Cancer Season – The Cycle Of Complete Transformation

This Cancer season begins with a huge shift in our minds and hearts, it starts with the Annular Solar Eclipse and Summer Solstice happening on June 21st and it lasts until July 22nd.

This Solar Eclipse happens in Cancer at 0 degrees, which is a very special and powerful degree since it marks the beginning and the end, the point of a new dawn and new dimensions, and it is a New Moon at the same time, time for new beginnings, rebirth, regeneration, and renewal.

Sun enters Cancer on the same day and we celebrate the beginning of the Summer. The Sun, and Moon are together at the same degree of Cancer, and we have Mercury also in Cancer which turned retrograde on June 18th and this is definitely not an ordinary Cancer season, it affects us globally, locally, and individually. 


Cancer Season: Journey Inwards


All this Cancer energy will have deep influence on us, heart to heart connections will emerge. We go on an inward journey, we are being inspired to rediscover our connection with Mother Earth, and we’re being asked to reexamine how we treat ourselves and our bodies. What food do we eat, how do we nurture ourselves, how we take care of ourselves and others, how we communicate to each other, how our past dictates our present and future, where are we stuck in old patterns and outdated thoughts and feelings, what image of ourselves do we still cling to and can’t let go.

Cancer is a water fluid sign. This season opens our emotions and makes us vulnerable. Having Mercury the messenger retrograde in the sign of the Crab may feel that our conversations become more sensitive, we feel the words, we might feel unable to explain verbally what we want. Conversations might be cloudy and unclear, topics of the past could become active again, something that still makes us feel hurt visits us now so we can heal any unresolved issues.

cancer season

Under the spells of this Eclipse we are encouraged to go within, to enter bravely into the unexplored fields of our emotions. We have the support to finally face our past and wounds, to use our pain as our cure, to really sense its healing power. We are being pushed to enter the void, and even if we think we’re not ready, actually we are ready.

New chapters of our lives are being written right now and we have an opportunity to take that step and stop hiding. This is not a time for running away and escaping through external pleasures. If we go in that direction we’ll soon feel the consequences through feeling anxious and insecure, feeling let down and betrayed, feeling that the world is against us.


Time to Reclaim Our Power


This is a time to reclaim our power. This Cancer Eclipse together with other active transits wants us to eclipse out what’s been kept behind the closed doors. This is a time when we connect our intuition with our thinking. It’s time for acceptance and forgiveness. We should use this period to nurture our inner child, to allow our past to speak to us and through us so that we can enter into a new perception of our lives.

We can expect a lot of triggers happening, but we should remember that what triggers us – releases us. Those are precious reminders of something which still has its power over us, it’s time to see them and acknowledge them. This is also a time when we feel increased need to belong to a place, to a person, to a memory, to anything that we feel attracted to, but we should remember now more than at any other time that “wherever you go, there you are.” 


Cancer Season: Remembering Our True Origins


Cancer season is here to reconnect us with our roots and motherhood, with our planet Earth, the Moon and the Sun. An Eclipse happens when the Earth, Moon, and Sun are aligned and this directly gives us permission and makes us available to align our body, soul and spirit. We have a chance to synchronize with the cosmic dance. We learn to surf these cosmic waves through this Cancer period, we learn the importance of matter, Mother and Matriarchal potential.

We can read the universal language and relearn simple communication. In all countries across the planet, in every language, wherever we happen to be, in every society and through every civilization, when we say Mother we understand this word no matter where we come from – Mama, Mother, Mom, Madre, Majka, Mutter etc.

cancer season

When we want to express how delicious the food is we say mmm… Our mouths are in the shape of an M letter and M represents the element of water. Life couldn’t exist without water and Mother. We are remembering this universal language now.

This is not something we learn through educational system, this is the language we all carry within our being, it is our connection with the Source and it’s speaking to us all the time, but we mostly don’t hear it and don’t understand it.

This Cancer Eclipse reopens the doors to our true origins. We are now supported to remember who we are and why we’re here, what is our purpose on this planet, what our family means to us, what our relationships mean to us, how do we talk to each other, do we use our words to share love and peace and understanding. Or do we use our words to dominate others and instigate fear. We have to take care of our communication, we should use this time to think before we speak and get in touch with what truly matters.


The Abundance of Retrograde Energy


Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mercury is in retrograde right now. We also have Neptune going retrograde on June 23rd in the sign of Pisces. This means even more watery energy. We can expect to have more vivid dreams and be in a state of daydreaming. Great imagination and inspiration might just kick in. Pay attention to your dreams, they are delivering some important messages during this season.

Venus stations and turns direct on June 25th, but we’ll still feel its retrograde influence since she stays in the shadow period until July 29th. There’s a lot of retrograde energy and we are asked not to rush with making important decisions. This is an ideal period to build our confidence and strength, to review our life and take some brave new steps to improve our connections, to make a pause and reflect on our past and where we’re now heading.


Cancer Season: Time to Reset


We are blessed with an amazing energy this season. We had a Lunar Eclipse on June 5th in Gemini, now we have a Solar Eclipse on June 21st in Cancer, and we have another Lunar Eclipse which will be in Capricorn on July 5th. These are three marvelous summer Eclipses and this is no coincidence, we are heading towards great shifts in our lives, we are rewriting our karma.

Cancer and Capricorn make complementary energies. They are opposite signs but oppositions are actually growing together. It is said that we as souls descend to the Earth through the Cancer constellation and we ascend back through the Capricorn constellation. These are very important gateways. They are open right now and we are given access to it.

We should use this season to recheck, rewrite, revision, refresh, reclaim, regain, recover, reorganize, restore and everything RE that you can think of in our lives. Cancer/Capricorn axis are working through each one of us right now and we are dealing with subjects of inner and outer, mother and father, here and there, ancestors and descendants, home and work, family and business.

We are about to enter self parenting mode. We are growing up maybe for the first time in our lives even though we’re adults. We are taking responsibility for ourselves, we have the power right now to choose our own authority.

This season will bring to all of us what is in exact correspondence with our lives and intentions. Whatever comes up will be in perfect accordance to our perception and level of understanding. We are growing together and this season reminds us all that Earth is feeding all of us, that the Sun shines on the whole planet and that the Moon affects everyone no matter what.

Eclipses have a long term effect and we will feel its influence building for a long time, their potential can last, and our intention during the Eclipses and this Cancer season will cause a strong echo for the future. We have enough time to tune into our intuition and patiently listen to what it has to say, this is a fabulous season which tends to remind us that each one of us is a microcosm.


Rebirth and Wisdom Comes From the Cycles We Grow Through – We Have to Feel All the Way Through


We will feel a whole spectrum of emotions. We are going to be flooded by the feelings. It is completely fine and valid to feel angry, sad, disappointed, lonely or afraid. These are valid emotions and they are not to be suppressed or denied. We should sit with them and give them time and space to exist. Give them permission to express themselves and let them exist as a part of the family in the family of our emotions.

We are given a green light to allow our feelings to exist. To observe them and understand them. This is an extremely potent season for us to get to know our emotions without judgments. To gently listen to ourselves, to be more compassionate and to work towards self-betterment.

Think about what you wish to create. Think about how you sabotage yourself or how you let others sabotage you. Think about what old beliefs are blocking your potential from flourishing.

We are so close to giving birth to our creation. But we are also reminded that first we need to purify muddy waters. This Cancer season offers us a beautiful nurturing, encouraging will, and power to make our waters crystal clear and clean. We are going to wash away our worries, doubts, stress and pains, to reestablish inner control and step into our true power.

This is our time to bliss. We can bliss even in the dark. Let’s not run away from the darkness. If it comes, it is a womb of infinite possibilities. Remember that treasure is always hidden somewhere in the dark deep caves or at the bottom of the sea.

We are connecting minds and hearts, we are learning to communicate with each other in true natures language. We are learning to use our inner compass, we are glowing and growing. We are learning to accept ourselves, we are healing and rediscovering ourselves. This is not a “make it or break it” story. We are on our way to understand that we’re making and breaking our stories and ourselves all at the same time through all seasons and cycles. We are spirally moving up and down, we are absorbing and releasing and rising in wisdom through all of our experiences.

Comment below if you’re feeling this energy already and please share this article via the sidebar to help us spread love & light. Much love and blessings to all.. happy Cancer season!

Mars Conjunct Neptune in Pisces – Soul Searching

Mars is going to exactly conjunct Neptune at 20°56′ of Pisces on June 13: this cosmic alignment happens only every two years. When conjunctions take place, the energies of the planets involved merge: they work as one.

The conjunction is happening in the sign of Pisces, the natural home of Neptune. Pisces invites us in a realm of timelessness: this sign is about trust and surrender to Love, to Spirit, to the perfection of the present moment. Inherently, in Pisces there is no action: this is why the presence of Mars here offers us an interesting challenge.


Mars conjunct Neptune: Dancing Underwater


The feeling of Mars-Neptune contacts could be compared to dancing underwater. As we float, everything looks blurry, sounds are distorted. There’s an underlying confusion in the sensory realm yet at the same time we feel protected and nurtured. Underwater, we experience softness, gentleness, a freedom of movement that would not be possible otherwise.

mars conjunct neptune

Mars is pure impulse, desire, and action. It is sharp and direct: this planet represents instinctual forward motion. Its energy is individualistic: it teaches us to deal with danger, to take risks, to stand up for ourselves. Mars is how we get things done, how we meet our needs independently, it pushes us to become stronger and autonomous.

Neptune can be defined as the cosmic womb. It is not a planet we can understand with linear thinking: it represents the collective unconscious, our collective emotional body. It is related to mysticism, to transcendence, to infinite and unbound potential. Neptune rules psychic sensitivity, dreams, and empathy. It is pure unconditional love and represents the core essence of everything in existence.


Soul searching


Who am I? Where am I going? What does my Soul truly desire? What is my personal definition of success? What fulfills me and makes me feel alive? These may be some of the questions many of us are trying to answer right now.

When the fire of Mars meets the water of Neptune, what we get is a lot of steam. In the fog, we may not see much of our surroundings or have a clear idea of what is in front of us: we are invited to trust and have faith in the Universe. Where we are is exactly where we should be.

In these conditions, we can easily experience a sense of disorientation and confusion regarding our desires and our life direction. We have been witnessing events beyond our cerebral understanding, which increase the emotional chaos we are all going through as a collective. Feeling lost in these times of uncertainty is natural: it is not something to be ashamed of.


Mars conjunct Neptune: Navigating an ocean of emotions


Chaos and confusion can be constructive, they can be catalysts for creativity. If we understand these energies, we can transmute and alchemize them for our higher good.

mars conjunct neptune

Pisces and Neptune are the natural rulers of art, music, dance, poetry and imagination: any tool that allows us to express our emotions creatively can be key to making the most out of this transit. 

Mars allows the integration of the physical body in the game: through movement, we have the opportunity to release stagnant energies, channel our anger constructively, and process repressed emotions. Moreover, it reminds us of the importance of self-respect, of saying no when needed: Mars allows us to assert ourselves, to put healthy boundaries in place.


Getting rid of distractions


The feeling of lethargy we may be experiencing can help us become aware of what is draining or distracting us. Mars and Neptune are forming a square to the Sun in Gemini: this aspect reminds us of the importance of being mindful of what is polluting our energy field and decreasing our frequency. It invites us to discriminate the amount and type of information we consume, to reflect on what we believe in.

The harmonic sextile between Mars and Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn reminds us to ground in the present moment and avoid too much daydreaming, as it can be a way of escaping what’s happening around us.

Good judgement and critical thinking are crucial during this transit, as we tend to be more impressionable and susceptible to deception when the Neptunian energy is strong.


Aligning our dreams with reality


Neptune is the most mystical planet of the Solar System. Neptune transits increase our fantasy and sensitivity: these days, our dreams can be particularly vivid, our intuition heightened. This is the best time to keep a dream journal next to your bed or record your dreams as soon as you wake up: they may contain important messages from your subconscious.


The Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces represents an invitation to align our dreams with reality, and release what is not resonating with our Soul’s desires. This transit can inspire us to connect to our inner flame and share our passion with others. Is there anything you are passionate about that you can offer as a service to the world?


Mars conjunct Neptune: Transcending duality


Within the collective emotional waters, we are one, we are all interconnected. We have recently been clearly shown how our actions have the potential to impact the world, however, we should not forget to take responsibility for what’s happening inside of us, too.

The necessity for cooperation is emphasized during this moment of history: we are invited to let go of judgment and support one another. The Mars-Neptune conjunction can be an invitation to transcend duality and build bridges between our individual needs and the needs of the collective.


Manifesting the life of our dreams


A strong temptation with this conjunction is being too passive. When we have planets in Pisces, we can easily get lost in the spiritual realms without actively engaging in the creation of our reality.

This transit offers us an opportunity to free ourselves from any feeling of victimization or impotence. When we become aware that we are co-creators of reality, we easily align with the frequency of the life we want to manifest. Ultimately, the Mars-Neptune conjunction is a powerful reminder of the fact that we have all we need to make our dreams come true.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. Please share with others and comment below with what resonated with you the most. Are you feeling these energies too?

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