Mars in Aries: Riding the Wave of Change

After spending two months in dreamy Pisces, Mars gets ready to enter Aries on June 28, offering us the chance to move forward and start a brand new chapter in our lives. 

The transit of Mars through its home sign Aries is going to last until January 2021. Mars will spend six months in Aries this year, as he is going to move retrograde from September 9 until November 13.

The last time Mars was in Aries for so long was in 1988: this transit doesn’t happen often. It is going to powerfully affect us all, pushing us to take concrete action towards our personal evolution and collective growth.


Mars in Aries: A Powerful Energetic Shift


Mars is pure impulse and desire. For the rest of the year, his influence is likely to inspire us to feel more driven and motivated. This is the right moment to do what we’ve been fantasizing about for months, cut cords if needed, and move forward in life.

During the transit of Mars through Pisces, taking focused action and making decisions might have been harder than usual. As soon as the Red Planet enters the sign of the Warrior we are all going to feel a strong energetic shift: we may have the sensation that we can’t play it safe anymore, that is now or never.

Mars in Aries lights up our inner flame, the fire in our belly burns so brightly that it becomes impossible to ignore. While during the transit of Mars through Pisces the focus was on dreaming a new reality, we now feel called to make our dreams come true. 

mars in aries moon omens

With Mars transiting Aries, we are not supposed to wait for anyone’s permission to go after what we want, we are not supposed to think about the possibility of failure: we just need to do whatever feels right in the present moment.

Mars in Aries is a transit that inspires us to stand up for ourselves and change what doesn’t work in our life: this energy is highly motivating, it inspires us to reinvent ourselves fearlessly. 


Rediscovering our Sexual Needs


As soon as he enters Aries, Mars opposes the Moon in Libra, bringing our attention to the ways we show up in relationships. We are invited to become aware of the importance of balancing our individual needs with other people’s necessities and desires. This is likely to be an ongoing theme for the next six months. Some of the shadow sides of the long transit of Mars through Aries are the tendencies to overreact and be excessively individualistic.

mars in aries

Mars in Aries is going to bring our focus on the way we live our sexuality and on how we use our sexual energy. Individually, we are likely to feel changes in our sex drive, in our needs and desires, as Mars is one of the planets associated with sexuality. During this transit, we may feel inspired to experiment with new ways to channel our sexual and creative energy, whether we are in a partnership or not.


Mars in Aries: Healing the Wounded Warrior


On July 14 Mars forms a conjunction with Chiron, a planetoid associated with the archetype of the wounded healer: somebody who can heal others but not themselves.

This conjunction, happening every second year, offers us the possibility to take an honest look at some of the wounds we have been carrying since childhood, mostly related to our inner masculine. Through loving acceptance of our vulnerability and tenderness, we will be able to release any feeling of powerlessness or impotence that came up in the past. 

The Mars-Chiron conjunction is going to inspire us to develop healthy ways to assert ourselves. We will be invited to nurture our connection with our inner strength and power, independent of our physical strength or any external circumstances.


Riding the Wave of Change


The energy of Aries is going to be extremely powerful during July and August, before Mars goes retrograde. These two months represent a time for change: don’t be afraid to start a new chapter in your life. During this period, there might be a feeling of getting ready for something without knowing what it exactly is: embrace it with excitement and anticipation.

For those of us who are struggling with self-doubt, holding themselves back from taking action, this transit represents a great chance to overcome these obstacles, let go of the sense of inadequacy and the need to have everything under control.

This is not time to stay in our comfort zone: ride the wave of change, reinvent yourself completely. Even if you don’t see much of the path ahead yet, just start walking. Everything will become clearer along the way, as the journey unfolds. Don’t wait to have it all figured out to start: mastering all details in advance is never possible.

Ultimately, Mars in Aries reminds us of the power of our desires. Our will is an expression of Divine will: desires are what keep us moving forward in life, they have a reason to exist. Connecting with our inner Warrior, we realize that everything is possible: we have all we need to create a fulfilling and exciting life for ourselves while making the world a better place for everyone.

Comment below if you already feel the winds of change, or if you’re excited about this energy to enter your life! Sharing is caring, share omens with others. Love & blessings!

New Moon in Gemini – Fun, Positive & Loving Moon

On May 22nd at 1:39pm EST we will experience a New Moon, as the Sun and Moon come together in the sign of Gemini.


New Moon in Gemini: An Activation


Let’s imagine that the planets are not doing anything to us, but that they are inviting us to flow with their currents and open up to their celestial celebration. It’s as if someone is knocking on our doors, inviting us to come outside and play. This is a fun loving New Moon that has a lot of positive potential. 

new moon in gemini

Although the Sun and Moon appear to be distant and far out in the sky, what if they echo shifts that are occurring within us? What if the cosmos was an extension of our energy? What if we are made of stardust?

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” Carl Sagan

In that case, this New Moon is an activation.


New Moon in Gemini: Living Lightly


It’s bridging our subconscious and conscious awareness. It’s inviting us to illuminate our beings and fully radiate who we are. This is a time to live lightly. Our realities can be dense so this is not always easy. What does it mean to live lightly?

It means remembering that we are made of energy. It means charging and nourishing our energetic selves. We step into our energized selves when we listen to the subtle, yet strong, nudges from our consciousness. It means becoming aware of how the energy around us is affecting us. It means making choices that support our energized selves.

This activation wants us to take a look at our lives. It wants us to become aware of whether or not our choices enhance our energy, or deplete it.

This is an ongoing assignment and not something we need to perfect. Remember this energy is easy going. We don’t need to force harsh expectations or judgements upon ourselves.


A Fresh Start


This New Moon in Gemini is wiping the slate clean and asking us to start fresh. Like a wifi router that is lagging or not working properly, the best thing we can do is unplug and reset. That’s usually all it needs to get back up and running again.

Let’s take these moments to unplug. To pause. To reset. This New Moon is the unplugging. It won’t last forever but it offers a much needed space for solace.

As the New Moon passes we are asked to take an honest look at what we plug back into. Do these outlets allow energy to flow into our beings? Do they leave us nourished? Do they support us in living lightly?


Mindsets and Attitudes


Gemini energy is associated with intellect, logic and rationality. This energy often plays out in our mindsets and attitudes. Our minds are getting an operating system update during this time. We may not want to think about things the way we used to. We may learn something new that changes everything. We may decide to open our minds and be willing to rethink and shift our perspectives. All of this will enhance our energy and beings.


New Moon in Gemini: The Little Things


Gemini energy is associated with the details. It’s the how’s and the why’s. This is an ideal time to take a look at the details of our lives and whether or not they energize us. Taking a look at our habits, routines and lifestyles. Are they charging our batteries or draining them?


Gemini is the little things and this means that small choices can make a big impact. Although things like routines and habits can be overwhelming. Remember every little bit helps. This could look like drinking more water or ever taking more conscious breaths.


What We Put Into Our Bodies


Another way we receive energy is through our food. Food is here to nourish us and give us life but oftentimes it can be heavy and weigh us down. Is our food colourful? Are we eating foods that grow under the Sun, like fruits and veggies? These foods support our light bodies. Or is our food dense and drab? Are we eating colourless or processed foods? This is a time to observe the impact of what we put into our bodies.


Communication and Information


Gemini energy is connected to communication and information. It’s crucial to become aware of our sources of information and how they leave us feeling. Does our info only come from the external world? Are we giving ourselves space to listen to our hearts?

New Moon in Gemini: Venus Retrograde + Mercury


During this New Moon Venus retrograde (read Venus Retrograde article) and Mercury are coming together in Gemini. This is all about how we communicate within our relationships. What are we telling ourselves? What are we hearing from others? Are we clearly communicating? Or are we making assumptions and holding expectations? Honest and vulnerable communication is key.


New Moon in Gemini: Mars in Pisces


Mars is transiting Pisces during this New Moon in Gemini which means compassion is mandatory. Mars is the planet of action and as it transits the soft space of Pisces we are asked to be gentle. We may feel all sorts of emotions and not know what to do with them. Sometimes we need to take space before acting and Mars in Pisces is reminding us that there is no rush.


New Moon in Gemini: North Node in Gemini


The North Node has recently shifted into Gemini (read North Node in Gemini article). The homework is to remain curious. To ask questions and get inquisitive with ourselves and others. This New Moon in Gemini is begging us to open our minds. If we have stubbornly made up our minds we might miss out on a lot of opportunities.

Communication, compassion, and curiosity are the secret ingredients for the New Moon in Gemini. 


Fresh Air


There is a chance of overthinking throughout this New Moon in Gemini. This stimulating intellectual energy that can throw us off or leave us feeling confused. We have to stay aware of our own thoughts and do not participate in something that doesn’t feel right. We can take a step back from what feels cluttered or suffocating.

new moon in gemini

The Gemini New Moon is like a refreshing breeze. It’s time to open the windows and let some fresh air circulate through our spaces. Because this energy can be such a trip for our logical minds it is key to reach out for support if we feel we need it. Getting our thoughts out of our heads can feel like opening that window. Maybe we talk to someone we trust, or we do a brain dump and write everything out on paper. When we give our thoughts some space to air out, this energy can feel more manageable.

Our minds could feel like an internet browser with a thousand tabs open. Our job is to either close those windows, or bookmark them to come back to later.


An Open Invitation


Throughout this New Moon in Gemini set the intention to connect to that energized version of yourself. How do they feel? What do their routines look like? What are their habits? How do they fuel themselves? Where do they get their information? Are they compassionate and curious?

There are no right or wrong answers, there is only a willingness to expand alongside our ever changing Universe. This activation is an open invitation, but we must RSVP yes.


Global New Moon Meditation Invitation


new moon meditation a

We are going to be hosting a Live Global New Moon Meditation on our YouTube channel and we invite you to join us. May 22nd at 1:39pm EST. At the peak of the New Moon on our YouTube channel:


Starseeds – The Three Main Categories

Starseeds are souls that have come to Earth in order to heal and teach and have been sent here for a divine higher purpose. These souls have lived many lifetimes and are the bearers of incredible Universal wisdom and guidance. While Starseeds all have these commonalities, there are many different kinds of Starseeds which can be placed into three main categories.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to read first article of Starseed series “What is a Starseed? Are You a Starseed? Tap here or on the image below to read.



The three main categories of Starseeds are Typical Starseeds, Old Soul Starseeds, and New Starseeds. 


Typical Starseeds


Typical Starseeds are souls that have typically lived between 5-50 different lifetimes on Earth. Some of these lifetimes were preparation as they allowed the soul to find a natural place on Earth as it acclimated to being a human being. These preparation lifetimes were also key in the development of the soul’s mission, leading to its ultimate actualization in the present lifetime.

For Typical Starseeds, Earth is a place of service. These souls have already attained a higher level of consciousness on other planets and as such are not here to learn, but rather to teach and be of service to others. Since they have lived fewer lifetimes than their older counterparts, these Starseeds retain many of their higher abilities including things like channeling, telepathy, and healing.

The divine purpose of Typical Starseeds is to walk upon this Earth at times of rising spiritual awareness in order to help propel that spiritual growth to new heights and to truly be able to help others. This is the most common Starseed type so most Starseeds reading this will feel a sense of identity in this.


Old Soul Starseeds


Old Soul Starseeds have lived hundreds of lifetimes on this Earth. Their roots date back past the beginning of humanity and can even extend to the birth of this planet. The divine purpose of these souls is to serve as guardians of this planet, facilitating the long-term evolution of humanity. They have strong ties to Sirius, the spiritual guardian of humanity and Earth. Their purpose means that they will reincarnate countless times in order to fulfill their true life’s purpose.


These souls are our shamans, spiritual teachers, temple guardians, prophets, healers, and lightworkers. They are our divine leaders on the journey to spiritual awakening. They possess the ancient spiritual knowledge and wisdom of the entirety of the Universe. All human knowledge of the divine, things like numerology, astrology, light work, healing, spiritual ceremonies, and omens, come from Old Soul Starseeds. They are blessed with the gift of balance, being able to find harmony between the grounded and tangible and the divine and spiritual. Despite living as human beings for so long, they still feel a deep connection to their Star origins.


New Starseeds


New Starseeds are either on their first lifetimes on Earth or have only lived through a few of them. Since it is easier to integrate with humanity during times of collective ascension, they have chosen this moment to walk upon this Earth. They play key roles in times when humanity experiences great change and they possess many incredible gifts that will help to guide us all. Their energy is one of divine light and purity. This energy is expansive but remains light as they have yet to undergo the energetic density that comes with living on Earth for extended periods of time.

Since they are new to living on this Earth, they can find it more difficult to integrate and often times feel distanced from their fellow beings until the time when they can share their amazing gifts. They are young and are not as experienced with living in the lower consciousness of humanity. Crystal and Rainbow Children often fall into this category. As they begin their cycle of integrating into humanity, they are also beginning their cycle of countless lifetimes and missions on this Earth.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most, are you a Starseed? If yes, which category you belong to?

P.S. If you haven’t already, we invite you to read the third article of the Starseed series “Starseeds – Some Of The Most Popular Starseed Types” tap here or on the image below to read.

5 Things You Need to Know About the Super Full Moon in Leo, February 9th

This first Supermoon of 2020 is showering us in heightened cosmic energy awakening our deepest passions, emotional connections, and preparing us for a year filled with endless possibilities and opportunities. We invite you to read two of our latest articles about this Super Full Moon, tap on the images below.

This celestial shift is ushering in:


1. A Need to Find Balance in the Chaos


There is an influx of chaotic energy that has been spiraling around the collective as mental fear patterns have been running amok. This Full Moon is here to remind us that we can choose to opt out of this chaotic energy and instead turn our focus to centeredness and connection to the present. We are being taught that where we focus our energy dictates what we manifest. Move forward with your heart center and allow this divine energy to flow through every fiber of your being, grounding you and helping you feel more connected to the earth than ever before. As we breakdown old constructs and patterns, we learn to find peace and harmony within ourselves and the world around us. Maintain neutrality and allow your energy to become present in the here and now.


2. Major Timeline and Paradigm Shifts


We are being blessed with the opportunity to shift our trajectories, not only on an individual scale but also on a global one. Every challenge that we face presents us with an opportunity for profound growth. Everything we are experiencing in the present is supporting higher levels of awakening within ourselves as we tune into our divine truths and begin to live in alignment with why we are truly here. We are the creators of our reality and have the incredible opportunity to free ourselves of our self-imposed shackles, fears, limitations, and allusions and set our souls free. As you take action with pure love you begin to manifest positive outcomes and change. Everything happening now is helping to place you on the path towards your most vibrant, joyous, and fulfilling timeline.


3. A Time for Awakening Your Authenticity


Your divine truth has always been present at your innermost core. As you peel away the layers of fear and masks of allusion, you go beneath the surface of your mind and choose to live unapologetically. Let go of your perceived reality as you are blessed with the divine clarity to see things as they truly are. The truth of who you really are is rising to the surface of your consciousness and allowing you to receive abundance. This is your moment to unleash your divine light and come into harmony with your present self, your inner child, and the world around you. You are the embodiment of infinite divine presence and as you let go of that which has been holding you back, you unleash your awakening.


4. Heart Center Activation


You are being reminded to allow your heart energy to lead you on your journey. The divine light codes and downloads that are pouring down onto this Earth during this Full Moon are an opportunity for your heart energy to truly blossom. As you receive this profound energy, you will notice your own sense of self strengthen as you empower your soul. This is a time dedicated to uniting the mind and heart. As this heart light energy flows through your mind and then downward to activate your solar plexus chakra, your mind and heart unite and activate, creating a portal of pure magic and divine clarity. As this energy activates, you become unstoppable and realize your own limitlessness. This is a time for deepening your connection not only to your true self but also to those around you.


5. A Time for Alignment with Divine Will


We are being reminded that life is not meant to be controlled; it is meant to be experienced. As we surrender to our highest divine timeline and trajectory, we welcome our greatest possibilities and opportunities. We cannot force anything in this world. If it’s meant to be it will happen. As you align yourself with your inner core of truth and who you really are, you move past the surface of your awareness and awaken to your infinite wisdom and cosmic connection. This intricate connection will show you the divine and beautiful plan that life has in store for you. The divine is not here to create for you. It is here to connect with you and through you, inspiring you to take action, and helping you get on the path of divine will and fulfillment.


Guided Meditation & Self-Reflection Journal


To support you along your journey and to help you harness the energy that this powerful Super Full Moon is bringing in, we have created a guided meditation and a full Moon journal.

For those that feel overwhelmed with mind-chatter, self-doubt, and uncertainty, these self-care tools were channeled to assist you in discovering the peace and clarity that this incredible Full Moon is inviting you to experience. Tap here or on the image below to learn more 🙂

Comment with what resonated with you the most 🙂

Sending infinite love & blessings your way, Happy Super Full Moon Soul Family!!

The Moon Omens Team

Mercury Enters Aquarius Jan 16-Feb 3

From January 16 through February 3, Mercury will feel at home as it transits into Aquarius. We will see a noticeable shift in our mood and attitude as both are elevated by this light and airy energy. After navigating through the heaviness of two eclipses, the expansiveness of Jupiter, and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, this transit is much needed for our energetic well-being.


We are about to receive some major insights & a breath of fresh air..


Mercury is the planet of communication and expression. As one of the most communicative signs, Aquarius allows Mercury to finally feel free after its long trek through the earth sign of Capricorn. Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac, making interpersonal connections that much easier.

We’ll notice ourselves feeling more social, charismatic, and willing to help our fellow beings. The Universe is giving us the energetic push to leave our comfort zone and embrace the new people that are entering into our lives. If you have been seeking growth and abundance in your career, you are about to be blessed as networking becomes easier than ever before. 

After facing this past Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse where our emotions reigned over us and experiencing the tumultuous roller coaster of our highest highs and lowest lows, this cosmic alignment feels like a breath of fresh air.

Mercury in Aquarius allows us to detach from our feelings as the intellectual mental energy of Aquarius takes over. Detaching from your feelings may not sound reassuring, but we are being taught to do this in a healthy way. After the emotionally charged Cancer energy, we are being led to regain harmony in our lives as we rebalance our mental and emotional experiences to allow us to move forward on our paths with all the tools that we need to find success.

We are learning to eliminate our preconceived notions and biases towards those around us and to look past our own limiting beliefs. By allowing us to see things from afar and separating emotions from facts, we are being blessed with the ability to find truth.

We are being blessed with the ability to see situations and circumstances from afar, allowing us to have an outside perspective on decision making. If you have been seeking guidance, you are about to receive some major insights. The Universe is stressing to us the importance of continually moving forward with an open mind and open heart. 

Mercury in Aquarius can sometimes make us feel more opinionated and stubborn than we usually are so it’s important to take a step back and practice active listening.

It is by engaging with those around us and sharing views that we can leave the status quo behind and embrace new ideas and ways of thinking and being. Our greatest learning arises when we learn to shift our mindset and open our eyes to the beautiful world around us.


This alignment is one that sparks joy


As Mercury enters Aquarius, we will feel a noticeable shift in our collective mental space. We have experienced some challenges recently, but this is a time to feel ourselves drawn to our true life’s passions as we move to embrace our divine inner light.

This alignment will also peak our spontaneity and passion. It will give us the energetic boost to pursue our passion projects and the courage to manifest our dreams. We are about to feel an inner harmony that we haven’t felt in a while as we see our lives fall into alignment. 

With Mercury Retrograde coming up on February 16, the Universe is giving us some time to rest and recharge as we get ready to face more challenges and growth. Mercury in Aquarius is a time for happiness and a time to enjoy life in the present.

As our desire for spontaneity and thirst for knowledge and the truth increase and our open minds and hearts lead us forward with newfound courage, we are energetically aligning ourselves to receive all of the abundance that this year has in store for us. Enjoy this time in cosmic paradise and lightness as the loving energy of the Universe embraces your being.

Please leave a comment below if you too feel like you needed this energy! Also, give this article a heart if you loved it as much as we loved creating it for you 🙂

Sending infinite blessings & love your way,

The Moon Omens Team


End of Mercury Retrograde – Beginning of Mercury Retroshade

As Mercury goes direct in Scorpio, we enter into a new and powerful energy portal of total transformation and rebirth.

Starting November 20th and going through December 7th we will experience the celestial remnants of Mercury Retrograde through cosmic storms that will have us revisit old wounds. This period is known as Mercury Retroshade. As we are released from the energy of the Retrograde, we must do so through a slow transition.

We are now entering a time for revelations, answers, and conclusions. The story that has taken place over the past few weeks saw our past trauma brought to the surface as we were brought face-to-face with our past and were forced to address things we may have buried. The Universe exposed us to our true selves and really made us consider who we are at our most raw and honest state. This celestial transit helped us to unearth the truth, and sometimes the truth may have felt overwhelming and stirred up anxiety.

Fear not however, as while this Mercury Retrograde may have felt heavy, it is the exact cosmic shift that we needed in order to emerge stronger than ever before. This Retrograde was one of healing. We spent the past few weeks rethinking things that we may have taken for granted or putting thought into things that we may have consciously or subconsciously forgotten.

Now is a time for forward motion. As we emerge from this tumultuous period of brutal honesty with ourselves, we have the tools that we need to move forward. Over the next few weeks, we may have to retrace some of the steps we have taken during this Retrograde, but we do so to help clean up anything that has been left unresolved.

Mercury teaches us the importance of paying attention to our patterns. The things that we pay no mind to or take for granted, we are forced to put thought towards. We are taught what needs clearing and healing and if we are willing to do the work required, we move forward with less chaos, challenges, and conflicts.

This Mercury Retrograde forced us to release that which no longer serves us. However, for every single thing that we released from our lives, the Universe blesses us tenfold. We are able to go into these next few weeks of Mercury Retroshade with more peace and tranquility and we will feel all of the blessings from the Universe shower us in their radiance.

We move forward with newfound ambition and determination and as Mars moves direct in Scorpio we are also blessed with the assertiveness that we need to set our intentions into motion. As we end three weeks of rethinking and overthinking, revisiting old traumas, and analyzing that which we take for granted, we emerge with newfound clarity and focus on our goals. We see ourselves better aligned with our true selves as we begin to feel our own heightened vibration. We are more in tune with not only those around us but also with ourselves, seeing a heightened awareness of our own intuition.

Mercury serves as a reminder to us that all of the wisdom and energy of the Universe flows through every vein, every cell, and every breath in our bodies. When we breathe in, we breathe in abundance and prosperity. When we breath out, we have the power to release that which no longer serves us and that which weighs us down. As we overcame conflicts and obstacles during this Retrograde, we came face-to-face with ourselves in total vulnerability and honesty. We were forced to shift, re-emerge, and rise to new heights. We enter this new energy portal with more love, clarity, and prosperity than ever before. As we have harmonized with the rhythm and energy of the Universe, we are more ready than ever to receive blessings and manifest our deepest desires.

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