Saturn Retrograde – Magic & Power Within

Saturn Retrograde from May 11 12:09am EST until September 29 2020.

Saturn is stationing retrograde in Aquarius on May 11th 2020, it will begin it’s journey backwards and re-enter Capricorn in July. From July until December Saturn will be wrapping up its transit in Capricorn, moving into Aquarius at the end of 2020 where it will remain until 2023.


Saturn Retrograde: The Control Center is Within


Saturn’s retrograde is reminding us that the control centre is within. We can’t can’t drive a car from the outside and we can’t be in the driver’s seat of our lives without being inside our minds and bodies.

We influence reality from the inside out; but we have been taught that it’s outside in. Saturn is authority, limitations, rules and regulations. It’s the laws we have to abide by and more importantly who has written them.


Ending the Saturn in Capricorn Transit


This retrograde begins in the sign of Aquarius, but the main theme here is the conclusion of the Saturn in Capricorn transit which began in December 2017. We can imagine that the tough loving Saturn is delivering some closing lessons and asking us to spend some time reviewing. 

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn entered Capricorn in December 2017 where it remained until March 2020. Saturn is the University professor of the Zodiac. He comes in with some high levels of learning and expects us all to study. He demands hard work and commitment. He never gives out free passes. 

During his time in Capricorn lessons were connected to authority, systems, power, and how we organize collectively. It’s the directives we follow and the rules we are told to respect. Beyond that it’s those who hold the power to create these rules. Capricorn is the energy of A CEO who calls the shots. Through Saturn’s in Capricorn transit there have been some questions emerging regarding the actions of these leaders.

Retrogrades are not something to fear or dread, but they are a change in direction worth knowing about. Saturn’s annual retrograde invites us on a journey within ourselves. The responsibility shifts from serving the external world to listening to what’s unfolding inside of us. Instead of taking orders, we are now asked to be our own leaders. 


The Wizard of Oz Relevance 


It’s significant to note that The Wizard of Oz was published in 1900 while Saturn was in Capricorn. Also in 1959, when Saturn was once again in Capricorn it became an annual tradition for this movie to be shown as a television special.

Let’s look at the themes of the Wizard of Oz and why they are relevant to our current times. In the story we have characters searching for the Wonderful Wizard who will solve their problems. He’ll be able to grant their wishes and answer their prayers. He lives in this luxurious Emerald city that overflows with abundance.

When they get to meet the Wizard he is projected as a powerful face, with a booming voice hidden behind flames. His seeming appearance is Godly and almighty. He denies Dorothy her request and tells her to come back tomorrow. Her response is: “If you were really Great and Powerful, you’d keep your promises!”

At this point the intimidating voice is getting angry and Toto, Dorothy’s dog, has run off behind a curtain. They chase after the dog, go behind the curtain and see who the “wizard” actually is.


Looking Behind the Curtain


Behind the curtain is merely a man speaking into a microphone. His seeming power and authority is merely a projection that has everyone fooled. His rule is based on disinformation and illusion.

Who are our modern day Wizards hiding behind the curtains?  Who are living in over the top luxury, separate from the rest of humanity up in their castles and kingdoms? Who are the ones with the power to grant us our wishes? Who are the ones not keeping their promises?

Since December 2017 we have been learning the answers to these questions. We have been shown that those who proclaim power, might not be everything we thought they were. 


Modern Day Wizards of Oz


We learn to worship and sing praises to certain people. Maybe it’s celebrities, sports heroes, politicians or CEOs. We look to those who have all the riches and wish we could be invited to their ivory towers.

We were like the munchkins singing about “the wonderful Wizard of Oz” and we are Dorothy who went on a journey to find him. We also have the chance to pull back the curtain. To look at the figures of power that rule the world and question them. To look at their projections and illusions for what they are.


Saturn Retrograde: We’ve Had the Power All Along


At the end of the story, when Dorothy feels defeated, Glenda the Good Witch tells her, “My dear, you’ve had the power all along”. This retrograde, which will have Saturn completing its journey through Capricorn might have us feeling defeated. We could feel overwhelmed and give up. From this surrender we can know that we do have the power.

Saturn Retrograde

But this power is not outside of us; it’s within. We must stop looking to “Wizards” or Politicians to save us. We can no longer idolize the rich and famous. We must look in the mirror and see that the magic is within us. 


Compassion is Key


Capricorn and Saturn energy can be very harsh on itself. It can rush to hit deadlines and seeks validation from the external world. But we will reclaim our power by appreciating ourselves exactly as we are. We must become kind and compassion with ourselves. We have to value and validate ourselves. This isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it.


Saturn Retrograde + Mercury in Gemini


It’s significant to note that on the same day Saturn turns retrograde, Mercury will be entering Gemini. This adds a layer of freedom and fresh air to the mix.

Mercury in Gemini is all about our beliefs and attitudes. The North Node has recently shifted into Gemini as well (tap here to read article). We are learning the power of our thoughts. This is a time to become aware of how we communicate to ourselves. Are we kind? Are we caring? Are we compassionate?

The Gemini energy that is abounding in May 2020 needs us to remain open. We have to be willing to see things differently, especially ourselves. Even though we have lived our lives buying into the reality of life on Earth we have the power to change it.


Saturn Retrograde: Inside Out


From now until September we are asked to make up our minds about who we are. We are asked to see ourselves as authority figures. We are asked to get inside our own control centres and make the changes we wish to see. As we shift internally, the external world will respond; not the other way around.

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Mercury Retrograde – Divine Guidance, Feb 16 – Mar 9

As we come face to face with our first Mercury Retrograde of not only this year but of this decade, we have many lessons to learn during this cosmic alignment. Mercury Retrograde will last until March 9th and will see Mercury go through Pisces and Aquarius on its journey. While most people tend to shy away from Mercury Retrograde energy because it can sometimes bring about big changes, the Retrograde this month is here to offer divine guidance along our journey.


The Divine Message Of Mercury Retrograde


Mercury is the messenger of the cosmos, the planet of communication. Mercury Retrograde signals that Mercury will appear to spin in the opposite direction, ushering in a wave of energetic intensity. The key lesson to observe during this Retrograde is to slow down and not act out of impulse. 

The reason that Mercury affects us so deeply is because of its high density. It is believed that Mercury consists of largely iron and as such it functions in a similar way as a magnet. The closer it travels to the Earth, the greater the effect it will have on our beings. During Mercury Retrograde, Mercury is at its closest to Earth. With this proximity, it’s no wonder that we can sometimes feel confused or disoriented.

Mercury’s alignment means that we will delve deeply into our past. Old messages from the Universe that we may have missed or may not have been fully open to receiving or accepting at the time will come back to the surface as we revisit all that has come about in the last six months. The reason that these messages are resurfacing is that we are now emotionally ready to deal with what we may not have been ready for initially. 

It is because of this heightened energy and revisited memories that people commonly associate Mercury Retrograde with difficulties and turbulence. It can certainly be an emotionally charged alignment as we go through the process of healing, but we will ultimately come out of it stronger than ever before and with newfound wisdom.

moon omens mercury

Mercury Retrograde is not here to hurt us. It is not here to cause trauma or panic. It is here to bring to our awareness specific things that will help us connect with our Higher selves, upgrade our frequency, and move forward with bold confidence in ourselves as we release ourselves from our shackles. Any misunderstandings and miscommunications that may arise occur for a reason, and by the end of this Mercury Retrograde, we will be blessed with the clarity to see the big picture of all that we are experiencing.

This surge of cosmic energy can leave those of us who are more sensitive to energetic shifts feeling irritable, dizzy, and emotionally stable. Take a deep breath and check your surroundings. Mercury Retrograde is the Universe’s way of showing us the importance of paying attention to the world around us. Every detail, no matter how small, is important. It is when we aren’t aware, present, or mindful that chaos can arise.

We are being guided to rely on our more subtle senses as we navigate the heightened energy that Mercury Retrograde brings. Our gut feelings and intuition will be our most powerful tools during this time. We are reminded not to doubt ourselves. Everything that we experience, think, and feel is our soul’s way of communicating with us our deepest truths. Listen to that inner voice as you allow the abundant energy of the Universe to flow through your being. As you do so, you will be showered in inspiration and increased creativity as you align with and express who you truly are.

Retrogrades open powerful celestial energy portals that help to clear away blockages. They offer us the opportunity to experience huge shifts in our life if we pay attention to the wisdom of the Universe and act on the lessons that are being provided. If we do these things, we will experience incredible growth. We will feel more deeply aligned with who we truly are on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level and we will feel more powerful than ever before.


How To Apply The Divine Guidance Of Mercury Retrograde


From now until March 9, life might feel hectic at times. Things that are no longer needed are crumbling and things that we will help us move forward are being erected in their place. We are reminded not to cling to anything. Trust in the process that is unfolding. That which is leaving is creating a space for incredible breakthroughs. We will be blessed with the ability to see past masks and illusions and to realize the hidden truths around us. Insights and revelations will be at the forefront as we allow our intuition to be our lighthouse, guiding us safely home to shore from tumultuous seas.

Any worries and fears that may arise should be replaced with a deep faith that everything is happening for a reason. Things are happening exactly as they need to and exactly as the Universe has designed for them to. We don’t have to immediately understand the reasoning behind the changes we are experiencing. Some things will remain the same, others will change slightly, and others still will appear to go in the exact opposite direction we anticipated. Release the steadfast grip you have on things. The Universe is here at this very moment to intervene and restore balance. Surrender to this process and notice yourself falling into alignment with who you are truly meant to be. 

We will naturally be pulled to step away from that which we know in our heart of hearts is causing chaos in our lives. Things that feel heavy or cluttered and that which creates a toxic energy are no longer welcome. This is a time for saying, “enough.” Let go of that which means you must sacrifice your divine authenticity. The mixture of Mercury and Pisces during this alignment means we will no longer give away our innate power just to satisfy others.

mercury retrograde

We are asked to slow down during this Retrograde and to fully take in all that’s around us. If we continue to go at the pace that we have been going and continue to neglect to care for our bodies and ourselves, we will be met with resistance. There has been a lingering anxious energy around most of us, brought upon by overthinking and overanalyzing. It does us no good to worry about things that have not even happened.

This Mercury Retrograde is the perfect opportunity to take a step back, rest, and reflect. Even if we can’t change the things around us, we still have the power to change how we perceive our circumstances. Take some extra time for self-care and rekindle the deep connection you have with your soul. The Universe is slowing things down so that we may realign with our true selves. As we recalibrate with our divine path, we unearth a sense of divine oneness with all that is around us and harness the unlimited energy at our disposal.

It is easy to blame Mercury Retrograde when things go wrong. The heightened energy means we are more prone to chaos and confusion. However, this is ultimately a time dedicated to helping us recharge and reboot. We are recognizing our own limits, detoxing from our bad habits, harmful beliefs, and outdated practices, and completely surrendering to the will of the Universe. During this Retrograde, we are being given the greatest gift of all – freedom. Allow this energy to be a mirror for you and teach you about the patterns that you can release and move through.

This Retrograde is not here to punish us. It is not here to steal our power but rather to help us realize just how powerful we truly are. We are in the midst of a major soul growth spurt and we have never been more ready. 

We have also created a Guided Mercury Retrograde & New Moon In Pisces Meditation And Journal, we invite you to invest in yourself and dive deep together with us. ➜ Tap here or on the image below to access these powerful tools.

New Moon Mercury Retrograde

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The Moon Omens Team

2020 Chinese Lunar New Year – Year of the Rat & What This Means for Your Zodiac

According to Chinese astrology, the Rat is the first sign of the zodiac wheel, indicating a new wave of energy and a fresh start to a new cycle.  As we move from the year of the Yin Earth Pig to the year of the Yang Metal Rat, we enter into a year of pure renewal, one filled with the opportunity to come into alignment with the truth of who we really are.

From January 25th through February 11th we will be in the bountiful Year of the Rat, ushering in powerful vibrations that will reverberate through every part of our being. As we set our resolutions for 2020 and enter a year of new beginnings, we allow ourselves to start something new, listen to our heightened intuition, and plant the seeds that will continue to grow abundantly even through the year of the Ox in 2021.


The Year of the Rat will affect us all, but each zodiac will feel this energy differently. Here is how this Chinese New Year will affect you: 




The Year of the Rat most closely aligns with the Sun sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. This year is going to be incredible for you as things begin to fall into alignment you start to manifest your grand vision. Be sure to keep setting big goals and intentions and continuing to strive to get better. You will receive recognition and success this year but do not take this for granted. Continue to work hard and cultivate all you have sowed.




This is a year dedicated to planning and organization. As you put the effort into carrying out 2020 with greater intention and purpose than prior years, you will see the Universe reward you handsomely. This is a time for letting go of that which no longer serves you, of that which deserves to be left in the past, as you create a game plan and set yourself up for success in the near future. Dedicate this year to taking care of your body and mind and build a strong foundation for all that is to come.




You will finally feel like you are in control of all that is around you during this bountiful year. You will be able to handle any challenges that come your way with grace and feel compelled to rid yourself of any negative energy around you as you instead embrace divine light, positivity, and inspiration. You will be able to handle your relationships and career incredibly well and will remain persistent and committed in achieving all of your aspirations and goals.




You have things from this past year that you did not follow through with and that’s alright. This is a new year of honing your skills and accomplishing your goals. Use this time to create a solid foundation as you take the next steps in your life towards the future that you desire. Take the time to figure out what is and is not working for you. This level of awareness will help shine a light on the path you are meant to take as you begin your journey.




Your past anxiety and fears will begin to melt away this year as you move towards an innate sense of serenity and peace and enjoy the simple magic of the present moment. This is time to remember that the past is in the past and you are here at this very moment for a divine purpose. Push past any lack of motivation that may arise and tackle anything that comes your way. You are being supported and unconditional love is flowing through you.




This year will be one of resolution. The problems of your past will soon be resolved, and your energy will begin to lighten as you are able to set down the weight of the burdens you have been carrying. This is an incredible time for taking care of yourself. You know you have a tendency to put too much on your plate and you can often feel overwhelmed. Take time for self-care and self-love and let the worries of the world melt away.




The ultimate lesson for this year is to embrace the concept of “new year, new me.” You are the creator of your reality. Don’t be afraid to try something new or exciting and instead let your fears subside. Watch how quickly the Universe rewards your boldness. This is the perfect time for releasing bad habits and making the choices that you know are going to lead to a healthier and better you. You will feel drawn to investing in your relationships with those around you as you work on strengthening your bonds.




This is a year of transformation for you. Things are changing and you may feel overwhelmed at first. Remember that every change is for the best, release your grasp, and watch the blessings pour over you. You may have stayed in certain situations that you know aren’t right for you out of convenience. Get ready for newfound determination and motivation as you release that which is no longer serving you. So, take a chance. Pursue that job, that relationship, that home, that opportunity. You will be rewarded.




This year is full of bright, light energy. You are being supported in everything you do and every decision you make. As you awaken to the divine in you, you will notice incredible abundance flow into your life. Financial stability, career growth, and bettered health are on the horizon. This is a year of heightened energy as you feel a pull towards socializing and meeting new people. The people that enter your life will stay with you and bring unbounded joy.




Even though this zodiac sign is ruled by logic, the Year of the Rat will allow you to begin to feel more in touch with your emotions. You will feel motivated to speak your truth and express yourself which will be incredibly liberating. Ask for what you want and don’t be afraid to walk away if you are not receiving what you need. Make sure not to act out of pure impulsivity. Simply allow yourself to trust in the divine process and take action along the way to fully align yourself with your true life’s calling.




This is a year dedicated to open-mindedness for you. You have been mentally stuck for quite some time and something has simply not felt as it should. You will be blessed with a fresh and new perspective that will allow you to see things as they truly are. Let yourself go with the flow and watch the possibilities and opportunities pour into your life. Make the most of this heightened awareness and embrace the opportunities that arise.




For you, this is a year of productivity. There are a lot of things that you wish to accomplish this year and you have already set some intentions. This is the time to tackle your projects head on as you feel a heightened sense of focus. You have your eye on the prize; move forward with purpose. This year will bring you a lot of joy and happiness so embrace all that is to come and enjoy this time. Make sure to pay attention to any minor shifts and changes that may arise as this is the Universe pushing you in the right direction.

The alignment of the Chinese Lunar New Year with the Aquarius New Moon showers us in powerful cosmic energy giving us newfound determination, heightened creativity, and the confidence to move forward on our true life’s path with divine light. You are the creator of your own existence and are now open to receiving infinite possibilities and opportunities.

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Sending infinite love & blessings your way!

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