Node ruler gives us information about habitual and familiar ways of operating, relating, and getting our needs met. For this reason, it has a particularly relevant role in our understanding of the spirit of the times and the evolutionary dynamics at play.

Hard aspects between the Moon and Pluto invite us to look at ourselves honestly and notice if we have any tendency to try to manipulate or control others to feel safe. These alignments give us chances to refine our capacity of independent self-regulation and achieve a deeper understanding of our emotional and psychological nature.


Sun and Moon square the Lunar Nodes: Becoming Self-Secure


The Sun and the Moon are in a square aspect to the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. This configuration, technically called a Fixed Grand Cross, involves all the signs of the same modality in a tense relationship with each other. Fixed Grand Crosses reflect a strong resistance to change and fear of leaving one’s comfort zone, while planets squaring the Nodes inform us of unresolved karmic dynamics that are blocking our evolutionary progression. 

The Moon squaring the Nodes indicates the necessity to improve our awareness of our reactions, our emotional needs, and our moment-to-moment feelings. It reminds us of the importance of learning to care for ourselves and honoring our inner child yet without allowing them to lead our life. 

The Sun squaring the Nodes reflects the need to overcome fears and limiting beliefs that hold us back from shining, from being fully expressed, from allowing ourselves to be seen and appreciated by others. This configuration invites us to work on any fear of not being creative enough or not worthy enough to be in the spotlight. 


Mars conjunct Venus in Capricorn: New Values & Relationship Structures


As the Full Moon takes place, Mars joins Venus in Capricorn. Their conjunction is the first of a cycle of two: the second one takes place at 0º Aquarius on March 6. This is an exceptional event and is due to Venus’ reduced speed after her retrograde phase. 

The current conjunction in Capricorn can be seen as an opportunity to gain better awareness of our relationship style, our values, desires, and needs. The upcoming conjunction in Aquarius will begin a new cycle in this sense and encourage us to align with new ways of being in connection with others, with society, and with ourselves.

Our romantic and intimate relationships are likely to be in the spotlight during the upcoming weeks, while our creativity and artistry will be fueled by an increased determination and clarity of vision. The Venus-Mars conjunction in a Cardinal Earth sign amplifies our drive to create, connect, and express ourselves, inspiring us to direct our energy into creative expression and tangible goals.


Venus & Mars trine Uranus, Jupiter sextile Uranus: Exciting Changes


Venus and Mars are in a trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Their alignments support an open-minded attitude towards matters of the heart, and an increased willingness to join unusual activities, spend time with people very different from us and expand our worldview. 

These aspects may inspire us to take action on our desires, explore different ways of being in connection and different values. We may experiment with new relationship structures and new ways to manage our finances. The activation of Uranus, which is also in a sextile to Jupiter, will inspire us to perceive change as something exciting rather than scary and can counterbalance any tendencies to resist evolution.

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Full Moon in Leo: Deeper Self-Confidence


When the Moon is in Leo, particularly when it is in a hard aspect to Pluto, feeling cared for, safe, and secure can be too tied up with receiving unconditional praise, recognition, and validation. We may have difficulties accepting constructive criticism or receiving feedback that doesn’t make us feel special: this can slow down our growth and impede self-awareness. The current planetary configuration reflects a need to learn to give validation to ourselves.

At their best, Moon-Pluto aspects can facilitate deep self-knowledge and a radical transformation of our habitual emotional patterns and reactions. Yet, to get there, we often have to face a great amount of resistance and learn to prevent our wounded inner child from running the show. The Sun, Saturn, and Mercury in Aquarius can facilitate objectivity, helping us interpret our experiences and the information we receive in a neutral, detached way.

The activation of the Leo-Aquarius axis invites us to reflect on how we can generate a positive impact on our community through our creativity, talents, and passions. This Full Moon may reveal to us something we need to address relative to our role in a group, organization, or in our romantic connections. We may have creative breakthroughs that change our relationship with self-expression and exposure, get to finally present our work to an audience, and reach new levels of self-confidence and self-trust.

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Full Wolf Moon in Leo: Embody your Light

On January 28, 02:16 PM ET, we experience a Full Moon at 9°05’ of the sign of Leo.

Full Moons represent the blossoming and peak of the entire lunar cycle, when we witness the manifestation of the intentions we set at the New Moon and we enjoy the results of our efforts. The Full Moon is a time of celebration and culmination: it is an invitation to reach out to our community and share our work with the collective.

The Full Moon taking place in January is traditionally known as the Wolf Moon: this is because, during this time of the year, it was common to hear howling wolves at night in the Northern and Eastern parts of the United States. As wolves tend to be more active when nights are brighter, many believed that they would howl at the Full Moon: this became the origin of several myths and tales.

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Full Moon in Leo: Reclaiming our Right to Shine


Leo is a Fixed Fire archetype with a Yang or masculine quality. When Full Moons happen in Fire signs, channeling the intense emotional energy into activities that involve moving the body can be very helpful to balance our inner state and find peace. Any artistic endeavors such as writing, painting, dancing, singing, and playing music have the potential to be highly beneficial.

The Leo archetype, ruled by the Sun, represents the creative principle: this is why Leo has been traditionally associated with children, with our inner child, and with anything else we can metaphorically give birth to.

In its highest expression, Leo is extremely generous and open-hearted: it is not about showing off and seeking admiration just for the sake of it. Leo reminds us of the importance of cultivating our talents and sharing our uniqueness with the world, as a way to honor our life force energy expressing through us, and to inspire others to do the same.

The Full Moon in Leo is an invitation to reclaim our right to shine, to be creative, and to connect with our voice. This cosmic event is encouraging us to express ourselves and our inner world.


Balancing the Leo-Aquarius axis


Full Moons are always about balancing polarities: they happen when the Sun and the Moon are in opposite Zodiac signs, and forming an angle of 180° from our perspective on Earth. Oppositions are about finding ways to integrate and honor the expression of the two archetypes involved, which can be considered two sides of the same coin.

The Full Moon in Leo is now opposing both the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius. While Aquarius invites objectivity and detachment and has a tendency to observe life from a distance, Leo encourages us to be heartfelt participants, to get involved, to reconnect to our childlike spontaneity, playfulness, and enthusiasm. While Aquarius is about being part of groups, organizations, communities, and networking, Leo is about personal self-expression and self-actualization, about the full embodiment of one’s creative essence and joy.

Balancing the Leo-Aquarius axis means finding our role in a group or community without disappearing into it, it means linking our creative talents to a socially relevant purpose. The opposition between the Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius invites us to find the middle way between reacting excessively dramatically and reacting with excessive coldness and detachment.


Full Moon square Mars and Uranus: Restlessness and Impatience


The Full Moon, the Sun, and Jupiter are all in a square aspect to Mars and Uranus in Taurus. This alignment, technically known as T-square, may reflect restlessness, impatience, and a sense of frustration relative to our need to take unrestricted action being hindered by the current circumstances.

In particular, aspects between the Moon and Uranus exponentially increase our creativity and originality, while Moon-Mars aspects emphasize our need for passionate action. If we manage to make the most out of this energy, the potential for innovation and breakthroughs is enormous.

These aspects correlate to an increased need for intellectual stimulation and physical action: we get bored easily, and it’s important not to rush to make decisions, as we tend to be more impulsive than usual. Finding ways to channel our tension and our anger through physical activity and creative pursuits supports our capacity to deal with limitations and obstacles in mature ways.

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Sun conjunct Jupiter: Optimism and Faith


The Sun is the planetary ruler of Leo: for this reason, the aspects it makes offer us more information on how the energy of this Full Moon is going to manifest. The Sun is currently forming an exact conjunction with Jupiter in Aquarius, which is a very supportive aspect. Jupiter expands whatever it touches: when the planet of abundance and the Sun join in conjunction, our vitality and optimism tend to increase.

With the Sun conjunct Jupiter, it’s easier than usual to see the positive side of any situation, and we may use humor as a coping mechanism when we face stressful events. Jupiter in Aquarius reflects increased mental energy and a strong capacity for innovation: the Sun-Jupiter conjunction promotes the expansion of our mental horizons. This aspect is supporting any form of self-expression and creativity, and it inspires us to pursue knowledge. To make the most out of this influence, beware of self-righteousness and arrogance and remain open to consider other people’s opinions, suggestions, and viewpoints.


Venus conjunct Pluto: Intense Feelings


Venus is currently forming an exact conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, an aspect that is intensifying our feelings and our experience of relationships. Pluto is about the Soul’s evolution, power and powerlessness, unconscious attachments and desires, and cycles of death and rebirth. Venus corresponds to our self-esteem, our values, our resources and finances, our love life, and our social interactions.

full moon in leo

The Venus-Pluto alignment is inviting us to begin a brand new cycle relative to how we show up in all our relationships both with others and with ourselves. The Full Moon in Leo, happening simultaneously, has the potential to illuminate what needs to change in the way we relate with others, as well as in the way we relate with ourselves, in how we manage our skills, our resources, and our finances.

Power, control, and manipulation dynamics can now be understood and exposed. We are encouraged to reflect upon our attachment patterns, and upon why we are compulsively looking for or running away from intense love and depth of connection.


Neptune squaring the Nodes: Cultivating Discernment


While the Full Moon is taking place, Neptune in Pisces is in an exact square aspect to the Lunar Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius. This aspect has been ongoing for the last six months, and it will continue to be active for approximately six months more.

Neptune squaring the Nodes can be correlated to the global sensemaking crisis, to the loss of connection with faith many of us are experiencing, to the general sense of not knowing what to believe in, and to phenomena such as fake news. Neptune, in its distorted expression, relates to confusion, delusions, projections, lies, and illusions.

On this Full Moon, something previously hidden or unclear may come to light and be revealed. We may find out that what we believed to be true was just a part of the story, we may go through experiences of disillusionment, and notice a feeling of not being able to make sense out of anything.

During this time, it is essential to cultivate discernment, to stay grounded in our spiritual practice, and to adopt routines that promote inner peace and inner balance. However, we also need to be careful not to use spiritual principles as an excuse to block the information coming from the environment to avoid dealing with uncomfortable issues, a common temptation when Neptunian energy is strong, as it is now.


Full Moon in Leo: Embody your Light


The Full Moon in Leo is about coming back to our creative essence and embodying our light. It is about reclaiming our right to be seen, heard, and appreciated. The Full Moon in Leo urges us to stop waiting for someone else to give us permission to shine and invites us to give ourselves the permission to do so. The Full Moon in Leo is about allowing our light to come through, to inspire others to connect with their own essence and shine bright too.

The planetary configuration of the moment is intense. Full Moons tend to bring important issues to a head: they emphasize the need to deal with certain matters, as they become impossible to postpone any longer.

It is crucial to keep in mind that we always have the opportunity to reframe how we perceive our circumstances: we can choose to see them as opportunities for personal growth and as necessary stepping stones for our Soul’s evolutionary journey. Exploring tools and self-regulation techniques that help us transmute the emotional energy in a cathartic way can help us ground and connect with a sense of inner calm and steadiness amid chaotic and uncertain circumstances.

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