Super Full Moon in Capricorn: Time of Maturation

On July 13, 2:37 PM ET, we experience a Super Full Moon at 21º20’ of Capricorn: this lunation marks a time of maturation, which requires us to step more fully into our personal authority. As a Full Super Moon, she appears bigger and brighter and her gravitational pull is stronger than usual. This cosmic event is going to be felt powerfully, as the Moon is conjunct Pluto and very close to the Earth. 

Full Moons bring revelations, clarity, and culminations: as the Moon opposes the Sun, we get glimpses of our subconscious world. These cosmic events represent the maturation point of the lunar cycle, a moment of blossoming, when the intentions we set on the New Moon get fully expressed and externalized. From now on, we are invited to share the results of our work with others, communicate what we have learned, and slowly let go of our original intentions as the Moon gets less and less light each night.

The Full Moon of July is also referred to as the Buck Moon, as in the Northern hemisphere bucks grow new antlers around this time of the year. Bucks embody qualities of strength, determination, and courage. This event, a reminder of life’s cyclical nature, has been long considered a symbol of rebirth and regeneration.


Super Full Moon in Capricorn: Maturation and Emotional Adulthood


When the Moon is in Capricorn, overt emotional displays tend to be avoided, and asking for what we need can be hard. A tendency to repress the natural flow of emotions can be present, as well as an inclination towards states of melancholy, sadness, and pessimism. Qualities of this combination of energies are inner fortitude, determination, and a capacity to wholeheartedly commit to what we care about.

The Moon in Capricorn is traditionally considered a debilitated placement, as the Moon is at home in the opposite sign of Cancer: she needs the warmth, softness, and receptivity that this sign offers. A Saturn-ruled Moon may have trouble expressing these qualities: the Moon in Capricorn is emotionally self-sufficient and reserved. The tendency is to deal autonomously with difficult feelings, without showing outwardly what is happening inwardly, even if our sensitivity and emotional pain are high. 

These days, our relationship with the concept of security and our capacity to effectively self-regulate, without repressing our emotions, will be in the spotlight. This Super Full Moon in the sign of the Sea-Goat is an invitation to get clear about the responsibilities we are willing to take and improve our ability to be a supportive authority figure for our inner child. If we realize we are unable to self-regulate effectively and we rely on something or someone external for that, we may become aware of those ways we try to generate a feeling of security by trying to control our outer reality without addressing the internal one.


Full Moon conjunct Pluto: Intense, Visceral, Raw Emotions


This Super Full Moon is conjunct with Pluto. In Astrology, Pluto is the force of evolution, the planet of metamorphosis, empowerment, death and resurrection. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, deeply transforming ourselves and society, calling for profound deconditioning while destroying structures, hierarchies, and systems based on unnatural standards.

When the Moon joins Pluto, our emotions get more intense, raw, and visceral. We may feel conflicted about the true strength of our feelings and try to hide their real depth, to avoid being seen as vulnerable, weak, or needy, and to minimize the risks of being hurt or taken advantage of by others. Emotional expectations and manipulative tendencies can emerge as an indirect way to generate a sense of safety.

Super Full Moon in Capricorn

Moon-Pluto aspects magnify our intuitive and perceptive skills and sharpen our capacity to understand the true motives and intentions of both ourselves and others. These alignments inspire us to look deeper inside ourselves, let go of attachments based on enmeshment or codependence, and connect with our intensity in a way that isn’t destructive. This Full Moon-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is a time to empower ourselves by letting go of structures and commitments that aren’t built on a solid, healthy, and truthful foundation. A need to feel in control is likely to be present these days, since the Sun and Pluto are going to be in opposition for the entire week ahead, indicating chances of power struggles and the potential for big shifts in our sense of purpose.


Full Moon and Pluto opposite Mercury: Deepening of Perception


Mercury is also in Cancer, conjunct Black Moon Lilith and the Sun, and opposite Pluto. On the one hand, the Moon-Mercury opposition indicates a polarization between rationality and feelings: it may be hard to reconcile emotion and logic these days. On the other hand, Mercury-Pluto aspects inspire an investigative, sharp mental focus and a desire to dive deep into the psychology behind everything we see. Our perception of life may get darker as we gain more awareness of its shadows. 

The activation of Pluto and Black Moon Lilith in the current configuration highlights the importance of speaking truthfully, and that may mean delivering hard, raw truths without any sugar coating. The revelation of secrets and information previously hidden is likely, both on the world stage and in our personal lives. Something about our past, our family, or our childhood could come up, and it could help us better understand our present and our emotional nature.


Full Moon square Chiron & trine Uranus: Going Further in our Individuation


Sun and Moon are in a square aspect to Chiron in Aries. Chiron, in Astrology, has a central role in our healing journey and individuation process. Chiron is placed in between Saturn and Uranus, between the planet of conditioning and the planet of deconditioning: for this reason, it represents an energy we are meant to integrate to transition from one to the other. Associated with the figure of the wounded healer, it correlates with wounds surrounding rejection, abandonment, and feeling left out. Chiron is a bridge between two realms and reminds us of how fully embracing who we are and letting go of any fear of rejection, is key to healing and personal freedom.

Super Full Moon in Capricorn

Sun and Moon square Chiron call for adjustments relative to how we are approaching our healing journey and highlight the importance of fully processing past pain. The T-square configuration we are experiencing highlights the importance of reaching out to others when we feel we are at a point of stagnation, when we can’t help ourselves any longer and need outside help.

The Moon and the Sun are also, respectively, trine and sextile to Uranus in Taurus. These aspects facilitate individuation, inspiring us to embrace our originality, our weirdness, and our full expression, encouraging us to take creative risks and follow our unique visions despite what others may think or say. 


Venus square Neptune & trine Saturn: Constructive Use of Fantasy and Creativity


On this Full Moon, Venus in Gemini is in a square to Neptune in Pisces and a trine to Saturn in Aquarius, the planetary ruler of the Capricorn Moon. Venus square Neptune is a highly creative and artistic aspect, yet it underlines the need of being more pragmatic and discerning about those we allow into our lives. This alignment suggests a tendency to fall for others’ potential, fail to acknowledge where they are at right now and create relationships based on projection, fantasy, and expectations.

The Venus-Saturn trine indicates a need for commitment and consistency in our connections. This aspect increases our desire to cultivate trusted bonds with intellectually stimulating and reliable people. It inspires us to consciously channel our fantasy and structure our creative efforts. Venus trine Saturn supports discernment, practicality, and wise financial management, counterbalancing the influence of the Venus-Neptune square.

To help you harness this energy Super Full Moon in Capricorn brings we have created Full Moon printable channeled “Time of Maturation” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these Super Full Moon in Capricorn tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.

Super Full Moon in Capricorn: Taking our Lives into our Hands


As the Full Moon takes place, Saturn is in retrograde motion and squaring Uranus and the Lunar Nodes. The Saturn-Uranus square we experienced for the entire 2021 is activated again as Saturn is retrograde and getting closer to Uranus. This aspect emphasizes the tension between the old and the new, between those wanting to maintain the existing system and those wanting change, and highlights the resistance that arises inwardly and outwardly when we move away from the known. The Saturn-Nodes square brings up the challenges of maturation and accountability, of dealing with the limitations and boundaries of the 3D world, of structuring our lives in a way that allows us to be in integrity.

This Super Full Moon in Capricorn can be seen as an invitation to take our lives into our hands instead of waiting for someone else to soothe us, make things easier for us, and take responsibilities that are ours to take. The long-term transit of Pluto through Capricorn has been showing us the dangers of relying on outdated institutions, obsolete systems, and external authorities, while inviting us to tune into our inner authority, trust our inner strength, and listen to our inner voice. 

These days, we may realize whether we have been relying on external definitions of success, ambitions, and goals, and lost ourselves trying to do what society expects us to do, what our parents expect us to do, and what we think we are supposed to do to fit into society. This lunation may reveal to us where we still resist taking full responsibility and struggle to regulate our emotions. It will highlight the importance of inner child work and the integration of unprocessed pain from our past, so that displaced emotions won’t sabotage our present.

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Full Strawberry Moon in Capricorn: Breaking Cycles

On June 24, 2:39 PM ET, we experience a Full Strawberry Moon happening at 3°27’ of the sign of Capricorn.

Full Moons are a moment of fruition, maturation, and celebration. They represent the peak moment of the lunar cycle, a time to reap the rewards of our efforts and witness the results of the work we have been doing. These cosmic events happen when the Moon and the Sun form an opposition, which is a 180 degrees angle from our perspective on Earth: they occupy the same degree of opposite Zodiac signs, in this case, Cancer and Capricorn.

The Full Moon taking place in June is popularly known as the Strawberry Moon: it marks the time of the strawberry season in the Northern part of the globe. Strawberries have a connection to the planet Venus and the energies of love, fertility, abundance, and devotion: they are perennial plants and can remain productive for three to ten years. The Strawberry Full Moon is an invitation to connect with our hearts and with the feelings of love and abundance that are always available within ourselves.

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Cancer-Capricorn: the Family Axis


The Sun is now in Cancer, exactly opposite the Moon in Capricorn. The light of the Sun brings our awareness to our subconscious and our emotional world, catalyzing revelations and breakthroughs, giving us chances to better understand the patterns we have developed to adapt to the early family dynamics we have been exposed to.

Cancer, ruled by the Moon, corresponds to the private sphere, to feelings of home and belonging, vulnerability and emotions, our inner child and our inner mother. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is associated with the public and the social sphere, with our inner authority figure, with our duties, our responsibilities, the rules we need to follow, the limitations we encounter, and the conditioning we have received.

Cancer-Capricorn is also considered the family axis. It relates to our perceptions of our childhood experiences relative to both our more nurturing parent and our more authoritative parent. These are directly linked to the way we learn to nurture and love ourselves, the expectations and judgments about ourselves we have internalized, and the scripts we unknowingly keep playing out, the loops we seem to be caught into.

Full Strawberry Moon in Capricorn

These subconscious patterns will be highlighted by the current Full Moon, which will bring to light home versus work dynamics, emphasizing the contrast between public image and private behavior, and the connection between the past and the present. Many of us will feel a need to better balance the time invested in our professional and public obligations and the time we dedicate to self-care, family, and close bonds.


Full Strawberry Moon in Capricorn: Taking Responsibility for our Emotional Wellbeing


Traditionally, the Moon in Capricorn is considered a debilitated placement because Capricorn is connected to rules, regulations, and laws, while the Moon relates to self-care, self-love, and nurturance. With this configuration, there is a tendency to be quite harsh on ourselves: we hold high expectations and standards, and we have hard times being gentle with ourselves when we don’t meet them.

The Moon in Capricorn reflects a tendency to control and sometimes restrict our natural emotional expression. This archetypal combination can correspond with a tendency to focus on practical matters as a way to divert our attention away from our feelings and keep pushing forward despite sadness, pain, or discomfort.

When the Moon travels through Capricorn, we always have an opportunity to gain more self-awareness and improve how we self-regulate and self-soothe. When the lunar functions are expressed through the filter of Capricorn, we learn how to feel worthy of nurturance, love, and care independently of our gains, performances, results, success, or status, and that it is primarily our duty to give love, care, and nurturance to ourselves.

The Full Moon in Capricorn opposing the Sun in Cancer invites us to take responsibility for our emotional wellbeing, reminding us to give space to emotional expression and release, yet without allowing our feelings to take the lead indiscriminately. During these days, we will have chances to set better boundaries that allow us to prioritize our emotional needs and not settle for less than we deserve.

To help you harness this energy Full Strawberry Moon in Capricorn brings we have created Full Moon printable channeled “Breaking Cycles” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these Full Moon Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.

Full Strawberry Moon in Capricorn


Saturn square Uranus and opposite Mars: Explosive Energies


The ruler of the Full Moon in Capricorn is Saturn, now in retrograde motion in Aquarius, squaring Uranus in Taurus, and opposite Mars in Leo. Saturn is referred to as the Lord of time, ruling over the law of cause and effect, limitations, boundaries, as well as self-mastery, authority, and structure. The T-square configuration involving Saturn, Uranus, and Mars is explosive and unpredictable and will be most active between June 30 and July 5. There is a possibility of sudden and unexpected changes, social tension, and disruptive events meant to accelerate our growth. 

Saturn retrograde is about reassessing and redefining our priorities, how we use our time and energy, to be able to step up to a new level of personal authority and responsibility. Its transit through Aquarius is a chance to join forces with like minds to build something solid and innovative, that offers lasting value to both ourselves and others, promoting collective progress and personal evolution.

Mars in Leo reflects our instinctual desire for creative self-expression and personal self-actualization, while Uranus in Taurus highlights our need to be free to be able to follow our rhythms and detach from societal expectations to connect with our unique values. Uranus is an iconoclast, Mars is a warrior: they both demand complete independence. We are all noticing a strong desire to break free from what is limiting and blocking us, or from what we perceive is suppressing our self-expression.

Scorpio is the only Fixed sign missing in the picture and represents the resolution point of the T-square configuration. Scorpio reminds us of the importance of looking deeper than what meets the eyes, to be able to find true strength in crises, hardships, and challenges. This archetype teaches us that by facing the parts of ourselves we have suppressed and denied we will be able to rise from the ashes of who we were and transmute our limitations.


Venus opposite Pluto and trine Neptune: Deep Connections and Fated Bonds


As the Full Moon in Capricorn takes place, Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn and trines Neptune in Pisces. When Venus opposes Pluto, we crave depth of connection: fated bonds and karmic encounters tend to manifest around this time, and existing relationships based on shaky foundations may culminate. When two planets oppose each other, it is always useful to go back to the time of their last conjunction to understand more deeply what their dialogue is about. Venus joined Pluto in Capricorn on January 28, 2021: reflect on what you started back then, what you were dealing with, what was showing up in your life, and what your focus was on, especially in your love life and in the financial arena.

Under the spell of Venus-Pluto alignments, we often express our all-consuming passion compulsively: love can bring us to extremes. We want all or nothing and we are obsessed with getting it. With this aspect, we have a chance to transform how we relate to both ourselves and others. We are encouraged to find a deeper sense of security within ourselves, strengthen our sense of self-worth, learn to value ourselves, and really start making choices that allow us to feel good in our own skin. 

Full Strawberry Moon in Capricorn

The trine between Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces softens the mood, facilitating the connection with feelings of unconditional love and compassion, and increasing our desire to merge with a special someone. This aspect stimulates our inspiration and creativity and eases the process of channeling challenging and intense emotions into creative and artistic pursuits. Venus trine Neptune increases our receptivity and sensitivity and offers us a chance to deepen our relationship with the Universe, Nature, and the Divine within each of us.


Full Strawberry Moon in Capricorn: Breaking Cycles


The Full Strawberry Moon in Capricorn reminds us that we are the ones responsible to meet our emotional needs. And that it is normal to need others to meet our needs too. We are social beings, we are meant to connect with others, connection is literally what allows us to survive as a species. However, learning to feel completely comfortable, nurtured, and fulfilled when alone allows us to establish connections that aren’t based on holding on too tightly to the other for fear of being abandoned or betrayed by them.

During these days, we will have chances to understand how our early experiences keep influencing the way we see ourselves and how we show up in life, at work, and in all our relationships. We will have the opportunity to set better boundaries, make changes in our lives, and begin detaching from the repetitive patterns that we are in the process of outgrowing. On this Capricorn Full Moon, we are encouraged to become a nurturing authority figure for our inner child and to reparent ourselves in the way we need to feel unconditionally safe, loved, and cared for.

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