Full Harvest Moon in Pisces: Doorway to Spirit

On September 20, 7:54 PM ET, the Moon in Pisces opposes the Sun in Virgo and we experience a Full Moon, taking place at 28°13’ of the sign of the Fish. The Moon is conjunct Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces: this lunation opens a doorway to Spirit and a portal to a realm of infinite possibilities.

Full Moons are moments of revelations and breakthroughs: the light of the Sun, our conscious awareness, completely illuminates the Moon, our emotional world. This phase of the lunar cycle is associated with culmination and clarity, and it allows us to see more clearly both our inner and our outer realities. The influence of Neptune, however, may still generate a feeling of blurriness and uncertainty.

The Full Moon closest to the September Equinox is also popularly known as the Harvest Moon. For the ancients, this lunation marked the peak of the harvest season in the Northern Hemisphere. The Moon would illuminate the fields after sunset, and people were able to work for longer hours on reaping the crops.

From a spiritual standpoint, the Harvest Moon encourages us to celebrate our progress and enjoy the fruits of our efforts. This cosmic event reminds us that, if we keep consistently working towards our dreams and aspirations, we are going to see tangible results.

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Full Harvest Moon in Pisces: an Ocean of Emotions


When Full Moons take place in Water signs, our emotional state tends to be more changeable and our feelings are more intensely experienced. Pisces is the last archetype of the Zodiac and can be considered both the end and the beginning of our journey. This archetype is connected with our experience of being in the womb, a place where everything is provided and our survival is ensured without any effort on our part. Pisces corresponds to our awareness of forces larger than ourselves, to our connection with the collective frequency, and with the collective emotional body.

Empathy and compassion are enhanced on this Pisces Full Moon, a lunation colored with a strong idealism and an increased desire for positive change. The planetary configuration of the moment reflects a temptation to indulge in fantasy and daydreaming, and it may correspond to a tendency to sacrifice personal needs and goals for other people or to support larger causes.

The Moon in Pisces opposes the Sun in Virgo, culminating a period during which all planets transiting Virgo have been opposing Neptune in Pisces. The activation of the Virgo-Pisces axis highlights the importance of finding a balance between effort and passivity, between proactivity and acceptance of what we can’t control.


Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune: Heightened Intuition and Sensitivity


The influence of Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, magnifies our sensitivity to energy, to other people’s emotions, and to what is going on in the collective. The conjunction of Moon and Neptune is an extremely artistic, spiritual, and intuitive alignment, which supports any type of creative endeavor and increases our capacity to channel our emotions and feelings into art, music, dance, painting, and all non-linear modalities of expression. 

Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Heightened sensitivity can generate a feeling of sensory overload, which may lead to struggles dealing with everyday challenges. This aspect can reflect a sense of being overwhelmed by life and by our emotions and it may correspond to difficulties managing pressure and stress.

When the Pisces and Neptune archetypes are so strongly emphasized, we tend to absorb the emotions and feelings of others like a sponge. Being so widely open to energetic and emotional information coming from the environment increases our vulnerability and stresses the importance of staying in alignment. In moments like this, it is important to protect our energy by listening to our bodies and establishing clear boundaries relative to what we are available to experience in each moment.


Sun conjunct Mars is Boosting our Courage & Vitality


The Sun in Virgo is in an out of sign conjunction with Mars in Libra, which will perfect on the upcoming New Moon in Libra. Mars and the Sun joining forces give us strength, motivation, and courage, inspiring us to cut ties if needed, and move on from all those situations that aren’t nurturing our growth, our health, and our wellbeing. Their alignment will help us discern what to expose ourselves to and separate from what is not supportive of our path in the present moment.

Throughout the next couple of weeks, the Sun-Mars conjunction will increase our energy levels and our vitality: many of us have been feeling weakened, lazy, or more lethargic during the last month, while both Mars and Sun have been opposing Neptune. This alignment has the potential to counterbalance any tendency to passively adapt to life circumstances and wait for changes to happen: the Sun and Mars will encourage us to be proactive and take initiative to improve our reality.

Mars in Libra and the Sun in Virgo are also forming a Grand Trine aspect involving the North Node of the Moon in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius. This configuration will also remain active throughout the following days, increasing our capacity to be disciplined, motivated, and focused, while highlighting the importance of networking and community building as a way to support our learning journey.


The Activation of Pluto brings Opportunities for Transformation


The Full Moon is forming a sextile with retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. Sextiles are 60° angles, aspects of potential and opportunities, gently triggering us into making changes. The Moon-Pluto alignment has the potential to increase our emotional awareness. It offers us an invitation to mature and take responsibility for our emotional expression, encouraging us to reflect on what lies beneath our triggers and to respond to these more consciously.

The Sun in Virgo is also in a harmonic aspect with Pluto in Capricorn, in this case, a trine. Trines are 120° angles supporting a flowing exchange of information between planets transiting signs of the same element. This configuration promotes physical and psychological regeneration. Sun trine Pluto facilitates personal transformation and the metamorphosis of our sense of purpose, inspiring us to rise fearlessly into a new version of ourselves. 

Meanwhile, retrograde Pluto is perfecting a square to dwarf planet Eris, a very slow-moving celestial body that has been transiting Aries for about a century. Named after the Goddess of strife, Eris is about the way we respond when we feel left out or disrespected. The Pluto-Eris tense alignment has been ongoing since 2020 and will be active until 2022. This is one of the peak moments of it, and the Pisces Full Moon contributes to bringing things to a head. During these days, we may witness disruptions, social tension, and an increased drive to fight for freedom and justice, which will pave the way for radical systemic changes.

Mercury is also squaring Pluto, pointing to the possibility of verbal and ideological confrontations, and gives us the opportunity to transmute disagreements into enlightening conversations. This aspect sharpens our focus and our willingness to dive deeper into topics we are passionate about.


Venus square Saturn & opposite Uranus: Conflicting Desires


Meanwhile, Venus in Scorpio triggers the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square: the Goddess of Love is separating from a square to Saturn and approaching an opposition to Uranus. Tension between wanting to hold on to the known and a desire to make new experiences is likely to arise, especially in our romantic life and in the professional arena.

Throughout the last few days, Venus square Saturn has been highlighting our need for reliability and commitment both in our love life and in our finances. It possibly brought to the surface some fear of scarcity and revealed to us where the foundation of our self-worth isn’t solid.

Unusual attractions, unexpected encounters, and electric feelings are common when Venus and Uranus align. During the upcoming days, this alignment may inspire us to revolutionize our relationships. It can also correspond to sudden changes in our values, income, and finances, that will unfold throughout the rest of the lunar cycle. 

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Full Harvest Moon in Pisces: Doorway to Spirit


This Full Moon enhances our devotion to our spiritual path, our compassion for others, and our willingness to make a personal contribution to help the world become a better and kinder place.

Jupiter, the ancient ruler of Pisces, is forming a harmonic trine to Mercury in Libra, an aspect supporting our optimism, facilitating intellectual expansion, and inspiring us to make plans, dream big, and envision a better future for humanity. Due to the strong activation of Neptune, there is still a risk of feeling uncertain about what is true and what isn’t. Some of us may experience disenchantment, while others may witness dreams coming true.

Neptune and Pisces can be associated with chaos and confusion, but they also represent a doorway to states of pure bliss and joy. This Full Moon is an invitation to adopt a higher perspective of reality while keeping our feet on the Earth. Grounding practices that work on our Root Chakra such as walking barefoot and spending more time in Nature are likely to help us tune into our bodies and our intuition, and deal with our heightened sensitivity with more ease.

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Full Moon in Aries: Inner Empowerment – Harvest Moon

On October 1, at 5:05 PM ET, the Full Harvest Moon in Aries kicks off the new month, inviting more excitement, zeal, and passion into our lives.

Full Moons represent the peak phase of the lunar cycle, a moment of blossoming, culmination, and maturation of our efforts. They offer us the chance to release the results of our work, to share it with the collective, and to let go of everything that we no longer want to carry.

Yet, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac: this infuses the Harvest Moon with the energy of a new beginning, it increases our desire for freedom, new experiences, and lowers our tolerance for boredom and limitations.

The Harvest Moon is the Full Moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere, this event signals the beginning of Fall and the need to harvest the crops: it held a specific significance for ancient peoples, and it was considered a very karmic time.

In the Southern Hemisphere, this Full Moon announces the beginning of Spring and the end of the hardships of Winter. It represents the perfect moment to share any project that was born through the reflection and introspection that took place during the colder months.

To celebrate the arrival of this Full Moon, on October 1 at 9:45 PM ET, we are hosting Global Live Full Moon in Aries Meditation on our YouTube channel. We invite you to join us, and invite others to meditate together with us. Tap here to find our scheduled live meditation.


Getting in Touch with our Needs and Desires


The Moon at 9°08’ of Aries joins retrograde Chiron and opposes the Sun in Libra, bringing to light relationship dynamics that need to be changed or released, and illuminating wounds related to our self-worth, our sexuality, and our need for freedom.

The opposition between Sun and Moon taking place on any Full Moon always signals a creative tension between what we want to be and what we think we should be. In this case, the Aries-Libra axis is involved: this dynamic brings up a theme of self versus others that strongly plays out in all our relationships.

This Full Moon in Aries reminds us that we need to feel whole, happy, satisfied, and complete within ourselves before we try to achieve those sensations or complete ourselves through our interactions with others. She invites us to cultivate our self-esteem, to develop independence and autonomy, to meet our individual needs and desires before we expect someone else to do so.


Full Moon in Aries: Doing More of What We Love 


People with their natal Moon in Aries are extremely lively, enthusiastic, passionate, and great motivators who are not afraid of going out of their comfort zone, take risks, and do something completely unfamiliar. The Full Moon in Aries represents an invitation to dedicate more time to what we are passionate about. This cosmic event wants us to do what we love, what makes us shine, what excites us, what makes us feel fully alive, and to dive deeper into it.

full moon in aries Moon Omens

As we consciously cultivate and generate sensations of happiness, love, and personal fulfillment, we naturally shift our frequency, raise our vibration, and invite more of these energies into our lives. What makes you smile? What makes your eyes sparkle? What makes your Soul happy? Do more of that, and you will notice the benefits ripple and expand in all other areas of your life.


Asserting ourselves Consciously


The Full Moon in Aries illuminates dynamics related to how we channel and release anger and frustration, inviting reflection about immature reactions, impulsive decisions, and behavior patterns that need to be outgrown. Consciously working with the energy of the Full Moon in Aries helps us intentionally direct our willpower and strength, and express our opinions without being harmful or hurtful.

Movement is one of the best ways through which we can harness the intense frequency of this cosmic event and liberate our bodies from stress, anger, tension, and repressed emotion. Dedicating time to anything that supports the balance of our inner masculine and feminine energies will help us act from a place of alignment.

Venus is now transiting the last degrees of Leo and creating a supportive trine to Mars in Aries, ruler of the Full Moon. Together with the positive influence of Mercury in Libra, this alignment will facilitate our relationship dynamics and the constructive communication of our needs, desires, and values to other people.

The Fire Trine between Venus and Mars is a wonderful influence for our romantic and social life: we can easily take advantage of its energy to cultivate a more passionate and enthusiastic attitude in everything we do.


Finding Purpose in Hardships


This Harvest Full Moon in Aries feels like an open road that we are not allowed to take just yet. Mars is in retrograde motion, transiting his home sign, and he is conjunct Eris, dwarf planet named after the Goddess of Chaos and Discord. Moreover, they both square Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn.

These aspects reflect an amount of frustration and tension that we can’t simply ignore or bypass. The Full Moon offers us the invitation to explore the underlying nervousness, the stress, the anxiety, and the anger, and encourages us to find ways to create something good out of this highly volatile and reactive energy.

We need to be gentle with ourselves in this process and forgive ourselves if sometimes we can’t be our best version, or if we struggle to keep a positive mindset. We will inevitably react on impulse and make mistakes: that’s ok, what matters is that we learn something from it. These are very potent planetary alignments that are not to play with, and we are going to feel their influence in waves for the rest of 2020.

We may have the sensation that we have no control over the circumstances, the limitations, and the restrictions we are facing. Nonetheless, we can choose to work to master ourselves and our reactions. We can find healthy ways to deal with and express feelings of discomfort, and we can choose to make conscious decisions on a daily basis.

The Full Moon in Aries gives us an extra boost of energy: this cosmic event inspires us to find purpose in hardships and to keep moving forward despite the difficulties and challenges we encounter.

To help you harness this powerful energy Full Moon in Aries brings we have created Channeled Guided Meditation & “Reconnecting to Instinct” Self-Reflection Journal. We invite you to meditate and journal together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here or on the image below to learn more and gain access to Full Moon in Aries Ritual Tools.

full moon in aries


Full Moon conjunct Chiron: Learning from Pain


The Full Moon is conjunct with Chiron in Aries. This aspect brings our focus on wounds related to our self-esteem, our self-worth, and our sexuality. During these days, we are likely to feel drawn to reflect on the ways we assert ourselves. We may evaluate the way we go after what we want, how we express our individuality, our needs, and our sexual desires.

Feelings of shame and unworthiness can emerge to be elaborated and understood. When did you first feel ashamed of yourself? When do you think you first questioned your self-worth? Can you see a repeating theme or pattern throughout your life? How do you allow other people to treat you? How do you treat yourself? These questions may offer you important insights during this time.

The Moon conjunct Chiron in Aries can bring up deep emotional wounds related to our sense of self, our self-image, and our inherent worth, that can sabotage our relationships because unconsciously we don’t feel worthy of receiving love.

The invitation of this aspect is not to be afraid to fully feel our feelings, to carry our scars with pride, and turn our pain into wisdom by consistently being there for ourselves and not running away from difficult feelings. The conjunction between the Moon and Chiron reminds us that it is perfectly ok to feel broken and lost, yet we don’t need to stay stuck there.

Chiron aspects always offer us the possibility of deep emotional healing, that can only come through embracing our uniqueness and our sensitivity. Through the inner work we have done on ourselves, we can hold space for others and help them overcome their challenges too.

This Full Moon may bring us back to events that happened around July 14, when the powerful conjunction between Mars and Chiron took place. Take some time to think about what was taking place in your life back then. Some of the issues that emerged during that time have the potential to be fully understood, healed, and released.


Full Moon in Aries: Taking our Power Back


The Full Moon in Aries wants us to empower ourselves. She gives us the opportunity to step into our strength and to let go of the fear of fully embracing all that we are.

full moon in aries Moon Omens

Aries is a pioneer: it is the Zodiac sign related to leadership, bravery, and courage. This Full Moon invites us to open new paths and not be afraid to go to the beat of our own drum. Sticking to the choices and commitments we make as best as we can is what grants us strength, self-confidence, and a sense of agency.

Working with the energy of this Full Moon has the potential to help us release limiting beliefs and behavior patterns that are not supporting our growth. This cosmic event gives us the chance to let go of the fear of owning who we are and inspires us to embrace our individuality, uniqueness, and instinctual self-expression.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you enjoyed this article. Happy Full Moon Soul Family!

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